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  • Title: G24 Home
    Descriptive info: .. Home.. Search.. Contact Us.. About the G-24.. Member Countries.. Calendar.. G-24 Technical Group Meetings.. G-24 Workshops.. Publications.. Communiqués.. Links.. Media.. Members Area.. Recent Upcoming Events.. New Publications.. Brookings-CIGI-G24 High Level Seminar on Quota Reform.. Washington, D.. C.. February 1, 2013.. 2:00 p.. m.. - 5:30 p.. Committee of the Whole Meeting.. Washington D.. April 15, 2013.. 9:00 a.. - 12:00 p.. G‐24 Deputies Meeting.. April 17, 2013.. - 12:30 p.. G‐24 Ministers and  ...   By: Amar Bhattacharya, Mattia Romani and Nicholas Stern.. Regulating Global Capital Flows for Development.. Kevin P.. Gallagher.. Managing Capital Flows in Emerging Markets.. Roberto Frenkel.. Using Capital Management Techniques to Manage Disruptive Capital Flows.. Gerald Epstein.. Macroeconomic Policies for Post-Conflict Countries.. Degol Hailu John Weeks.. Macroeconomic Policies for Development.. Macroeconomic Policies for Resource-Rich Countries.. Degol Hailu John Weeks.. G-24 Mail Server.. Copyright © 2011 Intergovernmental Group of Twenty-Four on International Monetary Affairs and Development..

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  • Title: G24 Home
    Descriptive info: Loading..

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  • Title: Contact the G-24
    Descriptive info: G-24 Contact Details.. Phone:.. 202 623-6101.. Fax: 202 623-6000.. E-mail:.. g24@g24.. org.. Mailing Address:.. 700 19th Street,.. NW HQ1 Mailstop 12-012.. Washington, DC 20431.. U.. S.. A.. Office Address:.. 700 19th Street,.. NW HQ1 Room 3-600.. Staff.. Mr.. Amar Bhattacharya.. Director.. Phone Number:202 623-6065.. Fax Number: 202 623-6000.. E-mail Address:.. abhattacharya@g24.. Ms.. Ndzouli Mendouga.. Executive Assistant.. Phone Number: 202 623-6101.. nmendouga@g24.. Analisa Ribeiro Bala.. Policy Advisor.. Phone Number:202 623-6117.. E-mail Address:.. abala@g24..

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  • Title: About the G-24
    Descriptive info: What is the G-24?.. The Intergovernmental Group of Twenty-Four on International Monetary Affairs and Development (G-24) was established in 1971.. The purpose of the group is to coordinate the position of developing countries on monetary and development issues, particularly issues on the agendas of the International Monetary and Financial Committee (IMFC) and the Development Committee (DC), and to ensure increased representation and participation of developing countries in negotiations on the reform of the international monetary system.. Member countries are as follows (divided by region):.. Region I (Africa).. : Algeria, Côte d'Ivoire, Egypt, Ethiopia, Gabon, Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa and the Democratic Republic of Congo.. Region II (Latin America and the Caribbean).. : Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Guatemala, Mexico, Peru, Trinidad and Tobago and Venezuela.. Region III (Asia).. : India, Iran, Lebanon, Pakistan, Philippines, Sri Lanka and Syria.. In addition, all members of the Group of 77 that are not members of the G-24 are eligible to participate in G-24 meetings.. China attends as a Special Invitee and addresses the plenary level meetings of Ministers.. How does the G-24 operate?.. The G-24 operates at two levels:.. the political level, comprised of Ministers, their Deputies, the Bureau, and other Washington-based representatives who participate in the Committee of the Whole and in any ad hoc meetings; and.. the operational level, which is run by the G24 Liaison Office, and includes the G24 Secretariat and the Research Coordinator.. The governing body of the G-24 meets twice a year, preceding the Spring and Fall meetings of the International Monetary and Financial Committee and the Joint Development Committee of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund.. The plenary G-24 meetings are addressed by the heads of the IMF and the World Bank Group as well as by senior  ...   are assisted in this task by staff from the G-24 Secretariat and the offices of their Executive Directors in the IMF/World Bank.. Presently the composition of the Bureau is as follows:.. Chair.. H.. E.. Luis Videgaray Caso.. Secretary of Finance and.. Public Credit.. - Mexico.. First Vice Chair.. Dr.. Ashraf El-Araby.. Minister of Planning and.. International Cooperation.. - Egypt.. Second Vice-Chair.. Mohammad A.. Safadi.. Minister of Finance.. - Lebanon.. The Washington Liaison Office.. The G-24 Liaison Office Corporation serves as the operational arm of the three Chair-countries and provides the legal basis for Bureau activities.. The affairs and property of the G-24 Liaison Office Corporation are managed, controlled and directed by a Board of Directors.. The Director designated by the Chair country of the G-24 serves as Chairman of the Board of Directors, and the Director designated by the First Vice-Chair country of the G-24 serves as Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors.. G-24 Secretariat.. The Secretariat is one of the two executive arms of the G-24 Bureau.. The functions and activities of the Secretariat include: supporting the Chair and the Bureau by providing logistical and secretarial support for the various meetings of the G-24; ensuring effective liaison among G-24 members, with a view to facilitating consensus on issues of common interest; providing logistical support on the implementation of the research program; and building strategic partnerships and coalitions with other forums engaged in the same spheres of interest.. Research Coordinator.. The second executive arm of the Bureau is the Research Coordinator, who is responsible for managing the research program.. The objective of the research program is to support and strengthen the capacity of the G-24 Members to effectively engage and participate in ongoing discussions of issues of particular concern to developing countries..

