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  • Title: Welcome to Dahlak
    Descriptive info: .. English.. Qafar af.. عربي.. Home.. Archive.. Press Releases.. Articles.. About us.. Home Land.. RS Afar People.. RSADO Programme.. Military.. RS Afar.. Refugees.. Peoples Conference.. Youth League.. Womens Assocation.. Workers Assocation.. Victim.. List.. Stories.. Tv/Radio.. United Nations human rights chief Navi Pillay accused Eritrean Regime, of carrying out torture and summary executions.. إختتم سمنار شباب العفر الإرتریین الذي عقد في الفترة من 14 اللاجئین العفر الإرتریین في كل من أساعیتا، وبرحلى ودالول، والذي أنھى فعالیاتھ بنجاح.. قدم المناضل/ یاسین محمد عبد لله عضو المجلس الوطني الإرتري للتغییر الدیمقراطي في ھذا السمنار شرحا ضافی ا ، حول فعالیات المؤتمر الوطني الذي إنعقد بمدینة أواسا، وما تمخض عنھ من قرارات وتوصیات ونتائج، معتبرا ذلك إنجاز تاریخي للشعب الإرتري.. وأعطى تنویر شاملا حول أھداف ومھام المجلس الوطني.. Mr Mohammed Ma'r ,RSADO's Foreign Head met and held talk with Yemeni ambassador to Ethiopia H.. E Mr Dirhim Abdo Noman.. 10/5/2012 Nabro Dariifal Tatre Sanat Yekke Boynak kuddeh Dabboh Geytinta Baylul kee Alaale Fanal Geytinta Uma Weelot Geytimaanam Tontobbe.. May 9, 2012 RSADO Communication Head and Member of Eritrean National Council for Democaratic change Mr Yassin Mohammed Said "RSADO Appeal international community to intervene and save the Afar refugees in Yemen and call on Yemeni authorities to immediately release the refugees and house them in refugee camps".. 8/5/2012 Asmara xinto Qasa Badih Qafarih ummattak raqteh sugteh tan saabo naqoosinni qaskariyyoh beyak geytimtah tanim timixxige.. Qasa Badih Qafarih Massoyna Isiyas Afworkih Rabi Dirabay Gabah Caxeeni Inteh Maybalaalaqa Teyeqe..  ...   Non-existance.. So I call on our brethren Afar wherever they are and International community to support our struggle and help the indigenous Afar people in Eritrea.. Recent Posts.. Red Sea Afar Refugees.. The Samara Declaration.. Professor Magnet Yamanal Casbit Geytima Qunxaaneytah Abeh Yan Macalal UNHCR Abte Gacsa.. June 22.. Ugunnay (RSADO Documentary).. By RSAYL.. Joe Magnet: the accidental statesman In an improbable sequence of events, an Ottawa law prof has taken on the constitutional cause of the Afar people in Africa.. by Brad Mackay.. RSADO, Press Statement:.. On Jan 24.. DAHLAK TV.. Afar Refugee Voice.. " We get 15kg of wheat and 1 ½ liter of edible oil per Month, nothing else".. " There is almost no medical care, no pure water, and no access to education or vocational training".. "Since 2006 The UNHCR has been resettling thousands of non-Afar Eritrean refuges to different western countries, however no Afar ethnic refugee has so far resettled under the program,".. " urge the UNHCR to respect its pledge and immediately take action ".. Read More.. The Samara Declaration (2011).. We, the Afar People, including the Afar State President, the Afar State Cabinet, the Afar State Officials, the Leaders of the Red Sea Afar Democratic Organization (RSADO), and the Afar Refugees from our homeland in Eritrea, assembled in Conference today of 1500 people together declare to the World the solemn will of the Afar People as follows:.. Copyright Reserved Dahlak.. org Design by.. Qarramis Systems..

