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  • Title: F2.org Home
    Descriptive info: .. F2.. org Home.. About.. org.. |.. Site.. Map.. Text.. version.. ABC.. |.. Science.. Aus IT.. Cartoons.. Sounds.. Health.. Crikey.. SMH.. Software.. links.. Windows freeware.. shareware.. ,.. Linux.. Australia.. White.. Yellow Pages.. Post codes.. Streets.. ,.. News.. Movies.. TV.. Banks.. Jobs.. Radio.. Sydney.. Events.. Seminars.. Transport.. Cinemas.. Bookstores.. Libraries.. Music.. Books.. Origami.. Fred's.. Diary.. Cooking.. Crypt of.. Eyesores.. Ancient.. Crafts.. Danger.. Maths.. Web..  ...   poems.. quotes.. cartoons.. Coding.. Perl.. C++.. Win32.. Java.. File Formats.. This page.. last changed:.. 17 Mar 2012.. [.. Validate HTML.. ].. Donate free.. food.. land.. Google.. Google Books.. Websters Dict.. Wiktionary.. Roget's Thes.. Open Directory.. WikiPedia.. Google News.. FTP -- English.. FTP -- Russian.. Tucows.. FileDudes.. RPM Find.. Perl Modules.. Search4Science.. f2.. org - This site.. for.. Feedback by.. email.. or.. Web form..

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  • Title: About F2.org
    Descriptive info: Up to.. Home.. Site Map.. Text version.. About F2.. What is F2 all about?.. ] [.. Why is it called 'F2'?.. Accessibility and Style.. Validation Tools Used.. Other Tools Used.. Divinely Inspired Feedback.. Who to blame.. Recent changes.. It is an outlet for the creative juices of F2's.. contributors.. It is somewhere to put our.. freeware products.. It is somewhere to publish prized gem-links sifted from the gravel of the web.. Visit, if you dare,.. The Crypt of Eyesores.. Because 'F2' is very easy to type.. Pages used to be checked for accessibility using.. Bobby 3.. 1 from.. CAST.. before it became a.. commerical product.. The last free version, Bobby 3.. 2, can still be downloaded by FTP from.. ftp://ftp.. cast.. org/pub/bobby/3_2/.. Text-only versions of all pages are provided.. Images used throughout the site are not neccessary for navigation.. Background images are not used, nor are fonts, font colours, frames or other fancy things beginning with 'f'.. Third-party tools used to check the site after changes are made include:.. Weblint.. by Neil Bowers is a Perl script which performs pedantic checks on the HTML.. 1.. from.. is a Java application which tests web pages for accessibility according to standards such as the.. W3C's WAI Page Authoring Guidelines.. AOL Press.. does the WYSIWYG HTML editing.. It whines occasionally about HTML 4..  ...   Unix variants.. Xenu's Link Sleuth.. by.. Tilman Hausherr.. verifies external links.. Thank you very much for the page.. It is so much of a relief to see some light-hearted and interesting information on the net.. I have marked it and will return often.. Of course I will pass it on to my friends.. -- Graham Hohenhaus, Jan 2000.. I just wanted to thank you for your incredibly interesting site.. I discovered it last night and can't stop clicking links.. This is the sort of site that sparks the imagination.. I love the variety of links you provide.. Keep up the good work.. Thanks again.. -- Lisa Szabo, July 2001.. Your website's ecclecticisms have been a pleasure.. -- Scott Tregear, July 2002.. Principle site perpetrator:.. Fred Curtis.. Site Co-conspirators:.. Evil Pixie.. Raf.. The main.. humourous quotes.. page is frequently updated.. Other changes I've remembered to document include:.. 2003 Oct.. Finally taking some time to update the site.. Added some new firewall and spyware-removal utils to.. win32 freeware net tools.. page ; Added some automation utils to.. win32 freeware desktop tools.. page ; Added some strange links to.. humour.. page ;.. 2003 May.. Added.. Pi Perfume.. page to.. F2 web archive.. 2003 Mar.. org server restored.. 2003 Feb.. org server crashes ; pages relocated to a temporary server.. Older changes.. 22 May 2003..

