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  • Title: Aboutdu
    Descriptive info: :: Home.. :: Info.. :: Klimaatverandering.. :: Nuttige links.. ::.. Sitemap.. :: Toegankelijkheid.. De in grijs weergegeven links zijn alleen toegankelijk voor leden.. HOME.. INFO.. Samenwerkingsverband.. Kernacties.. Resultaten.. Nieuws en publicaties.. Rapporten en artikelen.. Brochures.. Nieuwsbrieven.. Persberichten.. Meer achtergrondinformatie.. Contact en feedback.. KLIMAATVERANDERING.. Aanpassing.. Voorbeelden van aanpassing.. EXTENDED PARTNERS.. Doe ook mee.. Overzicht van de acties.. Informatiebasis.. Evaluatie van beleid.. Bewustwording.. Casestudy s.. Beleidsontwikkeling.. Gemeenschappelijke strategie en beleidskader.. Documentenbibliotheek.. Database met contactgegevens.. Update project.. Halfjaarlijks NWE-activiteitenrapport.. PARTNER- INTRANET.. Prikbord met vergaderingen en algemene activiteiten.. Handboek.. Project Management  ...   Logos.. Officieel briefpapier.. Powerpoint-presentatie.. NUTTIGE LINKS.. TOEGANG.. Terug maar boven.. 2004-Copyright ESPACE Project.. Contact email:.. jill.. rankin@hants.. gov.. uk.. Four workshops aimed at developing the project delivery/outcomes;.. Four technical conferences that will focus on current issues and projects ongoing within North West Europe;.. An International Conference (hosted by the Ministerie van VROM) that will provide guidance and input into the common transnational strategy and the spatial planning policy guidance being developed by ESPACE.. A final End of Project Conference that will launch the dissemination of project results..

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  • Title: Espace Homepage
    Descriptive info: ::Accueil.. ::À propos.. ::Changement climatique.. ::Liens utiles.. ::Plan du site.. ::Accessibilité.. Plan du site.. Les zones grisées sont réservées aux membres.. ACCUEIL.. À PROPOS.. Partenariat.. Actions Clés.. Résultats.. Infos Publications.. Rapports et articles.. Bulletins d information.. Communiqués de presse.. Informations supplémentaires.. Contacts Feed-back.. CHANGEMENT CLIMATIQUE.. Adaptation.. Exemples d adaptation.. Atténuation.. PARTENARIAT ÉLARGI.. Participez.. Résumé des actions.. Base de données informations.. Ajustement des politiques.. Sensibilisation.. Pilotes.. Développement  ...   contacts.. Mise à jour évolution du projet.. Rapport d activités semestriel ENO.. INTRANET DU PARTENARIAT.. Comptes rendus de réunion et événements de portée générale.. Manuel.. Équipe de gestion de projet.. Ordres du jour.. Comptes rendus.. Rapports et exposés.. Bibliothèque du partenariat.. Plans d action / rapports d activités Action plans/Activity Reports.. Outils de communication.. Papier à en-tête.. Présentation Powerpoint.. LIENS UTILES.. ACCESSIBILITÉ.. Haut de page.. joel.. bateman@hants..