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  • Title: Dahlak.org - Press Releases
    Descriptive info: Political Programme.. Military.. May 10, 2012 Press Release: Desperate Situation of Eritrean Afar Refugees in Yemeni City of Al-Hudeyda.. May 10, 2012.. It is well remembered that our organization, RSADO, issued a press release on July 12, 2011 in which we called upon the UNHCR for an urgent assistance to the Eritrean Afar refugees who survived to cross the risky voyage of the red sea waters to Yemen.. Since then, around three hundred Eritrean Afar refugees who escaped from the tyrannical rule in Eritrea still remain in detention and are at imminent risk of being forcibly returned to Eritrea by Yemeni Authorities.. Regrettably, the 300 Afar refugees are languishing in Al-Hudeyda prison where their lives are trapped in a serious threat.. Apart from consistent warnings of forcible return to Eritrea, they are facing communicable diseases caused by contaminated food and water.. Amongst them are around 50 Afar refugees are in a grave danger of losing their lives to this disease outbreak.. Unfortunately, the ongoing political uncertainty in Yemen exasperated the situation of Red Sea Afar refugees.. Going on almost a year in captivity, they haven t had any access to UNHCR and Human rights organizations, representatives of Yemeni government or any access to medications and basic needs, which is guaranteed to them under UN Geneva convention on rights of refugees.. We, the Red Sea Afar Democratic Organization (RSADO) call upon the international humanitarian organizations to rescue the lives of these helpless Afar refugees in Al-Hudeyda prison in Yemen.. We also extend our urgent appeal to the Yemeni Authorities to guarantee basic rights for these refugees in accordance with the Geneva Convention, and arrange access to the refugees with the refugee agencies.. We, the RSADO, also appeal to the Government of Yemen to transfer these refugees from prison to UN refugee camps in the country and facilitate third country resettlement, to prevent possible deportation of Afar refugees back to Eritrea, where they will definitely face persecution and even death.. We once again urge all International Human Rights Organizations, especially the UNHCR to give urgent consideration to this very urgent situation involving Eritrean Afar refugees, without whom remain voiceless and desperate for help.. Thank You.. RSADO, Red Sea Afar Democratic Organization.. RSADO, Press Statement: Jan 24th, 2012.. Jan 24th, 2012.. The Red Sea Afar Democratic Organization (RSADO), stands hand in hand with our brothers and sisters in afar regional state, with people of Ethiopia, as well as with International community by denouncing unprovoked Terrorist action by Eritrean government and its agents in Erta-Ale, Danakil Depression, Afar Region on Jan 17th, 2012.. Eritrean government of Asmara, in the past several years has earned itself negative attention from international community and region s governments for destabilizing the region.. Human rights groups accuse the PFDJ government in Asmara of turning the country into a giant prison.. Eritrea s track record as destabilizing role in the Horn,.. Just recently on July, 2011 UN monitoring group on Somalia and Eritrea produced 417page report detailed Eritrea s support for terrorism in Somalia.. On the same July, 2011, Ethiopia foiled massive terrorist attack against African Union (AU) summit in Addis Abeba, The attack would have caused a high number of civilian deaths and serious impact on Ethiopia's economy.. On December 23,2009, United Nations Security Council Resolution 1907 adopted, imposed an arms embargo on Eritrea, travel bans on its leaders, and froze the assets of some of the country's political and military officials as punishment for aiding anti-government rebels in Somalia and refusing to withdraw troops from its disputed border with Djibouti,.. On December 05, 2011, even tougher sanctions were imposed on Eritrea targeting its mining sector as a financial source to destabilize the Horn of Africa region and support for terrorism.. The Council also condemned Eritrea s use of the Diaspora tax on the Eritrean  ...   TPLF and EPLF fought and died together against their common enemy former Ethiopian Marxist rule of Colonel Mengistu Haile Mariam of Derg to liberate their respective countries.. Ethiopia has since taken remarkable steps to democratize the country, guaranteed constitutional rights for each nationality to self-rule; by way of Ethnic federalism, it enjoys steady economic growth.. Politically it plays positive role in the region, and has good relation with it neighbors.. Even though there remain many challenges in today s Ethiopia, in general terms, they are taking a huge step in the right direction towards sustainable peace and economic growth.. On the other hand, Eritrea has been shooting itself on the foot politically ever since it became newest state in the horn.. It embarked on aggressive adventures, trespassing on neighboring sovereign states , such as Yemen islands , Djibouti, Ethiopia.. Domestically failed policies