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  • Title: Haiti Chery
    Descriptive info: .. Haiti Chery.. Dancing With Our Gods | En Dansant Avec Nos Loas.. Skip to primary content.. Skip to secondary content.. Home.. Contact, Biography.. By Dady Chery.. DC Translations.. DC Editorial.. En français.. Haiti.. En español.. Latin America.. Em português.. Africa.. History.. Human rights.. Economy.. Science and technology.. Natural history.. Environmental ethics.. Culture.. Literature and Poetry.. Cuisine.. Video.. Search for:.. Follow! Like!.. Post navigation.. Older posts.. USAID: Dictator s Little Helper.. By Dady Chery, News Junkie Post | Haiti Chery.. USAID s goals were originally to diminish the threat of communism and open new markets for the US; these have expanded to include: developing “countries’ policies and institutions” and even “rebuilding government.. ”.. Posted on.. Thursday December 20th, 2012.. by.. Dady Chery.. Posted in.. ,.. World news and analysis.. |.. Tagged.. Afghanistan.. ALBA.. Big Pharma.. Bolivia.. Colombia.. Colonialism.. Congo.. Cuba.. Dominica.. Dominican Republic.. Duvalier.. Ecuador.. Egypt.. Gaza.. Imperialism.. Liberia.. Monsanto.. Mubarak.. NATO.. NGO.. Nicaragua.. Pakistan.. Palestine.. Paraguay.. Pig.. Rice.. Russia.. South Sudan.. Sweatshop.. Tied aid.. U.. S.. USAID.. Vaccine.. Venezuela.. Wheat.. MINUSTAH s Cholera Kleptocracy Prepares to Stay in Haiti (English|Portuguese).. By Dady Chery, Haiti Chery | News Junkie Post.. The great majority of Haitians categorically reject the UN force, and Haiti s Senate passed a resolution in September 2011 that called for withdrawal of the troops by October 2012.. Nevertheless, the groundwork was carefully laid for renewal of the UN mandate.. With a $676.. 70 million budget at stake, the disregard for democracy is total.. (English | Portuguese).. Friday October 12th, 2012.. Bangladesh.. Belizaire.. Brazil.. Chile.. Cholera.. Death.. Drinking water.. Health.. Medicine.. MINUSTAH.. Nepal.. PAHO.. Paul Farmer.. PMSC.. Public health.. Rape.. Renaud Piarroux.. Rwanda.. Thony Belizaire.. N.. Water.. Poor Little Rich Haiti to Be Fleeced of Copper-Silver-Gold Via Caracol Deep-Water Port.. By Dady Chery, Haiti Chery.. Plans are under way for Canadian and US corporations to mine Haiti s northeast area near Caracol, which has been discovered to contain a wealth of silver and gold, in addition to copper.. As in the Dominican Republic s Pueblo Viejo project, construction of the mines will involve dynamiting of mountains, and the ore will be extracted by an opencast (or open-pit) mining process that contaminates large volumes of water with cyanide.. In addition a deep-water port is slated for construction in Caracol.. UPDATES: May 7 (Le Matin) Martelly formally announces construction of a modern port in Fort Liberte, near Caracol.. December 21/28 (AP/VCS Mining) Haiti Mining Director Ludner Remarais issues mining permits to the US VCS Mining LLC and Canada s SOMINE SA, without any environmental impact assessment (EIA).. Wednesday May 2nd, 2012.. TOP.. Agriculture.. Archaeology.. Canada.. Cap Haitien.. Caracol.. CELAC.. CIRH.. Clinton.. Copper.. Coral.. Corruption.. Eco.. EIA.. EIS.. Environmental impact assessment.. Environmental impact survey.. European Union.. France.. Gold.. Green.. IDB.. Land grab.. Mangrove.. Michel Martelly.. Mining.. Pollution.. Silver.. Small farmers.. Soil.. South Korea.. Favela Rocinha Occupation by Haiti-Trained Troops, Photo Essay.. By Dady Chery, Haiti Chery (text) | Marcelo Sayao, EPA (photos).. The attack on Brazil s Rocinha slum illustrates a peacetime merger of military with police to make war on their country s poor.. If your country has contributed troops to UN (de)stabilization missions, sit up and take notice.. Monday November 14th, 2011.. Argentina.. Guatemala.. Japan.. Jordan.. Peru.. Philippines.. Sri Lanka.. Uruguay.. Dutch Court Opens Door to Legal Accountability for Peacekeepers (UPDATED: Sep 6, 2013).. By Thalif Deen, IPS.. A landmark ruling by a Dutch court in July 2011 holding the Netherlands government liable for the failings of its soldiers on a U.. peacekeeping mission may be used as a precedent for criminal liability involving sexual violence, according to human rights groups.. UPDATE: The ruling was challenged, but on September 6, 2013 it was upheld by the Dutch Supreme Court.. Thursday August 11th, 2011.. Crimes against humanity.. Dutch.. Holland.. Justice.. Netherlands.. GDP Measures the Wealth of Bankers.. Libya s gross domestic product (GDP) increased by 108 percent in 2012.. By contrast, the growths of Japan and other developed countries, as measured by their GDP, have stagnated at values below three percent and sometimes negative.. If you are shaking your head, thinking there must be a mistake in the World Bank’s computations, think again.. Thursday April 4th, 2013.. Barter.. Climate change.. Decroissance.. Degrowth.. GDP.. Gross  ...   