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  • Title: Climate Change English
    Descriptive info: :: About.. :: Climate Change.. :: Useful Links.. :: Site Map.. :: Accessibility.. Partnership.. Key Actions.. Outcomes.. News & Publications.. Contacts.. Articles and Reports.. In the NEWS.. Reports.. Download Acrobat reader to view PDF files.. D.. ue to copyright issues, we cannot provide on-line copies of articles.. If you would like to obtain back-copies of the following references, you will need to contact.. or the publisher directly using the links provided.. All reports are available in full to all Extended Partners, to join for free, visit the '.. get involved'.. section of the website.. ESPACE Guiding models for water storage- Final Report.. (also available.. in Dutch.. ).. This report presents thirteen Guiding Models for multiple space use.. Guiding models are an important instrument in finding locations for water storage in combination with other functions.. Guiding models are not only applicable in the Gelderse Rivierengebied, but also on a national level and for the European partners of the ESPACE programme.. Behavioural Change Final Report -.. How can local authorities stimulate support behavioural change in response to climate change?.. Now available in Extended Partner's Library (under ESPACE Outputs - see Raising awareness - access by Extended Partners Only.. To join, see '.. Get Involved.. ').. Practitioners' Guide / Toolkit for Climate Change Adaptation.. now in Extended Partner's Library (under ESPACE Outputs- Development of Tools and Models.. - access by Extended Partners Only.. ').. Draft South East Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation Implementation Plan Consultation.. Now in Extended Partner's Library (under Partner Documents - SEERA).. Extended Partners have been invited to respond to consultation.. Land Use Consultants, in association with Royal  ...   Planning.. Planning Magazine.. (The Journal of the Royal Town Planning Institute) ' ODPM backtracks after rejecting policy appeal, p2, 3rd February 2006).. (The Journal of the Royal Town Planning Institute) 'ODPM shuns call for climate guidance', p2 , 2nd December 2005.. Planum -.. The European Journal of Planning on-line.. (in German) November 2005.. Wave 105 FM Radio for the South of England, 29th November 2005.. Nature.. 'Climate proofing the Netherlands'.. Pavel Kabat, Pier Vellinga and colleagues.. Vol.. 438|17 November 2005.. European Geosciences Union.. (issue no.. 13, October 2005).. RTPI Environmental Planning Protection Network.. Bulletin 'Blueprint for a changing climate: how the planning system can deliver adaptation to climate change' No.. 12, October 2005.. Edie News.. 'Planners and Developers join forces to look at climate change' 26th September 2005.. Industrie, Technique et Management.. 'Le retour des maisons sur pilotis?' p14, September 2005.. Weather Magazine.. (The Royal Meteorological Society)'European Spatial Planning:Adapting to Climate Events' p 190-196, July 2005, vol 60, No.. 7.. Eg Magazine.. Volume 11, No.. 4, May/June 2005.. Planning Magazine.. (The Journal of the Royal Town Planning Institute)'Viable example set on climate change' p14-15, 6th May 2005.. Climate Change Management.. ' Adapting to Climate Change in Europe', p8, Issue 25, April 2005.. 'Preparing for climate change' 8th April 2005.. Environment Local.. (Lettre Hebdomadaire) Risques - S'adapter au changement Climatique.. No.. 727, 9th Décembre 2004.. (Lettre Hebdomadaire)'ESPACE: un programme sur L'adaptation au changement climatique.. Un programme permettant de Bénéficier du Feder'.. no.. 720, 21st Octobre 2004.. Planning.. Magazine.. (The Journal of the Royal Town Planning Institute)'News In Brief: European Spatial Planning: Adapting to Climate Events' p3, 9 January 2004.. Back..

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  • Title: Climate Change English
    Descriptive info: Leaflets.. ave d umate c.. ESPACE General Information Leaflet, available in English, French, Dutch German.. Wa.. Download the ESPACE leaflet below.. Please download both the front and back files for a complete view of the leaflet.. If you would like a hard copy of the leaflet, please contact.. uk.. English.. Front(1.. 3MB).. Back (1.. 5MB).. German.. Dutch.. Front (1.. 57MB).. French.. As part of ESPACE awareness raising activities,.. West  ...   Climate Change and the need for adaptation.. The first focuses on West Sussex and the second leaflet focuses on the Manhood Peninsula case study.. Only Available in English.. If you would like a hard copy of the leaflet, please e-mail.. espace@westsussex.. Across West Sussex.. Front Cover (3.. 65 MB).. Inside (3.. 39 MB).. Manhood Peninsula.. Full Leaflet (1.. 77MB).. Manhood Peninsula.. Brochure on Workshop outputs and processes.. Full Leaflet (673KB)..

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  • Title: Newsletters
    Descriptive info: Newsletters.. Download a pdf of the latest newsletter:.. Issue no.. 3.. 2005-2006 (Also available in.. ,.. and.. ).. 2.. 2004-2005 (Also available in.. Back issues:.. 1.. 2003-2004 (Also available in..

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  • Title: Press releases - eng
    Descriptive info: Press Releases.. The links below will open in another browser window.. Hampshire Hosts EU Climate Change Conference.. Date Published: 14/10/2005.. A major conference on how the planning system can - and must - adapt to climate change is being hosted by Hampshire County Council, as lead partner in the European Commission-funded ESPACE project, at the end of this month.. `Blueprint for a Changing Climate: How the Planning System Can Deliver Adaptation to Climate Change' takes place on 29 November at Winchester Guildhall.. The event has attracted speakers from the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister, the Planning Officers Society, Environment Agency, Association of British Insurers, the British Property Federation and Friends of the Earth.. Read more.. UK EU Presidency Conference debates how the planning system can deliver adaptation to climate change.. Date Published: 15/09/2005.. On the 29th November, the ESPACE Project is holding a UK EU Presidency Conference Blueprint for a Changing Climate: how the planning system can deliver adaptation to climate change, to review how well the planning system in England is delivering adaptation to climate  ...   on adaptation to climate change and to discuss how this can be incorporated into spatial planning at all levels.. Read More.. Land Use Consultants have been appointed by the ESPACE Project Partnership to undertake the first stage of work for the Project.. Date Published:10/02/2004.. The ESPACE project has recently appointed Land Use Consultants in association with Royal Haskoning and the University of Duisburg-Essen, to undertake the first stage of the project: developing an information and knowledge base.. This will provide project partners with a common understanding of how each of the partner countries operates with respect to climate change and spatial planning.. Planning Projects Get 1.. 7 million boost.. Date Published:29/07/2003.. Fourteen projects to tackle a range of problems, from enhancing local transport links to improving the quality of coastal and recreational waters, are to get a 1.. 7 boost, Planning Minister Keith Hill announced today.. Spotlight on Climate Change with EU Funding.. Date Published:24/06/2003.. The European Union (EU) has awarded Hampshire County Council and partners 1.. 7 million for a four-year project on adaptation to climate change..

