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  • Title: Main Page - F-Spot
    Descriptive info: .. F-Spot.. Personal photo management for the GNOME Desktop.. Main Page.. Features.. User Guide.. Download.. FAQ.. Get Involved.. Contact.. Organize, Enjoy, and Share Your Photos.. F-Spot is a.. full-featured.. personal photo management application for the.. GNOME desktop.. F-Spot simplifies digital photography by providing intuitive tools to help you share, touch-up, find and organize your images.. Read the full vision of F-Spot.. Get F-Spot.. The most recent version of F-Spot is 0.. 8.. 2, released December 19, 2010..  ...   are available from most distributions.. You can try F-Spot without installing anything by using Live CDs from many popular GNU/Linux distributions.. Participate.. F-Spot is free, open source software, and developers, translators, designers, and testers are more than welcome to get involved.. Mailing list:.. Subscribe/E-Mail.. ,.. Archives.. IRC:.. #f-spot.. Bugzilla:.. Browse.. Submit a Bug Report.. Help out with the.. GtkBuilder Transition.. (guidance available!).. Full information can be found on the.. get involved.. page.. F-Spot Contributors - 2005 - 2013..

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  • Title: Features - F-Spot
    Descriptive info: Simple User Interface.. The main F-Spot user interface in Browse mode is shown.. F-Spot supports 16 common files types, including JPEG, GIF, TIFF, RAW, and others.. Import your photos from your hard drive, camera (including PTP type), or iPod.. Photos can be tagged for searching and grouping, and the timeline gives quick sense of temporal location, and quanity of photos taken.. F-Spot can view and export EXIF and XMP metadata in your images.. Other features include fullscreen and slideshow modes.. Photo Editor.. Editing photos in F-Spot is a breeze.. Easily rotate, crop, resize, and adjust red eye and other color settings with a few simple clicks.. Versioning ensures your originals are never altered.. Enter descriptions of photos that are saved in the actual file so other people  ...   photos, or use one of the many stock icons.. Create Photo CD.. Creating a CD of photos is just clicks away.. Simply select the photos you wish to have on CD, and choose "Export to CD" from the main menu.. Export to Web (flickr, picasa etc).. If you have a.. Flickr.. 23.. Picasa Web.. or.. SmugMug.. account, F-Spot can export photos to it, while optionally resizing your selection, and preserving tags and metadata.. You can also export to.. Gallery.. O.. r.. i.. g.. n.. a.. l.. powered websites, or a nicely themed static webpage.. Videos about F-Spot.. Some users contributed with nice videos explaining the use of F-Spot for your photos management.. You can find two episodes at.. Meet the Gimp.. MeetTheGimp episode 1.. MeetTheGimp episode 2..

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  • Title: Download - F-Spot
    Descriptive info: F-Spot is an open source project, released under the.. GNU GPL.. Distributions.. F-Spot is available through the packaging systems of many Linux distributions.. Try your package manager first.. Releases.. The latest release of F-Spot is.. 0.. 2.. (December 19, 2010).. Older versions can be downloaded from the.. GNOME Archives.. Master.. The development version of F-Spot's source code is kept in GIT, a version tracking system.. You can.. view.. the development version online or download it.. To download it, type.. git clone git://git.. gnome.. org/f-spot.. Information on prerequisites and building instructions..

