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  • Title: Factory Records
    Descriptive info: .. UK.. TOO.. ONCE.. F4.. BENELUX.. US.. OFNY.. AMERICA.. AUSTRALASIA.. IKON/FCL.. Home.. Artists.. Designers.. Producers.. Formats.. Categories.. Updates.. Appendix.. About.. Contact.. Credits.. Promotion.. Site Map.. FAQ.. Extras.. Factory Records.. Subscribe in a reader.. The Factory Records Catalogue v2.. 0 [Beta].. Work is going on behind the scenes to improve the Factory Records Catalogue.. Most of this revolves around the information architecture and the internet platform on which the site is built.. There is now a Beta version of the new site built on PHP running in parallel to the main one which runs almost entirely on the Blogger platform and your best starting point is the new.. 'About'.. page which explains in more detail what's going on.. If the above means nothing to you then there's no need to worry.. The overall aim is to improve the site all over and to build for future improvements and expansion.. Health warning: There may be missing links and incomplete data whilst we continuing rebuilding.. Labels:.. factoryrecords.. org.. ,.. news.. website_design.. FBN 64 THE WAKE A Light Far Out.. ALBUM.. 20/05/2013.. LP: BE/UK 2013 (Factory Benelux FBN 64).. Tracklisting.. 1.. Stockport.. 2.. If the Ravens Leave.. 3.. Methodist.. 4.. The Back of Beyond.. 5.. Starry Day.. 6.. Faintness.. 7.. A Light Far Out.. 8.. The Sands.. Production: IAN CATT (Saint Etienne), DUNCAN CAMERON, DREW DIVER (of Horse Shoes).. Notes:.. Factory Benelux.. presents a strictly limited vinyl edition of A Light Far Out, the fifth album by cult Factory/Sarah Records dreampop group The Wake.. The pressing will be limited to 500 copies and released to mark Record Store Day on Saturday 20 April 2013.. The album was originally released as a CD (and download) via LTM [LTMCD 2550].. 2013.. Album.. FBN.. LP.. The_Wake.. FACT 40 JOY DIVISION Still.. ALBUM (x2).. 8/81, 9/4/81 (10/81).. 2xLP: UK 1981 (Factory FACT 40) [white label].. 2xLP: UK 1981 (Factory FACT 40).. 2xLP: UK 1981 (Factory FACT 40) *.. 2xCS: UK 1985 (Factory FACT 40C) [boxed].. 2xCS: UK 198? (Factory FACT 40) **.. CD: UK 1989 (Factory FACD 40).. [disc one].. 3:05 Exercise One.. 2:22 Ice Age.. 3:53 The Sound Of Music.. 3:55 Glass.. 4:15 The Only Mistake.. 2:46 Walked In Line.. 2:14 The Kill.. 2:47 Something Must Break.. 4:52 Dead Souls.. 7:34 Sister Ray ***.. [disc two] ****.. 3:50 Ceremony.. 3:54 Shadowplay.. 4:01 Means To An End.. 5:05 Passover.. 4:01 New Dawn Fades.. ?:?? 24 Hours +.. 3:33 Transmission.. 3:20 Disorder.. 3:05 Isolation.. 5:22 Decades.. 3:53 Digital.. Hessian sleeve.. ~ FACT 40 A1, CR, The chicken won't stop *****.. ~ FACT 40 B1, CR, (3 pairs of 'chicken tracks').. ~ FACT 40 C1, CR, (2 pairs of 'chicken tracks').. ~ FACT 40 D1, CR, The chicken stops here.. Grey gatefold.. ~ FACT 40 A2, GG, Townhouse, The chicken won't stop *****.. ~ FACT 40 B2, GG, Townhouse, (3 pairs of 'chicken tracks').. ~ FACT 40 C2, GG, Townhouse, (2 pairs of 'chicken tracks').. ~ FACT 40 D2, GG, Townhouse, The chicken stops here.. White/blue.. ~ FACT 40 A-1, EG, Townhouse, P3, The chicken won't stop *****.. ~ FACT 40 B1, EG, Townhouse, P1, (3 pairs of 'chicken tracks').. ~ FACT 40 C1, EG, Townhouse, (2 pairs of 'chicken tracks').. ~ FACT 40 D1, EG, Townhouse, P1, The chicken stops here.. CD ~ FACD 40 : Mastered By Nimbus.. * Special edition linen cloth (hessian, "hardcover"-book style) sleeve with ribbon-tie.. ** In "double" (plastic) cassette case with full artwork, and gatefold inserts matching album graphics.. Cassettes (and labels) identical to "boxed" version.. Paper stock varies from grey to brown(ish).. *** Recorded live Moonlight Club, London [2 Apr 1980].. **** Recorded live Birmingham University [2 May 1980], Joy Division's last performance.. ***** The run-out grooves reference (the chicken  ...   