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  • Title: Home | United for a Fair Economy
    Descriptive info: .. English.. Spanish.. Search this site:.. About.. Our Mission.. Our Team.. Board of Directors.. Jobs and Internships.. Contact.. Projects.. Tax Fairness Organizing Collaborative.. Popular Economics Education.. Racial Wealth Divide.. Responsible Wealth.. Estate Federal Taxes.. Issues.. Federal Tax.. State Tax.. Corporate Responsibility.. Growing Divide.. Unions and Democracy.. Blog.. Take Action.. Pressroom.. Donate Today.. Share:.. Tweet.. MLK Day Report | State of the Dream 2013.. January 21, 2013.. UFE's tenth annual Martin Luther King, Jr.. Day report was released today.. State of the Dream 2013: A Long Way From Home.. outlines the state of the racial wealth divide in the U.. S.. and puts forward creative solutions for addressing persistent racial inequities.. More.. Responsible Wealth Pushes to End Corporate Political Spending.. January 23, 2013.. March 2013: UFE Training of Trainers Coming to North Texas.. January 4, 2013..  ...   issues.. Estate Tax Campaign.. Federal Tax Issues.. A network of over 700 individuals who are among the wealthiest five percent of Americans who advocate for fair taxes and corporate accountability.. Membership.. Tax Fairness Pledge.. Resolutions.. A series of participatory workshops that transform economic statistics into engaging learning experiences to move people to action.. Workshops.. Training.. Resources.. Provides resources that deepen understanding about boundaries to economic parity among communities of color.. State of the Dream.. History.. A network of 28 state-level advocacy groups that promote fair and adequate taxation at the state and federal levels through grassroots organizing.. Our Members.. Current Campaigns.. Trainings.. Resource Library.. Infographics.. Deconstructing the Self-Made Myth.. Videos.. The Self-Made Myth on TV.. Actions.. Take action.. More ».. © 2011 United for a Fair Economy.. Website design by.. Metropolis Creative.. Charles River Web..

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  • Title: About Estate and Federal Taxes | United for a Fair Economy
    Descriptive info: About Estate and Federal Taxes.. The U.. economy is not a force of nature.. It is the direct result of policy decisions about what to tax, what not tax, what to regulate, and what not to regulate.. United for a Fair Economy recognizes that the federal tax has significantly contributed to the modern surge in economic inequality since the 1980s.. Thus, federal tax advocacy has been a core component of our work.. In recent years, no federal tax issue has been  ...   system from creating an oligarchy; that is, a pervasive concentration of wealth.. Our goal is to ensure that the US has a strong estate tax that holds the wealthy accountable for their fair share of our tax responsibility.. LEARN MORE:.. Estate Tax FAQs.. Americans for a Fair Estate Tax.. TAKE ACTION:.. Sign on with the.. Business Owners for a Responsible Estate Tax.. Sign the.. Call to Preserve the Estate Tax.. Posted in:.. Estate Tax.. Policy.. Progressive Tax.. Wealth.. Estate & Federal Taxes..

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  • Title: Estate Tax Campaign | United for a Fair Economy
    Descriptive info: The estate tax is a tax on the transfer of property at the time of death.. It has been a constructive part of our tax structure since 1916.. The federal estate tax reduces the massive concentration of inherited wealth passed down from generation to generation.. It provides billions in revenue to fund our government and helps to maintain a robust nonprofit sector by encouraging charitable donations.. Only the richest 0.. 27 percent of our nation's families will ever pay the federal estate tax at all.. In 2011, the estate tax is owed only on estates larger than $5 million for an individual, and $10 million for a couple.. Under President George W.. Bush, Congress gradually weakened the estate tax.. The Bush Tax Cuts increased the amount exempted from the tax and reduced the  ...   — $2 million for married couples — with a top rate of 55 percent.. In 2011 and 2012, the exemption is $5 million, or $10 million for married couples, at a 35 percent rate.. UFE's Estate Tax Campaign is calling on Congress to stop enriching the inheritors of wealthy millionaires and billionaires by reinstating a robust estate tax.. The billions of dollars in state and federal revenues lost by a weakened estate tax contributed to the budget crisis we find ourselves in today.. As a result, state and federal governments are forced to make difficult decisions; such as increasing taxes on those less able to pay or by cutting Social Security, Medicare, environmental protection, and many other government programs so important to our nation's continued well-being.. Business Owners for a Responsible Estate Tax..

