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  • Title: How Do We Walk by the Spirit? - Desiring God
    Descriptive info: /.. Ask Pastor John.. How Do We Walk by the Spirit?.. October 14, 2013.. and.. Topic:.. Sanctification Growth.. Subscribe to.. Text Only Feed.. Sermon Audio.. Sermon Video.. Sermon Text.. Listen:.. Full Length.. Download.. Audio: Full Length.. You're listening to.. 2013 Desiring God Foundation.. Used by Permission.. Permissions:.. You are permitted and encouraged to reproduce and distribute this material in its entirety or in unaltered excerpts, as long as you do not charge a fee.. For Internet posting, please use only unaltered excerpts (not the content in its entirety) and provide a hyperlink to this page.. Any  ...   John Piper.. Website:.. desiringGod.. org.. Related Resources.. A Call for Coronary Christians.. (Taste See Articles).. ANTHEM: Strategies for Fighting Lust.. A Surprise Endorsement for Doctrine.. Abhor What Is Evil; Hold Fast to What Is Good.. (Sermons).. Battling the Unbelief of Anxiety.. PDF.. Related Topics:.. Indwelling Sin.. The Power Effects of Sin.. Spiritual Warfare.. Devotional Life.. Prayer.. The Bible.. Justification.. Loving Others.. Killing Sin.. Identity in Christ.. Pursuit of Holiness.. See list of.. Edit Resource.. Resource Categories.. All Interviews.. Behind The Blog.. DG Live.. Theology Refresh.. Authors On The Line.. By Date.. By Topic.. By Scripture.. By Language..

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  • Title: Jonathan: The Glory of Humbly Yielding Power - Desiring God
    Descriptive info: Newsletters.. Jonathan: The Glory of Humbly Yielding Power.. October 22, 2013.. Dear Friends,.. Perhaps the only thing harder for prideful humans than humbly.. wielding.. power is humbly.. yielding.. power.. And perhaps the most beautiful Old Testament example of this is Jonathan, who not only yielded the throne to David, but, as we see in 1 Samuel 23:15-18, he did everything in his power to help him.. * * *.. Abinadab.. 1.. had watched his fugitive younger brother receive Jonathan like royalty.. He saw how David embraced him, talked so intimately, and wept in farewell.. What had David divulged to the enemy’s son?.. He stepped beside David at the cave’s entrance as they watched Jonathan depart—to serve beside his father whose homicidal jealousy was forcing them to run like foxes and live like badgers.. “David, you won’t like my asking, but I need to.. Is it wise just letting him go back to Saul?”.. “My life is never safer than when it’s in his keeping.. ”.. Abinadab shifted uneasily.. “I know you love him.. You’re very loyal.. Very trusting.. It’s one of your great qualities.. I just hope your loyalty isn’t naïve here.. ”.. David said nothing, his eyes still fixed on Jonathan.. Abinidab continued, “Brother, these are treacherous days.. You barely escaped Doeg’s loose tongue.. 2.. And those cowards of Keilah would have offered you as a peace offering to Saul despite the fact that.. you.. had just saved their necks from the Philistines.. 3.. We need clear heads here.. Jonathan is next in line to be king.. You’ve been his friend.. But the fact is, you’re now his one rival to the throne.. Isn’t it possible that the blood of royal power may be thicker for Jonathan than the water of your friendship?”.. Jonathan’s silhouette melded into the dusky shadows of the Horesh hills.. David wiped his eyes and turned back into the cave.. “You don’t know him, Abinadab.. I’ll forgive this offense to his honor.. We’re no more in danger than if that was our father walking away.. But it’s not Jonathan’s affection for me that I trust.. It’s his faith.. Abinadab followed David in.. “Well, I hope I’m wrong, I really do.. But Jonathan’s coming out here makes no sense to me if it’s not to spy you out.. If he wanted to protect you he should never have come at all! What if he was followed?”.. “Nobody’s more skillful at trekking without a trace than Jonathan.. “Maybe.. But why would he come just for a friendly visit? Think of the risk.. If his father finds out that he’s been here and didn’t report it, his life  ...   and I shall be next to you.. Saul my father also knows this.. ’”.. “Jonathan believes God, Abinadab.. It’s his faith I trust.. Jonathan loves God more than he loves power.. And more than he loves me.. He loves me because he loves God.. That makes him the safest man in the world to me.. He has no equal.. ” David hung his head.. “I only hope he survives his father’s insane faithlessness.. I so desperately want him next to me.. David had a very difficult calling: to wield the power of Israel’s kingship with God-dependent humility.. Jonathan’s calling may have been more difficult: to yield the power of Israel’s kingship with God-dependent humility.. But Jonathan didn’t just yield the kingship to David.. He loved David (1 Samuel 18:1), empowered David (1 Samuel 18:4), protected and advocated for David (1 Samuel 20), and when David’s faith-hand was losing its grip, he sought him out and “strengthened his hand” by reminding him of God’s promises (1 Samuel 23:17).. He could