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  • Title: Fashion Sites – Reviews and Coupons — Reviews and coupon codes on the web's top fashion sites
    Descriptive info: .. Home.. Fashion Site Reviews.. Fashion Site Coupons.. Fashion Sites - Reviews and Coupons.. Reviews and coupon codes on the web s top fashion sites.. Soft Surroundings Coupon Code: 2012 Soft Surroundings Coupons.. Soft Surroundings is a 13-year-old St.. Louis based company that focuses on women’s comfort.. Their philosophy is that by putting yourself first, you can take better care of friends and family and hopefully live a happier, more fulfilling life.. Soft Surroundings is known for offering great deals on luxury items, but that’s no reason you can’t save even more with a.. Soft Surroundings Coupon Code.. below.. Recent Soft Surroundings Coupon Codes – Through August 2012.. $30 off purchases of $150 or more at Soft Surroundings outlet store.. This coupon expires September 23, 2012.. Coupon code.. 2231051.. (click link and enter coupon code at checkout).. $10 off purchases of $50 or more at Soft Surroundings outlet store.. Coupon code 2231050.. $15 off purchases of $100 or more.. This coupon expires August 20, 2012.. Coupon code 3716005.. Save 10% on all orders! Valid until July 5, 2012.. Coupon code 3701010.. Save $5.. Valid through May 7, 2012.. Coupon code 3696005.. Get $10 off an order of $50 or more! Expires March 6, 2012.. Coupon code 2231041.. Save $15 off a $100 or more order.. Expires on April 10, 2012.. Coupon code 361010.. More Ways to Save with Soft Surroundings.. My Club Program.. - Members earn 1 point for every $1.. 00 you spend on qualifying purchases.. For every 200 points earned in the My Club Program, you will be eligible to receive a Reward Dollar Certificate redeemable for $10 off your future purchase of merchandise at Soft Surroundings.. Miracle of Marula Giveaway.. – Visit Soft Surroundings Facebook page and enter to win Marula Oil.. Ends August 31, 2012.. {.. 0.. comments.. }.. Alfred Dunner Outlet: Where Can You Find An Online Outlet.. December 19, 2011.. It has been a while since the Econi.. org family updated this website.. We have been busy with a bunch of other projects, but now we are back.. And today we are very exited to talk a little bit in more detail about the Alfred Dunner Outlet – but wait a minute, we don’t want to [ ].. Read the  ...   favorite stores, the PacSun Outlet.. But before we get started, here is a little bit of history about this [ ].. Soft Surroundings Review: First Time Shopping At Soft Surroundings.. July 24, 2011.. My goal at Soft Surroundings was to find something comfortable to wear for an upcoming summer outing.. Since Soft Surroundings touts their goal as offering things that will make your life cozy and comfortable, I thought I’d give them a try.. Continue reading for my complete Soft Surroundings review.. There are four retail locations in [ ].. Why Jildor Shoes Just Works For Me.. July 23, 2011.. The fact of the matter is, buying shoes online is most of the time much less expensive than getting them at a regular store.. One of our favorite websites to buy designer footwear from for little money is the Jildor Shoes Online store.. I’m Elena from the ECONI.. ORG family and today I will show you [ ].. Be Your Own Creativity Director at Uberprints.. July 22, 2011.. Hands down, in our opinion the uberprints.. com website is as good as it gets when it comes to designing your on apparel.. The tools and features available to you are sheer endless and you can literally create your own piece of clothing completely from scratch.. We will now share with you how the whole process [ ].. Shopping at the Tommy Bahama Outlet.. Well, in comparison to the rest of my family, I am not a fashion expert.. To me, practicality and comfort are definitely way more important than looks or trendiness.. And that’s exactly the reason why I love the Tommy Bahama Outlet, specifically the online version.. This brand has become incredibly successful and it keeps expanding [ ].. The Story Behind The Killer Dana Surf Shop.. June 24, 2011.. If you are a die-hard surfing fan, then you have certainly heard about the Killer Dana Surf Shop and their merchandise.. But what is the story behind this rather unusual name? Killer Dana was one of the most notorious surf breaks in California.. The water amassed to a huge wave and eventually broke very close [ ].. Previous Entries.. Search this site.. Search for:.. Fashion News.. Get smart with the.. Thesis WordPress Theme.. from DIYthemes.. WordPress Admin..

