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  • Title: dallasmusic.org/index
    Descriptive info: .. dallasmusic.. org.. a non-profit musical instrument resource site.. Currently on this site:.. The Schilke Loyalist.. Jim Donaldson's page all about Schilke horns and mouthpieces.. and the writings of Renold Schilke.. The Trumpet Gearhead.. Jim Donaldson's answers to a few frequently,.. or at least occasionally, asked questions.. The Boneyard.. Brian Stewart's thoughts, musings and positions.. on the subject of the Trombone.. Julius Keilwerth Brass.. All about trumpets and trombones made by the..  ...   non-profit host for musical instrument resource sites.. org is in need of content contributors.. If you have an interest/expertise that pertains to musical instruments (a certain instrument, brand, vintage, era, genre, etc.. ), we may be able to provide you with free web space.. Please contact us if interested.. If you have any questions or comments about this site, please contact:.. Jim Donaldson.. Sponsored by:.. Dallas Music.. an online used musical instrument store..

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  • Title: Julius Keilwerth (JK) Brass - Home
    Descriptive info: Dieses Website Auf.. Deutsch.. translated thru Google.. JK Brass Owners Are The Key To Saving The Information!.. About the Julius Keilwerth Brass Information Center -.. This site was born out of the need to collect information on my late 1970's vintage JK Student model Trumpet.. If you do an Internet search looking for J.. K.. Trumpet information you wont find much.. The J.. Brass Information Center is designed to collect and pass along information on the wonderfully made and extremely enjoyable line of Brass (trumpets and trombones)  ...   be preserved.. For that we need you.. If you know of or have information or photo's please contact us and pass the information along.. I need your JK Trumpet's / Trombone's Serial Number!.. Do you have the date your JK was purchased?.. If so, please send me the date.. originally.. purchased and the model and serial number on the horn.. You can email the information to.. webmaster@policeofficer.. com.. or use the.. Feedback form.. Send mail to.. with questions or comments about this web site.. Last modified: 02/21/04..

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  • Title: The Schilke Loyalist
    Descriptive info: By Jim Donaldson.. Introduction.. From the Author.. History and Background of Schilke Musical Products, Inc.. Quantity and Quality.. Trumpets and cornets.. B flat trumpets.. A Note about the Irrelevance of Bore Size.. A Strategy for Testing Schilke B-flat Trumpets.. C trumpets.. Cornets.. Small trumpets.. Piccolo trumpets.. Schilke serial numbers/year of manufacture.. Prices on used Schilke instruments: an e-Bay auction survey.. Options.. Bell, slide and finish options.. The Bell-Tuned Trumpet, by Dr.. Colin Bloch.. Aftermarket products made for Schilke trumpets and cornets.. Repair and Restoration by Schilke.. The Yamalloy valve curse.. Valve Alignment.. Other Schilke instruments.. Schilke Trumpets from 1956 to 1961.. The M Series.. The Schilke flugelhorn.. The Schilke trombone and other instruments.. Trumpet mouthpieces.. Schilke mouthpiece labeling system.. Schilke mouthpiece models (with additional commentary by the  ...   Clinic.. Nodal pattern of the inner brass.. Materials and their affect on the acoustics of brass instruments.. Findings on the three different finishes of instruments.. How to Select a Mouthpiece.. Dimensional Characteristics of Brass Mouthpieces.. Trumpet Leader Pipe Design.. Practical Physics for Trumpeters and Teachers.. Schilke ball caps and t-shirts for sale.. The Schilke Loyalist in Japanese?.. For Jim Donaldson's answers to a few frequently,.. or at least occasionally, asked questions, go to:.. Last revised: August 12, 2008.. I am interested in comments, anecdotes, trivia, observations,.. proof-reading errors, dead links, and corrections.. Please send them.. to:.. This site brought to you courtesy of Philip Smith and.. and is included among the latest.. Top 25 Online Trumpet Resources.. 1999 - 2008 by James F.. Donaldson.. All rights reserved..

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  • Title: The Trumpet Gearhead
    Descriptive info: The Gearhead Consumer Report.. How should I test a new trumpet?.. When I am testing a trumpet, what exactly am I testing it for?.. What pro quality B flat trumpet should I buy?.. (revised and updated as of May 2008).. Yeah, but what about student trumpets?.. What flugelhorn should I buy?.. What piccolo trumpet should I buy?.. What is a pocket trumpet and why are they so cute?.. What do I give a trumpet student for Christmas?.. What is the deal with the Yamaha Silent Brass?.. What about all the 'regular' practice mutes out there?.. Mouthpieces.. What is the "correct" placement on the chops for the trumpet mouthpiece?.. What mouthpiece should I get after my  ...   can I make a practice mute out of a Renuzit air freshener?.. How can I build a (fake but serviceable) baroque trumpet at home?.. History, mostly obscure.. Whatever happened to Couesnon?.. Have we mourned adequately the fate of Benge?.. Who was on the committee that designed the Martin Committee?.. Other odds and ends, mostly odds.. How do I empty all the water from my trumpet without using the spit valves?.. Now that I have braces, what do I do?.. If my trumpet were a car, what make would it be?.. Check out Jim Donaldson's other trumpet page,.. Last revised: October 14, 2008.. Please e-mail your comments or observations to:.. and is included among the ITG..