have only done this if he trusted in the Lord with all his heart (Proverbs 3:5).. Jonathan reminds us that sometimes God’s will is for us to yield the role we have, or thought we would have, in his kingdom to another.. But we’re called to do more than just yield to them.. We’re called to love them and do everything in our power to help them succeed.. Like Jonathan, God wants us to seek first the kingdom (Matthew 6:33), not our prominence in it.. When we yield our prominence for God’s purposes it’s a sign and wonder.. And nothing else quite images the Philippians 2:5-11 glory of Jesus.. God loves when we humbly strengthen each other’s faith.. And to encourage you in this ministry, we’re pointing you this month to John Piper’s sermon titled, “.. Strengthen Each Other's Hand in God.. ” And as you listen, remember: your prayerful financial support of DG is what makes thousands of hand-strengthening resources like this available free to millions of people around the world.. On behalf of the entire DG team,.. thank you!.. Jonathan did not consider the throne a thing to be grasped, but for the sake of God he made himself nothing and became a Christ-like servant.. Let us also “have this mind” (Philippians 2:5).. Seeking the kingdom first with you,.. President.. [1 Samuel 16:8].. ↩.. [1 Samuel 22:9-19].. [1 Samuel 23:1-14].. [1 Samuel 14:24-46, 20:30-34].. [1 Samuel 20:3].. [Psalm 22:1-2].. Recent newsletters:.. Rich Young Man: The Impoverishing Power of Financial Prosperity.. Watch Your Mouth.. God Will Never, Never Break His Promise.. All Articles.. Taste & See Articles.. By Title.. By Author..

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  • Title: Jon Bloom - Desiring God
    Descriptive info: Audio Podcast.. Video Podcast.. Courage to Follow, Courage to Lead.. Why 800 Pastors Are Coming to Bethlehem in February.. January 12, 2000.. Taste See Article.. Read.. Are You Willing to Stand in God's Place or Go at His Pace?.. Battling the Unbelief of Impatience.. November 1, 2006.. Newsletter.. Learn to Fly By the Instruments.. Your Perceptions May Be Unreliable in a Spiritual Storm.. December 1, 2006.. You Are a Branch, Not a Vine.. Defeating Pride by Cultivating Prayerful Dependence.. January 1, 2007.. Are You Willing to "Waste" Your Life?.. Extravagant Love for Jesus Looks to Some Like a Waste.. February 1, 2007.. Confessions of a Man of Little Faith: With a Wealthy Father, Who Needs Big Barns?.. March 1, 2007.. We Are Not Peddlers of God's Word.. Giving and Selling in the Mission of Desiring God.. April 1, 2007.. Money, Markets, and Ministry.. April 16, 2007.. Article.. The radical nature of.. what.. we are called to spread profoundly shapes the.. way.. we spread it.. You Are What You Eat.. What to Feed Your Soul so that You Abound in Hope.. May 1, 2007.. Enthralled!.. The Secret to Doing What Matters Most.. June 1, 2007.. Learn from Darwin.. We Become What We Behold.. July 1, 2007.. When You Aren't Sure What to Do Next.. Following the Reliable, Unpredictable Jesus.. August 1, 2007.. Jesus chooses and Uses Failures.. "Forgiven," Not "Failure," Defines the Christian.. September 1, 2007.. Philippian Fellowship Annual Meeting.. September 28, 2007.. Jon Bloom unfolds five aims that direct Desiring God s strategies for ministry.. When God's Will Isn't Clear.. The Difficulty is Part of God's Design.. October 1, 2007.. Remember Why You Sold Everything.. Keeping the Treasure in View during the Long Wait.. November 1, 2007.. You Never Know What God Is Growing.. Sow Faithfully.. The Harvest Will Be Larger than You Think.. December 1, 2007.. When the Adulteress Went Home.. Living Guilt-free with the Consequences of Past Sin.. January 1, 2008.. When Prosperity is a Bane and Adversity a Blessing.. Lessons from the Young Man in Mark 10.. February 1, 2008.. A  ...   Stumbling Block.. May 1, 2009.. Jewish Leaders: Exposing the Idol of Self-Glory.. June 1, 2009.. Simon the Magician: The Peril of Pursuing Greatness.. July 1, 2009.. Simon the Pharisee: The Fuel of True Love for God.. August 1, 2009.. Demas & Mark: A Word of Warning and a Word of Hope for Stumblers.. September 1, 2009.. Peter: What I Am Doing You Do Not Understand Now.. October 1, 2009.. The Gadarene: When Following Jesus Means Going Home.. November 1, 2009.. Joseph: (Un)Planned Detours.. December 1, 2009.. David: Seasons of Success Can Be Our Most Perilous.. January 1, 2010.. Moses: When God's Direction Comes Through Correction.. February 1, 2010.. Joseph: Staying Faithful When Things Just Get Worse.. March 1, 2010.. Can You Bear Uncertainty?.. April 1, 2010.. Cleopas: The Eyes that Are Most Important to Jesus.. May 1, 2010.. The Centurion: Faith that Made Jesus Marvel.. June 1, 2010.. Peter: When the Rock Sank Slowly.. July 1, 2010.. Paul: I Am Content with Weakness.. August 1, 2010.. Let Him Deny Himself.. September 1, 2010.. "Follow Me".. October 1, 2010.. Dismembering an Idol.. November 1, 2010.. In Luke 19, Zacchaeus the tax collector was converted.. He vowed to give back fourfold to anyone he had defrauded.. Imagine a conversation he might have had when returning