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  • Title: Reviews
    Descriptive info: Reviews.. Tory Burch Outlet: Find Sales at The Tory Burch Outlet.. June 14, 2011.. Tory Burch Outlet vs.. Tory Burch Sale Based on the research we did online, the vast majority of all people who search for the Tory Burch Outlet are looking for a location online through which they can purchase original Tory Burch products at a significantly reduced price.. There is no separate Tory Burch outlet online [ ]..

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  • Title: Soft Surroundings Coupon Code: 2012 Soft Surroundings Coupons
    Descriptive info: Related posts:.. comments.. add one now.. Cancel reply.. Leave a Comment.. Name.. *.. E-mail.. Website.. Previous post:..

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  • Title: Alfred Dunner Outlet: Where Can You Find An Online Outlet
    Descriptive info: And today we are very exited to talk a little bit in more detail about the.. Alfred Dunner Outlet.. – but wait a minute, we don’t want to make the same mistake again we made when we provided a comprehensive report on the.. Tory Burch Outlet.. The first question we will probably get is: where is the (or where are the).. locations? And there’s a simple answer to that – there aren’t any.. Because at this point,.. Alfred Dunner products.. are exclusively sold through a number of selected retailers.. At the end of this article you will find a link to a comprehensive list of all stores who distribute Alfred Dunner products by US State.. But – there is major news.. The company has decided to start their own e-commerce website so customers can purchase their items online.. The estimated launch is in Q2 of 2012 according to online sources.. To make sure you are being kept in the loop and don’t miss the grand opening of the.. Alfred Dunner Online Store.. , we strongly recommend that you sign-up for their newsletter.. We just did:.. Okay, as I just mentioned there is no such thing as an actual.. We live in close proximity to New York City, so I buy my Dunner clothing at Macy’s.. Not ideal because in my opinion Macy’s is often – not always – overpriced.. On the other hand, the fact of the matter I get all I want in the same store and I don’t have to run around all over the place.. Therefore, I’m happy to pay a little bit more.. But I’m really curious to see whether with the opening of the their e-commerce store they will have some sort of online.. , meaning offering their merchandise at reduced  ...   I bought them at Macy’s and I can assure you they are extremely comfortable to wear and even after several round in the washer and dryer, they didn’t shrink and the colors look as new.. Another aspect I really like in.. Alfred Dunner pants.. and tops is that they come in three universal sizes: missy, women, petit.. I really hate that nonsense with all the half- and quarter sizes, you’ll never know if that stuff fits and they all run differently from brand to brand.. Oh, and even my girls complimented me on my “Pop Culture” Outfit and told me that I look cute.. This is as good as it gets.. The Alfred Dunner Website.. Again, at this point there is no.. But they do have a website which gives you a glimpse of their designs, but does not carry all their merchandise, nor does it allow you to make any online purchases (at least not at this point).. Nevertheless, I recommend that you stop by so you can see what I’m talking about.. For all of the featured outfits you get a brief overview and they tell you the prices.. Everything is rather plain, so don’t expect too much.. But I guess they work hard on their soon to come e-commerce site and don’t invest too much time in their regular website.. In sum: I like.. , because they are cozy, good quality, practical and very reasonably priced.. Maybe not as chic and trendy, but as I said, they are perfectly okay for me.. I attached two links below, one brings you straight to the stores that sell Alfred Dunner products and the other one points to the.. Alfred Dunner website.. For all the store locations,.. click here.. For the manufacturer s website,.. Next post:..