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  • Title: Federal Tax Issues | United for a Fair Economy
    Descriptive info: Federal Policy..

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  • Title: About Responsible Wealth | United for a Fair Economy
    Descriptive info: About Responsible Wealth.. I am one of those lucky Americans who won the genetic lottery.. That is, I was born rich.. And believe it or not, my family's business success happened because of—not in spite of—our country's progressive tax system.. —Judy Pigott.. , Founder/CEO of Personal Safety Nets great-granddaughter of PACCAR founder.. ISSUES.. Corporate Accountability.. Tax Fairness.. Living Wages.. MEMBERSHIP.. TAKE ACTION.. Write, Call, Lobby, Become a Spokesperson.. Shareholder Action.. Share Your Story.. Support Your Local Tax Fairness Group.. Take the Tax Fairness Pledge.. CONTACT US.. Tax Fairness Calculator.. Shareholder Activism..

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  • Title: Responsible Wealth Membership | United for a Fair Economy
    Descriptive info: Responsible Wealth Membership.. If you’re in the top five percent of wealth and/or income (at least $200,000 annual family income and/or $1,000,000 net assets), and you feel passionate about creating an economy that works for the 100%, we invite you to join Responsible Wealth!.. As a Responsible Wealth member, you’ll  ...   and engage in shareholder activism.. Your annual membership fee of $150 ($250 for couples) will keep Responsible Wealth and United for a Fair Economy up and running as a movement support organization addressing economic inequality.. How to Join.. Activate your membership.. here.. Contact Jessica Morneault at.. jmorneault@responsiblewealth.. org.. or 617-423-2148 X113..

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  • Title: 2012 Responsible Wealth Tax Fairness Pledge | United for a Fair Economy
    Descriptive info: 2012 Responsible Wealth Tax Fairness Pledge.. ShareThis.. TAKE THE RESPONSIBLE WEALTH TAX FAIRNESS PLEDGE.. "It's outrageous that our taxes have gone down and stayed down, given what's gone on in this country over the last decade.. ".. — RW Members.. Marnie Thompson.. Stephen Johnson.. of Greensboro, NC.. Marnie and Stephen take the Pledge every year and donate their tax savings to UFE's tax work inclunding.. ending the Bush-era tax cuts, preserving a strong estate tax, raising the capital gains rate, supporting state-level tax fairness organizaing.. Last year their savings were over $12,000.. Please join Marnie and Stephen and plow your tax savings back into tax fairness organizing efforts!.. Put your money where your values are.. Take the Responsible Wealth Tax Fairness Pledge today!.. Calculate your tax savings.. from the Bush tax cuts below and redirect those savings to tax fairness organizing.. The country is not broke!.. Far from it.. In fact, the top 1% of the country took in 90% of the income gains in 2010, so they're doing just fine.. But lately the folks at the top have not been asked to pay their fair share in taxes.. For example:.. We're taxing capital gains (where most of the richest taxpayers get their income!) and dividends at a top rate of 15% - well below the 35% top marginal rate on ordinary income.. The top marginal tax rate (the rate we tax the last dollars earned by the highest inome taxpayers) has been cut from 91% in 1960 to 70%, to 50%, then down to 39.. 6% and finally to 35% in 2001 under George W.. Bush, where it's been ever since.. Using Responsible Wealth's confidential Tax Fairness Calculator below, you can quickly find out how much you are saving from the low capital gains rate, and the low marginal rates.. All you need is three numbers from your tax return (or your best estimate of those numbers, or last year's numbers).. And with a few clicks, you can.. redirect yout tax savings to promote tax fairness.. Calculate your Tax Cut.. What is your filing status?.. Single.. Married Filing Jointly.. Head of Household.. Married Filing Separately.. Limitations of the Tax Calculator.. This calculator is intended to be educational in value and not to be used as a financial planning tool.. Your actual tax savings may be affected by other parts of the tax law, including the child tax credit, EITC, the business tax deductions, educational deductions, and the Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT).. Enter your 2011 taxable income.. This includes any dividend and capital gains  ...   calculator above to estimate your tax cut.. If you don't have the information you need to estimate your tax savings yet, please take the Pledge today and we'll remind you to calculate your savings later.. $ break:.. This is an important part of your participation, even if you don't plan to give this amount away, since we hope to use the total amounts to help with publicity efforts.. This information is only used to create overall statistics about the Tax Fairness Pledge.. We never use your personal information without your permission.. 2.. Donate your tax break to groups working for tax fairness.. Leave blank if you can't afford to donate part of your tax break, but you still want to sign the pledge statement.. Enter the amount you pledge to donate to United for a Fair Economy (including the Responsible Wealth project).. to support our tax fairness work at the national level, including reversing the Bush tax cuts and preserving a strong estate tax.. $ ufe:.. Other Organizations You Want to Give to:.. Write in the name of the tax fairness organization that you are supporting.. Enter the total amount you pledge to donate to other organizations:.. $ other:.. Contact Information.. First name(s):.. *.. Last name(s):.. Street Address:.. City:.. State:.. - None -.. Alabama.. Alaska.. Arizona.. Arkansas.. California.. Colorado.. Connecticut.. Delaware.. District of Columbia.. Florida.. Georgia.. Hawaii.. Idaho.. Illinois.. Indiana.. Iowa.. Kansas.. Kentucky.. Louisiana.. Maine.. Maryland.. Massachusetts.. Michigan.. Minnesota.. Mississippi.. Missouri.. Montana.. Nebraska.. Nevada.. New Hampshire.. New Jersey.. New Mexico.. New York.. North Carolina.. North Dakota.. Ohio.. Oklahoma.. Oregon.. Pennsylvania.. Rhode Island.. South Carolina.. South Dakota.. Tennessee.. Texas.. Utah.. Vermont.. Virginia.. Washington.. West Virginia.. Wisconsin.. Wyoming.. Zip code:.. Email:.. Phone:.. How/where you heard about the Tax Fairness Pledge:.. (e.. g.. , UFE Website, email from RW/UFE, another publication or website).. Sign-on options:.. I am willing to be publicly listed as taking the Tax Fairness Pledge (no amounts will be shown).. I wish to take the Tax Fairness Pledge privately.. One More Question (CONFIDENTIAL):.. I have net assets of one million dollars or more (including real estate, stocks, bonds, etc.. ).. My net assets are less than one million dollars.. CONFIDENTIALITY NOTE:.. We would like to be able to say how many "millionaires" (in aggregate) have taken the Pledge, so your answer to this question will be very helpful.. In short, we will not publicize anyone's individual status, but would simply use the aggregate or total number.. Comment:.. Please add any additional comments you would like to share.. Leave this field blank:.. Activism/Actions.. Growing divide..