the money.. When a Rebuke Became a Reward.. December 1, 2010.. "Where Is Your Faith?".. January 12, 2011.. Who Is the Greatest?.. February 23, 2011.. Do You Believe This?.. March 23, 2011.. Jesus Wept.. April 23, 2011.. Pilate: Powerful, Pragmatic Pawn of Providence.. May 23, 2011.. Spreading Increase and Ministry Need.. June 7, 2011.. Interview.. Audio:.. Listen.. Download.. Video:.. Watch.. Behind the Blog: Who Is This Jon Bloom?.. August 7, 2012.. Jesus Is Turning Your Shame into a Showcase of His Grace.. April 1, 2013.. God’s Mercy in Making Us Face the Impossible.. May 1, 2013.. God Will Never, Never Break His Promise.. June 1, 2013.. Watch Your Mouth.. August 8, 2013.. Rich Young Man: The Impoverishing Power of Financial Prosperity.. August 26, 2013.. Jonathan: The Glory of Humbly Yielding Power..

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  • Title: Why Is the Glory of God at Stake in Making People Plural? Grace Agenda Conference Moscow, ID - Desiring God
    Descriptive info: Why Is the Glory of God at Stake in Making People Plural?.. Grace Agenda Conference.. Moscow, ID.. October 18, 2013.. Missions.. Conference:.. Tentmakers in Minneapolis.. Do Not Be Conformed to This World.. A Pastor s Role in World Missions.. (Conference Messages).. Go and Make Disciples, Baptizing Them.. Hallowed Be Thy Name: In All the Earth.. Regeneration / New Birth.. Evangelism.. Ministry.. Frontier Missions.. By Conference..

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  • Title: Is Jesus an Egomaniac? University of Idaho Moscow, ID - Desiring God
    Descriptive info: Is Jesus an Egomaniac?.. University of Idaho.. October 17, 2013.. Christian Hedonism.. Boiling for Christ.. Christ Crucified, Our Boast.. There Is a Way to Be Happy, Even in Sadness.. How God and Christians Treasure Christ, Part 1.. How God and Christians Treasure Christ, Part 2.. The Glory of God.. Joy.. The Doctrines of Grace / Calvinism.. Suffering.. Hope.. Jonathan Edwards..

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  • Title: Identity and Desire Catalyst 2013 Atlanta, GA - Desiring God
    Descriptive info: Identity and Desire.. Catalyst 2013.. Atlanta, GA.. October 3, 2013.. The biblical answer to the question of human identity that has had the greatest impact on me and has had the greatest influence on my ministry is the one that goes like this, “A human being is a creature of God with a nature designed by God to consciously display God’s greatness and his beauty and his worth.. ” That’s what I think our fundamental identity is.. We are creatures of God with a nature designed by God for conscious — I put in conscious to distinguish us from spiders and beavers who most definitely glorify God — conscious displays of God’s greatness and his beauty and his worth.. This was our essential nature in our first creation in Adam.. This is our essential nature in our second creation in Christ.. What we lost is being restored but it’s the same nature with the same design to make much of God.. That’s fundamentally who we are.. In other words, my fundamental identity is that I’m designed by God to display God’s identity.. My fundamental nature is that I was created and re-created to display God’s nature.. The Way Images Work.. That’s who I am.. That’s who you are.. A creature with a heart or nature designed to make much of God and display his nature.. Genesis 1:27.. Let’s put some Bible under it.. "God created man in his own image.. In the image of God he created him.. Male and female he created them.. " Now, you know as well as I that the church has argued about whether this nature, this image, your being in the image of God is your rationality or your morality or your relationality.. We argue and we argue.. What is plain, I think, and what is most relevant for me is that images are designed to image.. So, if you put up an image of Napoleon in Paris, what you mean to do is to draw attention to Napoleon.. Right? That’s what they’re for.. So the question would be, "Why did God create and erect seven billion images of himself on the planet?" Why did he do that? And surely the simple answer would be to get attention, to draw attention to himself.. You don’t put an image of somebody up and hope nobody notices it, hope nobody makes any connection between the image and the reality.. You are in the image of God in order to image God, to display God, to show God, that’s what you’re about.. That’s your meaning.. That’s your identity.. You have a nature designed to image.. First Creation.. Why did he do that? It seems to me that he is passionately, passionately devoted to filling the earth with himself, filling the earth with pointers to himself.. In every people and tongue and tribe and nation, there are these statues called human beings, created in his image in order to image God.. That’s why we exist.. That’s who we are.. Or put another text under it.. That was Genesis 1:27.. This is Isaiah 43:7, “Bring my sons from afar, my daughters from the ends of the earth, everyone who is called by my name whom I created for my glory.. ” We are created with a nature