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  • Title: Espace project homepage
    Descriptive info: enthält die Ergebnisse und die Strategie des ESPACE-Projekts, die zwischen September 2003 und Juni 2007 erarbeitet wurden.. wird die Arbeit der ESPACE-Partner zwischen Juli 2007 und Juli 2008 vorgestellt.. Dieser Teil greift die Probleme auf, die in Teil I bei der Implementierung von Strategien beobachtet wurden.. Außerdem wird ein neues Benchmarking-Instrument zur Überwachung und Unterstützung von Veränderungen in Organisationen entwickelt.. OutPuts..

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  • Title: Espace project homepage
    Descriptive info: Chitra Nadaraja.. omvat de outputs van de ESPACE-activiteiten tussen september 2003 en juni 2007 en de strategie die op basis daarvan is ontwikkeld.. Publications.. omvat de ESPACE-activiteiten die worden uitgevoerd tussen juli 2007 en juli 2008.. Voortbouwend op Deel I wordt nagegaan met welke belemmeringen men bij de implementatie van het beleid in de praktijk te maken krijgt.. Daarnaast zal een nieuwe benchmarking-tool worden ontwikkeld voor het doorvoeren en bijhouden van organisatieveranderingen..

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  • Title: Espace project contacts - French
    Descriptive info: Accueil.. /.. Contact.. Pour de plus amples renseignements sur le projet ESPACE, vous pouvez contacter :.. Chitra Nadarajah ESPACE Project Manager.. Tél.. +44 (0) 1962 846771.. Fax:.. +44 (0) 1962 847055.. E-Mail:.. Project Manager.. Address:.. The ESPACE Project, Environment Department, The Castle, Winchester, Hampshire SO23 8UD, UK.. Accessibilité.. Plan du site.. Top photo credit: TU-Berlin, PIK, Marc Zebisch,Marc.. edu..

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  • Title: Espace project contacts - German
    Descriptive info: Home.. Kontakt.. Kontakt.. Für weitere Informationen über das ESPACE-Projekt wenden Sie sich bitte an:.. Chitra Nadarajah ESPACE Projekt Manager.. Tel:.. Anschrift:.. The ESPACE Projekt, Environment Department, The Castle, Winchester, Hampshire SO23 8UD, Großbritannien.. Barrierefreier Zugang.. Aufbau der Webseite..

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  • Title: Espace project contacts - Dutch
    Descriptive info: Voor meer informatie over het ESPACE-project kunt u contact opnemen met:.. Chitra Nadarajah ESPACE Projectmanager.. Toegankelijkheid.. Sitemap..

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  • Title: Espace project part 1 partners
    Descriptive info: Introduction.. Strategy.. Partners.. Extension.. Recommendations.. No.. 1.. 2.. 3.. 4.. 5.. 6.. 7.. 8.. 9.. 10.. 11.. 12.. 13.. 14.. Part I.. ESPACE is funded by the.. INTERREG IIIB North West Europe.. Programme and the ESPACE Partnership.. The project has also received support from the.. Department for Communities and Local Government.. in the UK.. ESPACE Part I was founded by a group of 10 partners, spanning four North West European countries and bringing together representatives from all levels of civic society:.. Hampshire County Council.. The Environment Agency.. Regionaal Landschap Zenne, Zuun en Zoniën.. South East Climate Change Partnership.. South East England Regional Assembly.. Surrey County Council.. Waterschap Rivierenland.. West Sussex County Council.. Ministerie van VROM.. Bayerisches Landesamt für Umwelt.. Hampshire County Council is actively working towards ensuring that Hampshire and its community are prepared for the impacts, both positive and negative, that climate change has to bring.. The County Council is involved in ESPACE at two levels:.. as the Lead Partner and beneficiary, focussing on managing the Partnership as a whole in terms of finance, project reporting and communications; and.. as a Partner in the project.. ^.. Back to top.. This is the leading public body for protecting and improving the environment in England  ...   is responsible for review and monitoring of Regional Planning Guidance, and the preparation of a new Regional Spatial Strategy (RSS) for the region, ensuring that adaptation to climate change is incorporated into the Regional Policy Guidance and Regional Strategy.. It also produced first report into the likely effects of climate change in the region.. Surrey County Council is committed to working in Partnership to tackle climate change and were involved in setting up the South East Climate Change Partnership.. Waterschap Rivierenland is a water board based in the Netherlands and is responsible for assisting in policy development, water management and flood control.. Back to top.. West Sussex County Council is involved in a number of initiatives, from local to European level, relating to climate change.. The council is committed to reducing the impacts of climate change through its part in the ESPACE project.. The Dutch Ministry of Housing, Spatial Planning and the Environment are responsible for policy making and ensuring sustainable development is recognised across the Netherlands.. Bayerisches Landesamt für Umwelt.. The Bavarian Environment Agency (Landesamt für Umwelt LfU) is the central agency for all issues relating to the protection of the environment, geology and water management in Bavaria, south Germany.. 2007 ESPACE Project..