Column Internet Activities.. 27 Not allocated / Unknown.. 28 Factory Too Lapel badge / Christmas gift 1997.. 29 SPACE MONKEYS Demo Tape.. 30 Not allocated / Unknown.. 31 THE DURUTTI COLUMN Time Was Gigantic.. When We Were Kids.. 32 HOPPER Ridiculous Day.. 33 SPACE MONKEYS Blowing Down The Stylus / Dear Dhinus.. 34 Website Promo / (Christmas gift 1998?).. 35 'FACD 2.. 60 Preview'.. 36 Not allocated / Unknown.. 37 Factory Internet Home Page v2.. 38 Not allocated / Unknown.. 39 SPACE MONKEYS Who's The Daddy Now?.. 40 VARIOUS ARTISTS Different Colours, Different Shades.. 41 THE DURUTTI COLUMN Time Was Gigantic / Reissued experiments (x2).. 42 Not allocated / Unknown.. 43 THE SPACE MONKEYS Acid House Killed Rock and Roll.. 44 Not allocated / Unknown.. 45 Not allocated / Unknown.. 46 Not allocated / Unknown.. 47 Not allocated / Unknown.. 48 Not allocated / Unknown.. 49 Not allocated / Unknown.. 50 Not allocated / Unknown.. 51 Not allocated / Unknown.. 52 Not allocated / Unknown.. 53 SPACE MONKEYS Sugar Cane.. 54 Not allocated / Unknown.. 55 Not allocated / Unknown.. 56 Not allocated / Unknown.. 57 Not allocated / Unknown.. 58 Not allocated / Unknown.. 59 Not allocated / Unknown.. 60 JOY DIVISION Preston The Warehouse 28/2/80.. 61 JOY DIVISION Les Bains Douches.. 62 Not allocated / Unknown.. 63 SPACE MONKEYS March of the Scarecrows.. FAC 3.. 11 THE DURUTTI COLUMN Sex and Death.. Notes: In similar fashion to the Factory Communications Limited catalogue, the Factory Too catalogue exhibits certain patterns and quirks.. Releases by the main acts, THE DURUTTI COLUMN, HOPPER and THE SPACE MONKEYS end with the numbers 1, 2 and 3 respectively.. The number for FAC 2.. 02 A Factory Sample Too is a nod to the original FAC-2 A Factory Sample release.. It even replicates the format of 4 artists and 2 songs per artist.. The numbers FAC 3.. 01 and FAC 3.. 11 are a bit of mystery - i.. e.. why do they alone begin with "3"? Answers on a postcard please!.. * - Following the collapse of Factory Communications Limited in 1992, Factory Too was owned by London Records for a period of three years.. It subsequently split from London and operated as an independent company ("Factory Records Limited") though it continued to trade as Factory Too.. Labels.. Factory Once.. A wing of Factory Too, Factory Once's main output was the repackaging and reissuing of the 8 core Factory Records albums by.. FACDO 14 THE DURUTTI COLUMN The Return Of The Durutti Column.. FACDO 44 THE DURUTTI COLUMN LC.. FACDO 74 DURUTTI COLUMN Another Setting.. FACDO 84 THE DURUTTI COLUMN Without Mercy.. FACDO 144 THE DURUTTI COLUMN Domo Arigato.. FACDO 204 THE DURUTTI COLUMN The Guitar and Other Machines.. FACDO 244 THE DURUTTI COLUMN Vini Reilly.. FACDO 274 THE DURUTTI COLUMN Obey The Time.. (ONCE) THE DURUTTI COLUMN The Third Member of The Durutti Column.. (ONCE) HAPPY MONDAYS Loads.. (ONCE) VARIOUS ARTISTS Too Young To Know, Too Wild To Care.. The Factory Records Catalogue is the ongoing project to develop the Master Discography of Factory Records including Factory Communications Limited and all its subsidiary labels: Factory Too, Factory Once, F4 Records, Factory Benelux, Factory US, Of Factory New York (OFNY), Factory America, Factory Australasia and IKON/FCL.. Work is substantially completed on all entries.. In case FeedBurner suffers an untimely demise, I am undertaking work to restructure artist, designer and producer indexes.. If you have any corrections, comments or imagery please.. contact me.. [13.. 03.. 17].. org is proud to be associated with.. Les Disques du Crépuscule.. Loading.. Factory Communications Ltd (UK).. |.. F4 Records.. Factory US.. Of Factory New York.. Factory America.. Factory Australasia.. Ikon/FCL.. Links.. | Some content factoryrecords.. org 2009-2013..