earned the comparison with North Korea for its reclusiveness and lack of press freedom.. Massive human rights abuses at home triggered the exodus of its youth, further depleting its intellectual base.. It declared war on it biggest trading partner (Ethiopia) with 80 million mouths to feed.. Ethiopia in return signs a deal with Djibouti for use of its port.. Two of Eritrea s international ports became useless and home for pigeons, with devastating consequences economically.. Ethiopia out maneuvered Eritrea on every aspect of governance, politically and economically, with international community and with regional governments and organizations.. Eritrean Tyrant is bent on destroying Ethiopia, by fighting a proxy wars, funding terrorism, even if it means bringing his country down with it.. Who is responsible for the Jan, 17th attack on Tourist?.. RSADO s intelligence confirms the terrorist attack that took the lives of innocent European tourist on early Tuesday morning , on Jan 17th , has the hallmark of Eritrean security forces.. We have learned the said perpetrators were trained and funded by Eritrean government, inside Dankalia for this mission, in a place called Damqo, in Inside Eritrea.. The chief operators of this terrorist attack are Colonel Debesay and intelligence Chief Wedi- Ferow (in charge in Assab, Dankalia).. The point of entry to Erta-Ale, Afar regional state of Ethiopia, was Fura North- western Dankalia, and they remain at large inside Eritrea with protection from state of Eritrea.. We have also learned from our intelligence inside Dankalia, that Eritrean government became increasingly agitated with those of its accomplices, when the mission went wrong, meaning there were foreigners killed under their watch, Eritrea immediately wanted to put the blame on those local men.. They refused initially, saying we have taken on the mission jointly; we should share the responsibility equally.. Eritrea refused, they (local Afar accomplices) went on to claim responsibility for the attack, but they in return accused Ethiopia for killing the tourist on their press release.. Currently there is a meeting in Assab, Eritrea, organized by Eritrean government to find way out of the mess it got itself in.. The Afar locals have neither the expertise, nor the funds to carry out such an attack.. RSADO calls on all governments that are involved in this region, including Europeans, to look beyond this incident and look into the nature of terrorist state of Eritrea, and it s deliberate work of destabilizing the region as a whole and curtailing the work for peace and security, economic prosperity and human right of Eritrean citizens, to discuss every possible options to halt Eritrean government of Afewerki from being source of insecurity in the region.. Finally;.. The Red Sea Afar Democratic Org.. (RSADO) is indigenous to Dankalia, Eritrea , has extensive knowledge of the area and has contacts on the field ,RSADO will assist and work for fast recovery of those remaining hostages.. RSADO,.. Department of Information communication.. Press Release.. 2012 Dahlak.. org.. All rights reserved.. Design by Qarramis Systems..

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  • Title: Dahlak.org - Articles
    Descriptive info: Joe Magnet: the accidental statesman.. It s a sweltering October day in Logia, a remote desert town in Northern Ethiopia, and Joe Magnet is patiently sitting – and sweating – in a room packed with 150 chanting, self-styled freedom fighters.. The men belong to the.. Red Sea Afar Democratic Organization.. , or RSADO, a paramilitary group supported by the Ethiopian government whose job it is to defend the rights and well-being of the Afar, a nomadic indigenous tribe that has existed in the Horn of Africa for more than 2,000 years.. Straw That Broke the Afar Camels Back(Eritrea).. Isaias Afewerki :Straw That Broke the Afar Camels Back(Eritrea)!.. AFAR IN ERITREA.. # Population 10-15%.. # Land mass 40%.. # Coastal area from Massawa to Rahaito 700 KM.. Download the whole article.. Here.. FEDERALISM: AFAR PEOPLE’S QUEST FOR SELF DETERMINATION AND PEACEFUL COEXESTANCE.. By Ahmed Mohammed.. Federalism is a form of government in which sovereign powers are constitutionally divided between a central government and semi-autonomous regional governments.. In the words of Sir John A.. Macdonald, Canada’s first Prime Minister, federalism provides “a general government and legislature for general purposes with local governments and legislatures for local purposes.. ” Through the division of powers, a measure of self-government is vested in national minorities, allowing them to protect and promote their culture, religion and language.. Canada’s federalism accords a significant degree of autonomous powers to national minorities, enabling them to determine their future according to their unique vision , while still being able to participate in the life and benefits of a large nation.. AFAR AS TOOL FOR A GREATER GOOD IN THE HORN.. As result of this great unique vision of Sir John A.. Macdonald, Canada today is greatest examples for aspiring democratic federal