YouTube.. Category 5 Typhoon Bopha made landfall in the southern Philippines Mindanao area a region seldom affected by cyclones with sustained winds of about 160 mph early on Tuesday December 4.. The storm, locally called Pablo, has killed dozens, stranded thousands, and displaced tens of thousands of people.. Wednesday December 5th, 2012.. (Français) Un poème par René Depestre: La révolution sans fétiches.. Par René Depestre, du receuil En Etat de Poésie (Les Editeurs Réunis Francais, Paris, 1980) | Haiti Chery.. Il y a ceux qui crient sur tous les toits / Vive la Révolution! / derrière ce cri se cache parfois le voeu / secret que la révolution se casse une jambe.. Tuesday November 27th, 2012.. Rene Depestre.. Revolution.. Tunisia.. Bees Disappearing Act.. Scientists are calling a rapid decline of the bees colony collapse disorder , or CCD; however, a more appropriate name would be CCC, for colony collapse catastrophe because this entails the disappearance of a hive’s 30,000 or so individuals within days and without any trace of their bodies.. Monday November 26th, 2012.. The Politics of Climate Change: Is Occupy Turning Into an NGO?.. By Gilbert Mercier and Dady Chery, News Junkie Post | Haiti Chery.. MLK could easily have built a movement to supply food, blankets, and diapers to needy African Americans.. Decades later, as climate change exacerbates life for those already on the edge, the arguments are the same.. Do we put a band-aid over the lash wounds, or do we stop those who are administering the beatings?.. Thursday November 8th, 2012.. Civil Rights.. DHS.. Election 2012.. Elections.. Failed state.. FEMA.. Hurricane Sandy.. Katrina.. MLK.. MSF.. NJ.. NYC.. Occupy.. OWS.. Red Cross.. Slate.. Social justice.. Staten Island.. Typhoon or Hurricane, It Kills Mostly the Poor.. While Hurricane Sandy ravaged the Caribbean and the US eastern seaboard, Typhoon Son-Tinh tore through the Philippines, China and Vietnam.. The dead from the mudslides, floods and violent waves were caught by surprise or lacked the wherewithal to move to higher ground.. They were overwhelmingly poor.. Wednesday October 31st, 2012.. Extreme weather.. Famine.. Food.. Ofel.. Son-Tinh.. L’Ouverture, the Genius Who Embodied the Enlightenment.. Harvest of Hope: Kevin Pina Video on Haitian Army, Reviewed by Dady Chery.. Six Long-Lost Haitian Frog Species Found.. Long-Lost Lizard Found, Sacrificed for DNA.. The Uses of Haiti’s Poor Children: Guinea Pigs for Cholera Vaccines.. Tezen Nan Dlo.. Cuba’s Health Care Miracle in Haiti: Interview with Dr.. Jorge Balseiro Estevez.. Rainwater Harvesting Ideal for Haiti.. No Haitian Army Anytime Soon.. How About a Militia?.. My Palace, My Palace! A Play in One Act.. Haiti Has Lowest Inmate Per Capita in Caribbean and 70% Await Trial.. Declaration of Independence.. Tags.. Aristide.. Australia.. Earthquake.. Economic crisis.. Labor.. Mexico.. Racism.. Spain.. Blogroll.. ALBA TV.. Comunicacion desde los pueblos | Communication from the people.. Alter Presse.. Réseau alternatif haitien d information | Haitian alternative information network.. Black Agenda Report.. News, analysis and commentary from the black left.. Canada Haiti Action Network.. Solidarity and national sovereignty, not charity.. DESACATO.. News of our America in Portuguese and Spanish.. Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF).. Defending your rights in the digital world.. Ezili Danto Open Salon Blog.. Haiti advocacy, human rights, news.. Haiti Land of Freedom.. Wadner Pierre s Blog.. Haiti Liberte.. Weekly news and analysis of Haitian affairs by some of Haiti s foremost writers and intellectuals.. Haitian Bloggers Collected.. A collection of bloggers of Haitian descent living in Haiti or abroad.. Inter Press Service, IPS.. The story underneath.. Le Monde du Sud / Elsie-News.. Apporter l information sur Haïti,la Caraïbe, l Amérique Latine à ceux qui croient en l avenir de l union économique et politique, économique et culturelle de ces régions du monde.. Murilo Otávio Rodrigues Paes Leme s Blog.. English-Portuguese translations of news about Brazil.. News Junkie Post.. Global News In-Depth Analyses.. OpEd News.. Progressive, Liberal U.. and International News, Opinion, Op-Eds, and Politics.. Open Mind.. Science, Politics, Life, the Universe, and Everything.. Prensa Latina.. Agencia Informativa Latinoamericana.. San Francisco Bay View.. National Black Newspaper.. Tortilla Con Sal.. Un enfoque diferent A different focus.. Venezuela Analysis.. Venezuela news, views, and analysis.. Login.. Log in.. Copyright © 2010-2013 by Dady Chery and Haiti Chery.. All rights reserved.. Proudly powered by WordPress.. Weaver II Pro by.. WP Weaver..

