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  • Title: F L A M E : Facts & Logic About the Middle East
    Descriptive info: .. Facts and Logic About.. the Middle East.. P.. O.. Box 590359.. San Francisco, CA 94159.. (415) 356-7801.. FLAME ads communicate the facts about Israel and its enemies to millions of Americans.. Below you ll find examples of messages FLAME has published nationally and internationally in recent months.. Israel: A 65-Year Miracle.. One of the proudest accomplishments in world history.. here can be little doubt when, 500 or 1,000 years from now, the history of the world will be written, that the creation and the development of the State of Israel will be considered one of the proudest and most shining successes.. Now, as Israel's 65th birthday has just been celebrated, it is a good time, in our own day, to review what has been accomplished.. To get the facts,.. click here.. Israeli Settlements:.. Are They a Threat to Middle East Peace?.. The Palestinians refuse to join peace talks unless Israel stops building in Jerusalem and parts of the West Bank.. But who owns the West Bank? And are settlements really the problem?.. Who and How Many Are the Palestinian Refugees?.. How, under the auspices of the UN Relief and Works Agency, can their numbers have exploded from 650,000 in 1948 to more than five million today?.. In 1948, some 650,000 Arabs fled from Israel during Israel's war of independence against six invading Arab armies.. The  ...   Enemies.. (Duh!).. An Urgent Letter.. from FLAME President,.. Gerardo Joffe.. April 1, 2013.. Dear Friend of Israel, dear Friend of FLAME:.. The American elections, which have occupied much of our national energy for over a year, are now behind us.. We hope that you are satisfied with the results.. Mr.. Obama is going to be our president for another four years.. Regardless of our personal preference, we owe him our full support, of course.. I much regret the little tiff he had with Mr.. Netanyahu.. Certainly, that is going to blow over because our two countries the United States and Israel are too important to each other to let anything interfere with the relationship.. The misnamed Arab Spring continues in full force.. Syria, of course, is in outright civil war, with no end in sight.. As a diversion, the Syrians lobbed mortar rounds into Israel to which Israel responded appropriately.. On the western border of Israel, there are the Gazans, in thrall with Hezbollah.. Their goal is not peace.. Their only declared goal is the destruction of Israel.. To read this letter in its entirety, please.. click here.. Our Ads and Positions.. |.. Donate.. Our Letters to Editors.. Our Acquisition Letters.. FLAME s Purpose.. Subscribe to Hotline Alerts.. FLAME Hotline Back Issues.. Home.. 2002-2012 FLAME.. All rights reserved.. Site Credits.. Contact Us.. Search FLAME.. Search the Web..

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  • Title: FLAME | Subscribe
    Descriptive info: To receive the free FLAME Hotline e-newsletter,.. please fill out and submit the form below.. Email address.. *.. First name.. Last name.. * Required Fields.. 2002-2011 FLAME..

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  • Title: F L A M E : Make a Donation
    Descriptive info: Why should you make a donation to FLAME?.. How many times have you heard someone lament that Israel doesn t have good public relations? By supporting FLAME, you help one of the world s most powerful information efforts to spread the truth about Israel and the Middle East conflict.. Please note that because FLAME is a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation, your donation is tax-deductible.. By supporting FLAME,.. you help fund our ads in national media, like.. U.. News and World  ...   National Weekly.. , and others.. You help publish our messages in Jewish publications, both in the U.. and in Israel, among them.. The International Edition of the Jerusalem Post.. Finally, your donation helps us publish our messages monthly in over fifty small-town newspapers, all across the United States and Canada.. For more information about how your donation helps spread the truth about Israel and the Middle East, please review our most recent acquisition letter.. Just click here.. 2005 FLAME..

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  • Title: F L A M E : Our Ads and Positions
    Descriptive info: FLAME s Ads and Positions Archive.. Below you ll find an archive of the ads and articles that FLAME has published since its inception.. To access the full text of a particular article, click on its title in the list below.. The position papers (.. hasbarah.. messages) you will address on this page are listed numerically.. Several of these messages, however, have been re-edited and re-published, so as to respond to current realities.. The most recent ads we have published are at the top of the archive list.. To see them now.. PLEASE NOTE: The ads below are available in.. Adobe Acrobat Reader (PDF).. format or html format.. The PDF format allows you to view and print out the ad exactly as it appears in national print media.. You will need to have a copy of Adobe's FREE Acrobat Reader software on your computer to view and print out ads in PDF format, and most computers already have this program installed.. Click here.. if you wish to download a free copy of Acrobat Reader now.. To view or print out an ad in PDF format, click on PDF below the title; to view an ad in HTML format, click on HTML.. (HTML format will display the ad as a standard web page.. Note that printing from an html display often results in the sides being cut off.. ).. If you have any questions or comments about the content, ideas, or philosophy espoused in these messages, e-mail them to FLAME President, Gerardo Joffe by.. clicking here.. While we read every e-mail message, please understand that because of the volume of e-mails received, we cannot guarantee a personal reply.. Our small team of dedicated volunteers types each ad in.. Occasional