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  • Title: F2.org Site Map
    Descriptive info: org Site Map.. Changes to F2.. org Site.. Recent Changes.. Older Changes.. Broken links fixed.. Archive.. Hieroglyphics Turor by John Spracklin.. Startup Manager by Brad Stowers.. TrayMenu by Wei Ke.. Web Page Archive.. Cybernetic Augmentation for Dummies.. Launching Stuff With Liquid Nitrogen [by Matt Reilly].. PARFUM PI.. Australian Go Links.. Australian Clubs / Info.. Supplies.. Playing Online.. Learning Go.. Overseas links.. Misc.. Page Changes.. Brisbane.. Frogs.. Stores.. Things to see do.. Outdoor Activities.. Canberra.. Food.. Portraits of Canberra.. Items of Interest.. Museums, Libraries etc.. Cycling.. Volunteer!.. Courses.. Organisations.. Accommodation.. Hardware.. Links.. Diane's Mum's No-Fail Recipe for ANZAC Biscuits.. Foundation White Bread Recipe.. Chocolate Crackles.. Baked Chocolate Pudding.. Flourless Chocolate Cake.. Golden Syrup Dumplings.. Fred's Mum's Recipe for Kuchen.. Nutty Caramel and Chocolate Slice.. Rice Biscuits.. The Gentle Art of Food Welding.. Scottish Shortbread.. Yum Yums (psuedo rum-balls).. Diane.. Edwards.. Books to look at.. Silly Stories.. Still silly, but true.. Satire Parody.. Online Cartoon Strips.. Silly People.. Silly WWW sites.. Instructions for giving a cat a pill.. A Child's Christmas in Warrnambool.. The Perfect CV.. Simian solution to monkey menace.. Letter to Dr Laura.. Frankenstein is Alive and Well and Living with Mrs Frankenstein.. Seal Sketch by The Frantics.. Worshippers-'R'-Us Sketch by The Frantics.. That Frog.. The Temperature of Heaven and Hell.. How To Be An Alien.. American Infomercials.. Loonies on the Web.. Microsoft Forlorn.. The North London Book of the Dead.. Excerpts from News of the Weird.. The Discovery of the NuIlitron.. Gleanings from the Odd Spot column in The Melbourne Age.. Aeroplane Warning Sign.. Spoken Comedy.. SPONSOR A STEVEDORE.. McDonnel Douglas Warranty Card.. Selections from ABC News.. Study shows patient harassment reduces cholesterol.. 'Olympics-free zone' declared in Walhalla.. Pipe smoking titles a cliffhanger.. Dame Edna and her Ballistic Gladioli.. English village asks what's in a name?.. Cat Bathing.. Disclaimer For Idiots.. How to Bath the Cat.. Cat Bathing As A Martial Art.. Tidbits from New Scientist Magazine.. Giantic Particles.. Ballistic Ducks.. Feedback Column.. Paté Biscuit and Bongo.. The Three Little Kittens.. The Adventures of Fairy Bluebell.. Odd Officials.. Mayor Puluapies.. Frederico the Goat.. True Life Grit from Column 8.. Column 8 by year.. My favourites.. Other Herald Items.. Column 8 - 1995.. Column 8 - 1996.. Column 8 - 2001.. Column 8 - 2002.. The Chemist's Recipe for Chocolate Chip Cookies.. MAN BAKES CAKE.. The Jean-Paul Sartre Cookbook.. Adventures in Cake Summoning.. Background.. Recent Developments.. Fans of Weirdness Archive.. Fans of Weirdness - 6th Oct 2000.. Fans of Weirdness - 30th Apr 2001.. Language.. The Stupidity of English Spelling.. Other Languages.. See Also.. Nevermore.. Nonsense Poems.. Odd Names.. Curious Words and Phrases.. How to cut a dash in Swahili.. Letters to the Editor.. Going out of business or going out of fashion?.. The Main Street.. Programming.. Programming Quotes.. If Architects had to work like Programmers.. Cryptic Computer Error Messages.. Impossible Code.. Design monkeys on your back.. Favourite.. Quotes.. Quotes From Biographies.. Computing Quotes.. Mathematical Quotes.. Philosophy Quotes.. Political Quotes.. Science Quotes.. Science Fiction Fantasy Quotes.. Quotes From Misc.. Fiction.. Alida Baxter.. Ruth Park.. P.. G.. Wodehouse.. Bill Bryson.. Non-Fiction.. Clive James.. Lynne Minion.. Peter Moore.. Songs.. Working Where The Sun Don't Shine (The Colorectal Surgeon's Song).. Green Stamps Song.. It's A Real World (After All).. I am the Very Model of a Usenet Personality.. We Three Queens + Hark, the Herald Fairies Shout.. Flashcards for Language Study.. Notes on a Language Database.. Introduction.. Limitations of dictionaries.. What is a word?.. Written vs.. Spoken Language.. Modelling Variations.. References.. Mandarin.. Pīnyīn.. Resources for the textbook "Practical Chinese Reader 1".. Dialogues from Chapter 15 - no pīnyīn.. Dialogues from Chapter 6, 7 8..  ...   