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  • Title: Esprit USA Review – Big Time Savings Guaranteed
    Descriptive info: So stay tuned….. Alright, I finally got around writing a review on one of my favourite online fashion stores, namely.. Esprit USA.. I personally can’t think of any other web store where you can save as much money on trendy and high quality items.. However, there are a couple of things you will have to keep in mind.. Because there is actually a specific online section on the.. Esprit website.. where they sell all the good stuff at prices that can honestly blow your mind.. The Esprit Online Store.. When you enter the.. Esprit online shop.. you’ll be provided with a couple of options.. Of course, you can go ahead and browse the regular store for items.. However, I practically never do that, because my mission is to spot the really good deals and for that purposes I solely focus on two sections: “Sale” and “Outlet Store”:.. Before I will walk you through the process, I’d like to bring up one caveat.. The items available in those two categories usually only come with limited options regarding size and design.. Further to that, the overall number of pieces offered is rather small but that’s fine with me.. Because the money I will save on my purchases definitely makes up for the limited selection!.. So, I actually need a pair of new jeans well, unfortunately I gained a couple of pounds over the past few months, but anyway.. Okay, apparently there are only six different types available, so hopefully I can find something in my size (36/32).. Luckily, the “Dragon Fit” does actually come in my size and I do like the plain  ...   the whole order comes to less than $50!.. You can’t use paypal, unfortunately, just regular credit cards.. Also, if you are not an.. Esprit club member.. yet, there is plenty of opportunity to sign up during the check-out process.. I am not a club member and I find it a little bit annoying seeing the ads all over the place praising the advantages of become a member.. But it’s something I will have to think about because it might actually pay off in the long term.. As a member, you participate in an e-points program.. You can then use your accumulated points to get further deductions on future purchases.. Shipping and Returns.. If you go with the standard shipping which is free for purchases over $30 (except for anything you buy via the outlet store where a $1.. 50 charge per item incurs) it usually takes 5 business day until you get your order, at least in my experience.. Occasionally, it took a few days longer than that, especially around major holidays.. The Return policy is great.. Each order comes with a prepaid USPS label.. I once had to return a sweater and it was no issue at all – just make sure you take care of it within 14 days after the receipt of your items.. In sum: As I had mentioned earlier, I honestly can’t think of any other place where you can get the same kind of quality on fashion items for the same money.. The savings are just unreal.. Yes, the.. Outlet only offers a limited selection of apparel, but theirs is always something I find for me..

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  • Title: Banana Republic Online Store Review
    Descriptive info: I have always been happy with their quality and choice of fabrics, and I guess you can say that I’m a “fan”.. Regular Stores, Outlets and Online Shopping.. Recently, more and more Banana Republic Outlets are popping up all over the country.. The styles held in these stores offer reduced prices on pieces that are unique to the outlet stores.. And that means, if you purchase from an outlet store, you must go back to the outlet store (location or online) to exchange or return merchandise.. In other words, a regular Banana Republic store would not accept an item that was purchased at an outlet store.. Did you know? The merchandise sold in the outlet stores are designated by three dots on their labeling.. These dots distinguish them from regular Banana Republic fashions.. Quality and Selection.. Since I am very familiar with the sizing and quality of Banana Republic in general, I can easily go online and pick and choose what I want without fear of it not fitting or disappointment with the feel of the clothing.. And what is nice is that if you cannot find something in your size or color in the store, you will most-likely find it online.. I have also found that not all Banana Republic stores offer the same styles.. Larger stores will have much more variety than smaller locations.. The size of the store varies by where it is located.. Larger malls in turn house larger stores.. Of course the full line is offered online.. In all the years I ve been shopping there, their quality has been nothing short of outstanding.. And I much rather pay a couple of bucks more knowing my new blouse is not going to shrink by two sizes when it comes out  ...   are on.. Shipping and returns.. Free shipping was once reserved for Luxe card (the VIP customer credit card) holders.. But, recently they began offering free shipping for all on orders over $50.. If you hold a Banana Republic credit card you will benefit from sale offerings and rewards that can be redeemed online or in the stores.. Should you need to return merchandise, it can be done online for $6 shipping and handling or returned directly to the store.. Returns/exchanges must be made within 45 days of purchase.. I personally have not had a reason to return an item.. As I mentioned earlier on, I “know” their sizes and their quality so I always know what I get.. In sum.. Banana Republic Merchandise is not cheap.. But if you want better quality, you will have to pay a little bit more.. On the other hand, unless you absolutely must have the newest items all the time, you can save big if you wait a couple of months until an item is being reduced in price.. And they ALL do eventually.. That’s exactly the reason why I love the online store – I usually know exactly what items I want and then I just check in periodically to keep an eye on them.. Oh, and before I forget: you might want to consider signing up for the Banana Republic newsletter to stay in the loop regarding information on new collections, upcoming sale events and more.. As you sign-up, you’ll get a 15% coupon you can use on your next purchase.. That’s it.. I would love to hear from you guys and learn more about what kind of experience you have with shopping at BR.. Please leave a comment or send me an email.. Thanks and happy shopping!..