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  • Title: Contact, Biography | Haiti Chery
    Descriptive info: Tweet.. About Dady Chery.. Dady Chery is the.. Editor of.. and Co-Editor in Chief of.. Chery is Haitian-born.. journalist.. playwright.. essayist.. , and.. poet.. who writes in English, French, and her native Créole.. She writes extensively about Haiti and world issues such as climate change.. Her many contributions to Haitian news include the first proposal that Haiti’s cholera had been imported into the country by the United Nations, and the first description of Haiti’s mineral wealth.. She holds a doctorate.. Chery s articles appear regularly in.. and.. In addition, her work has appeared in.. Axis of Logic, Black Agenda Report, Buzzflash, Canada Haiti Action Network, Climate Capitalism, DESACATO, Erzili Danto s Salon, Global Research, Haiti Land of Freedom, Haiti Liberte, OpEd News, San Francisco Bay View, Synthesis/Regeneration Magazine, Tortilla con Sal, Venezuela Analysis,.. and other publications.. For autobiographical essays, read:.. A Valentine for My Restavek Mothers and the Stolen Children of Haiti.. Tout Moun Ce Moun: The Haitian Revolution as a Permanent State of Mind.. Contact Dady Chery at:.. dadychery.. org.. Twitter.. Facebook.. Mission Statement.. This site is about nature, culture, and place.. It describes the unending struggles of beings in the natural world for self realization.. It is also a love letter to Haiti, where colonialism is at its most naked and our slave revolution lives.. You Will Find Here.. News that are relevant to the struggles against the imperial machine; descriptions of actions, wins and setbacks; details of Haiti s rich history and culture, and celebrations of life with food and art.. The Peace of Wild Things.. A Poem by Wendell Berry.. When despair for the world grows in me.. and I wake in the night at the least sound.. in fear of what  ...   Nadine Pierre.. on.. Friday December 2nd, 2011 at 06:40 AM.. said:.. One Love Dady.. I read your piece about the Penn State thugs who stole the frogs from our Haitian eco culture.. I think that it s an atrocity.. I cannot believe that there aren t ethical guidelines for carrying research internationally that would keep these kinds of people (who waltz in with their white skin and white lab coats and do what they want with no approval) from destroying an entire species that is so crucial to the eco system of Ayiti.. I hope that this alerts the Haitian natural scientist and prompts them to fight for and to protect the Haitian natural eco system now and in the future.. Thanks for writing about this topic in such an intense and loving way.. Blessed love.. Reply.. Friday December 2nd, 2011 at 11:24 PM.. Thank you for your comment Nadine.. You re right on the money.. These people think we re fools.. And yes, their racism is showing.. They figure they can use their scientific authority to make a big fuss about deforestation while they re wiping out Haiti s wildlife, and we won t be wise to it.. There are guidelines against such unethical behavior by researchers.. Some actions we can take are suggested in a new update to the story.. One love, Nadine.. Leave a Reply.. Cancel reply.. Your email address will not be published.. Required fields are marked.. *.. Name.. Email.. Website.. * Copy This Password *.. * Type Or Paste Password Here *.. Comment.. You may use these.. HTML.. tags and attributes:.. a href= title= abbr title= acronym title= b blockquote cite= cite code del datetime= em i q cite= strike strong..

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  • Title: By Dady Chery | Haiti Chery
    Descriptive info: Category Archives:.. The Pulse of Climate Change.. The Haitian impression of being in the center of a world vortex could not be truer when it comes to climate change.. As a result of carbon (mostly carbon dioxide and methane) emissions due burning of fossil fuels by industrialized countries, global sea levels have risen one inch over the last decade alone.. Monday October 29th, 2012.. Frankenstorm.. Jamaica.. Madagascar.. Maldives.. Myanmar.. Oman.. Puerto Rico.. Thailand.. Haiti s Opposition Parties Draft a Manifesto.. The Convention of Political Parties, headed by former senator Turneb Delpe, held a national conference of 30 political parties and civilian organizations in  ...   united front.. Together the political parties and civilian organizations drafted The manifesto of Cap-Haitien.. UPDATE: Full text of manifesto included in French and English.. Thursday October 18th, 2012.. 1987 Constitution.. Corn.. Food subsidy.. Biodiversity and Sustainability Closely Linked to Language and Culture.. As linguistic and culturally diversity disappear, so too does biological diversity.. This is because the world s indigenous cultures know best how to create the conditions to maintain species and keep ecosystems functioning in areas where humans also live.. Monday October 8th, 2012.. Amazon.. Biodiversity.. DRC.. French Polynesia.. Himalaya.. Indigenous.. Language.. Micronesia.. New Caledonia.. New Zealand.. Papua New Guinea.. South Africa.. Sustainable..