Grouping similar arrangements.. Canonical Shapes.. Program Sources.. Artists.. Genres.. Instruments.. Lyrics.. More Sokol Pie.. A Adorar a San Antonio.. New Zealand Links.. Fred.. Curtis.. My Exciting Bike Stack (1995).. Nirvana - Dec 1996.. Resume - Fred Curtis.. Driving.. The House Hunt - July 1996.. Germany.. O.. D.. '97.. The House of Gumby.. Japan.. Marchant The Wonder Bike.. The Netherlands.. New Jersey.. Traffic Good Food - Jan 2001.. What Fred has been reading lately.. What Fred wants to hear.. What Fred wants to read.. What Fred wants to see.. The UK.. The USA.. The Land of Spider Pods! - Jan 1998.. Connubiality!.. The day.. Driving around Victoria.. How the press reacted.. Fred's Diary - Past Events.. 2003.. 09.. Fred's Diary - 2003 Sep 13.. Talk: Fair Trade and Peace.. March protesting behaviour of WTO.. Fred's Diary - 2003 Sep 20.. Rally Driving Course at Oran Park.. The Tales of Hoffmann.. 11.. Fred's Diary - 2003 Nov 06.. Dr Hanan Ashwari receives the Sydney Peace Prize.. Fred's Diary - 2003 Nov 30.. Australian Craft Show - Hordern Pavilion.. 12.. Fred's Diary - 2003 Dec 11.. Talk: Building Social Justice - How To Save Indonesia's Forests.. 2004.. 05.. Fred's Diary - 2004 May 29.. Public Meeting: Justice for Hicks Habib.. 06.. Fred's Diary - 2004 June 7.. Public Meeting - "Democracy US style: Eyewitness from Iraq".. Fred's Diary - 2004 June 24.. Ethics truth in Howard govt policy - Andrew Wilkie, Dr Louise Newman, Dr John Kaye.. Fred's Diary - 2004 Nov 11.. 2004 Sydney Peace Prize lecture delivered by Arundhati Roy.. Fred's Diary - 2004 Nov 27.. 2005.. 04.. Fred's Diary - 2005 Apr 28.. Blindman's Holiday Kim Sanders.. 08.. Fred's Diary - 2005 Aug 28.. NSW Sculptors Society Exhibition.. Fred's Diary - 2005 Dec 2.. Fred's Origami Page.. Fred's stuff.. Mailing List other resources.. Societies.. Stores, supplies.. Other origami WWW pages.. Things surprisingly unrelated to origami.. Origami Quotes.. Fred's Origami Books.. Copies of "British Orgami".. Copies of the FOCA newsletter.. Fred's Modular Origami.. The Traumasphere!.. Folding Australia 2005.. Freeware Products from F2.. Windows Freeware.. Platform-independent.. Shelved.. Fardel Resource Library.. Design Notes.. Motivation.. Design Goals/Requirements.. The Name 'Fardel'.. Structure.. Resource Names - The Programmer's View.. Locales - The Translator's View.. Fardel Resource-Scripts.. Flee.. Features.. Download options.. Installation / operating instructions.. Uninstall instructions.. User Comments.. Version History.. Contact.. Licence.. Warranty.. ijb-zlib - a compressing HTTP proxy.. Download Win32.. EXE.. Obtaining the source.. Compiling the source.. Configuration.. Author.. Health Disclaimer.. Irk C/C++ Formatter.. Irk - Notes.. Restrictions.. Line Continuations - synopsis.. Preprocessor Directives - synopsis.. Line Continuations - details.. Preprocessor Directives - details.. K R-style parameter declarations.. PegUser.. TinyClock.. Download.. How to Install.. How to Uninstall.. User feedback.. Planned changes.. Donate to Charity.. Languages.. Platforms.. General Articles.. Methodologies.. Literate Programming Tools.. Newsgroups.. Japanese Language Tools.. Computer Science links.. C/C++.. Python.. Win32 Programming.. Internationalization Notes.. What is Internationalization?.. Unicode.. Further notes.. Pegasus Mail 3.. 2 File Formats.. File Extensions.. Graveyard of Defunct Links.. Hell's Bibliophiles.. Linux/Unix.. Web Tools.. Multimedia Tools.. Drivers.. Utilities.. Java under Linux.. Linux/UNIX Software Sites.. Windows.. Windows Shareware.. Windows Software Sites.. Walkthrough for "Exile - Escape from the Pit".. Freeware.. Admin Tools.. Desktop Tools.. Windows DLLs.. Document Tools.. Software Drivers.. File Tools.. Font Tools.. Games / Toys.. Icon Tools.. Image Processing.. Icon / Image Collections.. Languages Learning.. Sound/Video Tools.. Net Tools.. Programming / Automation.. Science / Maths Freeware.. Timor-Lorosa'e (East Timor).. Education.. Projects.. Poverty in Timor-Lorosa'e (East Timor).. Poverty.. Projects in Timor-Lorosa'e (East Timor).. Books for UNPAZ (University of Peace, East Timor).. Why?.. What's needed.. Where to leave books.. Latest News.. War.. 4 May 2006.. Anzwers.. Tellaseek.. Debian Linux.. MetaCrawler.. Alta Vista.. Yahoo..