fitting us to bring him glory.. And it doesn’t mean improve upon his glory.. Right? It doesn’t mean add to a defective glory.. It means put him on display.. Show what he’s like.. That’s why you were made.. That’s what Isaiah 43:7 says.. So, our first creation in Adam means that we have an identity as a nature, we have a nature, unique, wonderful, awesome nature designed by God in order to point or display or image God’s greatness and God’s beauty and God’s worth.. That’s my identity by virtue of my first creation.. Now we all know what happened.. We fell.. Meaning we said and we’ve been saying it ever since, you have said it, I have said it, we said to God, “No.. No, I don’t see it.. I don’t enjoy it.. I don’t want it as my identity.. I will savor and show.. my.. greatness.. And I will savor and I will show and display an image for.. beauty and my worth.. That’s what I’m going to do.. ” And that’s what the whole world does until something happens.. Namely God never fails, never fails.. He does what he says and he put us on the planet.. He will get glory.. New Creation.. So Jesus Christ is sent into the world as the Son of God.. Right? And he dies to bear the penalty for our treason.. And he rises for our justification.. And he pours out his Holy Spirit into our lives and begins a re-creation process.. In the video she said her most precious verse, 2 Corinthians 5:17, “I’m a new creature in Christ.. The old is passed away.. ” Well, what is this new creature? We were created a certain way.. Are we created for something different in Christ? Here’s Colossians 3:10, “You have put on the new self which is being renewed after the image of its creator.. Seems to me that’s really clear.. In Jesus Christ owing to his death, owing to his resurrection, united in him by faith, the Holy Spirit is making us new.. How does it say it, “Renewed after the image of its creator,” which means we’re getting this back.. We’re getting back our identity as having a nature with a design to display God’s greatness and beauty and worth.. Human beings all over the world may embrace the suicidal practice of ripping our arms off and ripping our legs off and defacing the image like Dagon falling down in front of the covenant of the Lord.. But God will have his people.. God will have a people from every tribe and tongue and people and nation and they will be remade so that they are who they were first created to be, namely imagers of God.. People with a nature designed to display the greatness and the beauty and the worth of God.. For God’s Glory.. God will be displayed.. That’s why he created the world.. And the suicidal impulse of humanity to destroy the image of God, namely ourselves, will fail.. And a God-exalting church will be created from every tribe and tongue and people and nation.. Now what’s the New Testament evidence for that? That our nature as new creatures in Christ is the same nature as in the first creation, namely to image forth God.. Well, he adopted us, according to Ephesians 1:6, “to the praise of the glory of his grace.. ” So you have been brought into a transformed family that you might praise the glory and especially now in Christ the glory of grace.. Or I Peter 2:9, “He made us a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people for his own possession, that we may proclaim his excellencies, the one who called us out of darkness into light.. ” We are who we are with a design to proclaim his excellencies.. That’s our meaning.. That’s our identity.. We exist to display the excellencies of God.. Or I Corinthians 10:31.. He has given you food and drink.. Why? He has given you tongues to taste.. Why? “So that whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, you would do it to the glory of God.. ” That’s who you are.. That’s your nature.. Your identity is to live to display his identity as glorious.. Or I Peter 4:11.. Why do all of you serve? I assume most of you are servants of the living God? Why do you do that? You do it for this reason.. I Peter 4:11, “We serve in the strength that God supplies that in everything God may get the glory through Jesus Christ to whom belongs glory forever.. ” We are servants for the glory of God.. So wherever you turn in the New Testament, you’re hearing this message.. Yes, you are new.. Yes, you are being conformed to the one who created you.. And why did he create you? He created you to have a nature, to have an identity which is to make much of God — his beauty, his worth, his greatness.. So conclusion, my identity lies fundamentally in the fact that I’m a creature of God with a nature that has a design given by God and that design is to display or image forth his greatness and his beauty and his worth.. The Massive Obstacle.. And that is the biblical understanding of identity that has shaped all my life and all my ministry for the last 40 years, except for this problem.. That wasn’t released.. It couldn’t be released.. It couldn’t work until a massive obstacle had to be overcome.. And in digging under the obstacle I went deeper with identity.. And that’s where I want to go