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  • Title: 2001 Resources - Desiring God
    Descriptive info: /.. 2001.. 2001 Resources.. Subscribe to.. Audio Podcast.. Video Podcast.. Text Only Feed.. 2000.. Jan.. Feb.. Mar.. Apr.. May.. Jun.. Aug.. Sep.. Oct.. Nov.. Dec.. 2002.. January.. Lullaby for Talitha.. January 1, 2001.. Article.. One option for how to lead your child to rest.. in God.. Read.. Learning to Pray in the Spirit and the Word, Part 2.. January 7, 2001.. Sermon.. Scripture:.. Jude 1:17 25.. Audio:.. Listen.. Download.. Year End Thanks and New Year Hope.. January 9, 2001.. Taste See Article.. God's Pursuit of Racial Diversity At Infinite Cost.. Racial Harmony Sunday.. January 14, 2001.. Revelation 5:9 10.. The Solution Is Closer Than You Think.. Three Ways of Seeing.. January 16, 2001.. Sometimes we are prepared to see what we see and sometimes our minds have to be changed before we can accept reality.. The Meaning and Significance of Race, Part 1.. Racial Harmony Session 3.. Wednesday Evening Message.. January 17, 2001.. God at Work in Every Womb.. Sanctity of Life Sunday.. January 21, 2001.. Job 31:13 15.. Dead to the Law, Serving in the Spirit, Part 1.. January 28, 2001.. Romans 7:1 6.. God, Psychology, and Christian Care of the Soul, Part 1 — David Powlison.. Desiring God 2001 Conference for Pastors.. God, Psychology, and Christian Care of the Soul.. January 29, 2001.. Conference Message.. David Powlison.. Conference:.. 2001 Conference for Pastors.. John Newton: The Tough Roots of His Habitual Tenderness.. 2001 Bethlehem Conference for Pastors.. January 30, 2001.. Biography.. Excerpt.. God, Psychology, and Christian Care of the Soul, Part 2 — David Powlison.. God, Psychology, and Christian Care of the Soul, Part 3 — David Powlison.. God, Psychology, and Christian Care of the Soul — Erroll Hulse.. Erroll Hulse.. God, Psychology, and Christian Care of the Soul — Panel Discussion.. January 31, 2001.. God, Psychology, and Christian Care of the Soul — Greg Livingstone.. Greg Livingstone.. February.. The Meaning of Membership and Church Accountability.. February 1, 2001.. Bethlehem Baptist Church Staff.. Why does Bethlehem have a church membership covenant? And how do they understand and practice church discipline?.. The Hidden Smile of God.. The Fruit of Affliction in the Lives of John Bunyan, William Cowper, and David Brainerd.. Book.. “For John Bunyan, William Cowper, and David Brainerd, the loving purpose of God in pain was one of the most precious truths in the Bible and one of the most powerful experiences of their lives” (p.. 25).. PDF:.. Dead to the Law, Serving in the Spirit, Part 2.. February 4, 2001.. Storms Are the Triumph of His Art.. Away, Despair!.. February 6, 2001.. There is no place for despair in the Christian life.. To be out of the pit of hell is to be on the ground of mercy.. The Meaning and Significance of Race, Part 2.. Racial Harmony Session 4.. February 7, 2001.. Does the biological triviality of the differences between races mean that race is theologically and socially insignificant?.. What Do You Think of Pictures of Jesus?.. Ask Pastor John.. If we have no idea what Jesus looked like, how should he be portrayed?.. Dead to the Law, Serving in the Spirit, Part 3.. February 11, 2001.. The Ethics of Interracial Marriage.. Racial Harmony Session 5.. February 14, 2001.. Five arguments that are used to oppose interracial marriage and responses to counteract them.. Preaching: With Confidence That It Belongs in Worship.. First Presbyterian Church Pastor's Conference.. Augusta, GA.. February 20, 2001.. 2 Timothy 3:16 4:5.. Worship: Sharing God's Passion for His Global Glory.. First Presbyterian Church Missions Conference.. Preaching: With Zeal That Accords with Knowledge.. February 21, 2001.. Romans 9:30 10:4.. Prayer: Pursuing Peoples When Life Is War and God Is Sovereign.. Suffering: The Path and the Price of World Evangelization.. February 22, 2001.. Dead to the Law, Serving in the Spirit, Part 4.. February 25, 2001.. March.. Live to Die.. 2001 Shepherds Conference.. March 8, 2001.. Colossians 1:24 26.. April.. The Importance of Knowing Our Sin.. April 1, 2001.. Romans 7:7 12.. You don t have to give in to temptation in order to know your sin.. Racial Harmony and the Gospel.. Racial Harmony Session 6.. April 4, 2001.. If you have prejudice and enmity against others, your relationship to God is questionable.. How We Come to Know Sin.. April 8, 2001.. The law teaches us that it is God s desires, not our own, that are the measure of right and wrong.. Undoing the Destruction of Pleasure.. University of Minnesota.. Twin Cities, MN.. April 10, 2001.. We will not understand the human longing for happiness until  ...   teaming up to take eternal life from Muslim people.. No Condemnation in Christ Jesus, Part 2.. September 30, 2001.. Romans 8:1 4.. If you are in Christ, all of God s action toward you is almighty mercy and omnipotent assistance.. October.. Pierced By the Word of God.. October 3, 2001.. Hebrews 4:12.. Use the Bible to know yourself and confirm your own spiritual life.. A Godward Life.. Savoring the Supremacy of God in All of Life.. October 5, 2001.. “My prayer is that God might be pleased to take the short readings of this book and set a sentence or paragraph on fire in your mind” (p.. 14).. Set Free by the Spirit of Life in Christ Jesus.. October 7, 2001.. Getting at the Heart of God-Focused Ministry, Session 1.. North Hills Community Church.. Taylors, SC.. October 8, 2001.. Getting at the Heart of God-Focused Ministry, Session 2.. October 9, 2001.. Getting at the Heart of God-Focused Ministry, Session 3 (Q & A).. Getting at the Heart of God-Focused Ministry, Session 4.. Getting at the Heart of God-Focused Ministry, Session 5 (Q & A).. Getting at the Heart of God-Focused Ministry, Session 6.. The Dangerous Duty of Delight.. Daring to Make God Your Greatest Desire.. October 10, 2001.. “How can I not cry,.. Look! Believe! Be satisfied!.. It may cost you your life to see it.. But it will be worth it, because we know on good authority that ‘The steadfast love of the LORD is better than life’ (Psalm 63:3 RSV).. Infinite delight is a dangerous duty.. But you will not regret the pursuit” (p.. 3).. What the Law Could Not Do, God Did Sending Christ, Part 1.. October 14, 2001.. Preview to.. The Dangerous Duty of Delight.. October 17, 2001.. Treating Delight As Duty Is Controversial.. October 24, 2001.. Joy is not just the spin-off of obedience to God, but.. part of.. obedience.. "I Will Build My Church" -- From All Peoples.. Missions Week.. October 28, 2001.. Matthew 16:13 26.. The Strange Ways of Our Wonderful Builder.. October 31, 2001.. November.. What the Law Could Not Do, God Did Sending Christ, Part 2.. November 4, 2001.. ANTHEM: Strategies for Fighting Lust.. November 5, 2001.. One set of strategies in the war against wrong desires.. How the Spirit Does What the Law Could Not Do.. November 11, 2001.. Romans 8:3 9.. The law can t overcome your rebellion and make you a loving person.. But the Spirit can.. How to Pray If You Are Dead to the Law and Love to Bear Fruit.. November 12, 2001.. What would a Pharisee pray at his conversion?.. Thankful for the Love of God! Why?.. November 18, 2001.. 2 Corinthians 12:7 10.. Why do you want God to love you? There are bad answers to this question.. How to Use the Law Lawfully To Bear Fruit for God.. November 25, 2001.. 1 Timothy 1:5 11.. Meditate on the law in order to know the justice and mercy of God in Christ, your righteousness and your life.. Reasons Believers in Christ Need Not to Be Afraid.. November 27, 2001.. How can I have peace or joy while living in a dangerous world?.. December.. Why and How We Walk According to the Spirit.. December 2, 2001.. Romans 8:5 9.. The Prodigal's Sister, Part 1.. Poem.. The Sadness of Our City Fathers At the Star Tribune.. December 4, 2001.. What Does It Mean to Fulfill the Law in Romans 8:3-4.. Twelve Theses.. December 9, 2001.. Romans 8:3 4.. The Prodigal's Sister, Part 2.. What Does Jesus Want for Christmas?.. December 11, 2001.. What Jesus wants most is that his elect get what.. they.. want most: eyes to see and savor the Son of God.. Toward a Definition of the Essence of Biblical Counseling.. December 12, 2001.. What are 10 basic characteristics of good Christian counseling?.. Christian, Know Whose You Are.. You Have the Spirit of Christ.. December 16, 2001.. Romans 8:7 11.. What are the essential distinctions between true Christians and non-Christians?.. The Prodigal's Sister, Part 3.. The Word Was Made Flesh.. December 23, 2001.. John 1:1 18.. Christians must know Jesus well so that they can discern between the Christ of Scripture and the Christ that other religions claim to honor.. Uriah (original 1989).. Hold Fast to the Word and Pray for Us.. How the Spirit and the Word Produce Change.. December 30, 2001.. 2 Thessalonians 2:13 3:5.. Prayer and meditation are as inseparable in the Christian life as the Spirit and the Word of God.. Resource Categories..

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  • Title: Doing Missions When Dying Is Gain Wheaton College Wheaton, IL - Desiring God
    Descriptive info: Doing Missions When Dying Is Gain.. Wheaton College.. Wheaton, IL.. October 27, 1996.. Topic:.. Missions.. Sermon Audio.. Sermon Video.. Sermon Text.. Listen:.. Full Length.. Download.. Audio: Full Length.. Audio: Excerpt.. You're listening to.. Doing Missions When Dying Is Gain (Excerpt).. (The following is an edited transcript of the audio.. ).. My mission statement in life and my church s mission statement is,.. We exist to spread a passion for the supremacy of God in all things for the joy of all peoples.. I love that mission statement for a lot of reasons.. One is because I know it cannot fail.. I know it cannot fail because it s a promise.. Matthew 24:14, This gospel shall be preached throughout the whole world as a testimony to all the nations, and then the end will come.. (And I hope that you know that "nations" doesn t mean political states.. It means something like people groups, ethnic-linguistic groupings.. ) We may be absolutely certain that every one of them will be penetrated by the gospel to the degree that you can say that a witness, an understandable self-propagating witness, is there.. Now let me give you some reasons why we can bank on that.. The Promise Is Sure.. The promise is sure for several reasons.. 1.. Jesus never lies.. Heaven and earth may pass away, but my word will.. never.. pass away.. And it was Jesus who said Matthew 24:14, not me.. So this mission that we re on together is going to finish.. It s going to be done, and you can either get on board and enjoy the triumph or you can cop-out and waist your life.. You have only those two choices, because there is no middle option like, Maybe it won t happen, and I can be on the best side by not jumping on board.. That won t happen.. 2.. The ransom has already been paid for those people among all the nations.. According to Revelation 5:9-10, Worthy are you to take the scroll and to open its seals, for you were slain, and by your blood you ransomed people for God from every tribe and language and people and nation, and you have made them a kingdom and priests to our God, and they shall reign on the earth.. They're paid for, and God will not go back on his Son s payment.. I love the story of the Moravians.. In northern Germany two of them were getting on a boat, ready to sell themselves into slavery in the West Indies, never to come back again.. And as the boat drifts out into the harbor they lift their hands and say, May the Lamb receive the reward of his suffering.. What they meant was that Christ had already bought those people.. And they were going to find them by indiscriminately preaching the gospel, through which the Holy Spirit would call them to himself.. So I know this can t abort, because the debt has been paid for each of God s people everywhere in the world.. Those lost sheep, as Jesus called them, that are scattered throughout the world.. will.. come in as the Father calls them through the preaching of the gospel.. 3.. The glory of God is at stake.. There are oodles of texts about this.. Let me just pick one.. Romans 15:8-9, Christ became a servant to the circumcised in order to confirm the truthfulness of God, so that he might make strong [or sure or reliable] the promises made to the patriarchs, and in order that the nations might glorify God for his mercy.. The whole purpose of the Incarnation was to bring glory to the Father through the manifestation of his mercy to the nations.. The glory of God is at stake in the Great Commission.. Back in 1983 at Bethlehem Baptist Church, me and Tom Steller my sidekick now of 17 years were both met by God in amazing ways.. Tom, in the middle of the night, couldn t sleep, so he got up, put on a John Michael Talbot song, laid down on the couch, and he heard our theology translated into missions.. (We are a God-glory oriented people, but we had not yet made sense of missions like we ought.. ) John Michael Talbot was singing about the glory of God filling the earth the way the waters cover the sea, and Tom wept for an hour.. At the same time God was moving in on me and Noel to ask, What can we do to make this place a launching pad for missions? And everything came together to make an electric moment in the life of our church, and it all flowed from a passion for the glory of God.. 4.. God is sovereign.. God is sovereign! A few weeks ago, as I'm preaching through Hebrews, we arrived at Hebrews 6.. As you know, this is a very difficult text about whether these people are Christians or not when they fall away.. And in verses 1-3 there is this amazing statement (which is just a tiny piece of the massive biblical evidence for why I m a Calvinist!) that says, Let us press on to maturity, leaving behind the former things.. and this we will do.. if.. God permits.. When we looked at this, there fell across my congregation the most unbelievable silence, because we heard the implications.. You mean God might not permit a body of believers to press on to maturity?.. God is sovereign! He is sovereign in the church, and he is sovereign among the nations! One testimony to this is in the article in.. Christianity Today.. that came out a few weeks