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  • Title: Espace project homepage
    Descriptive info: .. This website summarises the work of ESPACE (European Spatial Planning: Adapting to Climate Events) - a groundbreaking five year project led by Hampshire County Council and funded by the European Commission s North West Europe INTERREG IIIB Programme, the ESPACE Partnership and the Department for Communities and Local Government.. ESPACE influenced the philosophy and practice of spatial planning by recommending how adaptation to climate change can be incorporated into spatial planning policies, processes and practices.. Concentrating on water management issues, it was one of the first projects of its kind to focus on increasing awareness of the need for spatial planning systems to adapt to the impacts of climate change and to begin to provide some of the necessary policy guidance, tools and mechanisms to incorporate adaptation into planning systems and processes.. Recognising that climate change is a global issue transcending political boundaries, ESPACE was founded by a transnational group of 10 partners, also known as the ESPACE Partnership , spanning four North West European countries and bringing together representatives from all levels of civic society.. They include, Hampshire County Council  ...   on the spatial planning agenda across Europe.. It has been highlighted as an.. exemplar.. project in a final.. publication.. by the Interreg IIIB programme.. This website represents the outputs of both phases of the ESPACE Project.. As the project is now complete this website will no longer be updated.. For further information about the ESPACE Project please contact:.. Chitra Nadarajah.. ESPACE (2003-2007).. This section presents the ESPACE Project's key outputs final strategy from work carried out between Sept 2003 - June 2007.. The Strategy: Planning in a Changing Climate is the major output from ESPACE.. Strategy: Planning in a Changing Climate.. Outputs and publications.. Partners Site.. Extension (2007 -2008).. This section presents the work undertake during a one year extension to the ESPACE Project between July 2007 July 2008.. This builds on ESPACE by examining the barriers to implementing policies on the ground.. A new benchmarking tool to monitor and support organisational change will also be developed.. Outputs and Publications.. Accessibility.. |.. Site Map.. Contact Us.. 2007 ESPACE Project.. photo credit: TU-Berlin, PIK, marc zebisch, marc.. zebisch@eurac.. edu,.. alex cruickshank, freefoto.. com..

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  • Title: Espace project contacts
    Descriptive info: Home.. /.. Contact.. For more information on the ESPACE project, please contact:.. Chitra Nadarajah ESPACE Project Manager.. Tel:.. +44 (0) 1962 846771.. Fax:.. +44 (0) 1962 847055.. E-Mail:.. Project Manager.. Address:.. The ESPACE Project, Environment Department, The Castle, Winchester, Hampshire SO23 8UD, UK.. Top photo credit: TU-Berlin, PIK, Marc Zebisch,Marc.. edu..

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  • Title: Espace project part 1 Introduction
    Descriptive info: Introduction.. Strategy.. Partners.. Extension.. Recommendations.. No.. 1.. 2.. 3.. 4.. 5.. 6.. 7.. 8.. 9.. 10.. 11.. 12.. 13.. 14.. Part I.. Planning in a Changing Climate.. This area of the website will give you access to the final outputs of the ESPACE project from work undertaken between September 2003 and June 2007.. 'Planning in a Changing Climate'.. is the final project strategy of PART I that aims to influence the philosophy and practice of spatial planning by recommending how adaptation to climate change can be incorporated.. The strategy contains a set of 14 recommendations that are complemented by a series of case studies, tools and examples of policy advice developed by the ESPACE Partnership.. Why adaptation to climate change must be addressed in spatial planning.. What we mean by spatial planning.. Focus of the ESPACE project.. The final strategy, policy guidance, tools and case studies were developed in close collaboration with.. Acclimatise.. Why adaptation to climate change must be addressed in spatial planning.. We now know that man-made climate change has been underway since the mid-20th century and is having significant effects around the world.. IPCC - Climate Change 2007.. Mitigation measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions are essential if we are to avoid the worst effects of climate change.. Yet, however successful we are at reducing emissions, we will  ...   Review.. on the economics of climate change highlighted the crucial role of spatial planning in facilitating climate adaptation and emphasised that adaptation should be integrated into planning at every level.. With climate change underway and future change unavoidable, all professional advice and political decisions must now take climate change into account.. ^.. Back to top.. What we mean by spatial planning.. This strategy uses the following definition of spatial planning:.. Spatial planning is a process that assimilates and interprets evidence-based knowledge to inform those activities that aim to ensure spatial development takes place in an appropriate, sustainable way, from a functional, social, economic and environmental point of view.. We take a broad view of spatial planning, encompassing spatial planning professionals and those whose activities have a spatial planning dimension, such as managers of water, health, transport, design, agriculture and regeneration issues.. The strategy therefore presents messages aimed at organisations and individuals involved in spatial planning, including politicians, who are the ultimate decision-makers in the policy-making process.. Recognising the vital role of spatial planning in enabling society to adapt to climate change, the ESPACE project aims to change the philosophy and practice of spatial planning.. ESPACE has focused on managing climate change impacts on spatial planning for water management, including:.. flooding coastal, estuarine and riverine,.. water resources,.. water quality.. 2007 ESPACE Project..

