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  • Title: Resources on Church Growth & Expansion - Desiring God
    Descriptive info: /.. Church Growth & Expansion.. Resources on.. Subscribe to.. Audio Podcast.. Video Podcast.. Text Only Feed.. Update: Project '84.. May 26, 1981.. Taste See Article.. John Piper updates, honors, and urges his church in their financial campaign.. Read.. Project ’84 Ends and the Pre-’90 Era Begins.. May 21, 1984.. The six remaining years of the 1980 s are filled with exciting new potential for Bethlehem.. Not If, But How Shall We Grow?.. July 8, 1984.. How should a church handle its growth? Build? Plant? Multiply services?.. Audio:.. Listen.. Download.. A Future and a Hope.. October 1, 1984.. A summary of the perceived future of Bethlehem Baptist Church.. The Ministry of Rising and Walking.. A Pastoral Admonition.. January 28, 1985.. Four reasons for attending the early service on Sunday morning.. Ponder This with Tillapaugh.. February 11, 1985.. John Piper invites church members to consider with him how Bethlehem ought to handle future growth.. Saturday Evening Worship Service Announced.. August 5, 1985.. Two goals behind starting a Saturday evening worship service.. Why We Are Going to Three Sunday Morning Services.. January 20, 1986.. How should a church handle current growth and prepare for the future?.. Take Part in the Dream.. February 3, 1986.. Getting Ready for Three Services.. February 10, 1986.. Possible Steps for '86.. February 17, 1986.. Eight reasons for why Bethlehem members voted to postpone a capital campaign.. The  ...   Pray, Park, Premier Praise, Jesus Parade.. June 17, 1991.. Dreaming About Disappearing Mortgages.. April 11, 1995.. The Pledges Are In!.. October 8, 1996.. Build Now, with What Is Pledged!.. May 8, 2001.. The Goodness and the Groaning of Growth.. Thoughts on Bethlehem's Future.. June 8, 2003.. Sermon.. Acts 2:36 47.. Churches move forward by grace in the midst of great inadequacy.. Let Public Thanks Ascend for God's Mercy in Education for Exultation.. October 22, 2003.. Implications of Having 3,833 in Worship Last Weekend.. September 15, 2004.. How the Elders of Bethlehem Baptist Church Decided That It Was Biblical and Wise to Borrow Money to Purchase the North Campus.. July 27, 2005.. In What Ways Do You Hope the Church Will Grow During Your 8 Month Leave?.. August 28, 2010.. Ask Pastor John.. John Piper says that he is hoping for revival, and for the church to become less dependent on him and more dependent on God.. Video:.. Watch.. Bethlehem's Antioch Moment.. April 9, 2011.. Acts 13:1 3.. Related Topics.. Pastors Staff.. Events Announcements.. Education Ministry.. Related Resources:.. How to Pray for the Pastoral Staff.. (Taste See Articles).. Thanks to the Bethlehem Staff.. (Sermons).. Being Loved and Being Hated.. A Hungry People Make a Happy Pastor.. (Articles).. Marveling at the Majesty of God.. (Conference Messages).. Stay the Course.. Related Blog Posts:.. Can You Please Explain Philippians 1:15-18?.. ,.. Resource Categories..

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  • Title: Resources on Church Mission - Desiring God
    Descriptive info: Church Mission.. Why Have a Statement of Purpose?.. An Invitation to Three Special Sunday School Classes.. August 8, 1983.. If every member could express why we exist as a church, there would be a new intensity about all we do.. The Overarching Mission of Bethlehem Baptist Church.. August 15, 1983.. We cannot define our mission in terms of deeds alone because any deed can be done with an attitude that does not glorify God.. Preaching a Plan for Ministry.. January 16, 1984.. A church s priorities should be based on the relationships each Christian should develop with God, fellow believers, and unbelievers.. Your Place in the Strategy.. December 3, 1984.. If any good discovery is made in ministry we should consider how to multiply its effects in other churches.. Remember, We Are a Small Part of Something Very Great.. How to Prepare for Next Sunday's Discussion.. May 28, 1985.. God is stirring all over the world in governments and churches to do a new thing in our generation.. What Is Bethlehem?.. April 6, 1987.. Bethlehem is most essentially a vision of God.. Rebuilt Ruins Will Reach the World.. June 28, 1987.. Acts 15:14 18.. We are ruins being rebuilt by the grace of God.. And we are here that the rest of men may seek the Lord.. Your Love Is Better Than Life.. Savoring the Vision.. September 13, 1987.. Psalms 63.. God is worshiped and honored and savored both by fainting for him and by feasting on him.. Working with You for Your Joy.. Instilling the Vision.. September 20, 1987.. 2 Corinthians 1:23 2:4.. Striving for the Faith of the Gospel.. Spreading the Vision.. September 27, 1987.. Philippians 1:27 30.. The mark of living worthily of the gospel is a unified, fearless striving for the faith of the gospel.. Let God Be All in This Building!.. February 28, 1988.. 1 Corinthians 3:5 9.. It s the absence of the centrality of the biblical God in all of life that is leading to the collapse of our civilization.. Whither Bethlehem?.. June 6, 1988.. The Sacrifice of Praise.. September 17, 1989.. Hebrews 13:8 16.. It is your sacred duty and joy to praise God continually with your lips.. If It Is of God, It Will Not Be Overthrown.. Commitment Sunday Service At Maranatha Hall.. March 10, 1991.. Acts 5:33 42.. What does building a new worship building have to do with real worship?.. Why Does Bethlehem Exist?.. What I Said at the Leadership Retreat.. September 9, 1991.. Bethlehem exists to reassert God’s rightful place in all of life.. The Counsel of the Lord Stands Forever.. Reflections on Corporate Planning.. June 12, 1994..  ...   