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  • Title: Frequently Asked Questions - F-Spot
    Descriptive info: Frequently Asked Questions.. Before submitting a bug, have a look here.. It's also advisable that before reporting a bug you check the output of.. run from command line.. Q: Database problems.. A: Many misbehaviors of F-Spot can be headed to database problems.. uses a.. Sqlite.. db, usually placed in.. ~/.. gnome2/f-spot/photos.. db.. Since latest releases ( 0.. 3.. 5) there have been problems with version 2 of the db, so v3 is required.. This error can be tracked by the following command line output:.. Unhandled Exception: System.. ArgumentOutOfRangeException: Index is less than 0 or more than or equal to the list count.. To check the version of your db issue the following command (the location of the db can vary depending on your installation):.. file  ...   that.. there are no known faluire cases, but a backup is always a good idea.. the script will only update the db in the default location above.. To better track this issue (Sqlite v2 support) watch.. bug 467011.. Q: Fullscreen/Slideshow doesn't work with Compiz enabled.. A: The.. Legacy fullscreen fix.. setting in Compiz should be disabled.. (ref:.. bgo#361031.. ).. Q: How can I backup my archive?.. A: As said before, F-Spot uses a sqlite3 database, which is normally placed in.. config/f-spot/photos.. This DB holds all the tags, photo, photo versions and such.. Backup this file and you won't loose all your work.. Don't forget to backup your photos too!.. Q: Other issues.. A: Always have a look at.. bug list.. before submitting a new bug!..

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  • Title: Get Involved - F-Spot
    Descriptive info: We appreciate all the help that goes into this project to make F-Spot great.. There are many ways to get involved with F-Spot.. Be sure to read the.. vision statement.. first.. Develop.. F-Spot is written in C# on the.. Mono.. platform and released under the GNU GPL.. Check out the.. goals.. and.. bugzilla.. for ideas.. Subscribe to.. mailing list.. and join channel.. on irc.. org (we're around, but it can take sometimes a while before anyone responds).. Checkout.. the source from GNOME Git repository.. Build F-Spot.. with various commands and tips.. Submit patches by opening a.. bug.. and attaching them.. Translate.. F-Spot is an internationalized program translated into many languages.. If you are fluent in a language other than English, we can.. use your help.. You can track the translation status of the application and its  ...   the GNOME Documentation Project.. More info is available here:.. GNOME Documentation Project.. Report Problems.. F-Spot needs testers and people with a good eye for usability to file.. reports.. If you get a crash, please file a.. and attach as detailed stack trace as possible.. This includes the output of running f-spot with the.. --debug.. parameter.. Please always open one bug per issue.. If you experience different problems open different bugs!.. Novell has done some usability tests on F-Spot and published them at the.. BetterDesktop project.. Propose New Ideas.. F-Spot has a great list of features already, but to push the cutting edge of photo management, new ideas are always welcome.. Please file an enhancement.. or e-mail the list.. Maintainers.. Current Maintainers.. Ruben Vermeersch.. Past Maintainers.. Larry Ewing.. Stephane Delcroix.. Gabriel Burt.. In memory of Ettore Perazzoli..

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  • Title: Contact - F-Spot
    Descriptive info: Reporting Bugs.. Bugs in F-Spot should be reported in.. GNOME Bugzilla.. under the module f-spot (which is not part of the Gnome 2 desktop).. You are encouraged to.. search.. to see if the problem has already.. been reported.. For more information about reporting bugs see the.. Bugzilla HOWTO.. Mailing List.. For discussion about F-Spot, subscribe to the.. F-Spot mailing list.. or browse the.. online archives.. IRC.. F-Spot developers can often be found in channel #f-spot on irc.. org..

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  • Title: Goals - F-Spot
    Descriptive info: F-Spot Vision Statement.. F-Spot is a cross platform application for organizing thousands of photos.. It shuns 'organizing in folders.. ' instead, metadata is the basis for viewing and drilling down the collection.. Adding and maintaining metadata is easy and enjoyable in F-Spot.. Individual photos can be retouched and globally corrected (e.. dynamic range, color), for sharing via the  ...   correction scales to the the ambition of users.. An advanced form of corrections is that of batches of photos.. Beginners in the digital photo field can easily start using F-Spot.. These and more advanced users are encouraged by F-Spot to grow their skills, to the point where they integrate more specialized photo manipulation software into their F-Spot workflow..