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  • Title: Dc Translations | Haiti Chery
    Descriptive info: Open Letter From Haitian Anesthesiologist Dr.. Andre Morno.. By André Morno, Le Nouvelliste | Translation by Dady Chery, Haiti Chery.. President Martelly s Chief of Staff Mr.. Thierry Mayard Paul came to tell me that the presidential security unit was concerned about my house s location with respect to the President s.. To my surprise, he told me that I had to sell the house at a price pre-determined without my consent.. Dr.. Morno.. (English | French).. Tuesday September 25th, 2012.. Thierry Mayard Paul.. Let Them Eat Sand.. By Staff, AHP | Translation by Dady Chery, Haiti Chery.. The Dominican National Institute for the Protection of Consumer Rights (Proconsumidor) has sounded the alarm against consuming Canaria sugar imported from Brazil into the Dominican Republic (DR) by Casa SRL Chepe: a product marketed for two months in the DR and Haiti.. Wednesday September 19th, 2012.. Colonialism in a Poncho: Subordination of Panama to Multinational Force.. Marco A.. Gandásegui Jr, America Latina en Movimiento | Translation by Dady Chery, Haiti Chery.. In an annual exercise called Panamax, from Monday, August 6 to Friday, August 17 Panama was virtually occupied by troops from the U.. , France, Canada, the Netherlands, and 14 Latin American allies, although the Panamanian Constitution says Panama has no army and its sovereignty is inalienable and nontransferable.. (English|Spanish).. Friday August 17th, 2012.. Belize.. Costa Rica.. El Salvador.. Disaster Capitalism Brazilian Style in Haiti.. By Yvon Janvier, Le Matin | Translation by Dady Chery, Haiti Chery.. Brazilian company Construtora OAS Ltd unilaterally stopped ongoing work on 69 km (43 miles) of National Road No.. 7 in southern Haiti and abruptly cut short its contract with Haitian and international donors: specifically Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) and the Interamerican Development Bank (IDB).. Wednesday August 15th, 2012.. CIDA.. Reconstruction.. Soaring Food Prices in Haiti (+ Video, Sep 19, 2012).. By Ricardo Pierre Placide, Le Matin | Translation by Dady Chery, Haiti Chery.. Over the past several months, Haitian households have faced an unprecedented 40% increase on average in the prices of essential commodities such as eggs, rice, sugar, and flour.. Tuesday August 14th, 2012.. Tension in Port Margot.. By Staff, AlterPresse | Staff, Organization for the Development of Port-Margot (ODEP) | Translation and editorial comment by Dady Chery, Haiti Chery.. Residents of the northern beach town of Port-Margot, Haiti, are angry with the government for neglecting their major arteries to the east and west, and for appropriating their most important tourist attraction, Chouchou Bay, for a neighboring city.. The town in 35 km (22 miles) from Cap Haitien and is coveted as a place to live by mining personnel moving into northern Haiti..  ...   July 31, elite police in uniform, while under observation from MINUSTAH troops, beat and shot several people, broke the windshields of various cars, and torched at least four motorcycles plus 15 houses.. Shortly thereafter, the West Department s police chief announced that troops would be maintained in Martissant.. UPDATES: Police put bounties out on four bandits, and a new human-rights report describes the details of the incident.. Wednesday August 1st, 2012.. Charlemagne Peralte.. Lac Azuei: A Bridge for Child Traffickers.. By Milo Milford (kft, gp), AlterPresse | Translation by Dady Chery, Haiti Chery | YouTube.. Lac Azuei, also called Etang Saumatre, is Haiti s main natural lake.. With an area of over 110 square kilometers (42.. 5 square miles), it is a lovely sight.. The lake is also a place of feverish activity by child traffickers.. Tuesday July 31st, 2012.. Stolen Children.. Standing Ovation and 11 Medals for Haitian Culinary Team!.. By Evens Prosper, HPN | Translation by Dady Chery, Haiti Chery.. The culinary team that represented Haiti in the Taste of the Caribbean contest in Miami from June 20 to 24 won 11 medals for Haiti in several gastronomic categories, and Haiti received three consecutive minutes of standing ovation.. (English|French).. Monday July 23rd, 2012.. Shopping in Petion-Ville While Black.. By Nicole Simon, Le Nouvelliste | Translation by Dady Chery, Haiti Chery.. The worst thing was to find this French friend blonde with blue eyes two days later, who admitted that she has visited the same store on Louverture Street with all her gear, and no one has ever denied her access.. My dear, let s call a spade a spade.. We ve got a color problem.. Monday July 16th, 2012.. Haiti s Homeless Part 2 (UPDATED Aug 2, 2012).. By Staff (WJL), HPN | Staff, Nouvel Observateur via RadioTV Caraibes | Translation by Dady Chery, Haiti Chery.. Residents from the Jalousie neighborhood of Petion-Ville took to the streets on Thursday, July 12 to call for a halt to the measures from Haiti s Ministry of the Environment to demolish thousands of their homes.. It s not right that a person should be offered only 20,000 gourdes (US $465) after his house is demolished, said a protestor.. UPDATED on July 30, Aug 2.. Saturday July 14th, 2012.. CESD.. Haiti s Puppet Masters By Another Name.. By Staff, Radio Metropole | Translation and editorial comment by Dady Chery, Haiti Chery.. With the recent reactivation of the defunct 2005 Council of Economic and Social Development (Conseil de Développement Economique et Social), Haiti establishes a permanent dictatorship with elections.. The CESD replaces the Interim Commission for Haiti Reconstruction (ICHR).. Thursday July 12th, 2012.. Rene Preval..