ago retelling of the story of Jim Elliot, Nate Saint, Pete Flemming, Roger Youderian, and Ed McCully.. Steve Saint tells the story of his dad getting speared by Auca Indians in Ecuador.. He tells it after having learned new details of intrigue in the Auca tribe that were responsible for this killing when it shouldn t have happened, and seemingly wouldn t have and couldn t have.. Yet it did happen.. And having discovered the intrigue he wrote this article.. I want to read one sentence that absolutely blew me out of my living room chair.. He said,.. As [the natives] described their recollections, it occurred to me how incredibly unlikely it was that the palm beach killing took place at all.. It is an anomaly that I cannot explain outside of divine intervention.. "I can only explain the spearing of my dad by virtue of divine intervention.. Do you hear what this son is saying? God killed my dad.. He believes that, and I believe that.. According to Revelation 6:11, when you have a glimpse of the throne room and the martyrs who shed their blood for the gospel saying How long O Lord? How long till you vindicate our blood?, the answer comes back, Then they were each given a white robe and told to rest a little longer until the number of their fellow servants and their brethren should be complete who were to be killed as they themselves had been.. " God says, "Rest until the number that I have appointed is complete.. " He s got a number of martyrs.. When it is complete then the end will come.. The Price Is Suffering.. The price is suffering, and the volatility in the world today against the church is not decreasing.. It is increasing, especially among the groups that need the gospel.. There is no such thing as a closed country.. It s a foreign notion.. It has no root or warrant in the Bible, and it would have been unintelligible to the apostle Paul who laid down his life in every city he went to.. Therefore, there are martyrs in this room.. Statistically it s easy to predict.. One Sunday recently there was a focus on the suffering church, and many of you were involved in it.. This World Missions Fellowship was involved in it, and you all saw videos or heard stories about places like Sudan where the Muslim regime is systematically ostracizing, positioning, and starving Christians so that there are about 500 martyrs a day there.. I get very tired of people coming to look at staff positions in my church, which is in downtown Minneapolis.. We all live in the inner city, and one of the first questions they ask is, Will my children be safe? And I want to say, Would you ask that question tenth and not first? I m just tired of hearing that.. I m tired of American priorities.. Whoever said that your children will be safe in the call of God?.. YWAM.. (Youth With A Mission) is a wild-eyed radical group that I love.. I got an email on September 1st,.. One hundred and fifty men armed with machetes surrounded the premises occupied by the YWAM team in India.. The mob had been incited by other religious groups in an effort to chase them off.. As the mob pressed in someone in a key moment spoke up on the team s behalf and they decided to give them 30 days to leave.. The team feels they should not leave and that their ministry work in the city is at stake.. Much fruit has been seen in a previously unreached region and there is great potential for more.. In the past when violence has broken out between rival religious groups people have lost their lives.. Please pray for them to have wisdom.. Now this is exactly the opposite of what I hear mainly in America as people decide where to live, for example.. I don't hear people saying, "I don t want to leave, because this is where I m called to and this is where there s need.. " Would you please join me in reversing American evangelical priorities? It seems to be woven into the very fabric of our consumer culture that we move toward comfort, toward security, toward ease, toward safety, away from stress, away from trouble, and away from danger.. It ought to be exactly the opposite! He who would come after me let him take up his cross and die!.. So I just don t get it! It s the absorption of a consumer, comfort, ease culture that is permeating the church.. And it creates little ministries and churches in which safe, secure, nice things are done for each other.. And little safe excursions are made to help save some others.. But, O we won t live there, and O we won t stay there, not even in America, not to mention Saudi Arabia!.. I was in Amsterdam a couple weeks ago talking to another wild-eyed wonderful missions group,.. Frontiers.. , led  ...   on trains and airplanes.. I m almost there, so I m talking to myself here (and my church has heard me say this and they re going to hold me to the fire) when I say that when you re old you not only don t have anything to loose in martyrdom, you get discount fares.. Why should we think that putting in our 40 or 50 years on the job should mean that we should play for the last 15 years before we meet the King? I don t get it.. It s American lies is all it is.. We re strong at 65 and we re strong at 70.. My dad is 77.. I can remember when my mom was killed, and he was almost killed, in a bus accident in Israel.. And I picked him up 10 days later with her body and him in the ambulance, and all the way home from Atlanta to Greenville he laid there with his back wide open, because the wounds were so bad they couldn t stitch them.. And he kept saying, God must have a purpose for me, God must have a purpose for me!.. And here we are 22 years later, and his life has exploded with ministry! He s working harder today at 77 for the nations than ever before.. He prepares lessons from Easley, South Carolina, including some tapes.. And they re in 60 nations with about 10,000 people believing in Jesus every year because God spared my dad and caused him not to believe in retirement.. The Prize is Satisfying.. Now last point: How do you love like that? Where are you going to get this? Are you feeling ready for this? Do you think you have it within you to be able to endure this?.. Read Stephen Neill s.. A History of Christian Missions.. On page 161 he describes what happened in Japan when the gospel came there in the 1500 s.. The emperor began to believe that the incursion of the Christian faith into their religious sphere was so threatening that they must end it.. And he did end it, with absolutely incredible brutality! It was over for the church in Japan.. And I don t doubt that the hardness and difficulty of Japan today is largely owing to the massive (though short-term) triumph of the devil in the early 1600 s.. Twenty-seven Jesuits, fifteen friars, and five secular clergy did manage to evade the order of banishment.. It was not until April 1617 that the first martyrdoms of Europeans took place, a Jesuit and a Franciscan being beheaded at Omura at that time, and a Dominican and an Augustinian a little later in the same area.. Every kind of cruelty was practiced on the pitiable victims of the persecution.. Crucifixion was the method usually employed in the case of Japanese Christians.. On one occasion 70 Japanese at Yedo were crucified upside down at low water and were drowned as the tide came in.. I cried 3 days ago when I read that, because I ve got a good enough imagination to picture the lapping water with your wife on one side and your sixteen-year-old on the other.. Are you ready? You think you got that within you? You don t.. No way does anybody have that kind of resourcefulness within them.. Where are you going to get it? That s what I want to close with.. You re going to get it by believing the promises of God.. Hebrews 10:32-34 is my favorite text about where you get the resources to live like this.. Recall the former days when, after you were enlightened, you endured a hard struggle with sufferings, sometimes being publicly exposed to abuse and affliction and sometimes being partners with those so treated.. Now let me stop there and give you the situation as I read it.. In the early days of the church persecution arose.. Some of them suffered outright and publicly, and others had compassion on them.. You ll see in the next verse that some of them were imprisoned and some of them went to visit them.. So they were forced into a decision.. Those who were in prison in those days probably depended on others for food and water and any kind of physical care that they would need, but that meant that their friends and neighbors had to go public and identify with them.. That s risky business when someone s been put in jail because they re a Christian.. So those who were still free went underground for a few hours and asked, What are we going to do? And somebody said "Psalm 63:3 says, 'The steadfast love of the Lord is better than life.. ' It's better then life.. Let s go!".. And if Martin Luther would have been there he would have said,.. Let goods and kindred go,.. this mortal life also.. The body they may kill,.. God s truth abideth still.. His kingdom is forever.. Let s go!.. And that s exactly what they did.. Let s read the rest of it.. Verse 34, You had compassion on the prisoners and you joyfully accepted the plundering of your property.. Now here s what happened.. It doesn t take any imagination.. I don t know all the details precisely, but here s what happened: They had compassion on the prisoners, which means they went to them.. And their property house, chariot, horses, mules, carpentry stools, chairs, whatever was set on fire by mob or maybe just ransacked and thrown to the streets by people with big knives.. And when they looked over their shoulder to see what was happening back there they rejoiced.. Now if you re not like this when somebody bashes your computer when you re trying to minister to them, or you drive downtown to minister and they smash your windshield, get your radio, or slash your tires if you re not like this, you re not going to be a very good candidate for martyrdom either.. So the question is, How are you going to be like this? I want to be like this.. That s why I love this text! I want to be like this.. I make no claim to be a perfect embodiment of this; but I want to be like this, so that when a rock comes sailing through my kitchen window like it has done twice in the last couple of months and smashes the glass and my wife and children hit the floor not knowing if it s a bullet or a grenade, I want to be able to say, Isn t this a great neighborhood to live in.. This is where the needs are.. You see those 5 teenage kids that just rode by? They need Jesus.. If I move out of here, who s going to tell them about Jesus?.. When your little boy gets pushed off his bicycle and they take it and run, I want to be able to take him by the neck while he s crying and say Barnabas, this is like being a missionary.. It s like getting ready for the mission field! This is great!.. I gave a message on Colossians 1:24 in Pensacola, Florida two years ago.. I had my 16-year-old Abraham with me, and he heard me say much of what I m saying here, this kind of heavy-duty suffering stuff.. And we got in the car to go home, and my wife said to Abraham, Well, what do you think God was doing in there? He said, I m going to buy a one-way ticket to the hardest country in the world.. That s all he said.. I bumped my head on the ceiling.. Whew! This is great! Thank you Lord for Abraham and what you re doing in his life.. Now I haven t gotten to the main point of the text yet.. How did they have the wherewithal to rejoice at the plundering of their property and the risking of their lives? Now we get it: Since you knew that you yourselves had a better possession and an abiding one.. This is what I call faith in future grace.. If you are a Christian, God is holding out to you indescribably wonderful promises.. "'I will never leave you nor forsake you.. ' Therefore, you can confidently say, 'The Lord is my helper; I will not fear; what can man do to me?'" (Hebrews 13:5-6) Well, actually, man can kill you.. But that is no defeat, because you know what Romans 8:36-39 says:.. We are counted as sheep to be slaughtered all day long.. Yet I am persuaded that neither death nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor things present, nor things to come, nor powers, nor height, nor depth, nor anything else in all creation can separate me from the love of God in Christ Jesus.. Therefore, nothing ultimately can harm you.. Remember what Jesus said in Luke 21:12-19? Some of you they will kill and some of you they will throw into prison.. Yet not a hair of your head will perish.. Some of you they will kill.. yet not a hair of your head will perish.. It s just Romans 8.. Everything, including death, works together for your good.. When you die you don t perish.. To die is gain.. Doing missions when death is gain is the greatest life in the world.. So I pray that you will come along and leave behind the American way of security and ease and comfort and retreat and withdrawal and emptiness.. Leave it behind and join this incredibly powerful movement.. There are students all over the world like in South Korea ready to stand up and lay down their lives for Christ.. I invite you to do it too.. 2013 Desiring God Foundation.. Used by Permission.. Permissions:.. You are permitted and encouraged to reproduce and distribute this material in its entirety or in unaltered excerpts, as long as you do not charge a fee.. For Internet posting, please use only unaltered excerpts (not the content in its entirety) and provide a hyperlink to this page.. Any exceptions to the above must be approved by Desiring God.. Please include the following statement on any distributed copy:.. By John Piper.. Website:.. desiringGod.. org.. Related Resources.. Tentmakers in Minneapolis.. (Sermons).. Do Not Be Conformed to This World.. A Pastor s Role in World Missions.. (Conference Messages).. Go and Make Disciples, Baptizing Them.. Hallowed Be Thy Name: In All the Earth.. Arabic.. Azerbaijani.. Chinese-Simplified.. Czech.. French.. German.. Indonesian.. Japanese.. Persian.. Portuguese.. Spanish.. Swahili.. PDF.. Related Topics:.. Regeneration / New Birth.. Evangelism.. Ministry.. Frontier Missions.. See list of.. Edit Resource.. By Date.. By Topic.. By Author.. By Conference.. By Language..