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  • Title: PAC SUN Outlet: A review of the PacSun Outlet Store
    Descriptive info: And it also means that is time to treat myself for a little online shopping tour at one of my favorite stores, the.. PacSun Outlet.. But before we get started, here is a little bit of history about this brand.. It started out modestly as a small surf Newport Beach shop back in 1980 and from there it just mushroomed.. PacSun.. has evolved to a world leader not only in surf and beach apparel, but clothing and fashion in general.. The company has over 800 stores across the United States and features many well-known brands including Billabong, Fox, DC, Element, Kirra, Vurt, WeSC, Zoo York, Lost, Rip Curl, Quiksilver, etc.. All products resemble typical and authentic California lifestyle elements, in other words, themes that are usually associated with fashion, action sports, music and arts rooted in the West Coast area.. Alright, I just punched www.. pacsun.. com into my browser and landed on their homepage.. Well, it’s probably a matter of age and since I’m not the youngest guy anymore, but the site looks a little bit too crowded to my taste.. I mean, I get it, I am probably not necessarily their typical customer with my 45 years of age.. So I usually stay with the navigation bar on the left to find my way around and that works very well because they laid out and organized everything logically and in a structured fashion.. Today I want to check out their selection of boardshorts.. They have over 150 different types in their product portfolio, so plenty of options.. Here is what I love about the Pac Sun website – it’s called the quick preview.. This feature allows you to quickly get the basic information about an item, including the available designs, colors and sizes.. Okay, I found three nice.. PacSun Shorts.. and the total comes to $112.. Nice! Here is something you need to know when you’re shopping at their website: while the regular prices seem to be on the higher side, they always have some special deals and promotions such as “Buy One and one 50% off”, or “Plus 30% off at checkout.. All three items combined would have come to a regular price of over $200, but  ...   me a favour and don’t mention that to my daughters.. Shipping is free on standard orders over $60.. It usually takes them to 2 or 3 days to have the order shipped.. As for their customer service, I have not spoken to anybody in person yet, I only used their live chat to ask for a product that was out of stock.. They were very friendly and took care of everything right away.. Alright, all I need to do now is waiting until my boardshorts arrive in the mail! In the meantime, here are a couple of extra tips:.. If you are looking for PACSUN outlet locations, just do a quick internet search.. They are literally all over the place.. I just checked on locations nearby where I live and I found 9 in very close proximity, meaning less than 15 miles from my house.. It is not a surprising that many young folks are not only attracted to the stylish and high quality clothing, but also can see themselves making a career working for an employer that is focussed on creating fashion for teens and tweens.. In case you are interested, just visit their official website and fill out a PACSUN application – who knows, maybe in not too distant future you will be part of the brand’s success story.. In addition to that they also feature a dedicated area just for special ‘Sales’ – right now they have deals on Tees, Tanks, Swimwear, Shirts, Dresses, Sweaters, Hoodies, Jeans, Shorts and accessories starting as low as $2.. 99.. …… Okay, it is Monday and today I got my order.. Three nice Pacsun shorts.. The quality is great as usual.. The only problem, I think I was little bit too ambitious when I chose to get them in size 33.. I might have gained a couple of pounds recently, oh well – anyway, they still fit okay and I’m ready for the beach now.. PacSun Swimwear.. and clothes are synonymous for style and quality and the best part is, it is actually very affordable, but not ‘cheap’ by any means.. Please visit.. their website.. , do some shopping and then come back and share with us your experience.. Thank you..