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  • Title: Dc Editorial | Haiti Chery
    Descriptive info: Gee-Whiz Science or Biopiracy?.. By Sifelani Tsiki, The Herald | Editorial comment by Dady Chery, Haiti Chery.. Pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and food companies have made millions on plant species that have been used for generations by indigenous groups.. Africa could be losing more than US $15 billion from its biodiversity as medicines, cosmetics, agricultural products from indigenous knowledge are illegally patented by multinational companies without benefits accruing to local communities in the countries of origin.. Wednesday October 3rd, 2012.. Biopiracy.. Bioprospecting.. Botswana.. Indonesia.. Kenya.. Namibia.. Zimbabwe.. Haiti s Revolution Redux?.. By staff, Radio Kiskeya | Editorial comment and translation by Dady Chery, Haiti Chery.. Fourteen opposition political parties and platforms announced Friday, September 28, that they will participate in all mobilizations to support popular demands criticizing the policy of exclusion by the Michel Martelly regime.. (English | French).. Friday September 28th, 2012.. Occupy: Where Do We Go From Here?.. Interview of Michael Novick with Gilbert Mercier, New Junkie Post | Editorial Comment by Dady Chery, Haiti Chery.. Occupy is one year-old.. One would think from the news that this nascent movement is merely a series of arbitrary skirmishes between protesters and police.. But if there is one area where Occupy has shined, it has been in its alliance with Labor.. This excellent December 2011 article and interview of an Occupy Los Angeles organizer discusses one of the earliest efforts by Occupy to ally itself with Labor and nicely articulates the hopes for the movement.. Monday September 17th, 2012.. A Poem By D.. H.. Lawrence: Snake.. By D.. Lawrence | Introduction by Dady Chery, Haiti Chery | David Herbert Richards Lawrence (born September 11, 1885) is best known for his novels and the persecution he endured for them, but he also wrote some 800 equally subversive poems.. His 1923 collection Birds, Beasts and Flowers is a contemplation of the natural world and man s relation to it.. Snake is a favorite.. Friday September 7th, 2012.. Italy.. Reptile.. United Kingdom.. Current Ebola Outbreaks in Humans Follow Development of Antidote in Monkeys.. By George Dvorsky,  ...   coral reefs have been destroyed.. They are meant to develop into artificial reefs that offer human viewers and reef animals alike an ever-changing experience.. Saturday August 4th, 2012.. Artist.. Grenada.. Jason deCaires Taylor.. Typhoon Gener, Climate Change Wreak Havoc in Philippines.. Editorial comment by Dady Chery, Haiti Chery | Staff, AFP via Yahoo!7 News | Elena L.. Aben and Ellalyn B.. De Vera, Manila Bulletin | Manuel Mogato, Rosemarie Francisco and Ed Lane, Reuters | By Staff, Sun Star | Rio Rose Ribaya, Reuters via Yahoo! | By Kim Arveen Patria, Yahoo! Large farming towns north of the capital Manila, as well as heavily populated coastal areas remain under waist-deep floods.. Fierce winds and heavy rains from slow-moving Typhoon Gener (international codename Saola) have battered the country, killing at least 39 people and displacing about 200,000.. UPDATE Aug 7: The typhoon left the Philippines on Friday Aug 3 but was immediately followed by tropical storm Haikui, which raised the number of casualties to more than 50 and of the displaced to more than 270,000 people.. UPDATE Aug 16: New tropical storm Helen (international name Kai-Tak) kills 7 and causes yet more flooding and destruction.. Thursday August 2nd, 2012.. Instant Gratification U.. A.. Infographics created by Online Graduate Programs | Courtesy of Tony Shin | Editorial comment by Dady Chery, Haiti Chery.. What kind of culture is compatible with instant gratification? Certainly not one that nurtures spirituality, because a spiritual life requires being still sometimes.. Or one that promotes creativity, because prolonged focus and practice are needed for mastery over one s talents.. Saturday July 21st, 2012.. Economic Crimes of Dictatorships: Argentina.. By Marcela Valente, IPS | Editorial comment by Dady Chery, Haiti Chery.. More than 600 businesspeople lost their property to the Argentina dictatorship of 1976 to 1983.. “they took everything we had, our seven companies and the company plane.. And it’s a miracle they didn’t kill us,” says Alejandro Iaccarino, a prosperous dairy industry businessman during the 1970s who is suing for millions of dollars in reparations.. Wednesday July 11th, 2012..

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  • Title: En Français | Haiti Chery
    Descriptive info: Aller au contenu principal.. Aller au contenu secondaire.. (English) Contact, Biography.. Par Dady Chery.. Traductions par DC.. Éditorial DC.. Haïti.. Amérique Latine.. Afrique.. Histoire.. Droits humains.. Économie.. Science et technologie.. Histoire naturelle.. Éthique environnementale.. Littérature et poésie.. Archives pour la catégorie.. Navigation des articles.. Articles plus anciens.. Le génie de Chavez: Par Fidel Castro.. (English) Par Fidel Castro | Cuba Debate, Haiti Chery.. mardi 5 mars 2013.. par.. Publié dans.. Nouvelles et analyses.. Mots-clefs :.. Argentine.. Caraïbes.. Colombie.. Mort.. République Dominicaine.. Equateur.. Pérou.. États-Unis.. Vénézuéla.. Un poème par René Depestre: La révolution sans fétiches.. (English) Par René Depestre, du receuil En Etat de Poésie (Les Editeurs Réunis Francais, Paris, 1980) | Haiti Chery.. mardi 27 novembre 2012.. Egypte.. Tunisie.. Quatorze partis et plateformes politiques rejoignent la mobilisation antigouvernementale.. (English) By staff, Radio Kiskeya | Editorial comment and translation by Dady Chery, Haiti Chery.. vendredi 28 septembre 2012.. HAUT.. Haïti-Eau potable : Rareté au Cap Haïtien, le système saboté.. (English) By Wedlyne Jacques, AlterPresse | Translation by Dady Chery, Haiti Chery.. No water from the taps of Cap Haitien residents since months.. And they must walk several kilometers to reach a source of water.. Some people report that they wake up as early as 2:00 to 5:00 am to queue for half a day to buy water that is not even fit for drinking.. mercredi 26 septembre 2012.. Choléra.. L'Eau Potable.. Santé.. Santé publique.. ONU.. Eau.. Les manifestations anti américaines se propagent à tous les pays du monde musulman.. (English)  ...   