all things are for his glory.. The all-sufficient, inexhaustible Giver gets the glory.. Excerpt.. Vision for the Harvest: 2000 by 2000.. November 5, 1995.. John 4:31 38.. When we give ourselves to the work of personal evangelism and world missions, God pours more life into our souls.. The Value of Relationships.. Unfolding Bethlehem's Fresh Initiative #1.. November 19, 1995.. Hebrews 3:12 13.. All Christian relationships have this as their goal: to help each other stay satisfied in God.. Urban-Suburban Partnership.. Unfolding Bethlehem's Fresh Initiative #2.. November 26, 1995.. Colossians 3:8 17.. Our mission is to spread a passion for the supremacy of God.. in everything.. , including choosing where we live.. Diversity in God-Centered Worship.. Unfolding Bethlehem's Fresh Initiative #4.. December 3, 1995.. Romans 15:1 7.. The abiding foundation of our corporate worship is God-centeredness.. Good News to the Poor.. Unfolding Bethlehem's Fresh Initiative #5.. December 10, 1995.. Galatians 2:9 10.. The fact that Jesus was born to a poor couple in a cow stall tells us something about the way God meant to reach the world.. Challenging the Church and Culture with Truth.. Unfolding Bethlehem's Fresh Initiative #6.. January 21, 1996.. Believing in the supremacy of God leads us to believe in the existence of absolute truth.. God's Purpose for Jacob and Bethlehem.. February 4, 1996.. Genesis 35:11.. Everyone we lead to Christ is a fulfillment of the promise, I am God Almighty; be fruitful and multiply.. Walk in Wisdom: Seize the Moment.. February 11, 1996.. Colossians 4:2 6.. Wisdom is the use of knowledge to reach worthy goals, such as winning outsiders to Christ.. Becoming All Things to All Men to Save Some.. February 18, 1996.. 1 Corinthians 9:19 23.. Until the wrath of God figures as largely in our worldview as it did for Paul, we will not have the passion for evangelism that he had.. I Have Other Sheep.. March 3, 1996.. John 10:16.. The sovereignty of God over the wills of men doesn t make evangelism unnecessary; it makes it hopeful.. Let All Who Seek Thee Rejoice and Be Glad in Thee; Let Those Who Love Thy Salvation Say Continually, "The Lord Be Magnified".. Commitment Sunday of "Freeing the Future".. March 17, 1996.. Psalms 40:16.. Our joy in God is both our worship and our evangelism.. Should Missions Be Secondary In the Life of a Local Church?.. June 23, 2008.. John Piper says missions is too intertwined with God s glory to be peripheral.. Church Growth Expansion.. The Goodness and the Groaning of Growth.. Bethlehem s Antioch Moment.. My Annual Visit to a Mainline Protestant Church.. The Most Important Institution in the World.. Josh Etter..

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  • Title: Resources on Events & Announcements - Desiring God
    Descriptive info: Events & Announcements.. 1.. 2.. Next.. Last.. The New.. Bethlehem Star.. Is Rising.. First Bethlehem Star Newsletter.. January 13, 1981.. Nine reasons why churches should have a weekly newsletter.. Pow-Wow with the Pastor.. April 7, 1981.. How do you satisfy your pastor-congregation communication needs?.. Here Comes The Dome.. March 30, 1982.. Pastor John weighs the impact of the Metrodome opening near the church.. Baptist General Conference Annual Meeting.. July 27, 1982.. John Piper gives an update on what happened at the annual meeting of the conference of which Bethlehem is a part.. Bethlehem: Seedbed for Missions.. August 17, 1982.. How does a church become and remain fertile ground for moblizing and supporting missionaries?.. Five Reasons You Should Gather with the Church on Sunday, September 12.. September 5, 1982.. A Week of Concerted Prayer.. "That the power of Christ may dwell in us".. December 27, 1982.. The grace of God is addicting.. The more you experience his power, the more you want.. Preaching and Listening at Bethlehem.. February 28, 1983.. Preaching that doesn t deal with the details of God s Word will only cater to and cultivate stiff-necked listeners.. Shaping the Future of BBC Saturday Morning.. April 11, 1983.. Part of the process for determining God s will for your life is deciding what you are good at.. So with churches.. Past and Future at the Bethlehem Conference Reunion.. July 5, 1983.. A brief report of the good things going on at BBC after 3 years as pastor.. Missions at the Manse.. January 23, 1984.. How a pastor and his wife help keep the mission fires burning at church.. Five Year Statistical Report.. January 14, 1985.. John Piper presents the fifth annual report since he came to Bethlehem.. A New Preaching Series.. January 21, 1985.. Five reasons for choosing to preach through 1 John.. Who's Coming to Bethlehem?.. February 25, 1985.. What would happen if Bethlehem could uphold a 24 hour prayer chain without interruption until 1990?.. Why an All-Church Survey?.. July 15, 1985.. A survey can inform you about your congregation and illumine more of God s will for how to grow.. Three Important Things for Members.. September 3, 1985.. The life of a growing church calls for prayer, planning, and praise.. It Will Happen by Prayer.. September 23, 1985.. The Lord grows his church by prayer, not by advertising alone.. Where Are We in Long Range Planning?.. October 7, 1985.. John Piper unfolds a motion regarding the long range plans of Bethlehem Baptist.. From Bedford to Bethlehem via China.. November 4, 1985.. Introducing the China Awareness Seminar and its speaker, David Adeney.. Testing Your Attendance Strategy Quotient.. November 18, 1985.. A test to see how mindful you are to others in your church attendance.. Heart's Desire.. Prayer to God.. A Week of Concerted Prayer at Bethlehem.. December 30, 1985.. Are you satisfied with the fervor of your desire for the conversion of sinners and the holiness of saints?.. The Move to Three Services and a Milieu for Missions.. February 24, 1986.. U-Bahns, Missions and WTV's.. How to Get to a Crowded Church.. March 17, 1986.. Post-Easter Reds, Yellows and Oranges (Not Blues).. March 31, 1986.. A Sermon Series on Christian Hope.. April 7, 1986.. A Catechism?.. June 9, 1986.. The Peaceful End to a Powerful Dream.. October 28, 1986.. Some Meanings of Missions Week '86.. November 17, 1986.. Meeting God at the Minneapolis Auditorium.. July 6, 1987.. Our city has thousands of unbelievers in it who are perishing.. What can we do?.. Envisioning the Next Eight Years.. July 20, 1987.. A Spot on KTIS.. August 24, 1987.. Expecting and Attempting.. Reflections on Prayer '87.. September 21, 1987.. It is the attempting of something great for God that gives edge and point to prayer.. A New Sermon Series for the Fall.. September 28, 1987.. Putting the Ministries Fair in a Missions Context.. February 15, 1988.. Why Cluster Meetings? Why an All Church Dinner?.. February 29, 1988.. We Need to Talk and Pray.. An Invitation to an Open Forum and a Reminder to Pray.. April 4, 1988.. and.. Tom Steller.. What’s Happening with.. ?.. August 29, 1988.. Save Friday Evening, November 18.. October 24, 1988.. The evidence of extraordinary longing is  ...   