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  • Title: Science / Technology Links
    Descriptive info: ScienceDaily.. -.. Physics.. Computers / Mathematics.. Fossils.. summaries.. National Geographic News.. Adventure/Exploration.. Achaeology/Paleontology.. Animals/Nature.. Environment/Conservation.. People/Cultures.. Science/Technology.. New Scientist.. Magazine -.. Latest news.. Science scuttlebutt.. from SlashDot.. Google Science/Technology News.. Nature.. This week's news.. Science News.. from the.. ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation).. Magazine.. American Scientist.. Scientific American.. Popular Science.. Computing publications from the.. Association for Computing Machinery.. (ACM) and.. IEEE.. Molecule of the Month.. Science.. Humourous pieces from New Scientist.. magazine.. Tidbits from the Annals of Improbable Research.. - includes links to other neat science pages.. Includes:.. Top Technological Screw-Ups Of the 20th Century.. Feline Reactions to Bearded Men.. The best submissions.. from the Annal's readers.. Researchers Unlock the Mystery of the Jellybean.. Joachim Verhagen's collection of.. Science Jokes.. Molecules with Silly or Unusual Names.. Donald Simanek's.. page.. Maths and Science Song.. database, includes many audo samples.. PhysicsSongs.. archive of physics songs, including.. James Clerk Maxwell's parody of "Comin' through the Rye".. CDs and MP3s by Science Groove.. -- particularly recommended is "Oxidative Phosphorylation".. MP3 audio of song.. (4.. 1 Mbyte).. I didn't realize that manifolds without boundary were masculine and oppressive whereas manifolds with boundary were feminine, until very recently when I read the NYU physicist Alan Sokal's very famous article, "Transgressing the Boundaries: Toward a Transformative Hermeneutics of Quantum Gravity" which appeared in the Social Text several years ago.. -- Chan-Ho Suh on the newsgroup sci.. math.. The article by a Alan Sokal is a caricature of the wishy-washy end of social sciences.. It was accepted accepted as a serious article by the journal "Social Text" and published in 1996.. More on this unmasking of pretentiousness.. from Alan Sokal's site.. A robot powered by flies.. and.. a robot powered by fermented slugs.. Scientists invent the pee-powered battery.. Urban Legends with a science flavour.. Professor Hibbert's Perpetual Motion Page.. The race to put a piece of spam on the moon.. Some scary.. Chemistry Laboratory Stories.. The Sumatran.. Corpse Flower.. blooms.. Info about Huntsman Spiders by the.. Glenda  ...   a subject everyone's familiar with.. Beakman.. Go cross-eyed with.. Hans Kuiper's Optical Illusions.. My favourites are.. Hermann's.. and the fiendish.. Cafe Wall.. Check out his.. tesselation (symmetry group).. page, too.. More optical illusions: the amazing.. Checker-shadow illusion.. Edward H.. Adelson.. Science fun with (mostly) household items at.. SciToys.. com.. Science for Families.. has some good links, including.. experiments.. electricity.. Schmick pictures of.. porcupine quills.. , a.. fly's foot.. diatom.. radiolarian.. Visit the.. Microbial Zoo.. Search for (extraterrestrial) aliens with the.. SETI-At-Home.. program - your computer analyses chunks of data from a radio telescope for patterns.. Runs as a screensaver or application on Windows.. Kids -.. build a monster in the Monster Lab.. - requires ShockWave.. Bob's Rock Shop.. StudMuffins of Science.. 1996 and 1997 calendars.. Cafe Wall Illusion.. Image by.. Hans Kuiper.. Australian Space Research Institute.. The Planets.. TV program from the BBC.. See also the BBC page on.. the solar system.. The USA's.. National Air-And-Space Museum.. Nasa Jet Propulsion Labs (JPL).. Scary.. Sterilise yourself with fear at the.. Museum of Questionable Medical Devices.. - including the.. Shoe X-Ray.. Medical history is full of scariness - read about the.. inventor of cornflakes.. by Bill Beaty - more absolutely amazing things that you can poke a pointy thing at!.. The Lab.. - Science from the.. Earth and Sky.. - Popular science.. Society for Amateur Science.. SunSwift II.. - UNSW's 1998 Solar Racing entry.. The heretical.. Mad Genius Research Lab.. Motion Mountain Physics Textbook.. by Christoph Schiller.. "This text is intended for anybody with an in-depth interest in physics and in nature, and assumes a high school or college background.. The aim is to provide a quality, university level textbook which is exciting and fascinating at the same time.. If you knew nothing about physics, and had nothing but this book, you would get a complete tour of its most important ideas.. Usenet Relativity FAQ.. , including.. What is the experimental basis of the Special Relativity Theory?.. 17 Aug 2009..