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  • Title: G-24 Member Countries
    Descriptive info: G-24 Member Countries.. Banque d'Algerie.. Ministere des Finances.. Banco Central.. MECON.. Ministério da Fazenda.. People's Bank of China.. Ministry of Finance.. Banco de la República Colombia.. Ministerio de Hacienda y Crédito Público.. Banque Centrale.. Ministries of Finance / Economy.. Banque Centrale.. Central Banks.. Ministry of Finance.. National Bank.. MOFED.. Banque des Etats.. Ministere de L'Economie..  ...   Ministerio de Finanzas Públicas.. Reserve Bank.. Central Bank.. Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance.. Banque du Liban.. Banco de México.. SHCP.. Federal Ministry of Finance.. State Bank.. Banco Central de Reserva.. Ministerio de Economia y Finanzas.. Bangko Sentral.. Department of Finance.. Reserve Bank.. National Treasury.. Ministry of Finance and Planning.. Ministerio de Planificación y Finanzas..

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  • Title: G-24 Calendar
    Descriptive info: February.. 1 February.. Third Brookings-CIGI-G24 High Level Seminar on Quota Reform.. March.. 14-15 / 22-23 March.. Technical Group Meeting.. Mexico City / Washington, D.. April.. 15 April.. Committee of the Whole.. 17 April.. Deputies Meeting.. G-24/AFI Roundtable on Financial Inclusion.. 18 April.. Ministers and Governors Meeting.. September.. 6-7 September.. Mexico City / Geneva.. October.. 7 October.. 9 October.. 10/11 October.. 13 October.. G-24-Brookings High-Level Seminar..

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  • Title: G-24 Technical Group Meetings
    Descriptive info: Meetings 2012.. September 13‐14, 2012.. Meetings 2011.. August 24-25, 2011.. March 17-18, 2011.. Pretoria, South Africa.. Meetings 2010.. August 30, 2010.. Geneva, Switzerland.. May 20, 2010.. Meetings 2009.. September 7-8, 2009.. March 23-24, 2009.. Meetings 2008.. September 8-9,2008.. March 17,2008.. Meetings 2007.. September 24-25, 2007.. Geneva,Switzerland.. March 12, 2007.. New York,  ...   Meetings 2005.. September 15-16, 2005.. March 17-18, 2005.. Manila,Philippines.. Meetings 2004.. September 27-28, 2004.. March 8-9, 2004.. Meetings 2003.. September 15-16, 2003.. February 13-14,2003.. Port of Spain.. Meetings 2002.. March 1-2, 2002.. Beirut, Lebanon.. Meetings 2001.. September 6-7,2001.. April 17-18, 2001.. Meetings 2000.. March 1-3, 2000.. Lima , Peru.. September 14-15,2000..