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  • Title: Climate Change English
    Descriptive info: Adaptation.. Mitigation.. Examples of adaptation strategies.. Water resources.. Development of new water sources e.. g.. - reservoirs, boreholes, desalinisation or bulk movement.. Incorporation of water efficient devices and appliances.. Recycling of rainwater/grey water in developments.. Installation of water meters.. Flooding.. Avoid new development in high risk areas.. Improve flood awareness, risk identification and forecasting.. Flood storage in catchments.. Sustainable drainage schemes (SuDS) integrated into new developments.. Buildings and Infrastructure.. Revise specifications  ...   the existing stock to meet new specifications.. Nature Conservation.. Facilitated colonisation process removal of barriers to natural ecological processes.. Re-creation or restoration of habitats which are under serious threat.. Improve protection management of existing designated areas.. Transport.. Flood proof or re-site infrastructure and plan routes to minimise disruption.. Re-examine road structural design.. Implement remedial work for existing roads.. Source: DETR May 2000.. Potential UK Adaptation Strategies for Climate Change.. Photos:The Environment Agency..

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  • Title: Key Actions - English
    Descriptive info: Get involved!.. Find out more.. about the benefits of becoming an Extended Partner and what it would involve.. Please read this before submitting an application.. Join today!.. If you would like to join the Extended Partnership, please fill in the following form or alternatively.. download.. a word version and send to.. EXTENDED PARTNERSHIP APPLICATION FORM.. Name of organisation.. Contact 1:.. Job title.. Contact 2:.. Address:.. Telephone number.. Fax number.. E-mail address 1:.. E-mail address 2:.. Please explain the main role and responsibility of your organisation:.. What can  ...   the Extended Partnership?.. How did you hear about ESPACE?.. What group of Extended Partners (levels 1-3) would your organisation be most interested in?.. 1.. 2.. (Please refer to the.. membership brief.. for a description on the different levels of involvement).. Do you give consent for your contact details to be made available to the members of the Extended Partnership and the ESPACE Partnership?.. If you are aware of any other organisation that would like to become an Extended Partner, please provide their contact details including an e-mail address:..

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  • Title: Contact- German
    Descriptive info: Über uns.. :: Klimawandel.. ::Nützliche Links.. :: Zugang.. Barrierefreier Zugang.. ESPACE bemüht sich um einen barrierefreien Zugang zu dieser Webseite, die nach speziellen Zugänglichkeitsrichtlinien erstellt wurde.. Falls Sie bei der Nutzung dieser Webseite Probleme feststellen oder Anregungen zur Verbesserung der Zugänglichkeit dieser Webseite haben, wenden Sie sich bitte an:.. Layout.. Der Text ist in Stylesheets gefasst, so dass die Benutzer den Text in ihrem Browser ihren individuellen Bedürfnissen entsprechend verändern können.. Falls Sie Probleme beim Lesen der Texte haben, können Sie die Schriftgröße in Ihrem Browser anpassen.. Die Abbildungen auf den einzelnen Seiten sind mit Alt-Attributen versehen, die die entsprechenden Bildbeschreibungen enthalten.. Alle Seiten besitzen html-Titel.. Links zu anderen Dokumenten werden in der Regel in einem neuen Fenster vor der ESPACE-Webseite geöffnet, das wieder geschlossen werden kann, ohne die Webseite  ...   Alt + 0 - Wechsel zur Rubrik Navigation.. Alt + 1 - Wechsel zur Startseite.. Alt + 2 - Wechsel zur Rubrik Über uns.. Alt + 3 - Wechsel zur Rubrik Klimawandel.. Alt + 4 - Wechsel zur Rubrik Nützliche Links.. Alt + 5 - Wechsel zur Rubrik Aufbau der Webseite.. Alt + 6 - Wechsel zur Rubrik Erweiterte Partnerschaft.. Alt + 7 - Wechsel zur Rubrik Partner-Intranet.. Punkte der Untermenüs und Links im Text können mit Hilfe der TAB-Taste aufgerufen werden.. Aufbau der Webseite.. Eine Übersicht des.. Aufbaus der ESPACE-Webseite.. hilft Ihnen bei der Navigation durch die einzelnen Seiten.. PDF-Dateien.. Auf dieser Webseite steht eine Reihe von PDF-Dateien zum Download bereit.. Informationen zur barrierefreien Nutzung dieser Dateien finden Sie auf einer speziellen Webseite von.. Access Adobe.. 2004-Copyright ESPACE Projekt.. email:..