typos do slip in, so please.. let the webmaster know.. about any typos, broken links, or other technical problems you find.. Regarding the numbering system below: We occasionally republish one of our hasbarah (educational and clarifying) messages because the matter with which it deals has again become topical and of immediate interest.. We usually re-edit such messages somewhat so as to take any changes or new developments into account.. Such re-edited messages are numbered with a suffix (such as a, b or c).. That is the reason that our published messages don't always appear in numerical order.. The messages as listed on this website always represent the latest edit if applicable.. Be sure to tell your friends to visit the FLAME website! Thank you!.. FLAME S COLLECTION OF MESSAGES ON THE MIDDLE EAST.. Since 1987, with the help of concerned citizens, the following messages have appeared in national media.. All are available in an HTML format, and some are also available in a pdf format, exactly as they appeared in print.. Ad #137.. Israel: A 65-Year Miracle.. HTML.. PDF.. Ad #136.. Israeli Settlements: Are They a Threat to Middle East Peace?.. Ad #135.. Ad #134.. The Most Practical Solution to the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: Can the two current proposed solutions bring peace to the region?.. Ad #133.. Why Are Christians Disappearing from the Middle East?: The Christian population in the Muslim Middle East has plunged from 20% a century ago to less than 5% today and it's falling fast.. Ad #132.. Good News from the Middle East: Israel's Prospects Have Never Been Brighter.. Ad #131.. Do the Jews Have the Right to a State in the Holy Land?: The question is not whether the Palestinians are an invented people, but rather why Arabs deny Jewish history and Jewish rights to a state in Israel.. Ad #130.. Why Should the U.. Fund the Palestinian Authority?: The Palestinians spurn U.. diplomatic requests and snub U.. financial aid.. Should we be sending them nearly a billion dollars a year?.. Ad #129.. Muslim Arab Anti-Semitism: Why it makes peace very difficult almost impossible.. Ad #128.. Fund the Terrorist Group Hamas? Congress now sends nearly a billion tax dollars annually to the Hamas-linked Palestinian Authority: Is this a smart use of U.. foreign aid?.. Ad #127.. Are the Palestinians Ready for Peace? Why Arab intransigence makes peace most unlikely.. Ad #126.. Apartheid in the Arab Middle East: How can the U.. N.. turn a blind eye to hateful, state-sponsored discrimination against people because of their race, ethnicity, religion and gender?.. Ad #125.. A Most Stalwart and Reliable Ally: Is Israel indeed America's unsinkable aircraft carrier?.. Ad #124a.. The Truth About the Muslim Brotherhood: Is it a moderate Egyptian party committed to democracy.. or a jihadist group seeking to create an Islamist empire?.. Ad #123.. The Truth about the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) Movement Does it stand for Middle East peace or does it seek Israel s destruction?.. Ad #122.. The Great Peace Flotilla Ambush? How Israel fell into a trap, carefully set by its enemies.. Ad #121.. Israel: An Apartheid State? Is there any truth at all in this oft-repeated calumny?.. Ad #120.. Jerusalem (III): Should Israel be able to build residences in its capital city?.. Ad #119.. Israel: A Light unto the Nations:.. Those who demonize Israel are either misinformed or malevolent.. Ad #118.. Netanyahu s Offer (II):.. Are the objections of the Palestinians justified?.. Ad #117.. Netanyahu s Offer (I):.. Would it bring peace to the tortured Middle East?.. Ad #116.. The Two-State Illusion:.. Would it solve the Middle East problem?.. Ad #115.. A Demilitarized Palestinian State (II):.. Should Israel, should the world rely on it?.. Ad #114.. Israel s Defensive Response to Gaza:.. Was Israel using  ...   Should Israel surrender the Golan Heights?.. Ad #65c.. Arabian Fables (II):.. More fanciful Arab myths to sway world opinion.. Ad #64b.. Arabian Fables (I):.. How the Arabs soften up world opinion with fanciful myths.. Ad #63.. The So-Called "Peace Process":.. Is it the cause for unrest in the Middle East?.. Ad #62.. Much Pressure on Israel:.. Will Barak be able to preserve his country's security?.. Ad #61.. Prospects for the Middle East Peace Process:.. What is the likelihood of its ending successfully?.. Ad #60.. Incitement to Violence:.. Do the Palestinians live up to their Oslo commitments?.. Ad #59.. 100 Years of Zionism and 50 Years of Israel:.. What can the world learn from it?.. Ad #58b.. Terror in Israel:.. How should it affect the "peace process"?.. Ad #57.. The Israeli-Palestinian "Peace Process":.. Are both parties doing their share?.. Ad #56.. "Sacrifices for Peace":.. What else does the world expect Israel to do?.. Ad #55.. Upheaval in Israel:.. Should Israel make further concessions to the Palestinians?.. Ad #54.. New Broom in Israel:.. Will Netanyahu bring peace and security to his country?.. Ad #53.. The Legacy of Yitzhak Rabin:.. Which direction for Israel in the wake of his assassination?.. Ad #52d.. Jerusalem (2):.. Should the U.. Embassy be moved to the capital of Israel?.. Ad #51.. Troops on the Golan:.. Would they further the cause of peace in the Middle East?.. Ad #50.. Syria and the Peace Process:.. Is it a partner that Israel should trust?.. Ad #49e.. The Golan Heights:.. To whom do they belong? Can Israel survive without them?.. Ad #48f.. A Demilitarized Palestinian State:.. Should Israel, should the world, rely on it?.. Ad #47b.. Judea/Samaria (the "West Bank"):.. Can Israel survive without it?.. Ad #46.. Israel's Peace with the PLO:.. Can the leopard change his spots.. the wolf become a lamb?.. Ad #45.. The Arab Boycott of Israel:.. Does it give any clues to Arab intentions?.. Ad #44.. Peace in the Middle East (II):.. Is the peace with Egypt an encouraging example for Israel?.. Ad #43.. Hamas and the Muslim Fundamentalists:.. Was Israel justified in expelling 400+ of their leaders?.. Ad #42.. "Greater