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  • Title: Espace project part 2 key action 3
    Descriptive info: Home.. Introduction.. Key Actions.. Partners.. Extended Partnership.. Contact.. Part I.. Action 1.. Action 1b.. Action 2.. Action 3.. Action 4.. Action 5.. Action 6.. Part II.. /.. Key actions.. /.. Key action 3.. Case study in the Netherlands to explore the barriers and issues surrounding the implementation of climate change adaptation options.. Timescale: September 2007 - May 2008.. A second case study will use a real-life scenario in the Netherlands to explore the barriers and issues surrounding the implementation of water storage at the local level by municipalities.. The.. Guiding Models.. , developed in.. Part I.. , were designed as a theoretical guide to aid the implementation of water storage at  ...   are still issues with delivering the proposed water management options on the ground.. For example, to improve the water system using the 'Guiding Models', it is necessary to incorporate the suggested water storage spaces into the spatial plans of municipalities.. However, whilst some municipalities are incorporating the water storage options into their spatial plans, others are not.. This case study will explore the barriers and issues of incorporating climate change into spatial plans by the municipalities.. It will also look at what can be done to overcome the barriers so that improvements can be made to the implementation of adaptation measures.. 2007 ESPACE Project.. Top photo credit: TU-Berlin, PIK, Marc Zebisch,Marc.. edu..

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  • Title: Espace project part 2 key action 4
    Descriptive info: Action 4.. Key action 4.. Develop a 'Decision Testing Tree' as a tool for local decision-making and implementation.. This action will develop and explore the potential of a 'Decision Testing Tree' as a tool for local decision-making and implementation of adaptation strategies.. The concept of 'Decision Trees' was partially developed in.. by ESPACE within the context of the management of the Thames Estuary in the UK.. Key Action 4 will develop the tool further to complement, support and assist local implementation of adaptation to climate change.. The Decision Tree is a visualisation tool for planners to illustrate the consequences and effectiveness of different flood risk  ...   change.. It will be used by planners to help them understand ideas of flexibility, adaptability, robustness, precaution and resilience in long-term decision making.. The second part of Key Action 4 involves developing a stakeholder tool for spatial planners to use in the consultation process.. Decision routes or 'pathways' could be constructed to represent decisions a particular stakeholder might like to make in the future.. The chosen pathway could then be subjected to climate change and development scenarios to investigate how successful it would be at coping with potential futures.. By playing with different decisions and scenarios, stakeholders can see whether their ideal plans are suitable..

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  • Title: Espace project part 2 key action 5
    Descriptive info: Action 1b.. Action 5.. Key action 5.. Develop an Organisational Change Tool.. Timescales: September 2007 - May 2008.. The 'Organisational Change Tool' will give organisations a clear understanding of the things that need to work together and be supported for them to be able to respond to climate risks.. The benchmarking component of the tool will allow organisations to:.. a.. Recognise, value, consolidate and build on existing strengths.. b.. Identify and address obvious areas  ...   exceptional performance might look like (thereby raising aspirations).. This tool will take the form of a matrix with developmental steps within each performance pathway that will help participants visualise and assess what it is they need to do to develop and improve their adaptive capacity.. This type of process has already been used to great effect in the field of sustainable development, but as yet has not been transferred to the climate change agenda..

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  • Title: Espace project part 2 key action 6
    Descriptive info: Action 6.. Key action 6.. Report of Part II outcomes and final workshop.. Timescales: March 2008- May 2008.. A final report will be produced to review the lessons learnt during ESPACE Part II.. This will be followed by a final workshop which will conclude Part II.. Information on the workshop will appear here in March 2008..

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  • Title: Espace project part 2 accessibility page
    Descriptive info: Outputs and Publications.. Extension.. No.. 1.. 2.. 3.. 4.. 5.. 6.. ESPACE supports accessibility issues and has tried to build this website in accordance with accessibility guidelines.. If you have any problems accessing this site or would like to suggest possible improvements to the accessibility of the site please contact Jill Cook.. Layout.. Text is laid out using stylesheets in order that users can change them in their browsers to make viewing easier for their individual requirements.. If you find viewing the text difficult then you can change the text size in your browser menu.. The images that appear on the pages are described by alt tags and all pages have html page titles.. Links to other documents usually open in new browser windows in front, so that you can close these windows without closing the site.. Access Keys.. The ESPACE website incorporates ACCESSKEY functionality.. These keys can be  ...   to accessibility statement.. Alt + 1 -.. Go to home page.. Alt + 2 -.. Go to site map.. Alt + 3 -.. Go to contact us.. Alt + 4 -.. Go to part 2 introduction.. Alt + 5 -.. Go to part 2 key actions.. Alt + 6 -.. Go to part 2 partners.. Alt + 7 -.. Go to part 2 news.. Alt + 8 -.. Go to part 2 extended partnership.. Alt + 9 -.. Go to part 2 outcomes.. Items on submenus or text links on a page can be accessed by using the tab key.. There is a.. site map.. of the ESPACE website which can help you navigation around the site.. PDFs.. There are a number of PDF links on the site, if you would like to read a PDF document with a screen reader please follow this link to the.. Access Adobe website..

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  • Title: Espace project site map
    Descriptive info: Part II.. Site map.. Part 1.. Strategy.. Recommendation No.. 1.. Recommendation No 2.. Recommendation No 3.. Recommendation No 4.. Recommendation No 5.. Recommendation No 6.. Recommendation No 7.. Recommendation No 8.. Recommendation No 9.. Recommendation No 10.. Recommendation No 11.. Recommendation No 12.. Recommendation No 13.. Recommendation No 14.. Part 2.. Key Actions.. Key Actions No.. Key Actions No 2.. Key Actions No 3.. Key Actions No 4.. Key Actions No 5.. Key Actions No 6.. News.. Application Form.. Outcomes..