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  • Title: Shareholder Activism | United for a Fair Economy
    Descriptive info: RESPONSIBLE WEALTH SHAREHOLDER ACTIVISM.. Shareholder actions are a vital tool in raising awareness about the need for corporations to take into account the needs of shareholders beyond those in the board room.. The goal of shareholder resolutions is to force shareholders to think beyond the interests of those around the table and consider the company's larger role as a corporate citizen.. Since 1998, Responsible Wealth members have filed over 60 shareholder resolutions on issues ranging from extreme CEO pay to predatory lending.. How does it work?.. To file  ...   stock continuously for at least one year.. In addition to filing resolutions, Responsible Wealth members also co-file resolutions that are filed by others and assign their proxies to allow others to represent them at annual meetings.. If you are interested in participating in Responsible Wealth's shareholder work, please contact Mike Lapham, Responsible Wealth Project Director at mlapham@responsiblewealth.. org or 617-423-2148 X112.. For media inquiries, please contact Mazher Ali, Communications Coordinator at mali@faireconomy.. org or 617-423-2148 X101.. Shareholder Resolutions Archive.. 2007.. |.. 2008.. 2009.. 2010.. | 2011 |.. 2012.. 2013..

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  • Title: About Popular Economics Education | United for a Fair Economy
    Descriptive info: About Popular Economics Education.. We believe that economics education needs to reach thousands of people in religious congregations, unions, neighborhood groups and business associations.. We have a special knack for transforming dry economic statistics into memorable learning experiences that connect with people's lives and—most importantly—lead to action.. To multiply our efforts, UFE also trains and supports a national network of volunteer workshop leaders.. What is Popular Education?.. Popular education is a unique approach to traditional classroom education methods.. Rather than sitting through lectures and writing assignments, popular education workshops engage participants in a more democratic and cooperative  ...   who can change the social conditions that surround them.. With popular education, ordinary people define their own problems and apply the lessons of past political successes and failures to their own situation.. Popular Education and Economic Justice.. We believe that popular education is a critically important tool for base-building in the economic justice movement.. It is an effective approach to raising the consciousness of those most impacted by economic inequality and empowering these individuals towards action.. In short, popular education helps with movement-building to support the greater democratic social movement.. Training of Trainers.. Upcoming Events.. Resources & Tools..