Israel":.. Does it have any relation to reality?.. Ad #41b.. Peace in the Middle East (I):.. Can it be achieved under the present circumstances?.. Ad #40a.. Loan Guarantees for Israel:.. Are they in the best interest of the United States?.. Ad #39.. Israel's "Right to Exist":.. Is it important that the Arabs acknowledge it?.. Ad #38c.. Those "West Bank" Settlements:.. Are they really the "greatest obstacle to peace"?.. Ad #37c.. Myths About Israel and the Middle East (II):.. Should we re-examine endlessly repeated clichés?.. Ad #36d.. Myths About Israel and the Middle East (I):.. Do the media feed us fiction, instead of fact?.. Ad #35.. Loan Guarantees for Settlement of Soviet Jews:.. play a role in this humanitarian enterprise?.. Ad #34.. Secretary Baker's Peace Mission:.. Are he and the President putting pressure in the right places?.. Ad #33c.. Arab-Moslem Fanaticism and Intransigence:.. Are they the root cause of Mid-East turmoil?.. Ad #32.. The U.. and the Middle East:.. Is it a proper forum to sit in judgment?.. Ad #31.. Hussein and Arafat Birds of a Feather:.. How they engineered the bloody events in Jerusalem?.. Ad #30.. Iraq, the Arabs, the U.. , and Israel:.. Is there linkage between Kuwait and the "West Bank"?.. Ad #29.. Soviet-Jewish Migration to Israel:.. Why do the Arabs fear it and fight it?.. Ad #28.. Israel, the Arabs, and Human Rights.. Ad #27.. The "Bashing" of Israel:.. Who does it? What is behind it?.. Ad #26.. The Intifada :.. Is Israel using excessive force to suppress it?.. Ad #25.. "Land for Peace":.. Can it solve the problems of the Middle East?.. Ad #24.. The "West Bank" and Gaza:.. Should Israel withdraw from the territories?.. Ad #23.. The Israeli Peace Initiative:.. Can it restore peace and tranquility to this troubled area?.. Ad #22.. Israel and the Media:.. Are current events in Israel getting fair coverage?.. Ad #21.. Israel and Human Rights:.. How does Israel behave in the face of Arab uprising?.. Ad #20.. The "New" PLO:.. Or can the leopard change its spots?.. Ad #19.. Those "Moderate" Arab States:.. sell them advanced weaponry?.. Ad #18.. Jordan:.. Is it or is it not Palestine?.. Ad #17.. Mubarak Awad:.. Was Israel justified in expelling him?.. Ad #16.. The "Troubles" in Israel:.. Should Israel withdraw from the West Bank and Gaza?.. Ad #15.. A Palestinian Homeland :.. Ad #14.. Gaza:.. Are its inhabitants being subjugated by the Israelis?.. Ad #13.. Saudi Arabia:.. Does it support America's interests in the area?.. Ad #12.. Zionism:.. Is It Racism?.. Ad #11.. The Economy of Israel:.. Is it sound? Should you invest in it?.. Ad #10.. Syria and the Middle East:.. Can it be a force for peace in the area?.. Ad #09.. Israel and South Africa:.. Does Israel support the apartheid regime?.. Ad #08.. The Arabs of Israel:.. Are they a persecuted minority ?.. Ad #07e.. Jerusalem (1):.. Whose city whose "holy city" is it?.. Ad #06.. Israel's Borders:.. Are they legitimate ? Should they be changed?.. Ad #05.. Judea and Samaria (the West Bank ):.. Whom does it belong to? Is it occupied territory ?.. Ad #04.. "The Palestinian Problem":.. Ad #03c.. Those Palestinian Refugees :.. Who are they, what is the real story?.. Ad #02c.. Aid to Israel:.. Does the U.. get its money's worth?.. Ad #01.. The PLO:.. Is it a force for peace in the Middle East?..

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  • Title: F L A M E : Letters to Editors and Others
    Descriptive info: Letters to Editors and Others.. Below you will find letters to editors of U.. and international publications, as well as to government and other officials, on issues pertaining to Israel and the Middle East.. If you have letters, published or not, that you believe would interest our supporters, please send them by email to.. letters@factsandlogic.. org.. or fax to (415) 356-7804 or mail to FLAME, P.. Box 590359, San Francisco, CA 94159-0381.. To view a letter, please click on its title.. 09/23/05:.. Letter to.. The Nation:.. Why does the left oppose Israel?.. 09/20/05:.. J.. (the Jewish newspaper of Northern California): Egypt to guard Gaza s borders?.. 08/18/05:.. Letter  ...   Church Leaders.. 08/17/04:.. Letter to the editor of.. (the Jewish newspaper of Northern California).. 03/25/04:.. Washington Report on Middle East Affairs.. : Letter from Gerardo Joffe.. 04/03/03:.. Rev.. Barbara Litchfield: Letter to Gerardo Joffe.. 10/01/02:.. New York Times.. The Scurrilous Writing of David Grossman.. 09/19/02:.. San Francisco Chronicle.. Re: Israel Buffets an American.. 07/26/02:.. Jewish Bulletin.. Should Ariel Sharon show more restraint ?.. 07/15/02:.. Ministerpräsident Dr.. Edmund Stoiber.. case of Dr.. Hans-Joachim Sewering.. 07/11/02:.. Senator Dianne Feinstein.. Arab Students.. 06/25/02:.. USS LIBERTY incident.. 06/03/02:.. Shammai Leibowitz.. 03/19/02:.. Wall Street Journal.. Israel Held to Double Standard?.. For more insight and facts about issues in the Middle East,.. please visit.. page..

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  • Title: F L A M E : Our Acquisition Letters
    Descriptive info: FLAME periodically mails letters to those who have indicated support for our work, in which we provide updates on current events and offer perspective on the meaning of these events.. These letters also invite supporters to make tax-deductible donations to our cause.. To make a donation,.. To view recent acquisition letters, please click on the title below.. June 2011, General Mailing:.. Dear Friend of Israel, Dear Friend of  ...   2008, General Mailing:.. January 2007, General Mailing:.. November 2005, General Mailing:.. February 2005, General Mailing:.. July 2004, General Mailing:.. The Futility and Dangers of Appeasement.. December 2002, General Mailing:.. Responding to Worldwide Islamic Terror.. September 2002, Northern California Mailing:.. A Response to Rabbi Michael Lerner.. Spring 2002, General Mailing:.. The Difficulty of Making Peace with Arafat.. June 2000, General Mailing:.. Should Israel Give Up the Golan?.. 2002-2003 FLAME..