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  • Title: Let Your Passion Be Single RZIM Conference - Desiring God
    Descriptive info: Let Your Passion Be Single.. RZIM Conference.. November 12, 1999.. Christian Hedonism.. Let Your Passion Be Single (Excerpt).. One Central Passion: God s Glory.. Let your passion be single it wasn t always easy for me to love this topic because I couldn t make my passions single.. I knew from growing up in my father s house that one passion was unavoidable and centrally biblical, and that was a passion for the glory of God.. My father quoted as often as any other text, Johnny, whatever you do, whether you eat or whether you drink, do everything to the glory of God.. (1 Corinthians 10:31) So, I grew up knowing that was one passion that had to be there.. As I meditated more and more in my formative intellectual years on the Scriptures, I saw that the reason it was so central is because it was the central and uniting passion of God himself.. Let me give you a couple of texts that shocked me in those days.. God s Glory Is God s Passion.. I m reading through the Bible, as many of you are.. In Ezekiel 20, just a couple of days ago, here is what I read: Then I resolved to pour out my wrath on them in the midst of Egypt, says the Lord.. But I acted.. for the sake of my name.. (Ezekiel 20:8-9a).. So, instead of pouring out his wrath on them, he saved them; and he states that his motive was for his namesake: I acted.. , that it should not be profaned in the sight of the nations among whom they lived, in whose sight I made myself known to them by bringing them out of the land of Egypt (Ezekiel 20:9).. And then in verse 14 of Ezekiel 20 it s the same thing:.. For the sake of my name.. I did not pour out my wrath on them in the wilderness.. Then, sixty times in the book of Ezekiel you find the phrase, that they might know that I am Yahweh.. So, God is jealous for his glory and for his name.. Then, inIsaiah 48:9-10,.. , I delay my wrath (talking about bringing them out of Babylon).. I delay my wrath, and.. for my praise.. I restrain it for you in order not to cut you off.. I have tested you in the furnace of affliction.. For my own sake.. ,.. for my own sake.. , I will act; For how can my name be profaned? And.. my glory I will not give to another.. (Isaiah 48:9-11).. So, I knew my daddy was right that the reason my passion for the glory of God should be central is because God s passion for God is central to God.. God is uppermost in God s affections.. God is the most God-centered person in the universe.. God is not an idolater.. He puts nothing before himself.. Therefore the number one passion in our lives has to be a passion for the glory of God.. A Second Passion Persists.. Well, that was one.. Now here I am a teenager, knowing, perhaps not as clearly from Scripture, but from my own soul,that I had another passion.. I wanted to be happy.. I couldn t get rid of it.. As much as I heard certain spokesmen in my church talk about the denial of my own desires in order to do God s desires, that paradigmnever ended it.. Call it what you will: joy, satisfaction, contentment.. It doesn t matter, they are all in the Bible.. The Bible is indiscriminate in its pleasure language.. If you have nice little categories for joy is what Christians have and happiness is what the world has, you can scrap those when you go to the Bible, becausethe Bible is indiscriminate in its uses of the language of happiness and joy and contentment and satisfaction.. It is lavish in all of them, and none of them is chosen above the other.. So, I was torn in those days.. I cast about as I finished Wheaton College and went out to Fuller Seminary, looking desperately for some unifying thing.. Let Your Passion Be Single is my topic tonight.. And that s been the passion of my life for all these years.. I must have a.. single.. passion.. I can t have a divided heart.. Unite my heart O God to fear thy name is the great goal of our lives.. (Psalm 86:11) To have a united, not a divided heart.. I couldn t deny the one from Scripture.. I couldn t deny the other from experience.. I also couldn t deny it from reading.. I was looking around to see whether I was the only one in the world who felt this way.. All Men Seek Happiness.. In reading Pascal, I read,.. All men seek happiness.. This is without exception.. Whatever different means they employ, they all tend to this end.. The cause of some going to war, and of others avoiding it, is the same desire in both, attended with different views.. The will never takes the least step but to this object.. This is the motive of every action of every man, even of those who hang themselves.. Well, that seems to be what I think, too.. To find it in the.. Pensées.. gave me encouragement that this other passion to be happy was universal, undeniable and just as unavoidable as hunger in the stomach.. How does it fit with this tremendously central, biblical passion for the glory of God?.. Well I got help.. First, from C.. S.. Lewis and then from Jonathan Edwards, and then the Bible broke open to me.. So I want to tell you how Lewis helped me, then how Edwards helped me, and then spend some time showing that the Bible undergirds these things profoundly.. C.. Lewis: Praise Is Joy s Consummation.. Lewis had an awful time accepting God s centrality in the Bible.. He called the demands for praise in the Psalms, when he was still an atheist, the soundings of an old woman seeking compliments for herself.. That s the way God sounded to him when the Psalms said, Praise the Lord.. But this is God s word, and it says over and over again, Praise the Lord! Praise the Lord! So, you have God up there saying, Praise me! Praise me! Praise me! which sounded very vain to Lewis.. Then in this life-changing page in.. Reflections on the Psalms.. , I read this:.. But the most obvious fact about praise whether of God or anything strangely escaped me.. I thought of it in terms of compliment, approval, or the giving of honor.. I had never noticed that all enjoyment spontaneously overflows into praise.. The world rings with praise lovers praising their mistresses, readers their favorite poet, walkers praising the countryside, players praising their favorite game.. My whole, more general, difficulty about the praise of God depended on my absurdly denying to us, as regards the supremely Valuable, what we delight to do, what indeed we can t help doing, about everything else we value.. I think we delight to praise what we enjoy because the praise not merely expresses but completes the enjoyment; it is its appointed consummation.. That was almost the solution.. Very close.. That set my feet to dancing.. That praise giving glory to God was described by Lewis as not something different from joy but joy in consummation O, that s so close to having them be one passion.. Jonathan Edwards: God Gets Glory by Being Known and Enjoyed.. But it was Jonathan Edwards with his absolutely profound mind.. let me read you probably the most crucial quotation.. I owe a debt to Jonathan Edwards that is really quite beyond repayment.. I did my best last year by writing a book called.. God s Passion For His Glory.. Half of the book is Edwards and half of it is my love of Edwards.. The second half, which is Edwards, is the book.. The End for Which God Created the World.. from which this quote is taken:.. God is glorified within Himself these two ways: 1.. By appearing.. to Himself in His own perfect idea [of Himself], or in His Son, who is the brightness of His glory.. [Second] By enjoying and delighting in Himself, by flowing forth in infinite love and delight towards Himself, or in his Holy Spirit.. Now that s worth a monograph.. That s the Trinity we heard laid out there.. So, God glorifies Himself toward the creatures also in two ways: 1.. By appearing to.. their understanding.. In communicating Himself to their hearts, and in their rejoicing and delighting in, and enjoying, the manifestations which He makes of Himself.. God is glorified not only in His glory being seen, but by [His glory] being rejoiced in.. When those who see it, see it for what it is, God is glorified.. When those that see it delight in it, God is more glorified than if they only see it.. His glory is then received by the whole soul, both by the understanding and by the heart.. God made the world that He might communicate, and the creature receive, His glory; and that it might [be] received both by the mind and heart.. He that testifies his idea of God s glory [doesn t] glorify God so much as he that testifies also his approbation of it and his delight in it.. And there it was, in one paragraph.. Now this has been my project for about twenty years, to unpack that paragraph in sermon after sermon and book after book.. I only have one thing to say.. I say to people, If you want to buy a Piper book, just get one.. You don t need the rest.. I say the same thing in every book.. And it s that paragraph.. I sum it up in little words like this: God is most glorified in me when I am most satisfied in him.. These are not two projects.. These are not two passions.. These are one passion.. To know him with the mind and delight in what you know of him in the heart is one passion.. God is glorified by being delighted.. in.. Head and Heart Must Move Together.. If I had time, I would unpack it for you from that great text in Philippians 1 where Paul says, I want to magnify him in my body whether by life or by death, for to me to live is Christ and to die is gain (Philippians1:20-21).. If you put the.. magnifying.. of Christ along side the.. gain.. that you get in dying, you see immediately that the way you magnify him in dying is by counting him.. more.. satisfying than everything you lose when you die.. God gets no glory from people who don t enjoy God.. If God is not great enough in your life that he is more enjoyable than the meal we are about to have, then you blaspheme in eating this meal.. If he is not more precious to you that you have taste buds that enable you to delight more in God than this fellowship, this hotel, this meal, your health, your family then you don t know God.. God is not just to be known with the mind.. He is to be delighted in,.. savored.. He is to be seen and savored.. Taste and see that the Lord is good! (Psalm 34:8).. Delight yourself in the Lord (Psalm 37:4).. Rejoice in the Lord and again I say rejoice! (Philippians 4:4).. If you don t do that, you disobey God and do not bring him glory.. O, how we need a generation that perceives truly with the mind and feels duly with the heart! And a due affection for God is a.. mighty.. affection!.. It is so sad that these things are split with charismatics doing one thing over here and.. what group shall I use over here? I don t know.. Those who cherish the mind and are so suspicious of the subjectivity of the other branch of Christendom.. How we need a bringing together of mind and heart, of thought and passion! God is only half glorified when he is known accurately and.. delighted in with the heart.. Introducing Christian Hedonism.. Now, biblically, is this so? Is this so? Is it just a Lewis thing and an Edwards thing kind of hanging out there in theological la-la land and you draw down some inferences from these great sentences? Or can you take a child or anybody and show him verses that make these things to be so?.. Let me unpack from the Bible objections that have come to me over the years from saying these kind of things.. The implication, if you haven t heard it already is Christian hedonism, which I define as a living for pleasure.. John Piper is sold out to pleasure.. Pleasure seeking is the plain old dictionary definition of hedonism.. And that is my life s goal.. Unashamed, unabashed, unapologetic.. Well, that s not quite true, because I write about it in order to make an apology for it in an intellectual sense.. The implication of God being glorified  ...   and the relative is sitting there, his mother can say to him, Johnny, say Thank you to your grandmother.. And he can say, Thank you, Grandmother, for the black socks.. He can obey that command.. But that s not gratitude.. Saying the words, I thank you, God, for my pancreas, or my health, or my wife, or my loss of my wife, is not gratitude.. Gratitude is an emotion.. When you get the red truck you have it, and when you don t, you don t.. And yet it s commanded.. God has the right to command of you what you cannot turn on and off with a spigot.. That s why I m a Calvinist.. That s my definition of Calvinism.. God can command of me what I ought to give even if by virtue of my profound rebellion and corruption I cannot give it until I am born of God and transformed from within.. So, I d simply reject the third objection.. No, it does not make too much of emotion.. It gets emotion back on the screen.. It gets it back on the table.. It gets it from the caboose back into the fiery furnace of the engine where it belongs.. Emotions, Not Emotionalism.. It will not yield emotionalism if we are like Edwards.. There are so many quotes from Edwards that are so precious to me as a pastor that I ve memorized, because he was a pastor for 23 years.. Edwards said as a pastor, I count it my duty to lift and raise the affections of my hearers as high as I possibly can.. Now, affections is an 18th century word for emotions.. Not clammy palms.. He called that animal spirits.. Fluttering eyelashes, beating heart, sweaty palms, wavering knees is not emotion; it s the physical fallout of emotion.. Emotions can be had by God who has no body.. You will have emotions between the day you die and the second coming, and you will have no body during that period.. You will love Jesus.. You will hate sin.. You will rejoice in heaven with no body.. No sweaty palms, but everything powerful that is real emotion.. I should think myself in the way of my duty, to raise the affections (emotions) of my hearers as high as I possibly can, provided then he gave two qualifications provided they are affected with nothing but truth, and with affections that are not disagreeable to the nature of what they are affected with.. Some truths are worth a little bit of emotion like, We are going to have one amazing meal in a minute! That s worth a little emotion.. That God rules over your life and loves you and gave his Son to die for you and will take you into his everlasting fellowship forever and ever, is worth ten thousand times more emotion than what this meal will produce for us.. Both are good and given to be enjoyed according to 2 Timothy 4.. So, No to objection number three.. 4) What Becomes of the Noble Ideal of Duty and Service?.. What becomes of the noble ideal of duty and service? John, you describe the Christian life as though it were just one pursuit of pleasure after the other.. It doesn t seem to fit certain biblical concepts like duty and service of God.. Paul constantly introduced himself as the slave of Jesus Christ.. Now you are talking about hedonism, and they just jar in my mind, Piper.. I don t see how you can put that together.. Well, join the jarring.. I get jarred when I read the Bible, too.. Then I think, and I think.. And I pray, and I ask, Lord, I m really ready to be refined.. I m ready to be contradicted.. I m ready to be changed.. I m ready to scrap the whole thing if it doesn t fit the Scriptures.. I want nothing to do with it.. The Giver Gets the Glory.. Then I find texts like this with regard to serving the Lord: God is not served by human hands as though he needed anything, for he himself gives to all men life and breath and everything (Acts 17:25).. So, we are not supposed to serve God as though he needed anything.. Well, if he doesn t need anything, then what is my serving? It s a receiving, that I might meet people s needs, not his needs.. In my serving, Christ remains the giver because the Giver gets the glory.. I base that on 1 Peter 4:11: Let him who serves serve in the strength that God supplies, so that in everything God may get the glory through Jesus Christ.. To him belong glory and dominion forever and ever.. Amen.. The Giver gets the glory.. If you try to serve God in a way that you are providing for him, meeting his needs, increasing his glory in some way, then you get the glory.. O, poor God needs you and you will meet his need.. And you get the glory and he becomes the beneficiary, you the benefactor, and I call that blasphemy.. Jesus said in Mark 10:45, The Son of Man came.. to be served.. Don t serve the Son of Man, or you contradict the incarnation! Of course this is a provocative statement since it s written all over the New Testament that we are to serve the Lord.. So, we must make distinctions here.. There is a service that blasphemes, and there is a service that leans on him for provision and gives him the glory as the Benefactor and we the beneficiary.. It s all in 1 Peter 4:11.. Let him who serves serve in the strength that God supplies.. So, yes, I believe in serving the Lord.. Yes, I believe in that wonderful biblical concept, provided you are constantly the receiver in relation to God as you serve people.. Leaning on him, depending, drawing down help at every millisecond of your life so that he is the Benefactor, with all its glory, and you the beneficiary.. Duty That Honors God.. What about duty? Just a quote from one of my favorite theologians.. I wish he had lived longer and I wish I d known him.. He died the year before I got to Fuller Seminary.. It s Edward J.. Carnell.. Carnell wrote a book which in my mind is one of the top books in my apologetics library called.. Christian Commitment.. Somebody should get it back into print.. Just a powerful book, way out of print.. Nobody reads it anymore, but here is a quote on duty: Suppose a husband asks his wife if he must kiss her good night.. Her answer is, You must, but not that kind of must.. Let me interpret that before I read the next sentence.. He is asking, Is it my duty to kiss my wife good night? She hears the question and thinks, It is a duty but it isn t that kind of duty.. Here is the next sentence: What she means is this: unless a spontaneous affection for my person motivates you, your overtures are stripped of moral value.. Do you hear what that s saying? That s saying, yes, there is such a thing as duty in the world.. All you veterans in this room who love the thought of duty during World War II, for example, you know there is such a thing as duty.. There is, however, a duty that does no honor to country and no honor to wife and no honor to God, and it is a duty that has no heart in it.. Duty and Delight.. I did a seminar with a well-known Christian a few years ago, and I was charged with coming up with the title.. I gave it a Christian hedonist title like, Serving God for the Joy in It or something.. This person wrote back and said, I m not comfortable with that title.. I think we ought to say that our goal is obedience, not joy.. What would the answer to the essay question be, Explain why the objection has a built in contradiction in it We should pursue obedience, not joy ? My answer goes something like this: That s like saying we should pursue fruit, not apples.. That s because obedience simply means doing what you are told, and God tells you, Delight yourself in the Lord.. You can t choose between duty and delight if duty.. is.. your delight or delight.. your duty.. You can t choose them.. It s a false dichotomy.. It s a category confusion.. Category confusions cause all kinds of problems in philosophy.. And one of them is, You should go for obedience, not joy, when, in fact, we are commanded by the God we should obey to be happy in him all over the Bible.. So, I wrote back.. We kept the title, and we had a friendly debate during the seminar.. That s my answer to objection number four, What about this noble concept of duty? What about this noble concept of serving God?.. 5) Does Pursuing Joy Beget Self-Centered People?.. Last objection: Piper, for all your vaunted talk about the glory of God saying to people they should pursue their joy with all their might in all they do without any exception I think you are begetting self centered people, not God centered people.. Is that true? This is my closing question.. It takes us back to my two passions that I wanted so bad to be united and single: the glory of God and the desire to be happy.. Are they really one, or is the pursuit of one going to lead to a self-centered life that denies the other?.. As I have cast about over the years with human analogies to try to help me understand this and help you understand it, the one that I have found most helpful is in relation to my wife.. We ve been married thirty-one years now.. As I look around this room at these gray heads, some of you have been married sixty years maybe? Sixty plus? You can tell.. me.. a few things.. Thirty is half of that.. Suppose this December when it s thirty-one years, I come home with thirty-one, long stem, red roses somehow held behind my back and ring the doorbell, which I never do.. Noël, my wife, comes to the door, looks at me and asks, Why did you do that?.. And I pull these out and say, Happy Anniversary, Noël.. She says, Oh, Johnny, they are beautiful! Why did you? And I say, It s my duty.. What s wrong with that answer? It s a true answer.. What s wrong with it? It s a profoundly defective answer.. Why? What s wrong with duty? We want to extol duty.. There is something wrong here.. Let me replay the tape and give you the right answer.. Ding-dong.. Happy anniversary, Noël.. Oh, Johnny, they are beautiful! Why did you?.. I couldn t help myself.. Nothing makes me happier than to buy roses for you.. And by the way, I ve got a babysitter.. Why don t you go change clothes because we are going out tonight.. There is nothing I d rather do than spend the evening with you.. Not in a million years would she ever say, Nothing.. you d.. rather do! Why don t you think about.. sometime?.. Why? Why doesn t she accuse me of self-centered, Christian hedonism at that moment? Your whole laughter, your whole heart right now knows the answer.. You don t need me to explain, but I will put it in a sentence.. You know that when I express delight in her wanting to spend the evening with her, I magnify her.. I extol her.. I lift her up.. I honor her.. That s what worship is.. Let your passion be single.. I am so thankful to you Father that you have not created humans who have to choose between your glory and their satisfaction.. You have so designed us that we, in your image, will only find our true and lasting satisfaction in you.. So, my exhortation to you as I pray is that you would have one single passion, namely a passion to be happy in God.. Because God is most glorified in you when you are most satisfied in him.. Notes.. Blaise Pascal,.. Pascal s Pensées.. , trans.. by W.. F.. Trotter (New York: E.. P.. Dutton, 1958), p.. 113 (thought #425).. S.. Lewis,.. (New York: Harcourt, Brace and World,1958), pp.. 94-95.. Jonathan Edwards,.. The Miscellanies.. , ed.. by Thomas Schafer, The Works of Jonathan Edwards, vol.. 13 (New Haven: Yale University Press, 1994), p, 495.. Miscellany #448; see also #87, pp.. 251-252; #332, p.. 410.. Emphasis added.. H.. Faust and T.. Johnson, eds.. ,.. Jonathan Edwards.. (New York: Hill and Wang, 1962), p.. xxiii.. Boiling for Christ.. Christ Crucified, Our Boast.. There Is a Way to Be Happy, Even in Sadness.. (Taste See Articles).. How God and Christians Treasure Christ, Part 1.. How God and Christians Treasure Christ, Part 2.. The Glory of God.. The Doctrines of Grace / Calvinism.. Suffering.. Prayer.. Sanctification Growth..