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  • Title: Espace project part 1 contact us
    Descriptive info: For more information on the ESPACE project, please contact:.. Chitra Nadarajah - ESPACE Project Manager.. The ESPACE Project, Environment Department,.. The Castle, Winchester, Hampshire SO23 8UD, UK..

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  • Title: Espace project recommendation 1
    Descriptive info: Library.. Recommendation No.. 1.. Supporting case studies.. Supporting guidance.. Supporting tools.. Example plans and policies.. Make climate change adaptation a core objective of spatial planning.. Create a robust policy framework for integrating climate adaptation into spatial planning to show what should be done and by whom.. European level:.. Adopt a clear policy on climate adaptation through the Green Paper/White Paper process.. Make a Commissioner responsible for ensuring climate adaptation is incorporated into all policy frameworks.. Make the Court of Auditors responsible for checking compliance with climate adaptation objectives.. National level:.. Develop a National Climate Adaptation Plan showing how the national spatial planning system will ensure adaptation to climate change.. Support the plan with a set of strong policies and effective fiscal and legal instruments to deliver adaptive spatial planning and development control at regional and local levels.. Regional level:.. Develop cross-cutting policies on climate adaptation in spatial plans and fully integrate climate adaptation into the development of sectoral policies.. Develop an action plan with a co-ordinated list of measures addressing all stakeholders  ...   model: influencing national regional policy.. Fränkische Saale : Investigation of climate change impacts and adequate adaptation measures.. A Climate for Change on the Manhood Peninsula.. Supporting guidance:.. Adapting to Climate Change impacts on Water Management: A Guide for Planners.. Draft climate change principles for:.. spatial planning policies.. sustainable economic prosperity.. Estimation of the impacts of climate change in a river catchment and determination of sustainable adaptation measures.. International workshop: 'Building National Climate Change Adaptation Strategies', 7 March 2007.. The 3 A's for change at project level: Awareness, Agency and Association.. Action and reflection - the key that unlocks learning.. Working for the Champion Organisation.. Supporting tools:.. Climate Change Implementation Plan.. Guiding Models and Norm Study for Water Storage: A new way of thinking?.. Stakeholder Engagement Framework on the Manhood Peninsula.. Example plans and policies:.. South East Plan.. Water Assessment.. National Administrative Agreement on Water.. Bavarian policies for integrating climate change in water management with a focus on flood protection.. Manhood Peninsula Adaptation Action Plan.. Submission Draft Core Spatial Strategy.. Back to Strategy..