system in the world.. Ethiopia is one the beneficiaries of this federal system, in fact Canada Has introduced and trained the government of Ethiopia and currently Enjoys and maintains good relations.. The afar people of course are the beneficiaries of this federal system as well.. Afar regional state is one of nine regional state governments with autonomous powers of self-government in that horn of African nation of Ethiopia.. The afar people for the first time being recognized by Ethiopian government And finally showing promising start to achieve their full potential.. However; The unfortunate and the unique nature for the afar people being the indigenous communities in three countries namely, In Ethiopia, Djibouti and Eritrea as it’s called now has resulted in division ,deprivation and neglected.. Especially when there are conflicts, war and mistrust between these neighbours.. What is promising now is that it seems there are willingness and collaboration between Ethiopia and Djibouti and overwhelming number of Eritrean people are fed up with Eritrean government policy of exclusion.. As Afar Canadian we see a pivotal role to play by both afar nation and Canada as being the mother nation of federalism.. 2.. Introduction.. AFAR: The people.. History, Land In the 19th century, prior to what is known as the “scramble for Africa” which led to the incursion and occupation by European colonial powers (Italy, France, England) of the Afar triangle, the Afar nation was united and had its own well functioning political, social and legal structure.. Trade and various kinds of skills such as wood and metal works, weaving, pottery and tannery flourished.. Pastoralism, fishery and salt production were well developed.. The Afar nation has a single common mother tongue and basic common culture.. The Afar language, Qafar Af, belongs to the eastern Kushitic group of languages.. The language is written in Roman (Latin alphabet).. The Afar Alphabet, known commonly as Qafar Feera, is created by Dimis and Redo, Afar intellectual nationalists who published the fruit of their first work in the early seventies.. The Afar nation has an extraordinarily rich heritage of proverbs, stories, songs and riddles.. They have very comprehensive plant and animal names.. The Afar customary law and various customs pertaining to marriage, paternity, dress etc…have elaborate descriptions and all those things have enriched Qafar Af.. The political set up of the Afar land was organized under semi-independent Sultanates (most known amongst them are Sultanates of Awsa, Biru, Gobaad, Rahayto, Tagorri) that were a constituent of a federal Afar state in this part of the world known as the Horn of Africa.. At the advent of colonialism in the beginning of the last century, the afar coastal regions (Part of present Eritrea now) witnessed several battles, where the Afar People showed unyielding resistance against the advancing foreign forces.. To the Afar, the presence of foreign occupation on the coastal regions was regarded as strategically harmful to the sovereignty of the whole Afar Nation.. However, the European army equipped with high military technological weapons succeeded to occupy the coastal area from Dahlack to Zeila, despite the large and persistent resistance from indigenous Afar fighters.. The colonialists methodically eroded  ...   is far from assured.. Failure to seize this opportunity will certainly mean only more of the same, together with the increasing marginalisation and irrelevance of the Afar people at the national and international level.. Such conditions are a laboratory for conflict.. However, the recognition and on going support for afar people from federal democratic government of Ethiopia has been a welcome news.. The afar have embraced this federalism, self governance and timely change and opportunity and striding to wards their full potential.. Afar Regional state (government): One of nine regional states in Ethiopia Afar national democratic party 8 representatives in federal government Party Leader and President of the region Mr.. Ismail Ali Sirro One federal minister (social affairs minister ) Transfer payment of over $50USD annually Afar Af (afar alphabet ) language in use(government ,public) Local University Land escape and Tourism Afar Depression, Erta Ale, is one of the world's most attractive areas.. Afar Depression, Erta-Ale active volcanic movement, Awash natural reserve, Yangundu-Ras national park, Hadar and Aramis area, are the major tourist attraction area of the region.. The Hot springs, Afar culture and cultural games are other attraction areas.. Djibouti: In Djibouti, Afar people live in both the Northern and Western Regions, which make up about 87% of 23,200 sq km (8,950 sq miles) of the country.. Their regions are known as District of Tadjourah, District of Dekhil and District of Obock.. Afar people also live in the city of Djibouti with other ethnic groups.. In 1977, the Afars constituted about 60% in the country.. The present government claims that the Afars are 40% of the population of 600,000, and they represent 45% at the National Assembly.. Over the past decades the afar people’s frustration with Issa dominant government has reached to the boiling point.. Marginalized and treated as second class citizens Unemployment rate is the worst amongst afar population.. Education opportunities such as scholarships are given to non afar.. Their areas are one of the least developed in terms of infrastructures and roads.. The afar representation in the government has been infiltrated by greed and neglect.. Arbitrary arrest and killing of afar activist and civilians Rape of afar women by Djibouti soldiers.. 