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  • Title: Site Map - English
    Descriptive info: :: Home.. :: About.. :: Climate Change.. :: Useful Links.. :: Site Map.. :: Accessibility.. Areas in grey are restricted to members only.. HOME.. ABOUT.. Partnership.. Key Actions.. Outcomes.. News Publications.. Reports and Articles.. Leaflets.. Newsletters.. Press Releases.. Further Reading.. Contacts Feedb.. ack.. CLIMATE CHANGE.. Adaptation.. Adaptation Examples.. Mitigation.. EXTENDED PARTNERSHIP.. Get Involved.. Summary of Actions.. Information Database.. Review Policies.. Raising Awareness.. Case Studies.. Develop Policies.. Common Strategy Policy Guidance.. Discussion Board.. Document Library.. Contact Database.. Project Update.. 6 monthly NWE Activity Report.. PARTNER'S INTRANET.. Meetings  ...   Communications Toolkit.. Logos.. Headed Paper.. Powerpoint Presentation.. USEFUL LINKS.. ACCESSIBILITY.. 2004-Copyright ESPACE Project.. Contact email:.. jill.. rankin@hants.. gov.. uk.. Four workshops aimed at developing the project delivery/outcomes;.. Four technical conferences that will focus on current issues and projects ongoing within North West Europe;.. An International Conference (hosted by the Ministerie van VROM) that will provide guidance and input into the common transnational strategy and the spatial planning policy guidance being developed by ESPACE.. A final End of Project Conference that will launch the dissemination of project results..

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  • Title: Climate Change English
    Descriptive info: ESPACE supports accessibility issues and has tried to build this website in accordance with accessibility guidelines.. If you have any problems accessing this site or would like to suggest possible improvements to the accessibility of the site please contact.. Layout.. Text is laid out using stylesheets in order that users can change them in their browsers to make viewing easier for their indivdual requirements.. If you find viewing the text difficult then you can change the text size in your browser menu.. The images that appear on the pages are described by alt tags and all pages have html page titles.. Links to other documents usually open in new browser windows in front, so that you can close these windows without closing the site.. Access Keys.. The ESPACE  ...   Go to Accessibility statement.. Alt + 1 - Go to home page.. Alt + 2 - Go to about page.. Alt + 3 - Go to climate change page.. Alt + 4 - Go to useful links.. Alt + 5 - Go to site map.. Alt + 6 - Go to Extended Partnership Page.. Alt + 7 - Go to Partners Intranet.. Items on submenus or text links on a page can be accessed by using the tab key.. There is a.. site map.. of the ESPACE website which can help you navigation around the site.. PDFs.. There are a number of PDF links on the site, if you would like to read a PDF document with a screen reader please follow this link to the.. Access Adobe website..

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  • Title: Key Actions - English
    Descriptive info: Extended Partnership.. A wide network of stakeholders must be engaged in the development of ESPACE.. This 'Extended Partnership' gives organisations an opportunity to become involved in the implementation and delivery of the project.. It will:.. provide a unique opportunity for a new network of stakeholders to established, with interests in climate change and spatial planning issues, and.. help to ensure that the outputs of the ESPACE Project have been developed by and disseminated to a very wide range of stakeholders.. Find out more about the Extended Partnership and dowload an application form.. joel.. bateman@hants..

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  • Title:
    Descriptive info: I am sorry either your username/password was not valid or, you have not been verified yet by our office..

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  • Title: Espace project part 2 key actions
    Descriptive info: Home.. Introduction.. Partners.. Contact.. Part I.. No.. 1.. 2.. 3.. 4.. 5.. 6.. Part II.. /.. Key actions.. The following key actions will be undertaken by ESPACE Partners between July 2007 and May 2008.. Key action 1.. Review outputs of ESPACE Part I and identify barriers to implementation.. Key action 2.. Case study in the UK to explore the barriers and issues surrounding  ...   study in the Netherlands to explore the barriers and issues surrounding the implementation of climate change adaptation options.. Key action 4.. Develop a Decision Testing Tree as a tool for local decision-making and implementation.. Key action 5.. Develop an Organisational Change Tool.. Key action 6.. Report of Part II findings and final workshop.. 2007 ESPACE Project.. Top photo credit: TU-Berlin, PIK, Marc Zebisch,Marc.. edu..