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  • Title: GtkBuilder Transition - F-Spot
    Descriptive info: libglade to GtkBuilder transition.. As of GNOME 3.. 0, libglade will be deprecated in favor of GtkBuilder.. F-Spot still has quite a few glade dialogs, which need to be converted.. Fortunately, this is not a very hard task and you can help out if you want.. As always, the F-Spot developers are there to help you when you are stuck (either through bugzilla, the mailing list or IRC).. You can find the list of open GtkBuilder conversion tasks here:.. GtkBuilder transition bugs.. All bugs are marked with.. [GtkBuilder transition].. Add a comment to the bug you want to work on so we can assign it to you, this avoids duplicate work.. Also let us know if you are no longer working on it, then we can assign it to someone else.. Please don't go crazy and do everything in one afternoon, this is mostly aimed at inviting new people, so one bug per person please! There are.. plenty.. of other F-Spot bugs that need fixing if you are looking for a challenge :-).. Before we start.. You will need a fully built F-Spot from git.. Information on how to do this is available on.. this page.. Make sure you can build and test it.. You will also need to install.. glade-3.. Step 1: Extract the dialog.. Note: Ignore this step if you are working on converting an extension.. Each bug contains the name of the dialog.. The first thing you need to do is to extract that dialog out of the main.. f-spot.. glade.. file.. Open up your text editor and open.. This is an enormous XML file, so use the search function or your text editor to find the name of your dialog.. You will see a line like this one (the line below is for the.. version_name_dialog.. widget):.. widget class="GtkDialog" id="version_name_dialog".. Start copying from that line on (including that line), all the way down to the matching.. /widget.. tag.. Look at the indentation to find the matching tag.. Then open up a new file called.. tmp.. and paste the blob of XML you just copied in there.. Put the following fragment above the pasted code:.. ?xml version= 1.. 0 encoding= UTF-8 standalone= no ? !DOCTYPE glade-interface SYSTEM glade-2.. 0.. dtd !--*- mode: xml -*-- glade-interface requires lib= canvas / requires lib= gnome /.. And put the following fragment below it:.. /glade-interface.. Save and close! We have now extracted the widget from f-spot.. Now open f-spot.. glade using.. glade-3 f-spot.. , look for the right widget in the top-right selector and see what it looks like (warning: it may look pretty bad, we will fix that later on).. Then open your newly created.. , it should look the same.. Looks the same? you can now delete the widget from.. (again, use your text editor or the whole file will be changed).. Let's continue!.. Step 2: From.. to.. ui.. Open your new.. using.. Go to.. Edit - Preferences.. and select toolkit version  ...   is a subclass of.. GladeDialog.. Change this to.. BuilderDialog.. If you compile now, there will be a warning that.. has no constructor that takes one parameter.. You will need to add the name of the.. file as a parameter.. Fix it like this:.. OLD: public VersionNameRequest (.. ) : base ("version_name_dialog") NEW: public VersionNameRequest (.. ) : base (.. "version_name_dialog.. ui",.. "version_name_dialog").. Compile again and you might notice warnings such as:.. /PhotoVersionCommands.. cs(59,38): error CS1061: Type `PhotoVersionCommands.. VersionNameRequest' does not contain a definition for `Dialog' and no extension method `Dialog' of type `PhotoVersionCommands.. VersionNameRequest' could be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?).. Here we simply need to remove the.. Dialog.. bits (this is a change in behavior between.. OLD: this.. Dialog.. Title = Catalog.. GetString ("Create New Version"); NEW: this.. GetString ("Create New Version");.. The last step is replacing the.. [Glade.. Widget].. attributes by.. [GtkBeans.. Builder.. Object].. OLD: [Glade.. Widget] private Button ok_button; NEW: [GtkBeans.. Object] private Button ok_button;.. Step 4: Test!.. All done! Everything should compile now (if not, let me know).. Start your freshly built F-Spot and test if everything still works.. Step 5: Submit your work.. Time to make a patch.. Look at the output of.. git status.. :.. $ git status # On branch master # Changed but not updated: # (use git add file.. to update what will be committed) # (use git checkout -- file.. to discard changes in working directory) # # modified: src/Makefile.. am # modified: src/PhotoVersionCommands.. cs # modified: src/f-spot.. glade # # Untracked files: # (use git add file.. to include in what will be committed) # # src/tmp.. glade # src/ui/version_name_dialog.. ui no changes added to commit (use git add and/or git commit -a ).. First thing to notice:.. is still there.. Delete it.. Then add the new.. to git:.. git add src/ui/version_name_dialog.. ui.. Create a new branch for your work:.. $ git checkout -b gtkbuilder M src/Makefile.. am M src/PhotoVersionCommands.. cs M src/f-spot.. glade A src/ui/version_name_dialog.. ui Switched to a new branch 'gtkbuilder'.. Then commit using.. git commit -a.. Write a short one line summary on the first line, leave a blank line and write more information on the lines below, if needed.. Create a patch:.. git format-patch master.. And attach the created.. patch.. file to the bug! It's that simple.. To switch back to the master branch, use.. git checkout master.. Your code is still in your own branch (suppose you need it later to adjust some things), but you can also use.. git pull --rebase.. and test master without having to worry about clashes between your work and the work others do.. For more info about git, I recommend.. Git from the bottom up.. Thanks for your work! You just made F-Spot slightly more awesome and ready for GNOME 3.. 0!.. Stuck?.. Stuck? Not sure how to do something? We are there to help, just ask us through the mailing list or IRC..