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  • Title: Humour
    Descriptive info: Cooking Humour.. Programming Humour.. Fans of.. Weirdness.. Language Humour.. Odd Words.. Short, but sweet:.. How to give a cat a bath.. - Martin Gregory, from.. (5 Nov 1994 p.. 47).. - From The Sydney Morning Herald (27 April 2001 p.. 12).. - Kevin Coheen, Associate Professor.. Department of Mechanical Aerospace Engineering Carleton University, Ontario, Canada.. From a photocopy of a photocopy of a photocopy, original publication unknown.. - from.. Bedtime Stories.. read by Paté Biscuit (and Bongo).. by Thomas M.. Disch and John T.. Sladek.. Seal Sketch.. The Frantics.. Worshippers-'R'-Us Sketch.. , possibly from a Saturday Night Live skit.. Comprehensive.. analysis of an aeroplane sign.. Longer articles/excerpts:.. - A short story by Michael Shea, from.. Fantasy and Science Fiction.. Vol 62, No.. 4, April 1982.. Imagine, if you will, a frog that is bent on committing every foulness, every meanness, evil beyond your nastiest dreams.. "A frog," you say, "A frog?".. - a chapter from the book.. The Quantity Theory of Insanity.. by Will Self.. A Handbook for Beginners and More Advanced Pupils.. by George Mikes.. A chapter from.. by Alida Baxter.. Some off-site links:.. Limp Asparagus Lad.. - an occasional serial mocking superhero comic art and storylines.. "I will remake Ame.. rec.. an civilisation - in *my* image.. " A figure stepped out of the shadows and into a splashpage.. It was human, more or less: a white male in his sixties but with hair an icky shade of green.. A gaggle of newts leered and gibbered from behind him.. "I, the Gingrinch Who Stole Christmas!".. Stranger and sillier than fiction -.. tidbits from.. a report about.. - includes Harrassment Therapy / Olympics-Free Zone / Pipe-Smoking Championships / Dame Edna and her Ballistic Gladioli / Quaint Place Names.. True-Life Grit from Column 8.. in.. The Sydney Morning Herald.. The strange cases of.. Gleanings from the Odd Spot column.. in The Melbourne Age newspaper.. British doctors nail problem.. - it's not true what they say about soccer fans, is it?.. Some.. excerpts.. News of the  ...   cartoon about a service provider.. Too Much Coffee Man.. Bamdad Samii's collection of math cartoons.. Webwombat's.. list of WWW comic strips.. Someone called 'Maddox'.. likes to rave.. Here are his thoughts on.. blogging.. the segway.. Nancy Dunlap.. 's Page of Delights.. The Misanthropic Bitch.. Many strange pages are listed at.. Oddities - Odd Site of the Week.. including:.. Gallery Of Regrettable Food.. Fieldguide to North American Males.. Ode To Batboy.. Useless Information.. Don't try.. this.. at home, kiddies.. Assorted Loonies.. on the Web.. The Polyorchid Religious Society.. For those of a literary bent, you can't go past.. The Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest.. Food laws for children.. Tips on parenting.. Husband Speak.. Early Morning Hangover.. Why did the chicken cross the road?.. The Beard.. , by Uncle Al Schwartz.. RealHamster.. The Darwin Awards.. salute the improvement of the human genome by honoring those who accidentally kill themselves in really stupid ways.. A knockwurst sprite? A constipated baboon?.. Name This Creature.. !.. News that didn't happen, but should have:.. WackyTimes.. The Onion.. TheToque.. - including.. Ferengi Monopoly.. Klingon Scrabble.. Jedi Car Salesman.. Internet Counterfeiting.. and the.. darker side of Mr.. Snuffaluffagus.. From Australia:.. The Chaser.. The Australian Government's.. National Public Toilet Map.. Europanto.. is a humourous pan-European spoof language.. How to Annoy Animal Lovers.. - samples:.. Purchase 100 pet ID tags with their address and phone# on them, catch stray animals and attach the tags to them.. Teach the rare parrot they are nursing back to health to squawk, "Eat me, I'm a chicken.. ".. Competitive Activites:.. World Beard and Moustache Championships.. Air Guitar World Championships.. Extreme Ironing.. Gord runs a video game store.. The Acts of Gord.. is a collection of stories about the people he has to deal with every day.. The Faulty Gameshark.. The Mod Chips.. Assorted Morons.. Movie (requires Windows Media Player):.. Ping Pong meets The Matrix.. www.. angryalien.. -- 30 second condensed movies.. performed by cartoon rabbits.. Cartoon by Judy Haracek.. From.. The Australian.. Magazine, Feb 2-3 2001, p.. 41.. 14 Dec 2005..