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  • Title: Espace project part 2 introduction - French
    Descriptive info: Accueil.. Actions clés.. Partenaires.. Résultats.. Partenariat élargi.. Partie I.. Partie II.. ESPACE Partie II.. À l expiration du projet.. ESPACE Partie I.. ,nous avons constaté la présence d obstacles majeurs à la mise en œuvre de l adaptation au changement climatique au niveau local.. Le projet ESPACE Partie II.. s appuiera sur le travail précédent d ESPACE en développant certaines des idées et en répondant à certains des défis qui ont été identifiés.. La conjonction de recherches et de deux études de cas ciblées permettra de  ...   adaptation à un niveau supé rieur ne se traduisent pas par des actions sur le terrain.. Cela devraitamé liorer la compréhension de ce qui est nécessaire en termes de coordination et de gestion pour parvenir à une adaptation au changement climatique.. Développer un « outil de changement organisationnel » par le biais de recherches appuyées par des éléments probants et thé oriques.. Cet outil permettra aux diverses organisations de mieux comprendre les éléments devant être réunis afin de réagir aux risques climatiques.. Accessibilité.. Plan du Site..

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  • Title: Espace project part 2 introduction - German
    Descriptive info: Startseite.. Einleitung.. Hauptmaßnahmen.. Partner.. Erweiterte Partnerschaft.. Aktuelles.. Kontakt.. Teil I.. Teil II.. Einleitung.. Espace Teil II.. Im Laufe von.. von Teil I des ESPACE-Projekts.. , wurden einige grundlegende Probleme beobachtet, die die Implementierung von Anpassungsmaßnahmen auf lokaler Ebene erschweren.. Teil II des ESPACE-Projekts.. baut auf den Erkenntnissen von Teil I auf.. So sollen einige der angestoßenen Ideen und Lösungsansätze weiterentwickelt werden.. In einer Kombination aus theoretischer Forschungsarbeit und zwei gezielten praktischen Fallstudien  ...   nur schlecht in die Praxis vor Ort umsetzen lassen.. So können wir in Erfahrung bringen, wo noch Defizite in Bezug auf Koordination und Management der Anpassung an den Klimawandel liegen;.. durch eine intensive, auf Fakten und theoretischem Wissen beruhende Tiefenprüfung ein Veränderungsinstrument für Organisationen zu entwickeln.. Dieses Instrument zeigt Organisationen, in welchen Bereichen sie Zusammenarbeit und Unterstützung benötigen, um adäquat auf die Folgen des Klimawandels reagieren zu können.. Barrierefreier Zugang.. Aufbau der Webseite..

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  • Title: Espace project part 2 introduction - Dutch
    Descriptive info: Inleiding.. Kernacties.. Resultaten.. Deel I.. Deel II.. Espace Deel II.. Bij de uitvoering van.. ESPACE Deel I.. , is gebleken dat het proces van aanpassing aan klimaatverandering op lokaal niveau in bepaalde opzichten nogal moeizaam verloopt.. ESPACE Deel II.. bouwt voort op eerdere activiteiten van ESPACE en zal een aantal ideeën en bevindingen verder uitwerken.. Er zal worden gewerkt via een combinatie van onderzoek en twee gerichte casestudy s.. De  ...   praktische maatregelen.. Hierdoor zullen wij beter gaan begrijpen wat er nodig is op het gebied van coördinatie en management om daadwerkelijk te komen tot aanpassing aan klimaatverandering.. een tool voor organisatieverandering te ontwikkelen op basis van diepgaand, op feiten en theoretische kennis gebaseerd onderzoek.. Deze tool moet organisaties een duidelijk beeld geven van de zaken die moeten worden doorgevoerd en gecombineerd om te kunnen omgaan op klimaatrisico s.. Toegankelijkheid.. Sitemap..

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  • Title: Espace project part 2 outcomes - French
    Descriptive info: Partie I.. ESPACE has delivered a wide range of outputs that provide both a strategy for how spatial planning can better incorporate adaptation and concrete guidance for planners wanting to deliver adaptation on the ground.. Through its successful delivery, ESPACE has influenced the philosophy and practice of spatial planning across Europe.. The ESPACE Project was split into two key phases the core project which ran from 2003 to 2007 and a one year extension which ran from 2007-2008.. The Extension focused on understanding why the delivery of adaptation to climate change at the local level is still difficult, even where appropriate policies are in place.. The Extension investigated key barriers  ...   and Spatial Planning.. Hampshire County Council.. Adaptive Capacity Benchmarking: Handbook and Tool Kit.. Awareness.. Agency.. Leadership.. Agents of Change.. Working Together.. Learning.. Managing Operations.. Programme Scope.. Expertise.. Organisational Change Tool Pathways Template.. Pathways.. Hampshire Couty Council Lead Partner.. Key Areas of Influence 2003-2008.. What policies present barriers to adaptation in the UK and the Netherlands?.. SEERA.. Overcoming Barriers to the Delivery of Climate Change Adaptation.. VROM.. Adaptation to climate change (EU/ Espace) International search and workshop.. Waterschap Rivierenland.. Obstacles to the delivery of adaptation to climate change (water storage).. If you have not been able to find what you are looking for please do a search:.. Google Search.. Search ESPACE..

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  • Title: Espace project part 2 outcomes - German
    Descriptive info: Ergebnisse.. Teil I..

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