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  • Title: Factory Records: Factory Communications Limited (UK)
    Descriptive info: Factory Records: Factory Communications Limited (UK).. Factory Communications Limited (UK).. FAC 1 The Factory poster.. FAC-2 A Factory Sample.. FAC 3 The Factory poster.. FAC 4 The Factory poster.. FAC 5 A CERTAIN RATIO All Night Party.. FAC 6 ORCHESTRAL MANOEUVRES IN THE DARK Electricity.. FAC 7 Factory Notepaper.. FAC 8 LINDER STERLING Factory Egg Timer.. FAC 9 VARIOUS ARTISTS The Factory Flick.. FACT 10 JOY DIVISION Unknown Pleasures.. FACT 10+4 posters.. FAC 11 X-O-DUS English Black Boys.. FAC 12 THE DISTRACTIONS Time Goes By So Slow.. FAC 13 JOY DIVISION Transmission.. FACT 14 THE THE DURUTTI COLUMN The Return Of The THE DURUTTI COLUMN.. FAC 15 Leigh Festival/Zoo Meets Factory Halfway.. FACT 16 A CERTAIN RATIO The Graveyard and the Ballroom.. FAC 17 CRAWLING CHAOS Sex Machine.. FAC 18 SECTION 25 Girls Don't Count.. FAC 19 JOHN DOWIE It's Hard To Be An Egg.. FAC 20 A CERTAIN RATIO Too Young to Know, Too Wild to Care.. FAC 21 F logo badge.. FAC 22 A CERTAIN RATIO Flight.. FAC 23 JOY DIVISION Love Will Tear Us Apart.. FACT 24 VARIOUS ARTISTS A Factory Quartet.. FACT 25 JOY DIVISION Closer.. FAC 26 Durutti in Paris event/poster.. FAC 27 Sex Machine Alternative Sleeve.. FAC 28 JOY DIVISION Komakino.. FAC 29 THE NAMES Night Shift.. FACT 30 SEX PISTOLS The Heyday.. FAC 31 MINNY POPS Dolphin Spurt.. FAC 32 CRISPY AMBULANCE Unsightly Serene.. FAC 33 NEW ORDER Ceremony.. FAC 34 E.. S.. G.. You're No Good.. FACT 35 A CERTAIN RATIO To Each.. FAC 36 The US 'Closer' Campaign.. FACT 37 JOY DIVISION Here are the Young Men.. FACT 38 A CERTAIN RATIO Below the Canal.. FAC 39 TUNNELVISION Watching the Hydroplanes.. FAC 41 STOCKHOLM MONSTERS Fairy Tales.. FACT 42 A CERTAIN RATIO The Double 12".. FAC 43 ROYAL FAMILY THE POOR Art Dream Dominion.. FACT 44 THE DURUTTI COLUMN LC.. FACT 45 SECTION 25 Always Now.. FACT 46 VARIOUS ARTISTS The Video Circus (Liverpool).. FAC 47 Factory Anvil Logo.. FAC 48 KEVIN HEWICK Ophelia's Drinking Song.. FAC 49 SWAMP CHILDREN Little Voices.. FACT 50 NEW ORDER Movement.. FAC 51 The Hacienda.. FAC 51B Merry Christmas From The Hacienda.. FAC 52 A CERTAIN RATIO Waterline.. FAC 53 NEW ORDER Procession.. FAC 54 Hacienda Construction.. FACT 55 A CERTAIN RATIO Sextet.. FACT 56 VARIOUS ARTISTS A Factory Video.. FAC 57 MINNY POPS Secret Story.. FAC 58 STOCKHOLM MONSTERS Happy Ever After.. FAC 59 52ND STREET Look Into My Eyes.. FACT 60 THE WAKE Harmony.. FAC 61 FCL vs.. Hannett.. FAC 62 A CERTAIN RATIO Knife Slits Water.. FAC 63 NEW ORDER Temptation.. FAC 64 THE DURUTTI COLUMN I Get Along Without You Very Well.. FACT 65 A CERTAIN RATIO I'd Like to See You Again.. FAC 66 SECTION 25 The Beast.. FAC 67 QUANDO QUANGO Go Exciting / Tingle.. FAC 68 SECTION 25 Back To Wonder.. FAC 69 Not allocated / Unknown.. FACT 70 SWAMP CHILDREN So Hot.. FACT 71 VARIOUS ARTISTS A Factory Outing.. FAC 72 A CERTAIN RATIO I Need Someone Tonight.. FAC 73 NEW ORDER Blue Monday.. FACT 74 THE DURUTTI COLUMN Another Setting.. FACT 75 NEW ORDER Power, Corruption Lies.. FACT 76 JAZZ DEFEKTORS The Movie.. FACT 77 NEW ORDER Taras Shevchenko.. FAC 78 JAMES Jimone.. FAC 79 QUANDO QUANGO Love Tempo.. FACX 79 Christmas Present.. FACT 80 STOCKHOLM MONSTERS Alma Mater.. FAC 81 Factory 1st International Congress / Notepaper.. FAC 82 CABARET VOLTAIRE Yashar.. FAC 83 Hacienda 1 Year.. FACT 84 THE DURUTTI COLUMN Without Mercy.. FACT 85 THICK PIGEON Too Crazy Cowboys.. FAC 86 Christmas 1983 Hacienda.. FAC 87 KALIMA The Smiling Hour.. FAC 88 THE WAKE Talk About the Past.. FACT 89 JOHN DOWIE Dowie.. FACT 90 SECTION 25 From The Hip.. FAC 91 Facsoft Computer Program.. FAC 92 MARCEL KING Reach for Love.. FAC 93 NEW ORDER Confusion.. FAC 94 F-Dot logo/badge.. FACT 95 THE ROYAL FAMILY THE POOR The Project Phase 1.. FAC 96 AD INFINITUM Telstar.. FAC 97 STREETLIFE Act on Instinct.. FAC 98 Swing (Hairdressers).. FAC 99 Molar Reconstruction.. FACT 