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  • Title: F L A M E : Outstanding Articles on the Middle East
    Descriptive info: Freeman Center.. For Strategic Studies.. Box 35661.. Houston, TX 77235-5661.. Phone / Fax: 713/723-6016.. E-mail: bernards@sbcglobal.. net.. Website:.. http://www.. freeman.. Americans for a Safe Israel.. 1623 3rd Ave.. , Suite 205.. New York, NY 10128.. Tel: 212/828-2424.. Fax: 212/828-1717.. E-mail: afsi@rcn.. com.. afsi.. The Jewish Political.. Education Foundation Inc.. Box 4458.. Great Neck, NY 11023-4458.. Tel: 516/482-990.. jpef.. Jewish Institute for.. National Security Affairs.. 1779 Massachusetts Ave.. , NW.. Suite 515.. Washington, DC 20036.. Tel: 202-667-3900.. Fax: 202-667-0601.. www@lists.. jinsa.. Outstanding Articles on the Middle East.. On this page we will bring you outstanding articles on the Middle East and on the Arab-Israel conflict, as they appear in media from time to time.. While we have our own independent sources, of course, we lean to some degree on the organizations listed in the left column, all of which are important and meritorious and all of which deserve your support.. We will not give you in each case the source of the article.. We shall give you the source if a medium is involved; also, in each case we will give you the name of the author and the date the article was published or posted.. Israel and the Surrender of the West.. by Shelby Steele.. The Wall Street Journal, June 21, 2010.. or.. Printer-Friendly Version.. Did We Not All Say, Never Again?.. by Ed Koch.. The Jerusalem Post, June 15, 2010.. Israel and Its Liberal Friends.. by Bret Stephens.. The Wall Street Journal, June 8, 2010.. Those troublesome Jews.. by Charles Krauthammer.. The Washington Post, June 4, 2010.. Analysis: A race to contain the damage.. by David Horovitz.. The Jerusalem Post, May 31, 2010.. Dumping Israel.. by Ralph Peters.. The New York Post, May 17, 2010.. Obama s Jerusalem stonewall.. by Mortimer Zuckerman.. The Wall Street Journal, April 28, 2010.. When Armageddon lives next door.. by Benny Morris.. Los Angeles Times, April 16, 2010.. Defending Dennis Ross.. by Robert Satloff.. Foreign Policy, April 8, 2010.. Israel Aid Pays U.. Dividends That Exceed Cost.. by Steve Rothman.. Business Week, April 6, 2010.. Obama s anti-Israeli hysteria dangerous and destructive.. by Greg Sheridan.. The Australian, March 27, 2010.. Analysis: Blundering toward disaster.. The Jerusalem Post, March 23, 2010.. The Crisis: Was Obama s confrontation with Israel premeditated?.. by Yossi Klein Halevi.. The New Republic, March 16, 2010.. Bashar Assad: What you see is what you get.. by Jonathan Spyer.. The Jerusalem Post, March 4, 2010.. Israel s right to self-defense.. by Gerald Steinberg.. The Wall Street Journal Europe, February, 2010.. A World-Historic Find in Jerusalem.. by Jonathan Tobin.. Commentary Magazine, February, 2010.. British Radicalization Studies.. by Douglas Murray.. The Wall Street Journal Europe, January 8, 2010.. Confessing to a crime we didn t commit: Investigating the Gaza War.. by David Benjamin.. The Jerusalem Post, January 3, 2010.. The woman in the way of a Palestinian prisoner deal.. by Matthew Kalman.. Time Magazine, December 30, 2009.. Europe s Israel Obsession.. Editorial.. The Wall Street Journal, December 23, 2009.. Democracy under arrest: British Warrant for Knesset Leader Livni.. by John Bolton.. The Wall Street Journal, December 15, 2009.. Schalit:  ...   Policy Magazine, June 18, 2009.. President Obama Speaks to the World s Muslims: An Early Assessment.. Policy Watch (The Washington Institute for Near East Policy), June 4, 2009.. Even The New York Times.. by Marty Peretz.. The New Republic, June 1, 2009.. The Jewish Nakba.. by Ben-Dror Yemini.. Ma'ariv, May 16, 2009.. Don't blame Israel.. by.. Alan Dershowitz.. New York Post, May 9, 2009.. The Hamas 'Peace' Gambit.. Charles Krauthammer.. The Washington Post, May 8, 2009.. Why Jane Fonda Is Banned in Beirut.. by William Marling.. Wall Street Journal, May 1, 2009.. Avigdor Lieberman s Brilliant Debut.. by Daniel Pipes.. FrontPageMagazine.. com, April 2, 2009.. Analysis: The crucial morality of the IDF s cause.. by Herb Keinon.. The Jerusalem Post, March 19, 2009.. History s oldest hatred.. The Boston Globe, March 11, 2009.. Lost in the blur of slogans.. by Ishmael Khaldi.. The San Francisco Chronicle, March 4, 2009.. No pardon for Amnesty.. The Jerusalem Post, February 23, 2009.. Asia s Jewish Myths.. Ian Buruma.. The Australian, February 11, 2009.. World Citizen: A Divided Arab World Faces a Muscular Iran.. Frida Ghitis.. World Politics Review, February 5, 2009.. Using the Holocaust to Attack the Jews.. Walter Reich.. The Washington Post, February 2, 2009.. Refusing to win.. Daniel Doron.. The Jerusalem Post, January 14, 2009.. Both parties back Israel.. Daniel Pipes.. The Jerusalem Post, January 20, 2009.. An Endgame for Israel.. Bret Stephens.. The Wall Street Journal, January 6, 2009.. Palestinians Need Israel to Win.. Michael B.. Oren and Yossi Klein Halevi.. The Wall Street Journal, December 29, 2008.. Liar, liar, pants on cease-fire.. Barry Rubin.. The Jerusalem Post, December 21, 2008.. Still asleep after Mumbai.. Jerusalem Post, December 9, 2008.. Egypt's Jew Haters Deserve Ostracism in the West.. Amr Bargisi.. The Wall Street Journal, December 1, 2008.. Jewish Left Whines About Leftist Anti-Semitism What Did They Expect?.. Don Feder.. Front Page Magazine, February 21, 2007.. Ex-President for Sale: Carter s Arab Oil Money.. Alan M.. Dershowitz.. gather.. com, January 15, 2007.. Rethinking the Egypt-Israel 'Peace' Treaty.. November 21, 2006.. Winston Churchill on Islam: 1899.. November, 2005.. Some of Israel s Accomplishments.. Joint Action Taskforce.. July 08, 2004.. Israel s Wayward Prime Ministers.. New York Sun.. June 29, 2004.. Worse than North Korea.. Jerusalem Post.. November 2, 2003.. Understanding The Problem.. JINSA Report #364.. October 3, 2003.. We are all Jews.. R.. James Woolsey.. September 29, 2003.. Actions Speak Louder.. by Paul Greenberg.. September 28, 2003.. The War Didn t Begin on 9/11.. The Boston Globe, September 11, 2003.. Printer-Friendly Version.. Israel and the Death Credit Syndrome.. by P.. David Hornik.. September 10, 2003.. Enough.. The Jerusalem Post, September 10, 2003.. The Incommunicable Pain of Palestinian Terror.. by Louis Rene Beres.. The Jewish Press, August 29, 2003.. Terror Stings Its Pal The U.. The Freeman Center, August 28, 2003.. The Refugee Curse.. August 20, 2003.. Road Map To Terror.. by David Bedein.. Jews and Anti-Jews.. by Ruth Wisse.. The Wall Street Journal, June 16, 2003.. The Road Map: Flawed to the Core.. by Shmuel Katz.. June, 2003.. Israel s Peculiar Position.. by Eric Hoffer.. May 23, 1968..