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  • Title: Espace project part 1 strategy
    Descriptive info: Strategy.. Download a copy of the Final Strategy.. The strategy, 'Planning in a Changing Climate' contains a set of 14 recommendations that are complemented by a series of case studies, tools and examples of policy advice developed by the ESPACE Partnership.. The 14 recommendations are aimed at all levels of governance, including European institutions, national governments and regional and local authorities.. The strategy also includes additional messages for specific governance levels where appropriate.. Click on each of the 14 recommendations below to access more information and relevant case studies.. 14 key recommendations:.. Make climate change adaptation a core objective of spatial planning.. Look beyond the lifetime of your plan by understanding your climate risks.. Combine change and risk management approaches for integrating adaptation into spatial  ...   appropriate research on climate risks to inform the spatial planning process at an early stage.. Assess the vulnerabilities to, and opportunities from changing climate across all spatial planning policy areas.. Identify spatial planning policies and measures to manage the risks identified in the vulnerability analyses.. Assess the level of climate adaptation provided by the spatial plan as a whole.. Implement the adaptation policies in individual planning/development decisions and explain clearly to stakeholders what the residual climate risks will be.. Develop ambitious long-term solutions to address the challenges that climate change poses to existing, unadapted development and other land uses.. Foster 'climate adaptation champions'.. Politicians must accept that climate change requires long-term perspectives in policy-making - longer than political mandates.. Concluding remarks - an ongoing process..

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  • Title: Espace project homepage
    Descriptive info: Outputs and Publications.. Library.. This library contains documents and information on the outputs of ESPACE.. It is subdivided into two main categories; ESPACE Outputs and Partner Documents.. You can also use the more general Google search to find information relating to key words.. ESPACE Outputs.. Select from the dropdown below to view ESPACE outputs relating  ...   Information Base.. Development Tools and Models.. Final Partnership Outputs.. Policy Review.. Raising Awareness.. Partner Documents.. Select from the dropdown below to view ESPACE outputs relating to specific partners.. Environment Agency.. Hampshire County Council.. Lead Partner.. RLZZZ.. Climate South East.. South East England Regional Assembly.. VROM.. West Sussex County Council.. General Search.. Google Search.. Search ESPACE..

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  • Title: Partner's Intranet
    Descriptive info: :: Home.. :: About.. :: Climate Change.. :: Useful Links.. :: Site Map.. :: Accessibility.. Project Management Team.. Workshops.. Technical Conferences.. Action Plans & Activity Reports.. EP Exchange.. Partner Update.. Communications Toolkit.. Partner Contacts.. Logout.. Partner's Intranet Login.. The Partner s Intranet is a private forum designed to help Partners communicate with each other.. If you are a valid Partner, please login to the site using the login form below.. Username.. Password.. 2004-Copyright ESPACE Project.. Contact email:.. ESPACE Enquiries..

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  • Title: Espace project part 2 introduction
    Descriptive info: Key Actions.. Extended Partnership.. Part I.. Part II.. Espace Part II.. Through the delivery of.. ESPACE Part I.. , we have found that there are some major obstacles to the delivery and implementation of adaptation to climate change at the local level.. ESPACE Part II.. will build on the earlier ESPACE work by developing some of the ideas and challenges that have been uncovered.. Through a combination of research and two focused  ...   adaptation fail to be translated into actions on the ground.. This will improve our understanding of what is needed in terms of co-ordination and management to achieve adaptation to climate change.. Develop an Organisational Change Tool through in depth evidence and theory based research.. This tool will give organisations a clear understanding of the things that need to work together and be supported for them to be able to respond to climate risks..

