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  • Title: Families of Adults Affected By Asperger's Syndrome
    Descriptive info: .. Join the conversation on the Bulletin Board.. Families of Adults Affected by Asperger's Syndrome.. FAAAS, Inc.. (Families of Adults Affected by Asperger's Syndrome).. OTRS/CP.. Articles.. Research Materials.. Case Histories.. Brochures Factsheets.. Multimedia.. Links.. People Affected by Asperger s.. Services.. Adult Evaluation Centers.. Asperger Syndrome Advocates.. Counseling Support Centers.. Legal Counselors.. Asperger Syndrome Specialists.. Autism Specialists.. Surveys Research Projects.. Spanish Translation Project.. News.. BBS.. About.. Who We Are.. History.. Events Calendar.. Comments About FAAAS.. Honors Awards.. Volunteer.. Donations.. Help.. Glossary.. FAQs.. Legal.. Site Map.. What is Asperger's Syndrome?.. Asperger's Syndrome is a neurological disorder on the autism spectrum that has only been recognized in the USA since 1994.. It has many features of classical autism, but lacks the intellectual learning disabilities.. Individuals with this syndrome have difficulty with social aspects of intelligence, such as understanding what those around them think and feel.. As a result, they often behave inappropriately in social situations or act in ways that appear unkind or callous.. Many Asperger's individuals have difficulty planning and coping with change despite average or even exceptional intelligence in academic or intellectual areas.. This can manifest as a notable lack of "common sense.. " Most importantly, this disability has profound effects on the family members and others in close contact with the Asperger's person.. It is the spouses, parents, siblings, and children, of those with Asperger's Syndrome that experience the emotional pain, especially when the correct diagnosis has been delayed until relatively late in adulthood.. Family members need validation and support.. Feelings of rejection and loneliness play a major role in the lives of the family members of individuals with Asperger's Syndrome.. Their feelings are not validated, acknowledged, or recognized by the person with this disability.. Quoted from an anthropologist on CNN, April 2008: "What better way to learn about a culture, than living with them.. ".. Most medical communities and autism professionals are missing vital information neuro-typical spouses/family members have to offer, regarding adults with Asperger's Syndrome.. Neuro-typical spouses, married  ...   information and insight to the medical, psychological, and neurological communities regarding the families of individuals with Asperger's Syndrome, and how this neurolological-biological-developmental disability/disorder has impacted their lives.. If you would like more information regarding this support group for the families of individuals with Asperger s Syndrome, please see the following links.. If you have a question which is not addressed here or would like further information, please direct your inquiry through.. Page.. Recent News.. Upcoming FAAAS Workshop: FAMILY MATTERS: AUTISM SPECTRUM DISORDERS (AS/HFA) and Relationships.. November 9th, 2013.. DSM-5 changes regarding Autistic Spectrum Disorders (Asperger’s Syndrome/HFA).. Social Issues/Communications/Relationships Family/Spousal and ASDs.. Tuesday, December 17, 2013.. 9:00am to 4pm.. (Bring a lunch, beverages will be provided).. Location:.. First Lutheran Church.. 1663 Main Street/Route 6A.. West Barnstable, MA 02668.. (Directions can be found below).. ______________________________.. Featured Speaker: Lisa Marie Abel,.. Read More.. Austism and Aspergers Study Participants Needed!.. February 11th, 2013.. Name of Study: Maternal autism and Asperger syndrome and adult psychosocial functioning.. Location: American University.. Eligibility Criteria: Individuals 18 and older who had their mother present during childhood are eligible for this study.. We are specifically targeting those who have a mother diagnosed with High Functioning Autism or Asperger Syndrome, or who believe their mother may have.. Recent Articles.. ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder).. Myths about Asperger s Syndrome.. Latest Edition of Psychiatry s Bible Launched Amid Controversy.. The Autistic Brain.. Guideline Changes Set Asperger s Community on Edge.. Books.. Videos.. Audio.. Family Members.. Asperger Individuals.. Research study for Adults with AS/HFA.. Maple Leaf Clinic: Social Skills Groups.. Para nuestros televidentes de habla española: FAAAS para participar en la primera.. Seminario Internacional sobre Adultos con Síndrome de Asperger.. Spanish Translations of Selected Articles.. FAAAS Bulletin Board is Now Online.. New Website.. Bulletin Board.. Douglas R.. Crabtree, CPA.. Frederick M.. Misilo, Jr.. Jackie Briskman.. PO Box 514.. Centerville, MA 02632.. Phone: +1.. 508.. 790.. 1930.. Email:.. faaas@faaas.. org.. Need Help?.. Log in.. 1997-2013.. ,.. All rights reserved.. Web Development by.. Slocum Design Studio..