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  • Title: F L A M E : FLAME’s Purpose
    Descriptive info: FLAME (Facts and Logic About the Middle East).. has for over.. fifteen years.. brought the truth about Israel and the Middle East conflict to the attention of an American public that is mostly uninformed and misinformed about these matters.. The media both print and broadcast are with few exceptions biased against Israel.. FLAME s purpose, as stated in each one of our messages, is:.. the research and publication of the facts regarding developments in the Middle East and exposing false propaganda that might harm the interests of the United States and its allies in that area of the world.. We accomplish this purpose by publishing monthly hasbarah (educating and clarifying) messages in major publications of general circulation, such as.. News and World Report, The New York Times, The Nation, The National Review, The American Spectator, The Washington Times National Weekly,.. and others.. We also publish our messages in a number of Jewish publications, in the U.. Our messages also appear monthly in over fifty small-town newspapers, all across the United States and Canada, covering an important segment of the population that might otherwise not have access to mainstream media.. To read a few of the most recent acquisition letters that FLAME has written to our donors, please.. We include these  ...   them are important, though some of them (topical at the time of publication) are no longer in the center of interest and in the public eye.. FLAME is not a membership organization.. We have no members only donors.. About 25,000 people Jews and Gentiles have contributed to this unique and important cause.. We invite you cordially to add your voice and to add your support.. You will have taken an important step toward bringing the truth to the American people and for the welfare of Israel.. To learn how to become a donor, please.. You will be pleased to know that we are the only major Jewish organization that, since its inception, has paid no executive salaries.. Most services are performed on a.. pro bono.. basis and overhead is kept to a bare minimum.. A major share of contributions goes directly to the good cause, and not for facilities and salaries.. We have virtually no foundation support.. Practically all of our contributions are from people like you $100, $50, or $25 at a time.. You have a right to know what happens to your money.. Therefore, also in contrast to what we believe to be all other organizations, we publish our financial statements.. To view our most recent financial statements,..

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  • Title: F L A M E : Do You Know Anyone with the Jew Flu? Symptoms: Self-Hate and Anti Zionism. Warning: No Cure Yet Found.
    Descriptive info: FLAME Hotline Back Issues.. The FLAME Hotline is a free weekly email news alert on current issues relating to the Middle East conflict.. Each issue typically consists of an outstanding article that has appeared recently in the media and that we believe sheds valuable light on the current situation.. Below you will see a listing of.. past issues.. we have sent to FLAME Hotline subscribers.. You may view them in either html, or print them out in a printer-friendly format.. We encourage you to review and pass along any of these articles.. If you or a friend would like to subscribe to the FLAME Hotline at no cost and receive free information like this on a regular basis, please use the SUBSCRIBE button below.. Thanks for your support of FLAME.. Sincerely,.. Gerardo Joffe, President.. FLAME Hotline Archive.. (Duh!).. How unrealistic are current Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations? Let us count the reasons: 12 so far, and growing.. How should Israel respond to the EU's recent declaration of war? Not with a whimper.. EU's hypocritical attack on Israeli settlements will harm peace negotiations.. Two new polls show that Palestinians are not ready for peace with Israel, plus rampant mistrust on both sides.. When will the Europeans give the Palestinians some tough love and hard facts on what it will take to achieve their own state?.. When Muslims kill in the name of Islam as in London, as in Boston why do the media and many Muslims try to deny it?.. Kerry Offers the Palestinians $4 Billion to Get Them to Peace Talks They Say Yes to the Money, But No to a Jewish State.. How to Explode the Myth of 'Illegal' Israeli Settlements.. Sheikh Qaradawi Orders Conquest of Israel by Palestinians: So Much for a Two-State Solution.. Some of the most vitriolic Anti-Semitism across the world is produced in Arab and Muslim nations: Where is the outcry of human rights organizations?.. Media's attempt to downplay Boston bombers' motivations hides the worldwide Islamist attempt to destroy Western culture.. New study shows that Israelis are some of the happiest people in the world and getting happier despite their murderous enemies.. Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad resigns, revealing the bankruptcy of Palestinian politics.. and the peace process.. Muslims killing Muslims is no problem for the Muslim world.. But when Jews act in self-defense, it's an outrage.. Peace between Israel and the Palestinians looks currently if not permanently impossible.. What should Israel do, what should the U.. do?.. What Obama's Israel trip means for the Jewish state---and for vital American interests.. Israel Is Constantly Demonized at the UN, But a Slave State Gets Rewarded.. Who really cares about the Palestinians.. and why especially in the face all the other turmoil in the Middle East?.. How Can Israel Continue to Thrive in the Face of All Its Enemies, While Oil-Rich Islamic Countries Fall Backward?.. Recent anti-Semitic cartoon in British newspaper shows that Israel bashing is growing safer.. Israeli voters have spoken it's time to set aside the futile peace process and focus on domestic issues.. Egyptian President Morsi's anti-Semitism reaches the White House, but will it affect Obama's policy toward Israel?.. The Palestinian Authority covers up its financial, political and moral bankruptcy.. President Obama is still considering Chuck Hagel for Secretary of Defense: Here's why we should.. oppose.. it.. Palestinian Arabs attack Israel, violate Oslo Accords and reject peace negotiations, yet once again Israeli settlements receive the blame.. As the U.. again attacks Israel's legitimacy, how should the U.. , how should Israel.. and how