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  • Title: 1999 Resources - Desiring God
    Descriptive info: 1999.. 1999 Resources.. 1998.. Jul.. Meditate on the Word of the Lord Day and Night.. January 3, 1999.. Psalms 1.. The Lord Alone Will Be Exalted.. Making War on Pride.. January 7, 1999.. What is God s attitude toward pride? What is the remedy for pride?.. Pray Without Ceasing.. January 10, 1999.. 1 Thessalonians 5:12 18.. Class, Culture and Ethnic Identity in Christ.. January 17, 1999.. Colossians 3:5 17.. It is impossible to believe that Christ indwells every believer and then mistreat one of a different race.. Luther, Bunyan, Bible and Pain.. January 19, 1999.. Psalms 119:71.. One of God s gifts to us in suffering is that we see and experience depths of his Word that a life of ease would never yield.. Visiting Orphans in a World of AIDS and Abortion.. January 24, 1999.. James 1:26 27.. Brothers, Pray for Us.. For 700 Pastors.. January 25, 1999.. 2 Corinthians 11:26 27.. There Is No Partiality With God, Part 2.. January 31, 1999.. Romans 2:11 16.. Preaching Today: The (Almost) Forgotten Task, Part 1.. Desiring God 1999 Conference for Pastors.. Preaching Today: The (Almost) Forgotten Task.. February 1, 1999.. James Montgomery Boice.. 1999 Conference for Pastors.. To Live Upon God that Is Invisible.. Suffering and Service in the Life of John Bunyan.. 1999 Bethlehem Conference for Pastors.. February 2, 1999.. Preaching Today: The (Almost) Forgotten Task, Part 2.. Preaching Today: The (Almost) Forgotten Task, Part 3.. Preaching Today: The (Almost) Forgotten Task.. J.. Mahaney.. Video:.. Preaching Today: The (Almost) Forgotten Task, Panel Discussion.. 1999 Desiring God Conference for Pastors.. John Piper, James Montgomery Boice, C.. February 3, 1999.. The Effect of Hypocrisy, Part 1.. Dishonoring God.. February 7, 1999.. Romans 2:17 24.. Walk Worthy of God?.. February 9, 1999.. Can we deserve or earn anything good from God? If not, then what does it mean to be worthy of him?.. The Effect of Hypocrisy, Part 2.. February 14, 1999.. How Not to Blaspheme God in the Pulpit.. Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, H.. I.. Hester Lectureship on Preaching.. Kansas City, MO.. February 16, 1999.. Preaching for Radical Obedience.. February 17, 1999.. Drinking Deep for God's Sake.. Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.. February 18, 1999.. Isaiah 12.. Who is a True Jew? Part 1.. February 21, 1999.. Romans 2:25 29.. Who is a True Jew? Part 2.. February 28, 1999.. Did the Old Testament Teach You Could Be a True Jew?.. March 2, 1999.. Paul did not reinterpret the Scriptures.. He only drew out what was taught in the Law and the Prophets.. Let God Be True Though Every Man a Liar.. March 7, 1999.. Romans 3:1 8.. Who are they whose condemnation is just? Those who play games with the Word of God.. Can Christians Be Held Hostage by the Sins of the Beloved?.. March 9, 1999.. Should the sins of others keep us captive in a prison of sorrow?.. Why God Inspired Hard Texts.. March 14, 1999.. What are some implications of the fact that God has founded Christianity on a book that has difficult passages?.. Does God Make Mistakes?.. A Response to Greg Boyd's Treatment of Jeremiah 3:6-7, 19-20.. March 18, 1999.. Jeremiah 3:6 7, 19 20.. All Jews and Gentiles Are Under Sin.. March 21, 1999.. Romans 3:9 18.. The Greatest Thing in the World Is to Be Saved.. March 23, 1999.. The reason being saved is the greatest experience in the world is because God is the greatest Person in the world.. Response to the Packet of Material Sent out by Bethel College and Seminary Dated 3-19-99.. March 25, 1999.. Mouths Closed and All the World Accountable to God.. Palm Sunday.. March 28, 1999.. Romans 3:19 20.. Christianity is not a narrow, provincial, or tribal religion.. It declares things that have to do with the whole world.. Tyndale College and Seminary.. Toronto, ON.. March 31, 1999.. Wonderful Things from Your Word.. Tyndale College and Seminary, President's Chapel.. Psalms 119:17 24.. Christ Jesus is He Who Died, Yes, Rather Who Was Raised.. April 4, 1999.. Romans 8:34.. Redeeming Time By Writing Truth.. April 7, 1999.. Surely God means for our minutes on earth to count for something.. Some Early Baptist Confessions of Faith Explicitly Disowned the "Openness" View.. April 23, 1999.. Biblical Eldership, Part 1a.. Shepherd the Flock of God Among You.. May 1, 1999.. Seminar.. Biblical Eldership, Part 1b.. Biblical Eldership, Part 2a.. May 2, 1999.. Biblical Eldership, Part 2b.. The Demonstration of God's Righteousness, Part  ...   James Contradict Paul?.. August 8, 1999.. James 2:14 26.. Even though language can sometimes confuse us--like when the same word carries multiple meanings--the Bible is not contradictory.. Wilderness, Worship, Treason and God.. August 12, 1999.. Psalms 63.. Learn from David what to do in a brokenhearted, terrifying moment: Worship.. When the Lord Does Not Take Account of Sin.. August 15, 1999.. Romans 4:6 8.. Whence and Why the Earthquake in Turkey?.. August 18, 1999.. When love has wept and worked, it must have some answers.. Not all the answers, but some.. Why Does it Matter Which Came First: Circumcision or Justification?.. August 22, 1999.. Romans 4:9 12.. How Do Circumcision and Baptism Correspond?.. August 29, 1999.. The way God constituted his people under the old covenant is different than how he does it today.. By What Death Will You Glorify God?.. September 1, 1999.. John 21:18 19.. Will the pain of losing all that you have on earth fade at the prospect of seeing and being with Christ?.. Inheriting the World Depends on Faith, Not Law.. September 5, 1999.. Romans 4:13 15.. The Children of Abraham Are Heirs of the World.. September 12, 1999.. What does it mean to be an heir of the world?.. The Faith - Grace - Certainty Connection.. September 19, 1999.. Romans 4:16 21.. Your faith is called into being out of nothing.. That is the meaning of grace and the reason why God can guarantee his promises to you.. Big, Sweeping–But Not Insipid–Prayers.. September 24, 1999.. How to pray huge, general prayers without them sounding vague or stale.. Faith: in Hope, Against Hope, for the Glory of God.. September 26, 1999.. Why Was Jesus Put to Death and Raised Again?.. October 3, 1999.. Romans 4:22 25.. O Be Not Mere Shadows, Echoes, and Residue.. October 5, 1999.. Break free from the epidemic of the manward spirit of our age, and set yourself to live in the light of the Lord.. The Purpose and Perseverance of Faith.. October 10, 1999.. What Is Humility?.. October 12, 1999.. Is it arrogant to believe that treasuring Jesus is the only way to be saved?.. Faith and the Imputation of Righteousness.. October 17, 1999.. Let Us Exult in the Hope of the Glory of God!.. October 24, 1999.. Romans 5:1 2.. Whatever else you do or say or feel, of this you can be certain: God wills that you rejoice in the hope of seeing his glory.. Bad Title, Great Book.. The Church Is Bigger Than You Think.. By Patrick Johnstone.. October 26, 1999.. Preaching God in a Man-Centered Age.. ACT 3 Reformation Conference.. October 28, 1999.. The Call for Courage in the Cause of Truth.. Matthew 10:24 31.. God Is Too Excellent to Need Servants.. October 29, 1999.. Acts 17:25.. The Surpassing Excellency of God in the Joy of His Suffering People.. October 30, 1999.. Philippians 1:19 21.. The Revelation of God's Righteousness Where There Is No Church.. November 7, 1999.. Romans 15:14 24.. Spiritual Warfare and Prayer.. Missions Prayer Meeting Devotional.. Ephesians 6:10 20.. A Passion for Purity vs.. Passive Prayers.. November 10, 1999.. Matthew 5:28 29.. The fight against lust is image against image.. Don t just pray and wait and try to avoid.. Actively put effort into seeing Jesus.. Let Your Passion Be Single.. We Exult in Our Tribulations.. November 14, 1999.. Romans 5:1 5.. In this world you will have trouble, but in Christ it will only increase your joy and hope.. Thanksgiving for the Lives of Flawed Saints.. November 18, 1999.. Find hope in the history of God s grace to help you live your life for his glory.. Thanksgiving Toward the Past, Faith Toward the Future.. A Parable: The Anvil.. November 21, 1999.. Isaiah 40:8.. Nine Ways to Know That the Gospel of Christ Is True.. November 23, 1999.. The claims of the New Testament have more support than you might think.. The Love of God Has Been Poured Out Within Our Hearts.. November 28, 1999.. Romans 5:3 8.. Timothy, Part 1.. How Is God's Love Experienced in the Heart?.. November 30, 1999.. The experience of God s love is the Spirit giving unspeakable joy in response to the mind s perception of Jesus Christ.. God Demonstrates His Love Toward Us.. December 5, 1999.. Romans 5:5 8.. Timothy, Part 2.. Much More Shall We Be Saved By His Life.. December 12, 1999.. Romans 5:9 11.. Mary Magdalene, Part 1.. 1.. Next.. Last..