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  • Title: Info / Reference Links
    Descriptive info: / Translation.. Macquarie Dictionary.. Query:.. Macquarie Kid's Internet Dictionary.. - look up "drool worthy".. Webster's Dictionary.. Jeffrey Friedl's online Japanese - English Dictionary.. --.. Link to display JIS-encoded kanji.. -- Search by Japanese.. or English.. The Free Online Chinese-English Dictionary.. is an excellent tool for looking up character definitions.. German - English Dictionary.. (has free downloadable Win32 (Win95, WinNT) versions).. Yahoo's listing of German Dictionaries.. German - English mathematics glossaries.. Travlang.. Dutch- English.. English- Dutch.. Scots = English Dictionary.. Scots-online.. A Dictionary of the Scots Language.. SysTran Translator Service.. - translates typed text or web pages between various pairs of Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portugese, English.. AltaVista BabelFish.. - translates between various pairs of Chinese, English, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Greek, Portugese, Russian, Spanish.. Travlang online dictionaries.. Roget's Thesaurus (searchable).. Zip file containing a.. Scrabble Word List.. (480 kbyte).. Brewer's Dictionary of Phrase and Fable.. The Devil's Dictionary.. Ambrose Bierce.. Alliance,.. n.. : In international politics, the union of two thieves who have their hands so deeply inserted in each other's pocket that they cannot separately plunder a third.. Cabbage,.. : A familiar kitchen-garden vegetable about as large and wise as a man's head.. Misfortune, n.. : The kind of fortune that never misses.. November, n.. : The eleventh twelfth of a weariness.. More quotes  ...   by lyrics.. Health News Summaries.. Flaky scalp? Girlfriend allergic to cats? Boyfriend has bad breath? Need a.. natural high.. ? Then just.. Go Ask Alice!.. - General Health, Sexual Health and Relationships.. Fitness Online.. has regular articles on nutrition exercise.. Short courses in using (and price comparisons of) digital cameras at.. shortcourses.. ASCII table.. modemhelp.. - for all your modem queries (Hayes command sets etc).. List of ISO-639 language codes.. List of ISO-3166 country codes.. International Time Zones.. , including a.. Meeting Planner.. Internet RFC/STD/FYI/BCP Archives.. Dictionary of Algorithms, Data Structures, and Problems.. AskMrDNS.. - explanation of DNS error messages.. On the [deplorable!] use of some MS Windows characters in HTML.. - a guide by Jukka Korpela.. TechTarget.. - Look up (mainly IT) terms -- if you're running an old UNIX version of Netscape, it may help to disable javascript.. dvdrhelp.. - for information on VCD/SVCD/DVD/DivX formats, conversion, players, codecs, capture, editing etc.. Look up a character by hex code in the Unicode UniHan database:.. Sam Spade.. Arin.. APNIC.. Network Solutions.. Address:.. Trace route (.. slow.. ).. "Yea, ten acres of vineyard shall yield one bath, and the seed of an homer shall yield an ephah.. " - Isaiah 5:10.. And you.. can't.. argue with that.. Searchable copies and concordances of the Bible.. 28 May 2008..

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  • Title: Software Links
    Descriptive info: Software Links.. Shareware.. Software Sites.. NTFSDOS.. - Read-Only NTFS driver for DOS ; allows files on a Windows NT partition to be read from DOS.. 3 Dec 2002..

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  • Title: Windows Freeware
    Descriptive info: Science / Maths.. Icon/Image Collections.. Freeware/Shareware Sites.. 15 May 2005..

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  • Title: Windows Shareware
    Descriptive info: Drawing package.. SmartDraw.. is an excellent program for drawing diagrams.. USD$49 to register (Jul 1999).. 30 day trial.. Web Browser.. Opera.. is small (quick to load) alternative to cumbersome.. juggernauts like.. USD$35 to register (Mar 1999).. 50% educational discount.. Network Configuration.. Netswitcher is a useful utility for PCs which change networks frequently, e.. g.. laptops.. USD$8 to buy (Jan 2000).. Games.. Surreal.. Arcade.. Nelda Nockbladder's Anatomy Lesson.. Nelda Nockbladder, described by some as "Brave!" and by others as "Iffy.. " Despite her mild appearance, she can spit red hot flaming custard, and her aim is true.. USD$10 to register; registered users receive tips file and screensaver.. Role Playing.. Exile - Escape From  ...   Highly recommended.. Quotes from characters in the game.. USD$25 to register.. (Oct 2001).. Image Optimization.. gcdemea3.. zip.. USD$50 to purchase (Sept 1999).. Music Editor.. Noteworthy Composer.. lets you to create, record, edit, print, and play back your own musical scores.. US$39 (July 2000).. File transfer.. Star Gate.. (note that space!) by.. Kevin Raner Software.. lets you transfer files between PCs and/or Macs using a serial/parallel cable.. AU$35 to register (Sept 1999).. Sound Utilities.. Total Recorder.. High Criteria.. lets you capture any sounds which are played through your sound card.. NB - Win95 and Win98 ONLY.. US$11.. 95 to register (Oct 1999).. AudioJacker.. is a similar, free utility for WinNT.. 10 Apr 2003..