the lowest number of storm-related fatalities in the area encompassing the Atlantic Ocean, the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico.. Experts say Cuba even outperforms highly developed countries, thanks to its integrated disaster prevention system.. (English|French|Spanish).. lundi 27 août 2012.. Changement climatique.. Gaz à effet de serre.. L’OAS laisse, colère et indignation restent!.. (English) By Yvon Janvier, Le Matin | Translation by Dady Chery, Haiti Chery.. mercredi 15 août 2012.. BID.. Accaparement des terres.. Flambée du prix des produits de première nécessité sur le marché haïtien.. (English) By Ricardo Pierre Placide, Le Matin | Translation by Dady Chery, Haiti Chery.. mardi 14 août 2012.. Crise économique.. Poissons.. Riz.. Petits fermiers.. Le pouvoir repousse la rentrée scolaire au 1er octobre.. (English) By Staff (spp), Radio Kiskeya | By Stephen Ralph Henry, AlterPresse.. lundi 6 août 2012.. L'éducation.. Inscriptions pour une nouvelle promotion à la faculté de médecine de l Université de la Fondation Docteur Aristide:.. dimanche 5 août 2012.. Médecine.. L Étang Saumatre, un pont pour les trafiquants.. (English) By Milo Milford (kft, gp), AlterPresse | Translation by Dady Chery, Haiti Chery | YouTube.. mardi 31 juillet 2012.. L'adoption.. Enfants volés.. Onze médailles pour la cuisine haïtienne en Floride!.. (English) By Evens Prosper, HPN | Translation by Dady Chery, Haiti Chery.. lundi 23 juillet 2012.. Que dire d être Noir dans la république de Pétion-Ville ?.. (English) By Nicole Simon, Le Nouvelliste | Translation by Dady Chery, Haiti Chery.. lundi 16 juillet 2012.. ONG.. Racisme.. Connexion.. Fièrement propulsé par WordPress..

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  • Title: Haiti | Haiti Chery
    Descriptive info: Haiti: Creole Spoken, Creole Understood.. Creole was certainly the tongue spoken at the 1791 Bwa Cayiman Vodou ceremony that launched the Haitian Revolution.. Nevertheless, it was French that served as the text of Haiti s Independence Declaration and as the country s only official language until 1987.. Why?.. Sunday October 7th, 2012.. Gerard le Hougan.. Slavery..

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  • Title: En Español | Haiti Chery
    Descriptive info: Six Argentinian Ex-Military Repressors Sentenced to Life Imprisonment.. By Staff, UPI via The Argentina Independent | MSN Noticias.. The Federal Court of Mar del Plata, Argentina, handed out convictions to 14 retired Argentine military and police officers.. Six of these were life sentences to the retired officers, including former General Alfredo Arrillaga, for crimes against humanity during the last dictatorship.. Thursday October 11th, 2012.. Disparate Impacts of Isaac on Haiti, the Dominican Republic, and Cuba.. By Patricia Grogg, IPS.. The impact of Hurricane Isaac in the Caribbean region highlighted both the fragility of some countries in the face of extreme meteorological events, which are expected to become more intense, and the different strategies adopted to mitigate the risk of disasters.. (English | Spanish).. Sunday September 23rd, 2012.. Climate Change and Poverty Deadly for Dominicans.. The Dominican Republic (DR) could lose about one fifth of its territory to rising sea levels.. In the DR, where over 43 out of every 100 people are poor, and over 16 out of 100 are abjectly poor, 70 percent of the cities are on riverbanks and other waterways that are covered by impoverished urban settlements.. Saturday September 22nd, 2012.. Salvadorans Incubate Hope for Sea Turtles.. By Edgardo Ayala, Tierramerica via IPS.. El Salvador’s Jiquilisco Bay, a tiny hidden corner of the Pacific Ocean and home to the country’s longest stretch of mangrove forests, is becoming a haven for endangered sea turtles.. Local authorities, national and foreign environmental groups, and fisher folk from the region maintain incubators for turtle eggs and promote mechanisms for community involvement in their care.. Sunday September 16th, 2012.. In the Heart of Hurricane Alley, Cubans Are Safe.. Monday August 27th, 2012.. Landmark Sentence for Agrochemical Contamination in Cordoba.. By Kate Beioley, Argentina Independent | Staff, Los Andes.. Two men, rural producer  ...   led by Daniel Ortega, increased dramatically between 2007 and 2011.. Young people voted overwhelmingly for the policies of the FSLN and continue to be engaged as citizens in a model of direct democracy called Poder Ciudadano (Citizen s Power).. Friday July 6th, 2012.. FSLN.. Former Argentina Dictator Jorge Videla Gets 50 Years for Stolen Children.. By Staff, Agencies via AlJazeera | By Staff, RT.. In a major victory for rights group the Grandmothers of Plaza de Mayo (Las Abuelas de Plaza de Mayo), former military leader and president of Argentina Jorge Videla has been sentenced to 50 years for systematically stealing the babies of detained leftist activists.. Another 10 former members of Videla s government, including a woman were also sentenced.. Baltasar Garzon.. Prison.. Cuba Adapts Crops to Tropical Conditions, Climate Change.. By Ivet González, with reporting by Patricia Grogg, IPS.. Cabbage, broccoli, carrots, onions and other vegetables resistant to pests and drought are being grown by researchers in Cuba, who for decades have been working to design plants adapted to the tropical conditions in the Caribbean region.. Tuesday July 3rd, 2012.. Agroecology.. Cuba Safeguards Biodiversity to Guarantee Food Supplies.. Small farmers in Cuba are involved in developing improved seeds from local stocks, to obtain good harvests under difficult environmental conditions.. These efforts are backed by the Program for Local Agrarian Innovation (PIAL), which has benefited some 50,000 farmers, with the support of international development aid.. Tragic Week in Paraguay.. By Javiera Manuela Rulli and Reto Sonderegger, Parar El Mundo | Translated by Lilian Joensen for Grupo de Reflexión Rural | Friends of the Earth | Haiti Chery.. An explanation of the chain of events that have shaken Paraguay, from the Curuguaty deaths on June 15 to the June 22 overthrow of Paraguayan President Fernando Lugo.. Tuesday June 26th, 2012.. UNASUR..