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  • Title: Passion for the Supremacy of God, Part 1 Passion Austin, TX - Desiring God
    Descriptive info: Passion for the Supremacy of God, Part 1.. Passion.. Austin, TX.. January 2, 1997.. Passion for the Supremacy of God, Part 1 (Excerpt).. Check out ".. Passion for the Supremacy of God, Part 2.. ".. to a summary of these two messages.. (The following text was transcribed from the audio recording of this message).. Reasons For Coming to Passion '97.. Reason #1.. I want to begin by telling you some of the reasons that I'm here.. One of the great advantages of being in a local church as a pastor for 16-17 years is that over the months and years the vision of the church and the vision of the pastor become one.. About a year ago we produced a vision statement that goes like this:.. I think I can say without any hesitation that that's my life mission as well as the mission of Bethlehem Baptist church.. So when I got an invitation, read about this conference, saw the word "passion," and saw the truth behind Isaiah 26:8--"We wait for you; your name and your renown is the desire of our soul"--I was hooked.. I want to spread a passion for the supremacy of God in all things for the joy of all of you and all the peoples of this world.. So that is reason number one for why I'm here.. Reason #2.. Reason number two is that I want to be a little match set to the kindling of your joy.. I want you to leave from this place thrilled and happy in God.. Reason #3.. And the third reason is I want you to see from Scripture that both reason one and reason two are the same reason.. They are one.. That is, to spread a passion for the supremacy of God and to be happy in God are virtually identical.. There is the sentence that I'll come back to again and again: God is most glorified in you when you are most satisfied in him.. So the songs that we've been singing and the thirst we've been expressing are ways of giving glory to God.. Because the more we find our satisfaction in him, the more we drink deeply from him and eat at the banquet table which is him, the more his worth and his all-sufficiency is magnified.. So there's no competition--and this is the marvel, this is the gospel to me, that I discovered in '68, '69 and '70 as God was doing a work in my life.. There's no competition between God's passion to be glorified and your passion to be satisfied, because they are one.. There's another way to say this third reason for why I'm here: I'm here to torch a glacier.. I have in my mind a picture.. It came out of Matthew 24.. In Matthew 24:12, looking at the end of the age, Jesus says: "Lawlessness will be multiplied and the love of many will grow cold.. " I'm scared to death of growing cold.. I hate the thought that my love for God or my love for people would one day dry up or freeze up.. Yet Jesus says "It's coming!" It's coming like a glacier across the world.. So part of my expectation for the last days is that lawlessness will be multiplied and that the love of many will grow cold.. Now that could be a very bleak description of the last days.. But if you keep reading in Matthew 24, down a verse to 13, it says, "But those who endure to the end will be saved"--so somebody is going to endure.. And the next verse says, "And this gospel of the kingdom"--paraphrase that "this gospel of spreading a passion for the supremacy of King Jesus--"this gospel of the kingdom.. be preached as a testimony to all the nations, and then the end will come.. " Now put verse 12 alongside verse 14 and see if you feel the tension.. "Lawlessness will be multiplied and the love of many will grow cold," but "this gospel of the kingdom"--of Christ's sovereign rule--"will spread to all the nations and then the end will come.. ".. Now there is a tension between those two verses.. The reason I know there is is because it is not cold people who are going to take that gospel back to your campuses.. It's not cold people who are going to get it to the unreached peoples of the world.. Now how do I know that? Because if you just go back up a couple of verses, to verse 9, you find something in a prophetic word that is very, very different.. It says, "They will deliver you up to tribulation and put you to death.. You will be hated by all nations on my account," Jesus says.. Now if that's true--if we will be delivered up to authorities in our missionary labor, if we will be killed, if we will be hated by every nation to which we will go--I know one thing for sure: it isn't cold people who are delivering that message.. It's white hot worshippers of King Jesus who will get that done.. Therefore, what I see in verses 9-14 of Matthew 24 is that, as the end of the age draws near, there are going to be people who are getting ice cold and there are going to be people who are white-hot enough to lay down their lives for Jesus among all the peoples of the world.. So my ministry at Bethlehem Baptist church and my arrival here is to torch a glacier.. I gave this image one time in my church and a little girl, 6 or 7 years old, came up to me after the service--I encourage the children in my church to draw my sermons--and she said "Here's what I saw.. " She had drawn a marvelous glacier with Minneapolis written on it; it also had a little stick man holding up a torch and there was a hole in the glacier, at the top.. Over it was a lot of sunshine, coming down through the hole.. Now here is my eschatology in a nutshell.. If you wonder what your campus is going to look like when Jesus comes, or what Austin or Minneapolis, or wherever you're from is going to look like: the glacier is moving, and a lot of people are growing cold towards God--drying up, freezing up--but there is nothing in the Bible about the end times that says, "Bethlehem Baptist church," or even "Minneapolis," or, say, "the University of Texas at Austin has to be under that glacier.. " Nothing! If there are enough people with torches lit white-hot for God, torching the glacier, a big hole can be opened up over your campus, over your local church, and even over your city.. And that's why I'm here: I want to lift my torch.. Spurgeon used to say over in England about a hundred years ago, when he preached at Metropolitan Tabernacle, "People come to watch me burn.. " They come to take their flickering little torch and stick it in my torch and go out and burn for another week for Jesus.. I would be thrilled if you brought a flickering torch in here this morning and put it in my fire.. That's why I'm here.. The Purpose of This Message: Forming a Foundation.. There is a foundation for what I want to do.. My task here is to talk about living for the glory of God, having a passion for the glory of God.. I have two messages: this morning and tomorrow morning.. This morning is foundation, and tomorrow is application.. The foundation is this: your passion for the supremacy of God in all things is based squarely on God's passion for the supremacy of God in all things.. Your God-centeredness--if it's going to endure--has to be rooted in God's God-centeredness.. If you want God to be supreme in your life, you have to see, and believe, and love the truth that God is supreme in the life of God.. If you want God to be your treasure--like we've sung about here--so that you value God more than anything, you have to see and believe that God's treasure is God, that he treasures God more than he treasures anything.. We may not withhold from God the highest pleasure in the universe, namely, the worship of God.. That's foundation; that's what I want to talk about today.. And then tomorrow I want to talk about your pursuit of joy in God,  ...   And it wasn't just David.. There were thousands of saints in the Old Testament and today whose sins he simply forgets and passes over.. And Paul cried out, "How can you be God and do that? How can you be righteous and do that? How can you be just and do that? How can you be worthy of worship and do that?"--if any judge in Austin did that he'd be off the bench in a minute, if he aquitted a child-abuser, a rapist, a murderer--"and you do it every day, so what kind of God are you?".. The cross is the solution to a mega-theological problem, namely, how can God be God and forgive sins? Christ came to vindicate God in the saving of people like you.. Salvation is a grandly and gloriously God-centered thing.. Jesus is returning to get glory.. Why is he coming again? Jesus is coming folks, he is coming.. And let me tell you why he is coming and what you can do when he comes, so that you'll be ready and do it.. 2 Thessalonians 1:9: "Those who do not obey the gospel will suffer the punishment of eternal destruction and exclusion from the presence of the Lord and from the glory of his might, when he comes on that day to be glorified in his saints and to be marveled at in all who have believed.. " You see those two things? He is coming to be glorified, magnified in his saints, and to be marveled at.. If you don't get started on that now, you won't be able to do it when he comes.. This conference exists to light a fire in your bones and ignite a fire in your minds and in your hearts to get you ready to meet King Jesus, so that you can continue throughout all eternity doing what he created you to do, namely, to marvel at him and magnify him.. We Must Magnify God like Telescopes.. Magnify him, but not like a microscope.. You know the difference between two kinds of magnification, don't you? There's telescope magnification and microscope magnification, and it's blasphemy to magnify God like a microscope.. To magnifiy God like a microscope is to take something tiny and make it look bigger than it is.. If you try to do that to God you blaspheme.. But a telescope puts its lense on unimaginable expanses of greatness and tries to just help them look like what they are.. That's what a telescope is for.. Twinkle, twinkle little star--you look up in the sky at night and they just look like pin-points.. That's not what they are.. You know that, you're in college right? They are big.. They are really really big, and they are hot! And you don't have a clue except that once upon a time somebody invented a telescope, put their eye to it, and they thought, "It's bigger than the earth, millions of times bigger than the earth.. " That's the way God is.. Your life exists to telescope God's glory to your campus.. That's a big calling.. I'm gonna talk about how tomorrow.. If God is God-Centered, How Can He Be Loving?.. Here's the key question that I want to close with, because I know that it starts to rise here.. I've said this truth, that God is a God-centered God and that his God-centeredness is the root of my God-centeredness.. I've said that for twenty years to people, and the question begins to rise: "This does not sound loving, because the Bible says in 1 Corinthians 13:5, 'Love seeks not its own.. ' And you're telling us now, for the last fifteen minutes, that God spends.. all.. of his time seeking his own.. So either God is not loving or you're a liar.. " And that's a big problem.. So let me try to answer how it is that God is loving in seeking his own self-exaltation.. Help from C.. Lewis.. I found the key in C.. If any of you have read.. then you remember this quote.. Lewis was a pagan till his late-20s and he hated God's vanity.. He said that every time he read the words in the Psalms, "Praise the Lord, Praise the Lord"--and he knew Christian doctrine, that the Psalms were inspired--he knew that is was really God saying, "Praise me, Praise me" and it sounded like and old woman seeking compliments.. That's a quote from.. And then suddenly God came into C.. Lewis' life.. And this is what he wrote:.. The most obvious fact about praise, whether of God or anything, strangely escaped me.. I thought of it in terms of compliment, approval, giving of honor.. I had never noticed that all enjoyment spontaneously overflows in praise, unless sometimes we bring shyness in to check it.. The world rings with praise: lovers praising their mistresses, readers their favorite poets, walkers praising the countryside, players praising their favorite games, praise of weather, wines, dishes, actors, horses, colleges, countries, historical personages, children, flowers, mountains, rare stamps, rare beetles, even sometimes politicians and scholars.. My whole more general difficulty with the praise of God depended on my obsurdly denying to us, as regards the supremely valuable, what we delight to do--even what we cannot help doing--with regard to everything else we value.. And then here comes the key sentences:.. I think we delight to praise what we enjoy because the joy is not complete until it is expressed.. It is not out of compliment that lovers keep on telling one another how beautiful they are.. The delight is incomplete until it is expressed.. Now, that was a key for me that unlocked something with regard to how God can be loving and self-exalting in all that he does.. It goes like this.. Let me put the pieces together for you.. The Answer.. to the Question.. If God is to love you, what must he give you? He must give you what is best for you.. The best thing in all the universe is God.. If he were to give you all health, best job, best spouse, best computer, best vacations, best success in any realm, and yet withhold himself, then he would hate you.. And if he gives you God and nothing besides, he loves you infinitely.. I must have God for my enjoyment if God is to be loving to me.. Now Lewis has said that if God gives you himself to enjoy for all eternity, that joy will not come to consummation until you express it in praise.. Therefore, for God to love you fully he cannot be indifferent to whether you bring your joy to consummation through praise or not.. Therefore God must seek your praise if you are to be loved by him.. Did that make sense? I wonder if I should run that by you again.. That's the essence of my life.. I believe it's the essence of the Bible.. To love you he must give you what is best for you.. God is what is best for you.. "Thou hast shown me the path of life.. In thy presence in fullness of joy; at thy right hand are pleasures, pleasures forevermore" (Psalm 16:11).. God gives himself to us for our pleasure.. But Lewis has shown us that unless those pleasures find expression in praise to God, the pleasures are restricted.. And therefore God, not wanting to restrict your pleasure in any way, says, "Praise me.. In everything you do, praise me.. In everything you do, exalt me.. In everything you do, have a passion for my supremacy," which simply means that God's passion to be glorified and your passion to rejoice and be satisfied are not at odds.. They come together.. God is most glorified in you when you are most satisfied in him.. Now that's the end of this morning's talk.. Let me tell you where we're going with this tomorrow, so you can be praying toward it and so that you can, I hope, come and let me finish, because I'm not finished.. If this is true, that God is most glorified in you when you are most satisfied in him--and therefore there is no tension or contradiction between your satisfaction in him and his glorification in you--then the vocation of your life is to pursue your pleasure.. I call it Christian hedonism, and I want to talk to you tomorrow about how you do that and why it will transform your relationships, your campuses, your worship, and your eternity.. Albanian.. Hindi.. Korean..