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  • Title: Linux/Unix Links
    Descriptive info: Linux/Unix Links.. My current flavour of Linux is.. Debian.. from a local site.. au.. debian.. org/pub/debian/.. Debian packages.. are a handy source for code to public domain programs; the.. deb files are UNIX "ar" files in disguise.. Altering the behaviour of backspace/delete keys under X:.. http://aterm.. sourceforge.. net/keyboard.. html.. WinE.. project allows emulation of windows programs under Linux.. willows.. com/.. - TWIN - libraries to let you compile windows source under Linux using X-Windows to keep up appearances :-).. kohala.. com/start/troff/troff.. - Documentation for troff, eqn, pic etc.. The online book.. Unix Unleashed.. is a useful source on info on all things Unix.. Part III - "Text Formatting and Printing" - is a useful reference for troff friends.. mkcsum.. - a perl script -- invoking.. find.. cksum.. -- for checksumming whole all the files in a directory.. wh.. - a 'which'-like script that searches for files using file patterns and reports all occurrences found in $PATH order.. KDrill.. - Kanji quiz program for flavours of Unix, including Linux.. Amaya.. - WWW browser WYSIWYG editor ; supports.. MathML.. for marking up mathematics.. Mason.. - Integrates.. into HTML on a Web Server.. MySQL.. - Open Source Database --.. Documentation.. -- Reference manual for.. 3.. 23, 4.. 0, 4.. 5.. 0.. Developer Shed MySQL notes.. Postgres.. - database.. ICRadius.. - Analyse those radius logs!.. Radius RFCs:.. RFC 2138.. RFC 2139.. ned.. ns.. , shell scripts for invoking composer/netscape under Unix/Linux ;.. nsmailpoll.. - get netscape to check for mail.. See also.. REMOTE CONTROL OF UNIX NETSCAPE.. Configuring Netscape Helper Apps for X windows.. mime.. dump.. - scripts for dumping the MIME header and contents, respectively, of a URL via the lynx browser.. Rip.. is a command-line perl script for extracting CD audia tracks as WAV or MP3 files.. It can use the CDDB database to rename tracks with their song titles.. CDParanoia.. is a Linux track-ripper.. NotLame.. is a Linux MP3 encoder based on the LAME engine.. [Sep 2002 -- The NotLame site at hive.. me.. gu.. edu.. au/not_lame/ was decommissioned in Aug 2002, has since resurfaced at the link above].. mplayer.. is a movie  ...   Gnu Interactive Manipulation Program.. Unix's answer to photoshop.. XPad.. - Postit notes for X windows - requires.. GTK 2.. 2 or better.. , which in turn requires GLib, Pango AKT (available on GTK site) and.. pkgconfig.. XNotesPlus.. - Postit notes for X windows.. NOTE.. [2003-04-23] XNotesPlus is now shareware, NOT freeware.. GNotes.. - Postit notes for X windows, part of the.. GNOME project.. - an alternative desktop/window manager for Linux.. Dia.. is a tool for producing Visio-like drawings.. Graphviz.. is a suite of programs to draw graphs (in the mathematical sense of a bunch of nodes connected by lines).. Available for many platforms including Linux Win32.. K Desktop Environment.. project - alternative desktop/window manager for Linux.. TimeTracker.. - Records time allocated to tasks.. NcFTP.. - nice FTP client for Unix - features recursive gets (beta 3.. 0 has recursive puts, but they're painful; manual confirmation of file-overwrite - yuck!).. WxFTP.. - another FTP client featuring recursive gets puts + a GUI.. List of.. Productivity Tools.. at.. LinuxLinks.. The fvwm95 window manager doesn't seem to be maintained any more.. Some fvwm95-2 sources can be downloaded from.. ftp://mitac11.. uia.. ac.. be/pub/fvwm95/.. ; [.. org copy of fvwm95-2043b.. tgz.. (825 kbyte)].. Note - under Solaris with gcc, specify compiler option "-fpic" instead of "-rdynamic".. Under Solaris 2.. 6 you'll also need the xpm library [.. org copy of xpm-34ktar.. (146 kbyte)].. SSH (Secure SHell) utilities for Linux/Solaris/Other platforms.. MuPad.. is a symbolic algebra package with free single-user licences available for non-commercial educational use.. Info on running Java under the Linux operating system can be found at.. http://www.. blackdown.. org/java-linux.. Here is an.. FTP mirror site.. You'll need ONE of the following:.. the development kit (jdk.. ) to develop Java programs.. or the run-time environment (jre.. ).. or the minimal run-time environment (rt1.. JDK Documentation can be found at.. java.. sun.. com/products/archive/jdk/1.. 1/.. GNU archive.. - USA - ftp.. uu.. net.. smc.. vnet.. net/solaris_2.. - Solaris freeware.. sunfreeware.. gnu.. org/.. - GNU home.. org/distrib/packages.. - Debian Linux software packages.. sgi.. com/fun/.. - source files for various games software development packages.. Dr Fun.. -- 1997-07-10.. 11 May 2007..