should.. you and I.. respond?.. The mythical cycle of violence between Israel and Hamas: Why do the media buy this lie and how can we combat it?.. Why are Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations doomed? Because the Palestinians.. can't.. give up the fantasy of destroying Israel.. Hamas commits war crimes, launching 600 rocket attacks on Israeli civilians: Where's the UN condemnation?.. Why don't the Islamists like us why will they.. always.. hate us? Because like it or not, we are their enemies.. An Israeli Arab Women Explains to Arabs Why She Loves Israel (Let's Start with Freedom).. Quick: Where Do Most of the World's Problems Originate? Europe? Japan? Peru? India? No, Wait: Surprise, It's the Muslim Middle East!.. Q: Why Can't the Palestinians and Other Muslims Accept a Political Solution with Israel? A: Because It's.. Not.. a Political Problem.. Is the U.. at War with Islamism.. or Is Islamism at War with Us? We Need to Face Reality.. Where are all the leftist protesters against crimes in Syria, Egypt and Libya?.. Why Do the Arabs Continue to Disrespect the U.. Despite President Obama's Fawning Overtures?.. Israel's Best Defense Against Perennial Attacks by the International Community Is.. the Facts.. Do Arabs Have the Culture and the Society They Deserve.. or Do They Want Better?.. Repeat After Me: Israel's Settlements in Judea and Samaria Are Entirely Legal.. Israel Is.. an 'Occupier.. '.. Palestinians Fabricate a New Version of Middle East History: A Breathtaking, Infuriating Lie about Who 'Owns' the Holy Land.. With Iran Negotiations Failed, What Should the U.. , What Should Israel Do?.. Let's Admit It: The Israel-Palestinian Peace Process Is Dead.. When author Alice Walker says Israel is apartheid, she's really confessing to bigotry and libel.. Can We Be Friends with Our Enemies in Egypt, Even if They're Democratically Elected?.. Why Do Some Christians Support Israel Fervently.. and Others Oppose It?.. No False Bargains with Iran Hardliners Who Threaten Israel and the Whole World.. Vicious Attacks on Israel's Legitimacy and How We Must Fight Back.. Who Are the Palestinian Refugees, Really and When Will They Be Set Free by the United Nations?.. Christians Flee Arab Palestine: CBS's "60 Minutes" Commits Journalistic Malpractice by Blaming Israel.. Against All Odds, Israel Survives and Thrives at Age 64: How Has She Done It?.. Let's Rethink It: Maybe a Palestinian State Isn't Such a Good Idea, After All.. The maddening hypocrisy that is anti-Semitism: Why can't the Jews escape it?.. While Anti-Zionists Advocate One-State in the Holy Land, a.. Three-State Solution.. Is Actually More Realistic.. Who Will Stand Up for the Jews of Toulouse?.. As the World Watches the Arab Uprisings and Belligerent Iran, Palestinians Are Left in the Cold.. At AIPAC, President Obama Begs: Don't Judge My Words about Israel, Just My Deeds But What Do Those Deeds Really Tell Us?.. The farce that is Israel Apartheid Week appears on campuses once again.. Why Does the Obama Administration Refuse to Help Syria (and Stop Iran)?.. It's time we speak up: If they're anti-Zionists, they're anti-Semites, pure and simple.. Iran Calls for Jewish Genocide: Ayatollah Says Israel Must Be Eliminated, State-Supported Website Outlines Plan for Doing It.. The Time for Hesitation Is Nearly at an End: Iran's Nuclear Ambitions Must Be Stopped Now.. Why Do Jews Stand By and Allow Anti-Semitic Bigots to Attack Them? Jackie Mason Has an Answer.. Killing Iranian Nuclear Scientists May Be the Best Hope for Stopping the Mullahs.. How to Respond to Israel's Critics Whether They Be Your Friends, Colleagues or Outright Enemies of the Jewish State.. Palestinians Create a Narrative of Victimhood While Trying to Destroy Israel: How We Can Defeat This Strategy.. Your last chance to help Israel in 2011: Support FLAME's efforts to spread the truth.. and win the public relations war.. Gingrich's Assertion That the Palestinians Are Invented Is True.. But Why Did They Do It?.. Radical Islamists Win Big in Egypt, Taking the First Step Toward the Caliphate.. (.. and CNN, Are You Listening?).. Do the Palestinians Really Want Peace with Israel.. or Do They Want to Conquer Israel?.. The United Nations' Durban III Conference Reasserts Its Racist, Anti-Israel Agenda.. The Solution to Palestinian Terrorism: Israel Should Take off the Gloves and Defeat It Once and For All.. A Rabbi Who Dares Speak the Name of Evil: Radical Islam Threatens Not Only Jews, But All Civilization.. UNESCO Violates Charter, Admits Palestinians Loses $70 Million in U.. Funding.. The Palestinian Authority to Pay Salaries to Recently Released Terrorists with U.. Taxpayer Money.. Despite All Israel's Struggles, Its Creativity and Resourcefulness Mean That Time Is on Its Side.. Will UNESCO and Ukraine allow a new soccer hotel on the site of the Holocaust-era Golden Rose synagogue?.. Why won't Palestinian refugees be able to live in a new Palestinian state? Because they have to live in Israel!.. Mahmoud Abbas at the UN: Jews have occupied Arab land for 63 years and we want it all back.. When the Palestinians insult the United States at the U.. this week and insist on statehood, how should we respond? (Give them more money?).. Palestinian bid for statehood at the U.. this month will be a disaster for the U.. , Israel.. and the Palestinians.. Arabs' inferiority complex leads to a denial of the success of Israel and the West.. Finally, shockingly, two Saudi writers ask, why don't we emulate the Jews? (Duh!).. Why are American taxpayers sending more than $60 million a year to convicted Palestinian terrorists.. and another $790 million to a Palestinian group that doesn't support us?.. The Palestinians claim they own the West Bank and that Israel is occupying their land.. A new video tells the truth about these disputed territories.. and Israel want a two-state solution, but a new poll shows that most Palestinians still prefer to throw the Jews out.. Why does Israel keep insisting that the Palestinians accept a Jewish state? What's the big deal?.. Israel  ...   and Get Tough.. What would happen if Israel successfully attacks Iran s nuclear installations? What will happen if she doesn t?.. Obama pressures Palestinians to back off U.. 