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  • Title: Workshops | United for a Fair Economy
    Descriptive info: United for a Fair Economy's economics education workshops are designed to tranform dry economic statistics into memorable learning experiences.. The goal is to help people connect economics and politics to their personal lives and experiences and lead to action.. All of UFE's workshop materials and supplementary resources are available for free download.. You may also order hard copies of all workshop materials from us, including full-size flip charts (learn more here).. You may also.. request a presenter.. NOTE: You may find that our workshop download links are out of order.. We appreciate your patience as we work to fix the problem.. In the meanwhile, please email Steve Schnapp at sschnapp@faireconomy.. org to request PDF files of these workshop materials.. The Growing Divide Workshop.. Over 35,000 people across the nation have participated in this highly acclaimed workshop.. This workshop reviews recent changes in U.. income and wealth distribution and examines policies—or "rule changes"—that have fueled inequality.. Lays out a range of strategic initiatives and specific and  ...   people of European descent) or blocking (for people of color) the accumulation of assets and, in effect, helped create economic apartheid in the U.. The workshop also reviews strategies, campaigns, and actions that will help close the racial wealth divide and promote create greater economic equality in general.. The Massachusetts Budget Crisis.. This workshop reviews the Massachusetts budget and the current crisis, with an emphasis on Question 1, the 2010 ballot initiative to eliminate the state income tax.. The workshop also considers how the worsening budget crisis has impacted our communities, demonstrates that unwise tax cuts in the 1990s was a major cause of the current budget crisis, and explores opportunities to advocate.. This interactive workshop is designed to last 60 to 90 minutes.. Bankers, Brokers, Bubbles Bailouts: An Economic Crisis Workshop.. Our new workshop uses participatory activities to show the economic structures and recent trends underlying the current financial crisis.. It's for anyone interested in helping create an economy that is more fair and sustainable..

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  • Title: Training of Trainers Institutes | United for a Fair Economy
    Descriptive info: Training of Trainers Institutes.. UFE is one of the few national organizations that trains and supports a network of volunteer economics educators.. We now have hundreds of active volunteer trainers nationwide.. These trained workshop leaders conduct programs on the changing economy across the country.. UFE holds Training of Trainers Institutes several times a year.. Register for our March 14-17 Institute in North Texas!.. Who Should Attend?.. The Training of Trainers Institute serves activists, educators, organizers, clergy and laypersons working on issues of economic or social justice.. It also accepts applications from trainers seeking to improve their teaching skills and become more comfortable presenting economic information.. The Institute's Curriculum.. The Institute will cover:.. Recent economic trends;.. How rules and policies have contributed to the growing divide;.. A brief history of US popular resistance to economic inequality;.. Strategies for reversing the growing economic divide;.. Practice in how to lead workshops on economic inequality;.. Joining UFE's growing network of popular economics educators; and.. Building community among others working for economic justice.. Logistics.. Mini Conference.. : UFE offers half-day versions of the full three-day Institute.. The same material is covered in an abbreviated version.. To request a Mini-Institute, email training@faireconomy.. Full Institute.. : Each three-day Institute consists of work  ...   of the training.. Materials, including a Trainer's Manual, a detailed agenda for the Institute, and short readings, will be sent to all registrants prior to the training to help participants prepare.. To request a Full Training of Trainers Institute, email training@faireconomy.. Cost.. Sliding Fee Scale: $500 - $1,500 (based on what you or your organization can afford).. This includes all meals, accommodations, training materials, and a one-year UFE Membership (worth $25).. Transportation is not included in the fee.. A minimum $50 non-refundable deposit is required at the time of application.. A payment of at least 50% of the fee is due two weeks prior to the Institute.. Payment in full is due one week before the start of the Institute.. Scholarships.. We have limited funds available for scholarships to help offset a portion of the Institute's cost.. These are available for participants representing community and grassroots organizations with limited financial resources.. Applicants will have the opportunity to request aid after submitting the registration application.. Support.. We welcome contributions and sponsorships from well-funded organizations and individuals to help facilitate the participation of less well-funded groups.. Gifts are tax deductible.. Please.. click here to contribute.. !.. For More Information.. Contact us at training@faireconomy.. Movement Building.. Popular Education..

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