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  • Title: G-24 Workshops
    Descriptive info: Event.. Location.. Date.. G-24/Government of Trinidad and Tobago.. Small States Roundtable.. Tokyo, Japan.. October 11, 2012.. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________.. Brookings‐CIGI‐G24 High Level Seminar on Quota Reform.. August 30 ,2012.. G‐24/AFI 4th Annual Policymakers’ Roundtable on Financial Inclusion.. April 22, 2012.. G-24 Seminar on Regulating Global Capital Flows.. March 27, 2012.. Brookings-CIGI-G24 High Level Seminar on IMF Quota and Governance Reform.. January 12, 2012.. International Capital Movements:.. Old and New Debates.. Cusco, Peru.. July 19-20, 2010.. April 22, 2010.. Inflation Targeting and Alternatives..  ...   come.. April 21, 2006.. Latin America Workshop.. Santiago, Chille.. November 7-8, 2005.. Constrains to Growth in Sub-Saharan Africa.. November 29-30, 2004.. IMF Book Forum.. February 5, 2004.. Financial Contagion Seminar.. Dubai, U.. A.. E.. September, 2003.. The Impact of Basle II Capital.. Requirements on the Developing Countries.. Washington , D.. C.. April 11, 2003.. Financing for Development.. New York City.. and Paris.. September 6-7, 2001.. and November 14, 2001.. Coherence or Dissonance of the International Institutional Framework.. Vienna.. September 29-30, 2000..

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  • Title: G-24 Publications
    Descriptive info: Books.. Research Papers.. Policy Briefs.. Discussion Paper Series.. Reforming the International Financial System for Development (Initiative for Policy Dialogue).. By: Jomo Kwame Sundaram.. Purchase.. Editorial Reviews.. Review.. The fundamental questions about economic policy discussed in this book are key to the future.. If real progress is to be made on issues from financial regulation to the international monetary system, the proposals in this book deserve serious attention.. (Kemal Dervis, vice president, Global Economy and Development, Brookings Institution, and former administrator of the United Nations Development Program ).. Product Description.. The 1944 Bretton Woods conference created new institutions for international economic governance.. Though flawed, the system led to a golden age in postwar reconstruction, sustained economic growth, job creation, and postcolonial development.. Yet financial liberalization since the 1970s has involved deregulation and globalization, which  ...   a part, underscores how urgently we must reform the international financial system.. Prepared for the G24 research program, a consortium of developing countries focused on financial issues, this volume argues that such reforms must be developmental.. Chapters review historical trends in global liquidity, financial flows to emerging markets, and the food crisis, identifying the systemic flaws that contributed to the recent downturn.. They challenge the effectiveness of recent policy and suggest criteria for regulatory reform, keeping in mind the different circumstances, capacities, and capabilities of various economies.. Essays follow ongoing revisions in international banking standards, the improved management of international capital flows, the critical role of the World Trade Organization in liberalizing and globalizing financial services, and the need for international tax cooperation.. They also propose new global banking and reserve currency arrangements..

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  • Title: G-24 Communiqués
    Descriptive info: 2010-.. 2000-2009.. 1990-1999.. 1980-1989.. 1972-1979.. 2012.. October 11, 2012.. April 19, 2012.. 2011.. April 4, 2011.. September 22, 2011.. 2010.. April 22, 2010.. October 7, 2010..

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  • Title: G-24 Links
    Descriptive info: Bretton Woods Insitutions.. The International Monetary Fund (IMF).. IMF Quotas-Factsheet.. IMF Executive Directors and Voting Power.. IMF Board of Governors.. The World Bank (WB).. The Board.. Voting Power.. Board of Directors.. Executive Directors.. The World Trade Organization (WTO).. United Nations.. The United Nations (UN).. United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD).. United Nations  ...   and the Caribbean (ECLAC).. Group of 77 (G77).. Regional Development Banks.. African Development Bank (AFDB).. Asian Development Bank (ADB).. Inter-American Development Bank (IDB).. Research Institutes / Associations.. Alliance for Financial Inclusion.. Brookings Institute.. Center for Global Development.. Commonwealth Secretariat.. Latin American and Caribbean Economic Association (LACEA).. New Rules for Global Finance.. Reinventing Bretton Woods Committee..

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    Archived pages: 215