's Goldstone Report, signaling a possible return to realism in Middle East strategy.. Israel s PM Netanyahu's brilliant speech at the U.. : Have you no decency? Have you no shame?.. How can Obama support the creation of a new Arab terror state?.. Sweden's blood libel accusation represents a new low, even by European standards.. Occupied What? 14 False Myths about Who Has Rights to Palestine and the Basis for Middle East Peace.. Palestinian Fatah demands control of 'all of Jerusalem' before peace talks can be conducted with Israel.. Obama s team tells Israel to stand down, even as Iran speeds up its nuclear development.. Is it time for Israel to act on its own?.. Obama meets with American Jewish leaders, explains why he's so cozy with Arabs and so tough on Israel.. How well did it work?.. Is Israel preparing to attack Iran's nuclear facilities? Is the U.. granting permission?.. Rather than focusing on an unattainable Israeli-Palestinian peace, President Obama should focus on the looming danger of Iran.. When Obama pressures Israel to stop settlements, he ignores the facts and lessons of history.. Will the Palestinians squander the chance of statehood the way they destroyed their economic windfall in Gaza?.. Obama meets Netanyahu: Is the White House trying to throw Israel under the bus in the name of Middle-East peace? (It looks like it.. ).. The struggle to combat media bias: An exclusive interview with Honest Reporting's Gary Kenzer.. Bashir s genocide against African Muslims is permitted by Arabs because.. he s not Jewish?.. Anti-Zionism or anti-Semitism they re both born of hate.. Arabs and leftists deny Israel s right to exist because they deny history.. Yes!.. Efforts by FLAME and others succeed in rousting Charles Freeman but now he condemns the pro-Israel lobby for undue influence.. Obama's pick of Israel critic Freeman for National Intelligence Council deserves our protest.. When does anti-Israel criticism turn into anti-Semitism? Quite often lately, in fact.. Media attack Israel using bad facts when will it stop?.. Who will say no to evil? Why are terror and anti-Semitism now accepted by politicians, pundits and academicians?.. Arab journalist to Palestinians: It's time to give up jihad against Israel and get a life a real life.. Brace yourself: Mitchell s appointment as Middle East envoy reflects Obama s willingness to pressure Israel into dangerous compromises.. Israel battles Hamas so the U.. and the rest of the world don t have to.. Accusations of 'disproportionate' force once again reflect the media's double standard toward Israel.. Why Israel must take advantage of this historic opportunity to put Hamas out of business.. Preparing for the U.. -Israel collision.. UNGA head accuses Israel of apartheid.. How the jihadist-multicultural alliance abets evil.. Palestinian civil war casts shadow over peace talks.. Barack Obama links Israel peace plan to 1967 borders deal.. Let's calm down: Obama's first appointment looks promising for Israel.. ZOA Congratulates President-Elect Barack Obama.. Palestinians: Better occupation than a partial peace.. Israel's fear of nuclear Iran increases, while U.. backs off: Will this disagreement create a crisis in our relationship?.. Palestinian 'peace partners' promote hate, reports Canadian MP Irwin Cotler.. History Has Shown Time and Again That Military Confrontation Does Work: Confronting Israel s No-Win Strategy.. The end of the 'guilty Israeli': Empathy has become a victim of the Palestinian attacks from Gaza.. Lecturing Israel on the Need for Peace? Give Me a Break, Please.. PA and Israel Reach Landmark Agreement Palestinians and Israelis Accept 1947 UN Partition Plan, bringing an end to long conflict.. Jerusalem to become capital of new Palestinian state (SATIRE).. Anti-Semitism and the Anti-Israel Lobby.. Why I Admire Israel.. Counterpoint: A Liberal s Lament.. Staring at Syria.. Hamastan.. The War Against the Free World.. Israel s Deadly Stupor.. A War of Narratives.. The Apple of HIS eye.. Why Christians Should Support Israel.. Kristof s Blame-Israel Rant.. New Palestinian schoolbooks present a world without Israel, turn territorial dispute into religious conflict, and reflect an anti-Western bias.. Strategist: Iran believes it could destroy Israel with a single nuke.. Iraq Study Group: Reverse both the linkage and the logic.. The World According to Carter.. With friends like these.. : German academics behind anti-Israel petition fail to grasp Mideast realities.. Hamas Insists They ll Keep Fighting Until Palestine Stretches from the River to the Sea.. The Mystery of Hate.. Olmert and Bush: The Consequences of an Israeli Defeat Would Be Ugly.. The Media Aims Its Missiles: Working for the Enemy.. Let Israel Win the War.. Buchanan and Kofi Annan.. Bombing Wisely and Well.. Deterrence against Hamas: Israel may have no choice but to establish security zones in Gaza.. Iran Policy Committee On Growing Iranian Nuclear Threat To Israel.. West Bank terrorist state: The folly of Israeli disengagement.. 16 Important Facts About Jews, Arabs and Israel.. The Face of Hamas.. New York Times,.. April 16, 2002.. The First Terrorist People.. by David Horowitz,.. com,.. January 26, 2006.. Throttle a Hamas Government Financially.. by Daniel Pipes,.. National Post,.. January 27, 2006.. [The Hamas electoral victory:] Democracy's bitter fruit.. Stop Iran.. by Joseph Farah, WorldNetDaily.. com, January 17, 2006.. Munich.. by Bret Stephens,.. The Wall Street Journal,.. December 31, 2005.. Yasser Abbas.. by Tom Gross,.. December 22, 2005.. Iran s nuclear threat escalates shouldnít we respond now?.. by Jonathan Missner, Director of National Affairs and Development AIPAC, December 22, 2005.. Palestinians Taste a Dose of Their Own Medicine.. New York Sun,.. November 15, 2005.. Many in Jordan See Old Enemy in Terror Attacks: Israel.. by Michael Slackman,.. The New York Times,.. November 11, 2005.. Peace At Last, Peace at Last.. by Steven Plaut, June 7, 2002.. Palestinian clerics preach hate of the US and Israel can we really make peace with them?.. by Jim Sinkinson, July 21, 2005.. Can Hezbollah and Hamas Be Democratic?.. New York Sun,.. March 22, 2005.. Why Islam Is Disrespected.. by Jeff Jacoby,.. Boston Globe,.. May 19, 2005.. The World Versus a Nuclear Iran.. Editorial,.. HaAretz,.. May 15, 2005.. Everybody Loses in Sharon s Gaza Plan.. May 9, 2005.. Unplug Your Computer, Throw Away Your Mobile Phone.. by Douglas Davis,.. The Spectator,.. April 16, 2005.. Hamas: We ll Keep Our Weapons Until the End of the Occupation.. by Amos Harel, Haaretz Service and News Agencies, April 26, 200.. 