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  • Title: Espace project part 1 recommendation 2
    Descriptive info: 2.. Look beyond the lifetime of your plan by understanding your climate risks.. Keep your future adaptation options open by developing an understanding of changing climate risks over the long-term (100+ years) and incorporating this knowledge into the spatial planning process.. Remember to address how adaptation of existing land-use in vulnerable locations can be managed in the longer-term.. Encourage member states to develop route maps for addressing climate risks through the next 100 years.. National level:.. Develop an understanding of climate risks over the long-term and incorporate this knowledge into  ...   to come up with innovative solutions.. Local level:.. Remember to take account of long-term climate impacts in development control decisions.. The ESPACE project.. Three Regions Climate Change Group's Adapting to climate change series of guidance documents.. :.. A checklist for development (2005).. A good practice guide for sustainable communities (2006).. A case study companion to the checklist (2007).. Outline strategic vulnerability analysis.. :.. Interactive CD - supports comparison of Transnational Approaches.. FloodRanger.. Decision Testing Tool.. Decision Pipelines Tool.. PKB Room for Rivers (national spatial river planning process for a region)..

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  • Title: Espace project part 1 recommendation 3
    Descriptive info: 3.. Combine change and risk management approaches for integrating adaptation into spatial planning:.. Managing Change - processes for establishing the right governance and management for instigating and sustaining action.. Risk Management- processes for integrating climate risks into policy-making and identify appropriate adaptation measures.. These two complementary approaches must work together to ensure that adaptation is firmly embedded into spatial planning.. Change management.. Spatial planning requires strategic change management both internally, within organisations developing and influencing spatial planning, and externally, with the people their plans will affect.. Change management needs a balance of awareness, agency and association, to ensure long-lasting action.. People are more likely to move from 'action' to 'awareness' than the other way around so it is useful to engage with people on climate change through actions they are already undertaking.. 'Awareness' is needed of the risks and opportunities posed by climate change, the impacts it will have, and of what action is required to address them.. However awareness alone will not bring about the necessary changes.. 'Agency' is the sense that actions on climate change are meaningful to those undertaking them.. 'Association', through groups and  ...   the objectives of the spatial plan.. Assess current and future climate risks to achieving these objectives.. Evaluate the effectiveness of adaptation policies and measures to manage risks to acceptable levels.. Decide on which adaptation policies and measures to adopt in the spatial plan.. Communicate to stakeholders the consequences of adaptation policies and measures and explain the consequences, including costs, of failing to act.. Raising awareness - developing effective ways of communicating climate change with young people aged 16-18 in Belgium.. Raising awareness: Information session in Galmaarden.. Scoping of adaptive capacity benchmarking matrix for SECCP.. SECCP 2006-09 Work Programme.. WSCC Awareness Raising Projects (including 10% Challenge, EcoFaith, Formula Sun).. A Climate for Change on the Manhood Peninsula.. Climate change awareness events.. Hampshire County Council: Stimulating Supporting Change.. Regional climate change partnership model.. Outline strategic vulnerability analysis.. Champions for Change.. Context - a critical issue.. Working for the Champion Organisation.. Awareness Surveys in West Sussex.. Adaptive capacity benchmarking matrix (working towards a draft Organisational Change Tool ).. Decision Testing Tool.. Tools for modelling the impacts of climate change and the consequences on the economy.. WSCC Climate Change Communication Strategy..

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  • Title: Espace project part 1 recommendation 4
    Descriptive info: 4.. Ensure an integrated approach to adaptation - both within an organisation and in partnership with others.. Internally, embed climate adaptation into strategic and operational planning across the whole of an organisation, not just the environment department, to provide the internal context that enables adaptation of its spatial planning functions.. Externally, work together with all organisations involved in spatial planning (e.. g.. managers of water, health, transport, agriculture and regeneration issues) to assess climate  ...   where policies, legislation or actions are constraining progress and what is needed to create solutions.. Where other systems operate that influence spaces and how they function, make the linkages between them and the spatial planning system.. Water Resources South East - Commentary on South East Plan housing provision.. Manhood Peninsula Partnership.. Guiding Models and Norm Study for Water Storage: A new way of thinking?.. SECCP contributions to South East Plan and Regional Economic Strategy..

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  • Archived pages: 475