No Debt in '97.. For the Sake of 2000 by 2000.. February 27, 1996.. Bethlehem Is Debt-Free and God Is Not Perspiring.. November 26, 1996.. God wants more work because more work means more demonstrations of power and wisdom and love.. Being Loved and Being Hated.. What I Pray for in Missions Week.. October 22, 1998.. If your driving motive in life is to be liked and loved you will find it almost impossible to be a Christian.. Courage to Follow, Courage to Lead.. Why 800 Pastors Are Coming to Bethlehem in February.. January 12, 2000.. A Prayer for Our Church.. November 20, 2000.. What Wonderful and Wild Thing Might God Be Up To?.. May 8, 2002.. How do you lead your church through financial and logistical surprises?.. A Prayer for Bethlehem One Hundred Years From Now.. To Be Put in the Time Capsule in the New Building.. May 15, 2002.. Because Jesus Christ is the same yesterday today and forever, we are bold to pray for you who will live and minister decades from now.. Encouraging You to Come to the Desiring God National Conference on Suffering and the Sovereignty of God.. September 7, 2005.. Are You Willing to Stand in God's Place or Go at His Pace?.. Battling the Unbelief of Impatience.. November 1, 2006.. Newsletter.. Learn to Fly By the Instruments.. Your Perceptions May Be Unreliable in a Spiritual Storm.. December 1, 2006.. You Are a Branch, Not a Vine.. Defeating Pride by Cultivating Prayerful Dependence.. January 1, 2007.. Confessions of a Man of Little Faith: With a Wealthy Father, Who Needs Big Barns?.. March 1, 2007.. We Are Not Peddlers of God's Word.. Giving and Selling in the Mission of Desiring God.. April 1, 2007.. You Are What You Eat.. What to Feed Your Soul so that You Abound in Hope.. May 1, 2007.. Enthralled!.. The Secret to Doing What Matters Most.. June 1, 2007.. Learn from Darwin.. We Become What We Behold.. July 1, 2007.. When You Aren't Sure What to Do Next.. Following the Reliable, Unpredictable Jesus.. August 1, 2007.. Jesus chooses and Uses Failures.. "Forgiven," Not "Failure," Defines the Christian.. September 1, 2007.. When God's Will Isn't Clear.. The Difficulty is Part of God's Design.. October 1, 2007.. Remember Why You Sold Everything.. Keeping the Treasure in View during the Long Wait.. November 1, 2007.. You Never Know What God Is Growing.. Sow Faithfully.. The Harvest Will Be Larger than You Think.. December 1, 2007.. When the Adulteress Went Home.. Living Guilt-free with the Consequences of Past Sin.. January 1, 2008.. When Prosperity is a Bane and Adversity a Blessing.. Lessons from the Young Man in Mark 10.. February 1, 2008.. A Quake that is Still Shaking the World.. March 1, 2008.. How Grace and Peace Is Multiplied to You.. April 1, 2008.. The Night the Angel Didn't Come.. May 1, 2008.. A TBI Update and Announcement.. May 19, 2008.. More than Enough.. If We Really Believe This, Our Worries Are Over.. June 1, 2008.. Some Knowledge Is Too Heavy.. There is more mercy than we realize when God chooses not to tell us everything.. July 1, 2008.. Is God Punishing Me?.. Everything God Feels toward You as a Christian is Gracious.. August 1, 2008.. All God's "Musts" Require Trust.. September 1, 2008.. Why a New Sermon Series on the Gospel of John?.. September 10, 2008.. John Piper introduces the extended sermon series he ll begin this Fall.. The Beautiful Legacy of a Sordid Lineage.. October 1, 2008.. Do Not Be Afraid.. November 1, 2008.. God Will Guide-Even Correct-You When the Decisions are Hard.. December 1, 2008.. Ask! God Is Willing and Able to Give You the Best Gifts.. January 1, 2009.. John the Baptist: Doubt in the Darkness.. February 1, 2009.. Jesus' Brothers: Hope for Your Beloved Unbelievers.. March 1, 2009.. Thomas: "I Will Never Believe".. April 1, 2009.. Peter: Rock of Truth, Satanic Stumbling Block.. May 1, 2009.. Jewish Leaders: Exposing the Idol of Self-Glory.. June 1, 2009.. Rebuilt Ruins Will Reach the World.. Your Love Is Better Than Life.. Desiring God Website Now in Swahili.. Tyler Kenney.. Update on Bethlehem's Antioch Moment.. Jonathan Parnell.. My Response to the Vote on Jason Meyer..

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  • Title: Resources on Pastors & Staff - Desiring God
    Descriptive info: Pastors & Staff.. In Praise of Those Who Help Us Praise.. April 21, 1981.. A pastor expresses his gratitude to those who minister in his church through music.. A Word on Bruce Leafblad.. June 2, 1981.. John Piper outlines the responsibilities of a worship pastor.. A New Full-Time Minister?.. November 3, 1981.. Winning college students for the Lord and for the local church is crucial.. Tom Steller’s Ordination.. August 31, 1982.. There are six admonitions for how a church should treat its pastors.. The New Staffing Configuration.. January 24, 1983.. A description of the new arrangement of responsibilities among the church staff.. New Staff at Bethlehem.. September 19, 1983.. An “Uncommon Union”.. August 27, 1984.. Pastor John explains why he senses an unusual affection for the staff of Bethlehem.. On Protecting the Church Staff.. August 19, 1985.. Why does John Piper pray by name for every church staff member every day?.. What Happened at the Quarterly Business Meeting?.. April 28, 1986.. Questions about Adding Pastoral Staff.. April 27, 1987.. Then the Five Said Yes.. November 16, 1987.. The Calls Accepted.. May 16, 1988.. A Crucial Time to Focus Prayer on Pastoral Leadership.. May 1, 1989.. What does it mean in our culture to take heed to all the flock ?.. SPAN the Nineties II.. May 30, 1989..  ...   Two Concurrent Decades of Faithfulness to Youth and Adults.. September 16, 1997.. A celebration of the ministries of David and Karin Livingston and Brad and Cindy Nelson at Bethlehem Baptist Church.. How to Pray for the Pastoral Staff.. March 16, 2005.. Eight gifts to ask God to give to your church s leadership.. Join Me in Saying Thanks to God for David and Sally Michael.. August 16, 2006.. Bethlehem Baptist Church's Pastoral Accountability Form.. May 21, 2007.. Article.. Four Cheers for New Staff Positions at Bethlehem.. July 17, 2007.. Thanking God for Ten Years of Partnership in the Gospel.. Appreciation for Chuck & Carol Steddom and Sam & Vicki Crabtree.. September 19, 2007.. John Piper expresses his happiness at the 10-year anniversaries of Bethlehem s executive pastor and worship pastor.. Surprise Presentation of the Book.. For the Fame of God's Name.. Desiring God 2010 National Conference.. Think: The Life of the Mind and the Love of God.. October 2, 2010.. Conference Message.. Conference:.. 2010 National Conference.. Walking in the Spirit During Transition.. March 23, 2012.. Interview.. Thanks to the Bethlehem Staff.. Bethlehem Staff Lunch.. March 31, 2013.. Surprise Book—.. For the Fame of God's Name: Essays in Honor of John Piper.. For the Fame of.. God's.. Name.. Sam Storms.. Piper Talks with Carson and Keller About Succession..