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  • Title: Soft Surroundings Review: First Time Shopping At Soft Surroundings
    Descriptive info: My goal at.. Soft Surroundings.. was to find something comfortable to wear for an upcoming summer outing.. Since.. touts their goal as offering things that will make your life cozy and comfortable, I thought I’d give them a try.. There are four retail locations in addition to their online.. Soft Surroundings Outlet.. Everything from jewelry to bedding to clothing to shoes can be found on their pages.. They even have a small selection of music available.. In dresses, which was the focus of my visit, there are many styles to chose from.. I was looking for something that would be comfortable to wear but elegant as well.. I was happy to find that I had many options available to me.. And, the prices seemed reasonable as well.. A nice feature is the video they offer on many of the styles.. You can see the dress on a model.. She moves around in the piece so you can get an idea of its drape and flow.. What is also helpful are the customer reviews for each product.. You can see what purchasers have to say about the product to help you make a more informed decision about whether or not you would like to buy it..  ...   are misses, petites, talls and women’s sizes to choose from offering a vast array of sizing options.. There is even a “softness” rating on each product.. The scale runs from 1 to 3 with 3 being the softest.. Shipping costs are a bit pricey.. I found that for an $89 dress, shipping charges were $11.. 95 for standard shipping (3-5 days).. You have the opportunity to upgrade shipping to 2-4 day delivery for another $2 with more expedited options available as well.. I searched online coupon offerings at retailmenot.. com and found that while free shipping coupon codes are sometimes available, none were presently being offered.. Saving $12 would have been nice!.. When you check out you are given the option of creating an account, which might be worthwhile if you plan to be a frequent shopper, or checkout as a guest.. has a customer-friendly exchange policy.. They include a return label with your order.. Should you wish to make an exchange, they will pay for it.. Returns are made easy as well although the postage fees are on you.. We received our order promptly.. The dress was as described and was given many compliments when it was worn.. made my shopping experience fun and fruitful!..

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  • Title: Why Jildor Shoes Just Works For Me
    Descriptive info: One of our favorite websites to buy designer footwear from for little money is the.. Jildor Shoes.. Online store.. ORG family and today I will show you how easy it is to order a nice pair of shoes there.. As you probably know by now, I’m a huge.. Tory Burch.. fan and I’m looking for a stylish flat, something like the “Reva”.. The.. Jildor.. homepage is actually very plain.. But that’s okay, I prefer it that way.. Too many ads and pictures are actually distracting in my opinion.. In addition to that, I usually have a pretty good idea of what I want before I start my shopping.. Mostly I either browse by “Category”, “Size” or “Brand”.. And that’s exactly what the website offers on the left navigation bar.. But if you already exactly know what you want then you may just use the “Quick Search” Feature.. This is actually a great way to lookup a price really quick to compare it with offers from other websites.. Before we continue, let me just quickly pause here and point out another great feature: the “customized product alerts”.. All you need to do is entering your email-address, the brands and sizes you’re interested in and then you will get automatic periodic email alerts about items that fit your criteria.. Alright, time to do some shopping now.. Since I already know what I want, let’s just use the search function and punch in “Tory Burch Reva”.. Not bad! A total of 13 different Reva Models and one is actually on sale for $141 (reduced from $235).. By clicking on the item you will get provided  ...   shoes, but I had budgeted $250.. And since my birthday is coming up, I will give myself a treat and just get a nice pair of slippers.. Both items combined come to $286 and shipping is free – perfect!.. The checkout is very easy, especially if you are a registered customer.. I would recommend that you just sign up because that will save you a lot of time when you come back later again.. Otherwise, you will have to enter your shipping and billing address as well as your credit card info.. Actually, the credit card info is optional, because if you don’t want to do that online, you can also call their customer service center and do it over the phone.. Shipping usually takes 2-3 business days.. As for the quality of the products, I never got disappointed.. I mean they only carry reputable brands so it would be very surprising if there was ever an issue with regard to quality.. I was in contact with their customer service once only when I had a specific question about the availability of a product.. I used their “Live Chat” and my questions got answered right away – however, the live chat is not on 24/7, but you can always leave a message in case nobody is around.. I am certainly a.. Shoes Fan.. Because it’s a one-stop-shop if you are looking for designer shoes.. The prices are fair, the service is great and they ship fast.. Two thumbs up from me!.. Click here.. to visit their website and we would love to hear from you and let us know what you think..