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  • Title: 1997 Resources - Desiring God
    Descriptive info: 1997.. 1997 Resources.. 1996.. Crossway Books Interview with John Piper on.. A Hunger for God.. January 1, 1997.. Interview.. Passion for the Supremacy of God, Part 1.. Building a God-Focused Ministry.. Passion, Leaders Seminar.. Passion for the Supremacy of God, Part 2.. January 3, 1997.. Thy Word I Have Treasured in My Heart.. January 5, 1997.. Psalms 119:9 16.. "Please Feed Me More!".. The Cry of Dying Faith.. January 7, 1997.. If you are dissatisfied with your Christian courage, joy, and purity of heart then you should check the way you are feeding your faith.. Purified to Serve the Living God.. January 12, 1997.. Hebrews 9:1 14.. How can people destroyed by their sin draw near to a perfect God?.. Some Questions to Ask When Considering a Job.. January 14, 1997.. Twelve questions and the Scripture passages that prompt them.. Be Strong and Fervent in Spirit in the Cause of Truth and Life.. January 19, 1997.. Romans 12:9 11.. Boredom with Christ is blindness.. Open your eyes and let him inspire in you a new passion for the cause of life.. How the Called Receive an Eternal Inheritance.. January 26, 1997.. Hebrews 9:15 22.. How is the New Covenant like a last will and testament?.. The Origin of Calvinism.. January 28, 1997.. The Bible, for Calvin, was above all a witness of God to the majesty of God.. This led inevitably to what is the heart of Calvinism.. What Christ Did at the End of the Age.. February 2, 1997.. Hebrews 9:23 26.. Triumphantly Encouraged: The Privilege of Ministry, Part 1.. Desiring God 1997 Conference for Pastors.. Triumphantly Encouraged: The Privilege of Ministry.. February 3, 1997.. John MacArthur.. 1997 Conference for Pastors.. The Divine Majesty of the Word.. John Calvin: The Man and His Preaching.. 1997 Bethlehem Conference for Pastors.. February 4, 1997.. Triumphantly Encouraged: The Privilege of Ministry, Part 2.. Triumphantly Encouraged: The Privilege of Ministry, Part 3.. Devoted to Discipline and Doctrine.. Don Whitney.. Triumphantly Encouraged: The Privilege of Ministry, Panel Discussion.. February 5, 1997.. World Evangelization: God's Priority for Pastors.. Christy Wilson.. What Christ Will Do at the Second Coming.. February 9, 1997.. Hebrews 9:27 28.. Loving the Second Coming and the Assurance of Salvation.. February 11, 1997.. Hebrews 9:28.. Do we long for Christ s return or are we anxious that it might interrupt our worldly plans? Eternity hangs on this question.. Perfected for All Time by a Single Offering.. February 16, 1997.. Hebrews 10:1 18.. Please Pray for Me as I Write.. February 18, 1997.. A glimpse into what books John Piper aimed to complete, with God s help, on his 1997 writing leave.. The Pleasure of God in Peacemaking.. Peacemaker Ministries Keynote Address.. March 14, 1997.. All the Angels Are Coming with Him.. March 18, 1997.. Have you ever wondered what joy and hope sustained Jesus in his horrific hours of suffering?.. Let Us Draw Near to God.. March 23, 1997.. Hebrews 10:19 22.. Drawing near to God is the heart of the gospel, and we are called to embrace it with informed zeal.. Executive Pastor: What and Why?.. March 25, 1997.. Having an Executive Pastor seems like an ideal way of unleashing the ministries of the church and maximizing the contributions of each pastor.. What Jesus Built by Rising from the Dead.. March 30, 1997.. Matthew 26:59 64.. What is a “Root of Bitterness”?.. April 1, 1997.. A root of bitterness is a person who has a wrong view of eternal security.. Consider Each Other How to Stir Up Love.. April 6, 1997.. Hebrews 10:23 25.. Consider others study them, know them, figure them out to the end that you stimulate them to love and good deeds.. What Does the Slaughter of the Amorites Mean?.. April 8, 1997.. God s dealing with Israel was unique in redemptive history.. The church cannot presume to imitate everything they did.. Woe to Those Who Trample the Son of God.. April 13, 1997.. Hebrews 10:26 31.. Threatening judgment is an effective (and biblical) way to motivate people.. The Present Power of a Future Possession.. April 27, 1997.. Hebrews 10:32 39.. “There Was Much Water There” (in Minneapolis).. Why a Series on Baptism?.. April 29, 1997.. Five reasons why Pastor John is going to preach a sermon series on baptism.. I Baptize You with Water.. The Baptism of John.. May 4, 1997.. Matthew 3.. What was significant about John s baptism, and how does it relate to the way we baptize today?.. How Old Is Infant Baptism?.. May 6, 1997.. What do the biblical references to households being baptized mean?.. Buried and Raised  ...   September 9, 1997.. Ten reasons to set aside a Friday night each month for corporate worship.. Small Group Life in the Power of God's Promises.. September 14, 1997.. Hebrews 13:1 6.. The promises of God are the key to love and victory over sin.. But we need people in our lives to encourage us day after day with those promises.. Celebrating Two Concurrent Decades of Faithfulness to Youth and Adults.. September 16, 1997.. A celebration of the ministries of David and Karin Livingston and Brad and Cindy Nelson at Bethlehem Baptist Church.. Be Strengthened By Grace.. September 21, 1997.. Hebrews 13:7 16.. How can I find and keep the strength I need to obey God s commands?.. What If Our Dying Is Discipline?.. Meditation on 1 Corinthians 11:29-32.. September 23, 1997.. 1 Corinthians 11:29 32.. Sometimes God takes a sinning saint because he loves him too much to let him go on in sin.. Let Us Go with Jesus Bearing Reproach.. September 28, 1997.. Hebrews 13:12 16.. Christians have a hope that frees them to move toward need, not comfort.. Obey Your Joyful Leaders, Part 1.. October 5, 1997.. Hebrews 13:17 19.. Spiritual leaders are to keep watch of the word, of Christ, of themselves, and of their people.. The Pistol Star and the Power of God.. Meditations on Science, Sight and Divine Splendor.. October 7, 1997.. The cosmos exists to help you know God, the Maker.. And the main message is that he is very great and that we are very small.. Obey Your Joyful Leaders, Part 2.. Part Two.. October 12, 1997.. Hebrews 13:17.. Elders should see themselves as servants, and the church should have a bent toward trusting them.. Find a New Way to Love.. October 14, 1997.. God is wakening people to the astonishing reality that they can be different and better in the way they love others.. It's All the Work of God.. October 19, 1997.. Hebrews 13:20 25.. Christians are secure, not because they are strong, but because God is sovereign and faithful to his new covenant promises.. World Missions: The Purpose, the Promise, and the Price.. October 21, 1997.. All the nations is an essential component to the purpose, the promise and the price of world missions.. World Missions and the End of History.. October 26, 1997.. Matthew 24:14.. The price will be high, but God s promise that the gospel will spread to all nations will be fulfilled by his omnipotent hand.. Her Body, Her Self, and Her God.. October 28, 1997.. The biblical goal of a woman s life is not to find the ultimate expression of self whether in body or character but to express the greatness of God.. Worship God!.. November 9, 1997.. Revelation 22:8 9.. Don't Go to Church!.. November 11, 1997.. Corporate worship will be at Bethel on Sunday so that all of Bethlehem can gather in one place to give thanks to God for the past year.. Men at War: Pursuing an Undistracted Passion for God, Part 1.. Bethlehem Baptist Church Men's Retreat.. November 14, 1997.. Men at War: Pursuing an Undistracted Passion for God, Part 2.. November 15, 1997.. November 16, 1997.. Philippians 1:18 24.. Who Was Jesus' Grandfather?.. November 18, 1997.. Luke 1.. Apparent contradictions in the Bible such as the genealogies of Jesus have possible and plausible solutions.. Why God Cannot Be Served But Loves to Serve.. November 23, 1997.. Acts 17:16 34.. All of Life as Worship.. November 30, 1997.. Romans 12:1 2.. God is worshiped when we seek to express and increase our satisfaction in all that he is for us in Jesus Christ.. Joseph, Part 1.. The Enormous Ignorance of God.. When God Doesn't Know the Future Choices of Man.. December 2, 1997.. Bodies, Breakfast and the Marriage Bed.. Meditation on Daily Worship.. You are always in a temple your body.. Therefore, always worship.. The Lord's Supper as Worship.. December 7, 1997.. 1 Corinthians 11:17 34.. Joseph, Part 2.. Darwinism and Christmas.. December 9, 1997.. When humans celebrate Christmas, is it essentially the same as ants doing some instinctual dance?.. Summary of the Sovereignty of God in Salvation.. The "Five Points" of Calvinism.. December 10, 1997.. Magnifying God with Money.. December 14, 1997.. Luke 12:32 34.. How can money be used to worship God?.. Joseph, Part 3.. We Have Come to Worship Him.. December 21, 1997.. Matthew 2:1 12.. Joseph, Part 4.. Singing And Making Melody to the Lord.. December 28, 1997.. Ephesians 5:17 20.. Desire Starters and the Night of Prayer.. December 30, 1997.. If your desires are weak, here are thirty four desire starters..

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  • Title: Passion for the Supremacy of God, Part 2 Passion Austin, TX - Desiring God
    Descriptive info: Check out.. (The following text was transcribed from the audio recording of this message).. Review of.. God is God-Centered.. Yesterday, in an attempt to torch the glacier and to spread a passion for the supremacy of God in all things for the joy of all peoples, I tried to make the point that God does everything he does for the glory of his name.. God magnifies God.. The most passionate heart in all the universe for God is God s heart.. That was the main point.. Passion 97, as I understand it, is about God s passion for God.. Everything he does, from creation to consummation, he does with a view to displaying and upholding the glory of his name.. God s God-Centeredness Is Not Unloving.. The second point from yesterday was that this is not unloving.. The reason it is not unloving for God to exalt himself in this way is because knowing God and being swept up into the praises of God is what satisfies the human soul.. Thou hast shown me the path of life.. In thy presence is fullness of joy, in thy right hand are pleasures forevermore (Psalm 16:11).. Therefore if God s exalting himself--to the degree that we can see him for who he is--satisfies our souls, then God is the one being in all the universe for whom self-exaltation is the highest virtue and the essence of love.. You may not copy him in this.. To the degree that you exalt yourself for another person to enjoy you are hateful--not loving--because you distract them from the one being who can satisfy their souls.. Therefore, we may not imitate God in his God-ness.. God is the one and only absolutely unique being in all the universe for whom self-exaltation is the essence and the foundation of love.. It has to be this way if he is God.. We might want him to love like humans love, by making others central; but he can t do that and still be God.. He is infinitely valuable in himself.. There is none besides God.. Therefore he is--to put it bluntly--stuck with being magnificent and glorious and all-sufficient and self-sufficient, without any need of you whatsoever.. This is the foundation of grace.. If you try to make yourself the center of grace, it ceases to be grace.. God-centered grace is biblical grace.. My delight is not in God making me the center of the universe.. My delight is in God being the center of the universe, forever, and drawing me up into his fellowship, to see him, know him, enjoy him, treasure him, be satisfied in him, for all the days of eternity.. That was yesterday s message.. The Implication of God s God-Centeredness for Mankind.. Now today.. if what I have said so far is true, if it is biblical, then there is a stunning implication for your life.. It is this: when you leave this place, and you go back to your churches or your campuses, what you should do is make it your vocation to be as happy as you possibly can be.. in God.. So my call to you now, in the name of God Almighty, is that you might make it your eternal vocation to pursue your pleasure with all the might that God mightily inspires within you.. My problem in life, and your problem in life, is not that you are pursuing your pleasure when you ought to be doing your duty.. That is not my or God s or the Bible s assessment of your problem.. Lewis had it exactly right in his life-changing sermon called The Weight of Glory when he says that our problem is that we are far too easily pleased, not that we are pursuing our pleasure too eagerly.. He says that we are like children fooling around with mudpies on the slum because we cannot imagine what a holiday at the sea is like.. Our problem is that we are clutching tin idols to ourselves when golden reality stands before us.. We are far too easily pleased.. The problem with the world is not hedonism; it s the failure of hedonism to go for what is truly satisfying.. That s my point this morning.. And the implilcation of that, if it s true, is that you should get up in the morning and, like George Mueller, say, before he goes out and does anything, I must have my heart happy in God or I will be of no use to anybody.. I ll use them and try to get them to satisfy my cravings and my vacancies.. If you want to be a person of love, if you want to be released to lay down your lives for other people, you must make it your aim to be happy in God.. That s today s message: we are far too easily pleased.. We have settled for such small, short-lived, inadequate, non-satisfying pleasures that our capacities for joy have so shriveled up to the point that we have made joyless duty the essence of virtue so as to conceal our untransformed hearts that cannot be moved by God.. You see how escapist that is? I am on a campaign this morning against the Stoics and Immanuel Kant, the philosopher of the Enlightenment who said that to the degree that you seek your benefit in any moral act, you diminish its virtue.. This is not in the Bible.. and it destroys worship, virtue, courage, and God-centeredness everywhere.. It elevates man, the virtuous one who does his duty without any view to God to satisfy his soul.. Fie on it! May it be gone from our hearts forever.. I m on a campaign against what hangs in the evangelical air.. I got on this campaign about 25 years ago, and I ve been on it ever since, trying to raise my family in it, build a church on it, write books about it, trying to live it.. Little by little the objections come.. That s the way