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  • Title: Bulletin Board | Families of Adults Affected By Asperger's Syndrome
    Descriptive info: Already Subscribed? Go.. Here.. to login in and view the bulletin board.. Introduction.. Subscribing to the Board.. Unsubscribing from the Board.. Bulletin Board Guidelines.. The FAAAS, Inc.. Bulletin Board is a set of online forums intended for the discussion and sharing of information regarding Asperger s Syndrome.. This board is intended to deal specifically with the issues of the family members, friends, and loved ones of the affected person.. Please note that this is not a bulletin board for Asperger s individuals themselves.. This is also not a board for other types of neurological or behavioral disorders unless they relate to or have a bearing on the Asperger s Syndrome disorder itself.. For questions, comments, etc.. concerning the content of the bulletin board, or for problems subscribing, please contact the Listowner: Karen Rodman faaas.. faaas.. For other questions, comments, etc.. concerning the technical aspects of the bulletin board such as broken links, etc.. , please contact the Webmaster: webmaster.. Return To Page Contents.. Subscribing.. Note: Our first concern is the privacy of the members of the FAAAS, Inc.. bulletin board.. Therefore, you can rest assured that we will not sell or give any of the information gathered from this web page to any person, nor to any private or commercial venture unless required by law.. Bulletin Board is a closed board and can only be joined by invitation.. The following steps are involved in joining:.. 1.. To begin the subscription process, when you go to register for the bulletin board, you will be asked to read a legal agreement.. If you accept the terms of the agreement, then you will be presented with a registration form to submit.. Please fill  ...   of using the provided link will be treated as a donation and will.. NOT.. apply towards your membership dues.. ).. 3.. Once your payment has been received and verified, your membership to the bulletin board will be activated.. Register Now.. Unsubscribing.. To permanently unsubscribe, simply email webmaster.. org requesting to be unsubscribed from the bulletin board.. This is a select discussion area for the Families, Friends, and Loved ones of Adults Affected with Asperger’s Syndrome.. The topic of conversation can follow any path concerning Asperger’s Syndrome, however, we must request that the discussions please stay ON TOPIC.. This is also not a bulletin board for other types of neurological or behavioral disorders unless they relate to or have a bearing on the Asperger’s Syndrome disorder itself.. The Bulletin Board is intended for group discussions.. Please bear that in mind and allow others to express their opinions and to join in on conversations.. Swearing, as well as vulgar comments are not allowed.. Making derogatory comments about other board members or their opinions will NOT be tolerated.. There is a difference between having a difference of opinion and insulting someone for their opinion!.. Asperger Bashing is not allowed.. Expressing frustration, anger, resentments, etc.. about how you feel in your situation is understood, expected, necessary and justified.. This is a support group for those who deal on a daily basis with a spouse, parent, child sibling, or friend with Asperger s Syndrome.. It is NOT an outlet for expressing blind hate.. The occasional post of non related material is acceptable and expected, but the *repeated* postings of non related material is not acceptable, and will be dealt with on a case by case situation..