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  • Title: Espace project accessibility page - Dutch
    Descriptive info: Home.. /.. Toegankelijkheid.. ESPACE streeft naar een optimale toegankelijkheid van de website en heeft deze zo veel mogelijk volgens de toegankelijkheidsrichtlijnen ontworpen.. Als u problemen hebt met de toegang tot deze site of als u suggesties hebt voor verbetering van de toegankelijkheid, kunt u contact opnemen met Jill Cook.. Lay-out.. De tekst is opgemaakt met behulp van stijlbladen.. De gebruiker kan deze in zijn eigen browser wijzigen om de weergave aan te passen aan zijn eigen wensen.. Als u de tekst moeilijk kunt lezen, kunt u in uw browsermenu de tekengrootte aanpassen.. Voor de afbeeldingen op de pagina s zijn alt tags gebruikt.. Alle pagina s hebben html-paginatitels.. Links naar andere documenten worden over het algemeen in een nieuw venster geopend.. U kunt deze vensters sluiten zonder dat u de site verlaat.. Access Keys.. De ESPACE-website beschikt over een sneltoetsfunctionaliteit.. Deze sneltoetsen  ...   site kunt u de volgende sneltoetscombinaties gebruiken:.. Alt + 0 -.. Ga naar Toegankelijkheidsverklaring.. Alt + 1 -.. Ga naar Homepage.. Alt + 2 -.. Ga naar Sitemap.. Alt + 3 -.. Ga naar Contact opnemen.. Alt + 4 -.. Ga naar Deel 1 Inleiding.. Alt + 5 -.. Ga naar Deel 2 Inleiding.. Alt + 6 -.. Ga naar Franse versie.. Alt + 7 -.. Ga naar Duitse versie.. Alt + 8 -.. Ga naar Nederlandse versie.. Via de tab-toets krijgt u toegang tot submenulinks of tekstlinks op een pagina.. Met behulp van de.. sitemap.. van de ESPACE-website kunt u snel vinden wat u zoekt op de site.. PDFs.. De site bevat een aantal PDF-links.. Klik op de volgende link naar de.. Access Adobe-website.. om een PDF-document met een screenreader te kunnen lezen.. Contact.. Top photo credit: TU-Berlin, PIK, Marc Zebisch,Marc.. edu..

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  • Title: Espace project accessibility page - French
    Descriptive info: Accueil.. Accessibilit.. ESPACE tient compte des problèmes d accessibilit et a construit le prsent site Internet en se conformant autant que possible aux directives en la matière.. Si vous prouvez des difficults d accès à ce site ou si vous dsirez suggrer des amliorations en termes d accessibilit, veuillez prendre contact avec Jill Cook.. Mise en page.. Les textes sont mis en page avec des feuilles de style afin que les utilisateurs puissent les modifier dans leur navigateur pour les visualiser plus aisment selon leurs exigences.. En cas de difficult de lecture du texte, vous pouvez modifier la taille de la police dans le menu de votre navigateur.. Les images sont dcrites par des balises « alt » et toutes les pages ont des titres de page htm.. Les liens vers d autres documents ouvrent en principe une nouvelle fenêtre du navigateur, de sorte que  ...   correspondant, relâcher et appuyer ensuite sur Entre (RETURN) ; pour les utilisateurs Mac, maintenir simplement la touche Ctrl enfonce, ensuite celle du chiffre correspondant.. Les combinaisons de touches utilises sur le site sont les suivantes :.. Aller à la page Accessibilit.. Aller à la page d'accueil.. Aller au plan du site.. Nous contacter.. Aller à l'introduction Partie 1.. Aller à l'introduction Partie 2.. Aller à traduction française.. Aller à traduction allemande.. Aller à traduction nerlandaise.. Les lments des sous-menus ou les liens textuels sur une page sont accessibles avec la touche de tabulation.. Le site du projet ESPACE comporte un.. plan du site.. vous permet d orienter votre navigation.. Fichiers PDF.. Le site comporte des liens vers des fichiers au format PDF dont la visualisation requiert le logiciel de lecture Acrobat que l on peut tlécharger en suivant le lien.. Accès au site Internet Adobe.. Accessibilité..

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