3.. Goals and objectives Our goal as afar Diaspora and supports is to facilitate a tri-lateral agreement between three neighbouring states that will utilize the afar regions, afar people and resources as tool of bridge building, economic prosperity and mutual coexistence to promote peace and democracy by removing abject poverty from disenfranchised afar people but also for greater benefit of all ethnicities.. The result of self governance and federalism in afar region of Ethiopia has seen the promising start, in investments, infrastructure, over all improvement on livelihood of people which in turn has shown drop in dispute and conflict amongst ethnicities.. The failure to address issues like these will have a danger circumstances on greater society also a recipe for conflicts.. The example of exclusion can be seen in the rebellion and armed conflict in Somalia and current piracy issues, Nigeria and Niger delta area and many part of Africa.. Currently there are some afar rebel groups who see themselves and their people excluded from political and social process, hoping for inclusive relationship of coexistence, peace and prosperity of self governance and afar federalism within Eritrea and Djibouti.. Through out history afar population has shown both resiliency to occupation and participated in prosperous free trade and mutual coexistence with all people that came in contact with them.. We all have stake in sharing the responsibility as International, indigenous afar community, regional and international governments to foster a relationship of peace, prosperity, human rights and good governance.. We are hoping to accomplish these initiatives with the help of our partners of similar goals and interest.. To have a serious of conferences starting with Afar region of Ethiopia in May ,2009 The theme of the conference is “Afar federalism for the good of Harmonious coexistence, peace and prosperity” To bring together a serious of Afar leaders ,NGOs, experts and policy maker from Canada and elsewhere to discuss example of federalism in Canada and Ethiopia in particular to give relevance to two homes of afar people.. To promote democracy, federalism in the Eritrea and Djibouti by following Ethiopia’s Example which in turn will result on poverty reduction, adequate education and health care for afar children, clean water, foreign aid and more.. To promote harmony and coexistence through Human and property rights.. To produce highly productive and prospers society by removing trade barriers.. To find a alternative solution for unsustainable nomadic way of life To find a solution for question of afar self governance within the framework of states by way of federalism and semi-autonomous arrangements.. We fill the time is right for opportunities, open dialogue of peace, prosperity and rights between political and social groups.. Sincerely, Ahmed Y Mohamed.. Article..

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  • Title: Dahlak.org - Our Home Land
    Descriptive info: Our Home Land (Dankalia).. The Land of Red Sea Afar People (Dankalia) lie in Eritrea, The Horn of African continent.. The Mass of Afar Land is 40 % of Eritrea, Coastline 700 km from Rahaito to Massawa..

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  • Title: Dahlak.org - The Red Sea Afar People
    Descriptive info: The Afar People.. Tribe of aboriginal nomadic people who inhabit 3 corners of Ethiopia, Eritrea and Djibouti.. Population in all countries 3-5 million.. 90 % nomadic.. 94 % illiterate.. 45 year life expectancy.. Distinct Language and Culture.. Population 10-15% (Eritrea).. Suffering under Eritrean Regime (Shabia).. They Demand.. # Recognition of their inherent property rights.. # Self-subsistence and self-determination.. #The right to benefit from their land, sea and resources by way of trade, fishing, salt mining and animal husbandry.. #Freedom of movement within the Afar land..  ...   determine their relationships with neighbours in a spirit of coexistence, mutual benefit and full respect.. Violating basic human rights of Afar people.. Dispossession of their land and properties.. Violating Rights to Trade, Fish, Salt Mine.. Prevent Development and Foreign Aid.. Destroying Culture , Language and History.. Violating freedom of movement/mobility.. Killing Hundreds defenceless Afar.. Kidnapping and Torture of Innocent Afar.. Hundreds are missing , Incommunicado for many years.. Prisoners are held in atrocious conditions.. • damp underground cells,.. • sweltering shipping containers,.. • secret security prisons..