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  • Title: Espace project part 2 partners
    Descriptive info: Extension.. Partners involved in Part II of ESPACE include:.. Hampshire County Council.. The Environment Agency.. South East Climate Change Partnership.. South East England Regional Assembly.. Waterschap Rivierenland.. Ministerie van VROM.. Hampshire County Council is actively working towards ensuring that Hampshire and its community are prepared for the impacts, both positive and negative, that climate change has to bring.. The County Council is involved in ESPACE at two levels:.. as the Lead Partner and beneficiary, focussing on managing the Partnership as a whole in terms of finance, project reporting and communications; and.. as a Partner in the project.. ^.. Back to top.. This is the leading public body for protecting and improving the environment in England and Wales.. As a regulator, it is working towards  ...   adaptive planning in the region.. The Regional Assembly is the Regional Planning Body for the South East of England.. It is responsible for review and monitoring of Regional Planning Guidance, and the preparation of a new Regional Spatial Strategy (RSS) for the region, ensuring that adaptation to climate change is incorporated into the Regional Policy Guidance and Regional Strategy.. It also produced first report into the likely effects of climate change in the region.. Waterschap Rivierenland is a water board based in the Netherlands and is responsible for assisting in policy development, water management and flood control.. Back to top.. The Dutch Ministry of Housing, Spatial Planning and the Environment are responsible for policy making and ensuring sustainable development is recognised across the Netherlands..

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  • Title: Espace project part 2 news
    Descriptive info: Part 1.. Outputs and Publications.. ESPACE has delivered a wide range of outputs that provide both a strategy for how spatial planning can better incorporate adaptation and concrete guidance for planners wanting to deliver adaptation on the ground.. Through its successful delivery, ESPACE has influenced the philosophy and practice of spatial planning across Europe.. The ESPACE Project was split into two key phases the core project which ran from 2003 to 2007 and a one year extension which ran from 2007-2008.. The Extension focused on understanding why the delivery of adaptation to climate change at the local level is still difficult, even where appropriate policies are in place.. The Extension investigated key  ...   Spatial Planning.. Adaptive Capacity Benchmarking: Handbook and Tool Kit.. Awareness.. Agency.. Leadership.. Agents of Change.. Working Together.. Learning.. Managing Operations.. Programme Scope.. Expertise.. Organisational Change Tool Pathways Template.. Pathways.. Hampshire Couty Council Lead Partner.. Key Areas of Influence 2003-2008.. What policies present barriers to adaptation in the UK and the Netherlands?.. SEERA.. Overcoming Barriers to the Delivery of Climate Change Adaptation.. VROM.. Adaptation to climate change (EU/ Espace) International search and workshop.. Obstacles to the delivery of adaptation to climate change (water storage).. For Publications from ESPACE part 1.. Click here.. If you have not been able to find what you are looking for please do a search:.. Google Search.. Search ESPACE..

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  • Title: Espace project part 2 extended partnership
    Descriptive info: Extended partnership.. Established during ESPACE, the Extended Partnership is a targeted network of stakeholders who are interested in being involved in the development of the outputs of ESPACE and who can act as ambassadors for the project.. There are now over 250 members, including representatives from the European  ...   organisations, universities, research institutes, consultancies and other EU projects.. The Extended Partnership will be continued the Extension to ensure that the results are accepted and implemented effectively.. Access the Extended Partner.. contact database.. (password protected for Extended Partners only).. We are no longer recruiting members for the Extended Partnership..

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  • Title: Espace project part 2 contact us
    Descriptive info: Part I.. For more information on the ESPACE project, please contact:.. Chitra Nadarajah - ESPACE Project Manager.. Tel:.. +44 (0) 1962 846771.. Fax:.. +44 (0) 1962 847055.. E-Mail:.. Project Manager.. Address:.. The ESPACE Project, Environment Department,.. The Castle, Winchester, Hampshire SO23 8UD, UK..

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  • Title: Espace project part 2 key action 1
    Descriptive info: Key Actions.. Action 1.. Action 1b.. Action 2.. Action 3.. Action 4.. Action 5.. Action 6.. /.. Action 1.. Review experiences of the ESPACE Project (2003-2007) and identify policy barriers to implementation.. Timescale: May 2007 November 2007.. This key action will identify the barriers to implementation of adaptation at the local level.. This will help to better understand what is needed in terms of co-ordination and management to achieve adaptation to climate change within the spatial planning context.. This action is divided into two parts:.. The first part will build on.. ESPACE Part  ...   the ESPACE outputs.. This review will provide a baseline understanding of the issues being faced with respect to local implementation of the ESPACE outputs.. The second part of this action is a transnational review of common policies, processes and mechanisms that hinder the implementation of adaptation to climate change by local implementation agencies.. The review will involve identifying the key local implementation agencies, their powers, responsibilities, duties and actions.. It will then review what policies, processes and mechanisms are hindering those agencies ability to deliver adaptation to climate change at the local level..

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  • Title: Espace project part 2 key action 2
    Descriptive info: Action 1b.. Action 2.. Key action 2.. Case study in the UK to explore the issues surrounding the local implementation of climate change adaptation options.. Timescale: September 2007 - May 2008.. This real-life case study will explore the issues surrounding the local implementation and delivery of the climate change policies laid out in the.. South East of England Regional Spatial Strategy  ...   look at the barriers to implementing adaptation contained within current policies, processes and management mechanisms.. The case study will also identify the key players and will explore their needs for delivering adaptation at the local level.. It will also investigate how these needs can then be addressed and supported by the regional and national levels, including sectoral and individual behaviour change strategies..

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