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  • Title: Resources on Biblical Eldership - Desiring God
    Descriptive info: Biblical Eldership.. Christian Elders in the New Testament.. November 1, 1976.. An exegetical study of the role and responsiblities of Christ s undershepherds.. Elders, Pastors, Bishops, and Bethlehem.. Sunday Evening Message.. March 1, 1987.. There were two ongoing offices in the NT church for the management and care of the church: elders and deacons.. What Did Deacons Do?.. March 8, 1987.. A deacon is an office in the church with a special focus on practical and more material needs.. He Must Manage His Household Well.. May 1, 1988.. 1 Timothy 3:4 5.. Being responsible parents is a serious business.. Far more serious than most of us think.. For Tom Steller on His 10th Anniversary at Bethlehem Baptist.. December 2, 1990.. Poem.. John Piper poetically commemorates a partner in ministry.. Who Are the Elders?.. Then and Now.. June 2, 1991.. 1 Timothy 3:1 7; 5:17.. Congregational authority and strong leadership under that authority are not incompatible.. They are biblical, and they are vital.. Happiness In Being Loved, and Loving In Being Happy.. June 3, 1991.. The church gets its greatest spiritual advantage when its elders are leading with joy.. Who Shall Shepherd the Flock?.. April 24, 1994.. 1 Peter 5:1 4.. Elders must lead the church in times of blessing and of refinement.. How Elder-Shepherds Prepare to Meet the Chief Shepherd.. November 13, 1994.. When the Chief Shepherd comes, he is going to call elders to account and say, Did you feed my sheep?.. Biblical Eldership, Part 1a.. Shepherd the Flock  ...   John Piper says that a father is reflected in his child s behavior.. Should a Pastor Continue In Ministry If One of His Children Proves to Be an Unbeliever?.. May 15, 2009.. John Piper argues that good family management doesn t equal perfect outcomes.. Does Having a Bad Reputation Make a Man Unfit for Eldership?.. June 3, 2009.. John Piper says that a bad reputation has to be warranted for it to count against a potential pastor.. What Part Does Age Play In Considering a Man for Eldership?.. June 8, 2009.. John Piper says that maturity, not a certain age, is what to look for in elders.. My Spouse Is Being Nominated for Church Leadership, but Our Household is Not in Order.. What Should I Do?.. August 24, 2009.. John Piper explains how a wife can honor biblical eldership and still honor her husband, even if he is not yet qualified.. Christian Eldership.. Theology Refresh: Podcast for Christian Leaders.. February 26, 2013.. Theology Refresh.. Kevin DeYoung.. Kevin DeYoung addresses biblical eldership.. Preaching Teaching.. Pastoral Ministry.. Church Government.. Biblical Manhood Womanhood.. Advice to Pastors: Preach the Word.. 52 Key Sermons for Translation.. Twenty Years, Then Romans.. Marvin Olasky Interviews John Piper.. (Interviews).. Should Only Unanimous Decisions Guide the Church?.. Rethinking the Governance Structure at Bethlehem Baptist Church.. Pursue Mature Manhood and Womanhood.. The Doctrine of Biblical Complementarity.. (Theology Refresh).. Lowering Standards for Leadership Roles in the Church.. Michael Johnson.. The (Unremarkable) Qualifications for Elder.. An Elder Qualification We Often Forget.. Leadership Together..

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  • Title: Resources on Church Government - Desiring God
    Descriptive info: Bethlehem's Nerve System.. How it Works.. March 31, 1981.. A church s nerve system needs the divine stimuli that comes through its fingers and toes.. Highlights of the 108th Annual Meeting of the Baptist General Conference.. Sturbridge, Massachusetts - June 25-29, 1986.. June 30, 1986.. Why the Ballot Looks the Way It Does.. December 1, 1986.. Our Concern with Biblical Church Governance.. March 2, 1987.. Five reasons to reexamine church government offices and structure.. Rethinking the Governance Structure at Bethlehem Baptist Church.. A Biblical Examination of Key Terms.. Revised 4/27/2000.. August 13, 1987.. Were Apostles Unique and Unrepeatable Messengers of Christ?.. March 5, 1990.. Jesus chose Twelve Apostles for a unique,  ...   Deacons at Bethlehem with a Council of Elders.. Getting to Know the Recipient of $828,387 of Your Dollars.. March 18, 1991.. How the Elder Candidates Were Chosen and How They Will Be Presented.. May 20, 1991.. Should Only Unanimous Decisions Guide the Church?.. January 28, 2004.. There will always be a range of maturity and wisdom in the church, but that shouldn t paralyze it from moving forward.. The Nature of the Church.. Church Discipline.. Elders, Pastors, Bishops, and Bethlehem.. He Must Manage His Household Well.. We, Though Many, Are One Body in Christ.. The Cosmic Church.. How Satan Saves the Soul.. The Nature of the Christian Life.. A Mighty Deacon..