next.. What’s the obstacle? What’s the deeper thing about identity? I thought you just told us the identity issue as you’ve used it, understood it, proclaimed it.. No, not yet.. The obstacle is this.. The more clearly I saw that God designed my identity for his glory and the more clearly I saw that he made me in his image to image him, and the more clearly I saw that I was remade in Christ, recreated in Christ to proclaim his excellencies and make known his power, the more obvious became the obstacle of God’s apparent megalomania.. Right?.. This is the obstacle that you run into everywhere you proclaim a God-centered God.. That’s the obstacle.. And to dig under it to the biblical triumph over that obstacle, that brought me to my deepest understanding of identity and its relationship to desire.. Here’s the solution.. Here’s the digging under the obstacle and coming out on the other side and then I’ll try to put some Bible under it.. Deeper down into my identity I asked, “If my very nature as a human is designed to image forth God, how does it do that?” When I say, “How does it do that?” I don’t mean the endless possibilities of  ...   6:35, “Jesus says, ‘I am the bread of life; he who comes to me shall not hunger, and he who believes in me shall never thirst.. ’” Now you know how parallels work, right? He who comes to me will never hunger, he who believes in me, the parallel, believes in me will never thirst.. So if they’re parallels then probably this word “believe” and this word “come” are interpreting each other.. So what is believing? What is believing? Believing is a coming to Jesus.. Why? For the soul hunger and soul thirst to be satisfied.. That’s faith.. Believing is that.. That’s what believing is.. When you’re trying to win people to Jesus, you’re not merely trying to get them to sign a statement, you’re trying to have a new creation come into being in and the new creation is a lover of Jesus who is more satisfied in Jesus than in all the stuff that was satisfying them before.. So the nature of faith is that faith is a coming to Christ for satisfaction of our souls in him.. Number four: the nature of evil shows that we should pursue our joy in God all the time.. The nature of evil.. So one text.. Jeremiah 2:13 goes like this, “Be appalled heavens, be shocked, be utterly desolate for my people have committed two great evils: they have forsaken me, the fountain of living waters, and have carved out for themselves cisterns, broken cisterns that can hold no water.. ” So what would be your definition of evil on the basis of that? My people have committed two great evils.. One, they tasted me the fountain of everlasting satisfaction water and they spit it out! And then they went to the dessert and they took a shovel and they’ve just been scraping all their lives and sucking on that sand to try and get some water.. That’s evil.. That’s the nature of evil.. The supreme evil of the world is to forsake God’s fountain and try to make our own.. So we should stop doing that and run to the fountain.. That’s called evangelism.. And when you get there it’s called worship.. You fall down, you drink and you say, "Ah.. " That ah, that’s halleluj-ah.. Number five: the nature of conversion shows that we should pursue our joy in God all the time.. I have one text in mind, Matthew 13:44, "The king of heaven is like a treasure hidden in a field which a man found and covered up and then in his joy he goes and sells all that he has and buys that field.. " That’s a picture of conversion.. Man’s walking along, he loves the world.. He doesn’t love God, doesn’t give a rip for God.. God is boring.. God’s mythological.. And he stumbles on something in the field.. He opens it, it’s full of diamonds and gold and silver, emeralds and rubies.. That’s God.. That’s the kingdom of God and he quickly thinks, "I need to own this field because then it will be mine when I tell people I found it.. So he sells everything.. Get the point? Nothing is more valuable than that.. That’s the kingdom.. That’s God my king inviting me into his fellowship and therefore I will sell my car and my Apple computer and I will sell my grandfather’s clock and my wedding ring.. Yes, I will sell my wedding ring, not my wife because God doesn’t ask that.. But I might have to view her differently.. That’s another sermon.. The nature of conversion means you just found the treasure that is all satisfying, do whatever you have to do to have that treasure.. Enjoy that treasure.. Maximize your life in that treasure and it may mean selling everything you have.. Number six: the Bible threatens terrible things if we will not be happy.. Deuteronomy 28:47, “Because you did not serve the Lord your God with joy and a glad heart, therefore you will serve your enemies.. ” God gets very angry when we’re not happy in God.. Number seven: the doctrine of self-denial teaches us to pursue our joy.. Sounds paradoxical? Listen to Jesus very carefully.. Mark 8:34, “If anyone wishes to come after me he must deny himself and take up his cross and follow me for whoever would save his life will lose it and