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  • Title: OTRS/CP | Families of Adults Affected By Asperger's Syndrome
    Descriptive info: Ongoing Traumatic Relationship Syndrome/Cassandra Phenomenon (OTRS/CP).. In 1997, FAAAS came up with the term Mirror Syndrome to explain the way NT spouses and NT family members are adversely affected by AS behaviors, especially undiagnosed AS in adults.. NT family members, over time, begin to reflect the persona of AS behaviors we live with, 24/7.. We are isolated, no one validates us, we lose friends and family, and we feel like hostages in our own homes.. A few years later, it was pointed out by a leader in the autism community in California, that we should change the name Mirror Syndrome because of too many syndrome references.. Shortly thereafter, in 2000, a friend in academia and medicine who understood the issue affecting NT spouses, came up with the term Cassandra Phenomenon.. This was the term we have used until recently, for the traumatic stress which affects NT spouses and NT family members.. Rationale for “Ongoing Traumatic Relationship Syndrome (OTRS) aka (Cassandra Phenomenon)”.. Ongoing traumatic relationship syndrome (OTRS) or Ongoing Traumatic Relationship Syndrome (OTRS) is a new trauma-based syndrome, which may afflict individuals who undergo chronic, repetitive psychological trauma within the context of an intimate relationship.. It differs from Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) in the same ways as does “Posttraumatic relationship syndrome” described by Vandervoort and Rokach (Vandervoort, D.. and Rokach, A.. POSTTRAUMATIC RELATIONSHIP SYNDROME: THE CONSCIOUS PROCESSING OF THE WORLD OF TRAUMA Social Behavior and Personality, 2003.. ) and it differs from the latter in that the trauma is unrelenting.. First, it is logically obvious that a given psychological trauma, when ongoing, warrants at least equal recognition to that of trauma that has subsided.. Indeed, as is the case with torture, milder forms of trauma when they are repetitive, ongoing, and of uncertain future duration can cause greater damage.. Among boys, the prevalence of Asperger Syndrome is about 2%.. Since AS is a lifelong disorder, then it would follow that 2% of men have AS.. Many of these men marry and have children.. Among their family members, those who do not have AS, known as “neurotypical (NT),” often experience psychological trauma from attempting to have a close personal relationship with a person who have deficiencies in interpersonal relationships, in areas such as reciprocity, compassion, empathy, recognition of facial expressions, putting themselves in another’s shoes, a constellation of features known as “mindblindness.. Challenged in relationship mindblindness, AS individuals lack of understanding their own disorder, lack of support to NT/AS families, lack of support and understanding specifically for the NT caregivers.. Domestic abuse which cause NT spouses to doubt themselves, feel abused, feel oppressed, have stress-related health issues, loneliness, feel unloved, live unfulfilled lives… could be caused by unrecognized AS behaviors within the home setting.. The situation is unrelenting.. It occurs within the home, it and it is often denied by the AS family member.. With professional support, understanding, education, information, and validation, NT family members may be effectively treated.. Rosen et al.. have suggested that traumatic stress diagnoses are illogical leaps: “Labeling situation-based emotions and upsetting thoughts as ‘symptoms’ is akin to saying that someone’s cough in a smoky tavern is a symptom of respiratory disease.. ” (Rosen GM et al.. The British Journal of Psychiatry (2008) 192: 3-4.. ) Looking closely at the analogy, although in smoke exposure is a normal reaction, repetitive, chronic exposure eventually does lead to damage and disease.. Yes, cough is a symptom of respiratory disease.. Like smoke to lungs, psychological stress in a relationship, when repetitive and chronic, can lead to psychological damage and disease.. Without treatment, the damage can be permanent.. If a patient suffered from coughing in a smoky work environment for 3 months, a pulmonologist would not deny a diagnosis and treatment until after the smoke exposure ended so that the patient could qualify for “post traumatic smoke syndrome.. ” Importantly, there is no rationale for limiting a traumatic stress diagnosis to patients whose trauma has subsided.. The use of the prefix “post” is not necessary and excludes large numbers of individuals in need of professional help.. If anything, those whose stress is “post-traumatic” are less in need of professional help than those whose traumatic stress is ongoing.. The pulmonologist would recognize it as a bronchitis due to smoke exposure.. There would be no hand wringing over whether the patient is inherently “abnormal” or is having just a “normal” reaction to an ordinary stressor.. There would be no thought of withholding the diagnosis for fear that it suffers from “expansion.. ” Similarly, OTRS does not require any judgment about normalcy.. If a stress overwhelms a patient’s psychological  ...   help for those individuals who have exhausted other means.. A formal designation will provide recognition for professionals, allowing them to grasp the group nature of the patient s concerns, rather than dismiss them to fend for themselves, returning them to the source of their distress.. OTRS/CP needs to be incorporated in the DSM-5, because most professionals did not receive any training with respect to AS and neurotypical relationships, given its very recent recognition.. We also agree that there is no need to blame or stigmatize any individuals for having neurological differences.. Families can deal cooperatively with the issues they encounter, utilizing outside help if need be, without blaming and stigmatizing the neurologically different individual.. Excerpt from Counselling for Asperger Couples , Barrie Thompson, Jessica Kingsley Publishers, UK, 2008.. Pages 54-55.. Stage Four: Acknowledging Different Perspectives.. Cassandra phenomenon.. I want to conclude this chapter by giving some recognition to a debilitating condition that can be experienced by the spouses of people with AS (often at the hands of family members, friends and colleagues), that is referred to as the Cassandra phenomenon.. I think the following quote from the Families of Adults Affected by Asperger Syndrome (FAAAS) website (www.. faaas.. org/doc.. php?40) aptly explains the naming of this syndrome.. I ended up feeling that no one would listen to me and came up with a name for the syndrome that affects the non-AS spouse: The CASSANDRA PHENOMENON, Cassandra being the Greek mythological character who was given the gift of prophecy, but also the curse of having no one believe her even though she was right! (Anonymous, Massachusetts, 1999).. It is usually both a blessing and a relief when an NT spouse learns about AS (perhaps from a magazine article or a TV programme) and feels she now has an explanation for her husband s unusual behavious.. But it is demoralizing and extremely frustrating if the AS husband rejects her theory out of hand.. Imagine then, as a next step the NT spouse seeks support from the extended family; Perhaps mum-in-law might be able to give me some childhood history of my husband? She optomistically thinks this might help, only to be told quite firmly, There s nothing wrong with my son, I suggest you look a bit closer to home! Not only have the NT spouse s hopes been dashed with regard to gaining support from her mother-in-law, but the relationship between herself and all of her in-laws has probably now been seriously damaged and even more tension may be generated at home between her and her husband.. Still intent on gaining credibility for the theroy that her husband exhibits Asperger-type behaviour, she then seeks the support of people in her and her husband s social network.. The problem here might be that the AS husband (assuming the wife s theory is indeed correct), is one of those chameleon-like people that can fit in reasonably well in certain situations.. A typical type of response in these circumstances from the NT spouse s friend might then be, I think he s a little different to other men, but I think that s kind of cute.. I don t think he s as bad as you are making out.. Ironically, it may have been the cute difference that initially attracted the NT partner to her AS spouse when they first met!.. No way forward here, then for our NT partner as people outside the relationship only see a limited part of the AS man.. They don t experience him in an emotional context, they don t witness his rituals, his routines or his inflexible lifestyle that occur for the most part within the confines of the home.. FAAAS gave further credence to this problem in 19977 (1997 kr) when they described it thus:.. FAAAS came up with the term Mirror Syndrome to explain the way NT spouses and the NT family members adversely affected by AS behaviors, over time, begin to reflect the persona of AS behaviours we live with, twenty-four seven.. (FAAAS website).. My reasons for drawing attention to this condition, be it named Cassandra phenomenon or Mirror Syndrome, is to let NT partners who are in this plight know that their situation is recognised.. It is known that loneliness, anxiety and depression can result when they try to tell people about their AS situation, but they ar not listened to to or are thought of as being melodramatic or even paranoid.. I also hope that family members, friends and colleagues may in future take notice and be more prepared to hear what Cassandra has to say..