you grow.. Several of you have said to me that you feel like your world is being turned by this conference.. Paradigms are being shaken.. Copernican revolutions are in the offing, and that s just the way you start changing.. It may take 15 years.. objection after objection.. In 1968 I started seeing some of these things with the help of Dan Fuller, and C.. Lewis, and Jonathan Edwards, and King David, and Saint Paul, and Jesus Christ.. And the way that my mind works is that one objection after the other comes up and I cringe, and then I go to the Bible and I weep and cry and struggle and ask and pray and talk.. Then little by little the objections refine the vision.. Objections.. Does the Bible really teach that you should pursue your joy with all your heart and mind and soul and strength.. Or is that just John Piper s clever homiletical way of getting attention?.. What about self-denial? Didn t Jesus say, If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself?.. Doesn t this put too much emphasis on emotion? Isn t Christianity essentially a matter of the will, whereby we make commitments and decisions?.. What becomes of the noble concept of serving God as a duty when it s hard and you don t feel like it?.. Doesn t this just put me--and not God--at the center of things?.. Answering the Objections.. Does the Bible really teach that you should pursue your joy?.. My answer is yes, and it does so in at least four ways:.. a) With commandments.. Consider Psalm 37:4 - Delight yourself in the Lord.. This is not a suggestion, this is a commandment.. If you believe, Thou shalt not commit adultery is something you should obey, then you should also obey, Delight yourself in the Lord.. Or Psalm 32:11, Be glad in the Lord and rejoice O righteous ones and shout for joy all you upright in heart or Psalm 100, Serve the Lord with gladness.. That s a commandment: Serve the Lord with gladness! To the degree that you are indifferent to whether you serve the Lord with gladness or not, you are indifferent to God.. He told you you must serve the Lord with gladness.. Or Philippians 4:4, Rejoice in the Lord, and again I say, rejoice.. They re all over the Bible.. We re talking commandments.. That s the first way the Bible teaches this.. b) With threats.. Jeremy Taylor once said, God threatens terrible things if we will not be happy.. I thought it was clever when I first heard it.. It s not clever.. it s a quotation from Deuteronomy 28:47, and it s devestating.. Because you did not serve the Lord your God with joyfulness and gladness of heart, therefore you shall serve your enemies whom the Lord will send against you.. God threatens terrible things if we will not be happy in him.. Is that a warrant for hedonism or what? Is that a warrant to making it your life vocation to pursue your joy in God with all your might?.. c) By presenting saving faith as essentially being satisfied with all that God is for you in Jesus.. For example, Hebrews 11:6: Without faith it is impossible to please God, for he who would draw near to God must believe that he is and that he is a  ...   sincere spiritual milk of the word.. It s not an option.. You can t say, Well I can t turn desire on enough, so how can I obey this? It can t really be a command.. Wrong! Yes, you cannot turn these feelings on and off at will.. No, they are still obligations.. Therein lies our desperate condition that we heard about last night.. Everything I m telling you that you re commanded to do right now, you cannot do in this moment, by willpower or decision or commitment.. You can only do it by miracle.. Aren t you desperate? Isn t it a desperate thing to be told by Almighty God that you must do what you cannot do? If your heart were right you would do them.. We are depraved and we are commanded to feel tender-heartedness: Be kind to one another, tender-hearted.. You can t just say that forgiveness means saying, I m sorry.. You ve got to feel it.. We re commanded to feel gratitude.. Take a child on Christmas morning who gets a present from grandma.. and it s black socks! Yuck! No kid ever wants to get socks, let alone black socks, for Christmas.. And then you say, Say thank you to your grandmother.. And then the kid says, Thank you for the socks.. That s not what the Bible is talking about.. The kid can do that by willpower.. But he cannot feel gratitude for those socks by willpower.. Neither can you feel gratitude to God by your willpower in accordance with the command in Ephesians 5:20 to be thankful for everything.. Well then, we re done for, unless Almighty God works.. Objection number 3? I don t buy it.. I don t believe that I m elevating affections and feelings and emotions higher than the Bible does.. I think I m reinstating them from where a decisionistic, commitment-laden, willpower American we-can-do-it religion dropped them because they re out of our control.. What about the noble vision of serving God?.. Isn t it a duty to serve God? It doesn t sound like service in your way of talking about Christianity, Piper.. It just doesn t sound the same as service--dutiful, rising to the challenge of performing the will of God when it s hard.. To which I have learned now to respond, Let s look at a few texts that shape the metaphor of servanthood.. All metaphors about your relatiohsip to God, whether it s as a servant, or son or daughter, or friend, have elements in them which, if you stressed them, would be false.. They also have elements in them which, if you stressed them, would be true.. Now what is false and what is true in the analogy of servanthood?.. The texts that help you separate the two so that you don t blaspheme when you serve are texts like Acts 17:25: God is not served by human hands, as though he needed anything.. But he himself gives to all men life and breath and everything.. God is not served, folks.. Be careful.. He is not served as though he needed you or your service.. He doesn t.. Or take a text like Mark 10:45: The Son of Man came not to be served but to give his life as a ransom for many.. He came not to be served.. Watch out! Watch out! If you undertake to serve him then you cross his purpose! Perplexing though, isn t it.. Paul called himself the servant of the Lord in every letter almost.. And here in Acts 17:25 and Mark 10:45 it says that God is not served and that the Son of Man came not to be served.. There must be a kind of service that is evil and a kind of service that is good.. What is the good service?.. The good service is 1 Peter 4:11: Let him who serves serve in the strength that God supplies, that in everything God may get the glory.. God is not served by human hands as though he needed anything.. You ve got to find a way to worship, type papers, listen to lectures, drive a car, change a diaper, preach a sermon, in such a way that you are always the receiver.. Because the giver gets the glory, and the receiver gets the joy.. Anytime we cross Acts 17:25-- God is not served by humans hands [as though he were a receiver,] as though he needed anything --we blaspheme.. I gave the illustration yesterday, to the leadership crew of this conference, from Matthew 6:24 about service where it says, You cannot serve two masters.. Either you ll hate the one and love the other.. Or either you ll be devoted to one and despise the other.. You cannot serve both God and money.. So here we re talking service.. How do you serve money? You do not serve money by meeting money s needs.. You serve money by posturing your life relentlessly, with all of your energy and time and effort, to benefit from money.. Your mind spins with how to make the shrewd investment, how to find the best deal, how to invest where it s low so that it ll go high, and you re consumned with how to benefit from money, because money is your source.. If that s true about the way you serve money, how then do you serve God? It s exactly the same: you posture yourself, and you maneuver your life, and you devote energy and effort and time and creativity to positioning yourself under the waterfall of God s continual blessing, so that he remains the source and you remain the empty receiver.. You remain the benificiary, he remains the benefactor; you remain hungry, he remains the bread; you remain thirsty, he remains the water.. You don t ever do the blasphemous role-reversal on God.. We ve got to find a way to serve in a way that is in the strength that God supplies.. I am on the receiving end when I am serving.. Otherwise I put God in the position of a beneficiary; I become his benefactor, and now I am God.. And there are many such religions in the world.. So objection 4 fell.. 5.. Aren t you just making yourself central?.. You talk about pursuing your joy and your pleasure.. You talk about duty as something else than what we ve always known, and you say that we must be careful about service.. It sounds to me like you re maneuvering and manipulating Biblical language just to make yourself central.. That would be the most devestating criticism of all, wouldn t it?.. Here s my answer: I ve been married for 28 years, as of the 21st of December.. I love Noel a lot.. We ve been through a lot together, really hard times and really good times.. We ve seen our teenage kids through some incredibly difficult teenage years.. I cry most easily when I think about my sons and my little girl.. Suppose on December 21st that I came home with 28 long-stem red roses behind my back and rang the doorbell.. Noel comes to the door, looks sort of puzzled about why I would be ringing my own doorbell, and I pull the roses out and say, Happy Anniversary Noel.. And she says, Johnny, they re beautiful! Why did you? And I say, It s my duty.. Wrong answer.. Let s back it up.. [Ding-dong].. -- Happy anniversary Noel!.. -- Johnny, They re beautiful! Why did you?.. -- Nothing makes me happier than to buy you roses.. In fact, why don t you go change clothes, because I ve arranged for a babysitter and we ll go do something special tonight, because there is nothing I would rather do tonight than spend the evening with you.. Right answer.. Why? Why wouldn t she say, You re the most selfish Christian hedonist I ve ever met! All you ever think about is what makes you happy! What s going on here? Why is duty the wrong answer and delight the right answer? Do you understand?.. If you get this then you got it, and I can go back to Minneapolis and praise God.. My wife is most glorified in me when I am most satisfied in her.. If I try to change our relationship into a service relationship, into a duty relationship where I do not pursue my pleasure in her, she will be belittled.. and so will God.. When you get to heaven and the Father looks at you and says, Why are you here? Why did you lay down your life for me?, you better not say, It was my duty to come, because I m a Christian.. You better say, Where else would I want to go? To whom else could I turn? You are my soul s desire! And that is what this conference is about.. This conference is about two great things coming together in the 268 generation from Isaiah 26:8: it is the passion of God for his name and renown and the passion of my heart to be satisfied in all of my desires.. Those are two unshakable things in the universe.. And what I hope you have seen is that they are one, because God and his name and his renown are most glorified in me when I am most satisfied in him..

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  • Title: 52 Key Sermons for Translation - Desiring God
    Descriptive info: 52 Key Sermons for Translation.. 52 Key Sermons for Translation.. January 7, 2011.. DG Staff.. Preaching Teaching.. The following 52 sermons come from an array of topics in our Resource Library.. The question we asked ourselves was, If we could get only one sermon posted each week for a year, translated into a particular language, which ones would we do? Another way to phrase it is, If we were only able to provide 52 sermons to a particular language group, which ones would we deem essential?.. As we labored over this list, it occurred to us that it might be helpful to English-language readers as well.. It could serve as an introductory guide to the content on the Desiring God website.. We are therefore posting it with this in mind.. I m sure there are different ways that individuals or small groups could use this list.. For starters you might consider studying one sermon each week of this New Year.. Theology.. God / Trinity.. The Pleasure of God in His Son.. Sovereignty of God.. Sustained by Sovereign Grace Forever.. Foreknown, Predestined, Conformed to Christ.. The Sale of Joseph and the Son of God.. Glory of God.. Holy, Holy, Holy Is the Lord of Hosts.. Is God for Us or for Himself?.. Scripture.. Open My Eyes that I May See.. Wonderful Things from Your Word.. Man Sin.. The Fatal Disobedience of Adam and the Triumphant Obedience of Christ.. Nature of Christ.. In the Beginning Was the Word.. The Word Was Made Flesh.. We Beheld His Glory, Full of Grace and  ...   of the Son of David.. Christian Living.. Christian Hedonism.. Passion for the Supremacy of God Part 1.. Passion for the Supremacy of God Part 2.. Boasting Only in the Cross.. Vocation.. Your Job As Ministry.. Suffering.. Called to Suffer and Rejoice: For Holiness and Hope.. Called to Suffer and Rejoice: That We Might Gain Christ.. Called to Suffer and Rejoice: To Finish the Aim of Christ's Afflictions.. Called to Suffer and Rejoice: For an Eternal Weight of Glory.. Persecution.. Let Us Go with Jesus Bearing Reproach.. Prayer.. Be Devoted to Prayer.. Ask Your Father in Heaven.. Biblical Manhood and Womanhood.. Male and Female He Created Them in the Image of God.. Marriage / Parenting.. Marriage: God s Showcase of Covenant-Keeping Grace.. Parenting with Hope in the Worst of Times.. God's Will.. What Is the Will of God and How Do We Know It?.. Evangelistic.. Quest: Joy! Found: Christ!.. Evangelism / Missions.. Holy Ambition: To Preach Where Christ Has Not Been Named.. Prosperity Preaching: Deceitful and Deadly.. Preaching.. Why Expositional Preaching Is Particularly Glorifying to God.. World Religions.. Tolerance, Truth-Telling, Violence, and Law.. How Shall We Love Our Muslim Neighbor?.. Racial Harmony.. Jesus Is the End of Ethnocentrism.. Spiritual Gifts.. The Authority and Nature of the Gift of Prophecy.. Money.. Magnifying God with Money.. The Wisdom of Men and the Power of God.. Charles Spurgeon: Preaching Through Adversity.. (Biographies).. Martin Luther: Lessons from His Life and Labor.. The Swan Is Not Silent.. Contending for Our All.. Biblical Eldership.. Pastoral Ministry.. False Teaching.. All Articles.. By Title.. Taste & See Articles.. Newsletters..