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  • Title: Australia
    Descriptive info: General guides.. :.. Guide to Australia.. @ Charles Sturt University ;.. Road maps.. ;.. CitySearch.. has a lot of information on major cities.. Assorted.. Volunteering.. Activism.. National Treasures.. Specific info.. Movies/Cinemas.. White Pages.. /.. What's on TV.. SBS TV.. ABC Radio National.. National transport.. Australian Road Rules.. National weather.. Charities.. Australian Libraries.. Magazines.. Free Stuff.. Queensland.. Weather.. NSW.. Schools.. Computing/Math Seminars.. ACT.. Canberra has no known redeeming features apart from Goodberry's Frozen Custard Shop [Erindale ph.. 6296 7033] - the banana thickshake is highly recommended.. Society for Growing Australian Plants.. NSW Branch.. Inner Sydney Group.. Australian Gardening Clubs and Organizations.. Women In Technology.. Libertus.. (formerly Irene's Burning Issues) - censorship in the.. traditional media.. internet.. in Australia.. Jubilee 2000.. - Reducing the crippling debt of poor countries.. Action for World Development.. is a nonprofit, community-based education organisation.. Action for world development, racism, aboriginal justice, permaculture, environmental sustainbility, seeds, food security, biodiversity.. Ancient Arts Fellowship.. - small group based around Canberra, Australia.. Friends of the ABC.. Australian Mathematical Society.. freecycle.. is an international network of people who give (and get) stuff for free in their own towns.. Groups in all Australian state capitals most most larger Australian towns.. Reverse Garbage.. sell cheap offcuts, over-runs, left-overs, outdated stock, seconds etc.. which would otherwise end up as landfill.. Great for arts, craft DIY.. : 296 Montague Rd, West End ;.. : Addison Road Community Centre, Marrickville Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre, 1 Casula Rd, Casula.. ].. Australian links for the game 'Go'.. volunteer.. - volunteer activities by locality.. volunteersearch.. gov.. The Australia Trust for Conservation.. does about 1500 volunteer projects each year, ranging from one day to one week or more.. IVP - International Volunteers for Peace (Australia).. - Organises short or longer term volunteering projects for Australians either in Australia or abroad.. The NSW.. Adult Migrant English Scheme.. has a.. volunteer scheme.. in which volunteers give 1-2 hours per week over an extended period (6-18 months) to help adult migrants improve their English language skills.. Clean Up Australia Day.. is held every year in March.. The site also has information on reduction of plastic bags and keeping mobile phones out of landfill dumps.. You can volunteer to do.. on-line proofreading of  ...   Advice Advocacy Services.. Which Australian foods use GM ingredients? Find out at.. truefood.. , a GreenPeace site.. seek.. wages.. - Australian/NZ jobs + Australian/Overseas wage rates.. jobnet.. - IT jobs.. careerone.. jobsearch.. inc.. public service jobs.. public service gazette.. IT agencies:.. OzEmail's list of IT employment agencies.. Icon Recruitment.. Candle Recruitment.. daijob.. - Jobs in Japan.. Information.. NSW Parenting Centre.. -- "Sites like this will continue to be a great idea until kids are born with instruction manuals and parents are issued with a breeding licence.. courses.. -- Nationwide, organised by area/suburb course categories.. Dick Smith Foods.. -- an umbrella group selling produce by Australian-owned companies.. Travel Advice.. Australian Department of Foregin Affairs and Trading.. Rod Quantock.. Medium Salsa Picante from the Byron Bay Chilli Co.. The Spooky Men's Chorale.. The Australian Red Cross.. Medecins Sans Frontieres Australia.. UNICEF Australia.. The Fred Hollows Foundation.. The Smith Family.. - an independent, non-religious, non-political not-for-profit organisation that has been helping disadvantaged Australians since 1922.. OxFam Community Aid Abroad Australia.. Westpac.. Home page.. Internet Banking.. St George.. A.. M.. P.. Commonwealth.. ING Direct.. Home Page.. Citibank.. News from the ABC.. Real Audio stream.. ABC News Radio.. - Continuous News.. news.. Newspaper -.. IT News.. WikiNews Portal:Australia.. The Canberra Times.. newspaper.. Green Left Weekly.. - social issues.. An enormous list of Australian Newspapers.. Windows Audio stream.. Nova969 Sydney.. Nova100 Melbourne.. Triple J.. - Youth Radio.. ABC Dig Radio.. - Continuous Music.. Australian Personal Computer.. National Transport.. Airlines :.. Virgin Blue.. [13 67 37] ;.. Qantas.. [13 13 13] ;.. Jetstar.. [13 15 38] ;.. Rex (Regional Express).. [13 17 13] ;.. flightcentre.. - comparisons of Australian Air fares --.. Note.. (Jan 2005):.. A couple from NZ describe problems with their recent Flight Centre trip.. Rail.. Countrylink.. interstate [QLD/NSW] train travel:.. Website:.. Timetables and fares.. Telephone information: 132232 - recorded arrival / departure times ; make bookings.. V/Line.. interstate [VIC] train travel:.. Timetables.. fares.. Telephone information: 136 196.. Australian Train Time Tables.. Greyhound / McCafferty's Buses.. , Reservations: 132030.. Car:.. Avis Rent-A-Car.. : 136-333.. Budget Car/Truck Rentals.. : 13-27-27 (truck rentals) 1300-362-848.. YourMovies.. - Movie screening times around Australia.. Hoyts Cinemas.. OzFreebies.. Assorted freebies, contests etc available to Australian residents.. 19 Nov 2012..

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