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  • Title: Latin America | Haiti Chery
    Descriptive info: Violence, Arson Against Haitians in Dominican Republic.. For every embargo against the Dominican Republic (DR), there come a rash of repatriations and other abuses of Haitians.. Rights groups call on the Haitian government to speak up for its nationals and denounce the abuses against them in the DR.. Monday October 1st, 2012.. Immigrants.. Undocumented  ...   Jennifer Chu, MIT News Office.. According to a study by the Department of Atmospheric Science at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), with every 1 degree Celsius rise in Earth s surface temperature, tropical regions will see 10 percent heavier rainfall extremes, with possible flooding in populous regions.. Friday September 21st, 2012.. El Nino..

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    Descriptive info: We Must Kill the Bandits: Kevin Pina Documentary on MINUSTAH, Reviewed By Dady Chery.. Kevin Pina, video | Dady Chery, review, Haiti Chery.. This documentary video is the definitive account of Haiti’s most recent anti-imperialist revolt.. The video covers the actions of Fanmi Lavalas supporters, the Multinational Interim Force (MIF) with the U.. , Canada and France, and the so-called United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH) during the year after Aristide s removal.. (English text, Video in English | Portuguese).. Monday August 20th, 2012.. Fanmi Lavalas.. Kevin Pina.. Petion.. Amazon Rainforest Gets Half Its Nutrients From Tiny Spot in Sahara.. By Alexis Madrigal, The Atlantic | Staff, Amazonia News.. About 40 million tons of dust are transported annually from the Sahara to the Amazon basin.. This represents half of the annual mineral supply that fertilizes the Amazon basin.. Thus the health and productivity of the Amazon rainforest depends on a supply of dust from Africa.. Saturday August 11th, 2012.. Chad.. French Guiana.. Geology.. Guyana.. Suriname.. Fair Trade Business Is Growing, Part 2 – Surprisingly Robust Spanish Market.. By Inés Benítez, Tierramerica, IPS, Global Issues.. The economic and financial crisis afflicting the European Union (EU) countries has scarcely affected the sales of fair-trade products in Spain, especially foods from Central and South America.. Tuesday June 19th, 2012.. Inequality as a Revolt Against Nature.. By Kevin Carson, Center for a Stateless Society | Portuguese translation by Murilo Otávio Rodrigues Paes Leme, zqxjkv0.. blogspot.. com |Courtesy of Frans de Waal, YouTube | Haiti Chery.. Economic exploitation can only result from unequal exchange, which requires the coercive interference from a state with the normal process of market exchange.. Includes video demonstrating a sense of fairness in monkeys.. Sunday June 10th, 2012.. Theory of Degrowth Questions Validity of Extractive Economy.. By Marcela Valente, Tierramerica | Rebelion.. A number of Latin American countries have achieved economic growth by an extractivist model of production that increases the gross domestic product (GDP) at the cost of the intensive use of gradually exhausted natural resources such as: large-scaling mining with cyanide to cause major environmental impacts, or monoculture plantations for export, at the expense of diversified rural production.. Monday May 14th, 2012.. The Man Who Planted Trees.. By Frederic Back, You Tube | Based on Jean Giono s short story The Man Who Planted Trees.. Director Frédéric Back s marvellous interpretation of Giono s allegory won an Oscar for short animation.. The story is a tribute to hard work and patience.. (English | French | Portuguese | Spanish, 30 min.. ).. Reforestation.. Brazilians Push to Prosecute Military Junta s Human Rights Crimes, Pushed Back by Judge.. By Fabiana Frayssinet, IPS | Staff, Human Rights Watch | Colin M.. Snider, Americas South and North.. In the  ...   Jul 10, The Minister of the Interior confirms that nearly all 120 of Haitian mayors will be dismissed.. Le Matin, Le Nouvelliste Jul 19, A man wanted by police for arson and murder is appointed Deputy Commissioner for the Limbe District in the Northern Department.. Saturday February 25th, 2012.. The Giving Moringa Tree.. By Kristin Palitza, IPS | Informações de Envolverde | Holistic Health | You Tube | Haiti Chery.. Moringa oleifera is a fast-growing, drought-resistant tree that produces leaves full of nutrients and medicines, and pods full of protein.. The seeds can purify water and furnish cooking oil, and the flowers are decorative and medicinal.. Moringa already grows in most of the South where it is often called Malunggai.. In Haiti, it is called Benzolivier.. Includes a recipe and a water-purification procedure.. Saturday January 28th, 2012.. Fernand Pierre.. Lesotho.. Swaziland.. In Famatina, Water Is Worth Far More Than Gold.. By Marcela Valente, IPS | Periodismo Humano | TN Argentina | You Tube.. Thousands in the northwest Argentina province of La Rioja are