100 NEW ORDER Low-life.. FAC 101 (Tony Wilson's) Lofts.. FAC 102 QUANDO QUANGO Atom Rock.. FAC 103 NEW ORDER Thieves Like Us.. FAC 104 'The Tube' from The Hacienda.. FACT 105 BITING TONGUES Feverhouse The Soundtrack.. FACT 105 HOWARD WALMSLEY Feverhouse.. FAC 106 LIFE Tell Me.. FAC 107 STOCKHOLM MONSTERS National Pastime.. FAC 108 SECTION 25 Looking From a Hilltop.. FAC 109 CAROLINE LAVELLE Untitled and Undone.. FACT 110 QUANDO QUANGO Pigs Battleships.. FAC 111 SHARK VEGAS You Hurt Me.. FAC 112 A CERTAIN RATIO Life's a Scream.. FAC 113 THE WAKE Of The Matter.. FAC 114 THE DURUTTI COLUMN Say What You Mean, Mean What You Say.. FAC 115 Second generation notepaper.. FAC 116 RED TURNS TO.. Deep Sleep.. FAC 117 ABECEDARIANS Smiling Monarchs.. FAC 118 52ND STREET Can't Afford (To Let You Go).. FAC 119 JAMES James II.. FAC 120 Factory smokestack silhouette logo.. FAC 121 Riverside exhibition Performances.. FAC 122 LIFE Optimism.. FAC 123 NEW ORDER The Perfect Kiss.. FAC 124 STREETLIFE No More Silence.. FACT 125 VARIOUS ARTISTS Bessy Talks Turkey.. FAC 126 Alan Goes To Moscow.. FAC 127 KALIMA Four Songs.. FAC 128 A CERTAIN RATIO Wild Party.. FAC 129 HAPPY MONDAYS Delightful.. FACT 130 THE WAKE Here Comes Everybody.. FAC 131 'It isn't only low-life.. '.. FAC 132 SECTION 25 Crazy Dancing.. FAC 133 NEW ORDER Subculture.. FAC 134 BITING TONGUES Trouble Hand.. FACT 135 A CERTAIN RATIO The Old The New.. FAC 136 Factory adhesive tape.. FAC 137 QUANDO QUANGO Genius.. FACT 137 VARIOUS ARTISTS Shorts.. FAC 138 JAMES Village Fire, 5 Offerings From.. FAC 139 THE ROYAL FAMILY THE POOR We Love The Moon.. FACT 140 THE ROYAL FAMILY THE POOR The Project Phase 2.. FAC 141 Third generation logo.. FAC 142 HAPPY MONDAYS Freaky Dancing.. FAC 143 NEW ORDER Shellshock.. FACT 144 THE DURUTTI COLUMN Domo Arigato.. FAC 145 Christmas 1985.. FAC 146 STOCKHOLM MONSTERS Party Line.. FAC 147 KALIMA Whispered Words.. FAC 148 Styal Mill Sponsored bucket.. FAC 149 THE LITTLE BIG BAND First Project (Aborted).. FACT 150 NEW ORDER Brotherhood.. FAC 151 The Festival of the 10th Summer.. FAC 152 'With Love From Manchester'.. FAC 153 NEW ORDER State of the Nation.. FACD 154 THE DURUTTI COLUMN Circuses Bread.. FACT 155 KALIMA Night Time Shadows.. FAC 156 QUANDO QUANGO Bad Blood.. FAC 157 SECTION 25 Bad News Week.. FAC 158 ANNA DOMINO Summer.. FAC 159 Fac Facts.. FACT 160 SECTION 25 Love and Hate.. FAC 161 Out Promotion/Dave Nicki.. FAC 162 THE RAILWAY  ...   in motion.. FAC 294 THE DURUTTI COLUMN Jazz FM Radio advert.. FAC 295 Christmas 1990 Photo-Print.. FACD 296 VARIOUS ARTISTS Factory Classical 5-CD Set (x5).. FAC 297 THE WENDYS Pulling My Fingers Off.. FAC 298 NORTHSIDE My Rising Star.. FAC 299 'Factory'.. FACT 300 NEW ORDER {Untitled}.. FAC 301 Factory Conference 'Think About the Future'.. FAC 301 'First 50'.. FAC 302 HAPPY MONDAYS Kinky Afro.. FAC 303 VARIOUS ARTISTS Palatine Lane.. FAC 304 VARIOUS ARTISTS Palatine (The Single).. FAC 305C VARIOUS ARTISTS 'Select' Factory Sampler.. FAC 306 STEVE MARTLAND glad Day.. FAC 307 CATH CARROLL Moves Like You.. FAC 308 NORTHSIDE Take 5.. FAC 309 'Hi-Nek' (Second Generation).. FACT 310 NORTHSIDe Chicken Rhythms.. FAC 311 Fourth Generation Notepaper.. FAC 312 HAPPY MONDAYS Loose Fit.. FAC 313 JOY DIVISION 'Transmission' Film.. FACT 314 VARIOUS ARTISTS Palatine The Factory Story / Vol.. 1.. FAC 315 CATH CARROLL Promo Package.. FACT 316 I FAGIOLINI The Art of Monteverdi.. FAC 317 CATH CARROLL 'England Made Me'.. FAC 318 Classics in Motion.. FAC 318 Flying Start Exhibition Stand.. FAC 319 ADVENTURE BABIES Camper Van.. FACT 320 HAPPY MONDAYS Pills 'N Thrills and Bellyaches.. FAC 321 JONATHAN DEMME The Perfect Kiss.. FACT 322 HAPPY MONDAYS Live.. FAC 323 NEW ORDER {Untitled}.. FACT 324 VARIOUS ARTISTS Palatine The Factory Story / Vol.. 2.. FACT 325 VARIOUS ARTISTS Martin, The Work of Martin Hannett.. FACT 326 ROLF HIND Country Music.. FAC 327 REVENGE Gun World Porn.. FAC 328 ELECTRONIC Feel every beat.. FAC 329 THE OTHER TWO