whoever loses his life for my sake and the Gospels will save it.. ” Now how is he arguing? You don’t want to lose your life.. That’s the premise.. You want to save your life.. And he agrees with that.. So, if you don’t want to lose your life and you want to save your life, you’re going to have to lose your life.. That’s the argument.. And you have to reflect for a few minutes on the nature of the losing and the nature of the gaining.. But it’s clear that the argument is, you will be called upon to take some losses in this life precisely to maximize your joy forever.. Number eight: I got two more.. We’ll do them in four minutes.. Love for others flows from the pursuit of your joy in God.. Jesus said, "Blessed are you when men persecute you and revile you and say all kinds of evil against you falsely.. Rejoice in that day and be glad for great is your reward in heaven.. " Now how do you get strength to love your enemies? How do you keep from being embittered and angry and vengeful when you’re mistreated? Jesus says, "When that happens, rejoice.. " Rejoice? How? "You’ve got to treasure — me.. At my right hand are pleasures for evermore, in my presence is fullness of joy.. Rejoice.. " And from that joy flows power to love your enemy.. So don’t think that I’m calling you to self-centered lifestyle in telling you, you got to go after your joy in God because what happens when you are thrilled with God is that you can lay down your life for others to include them in it.. A Story for the Point.. One more and I’ll be done.. Matt Chandler has his rose story.. I have my rose story.. And I love his rose story.. If you Matt Chandler’s rose story, you get Matt Chandler.. If you get my rose story, you get John Piper.. His rose story is true.. I wouldn’t tell you my rose story if it were true.. I made it up.. Not true in that it happened although I acted it out one time with my wife and we took it on film.. But I made this up.. So fiction communicating truth.. The question here is, “What should motivate you to bring flowers to your wife on your anniversary?” Ok.. I’ve been married 45 years this December.. All right, this is going to be a big bundle of daisies.. Oh yeah, roses, daisies.. Noel likes daisies.. Daisies have a kind of thing with us.. But anyway it’s our anniversary.. I’ve got this bundle behind my back, let’s just call them roses, and I ring the doorbell which I never do and she comes to the door with a quizzical look on her face and she looks at me funny and I whip it out and say, “Happy anniversary Noel.. ” And she says, “Oh, Johnny, they’re beautiful.. Why did you?” And I say, “It’s my duty.. ” I’ve read the book on being a good husband and that’s what good husbands do and I have done my duty.. Now I’ve told that story a hundred times and every time people laugh at "duty.. " Why are you laughing at duty? What is wrong with duty? Duty is glorious! Battles are won because soldiers do their duty.. You’re laughing at it.. And you should.. It’s a good sign in an audience if they laugh at that motivation.. That’s the wrong answer, buddy.. So let’s rerun the film.. I ring the doorbell.. “Happy anniversary Noel.. ” “Oh Johnny, they’re beautiful.. Why did you?” “I couldn’t help myself.. Buying flowers for you makes me happy.. In fact I’ve got a babysitter and we’re going out tonight because there’s nothing I’d rather do than spend the evening with you.. ” Never in a thousand years would she say, “Nothing ever makes you happy.. All you ever think about is yourself.. You’re just an old hedonist.. You’re going around trying to make people into hedonists because nothing would make you happier than to be with me.. What about me? What about me? All you think about is you.. Now, why wouldn’t she say that? Why wouldn’t she say that? If you get that, you get this message.. She wouldn’t say that for this simple reason.. When I say the words to her, “There’s nothing.. I.. would rather do than to be with you.. ” There is nothing that would make.. me.. happier than to be with you, she is honored.. And so is God on Sunday morning, which is why I don’t say to our people, “You ought to be coming here to give, give, give, give, give.. ” I say, come to get God.. God is so honored when you ring his doorbell and say, “There’s nothing I would rather have than you.. ” If there’s a bouquet for you on Sunday morning, it’s not because you need bouquets, it’s because I am so ravished by the kind of God you are.. So I close with this concluding word.. “You show me the path of life.. In your presence is fullness of joy, at your right hand are pleasures for evermore.. ” Your identity and my identity is that we are creatures of God with a nature, a nature designed to image God, to declare or display his greatness and his beauty and his worth.. And now we have seen he has designed us to do that in all we do by finding most pleasure in him and most satisfaction in him.. So concluding exhortation.. You know you will have become who you are designed to be if you find so much satisfaction in God that as you try to bring other people into it, you die and say, “Gain!”..