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  • Title: Resources on Pastoral Ministry - Desiring God
    Descriptive info: "For Our People and for the Cities of God".. January 27, 1981.. When it comes to persons, one plus one is more than two!.. Light Beckons.. September 15, 1981.. Isaiah 2:5.. Pastors should yearn for their people like Isaiah yearned for Israel.. I Chose You to Bear Fruit.. Ordination of Glen Bloomstrom.. October 11, 1981.. John 15:16.. Everything that you try to do will come to nothing unless you do it through a conscious, abiding dependence on the enablement of Christ.. “Be Still and Know That I Am God”.. July 20, 1982.. John Piper openly contemplates the weightiness of pastoral ministry and is sustained knowing that God is God.. Take Heed to Yourself and to Your Teaching.. Installation Service for David Livingston and Brad Nelson.. 1 Timothy 4:16.. The Curse of Priestly Failure.. November 8, 1987.. Malachi 2:1 9.. A great danger to the pastoral ministry is that the voice of God in Scripture may be drowned out by other voices.. The Glory of Priestly Success.. November 15, 1987.. The ministry of the Word can destroy and the ministry of the Word can save.. By Grace Through Faith, Panel Discussion.. Desiring God 1988 Conference for Pastors.. By Grace Through Faith.. April 16, 1988.. 1988 Conference for Pastors.. The Pastor's Missionary Vision.. John Armstrong.. Serving the Lord with Humility, Tears, and Trials.. April 2, 1989.. Acts 20:17 21.. What are the marks of a good church elder? What kind of leadership does the church need?.. Faithfulness Is Better Than Life.. April 9, 1989.. Acts 20:22 25.. Faithfulness means that you trust God and obey, no matter what impact it has on your safety or standard of living.. Pastoral Success and the Cross of Christ.. Desiring God 1989 Conference for Pastors.. The Achievement of the Cross.. April 14, 1989.. Kent Hughes.. 1989 Conference for Pastors.. The Achievement of the Cross, Panel Discussion.. April 15, 1989.. Watch Out for the Wolves Within.. April 23, 1989.. Acts 20:28 31.. There is laid upon the elders of the church of Christ a responsibility unique in all the world.. I Entrust You to God and to the Word of His Grace.. April 30, 1989.. Acts 20:32 35.. If the elders care for the flock, who cares for the elders?.. At the Price of God's Own Blood.. May 7, 1989.. Acts 20:28.. Can you say say from the bottom of your heart, Lord, Jesus, there is nothing I want more in my life than what you bled to obtain ?.. From Wonder to Witness.. June 28, 1989.. Isaiah 43:10 13.. The flame of worship is a witness to God s exuberance for God.. Guest sermon preached while on vacation in Georgia.. August 13, 1989.. Acts 20:17 25.. Discovering the Power of the Kingdom.. Desiring God 1991 Conference for Pastors.. Spiritual Gifts and the Sovereignty of God.. January 29, 1991.. Don Williams.. 1991 Conference for Pastors.. God, Congregation, and Codependency: To Whom Are We Preaching.. Desiring God 1992 Conference for Pastors.. God, Congregation, and Codependency.. January 27, 1992.. Larry Crabb.. 1992 Conference for Pastors.. God, Congregation, and Codependency: How Then Shall We Preach.. January 28, 1992.. God, Congregation, and Codependency: What Is the Codependency Movement.. God, Congregation, and Codependency, Panel Discussion.. January 29, 1992.. CEO, Shrink, or Man of God? Part 1.. Desiring God 1993 Conference for Pastors.. CEO? Shrink? Or Man of God?.. January 25, 1993.. Os Guiness.. 1993 Conference for Pastors.. CEO, Shrink, or Man of God? Part 2.. January 26, 1993.. CEO, Shrink, or Man of God? Part 3.. Hanging On for the Eighth Year.. Ben Patterson.. The Model Church.. 1993 Desiring God Conference for Pastors.. January 27, 1993.. Bill Waldrop.. CEO, Shrink, or Man of God? Panel Discussion.. The Pastor's Purity and Power.. Desiring God 1994 Conference for Pastors.. Sanctification By Faith Alone.. January 25, 1994.. Ray Ortlund, Sr.. 1994 Conference for Pastors.. Sanctification by Faith Alone, Panel Discussion.. January 26, 1994.. The Pastorate and World Evangelism.. Westminster Theological Seminary.. Philadelphia, PA.. February 3, 1994.. Preparing for the Discipline of a Vocational Minister.. An Introduction.. February 6, 1994.. Joel 2:15 17.. We lead by example not just when we succeed, but also when we fail.. Brothers, Consider Christian Hedonism.. January 1, 1995.. Brothers, Tell Them Not to Serve God!.. Brothers, Our Affliction Is for Their Comfort.. Brothers, Beware of Sacred Substitutes.. Without extended and consecrated prayer, the ministry of the Word withers up and bears no fruit.. Brothers, Save the Saints.. Loving God for Who He Is: A Pastor's Perspective.. O Lord, Give Us Children of Promise, Not Children of the Flesh!.. January 11, 1995.. Romans 9:8.. The story of Ishmael is a warning not to build your ministry according to the flesh.. A Pastor's Heart: An Apostle's Vision.. Desiring God 1996 Conference for Pastors.. The  ...   How Must a Pastor Die, Part 2.. January 31, 2006.. How Must a Pastor Die, Part 3.. Let the One Who Boasts Boast in the Lord.. Reflections on a People and Their Preacher.. February 12, 2006.. 1 Corinthians 1:10 31.. We Work With You for Your Joy.. SEMBEQ Conference.. Montreal, Quebec.. October 14, 2006.. The Glory of Pervasive Holiness in the Life of a Pastor.. Desiring God 2007 Conference for Pastors.. The Holiness of God.. February 6, 2007.. Thabiti Anyabwile.. 2007 Conference for Pastors.. February 7, 2007.. We Work with You for Your Joy.. Southern Seminary Chapel Service.. March 27, 2007.. Why God Is Not a Megalomaniac: Encouragement for Pastors.. College Park Church, Indianapolis.. April 27, 2007.. Interview With John Piper At The Gospel Coalition.. The Gospel Coalition.. Deerfield, IL.. May 24, 2007.. Do Not Sell the Gospel.. TBI Graduation.. May 27, 2007.. What are the signs that someone is selling the Gospel and how can we avoid doing it ourselves?.. Pastors, Pragmatism, Pleasure, and Pride.. August 22, 2007.. Three warnings to church leaders.. How Would You Help a Spiritually Stagnant Church?.. October 29, 2007.. John Piper talks about what is needed for a church to have vital religion.. How to Love Your People.. The Gladness of Your People and the Glory of God.. Christian Supply Clergy Appreciation Breakfast - Spartanburg, SC.. October 30, 2007.. The Pastor as Son of the Heavenly Father.. Desiring God 2008 Conference for Pastors.. The Pastor as Father & Son.. February 4, 2008.. D.. A.. Carson.. 2008 Conference for Pastors.. The Pastor as Son of an Earthly Father.. February 5, 2008.. Exodus 20:1 17.. The Pastor as Father to His Family and Flock.. 