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  • Title: How To Build from HEAD - F-Spot
    Descriptive info: How to Build F-Spot from GIT.. This page has evolved from my own personal notes, so please feel free to update it to be more consistent and accurate.. Hopefully it will help people who do not have to much experience with GIT and compiling from GIT to participate a bit more.. WARNING.. Please ensure you have a good set of backup of your F-Spot database (~/.. db) as well as your actual photos (~/Photos).. When you are using Master/Head from GIT it is not as thorougly tested as the stable version.. We do our best to ensure no critical errors will slip through, but sometimes it might happen.. Also, Master/Head version might have changed the F-Spot database structure a bit, which means that your stable version of F-Spot will not be able to use it anymore.. So to be safe, we.. strongly.. recommend you to run on test data.. That is use the --basedir and --photodir options.. In this example I put both under /tmp, but you can specify whatever.. Backup photos.. cp ~/.. db ~/.. Stable.. Install the pre-requisite packages.. You need GIT client as well as the usual build tools before proceeding.. On Ubuntu, you need to run the following  ...   2.. 2 in your distribution.. Ubuntu Jaunty users may get.. mono 2.. 4 from PPA.. Build.. Go to trunk directory.. cd f-spot.. Configure and autogen.. /autogen.. sh --prefix=$HOME/unstable/f-spot --disable-scrollkeeper.. At this point, it is likely that the.. configure.. script will notify you of further dependencies.. Install the missing software, and repeat the autogen command until it is successful.. Compile.. make all.. Install.. If you are in the src directory, please go to the main f-spot directory (cd.. ).. make install.. (You can alternatively combine the.. into one command).. make all install.. If the make install fails with a reference to.. make[1]: Entering directory `.. /f-spot/po' make[1]: install_sh@: Command not found make[1]: *** [install-data-yes] Error 127.. Please check.. bug 351522.. for a workaround/solution.. Run.. Run GIT Install.. cd ${HOME}/unstable/f-spot/bin.. /f-spot --basedir /tmp --photodir /tmp.. Update from GIT.. As changes are made to f-spot, you can now get the latest version by running the following:.. cd ~/development/f-spot git pull.. Compile and test run the new version.. make all make install cd ~/unstable/f-spot/bin.. A quick way of running.. If only the f-spot core src files have been modified, there is no need to do a proper 'make install'.. Instead you can run it uninstalled:.. make run..

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