5.. The Hell of Israel Is Better than the Paradise of Arafat.. Middle East Quarterly,.. Spring, 200.. Sharon and the Bush Doctrine.. by Caroline Glick,.. Jerusalem Post,.. March 27, 200.. Understanding The Religious War Against Israel And America:.. Barbarism As Sacrifice.. by Louis Rene Beres,.. Jewish Press,.. March 24, 200.. Don t Wobble, Mr.. President.. March 10, 200.. The Oslo Failure.. All Over Again.. by Herb Zweibon,.. Outpost,.. March, 2005.. Palestinian Police Won t Stop Militants.. by Lara Sukhtian,.. Washington Post,.. February 16, 2005.. Why the Palestinians Came to the Table.. by Charles Krauthammer,.. February 11, 200.. One German Who Gets It Europe: Thy Name Is Cowardice.. by Mattias Dapfner, CEO, Axel Springer,.. Die Welt,.. January, 2005.. The Deeper Meanings of Disengagement.. by Professor Louis Rene Beres, January 25, 2005.. A World Without Israel:.. A University Plays Host to.. Anti-Semites and Terror Advocates.. by Josef Joffe, January 18, 2005.. The Intifada Comes to Duke.. by Eric Adler and Jack Langer, Commentary, January 11, 2005.. Can Abbas Overcome the Arafat Legacy? It Doesn't Look Good.. by Jim Sinkinson.. ,.. January 4, 2005.. The Season to be Jolly.. in the Holy Land.. by Judy Lash Balint.. ,.. December 28, 2004.. Arab-US summit held in Morocco.. December 14, 2004.. How Strong Is the Arab Claim to Palestine?.. by Lawrence Auster,.. com,.. December 7, 2004.. Presbyterian Church s Harmful Resolutions on Israel.. November 30, 2004.. The Region: Two, Three, Many Arafats.. by Barry Rubin,.. The Jerusalem Post,.. November 23, 2004.. Arafat the Monster.. Boston Globe,.. November 16, 2004.. Strike Four, You re Out!.. Jerusalem Post,.. November 9, 2004.. Twisted Words and Phrases (2):.. More examples of Arab.. Propaganda, Giving New Meaning to Old Words.. November 2, 2004.. Israel Cultivates Nobel laureates, Arabs Cultivate Suicide Bombers.. by Farid Ghadry,.. Israel Insider,.. October 18, 2004.. The Top 10 Facts You Need to Know About Israel.. and the Middle East conflict.. October 19, 2004.. When Churches Head Left.. by John Leo.. townhall.. October 12, 2004.. The Misrepresentation of the Jewish Communities/Settlements in Judea, Samaria, Gaza and the Golan Heights (I).. by Yoram Ettinger, The Ariel Center for Policy Research,.. The Jerusalem Cloakroom #118, October 05, 2004.. Calling Terrorism by Its Real Name.. Editorial,.. The Ottawa Citizen,.. September 28, 2004.. Dual Loyalty and Larry Franklin.. September 21, 2004.. Innocent Religion is Now a Message of Hate.. by Eric Adler and Jack Langer,.. The Sunday Telegraph (London),.. September 14, 2004.. Why Do We Support Israel?:.. Does the Average American Understand What s at Stake?.. by Patrick D.. O'Brien, September 7, 2004.. Palestinians Vote for Reforms; Fear Arafat Inaction.. by Reuters.. August 31, 2004.. Palestinian Inquiry Blames Yasser Arafat for Anarchy.. by Arnon Regular, August 24, 2004.. Jerusalem and the 9/11 Report.. Editorial, Connecticut Jewish Ledger.. August 17, 2004.. Who is Humiliating Whom?.. by Eli E.. Hertz,.. Jewish World,.. August 10, 2004.. Presbyteriean Church Defames Christianity.. by Dennis Prager,.. Jewish World Review,.. August 3, 2004.. Why Israel Needs a Fence.. by Benjamin Netanyahu,.. New York Times,.. July 27, 2004.. 2012 FLAME..

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  • Title: F L A M E : About FLAME's President, Gerardo Joffe
    Descriptive info: About FLAME's President, Gerardo Joffe.. GERARDO JOFFE.. is a native of Germany.. He spent his young manhood in Bolivia, where he worked for eight years in the tin, tungsten, and antimony mines of that country.. At a young age, he became chief engineer of the Colquiri Mine, which was then the second-largest tin mine in the world.. He worked in the mines of the tristate area of Missouri / Kansas / Oklahoma and in the Idaho panhandle and for seven years in the oil fields of Arkansas/Texas/Louisiana.. He has a degree in mining engineering from the University of Missouri at Rolla and is a professional engineer.. He has an MBA degree from the Harvard Graduate School of Business Administration.. He has a law degree from La Salle Extension University.. Joffe is the founder of.. Haverhills,.. one of the country's best-known, most innovative, and most successful mail-order houses.. He sold that business several years ago to a Minnesota corporation.. He now presides over Jomira/Advance, a small mail-order company and publisher.. He is also the founder and president of.. FLAME (Facts and Logic About the  ...   Order.. He is the author of.. Anagraphics,.. a book of word puzzles of his creation.. Joffe s best seller,.. How You Too can Develop a Razor-Sharp Mind.. and Steel-Trap Memory is now in its fifth printing.. It does for the mind what working with weights does for the body.. Joffe s newest books,.. Weaned on Carrot Juice,.. his autobiography, deals with his experiences in Nazi Germany, and as an engineer in the tin and tungsten mines in Bolivia, and his adventures and exploits in business and philanthropy in the United States.. This book is available through the publisher,.. Advance Books,.. 470 Third St.. , Suite 211, San Francisco, CA 94107-1292 (You may order by mail or, with your credit card and exp.. date, by Fax: 415/356-7804, or by E-mail: kadeemah@aol.. The reduced price for.. FLAME.. donors is $24.. 95 + $4.. 95 S/H.. Part of the proceeds go to.. ).. Joffe is married, has two living children and four grandchildren.. He and his wife Priscilla live in San Francisco.. For reference to Gerardo Joffe s books in print, log on to.. www.. jomirabooks..

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  • Title: F L A M E : FLAME’s Financial Statements
    Descriptive info: FLAME s Financial Statements.. Uniquely among Jewish philanthropic organizations.. publishes its financial statements and makes them freely available to donors and others.. We have, since the beginning of this organization in 1985, not paid any executive salaries.. Other professional services are provided without charge, as is clear from the statements.. Also, in contrast to other philanthropies, Jewish or secular, our expenses are kept to a very  ...   Herewith a listing of our most recent financial statements.. Click on the pertinent link below to view the financial statement for the year you want to see:.. Charity Navigator 4-Star Rating.. 2010 Financial Statement.. 2009 Financial Statement.. 2007 Financial Statement.. 2006 Financial Statement.. 2005 Financial Statement.. 2004 Financial Statement.. 2003 Financial Statement.. 2002 Financial Statement.. 2001 Financial Statement.. 2000 Financial Statement.. 1999 Financial Statement.. 2002-2010 FLAME..

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