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  • Title: Be Your Own Creativity Director at Uberprints
    Descriptive info: We will now share with you how the whole process works from picking your core design to the delivery of your product.. First, I really didn’t know what to make of the name uberprints.. So I checked out there website and I must say that those folks really know what they are doing.. Basically, the webinterface at www.. uberprints.. com lets you be your own fashion designer.. It is a one stop shop where you will be guided through a sequence of steps, from picking the type of apparel over a broad variety of styles, shapes and colors to your own motives.. And when you are done, you just place your order and you’re good.. I actually went through the whole process and I’d be happy to share with you the individual steps.. So in a first step you will have to pick the type of clothing you want to work on.. That may include regular T-Shirts, Women’s clothing, Sweats, Active Wear, Youth Tees, Loungewear, Business Wear and even Dog Tees (yes, for your dog, not for yourself!).. For example, purposes, let’s go with a regular ‘organic’ T-Shirt.. Off to stage number two – you now have to make a decision as to what base color you  ...   you can either get a quote or just place the order.. In my example, I went with 5 T-Shirts, with an uploaded image of my dog and the whole order came out to $97, so roughly $19 per shirt.. That’s really not bad for a custom made item.. And by the way, it’s digitally printed, so the quality of the image is much better that compared to a regular print!.. What I really like about uberprints is the fact that they don’t just iron on the logos and images, but they are actually printed onto the fabric.. This will ensure that your self-designed clothes will last for a long time without having the add-ons starting to fade after a few rounds in the washer.. And the quality of the fabric is actually really good and therefore well worth the money!.. I have seen many other “create your own fashion” sites and some of them do actually offer a lot, however, the problem is, you need to have a process that is clear and intuitive.. And that’s what sets uberprints apart from its competitors, at least in my opinion.. You should definitely check it out for yourself.. to get to their website and start designing your own clothing..

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  • Title: Shopping at the Tommy Bahama Outlet
    Descriptive info: This brand has become incredibly successful and it keeps expanding its product portfolio which now encompasses casual sportswear, shoes, swimwear, accessories, furniture and since a little while even bicycles!.. Anyway, I am in need of a couple of polo shirts.. Nothing fancy, just solid quality.. I am a regular customer and today I will show you how easy and convenient it is to do shopping at the Tommy Bahama Outlet.. Shopping.. Okay, after you landed on the manufacturer’s website, you have the option to browse through their entire online store.. I never bought any furniture or accessories, but a bunch of pants and shirts.. The main page is very plain, no annoying knick-knacks, overcrowded ads or even worse, flashy pop-ups – this is a huge plus, because I already know what I want and all I want to do is to get to the section where I can purchase a couple of Tommy Bahama Shirts.. One thing I want to point out: Always check the main screen for offers and promos.. They usually have an info box right above the navigation bar announcing special deals and that’s where you can save a good amount of cash.. Also, even though I usually don’t use this feature, their onsite-search actually works! You probably know what I’m talking about – on many online shopping website, the “Search” feature is completely useless.. Alright, so after clicking on “Men” and “Polos”, you’ll see the whole selection of polo shirts.. Well, they don’t seem to have too many items to choose from (only 7) and that’s a little bit of a surprise.. Because I know that they have an unbelievable number of regular shirts, but anyway, I’m sure I’ll find something.. I actually like the “Emfielder Polo”.. By clicking on the item a new window opens and you can now select the color, size and quantity.. And here is another feature I do like a lot.. As you change the color, the preview window  ...   they should consider giving you a pass on orders over $150.. Maybe something they will think about in the future.. The standard rate is $8 which is for regular grounds shipping.. On average it takes about four business days.. For a surcharge, you can get that process expedited – but I personally don’t use that.. Quality of the products.. Immaculate! This is the main reason why I buy Tommy Bahama shirts.. They are just extremely comfortable, light but still of solid quality.. And they don’t shrink when you put them in the dryer.. I think the price tag is always adequate.. It’s certainly not cheap but if you want decent quality then you have to pay a little bit more.. But again, in my view the prices are absolutely reasonable, because these items will last for a few years unlike the cheap stuff.. Customer Service.. I never spoke with anybody in person, but I had an email exchange a while back ago.. I remember the turnaround to be very quick and I got a competent answer to my question (I think I asked them something about the shipping).. I wish I could tell you something about returns but to be frank, I never had to return anything.. I’m not a fashion buff and as I mentioned before, to me it’s about practicality.. I want things to be easy and hassle free.. And that’s why I like about the Tommy Bahama Online Store.. I always find what I’m looking for and usually my shopping sprees usually don’t last longer than 10-15 minutes.. Right up my alley, because that’s how I do shopping in the “real world”, too.. I know what I want, I get in there, I have a quick look and then I make a decision.. Hands down, it’s my favorite online shopping website and I can only highly recommend it.. to visit their website – and then please come back and share your findings here with us..

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