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  • Title: Dahlak.org - Political Programme
    Descriptive info: Historically the Afar Nation in the horn of Africa has been united and independent from time immemorial, except for the recent colonial occupation and what it entailed thereafter (the Afar People being divided against their will into three countries, i.. e.. Djibouti, Eritrea and Ethiopia).. Thus, the ultimate objective of the Afar People is to realise political and human emancipation in their respective areas.. The Red Sea Afar People being part of Eritrea, therefore, have undeniably contributed to the struggle of Eritrean independence.. The struggle of the Red Sea Afars did not envisage independence as the ultimate goal, rather it was carried out with the aim to cause the realisation of human and democratic rights, the respect of political rights of nations, nationalities and peoples as well as to ensure the coming of socio-economic changes and the prevalence of peace and justice after independence.. Nevertheless Eritrea and mainly the Red Sea Afar people were not fortunate to get a leadership that fulfils these expectations after independence.. The incumbent Sha bean government does not allow the existence of any form of political organisation and a different ideology within Eritrea.. This implies that it has been decided for all political and ideological differences to necessarily be subordinate to the doctrines of Sha bea.. What all these essentially demonstrate is that the government in Eritrea is undemocratic.. The Red Sea Afar people, under the military and forceful rule of the Eritrean government, have no right to exercise freedom of expression according to the law.. The manifestation is the interdiction to write, speak, assemble or call peaceful demonstrations contrary to the prescriptions of Sha bea.. Besides, the youth are forcefully conscripted into the army, the people are disarmed contrary to their will and tradition and those who oppose the practice are massacred by the military.. The Red Sea Afar people are unable to administer themselves because of the denial of their right to self-determination up to secession.. The people are divided into two provinces and amalgamated with other nationalities with the purpose to weaken their unity.. Those who rule the Red Sea Afar - the decision makers- are of Tigrigna speaking descent.. The Red Sea Afar did not get social and economic benefits.. The Afars make a living from domestic and transboundary trade, fishing, salt production and animal husbandry.. Following the assumption of state power by Sha bea government monopoly of trade has evicted the Red Sea Afars from long established trading, fishing and salt production business.. As for animal husbandry, no progress has been witnessed so far.. Moreover small-scale businessmen and pastoralists cannot reap the fruits of their labour  ...   the Red Sea Afar people and avoid any form of negative influence thereupon.. Endeavour for the proper recording and documentation of the History of the Red Sea Afar People.. Strive for the betternement of bilateral relation between the red sea afar people and the other afar people in the horn of Africa.. Struggle for the materialisation of freedom of expression in accordance with law.. To protect the life and property of the Red Sea Afars.. Struggle for the establishment of an elected and popular government, which honours the sovereign.. power of the people.. To strive for the formation of a federal state upon the basis of the consent and free will of all peoples in Eritrea.. In the event that this fails to materialise, the struggle shall be to exercise the right to secede.. Such resolution shall be determined by a referendum.. To enable the people to hold accountable the government they Elected and demand change in governance upon loosing confidence.. To cause devolution of power through federal arrangement from the current highly centralised undemocratic structure.. To extricate the people from the yoke of one-party rule and transform them to a democratic multi-party system.. Economic Programme.. The source of the livelihood of the red sea afar people is based on the marine production activities, animal husbandry and small-scale trade activities, respectively.. To improve such sources, we shall: –.. Creating conditions with which the Red Sea can be harnessed to the benefit of the Red Sea Afar people.. For the pastoralist part of the red sea afar people, the struggle shall be geared towards the attainment of water and fodder supplies as well as medical services that would develop to a system of modern animal husbandry.. Endeavour to transform the Red Sea Afar pastoral way of life to that of settled and modern one.. Engage in infrastructure expansion, which is pivot for the.. transformation of the Red Sea Afar People to a meaningful modern life.. Exert unreserved efforts for the expansion of agriculture, fishery, trade and industry.. Cause the functioning of the economy according to the principle of free market economic order.. Foreign Policy.. To maintain foreign relations on the basis of equality and mutual respect.. To make sure that foreign relations are founded upon common benefits.. To establish relations with neighbouring states based on the principle of peaceful coexistence.. To establish relations with international and other organisations as the need may arise.. To resolve possible disagreements, if any, with neighbouring states and peoples through peaceful means to the level possible.. Foreign relations shall be made in keeping with the interests of the Red Sea Afar People..