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  • Title: Envy Theology Refresh: Podcast for Christian Leaders - Desiring God
    Descriptive info: Envy.. Theology Refresh: Podcast for Christian Leaders.. October 4, 2013.. Joe Rigney.. It’s everywhere you turn, yet so easily keeps itself hidden.. It’s pervasive in advertising and steers the course of political debates.. It lives in all our hearts, but seems so petty that we’re unwilling to admit its presence.. But in God’s economy, envy in sinful and dangerous.. “Wrath is cruel, anger is overwhelming, but who can stand before envy?” (Proverbs 27:4).. Envy and Its Accomplices.. Envy, says Joe Rigney, is a feeling of unhappiness at the blessing of others.. It’s different than jealousy, which orients on what we ourselves own and is not always a sin.. Envy orients on others and their blessing.. And it.. hunts in a pack.. , keeping company with other “works of the flesh,” like covetousness, malice, rivalry, and resentment (Galatians 5:19–21).. But as tricky as envy is — in both its pervasiveness and hiddenness — it is highly susceptible to the sword of the Spirit (Ephesians 6:17; Romans 8:13).. Awareness of envy’s masks, and direct confrontation through faith in the promises of God, go  ...   to play defense against envy — “the great leveler,” as Dorothy Sayers called it — but also to go on the offensive in pursuit of the riches of God’s.. lavish inequality.. That’s right, there’s a kind of.. inequality.. that God loves, and discovering the beauty of God’s gracious variety (Romans 12:6; 1 Corinthians 12:4; 1 Peter 4:10) just might be one of the breakthrough truths for you.. Joe Rigney is professor at Bethlehem College Seminary in Minneapolis.. He gave the seminar “.. Like Like a Narnian.. ” at the recent Desiring God 2013 National Conference, and is author of a new book by the same title.. For this weekend only, the book is available at a special discounted rate,.. in softcover.. for Kindle.. To subscribe or see the full list of over 40 episodes,.. visit Theology Refresh in the iTunes store.. Do Not Let Sin Reign in Your Mortal Body, Part 1.. Do Not Let Sin Reign in Your Mortal Body, Part 2.. How to Kill Sin, Part 1.. How to Kill Sin, Part 2.. How to Kill Sin, Part 3..

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  • Title: Joe Rigney - Desiring God
    Descriptive info: Confronting the Problem(s) of Evil.. Biblical, Philosophical, and Emotional Reflections on a Perpetual Question.. December 15, 2012.. Narnia.. June 20, 2013.. Joe Rigney welcomes us into Narnia, the imaginary world of C.. S.. Lewis.. C.. Lewis: Christian, Writer, Scholar, Prophet.. A Short Conversation with Joe Rigney.. July 10, 2013.. Live Like a Narnian: Christian Discipleship in  ...   Life, and Imagination in the Work of C.. September 27, 2013.. Conference Message.. 2013 National Conference.. Lewis Against Hipsters — And Those Who Despise Them.. National Conference Rebroadcast.. September 28, 2013.. Colin Duriez.. ,.. Lyle Dorsett.. N.. D.. Wilson.. Kevin Vanhoozer.. , and.. Randy Alcorn.. Envy.. Joe Rigney exposes the pervasive, but often hidden, sin of envy..

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  • Title: Doctrinal Depth and Gospel Advance Desiring God Community Church Charlotte, NC - Desiring God
    Descriptive info: Doctrinal Depth and Gospel Advance.. Desiring God Community Church.. Charlotte, NC.. September 7, 2013..

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  • Title: Perseverance in God-Centered Missions Desiring God Community Church Charlotte, NC - Desiring God
    Descriptive info: Perseverance in God-Centered Missions.. September 8, 2013.. Scripture:.. Isaiah 12:3 5.. Encouragement.. Running with the Witnesses.. Take Courage: You Build More Than You See.. Today s Mercies for Today s Troubles.. I Will Go to God, My Exceeding Joy.. Ministering to Your Pastor.. (Articles).. Christian Biography.. Fellowship Hospitality..