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  • Title: The Bone Yard
    Descriptive info: The Bone Yard.. Brian Stewart’s thoughts, musings and positions on the subject of the trombone.. Trombone Topics:.. Never picked a bone before?.. My thoughts on buying a student trombone.. Outgrowing your first bone?.. Some things to consider when buying your next trombone.. What is an F Attachment and what is it used for?.. What exactly is  ...   Stuff.. Links to some.. manufacturers.. web sites and a few instrument dealers.. Is my child’s Band Director getting kickbacks from the local music store?.. Brian Stewart began playing trombone in the 5.. th.. grade in 1975 and has been a public school Band instructor since 1988.. Feedback is welcome, as are your questions.. Please write to.. jamsbandman@msn..

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  • Title: JK Brass - Feedback Page
    Descriptive info: The form is not working correctly, please send an email to.. Thanks,.. Glenn..

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  • Title: JK Brass - Why?
    Descriptive info: Why?.. I know you really want to know why this site is here.. Why are Julius Keilwerth Trumpets so good?.. Keilwerth made, and still makes, great horns.. They are world renown for their saxophones - their only current offering.. Their saxophones are truly great horns.. When they were making brass instruments that was no exception.. The tonal quality and playability of my lowly  ...   good.. In my opinion they are.. But I will concede that no, JK Brass Instruments are not of the same quality as a Benge or a Bach Stradivarius.. This site is here, as the sites homepage said - because there was NO INFORMATION available anywhere else on these instruments.. This site is dedicated to collecting that information and preserving it for the future..

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  • Title: JK Brass - History
    Descriptive info: J.. Trumpet History.. Faxed copy of a 1960's vintage JK Catalogue.. The catalogue is in German.. Julius Keilwerth.. Since 1925, Keilwerth has been producing saxophones in a traditional way.. 70 years of experience and expertise have made the company one of the leading saxophone makers world wide.. Today and in future, this position is based on constant quality improvements and skilled craftsmanship combined with the most modern production techniques together with the company’s spirit and the commitment of its employees.. It is a company making high value saxophones with feeling and passion which are preferred by many world class saxophone players.. Company Founder.. A continuous change of experience between Keilwerth and top musicians from all over the world has always been beneficial to the quality of the instruments and thus to the musician.. Professionals and amateurs do not only value the quality associated with the Keilwerth name.. Saxophone players of all types of music and styles also appreciate the reliable customer service provided by the company.. The company Julius Keilwerth, established in 1925 started as a small woodwind shop and progressed within 10 years into one of the best known makers of saxophones worldwide.. After World War II, Keilwerth.. moved to Nauheim, near Frankfurt.. Until 1962 the company was managed by the founder Julius  ...   Toneking Super Deluxe.. Both Deluxe trumpets were professional models.. All Keilwerth trumpets were made from brass and had nickel-silver inner slides.. They were available in gold lacquer, nickel-plated and black nickel-plated.. They were very well renowned, at least in Germany.. I hope this helps.. I found an old catalogue with specs of the trumpets but it is in German, we do not have an English translation.. But if you like, I can send you copies by fax.. Kind regards,.. Ms.. Gaby Kerrmann.. W.. Schreiber Söhne GmbH.. Marketing/ Internet.. Industriestr.. 17.. 64569 Nauheim.. Germany.. A copy of the faxed catalogue will be posted shortly.. Her previous message was in German and the translation program I used didn't correctly translate it.. -.. Sehr geehrter Herr Howell,.. Julius Keilwerth stellte von 1955 - 1980 Trompeten her.. Leider gibt es keine Seriennummern-Listen.. Es wurden 3 verschiedene Modelle hergestellt: Toneking, Toneking Deluxe und Toneking Super Deluxe.. Die Deluxe Trompeten waren professionelle Instrumente.. Alle Trompeten wurden aus Messing gefertigt und hatten Innenzüge aus Neusilber.. Sie waren in den Ausführungen Goldlack, vernickelt und schwarzvernickelt erhältlich.. Wir hoffen, Ihnen mit diesen Informationen weitergeholfen zu haben.. Mit freundlichen Grüßen.. Do you know more about the JK Trumpet History? Please let us know so we can update the site! Use the.. feedback form.. or email..

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  • Title: JK Brass - Instruments
    Descriptive info: All Keilwerth trumpets/trombones were made from brass and had nickel-silver inner slides.. Toneking.. Base model trumpet.. Student and Intermediate models.. Toneking Deluxe.. Professional model trumpet.. Toneking Super De.. luxe.. New King.. Specialty Trumpets.. Specialty / Non-Standard Horns.. Trumpets that are not your standard fare.. You have to see theses lovely horns.. Trombones.. Are coming soon!..

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  • Title: JK Brass - Photo Gallery
    Descriptive info: Photo Gallery.. Browse the images below.. There are a lot of lovely horns here..

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  • Title: JK Brass - News Page
    Descriptive info: Web Changes.. This is where we'll announce the most recent additions to our web site.. If you've visited us before and want to know what's changed, take a look here first.. 2/21/2004 -.. Added new horn information.. 2/14/2004 -.. Relocated the site from.. http://keilwerthtrumpets.. netfirms.. to.. www.. dallasmusic.. org/jkbrass..  ...   the.. JK Brass Information Center.. to reflect the wide array of brass instruments made by JK.. 2/5/2004 -.. Added more photo's and edited information.. Sent out notices via TPIN and the Trumpet and Trombone USENET groups.. 1/30/2004 -.. Updated the site banner and added some information.. 1/29/2004 -.. Site Created..

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