Tasty Fish.. FACT 330 THE OTHER TWO {Untitled}.. FAC 331 The Temporary Contemporary Table.. FAC 332 HAPPY MONDAYS Judge Fudge.. FAC 333 Not allocated / Unknown.. FACT 334 VARIOUS ARTISTS Palatine The Factory Story / Vol.. 3.. FACT 335 ADVENTURE BABIES Laugh.. FACT 336 RED BYRD Songs of Love and Death.. FACT 337 THE WENDYS I Instruct.. FAC 338 NORTHSIDE Want a Virgin.. FAC 339 MTV Special History of Factory.. FAC 340 Not allocated / Unknown.. FAC 341 'Pills 'N' Thrills and Bellyaches' Launch.. FAC 342 Happy Mondays Charter Clinic.. FAC 343 Not allocated / Unknown.. FACT 344 VARIOUS ARTISTS Palatine The Factory Story / Vol.. 4.. FAC 345 Palatine Sleeve.. FACT 346 GRAHAM FITKIN Flak.. FAC 347 ADVENTURE BABIES Barking Mad.. FAC 348 ELECTRONIC {Untitled}.. FAC 349 THE OTHER TWO Movin' On.. FAC 350 Not allocated / Unknown.. FAC 351 JON SAVAGE The Hacienda Must Be Built.. FAC 352 HAPPY MONDAYS Staying Alive.. FAC 353 Not allocated / Unknown.. FAC 354 Palatine Celebrations.. FAC 355 Not allocated / Unknown.. FACT 356 ERIK SATIE Socrate.. FAC 357 ADVENTURE BABIES Laugh.. FAC 358 Not allocated / Unknown.. FAC 359 Not allocated / Unknown.. FAC 360 Not allocated / Unknown.. FAC 361 Not allocated / Unknown.. FAC 362 HAPPY MONDAYS Stinkin' Thinkin'.. FAC 363 Not allocated / Unknown.. FAC 364 Not allocated / Unknown.. FAC 365 Not allocated / Unknown.. FAC 366 STEVE MARTLAND Crossing The Border.. FAC 367 Not allocated / Unknown.. FAC 368 Not allocated / Unknown.. FAC 369 Not allocated / Unknown.. FAC 370 Not allocated / Unknown.. FAC 371 Not allocated / Unknown.. FAC 372 HAPPY MONDAYS Sunshine and Love.. FAC 373 Not allocated / Unknown.. FAC 374 Not allocated / Unknown.. FAC 375 Not allocated / Unknown.. FACD 376 PIERS ADAMS Handel Recorder Sonatas.. FAC 377 Not allocated / Unknown.. FAC 378 Not allocated / Unknown.. FAC 379 Not allocated / Unknown.. FAC 380 Not allocated / Unknown.. FAC 381 Not allocated / Unknown.. FAC 382 Not allocated / Unknown.. FAC 383 The Vikings.. FAC 384 Not allocated / Unknown.. FAC 385 Not allocated / Unknown.. FACD 386 WALTER HUS Muurwerk.. FAC 387 Not allocated / Unknown.. FAC 388 Not allocated / Unknown.. FAC 389 Not allocated / Unknown.. FAC 390 Not allocated / Unknown.. FAC 391 Not allocated / Unknown.. FAC 392 Not allocated / Unknown.. FAC 393 Not allocated / Unknown.. FAC 394 Not allocated / Unknown.. FAC 395 Not allocated / Unknown.. FAC 396 TWO GUITARISTS Still Life.. FAC 397 Not allocated / Unknown.. FAC 398 Not allocated / Unknown.. FAC 399 Not allocated / Unknown.. FAC 400 JOY DIVISION Transmission.. FACT 400 Various Artists Palatine The Factory Story / 1979-1990.. FACT 400v VARIOUS ARTISTS Palatine.. The Free Vid.. FAC 401 '24 Hour Party People'.. FAC 402 Not allocated / Unknown.. FAC 403 Not allocated / Unknown.. FAC 404 Not allocated / Unknown.. FAC 405 Not allocated / Unknown.. FACT 406 STEVE MARTLAND Wolfgang.. FAC 407 Not allocated / Unknown.. FAC 408 Not allocated / Unknown.. FAC 409 Not allocated / Unknown.. FAC 410 Not allocated / Unknown.. FAC 411 Not allocated / Unknown.. FAC 412 Not allocated / Unknown.. FAC 413 JACK January 2003 edition.. FAC 414 Not allocated / Unknown.. FAC 415 Not allocated / Unknown.. FAC 416 Not allocated / Unknown.. FAC 417 Not allocated / Unknown.. FAC 418 Not allocated / Unknown.. FAC 419 Not allocated / Unknown.. FACT 420 HAPPY MONDAYS Yes Please!.. FAC 421 'factoryrecords.. net'.. FAC 422 Not allocated / Unknown.. FAC 423 Not allocated / Unknown.. FAC 424 ANTHONY H WILSON 24 Hour Party People.. FACDVD 424 '24 Hour Party People'.. FAC 425 Not allocated / Unknown.. FAC 426 Not allocated / Unknown.. FAC 427 Not allocated / Unknown.. FAC 428 Not allocated / Unknown.. FAC 429 Not allocated / Unknown.. FAC 430 Not allocated / Unknown.. FAC 431 Not allocated / Unknown.. FAC 432 Not allocated / Unknown.. FAC 433 '24 Hour Party People' website.. FAC 434 Not allocated / Unknown.. FAC 435 Not allocated / Unknown.. FAC 436 Not allocated / Unknown.. FAC 437 Not allocated / Unknown.. FAC 438 Not allocated / Unknown.. FAC 439 Not allocated / Unknown.. FAC 440 Not allocated / Unknown.. FAC 441 'worldinmotion.. FAC 442 Not allocated / Unknown.. FAC 443 Not allocated / Unknown.. FAC 444 Not allocated / Unknown.. FAC 445 Not allocated / Unknown.. FAC 446 Not allocated / Unknown.. FAC 447 Not allocated / Unknown.. FAC 448 Not allocated / Unknown.. FAC 449 Not allocated / Unknown.. FAC 450 Not allocated / Unknown.. FAC 451 JANE STANTON Love Will Tear Us Apart - A History of The Hacienda.. FAC 451 '24 Hour Party People' Hacienda.. FAC 461 MATTHEW ROBERTSON Factory Records The Complete Graphic Album.. FAC 471 'HOT' A Celebration of the Hacienda.. FAC 473 Les Paul FAC 473.. FAC 481 BUILDING 27 January 2006 Issue.. FAC 491 Hacienda 25 The Exhibition.. FACT 500 HAPPY MONDAYS Uncle Dysfunktional.. FAC 501 ANTHONY H.. WILSON.. FAC 511 'And you forgotten'..

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  • Title: Factory Records: Factory Too
    Descriptive info: Factory Records: Factory Too..

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  • Title: Factory Records: Factory Once
    Descriptive info: Factory Records: Factory Once..

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  • Title: Factory Records: F4 Records
    Descriptive info: Factory Records: F4 Records.. Fourth iteration of the Factory Records imprint set up by.. TONY WILSON.. in 2004 with.. RAW-T.. THE YOUNG OFFENDERS INSTITUTE.. on the roster.. Released items were catalogued using a hybrid numbering system which allied a serial number with the prefix "R" with the postal code associated  ...   Live.. R3 Not allocated / Unknown.. R4-M15 RAW-T: Realise and Witness.. R5 Not allocated / Unknown.. R6-M40 THE YOUNG OFFENDERS INSTITUTE We Are The Young Offenders.. (F4) f4records.. co.. uk.. (F4) F4 Download Shop.. (F4) F4 Logo Badge.. (F4) THE DURUTTI COLUMN: Heaven Sent (It Was Digital.. It Was Heaven Sent)..

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  • Title: Factory Records: Factory Benelux
    Descriptive info: Factory Records: Factory Benelux.. FAC BN 1-004 A CERTAIN RATIO Shack Up.. FBN 2 THE DURUTTI COLUMN Lips That Would Kiss.. FAC BN 3-006 SECTION 25 Charnel Ground.. FAC BN 4 CRISPY AMBULANCE Live on a Hot August Night.. FAC BN 5 SECTION 25 Je Veux Ton Amour.. FAC BN 6 CRAWLING CHAOS The Gas Chair.. FAC BN 7 VARIOUS ARTISTS The Factory Complication.. FBN 8 NEW ORDER Everything's Gone Green.. FBN 9 THE NAMES Calcutta / Swimming.. FBN 10 THE DURUTTI COLUMN Deux Triangles.. FBN 11 MINNY POPS Time.. FBN 12 CRISPY AMBULANCE The Plateau Phase.. FBN 13 VARIOUS ARTISTS 'Vinyl' magazine Flexi FLEXI-DISC.. FBN 14 SECTION 25 The Key of Dreams.. FAC BN 15 MINNY POPS Sparks in a Dark Room.. FBN 16 SWAMP CHILDREN Taste What's Rhythm.. FBN 17 A CERTAIN RATIO Guess Who?.. FBN 18 CRISPY AMBULANCE Sexus.. FBN 19 STOCKHOLM MONSTERS Miss Moonlight.. FBN 20 52ND STREET Cool as Ice.. FBN 21 SWAMP CHILDREN So Hot.. FBN 22 NEW ORDER Murder.. FBN 23 QUANDO  ...   25 From The Hip.. FBN 34 LAVOLTA LAKOTA Prayer.. FBN 35 THE WAKE Talk About the Past.. FBN 36 DURUTTI COLUMN Circuses and Bread.. FBN 37 LIFE Dites Moi.. FBN 38 LIFE Dites Moi.. FBN 39 LA COSA NOSTRA Coming Closer.. FBN 40 LA COSA NOSTRA Coming Closer.. FBN 41 SIMON TOPPING Prospect Park.. FBN 42 LIFE Better.. FBN 43 MARCEL KING Reach for Love.. FBN 44 STANTON MIRANDA Wheels Over Indian Trails.. FBN 45 SECTION 25 Crazy Wisdom.. FBN 46 STOCKHOLM MONSTERS How Corrupt Is Rough Trade?.. FBN 47 THE EXECUTIONER Executioner's Theme.. FBN 48 THE EXECUTIONER Executioner's Theme.. FBN 49 PLAYGROUP Euphoria.. FBN 50 PLAYGROUP Euphoria.. FBN 51 THE DURUTTI COLUMN Tomorrow.. FBN 52 VARIOUS ARTISTS The Factory Complication 1.. FBN 53 Unknown / aborted projects.. FBN 54 Unknown / aborted projects.. FBN 55 VARIOUS ARTISTS The Factory Complication 2.. FBN 100 THE DURUTTI COLUMN For Patti.. FBN 100 NEW ORDER Low-life.. FBN 123 NEW ORDER Perfect Kiss.. FBN 839 NEW ORDER Touched by the Hand of God..