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  • Title: Resources on Isaiah - Desiring God
    Descriptive info: Isaiah.. Resources on Isaiah.. Chapter:.. 12.. 25.. 30.. 36.. 37.. 40.. 41.. 43.. 44.. 46.. 48.. 52.. 53.. 55.. 56.. 57.. 58.. 64.. Isaiah 2.. Light Beckons.. September 15, 1981.. Isaiah 2:5.. Pastors should yearn for their people like Isaiah yearned for Israel.. Isaiah 6.. Holy, Holy, Holy Is the Lord of Hosts.. January 1, 1984.. Sermon.. Isaiah 6:1 8.. Revival happens when we see God majestic in holiness, and when we see ourselves disobedient dust.. Isaiah 12.. Drinking Deep for God's Sake.. Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.. Kansas City, MO.. February 18, 1999.. The Wells of Salvation and the Work of Missions.. Fergus Falls Missions Conference.. January 1, 1993.. Perseverance in God-Centered Missions.. Isaiah 25.. Cities of Ruthless Nations Will Revere Thee.. Missions Week.. November 6, 1994.. Isaiah 25:1 8.. Great affliction + deep poverty + abundant joy = great generosity.. Cities of Ruthless Nations Will Fear the Lord.. The Summit Church.. Durham, NC.. March 17, 2013.. Isaiah 30.. Battling the Unbelief of Impatience.. November 27, 1988.. Isaiah 30:1 5.. God says he will bless us if we wait patiently for him.. Isaiah 36.. Winning Battles Through Prayer.. Advancing Churches in Missions Commitment (ACMC).. Wheaton, IL.. July 19, 1990.. Isaiah 36 37.. Isaiah 37.. Prayer and the Victory of God.. January 1, 2006.. Isaiah 40.. Three Meditations on "The Messiah".. Christmas Festival.. December 11, 1988.. Isaiah 40:5.. The high noon of God s glory will be the second coming of Christ.. And that is where the sun will stay forever.. Thanksgiving Toward the Past, Faith Toward the Future.. A Parable: The Anvil.. November 21, 1999.. Isaiah 40:8.. Isaiah 41.. Fear Not, I Am with You, I Am Your God.. June 20, 1993.. Isaiah 41:1 13.. God is over you, by you, inside you, around you, underneath you.. Therefore do not fear.. Fear Not, You Worm Jacob!.. August 22, 1982.. Isaiah 41:14.. The good news of the Bible is not that we are not worms, but that God helps worms who trust him.. Isaiah 43.. God Created Us for His Glory.. July 27, 1980.. Isaiah 43:1 7.. What is God's goal in creating and governing the world? How can I bring my life into alignment with that goal?.. The Joyful Purpose of God.. January 8, 1989.. No matter what part of your Christian commitment you focus on, the Bible leads you from that focus to the urgency of evangelism.. Why Did God Create the World?.. September 22, 2012.. I Am the Lord, and Besides Me There Is No Savior.. Education for Exultation: In God.. January 30, 2000.. Isaiah 43:8 13.. Chosen to Know and Believe and Witness That I Am He.. Celebrating 140 Years of Bethlehem Baptist Church.. November  ...   name and his pleasure in doing good to sinners meet and marry in his pleasure in bruising his Son.. He Shall Be Satisfied with the Fruit of His Travail.. Palm Sunday.. April 4, 1993.. Isaiah 53:10 12.. It was the will of the Lord to crush him, NOT because of his own sins, but because of our sins.. Isaiah 55.. The Great Invitation: Come! Drink! Eat! Live!.. July 31, 1988.. Isaiah 55:1 3.. Don't let the advertisements for the world drown out God's invitation to heaven!.. The Great Invitation: Call Others Too!.. August 7, 1988.. Will we be satisfied that God has made a covenant with us? Or will be dissatisfied until is spreads to all the nations and peoples of the world?.. The Great Invitation: A High Way for Low Sinners.. August 14, 1988.. Isaiah 55:6 9.. Everybody needs to call upon the Lord to seek the Lord right now while he may be found.. The Great Invitation: God's Triumphant Word.. August 21, 1988.. Isaiah 55:10 11.. Not one jot or tittle will fall to the ground of all that God purposes through his omnipotent word.. The Great Invitation: Break Forth in Song!.. August 28, 1988.. Isaiah 55:12 13.. Your happiness is God s reputation.. Your peace is God s memorial.. And this is an everlasting sign of his love that shall not be cut off.. Isaiah 56.. Single in Christ: A Name Better Than Sons and Daughters.. April 29, 2007.. Isaiah 56:1 7.. A survey of the scriptures to develop a biblical theology of singleness.. Excerpt.. Isaiah 57.. The Lofty One Whose Name Is Holy.. October 21, 1984.. Isaiah 57:14 21.. The lofty One whose name is Holy dwells with crushed and humble saints.. Isaiah 58.. Bethlehem, Break Forth Like the Dawn.. October 6, 2002.. Isaiah 58:1 12.. The people of Christ should not be known primarily for what we don t do, but for what we do do.. A Fast for Waters That Do Not Fail, Part 1.. February 12, 1995.. Be ware of substituting religious fervor for righteous living.. A Fast for Waters That Do Not Fail, Part 2.. February 19, 1995.. Let s trust the Great Physician the Lord, our healer.. Let s accept the fast that he has prescribed for us.. Sabbath Hedonism.. October 17, 1983.. Isaiah 58:13 14.. Sunday should be a day for delighting ourselves in the Lord in ways we can t on other busy days.. Isaiah 64.. God Works for Those Who Wait for Him.. September 5, 1982.. Isaiah 64:1 4.. If God undertakes to work for us, he cannot fail.. He will succeed in providing all the services we need.. Christ Redeemer Church.. Woodbury, MN.. May 5, 2013..

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