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  • Title: Dahlak.org -Red Sea Afar Refugees
    Descriptive info: THE RED SEA AFAR REFUGEE.. Their Voice.. We get 15kg of wheat and.. 1 ½ liter of edible oil per Month, nothing else.. There is almost no medical care, no pure water, and no access to education or vocational training.. Since 2006 The UNHCR has been resettling thousands of non-Afar Eritrean refuges to different western countries, however no Afar ethnic refugee has so far resettled under the program,.. urge the UNHCR to respect its pledge and immediately take action.. Thousands of Eritrean Refugee forced to leave their land by a brutal dictatorship, likewise the.. Red Sea Afar flee Eritrea seeking asylum in neighboring coutries like  ...   and Erebti, where temperature reaches as high as 42.. degree centigrade.. Children are malnourished due lack of essential nutrients and basic medical supplies.. Lots of women remain under bad health condition and others are anxious of despair.. UNHCR has not yet begun assisting them to their demand of third country resettlement despite.. pledges 7 years ago.. Since 2006 The UNHCR has been resettling thousands of non-Afar Eritrean.. refuges to different western countries, however no Afar ethnic refugee has so far resettled under.. the program.. The situation in Asayta camp, the biggest camp is getting worse as UNHCR and other donors gave.. little or no attention..

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  • Title: Dahlak.org -Red Sea Afar Peoples Conference
    Descriptive info: THE SAMARA DECLARATION (2011).. 1) WE REAFFIRM the Principles of the Samara Declaration to which the Leaders the Afar People solemnly committed in Samara on 26 July 2011;.. 2) WE CONDEMN the Murder, Torture, Rape, Disappearances, Expulsions, Forcible Confinements and Aggression against our Afar People in our ancestral homeland in Eritrea;.. 3) WE EXTEND OUR HANDS to our brother and sister nationalities in Eritrea to establish with them a liberal democratic federation based on the principles of Freedom , Autonomy and Equality for all nationalities;.. 4) WE NOW DECLARE that it is the solemn will of the Afar People to participate in a reformed Eritrea on the basis of these principles:.. A) The rule of law;.. B) Democracy;.. C) The equality of each nationality;.. D) That each nationality shall exercise the rights of self-government and self-determination in a federated autonomous region;.. E) That the rights of freedom of religion, conscience, political opinion, expression, assembly, equality, mobility, association and liberty shall be guaranteed;.. F) That the people of all  ...   to own and control their lands and resources including surface and sub-surface resources, sea coasts, fisheries and air space and shall enjoy the profits there from under conditions established by law.. J) That each nationality shall, through the governments they freely elect, have the right to protect and preserve the vitality of their language, culture, way of life and economy;.. K) That each nationality shall enjoy the right of self determination up to and including the right of secession;.. L) That the rights of indigenous peoples and minorities shall be guaranteed and protected;.. M) That Afar refugees that the refugees of all nationalities of Eritrea who have fled Eritrea shall have the right of return to their homes and properties in Eritrea and to Eritrean citizenship;.. N) That all Afar People shall have the right of return to their ancestral homeland in Dankalia and to have Eritrean citizenship; and.. O) That Dankalia shall have its traditional borders restored to those to which the Afar People enjoyed in 1991..