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  • Title: 2011 Resources - Desiring God
    Descriptive info: 2011.. 2011 Resources.. 2010.. 2012.. Getting to the Bottom of Your Joy.. Atlanta, GA.. January 3, 2011.. The Marks of a Spiritual Leader.. “I define spiritual leadership as knowing where God wants people to be and taking the initiative to use God’s methods to get them there in reliance on God’s power (p.. ”.. What Jesus Demands from the World.. January 6, 2011.. “The kind of obedience that glorifies God is free and joyful, not constrained and cowering.. Even when the cost is supreme, the joy is triumphant, because the cause of Jesus cannot fail” (p.. 27).. Our Deepest Prayer: Hallowed Be Your Name.. January 9, 2011.. Matthew 6:5 15.. The Lord's Prayer teaches us to go to God for every need, especially our need to hallow him above all things.. Watch.. "Where Is Your Faith?".. January 12, 2011.. Newsletter.. The Pastor as Scholar & the Scholar as Pastor.. Reflections on Life and Ministry.. January 13, 2011.. and.. D.. A.. Carson.. “What ‘scholarly’ would mean for me is that the greatest object of knowledge is God and that he has revealed himself authoritatively in a book; and that I should work with all my might and all my heart and all my soul and all my mind to know and enjoy him and to make him known for the joy of others” (p.. 67).. Abortion and the Narrow Way That Leads to Life.. January 23, 2011.. Matthew 7:7 14.. The Common Root of Unbelief in the Brothers of Jesus and the Jewish Crowds.. January 30, 2011.. John 7:1 24.. Cultivating Private Prayer as a Pastor.. Desiring God 2011 Conference for Pastors.. The Powerful Life of the Praying Pastor: In His Room, With His Family, Among the People of God.. January 31, 2011.. Joel Beeke.. 2011 Conference for Pastors.. Prayer as a Way of Walking in Love: A Personal Journey.. February 1, 2011.. Francis Chan.. Helping Your People Discover the Praying Life.. Paul Miller.. He Kissed the Rose and Felt the Thorn: Living and Dying in the Morning of Life.. Meditations on the Life of Robert Murray McCheyne.. Leading Family Worship.. Unreached Peoples and the Power of Prayer.. February 2, 2011.. Jerry Rankin.. Speaker Panel with Beeke, Miller, Chan, Rankin, and Piper.. Why We All Need the Gospel.. Wednesday Night Connection.. Bethlehem Baptist Church, Minneapolis, MN.. February 3, 2011.. Willing God's Will As a Way of Knowing Christ's Word.. February 13, 2011.. Out of Your Heart Will Flow Rivers of Living Water.. February 19, 2011.. John 7:25 39.. Who Is the Greatest?.. February 23, 2011.. I Act the Miracle.. Bethlehem College and Seminary Chapel.. Minneapolis, MN.. February 24, 2011.. Philippians 2:12 13.. No One Ever Spoke Like This Man!.. February 27, 2011.. John 7:40 52.. Discussion with Sam Crabtree.. DG Live.. Neither Do I Condemn You.. March 6, 2011.. John 7:53 8:11.. I Am the Light of the World.. March 12, 2011.. John 8:12 30.. God Is the Gospel.. Meditations on God's Love as the Gift of Himself.. “The supreme demonstration of God’s love was the sending of his Son to die for our sins and to rise again so that sinners might have the right to approach God and might have the pleasure of his presence forever” (p.. Poetry, Pain, and the Power to See: Why Words Matter at Desiring God.. Staff Devotional at Desiring God.. March 18, 2011.. The Truth Will Set You Free.. March 19, 2011.. John 8:30 59.. The Sum of Your Word  ...   Interviews John Knight (Part 1).. Disability and the Sovereignty of God.. May 24, 2011.. Discussion with Justin Holcomb.. May 25, 2011.. Justin Holcomb.. John Piper Interviews John Knight (Part 2).. June 3, 2011.. The Works of God and the Worship of Jesus.. June 4, 2011.. John 9:1 39.. Spreading Increase and Ministry Need.. June 7, 2011.. John Piper Interviews John Knight (Part 3).. For Judgment I Came into This World.. June 11, 2011.. John 9:35 41.. John Piper Interviews David Platt.. Local Discipleship and World Missions.. Phoenix, AZ.. June 12, 2011.. David Platt.. Hallowing God's Name in Public Life.. Alliance Defense Fund.. Be a Radically God-Centered Pastor.. Southern Baptist Pastors' Conference.. Phoenix, Arizona.. June 13, 2011.. Matthew 6:9.. Goers, Senders, and the Disobedient.. June 24, 2011.. God's Grace Through Injuries.. Interview with Blake Hawksworth.. Pitcher, Los Angeles Dodgers.. June 27, 2011.. Blake Hawksworth.. John Piper Interviews Louie Giglio (Part 1).. June 29, 2011.. Louie Giglio.. John Piper Interviews Louie Giglio (Part 2).. The Infinite Worth of the Word of God.. Crossway Banquet.. July 11, 2011.. Editora Fiel Interview With John Piper.. Discussion with Nancy Guthrie.. July 28, 2011.. Nancy Guthrie.. My Abandoned Life for Your Abundant Life.. August 6, 2011.. John 10:1 21.. The Sovereignty of God.. Theology Refresh: Podcast for Christian Leaders.. August 9, 2011.. Theology Refresh.. Francis Chan discusses the sovereignty of God, highlighting some important biblical texts and commenting on its practical impact.. I Have Other Sheep That Are Not of This Fold.. August 13, 2011.. John 10:11 18.. I and the Father Are One.. August 20, 2011.. John 10:22 42.. Discussion with Randy Newman.. August 23, 2011.. Randy Newman.. The Gospel and Sanctification (Part 1).. August 24, 2011.. John Piper discusses the differences between the doctrines of sanctification and justification.. Proclaiming Christ.. Queensland Theological College.. Brisbane, Australia.. August 25, 2011.. God's Passion for His Glory in Christ.. Oxygen 11.. Sydney, Australia.. August 29, 2011.. Feel Christ.. Faithful Women.. Faithful God.. Noel Piper.. Think Christ.. August 30, 2011.. Preach Christ.. The Gospel and Sanctification (Part 2).. August 31, 2011.. John Piper discusses the gospel and sanctification, including the practical dynamics of how faith in the gospel relates to faith in God's future grace.. Show Christ.. God's Passion for His Glory.. Engage 2011.. Katoomba, Australia.. September 2, 2011.. God’s Passion for Our Joy.. September 3, 2011.. God’s Passion for Other’s Joy.. The Doctrine of the Holy Spirit.. September 6, 2011.. Kevin DeYoung.. Kevin DeYoung discusses the role of the Holy Spirit in our understanding of the Bible and our assurance of salvation.. Kevin DeYoung and John Piper on the Pursuit of Holiness (Part 2).. September 7, 2011.. Kevin DeYoung and John Piper on the Pursuit of Holiness (Part 1).. Discussion with Kevin DeYoung and Greg Gilbert.. September 8, 2011.. Greg Gilbert.. A Holy Ambition.. To Preach Where Christ Has Not Been Named.. “‘Holy ambition’ means something you.. want to do that God wants you to do.. Something you want to do so much that doing it keeps you from doing other things that you also really like to do” (p.. This Illness Is for the Glory of God.. September 10, 2011.. John 11:1 16.. Victor Watters Converses with Death: A Meditation on 1 Corinthians 15:55-57.. Memorial Service for Victor Manuel Watters.. September 11, 2011.. 1 Corinthians 15:55 57.. The Pleasure of God in Everything He Does.. September 15, 2011.. Psalms 135:1 6.. Jesus Is the Resurrection and the Life.. September 17, 2011.. John 11:17 44..

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  • Title: DG Staff - Desiring God
    Descriptive info: God Is the Gospel DVD Study Guide.. May 1, 2006.. Study Guide.. God Is the Gospel Book Leader's Guide.. Suffering and the Sovereignty of God Study Guide.. September 29, 2006.. 12 Ways to Love Your Wayward Child.. May 9, 2007.. Suggestions on how to parent rebellious sons and daughters.. Seeing and Savoring Jesus Christ DVD Study Guide.. June 26, 2008.. When I Don't Desire God DVD Study Guide.. James  ...   Wonder of God.. October 7, 2008.. James 3:10.. 2008 National Conference.. What's the Difference? Manhood and Womanhood Defined According to the Bible DVD Study Guide.. June 1, 2009.. TULIP: The Pursuit of God’s Glory in Salvation DVD Study Guide.. Gravity and Gladness DVD Study Guide.. June 21, 2010.. Finally Alive Study Guide.. August 26, 2010.. DG Topical Studies: The Attributes of God.. December 30, 2011.. DG Topical Studies: The Cross..

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  • Title: Recently Added Resources - Desiring God
    Descriptive info: Recently Added Resources.. Five Points.. Towards a Deeper Experience of God’s Grace.. Date Added:.. “I do not begin as a Calvinist and defend a system.. I begin as a Bible-believing Christian who wants to put the Bible above all systems of thought.. But over the years — many years of struggle — I have deepened in my conviction that Calvinistic teachings on the five points are biblical and therefore true, and therefore a precious pathway into a deeper experiences of God’s grace” (page 9).. What Is Prophecy Today?.. November 8, 2013.. In episode 215, Pastor John talks about the biblical meaning of prophecy.. John MacArthur and Strange Fire.. In episode 214, Pastor John talks about his beliefs on spiritual gifts and also responds to comments from John MacArthur.. Travel Updates and Prayer Requests.. In episode 213, Pastor John talks about his international travels and asks for prayer.. The Desiring God.. Desiring God 2013 National Conference.. Sunday Morning Devotional.. September 29, 2013.. November 6, 2013.. R W Glenn.. Hosea 7:1 10:12.. 2013 National Conference.. The Greatest Good of the Gospel.. Christ Church.. Moscow, ID.. October 20, 2013.. October 31, 2013.. 2 Corinthians 3:17 4:7.. Conversation with Tim Chester and Doug Wilson.. Grace Agenda Conference.. October 18, 2013.. Douglas Wilson.. ,.. , and.. Tim Chester.. A Spectacular and Scary Promise.. Christ Community Church.. Houston, TX.. October 27, 2013.. Romans 8:12 17.. The Sweetest Good of the Good News.. Founders Baptist Church.. Saying Well As a Way of Seeing Wonder.. October 19, 2013.. For the Fame of God’s Name.. Essays in Honor of John Piper.. October 28, 2013.. Justin Taylor.. Sam Storms.. “John Piper’s influence on my life is incalculable.. Because of John I am more deeply in love with Jesus and his church.. My marriage, my children, my prayers, my love of Scripture, my vocation, my possessions, where I live, how I lead, what I read—all have been profoundly influenced by him.. And I’m just one person.. As I reflect on what God has done in the lives of thousands, I am overwhelmed” – Jon Bloom (pp.. 506-507).. Preaching for the Church.. October 25, 2013.. Jason Meyer.. Jason Meyer on what makes pastoral preaching distinctive.. Advice for Christian Loners.. October 24, 2013.. In episode 212, Pastor John talks about the importance of relationships.. What Events in this World Echo in Eternity?.. November 7, 2013.. In episode 211, Pastor John talks about what will be remembered in eternity.. Do Christian Hedonists Idolize Joy?.. In episode 210, Pastor John talks about Christian hedonism and idolatry.. Dead To the World — What’s That?.. November 5, 2013.. In episode 209, Pastor John talks about dying daily to the world and taking up your cross.. Finding Joy When Life Hurts Most.. November 4, 2013.. In episode 208, Pastor John talks about finding joy in God even in the midst of sorrow.. God’s Supreme Happiness.. November 1, 2013.. In episode 207, Pastor John talks about how Calvinism relates to joy in God.. The Danger of Deserting Community.. In episode 206, Pastor John talks about the importance of community.. God’s Sovereignty Over Evil in My Life.. October 30, 2013.. In episode 205, Pastor John talks about how God's sovereignty over evil brings comfort.. Does It Make God Evil to Ordain Evil?.. October 29, 2013.. In episode 204, Pastor John explains God's sovereignty over evil.. Wisdom in Friendships with Non-Christians.. In episode 203, Pastor John talks about discerning boundaries in friendships with non-Christians.. With So Many Orphans, Why Have Children?.. October 23, 2013.. In Episode 202, Pastor John talks about having biological children and adopting.. How Do I Obey and Submit to My Leaders?.. In Episode 201, Pastor John talks about obeying and submitting to leadership.. Is Drinking Alcohol a Sin?.. In Episode 200, Pastor John talks about how to think biblically about alcohol.. What Pains Here Bring Greater Reward in Heaven?.. October 22, 2013.. In Episode 199, Pastor John talks about how suffering is preparing us for glory.. What Does Definite Atonement Offer My Life?.. October 21, 2013.. In Episode 198, Pastor John talks about what definite atonement offers us.. Why Did God Forbid One Tree in Eden?.. In Episode 197, Pastor John talks about why God banned one tree in Eden.. Why Honor C.. Lewis When He Had  ...   185, Pastor John gives a concise theology of the body and how to steward it for the glory of God.. What’s Your Process for Owning Truth?.. October 1, 2013.. In Episode 184, Pastor John talks about Bible reading and the affections.. How Do I Own Biblical Truths for Myself?.. September 30, 2013.. In Episode 183, Pastor John talks about what we do when we feel that our affections don’t measure up to what we understand intellectually.. Is Tithing Commanded for Christians?.. September 18, 2013.. In Episode 182, Pastor John talks about the relationship between Old Testament law and the Christian.. In particular, he answers the question, “Is tithing commanded for Christian?”.. How Do We Know God’s Will?.. September 26, 2013.. In Episode 181, Pastor John talks about how we know God’s will.. Jesus’s Sheep Hear His Voice — What's That Mean?.. September 25, 2013.. In Episode 180, Pastor John explains what it means that Jesus’s sheep hear his voice.. This Week’s Conference on C.. Lewis.. September 24, 2013.. In Episode 174, Pastor John talks about the upcoming National Conference on C.. Can a Sinner Be Saved After Death?.. In Episode 179, Pastor John explains that there is no salvation after death.. Can a Sinner Be Saved at Death?.. September 20, 2013.. In Episode 178, Pastor John answers the question “Can a sinner be saved at death?”.. Should We Brag About Our Favorite Teachers?.. September 19, 2013.. In Episode 177, Pastor John talks explains Paul’s teaching in 1 Corinthians and the amazing privilege of the children of God.. Do We Need Christian Role Models?.. In Episode 176, Pastor John explains why we should have role models.. Does God Desire All to Be Saved?.. September 17, 2013.. “God gets more honor when we worship on the basis of what we know about him than he gets if we worship on the basis of what we don’t know.. If our effort to know God more clearly is not an effort to love him more dearly, it will be fatal” (p.. 11).. Is It Sinful to Date a Non-Christian?.. In Episode 175, Pastor John explains why it is unwise for a Christian to date a non-Christian.. The Cost of Love in the Call to the Nations.. Liberty University Convocation.. Lynchburg, VA.. September 16, 2013.. Praising Others.. September 5, 2013.. Sam Crabtree commends the joy of commending others.. Does James Say Not to Pursue Joy?.. In Episode 173, Pastor John explains the meaning of James 4:9.. How Do I Motivate My Church for Ministry?.. September 13, 2013.. In Episode 172, Pastor John talks about how a pastor motivates his church for ministry.. Fighting Bitterness.. September 12, 2013.. In Episode 171, Pastor John talks about killing the sin of bitterness.. How Singleness Is Good.. September 11, 2013.. In Episode 170, Pastor John talks about how believers glorify God in singleness.. Why Adam’s Singleness Was Not Good.. September 10, 2013.. In Episode 169, Pastor John explains why Adam’s singleness was “not good.. Have I Exhausted God’s Patience with My Sin?.. September 9, 2013.. In Episode 168, Pastor John talks about the assurance of salvation for those who have serious doubts.. Should We Listen for the Audible Voice of God?.. September 6, 2013.. In Episode 167, Pastor John talks about how God speaks to us today.. When I’m Bored of the Bible — What Can I Do?.. In Episode 166, Pastor John talks about the prayer he prays for reading the Bible.. Is My Husband’s Porn a Marriage Deal Breaker?.. September 4, 2013.. In Episode 165, Pastor John explains that marriage is a covenant to max, namely, a symbol of how Christ is bonded to his church.. Salt, Light, and Complaining.. September 3, 2013.. August 30, 2013.. In Episode 164, Pastor John shares more about what it means to be salt and light in the world.. What My Complaining Says About God.. September 2, 2013.. In Episode 163, Pastor John talks about what our complaining says about God.. Do Promises in the Psalms Apply to Me?.. In Episode 162, Pastor John talks about how the promises of the Psalms apply to modern-day believers.. Rich Young Man: The Impoverishing Power of Financial Prosperity.. August 26, 2013.. Behind the Blog: Fresh Advice for the New Semester.. Behind The Blog.. Marshall Segal..

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