1 Timothy 3:1 7.. Question and Answers.. February 6, 2008.. How My Pastoral Ministry Shapes My Pulpit Ministry.. Resurgence Conference.. Seattle, WA.. February 26, 2008.. How Can Pastors Guard Their Time With Their Families?.. March 19, 2008.. John Piper shares how he manages his time in order to care for his family.. Is It Bad for a Church to Change Pastors From Time to Time?.. July 2, 2008.. John Piper gives several reasons why it is good for pastors and churches to stay together longer.. What Would You Say to a Pastor Who Is Considering Blogging?.. October 6, 2008.. John Piper has three questions for any potential blogger to consider.. As a Pastor, How Do You Avoid Micromanaging Your Church?.. October 17, 2008.. John Piper recommends two things to relieve pastors from feeling like they always need to second-guess their staff.. Can My Ministry Flourish In an Arminian Environment Even Though I Hold to Reformed Theology?.. December 29, 2008.. John Piper says that flourishing can happen even when a pastor and his people aren t simultaneously on the same page.. How Would You Encourage a Burned-Out Pastor?.. January 2, 2009.. John Piper mentions five approaches to helping a struggling shepherd.. A Shepherd and His Unregenerate Sheep.. Desiring God 2009 Conference for Pastors.. Commending Christ.. February 3, 2009.. Matt Chandler.. 2009 Conference for Pastors.. The Pastor and Evangelism.. Mark Dever.. John Piper Interviews Matt Chandler, Part 4.. Advice for Pastors.. February 4, 2009.. How Do I Know If God Is Calling Me to Be a Pastor?.. April 15, 2009.. John Piper identifies four things that should be present for aspiring pastors.. Is It Possible to Restore a Pastor Who Has Sinned Sexually?.. April 20, 2009.. John Piper says a repentant pastor can be restored, but he shouldn t presume upon it.. We Are Workers with You for Your Joy.. Basics Conference.. Chagrin Falls, OH.. May 11, 2009.. 2 Corinthians 1:24.. Q & A with Chandler, Driscoll, and Chapell.. Advance Conference.. Raleigh, NC.. June 4, 2009.. Hero Worship and Holy Emulation.. June 10, 2009.. Thoughts on the dangers and value of "celebrity" status.. What's Your Advice for a New Pastor Who Comes Into a Church That Has Wide-Ranging Theological Differences?.. June 19, 2009.. John Piper argues for the importance of having theologically unified church leadership.. How Thorough Should a Pastor's Confession to His Congregation Be?.. September 21, 2009.. John Piper talks about how a pastor can be helpfully authentic in front of his people.. How Can a Pastor Respectfully and Lovingly Move His Congregation From the King James Version to a Better Translation?.. September 25, 2009.. John Piper has three suggestions for how to lead a church into using a new translation.. Interview with John Piper (with German Interpretation).. German Shepherds' Conference.. Bonn, Germany.. October 9, 2009.. Church Issues.. Take Courage: You Build More Than You See.. That the Truth of the Gospel Be Preserved for You.. Pride in Preachers.. 6 Reasons Pastors Should Blog.. Desiring God Staff.. Pastors, How to Recognize a Wolf-In-The-Making.. Lessons Learned from Pastoral Ministry.. Brothers, Build a Gospel Culture.. Ray Ortlund..

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  • Title: Resources on Preaching & Teaching - Desiring God
    Descriptive info: Preaching & Teaching.. Quantitative Hopelessness and the Immeasurable Moment.. For the Encouragement of Sunday School Teachers.. July 12, 1981.. Never underestimate the power of truth spoken in a single sentence.. Building a Common Community Understanding of God.. April 20, 1982.. One aim of preaching is to build a people who think biblically.. A Pastor's Role in World Missions.. Bethel Seminary Chapel.. Twin Cities, MN.. October 31, 1984.. Psalms 106.. The Ministry of the Word.. Ordination of Steve Roy.. November 25, 1984.. Acts 6:1 6.. There is no better way to spend a brief life on this little earth than to spend it in the ministry of the Word.. Now Where with the Word of God?.. January 11, 1988.. John Piper introduces his preaching series on 1 Corinthians 1-3.. The Goal of Preaching: The Glory of God.. Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, Ockenga Lectures on Preaching.. South Hamilton, MA.. February 24, 1988.. The Ground of Preaching: The Cross of Christ.. February 25, 1988.. The Gravity and Gladness of Preaching.. The Gift of Preaching: The Power of the Holy Spirit.. February 26, 1988.. Battling Unbelief.. Bethlehem’s New Sermon Series for the Fall of 1988.. September 6, 1988.. The Guilt of Giving Part of God's Counsel.. April 16, 1989.. Acts 20:26 27.. It is possible for us to be guilty of another person s final lostness.. Interview With John Piper on The Supremacy of God in Preaching.. Preaching Today Radio Broadcast.. January 20, 1992.. John Piper answers questions on issues raised in his book on preaching.. A Passion For Preaching.. God’s Invincible Purpose: Foundations for Full Assurance.. Lenten Sermon Series.. February 24, 1992.. Why the NASB for a Preaching Bible.. April 27, 1992.. Finishing Things.. August 31, 1994.. Advent Series: "For God So Loved the World".. Meditations on John 3:16.. November 21, 1994.. John 3:16.. The Primacy of Expository Preaching, Part 1.. Desiring God 1995 Conference for Pastors.. The Primacy of Expository Preaching.. January 30, 1995.. 1995 Conference for Pastors.. You Have a Solemn Charge, Preach the Word.. January 31, 1995.. The Primacy of Expository Preaching, Part 2.. The Primacy of Expository Preaching, Part 3.. The Primacy of Expository Preaching, Panel Discussion.. February 1, 1995.. Advice to Pastors: Preach the Word.. Installation Sermon.. 2 Timothy 3:16 4:4.. Scripture turned into glad tidings that is what happens in expository exultation.. The Supremacy of God in Preaching.. Christian & Missionary Alliance General Council.. Milwaukee, WI.. May 27, 1997.. Acts 13:1 52.. The Place of Preaching in Worship.. February 8, 1998.. 2 Timothy 3:16 4:5.. Why is the proclamation of the Word so prominent in corporate worship?.. The Supremacy and Sweetness of God: Community Worship Service.. Beeson Divinity School, William E.. Conger Lectures.. Birmingham, AL.. February 24, 1998.. The Supremacy and Sweetness of God: Discussion Luncheon.. February 25, 1998.. The Supremacy and Sweetness of God: How Not to Blaspheme God.. The Supremacy and Sweetness of God: Preaching for Radical Obedience.. February 26, 1998.. How to Teach and Preach “Calvinism”.. July 4, 1998.. Preach exegetically, explaining and applying what is in the text.. If it sounds Arminian, let it sound Arminian.. Preaching Today: The (Almost) Forgotten Task, Part 1.. Desiring God 1999 Conference for Pastors.. Preaching Today: The (Almost) Forgotten Task.. February 1, 1999.. James Montgomery Boice.. 