mobilizing to stop an open-cast gold mining project in the Nevados de Famatina, a snowy peak that is the semi-arid area s sole source of drinking water.. We take turns [blocking the road to the mountain], and we re going to hold our ground until the government and the company drop this project, Carina Diaz Moreno, teacher from Famatima.. (English | Spanish | Portuguese | Includes music video).. Wednesday January 25th, 2012.. Manifesto for Human Rights of Haitian Immigrants in Brazil Drafted by Latin Americans.. Jesuit Refugee Service for Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC SJR), AlterPresse | Translated by Dady Chery, Haiti | Centro de Direitos Humanos e Cidadania do Imigrante.. Signatories to a manifesto for the human rights of Haitian immigrants recommend that the Brazilian government work with UNASUR, CELAC, and various Latin-American governmental and non-governmental organizations to host the new Haitian immigrants in South America.. (English | French | Portuguese).. Thursday January 19th, 2012.. Haitians Emigrating to Brazil Undocumented.. ImmiBy Staff, Efe via Listín Diario | By Najla Passos, Carta Maior | Translated from Spanish and Portuguese by David Holmes Morris for lo-de-alla.. Some 500 undocumented Haitian immigrants entered the Brazilian city of Brasileia, in the last three days of 2011.. The illegal entry might have been dangerous and mediated by human traffickers.. Some Brazilian officials are suggesting that a set number of Haitian immigrants should be allowed legal entry into the country.. UPDATE on Feb 2, 2012 from AlterPresse: During a visit to Haiti, Brazilian President Dilma Rousef said that her country would grant 1200 visas per year for the next five years for the legal entry of Haitians into Brazil.. (English | Spanish, Portuguese).. Thursday January 5th, 2012.. Asian..

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    Descriptive info: Anti-US Protests Spread Throughout Muslim World.. By Alex Lantier, WSWS.. Thursday September 20th, 2012.. Iraq.. Human Rights Watch in DRC: Watchdog or Master Puppeteer?.. By Albert Rudatsimburwa, The New Times Rwanda.. How can the UN mission MONUSCO, with all its military and logistical capacity, be taken to lesser account than Human Rights Watch (HRW), an organisation with questionable access to information? The campaign accusing Rwanda of involvement in the eastern Congo (DRC) is a skillfully executed mass media lobbying by HRW through one of its most valuable players, Anneke Van Woudenberg.. Friday September 14th, 2012.. Kagame: Permanent Aid Can Make a Person Become Useless.. By Gahiji Innocent, News of Rwanda.. President Paul Kagame gave a rare interview to the Harvard International Review on the heels of a new investment deal with China and the establishment of sovereign fund that has raised some Rwf 15 billion in two weeks.. But even with Chinese cash and investments pouring into Rwanda, Mr Kagame says the ultimate decision about the development of Africa remains with Africans.. With regard to Rwanda, Kagame said: “No nation, even the ones who supported the genocide, owes us a favor.. I have said many times to our people, Why should the taxpayers of another nation put food in our mouths and for how long?.. Wednesday September 12th, 2012.. Genocide.. Paul Kagame.. Poor Children as Big Pharma s Lab Rats.. By K.. S.. Harikrishnan, IPS | Staff, Rediff Business.. American pharmaceutical  ...   of groundwater at least 100 times the amount of renewable freshwater in Africa lies below the continent s driest country: Namibia.. The battle is on for access to the newfound water by the population versus water utilities and Namibia s growing mining industry.. Wednesday September 5th, 2012.. Algeria.. Sudan.. Tropical Oceans: Beating Heart of Climate Change.. By University of Plymouth Scientists, Phys.. The tropical regions of the Indian, Pacific and Atlantic Oceans appear to be “acting like a heart”, accumulating heat and then pulsing it in bursts across the Earth.. Sunday August 26th, 2012.. Hurricanes and Climate Change.. By Brenda Ekwurzel, Union of Concerned Scientists | NOAA | Haiti Chery.. Scientific evidence links the destructive power of hurricanes to higher ocean temperatures driven by global warming.. Expansion of the oceans due to warming, combined with the inflow of water from melting land ice, have raised global sea levels more than one inch over the last decade.. In addition, the water vapor content of the atmosphere over the oceans has increased four percent since 1970.. Thursday August 23rd, 2012.. Geophysics.. Hispaniola.. Weather.. Haitian Hot Cocoa.. In Haiti, a freshly baked roll with a cup of hot cocoa is a typical dinner.. We owe Haitian hot cocoa to our successful slave revolution, and we have the Aztecs and Mayans to thank for the elaborate process for manufacturing chocolate from the seeds of Theobroma cacao food of the gods.. Sunday August 12th, 2012.. Ghana..

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