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  • Title: Articles | Families of Adults Affected By Asperger's Syndrome
    Descriptive info: From: The National Autistic Society, autism.. uk.. November 11, 2013.. ADHD is a condition that makes a person inattentive, impulsive and hyperactive.. An increasing number of children are diagnosed as having both ADHD and autism, and many parents are understandably confused about the links between the two.. Can a child have both conditions and if they do, how.. From: Danish Public Agency of Social Affair, socialstyrelsen.. dk.. This article “Myths about Asperger s Syndrome” is a translation of an article from the website of ”Socialstyrelsen”, the Danish Agency of Social Affairs, that is a part of the Danish Ministry of Social Affairs.. http://socialstyrelsen.. dk/handicap/autisme/om-autisme/om-aspergers-syndrom/myter-om-aspergers-syndrom.. Do people with Asperger s Syndrome have feelings?.. Yes.. When one.. From: HealthDay, consumer.. healthday.. com.. By Dennis Thompson, HealthDay Reporter.. May 20,  ...   many changes continues.. This is.. From: The Slate, www.. slate.. By Temple Grandin and Richard Panek.. May 1, 2013.. The origins of the diagnosis of autism—and the parental guilt-tripping that went along with it.. The following article is adapted from The Autistic Brain: Thinking Across the Spectrum, out now from Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.. I was fortunate to have been born in 1947.. If I had been.. From: WebMD, www.. webmd.. By Lisa Esposito.. April 18, 2013.. (HealthDay News) People with Asperger s syndrome mild autism with normal or sometimes superior verbal ability and intelligence are at a crossroads: Their diagnosis is about to disappear.. In 1994, Asperger s was recognized as its own disorder in the fourth edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of.. Older Articles..