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  • Title: Factory Records: Factory US
    Descriptive info: Factory Records: Factory US.. FACTUS 1 JOY DIVISION Unknown Pleasures.. FACTUS 2 JOY DIVISION She's Lost Control.. FACTUS 3 Not allocated / Unknown.. FACUS 4 A CERTAIN RATIO Do the Du (casse).. FACTUS 5 Videoshow / From Manchester to New York Direct.. FACTUS 6 JOY DIVISION Closer.. FACTUS 7 'Closer' Billboard.. FACTUS 8 NEW ORDER 1981-1982.. FACTUS 9 SECTION 25 Live In America.. FACUS 10 NEW ORDER Blue Monday.. FACTUS 11 Not allocated / Unknown.. FACTUS 12 NEW ORDER Power Corruption & Lies.. FACTUS 13 Not allocated / Unknown.. FACTUS 14 SECTION 25 From the Hip..  ...   Sexy.. FACTUS 18 Not allocated / Unknown.. FACTUS 19 Of Factory New York Notepaper.. FACTUS 20 Not allocated / Unknown.. FACUS 21 Factory US Logo.. FACTUS 22 Not allocated / Unknown.. FACTUS 23 JOY DIVISION Love Will Tear Us Apart.. FACTUS 24 Not allocated / Unknown.. FACTUS 25 VARIOUS ARTISTS Four + One.. FACTUS 26 Not allocated / Unknown.. FACTUS 27 Not allocated / Unknown.. FACUS 28 JOY DIVISION Komakino.. FACTUS 46 A CERTAIN RATIO Ratio > The Circus.. FACTUS 50 NEW ORDER Movement.. FACUS 53 NEW ORDER Procession.. FACTUS 164 THE DURUTTI COLUMN Valuable Passages..

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  • Title: Factory Records: Of Factory New York
    Descriptive info: Factory Records: Of Factory New York.. OF-1 (I/OF-1) THE BIRTHDAY PARTY Pleasureheads Must Burn.. OF-2 (I/OF-2) THE FALL Perverted by Language bis.. OFNY 2 mis-allocated / Disputed.. OFNY 3 CABARET VOLTAIRE Yashar.. OFNY 4 A CERTAIN RATIO Knife Slits Water.. OFNY 5 QUANDO QUANGO Love Tempo.. OFNY 6 Not allocated / Unknown.. OFNY 7 Not allocated / Unknown.. OFNY  ...   STREETLIFE Act On Instinct.. OFNY P1 NEW ORDER Paradise Garage.. OFNY P2 SECTION 25/QUANDO QUANGO The Ritz.. OFNY P3 NEW ORDER The Perfect Kiss.. OFNY P4 'The Film & Video Poster'.. OFNY P34 NEW ORDER 1987 Substance.. (OFNY) 52ND STREET Cool As Ice.. (OFNY) MARCEL KING Reach for Love.. (OFNY) NEW ORDER Club 1018.. Of Factory New York APPENDIX..

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  • Title: Factory Records: Factory America
    Descriptive info: Factory Records: Factory America.. FA1 New Order/Ike Yard gig - Ukrainian National Home.. FA2 IKE YARD: Ike Yard.. FA3 Not allocated (?) / Unknown.. FA4 A CERTAIN RATIO Knife Slits Water..