1999 Conference for Pastors.. Preaching Today: The (Almost) Forgotten Task, Part 2.. February 2, 1999.. Preaching Today: The (Almost) Forgotten Task, Part 3.. Preaching Today: The (Almost) Forgotten Task.. C.. Mahaney.. Preaching Today: The (Almost) Forgotten Task, Panel Discussion.. 1999 Desiring God Conference for Pastors.. John Piper, James Montgomery Boice, C.. February 3, 1999.. How Not to Blaspheme God in the Pulpit.. Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, H.. I.. Hester Lectureship on Preaching.. Kansas City, MO.. February 16, 1999.. Preaching for Radical Obedience.. February 17, 1999.. Drinking Deep for God's Sake.. Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.. February 18, 1999.. Isaiah 12.. Tyndale College and Seminary.. Toronto, ON.. March 31, 1999.. Wonderful Things from Your Word.. Tyndale College and Seminary, President's Chapel.. Psalms 119:17 24.. Preaching God in a Man-Centered Age.. ACT 3 Reformation Conference.. Wheaton, IL.. October 28, 1999.. Preaching: With Confidence That It Belongs in Worship.. First Presbyterian Church Pastor's Conference.. Augusta, GA.. February 20, 2001.. Preaching: With Zeal That Accords with Knowledge.. February 21, 2001.. Romans 9:30 10:4.. February 1, 2004.. “More than ever I believe in preaching as a part of worship in the gathered church.. Preaching is worship, and it belongs in the regular worship life of the church no matter the size of the church” (p.. 9).. The Joy of Preaching the Gospel of God.. February 1, 2005.. Ken Jones.. Why Expositional Preaching Is Particularly Glorifying to God.. Together for the Gospel Conference.. Louisville, KY.. April 27, 2006.. T4G 2006 Panel Discussion.. Together  ...   books of the Bible to preach from.. What Books Are You Using in Your Sermon Preparations As You Go Through the Gospel of John?.. March 20, 2009.. John Piper mentions who he is reading and how each helps his study of John.. Communicating the Gospel Through Preaching.. Bryan Chapell.. Preaching the Gospel to the De-churched.. How Do Stories Fit Into Expository Preaching?.. September 7, 2009.. John Piper says that expository preaching is about exposing a text s meaning, and stories have meaning.. What Bible Passages Do You Use to Base Your Claims About How We Should Preach?.. October 14, 2009.. John Piper looks to Paul s words to Timothy for how to view preaching.. Is It Ever Appropriate to Call Out Prosperity Gospel Teachers By Name?.. January 16, 2010.. John Piper wants to be careful to criticize himself before criticizing another.. The Pastor as Prophet (Part 1).. Re:Train.. Seattle, WA.. February 26, 2010.. The Pastor as Prophet (Part 2).. The Pastor as Prophet (Part 3).. February 27, 2010.. The Pastor as Prophet (Part 4).. How Important Is It for Preachers to Preach Christ From Every Text of Scripture?.. March 2, 2010.. John Piper says that every Christian sermon should point to Jesus somehow.. Preaching in the Power of the Spirit.. The Evangelical Ministry Assembly.. London, United Kingdom.. June 24, 2010.. How Do You Prepare Your Sermons?.. July 24, 2010.. John Piper describes his method of sermon preparation, but doesn t recommend it for other preachers.. Brothers—Think, Feel, Preach God (Part One).. Piper 2 Leaders.. Pretoria, South Africa.. October 14, 2010.. January 7, 2011.. DG Staff.. Preach the Word.. Institut Biblique de Genève.. Geneva, Switzerland.. May 12, 2012.. 2 Timothy 3:10 4:5.. Preach the Word, For the Time of My Departure Has Come.. August 18, 2012.. 2 Timothy 4:1 8.. What Is It Like Preaching to 60,000 People?.. January 17, 2013.. John Piper preached to 60,000 students in the Georgia Dome for Passion 2013.. What are Your Takeaways from Passion 2013?.. January 18, 2013.. John Piper shares about his takeaways from Passion 2013 and offers one particular lesson for everyone involved in leading student ministries.. Should a Joyless Pastor Preach Joy in God?.. February 15, 2013.. In this episode we ask Pastor John Piper about preaching joy in God during seasons when he didn’t experience personal joy in God.. And did he disclose his personal condition in those sermons?.. How to Give the Bible Functional Authority in Your Speech and Writing.. March 7, 2013.. Why No Pastor Lives Up to What He Preaches.. March 14, 2013.. “No pastor lives up to what he preaches.. If he does, he is preaching too low.. ” You wrote that on Twitter a few years back, Pastor John.. How does a pastor think through this? Talk to the pastor who is preaching high, and feels overwhelmed and burdened because of it.. Is this a healthy tension for him to feel?.. What’s with All the Preaching Gestures?.. March 18, 2013.. In Episode 49 John Piper talks about why he uses hand gestures while preaching.. Does It Bother You People Are Entertained by Your Gestures?.. March 19, 2013.. In Episode 50 John Piper says, “Preaching, to me, is expository exultation.. Expository means I am explaining things.. I want to make them clear.. And so my hands are trying to do in the air what I am saying with my mouth.. ”.. The Essential and Prominent Place of Preaching in Worship.. Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary.. Wake Forest, NC.. March 21, 2013.. 2 Timothy 3:16.. How Jesus’s Glory Drives Creative Communication.. March 25, 2013.. In Episode 54 Pastor John talks about Christian communication, including the relationship between God’s sovereignty and our creativity with words.. Do You Use Bible Commentaries Written by Women?.. March 27, 2013.. In Episode 56 someone asks if men reading biblical commentaries written by women violates Paul’s instruction 1 Timothy 2:12.. How Are Teachers Judged More Strictly?.. April 22, 2013.. In Episode 74, John Piper talks about the weighty responsibility of teaching the Bible.. The Bible as One Story: An Interview with Thomas Schreiner.. Authors on the Line.. May 22, 2013.. Authors On The Line.. Thomas Schreiner.. Is the 40-Minute Sermon Passé?.. June 24, 2013.. In Episode 118, John Piper talks about the priority of preaching in the church’s corporate worship.. Saying Well As a Way of Seeing Wonder.. Grace Agenda Conference.. Moscow, ID.. October 19, 2013.. Preaching for the Church.. October 25, 2013.. Jason Meyer.. Jason Meyer on what makes pastoral preaching distinctive.. False Teaching.. Destruction Is not Sleeping.. Better Never to Have Known the Way.. Evangelism of the Humorous Type.. Beware of Proclaiming Yourself.. Preaching What You Don't Feel.. Falling Dew and Falling Hammers.. Beware of Elevated Vagueness..