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  • Title: Research Materials | Families of Adults Affected By Asperger's Syndrome
    Descriptive info: These Case Histories were written by women whose husbands either have diagnosed Asperger s syndrome or they suspect that this is what the problem is, usually because they already have diagnosed children.. The Case Histories were sent to Brenda Wall during the period November 1996 to September 1997 for the purpose of convincing all the..

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  • Title: Case Histories | Families of Adults Affected By Asperger's Syndrome
    Descriptive info: The Case Histories were sent to Brenda Wall during the period November 1996 to September 1997 for the purpose of convincing all the experts who said that people with AS did not get married, and therefore provided no support, that in fact they did.. Also to copy them to all the ladies who formed the growing partners network as a source of validation and comfort.. Please note the following:.. These case histories were collected by Brenda Wall in England from October 1996 to August 1997.. Brenda Wall as well as the anonymous authors, reserve all rights regarding reprinting and publication of these case histories.. Case History 1.. I thought that I could write a book about what it was like living with a husband who has Asperger s Syndrome, although you don t know at the time that is what it is.. It is like a dripping tap that eventually erodes enamel, the grinding down of your self-esteem, self- confidence,.. Case History 2.. I have been married for fourteen years; within six months of that marriage I had visited my GP to discuss whether or not my husband was experiencing some sort of nervous breakdown.. I have mentioned serious depression; withdrawn behavior could an undetected brain tumor cause behavioral problems?.. Case History 3.. I have spent the last thirty-two years in some sort of bizarre, bewildering hell.. This is extremely difficult for me to write as I have been subjected to 30 years of written lists and reports on my behavior and conversation!.. Eg (written by my husband on cards or small notebooks):.. 9:05 am.. Wanting to go shopping.. 10:00.. Case History 4.. I am writing in despair and poor health in  ...   but more to the point is what these problems.. Case History 7.. I don t know where to start.. I am sure my husband is suffering from some form of autism but have had no one to talk to about it.. He doesn t seem to think there is anything wrong with him even if I mention some of his annoying attributes, even though he.. Case History 8.. I have been married for 5 years and have known my husband for the past 8 years.. I had a music business and being a musician himself would come into the shop to buy music.. Sometimes he would sit and play the piano I would make coffee and we would talk.. Case History 9.. I have been married for 10 years and have been very unhappy for the last 8 years, which coincided with the birth of our first child.. When we were going out together he lived at home and I didn t see the side of him that reacts so badly to stress and.. Case History 10.. The Present.. X and I are both 43.. We have been married 17 years, and have three daughters, aged 11, 9 and 7.. Our 11-year-old (W) has Asperger s Syndrome, and attends a mainstream High School in our village.. Y and Z attend the Junior School, also in our village.. X works as.. Case History 11.. I have always known there was a problem and I think he also knows.. I believe he wants to be content, have a happy family life, friendships etc.. But I know it has always eluded him.. He has tried hard, particularly in latter years, because he has had so many..