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  • Title: Dahlak.org - The Red Sea Afar Youth League
    Descriptive info: ABOUT US.. The RED SEA AFAR Youth League was founded in Sept 25, 2011 as an organization of the youth committed to the ideals of Democracy, Equality and the right of self determination up to secession, it is governed by and adheres to the policies and programmes of the RSADO, and its existence derives from the struggle strategy of the RSADO.. The Youth League as global mass youth formation of the RSADO is committed to struggle for the realization of the right of the Red Sea Afar people to Self-determination up to secession.. It rally all Afar youth to play an active part in the struggles of the Red Sea Afar People, build and defend the right of self determination up to secession for Afar people in Eritrea.. In doing so; the RSAYL strive to achieve fundamental political change for the benefit of all Nations Nationality in Eritrea.. It shall Endeavour to unite the youth to take their rightful place in the affairs of  ...   of the righ.. t to self determination up to secession of Afar people in Eritrea;.. 3 ensure that the youth make a full and rich contribution to the struggle of the Red Sea Afar.. People led by RSADO;.. 4 Strive for the betterment of bilateral relation between the Afar youth in the Horn.. 4 Familiarize the youth with the history of the Afar in general and the struggle to self determination up to secession of Afar People in Eritrea in specific;.. 5 promote unity and patriotism among the youth;.. 6 liaise with other Eritrean Youth Movements across the globe to overthrow the dictatorial regime in Eritrea;.. 7 strive and work for the educational, moral and cultural upliftment of the youth;.. 8 promote gender equality in all spheres of life, especially amongst the youth;.. 9 promote among youth the spirit of national solidarity, peace and friendship with other nation-nationalities of Eritrea;.. 10 promote the Afar language by adapting the Dimis and Redo s Latin alphabet..

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  • Title: Dahlak.org - The Red Sea Afar victim list
    Descriptive info: Additional list of the red sea afar s victims by the Eritrean regime.. No.. Full name.. Date of death /Imprisonment.. Age.. Place of birth.. Remark.. 01.. Abdu Adu.. 2009.. 38.. wadde.. 02.. Abdalla sirro baluu a.. 2010.. 58.. tio.. 03.. Ali muhammed osman.. 2011.. 31.. hareena.. 04.. Omer abdiita.. 60.. assab.. 05.. Ali hammadu.. 63.. iddi.. 06.. Muusa ali.. 50.. murayyum.. 07.. Shekh muusa Muhammad.. 76.. mabra.. 08.. Muhammad idris muhammad.. 2003.. ilaadaman.. 09.. Idris Muhammad baluu a.. 42.. 10.. Diini hummad fikkira.. 2007.. 25.. sanda.. 11.. Omer nuur saalih.. 20.. 12.. Haamid taahir khadir.. 2001.. 26.. oodar.. 13.. Osman ibraahim utto.. 27.. ashara.. 14.. Ali ahmed.. Harsele.. 15.. Zeynaba Ibrahim bushan.. Dabaysima.. 16.. Ali abdella ahmed.. Kiloma.. 17.. Ali  ...   omar lahadda.. Bori/ dikikay.. 28.. Mohammed abdu.. baylul.. 29.. Willo ali Mahmud.. 78.. Edi.. 30.. Khadiga abdulgadir idris.. eddi.. Ali ahmed hussen.. 2010/7.. salahsima.. 32.. Mohammed nasir ali.. dabu.. 33.. Hammadu ali mohammed.. Gaharre/ baylul.. 34.. Mohammed ali husul.. gaharre.. 35.. Khadija ali ahmed.. 36.. Mohammed ali mohammed.. Dabu.. 37.. Madina hassen ali.. Baylul.. Mohammed hussen akito.. 39.. Ali hussen akito.. 40.. Ahmed mohammed naguss.. 41.. Rahma mohiddin ali.. Madina hussen akito.. Salahsima.. 43.. Ahaw ali usbo.. Asseb.. 44.. Hammed mohammed ali.. 45.. Sekaytu ellama ali.. Wadde.. 46.. Nur mohammed idris.. 47.. Abdu mohammed Ibrahim.. Miedir.. 48.. Ibrahim mohammed ibrahim.. miedir.. 49.. Abdella ali mie.. Gadda mohammed gadda.. 51.. Assia abdella ali.. 55.. 52.. Idriss seleman idris.. 53.. Isse ali ibrahim..

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  • Title: Dahlak.org - Live TV/ Radio
    Descriptive info: RSADO Program.. Watch Dahlak TV Live Every Saturday 8:00 (East Africa).. يمكنكم مشاهدة قناة دهلك مباشرة كل ليلة السبت الساعة 8:00 بتوقيت شرق أفريقيا.. Tumblr Online Users Counter.. Dahlak TV is LIVE Every Saturday :.. 2 0 : 0 0 Ethiopia.. 1 8 : 0 0 London.. Time Now in Ethiopia..

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