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  • Title: Resources on Spiritual Leadership - Desiring God
    Descriptive info: Spiritual Leadership.. For Our People and for the Cities of God.. Installation Service for Glenn Ogren.. February 1, 1981.. 2 Samuel 10:11 12.. There are six things that should characterize every effort at team ministry in the church.. Taking Bethlehem to Seattle.. October 5, 1982.. Spiritual leadership is knowing where God wants people to be and taking the initiative, using God s methods and power, to get them there.. An Invitation to QuILT.. August 22, 1983.. One way to raise up church leaders is to provide in-house training opportunities.. Behind the Heroic Image.. July 16, 1984.. Choose your heroes with extraordinary care, for greatness in the eyes of God is very different than greatness in the eyes of men.. Serving Widows, Preaching the Word, and Winning Priests.. March 17, 1991.. Acts 6:1 7.. A major threat to the Christian movement is whatever threatens the ministry of the Word.. The Marks of a Spiritual Leader.. What kind of spiritual leadership actually helps people change?.. Guidelines for Leading Leadership in Major Decisions.. November 14, 2002.. Thank You Letter to J.. Packer, Celebrating 80 Years.. September 29, 2006.. John Piper expresses his gratitude for God s work in the life of Dr.. Packer.. In What Way Is It Okay to  ...   Albert Mohler.. November 5, 2012.. Leadership Lessons from Martin Luther King, Jr.. January 21, 2013.. John Piper shares his thoughts on why Martin Luther King, Jr.. was an effective leader.. The Pastor and His Reading: Why You Are the Key to Building a Church That Loves Books.. Desiring God 2013 Conference for Pastors.. Brothers, We Are Still Not Professionals: Reclaiming the Centrality of the Supernatural in Ministry.. February 4, 2013.. 2013 Conference for Pastors.. What Is Leadership?.. February 12, 2013.. What does godly leadership look like? And what does it aim at achieve?.. Biblical Counseling.. February 13, 2013.. Ed Welch.. Ed Welch gives the essence of biblical counseling in 10 minutes.. Two Stages of Disciplemaking.. March 4, 2013.. Jerry Bridges.. Jerry Bridges talks about two stages of disciplemaking.. Choosing a Seminary.. May 13, 2013.. In Episode 89, John Piper talks about how to choose a seminary.. On Ghostwriters.. July 11, 2013.. In Episode 129, Pastor John talks about the issue of ghostwriting.. How Do I Obey and Submit to My Leaders?.. October 24, 2013.. In Episode 201, Pastor John talks about obeying and submitting to leadership.. Kill Me at Once!.. Spiritual Parenting.. Building Ministries Around People.. The Influence of Excitement.. Fleeing Quarrels and Correcting Opponents.. Mark Priestap..

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  • Title: Resources on Study & Scholarship - Desiring God
    Descriptive info: Study & Scholarship.. The Pastor and His Study, Part 1.. January 29, 1996.. Iain Murray.. The Pastor and His Study, Part 2.. January 30, 1996.. The Pastor and His Study, Part 3.. The Study and the Sermon.. The Pastor and His Study, Panel Discussion.. Devoted to Discipline and Doctrine.. Don Whitney.. The Scholar as Pastor.. Park Community Church.. Chicago, IL.. April 23, 2009.. Discussion with Piper and Carson.. Should Pastors Get PhDs?.. May 15, 2010.. John Piper cautions pastors against getting stupid PhDs.. A Theology of Reading.. April 25, 2012.. Tony Reinke discusses  ...   of Dull Hearing.. By This Time You Ought to Be Teachers.. All Scripture Is Breathed Out by God and Profitable.. What does John Piper think about the TNIV?.. Jesus Christ and the Law of God.. Education for Exultation.. Why God Inspired Hard Texts.. Suppose You Are a Liberal Critic of the Bible.. Pastoral Ministry and Scholarship: Q&A with Don Carson and John Piper.. Listen to Sinclair Ferguson's Lecture on the Puritans.. Darrin Patrick on How to Stay Christian in Seminary.. Come, Take a Look at This!.. The Not-So-Special Season of Seminary.. Marshall Segal..

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  • Title: Resources on Youth Ministry - Desiring God
    Descriptive info: Youth Ministry.. Search for the Minister for Children’s Discipleship.. September 5, 1989.. John Piper announces and explains the search process for a new pastor, and then calls for prayer for the Lord to provide.. Imparting a Passion: A Challenge to Youth Workers.. November 8, 2002.. Good Doctrine Makes Better (Teenage) Saints.. August 15, 2007.. Growing a church by serious biblical teaching is difficult, but it bears more radical fruit than less  ...   March 26, 2008.. John Piper considers what (and how) we can learn from non-Christian art.. Priorities for Youth Pastors.. February 7, 2013.. Sebastian, a youth leader in Switzerland, asks for a list of key priorities he should be communicating to his students.. Parenting.. Children.. One Generation Shall Praise Your Works to Another.. Grand-Parenting.. Will the Next Generation Know?.. Let the Children Come to Me.. Imparting A Passion: A Challenge to Youth Workers..

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