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  • Title: Brochures & Factsheets | Families of Adults Affected By Asperger's Syndrome
    Descriptive info: Table of Impacts and Deficits in NT/ASD Relationships.. Asperger s Syndrome Fact Sheet.. Fact Sheet†.. What is Asperger Syndrome?.. Asperger syndrome is a fairly recently recognised disorder yet the first definition of Asperger syndrome was published over 50 years ago by Hans Asperger, a Viennese paediatrician.. Asperger syndrome shares many of the same characteristics as autism although people with Asperger syndrome do not ususally have accompanying learning disabilities.. The following diagnostic.. The Australian Scale for Asperger s Syndrome.. M.. S.. Garnett and A.. J.. Attwood.. The following questionnaire is designed  ...   age at.. which the unusual pattern of behaviour and abilities is most conspicuous.. Each question.. or statement has a rating scale with 0 as the ordinary level expected of a.. Adults with Asperger s Syndrome Brochure.. Autistic Spectrum Disorder Diagram.. This diagram is a page from the updated First Guide to Asperger Syndrome by Sue Gething, Head of Southlands School.. Click on the image for a larger view.. The guide is available from OAASIS for £6.. Telephone: 01590 624484.. Help-Line: 09068 633201.. E-Mail:.. oaasis@hesleygroup.. co.. Website:.. www.. oaasis.. Older Entries..

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  • Title: Multimedia | Families of Adults Affected By Asperger's Syndrome
    Descriptive info: View our Audio listing.. The following are selections that either we recommend or have been recommended to us.. Please keep in mind that the views and information found in these selections should under no circumstances be considered a substitute for a professional diagnosis and/or treatment for Asperger s Syndrome or any other disorder.. View our Books listing.. Please Note: Different countries can.. View our Videos listing..

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  • Title: Links | Families of Adults Affected By Asperger's Syndrome
    Descriptive info: Asperger Support Groups.. ASPEN Asperger Syndrome Education Network, Inc.. OASIS @ MAAP The Online Asperger Syndrome Information and Support Center.. Asperger's Syndrome Information and Background.. Autism Society of America.. Geneva Centre for Autism.. National Autistic Society UK.. Tony Attwood s Web Site.. Autism Information Links.. General  ...   Behavioral Health: Adult Developmental Disorders.. Physical Disabilities.. The Many Faces of Moebius Syndrome.. Relatives and Caregivers of those with Asperger's Syndrome Autism.. The Neurotypical Site.. Support For Parents and other Caregivers of those with Asperger's Syndrome Autism.. Parents, Relatives and Carers National Autistic Society (NAS) UK..

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  • Title: People Affected by Asperger’s | Families of Adults Affected By Asperger's Syndrome
    Descriptive info: View Family Members.. View Asperger Individuals..

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  • Title: Services | Families of Adults Affected By Asperger's Syndrome
    Descriptive info: In cooperation with the students and faculty of The.. University CAECE Mar del Plata.. in Argentina, FAAAS is proud to present a selection of information and articles translated into Spanish by the students of the university.. This is meant to be a basic introduction to our site for the Spanish speaking world.. Access to the.. View Spanish Translation Project.. View Adult Evaluation Centers.. View Asperger Syndrome Advocates.. View Counseling Support Centers.. View Legal Counselors.. View Asperger Syndrome Specialists.. View Autism Specialists.. View Surveys Research Projects..

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