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  • Title: Factory Records: Factory Australasia
    Descriptive info: Factory Records: Factory Australasia.. SFA 406 JOY DIVISION Love Will Tear Us Apart.. SFA 490 JOY DIVISION Transmission.. SFA 491 THE DURUTTI COLUMN The Durutti Column Single.. SFA 541 NEW ORDER Ceremony.. FACOZ 1001 JOY DIVISION Closer.. FACOZ 1002 THE DURUTTI COLUMN The Return Of The Durutti Column.. FACOZ 1003 JOY DIVISION Unknown Pleasures.. FACDP 1004 A CERTAIN RATIO The Double EP.. FACDM 1005/6 JOY DIVISION Still (x2).. FACOZ 1007 NEW ORDER Movement.. FAC 73R NEW ORDER Blue Monday 1988.. FACT 75 NEW ORDER Power, Corruption & Lies.. FACT 110 QUANDO QUANGO Pigs And Battleships.. FAC 133 NEW ORDER Sub-Culture.. FACT 135 A CERTAIN RATIO The Old & The New.. FACD 144 THE DURUTTI COLUMN Domo Arigato.. FAC 153 NEW  ...   ARTISTS Salvation!.. FAC 183R NEW ORDER True Faith Remix.. FAC 192 HAPPY MONDAYS Twenty Four Hour Party People.. FAC 193 NEW ORDER Touched by The Hand Of God.. FACD 194 THE DURUTTI COLUMN When the World.. FACT 200 NEW ORDER Substance 1987 (x2).. FACT 204 THE DURUTTI COLUMN The Guitar And Other Machines.. FAC 223R NEW ORDER Fine Time Remix.. FACD 224 THE DURUTTI COLUMN The First Four Albums (x4).. FACT 250 JOY DIVISION Substance 1977-1980.. FAC 263 NEW ORDER Round & Round.. FAC 263R NEW ORDER Round & Round Remix.. FACUS 2 JOY DIVISION Atmosphere.. FACTUS 8 NEW ORDER 1981-1982 EP.. FACTUS 17 VARIOUS ARTISTS Young Popular & Sexy.. Factory Australasia Appendix.. See note on the.. Gap Catalogue Numbering System..

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  • Title: Factory Records: IKON/FCL
    Descriptive info: Factory Records: IKON/FCL.. IKON 1 VARIOUS ARTISTS The Factory Complication.. IKON 2 JOY DIVISION Here Are The Young Men.. IKON 3 VARIOUS ARTISTS A Factory Video.. IKON 4 NEW ORDER Taras Shevchenko.. IKON 5 VARIOUS ARTISTS A Factory Outing.. IKON 6 JOHN DOWIE Dowie.. IKON 7 THE BIRTHDAY PARTY Pleasure Heads Must Burn.. IKON 8 THE FALL Perverted by Language Bis.. IKON 9 VARIOUS ARTISTS The Final Academy Documents.. IKON 10 HOWARD WALMSLEY Feverhouse.. IKON 11 VARIOUS ARTISTS Bessy Talks Turkey.. IKON 12 VARIOUS ARTISTS Shorts.. IKON 13 IVAN UNWIN Flickering Shadows.. IKON 14 THE VIRGIN PRUNES Sons Find Devils.. IKON 15 SURVIVAL RESEARCH LABORATORIES A Scenic Harvest From The King of Pain.. IKON 16 THE DURUTTI COLUMN Domo Arigato.. IKON 17 NEW ORDER Pumped Full of Drugs.. IKON 18 DANIEL LANDIN & RICHARD HESLOP The Child And The Saw.. IKON 19 TOOLS YOU CAN TRUST The Tools For Better Labour.. IKON 20 SEVERED HEADS Kato Gets The Girl.. IKON 21 BRIAN NICHOLSON Show Me What You Look Like.. IKON 22 LIAISONS DANGEREUSES Liaisons Dangereuses.. IKON 23 NICK TURVEY Radio Dog.. IKON 24 HUNTERS AND COLLECTORS The Way To Go Out.. IKON 25 Fat Of The Land - Selected British Films 1984-88.. IKON 26 BITING TONGUES Wall Of Surf..  ...   39 'Power - The Tom O'Connor Years' T-SHIRT.. IKON 40 (T) BUZZCOCKS Auf Wiedersehen VIDEO/T-SHIRT.. IKON 41 The Ikon Baseball Cap.. IKON 42 C-Cat Trance.. IKON 43 'God' T-SHIRT '.. IKON 44 'O Yuki Conjugate' POSTER.. IKON 45 'Wall of Surf' POSTER.. IKON 46 'O Yuki Conjugate' T-SHIRT.. IKON 47 'Tools You Can Trust' T-SHIRT.. IKON 48 'Here Are The Young Men' T-SHIRT.. IKON 49 'Pumped Full of Drugs' T-SHIRT.. IKON 50 BRIAN NICHOLSON In the Cradle.. IKON 51 O YUKI CONJUGATE Places That Dance.. IKON 52 IVAN UNWIN Septic Kz Project.. Ikon documentaries.. MAN 1 Manchester Airport.. MAN 2 Raleigh.. (unreleased Raleigh bikes documentary).. MAN 3 Shop.. (Booths supermarket).. MAN 4 Project X (unfinished).. MAN 5 Mancunia project (abandoned).. MAN 6 Robb Wilton Project (abandoned).. Dubious Label (IKON/FCL offshoot label).. DUB 1 The Moodists.. DUB 2 Danielle Dax.. DUB 3 The Chevalier Brothers.. DUB 4 The Higsons.. DUB 5 James King & The Lone Wolves.. DUB 6 The Sinatras.. DUB 7 John Watts and the Cry.. DUB 8 The Monroes.. DUB 9 The Truth.. DUB 10 The Bruce Foxton Band.. DUB 11 The Bluebells.. DUB 12 Dubious T-shirt.. DUB 13 Dubious poster.. Miscellanea.. BB! 019 Twelve 88 Cartel – "Evidence".. Kurt 13 Radio Tirana – "Harmonie & Forschung"..

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