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  • Title: Espace project part 2 news
    Descriptive info: Part 1.. ESPACE has delivered a wide range of outputs that provide both a strategy for how spatial planning can better incorporate adaptation and concrete guidance for planners wanting to deliver adaptation on the ground.. Through its successful delivery, ESPACE has influenced the philosophy and practice of spatial planning across Europe.. The ESPACE Project was split into two key phases the core project which ran from 2003 to 2007 and a one year extension which ran from 2007-2008.. The Extension focused on understanding why the delivery of adaptation to climate change at the local level is still difficult, even where appropriate policies are in place.. The Extension investigated key barriers to adaptation  ...   and Spatial Planning: Decision Support Guidance.. Adaptive Capacity Benchmarking: Handbook and Tool Kit.. Awareness.. Agency.. Leadership.. Agents of Change.. Working Together.. Learning.. Managing Operations.. Programme Scope.. Expertise.. Organisational Change Tool Pathways Template.. Pathways.. Hampshire Couty Council Lead Partner.. Key Areas of Influence 2003-2008.. What policies present barriers to adaptation in the UK and the Netherlands?.. SEERA.. Overcoming Barriers to the Delivery of Climate Change Adaptation.. Adaptation to climate change (EU/ Espace) International search and workshop.. Waterschap Rivierenland.. Obstacles to the delivery of adaptation to climate change (water storage).. For Publications from ESPACE part 1.. Click here.. If you have not been able to find what you are looking for please do a search:..

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  • Title: Espace project accessibility page
    Descriptive info: ESPACE supports accessibility issues and has tried to build this website in accordance with accessibility guidelines.. If you have any problems accessing this site or would like to suggest possible improvements to the accessibility of the site please contact Jill Cook.. Layout.. Text is laid out using stylesheets in order that users can change them in their browsers to make viewing easier for their individual requirements.. If you find viewing the text difficult then you can change the text size in your browser menu.. The images that appear on the pages are described by alt tags and all pages have html page titles.. Links to other documents usually open in new browser windows in front, so that you can close these windows without closing the site.. Access Keys.. The ESPACE website incorporates ACCESSKEY functionality.. These keys can be used to navigate the  ...   to accessibility statement.. Alt + 1 -.. Go to home page.. Alt + 2 -.. Go to site map.. Alt + 3 -.. Go to contact us.. Alt + 4 -.. Go to part 1 of the project.. Alt + 5 -.. Go to part 2 of the project.. Alt + 6 -.. Go to the French translation.. Alt + 7 -.. Go to the German translation.. Alt + 8 -.. Go to the Dutch translation.. Items on submenus or text links on a page can be accessed by using the tab key.. There is a.. site map.. of the ESPACE website which can help you navigation around the site.. PDFs.. There are a number of PDF links on the site, if you would like to read a PDF document with a screen reader please follow this link to the.. Access Adobe website..

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  • Title: Espace project sitemap
    Descriptive info: Part 1.. Recommendation No.. 1.. Recommendation No 2.. Recommendation No 3.. Recommendation No 4.. Recommendation No 5.. Recommendation No 6.. Recommendation No 7.. Recommendation No 8.. Recommendation No 9.. Recommendation No 10.. Recommendation No 11.. Recommendation No 12.. Recommendation No 13.. Recommendation No 14.. Part 2.. Key Actions No.. Key Actions No 2.. Key Actions No 3.. Key Actions No 4.. Key Actions No 5.. Key Actions No 6.. News.. Extended Partnership.. Application Form.. Outcomes..

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  • Title: Espace project homepage
    Descriptive info: présente les résultats et la stratégie finale du projet ESPACE à partir des actions réalisées entre septembre 2003 et juin 2007.. Publications.. est consacrée aux activités du partenariat ESPACE entreprises entre juillet 2007 et juillet 2008.. Elle se base sur la Partie I en examinant les obstacles à la mise en œuvre des stratégies sur le terrain.. Un nouvel outil d'évaluation a également été mis au point pour suivre et encadrer le changement organisationnel.. OutPuts..

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