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  • Title: Federated Social Web 2011
    Descriptive info: .. Forwarding to.. Federated Social Web 2011..

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  • Title: Federated Social Web Europe
    Descriptive info: A three day open event on Social Web interoperability, standards and privacy.. At Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung, Berlin (Germany).. From June 3rd to 5th 2011.. Home.. About.. Agenda.. Videos.. Wiki.. Mission Statement.. How Social Networks may work together.. Social networking services have become an enabler for free communication, at times even under adverse circumstances.. Architectures, protocols and standards for the Social Web should therefore be designed to be robust against disruption.. Users must further be able to trust the Social Web to communicate securely and anonymously with their peers.. The workshop aims to address, capture and discuss the challenges and potentials these innovations bring along.. More about the conference.. The Conference.. Friday to Sunday, June 3rd - 5th, 2011.. Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung, Berlin (Germany).. Friday.. will be admission-free for everyone, targeting a broad audience with keynotes, a panel and a talk on stage.. Saturday.. will be for registered people only, dedicated to presentations of selected papers from various actors.. Later on, the conference will transform into a open space.. Sunday.. will continue the open space.. Venue, Hotels and Directions.. Ways to participate!.. Listen, hack or prepare an Open Space.. This is an open workshop.. You may just want to listen-in or you might want to present and discuss during the Open Space.. Interop-testing and hacking encouraged.. Support available.. A short announcement via Mail or the.. wiki.. would be appreciated.. Finally, there will be facilities for a hackathon as part of the Open Space.. If you want to use this conference to make your project more visible, you can use the wiki, but most of all, contact us, and we will try to find ways to best present you.. There is numerous options underway, from poster panels, presentation space in the lobby and more.. Read full Call for Participation.. Blog.. W3C-Workshop (3/3): Privacy on the Federated Social Web.. June 4th, 2011.. No Comments.. Video as MP4-file (h264/aac, 404 MB):.. http://d-cent.. org/video/fsw2011-4jun11-3-W3C-Privacy.. mp4.. Saturday, 14.. 00 W3C-Workshop:.. Privacy on the Federated Social Web.. Beyond‐Privacy and Identity Spam-What others say about us on the Federated Social Web.. , José M.. Del Álamo, Yod-Samuel Martín and Juan C.. Yelmo (See.. slides.. ).. Empowering users with effective and relevant privacy controls.. , Sören Preibusch.. Personal Zones: identity, devices and social proximity,.. Dave Raggett and Rigo Wenning (See.. abstract.. or.. Slides.. Social network federation with Social Stream and Social2social.. , Víctor Sánchez and Antonio  ...   Learned.. Privacy-aware XMPP-based microblogging: Lessons learned with OneSocialWeb.. , Diana Cheng and Daniel Appelquist (See.. Bridging Federated Protocol Stacks.. , Simon Tennant and Stephan Maka.. Stretching Boundaries: Lorea s Experimental Approach To Federation,.. Hellekin Wolf and Pablo Martin (.. See abstract.. SMOB The best of both worlds.. , Alexandre Passant, Julia Anaya, Owen Sacco and Pavan Kapanipathi.. Project Danube.. , Markus Sabadello (confirmed).. The Unhosted Social Web.. , Michiel De Jong.. From society to technology Implementing an interoperable, privacy-aware and decentralized social network.. June 3rd, 2011.. Video as MP4-file (h264/aac, 383.. 7 MB):.. org/video/fsw2011-3jun11-5-OpenRoundtable.. Roundtable: From society to technology –.. Implementing an interoperable, privacy-aware and decentralized social network.. Fabrizio Sestini.. – European Commission.. Francesca Bria.. – Imperial Business School.. Ade Oshineye.. – Google.. Ilya Zhitomirskiy.. – Diaspora.. Seda Gürses.. – K.. U.. Leuven.. Amelia Andersdotter.. – Pirate Party Sweden.. Moderation:.. Geraldine de Bastion.. – Digitale Gesellschaft.. Keynote: Who needs Facebook anyway? Privacy sociality in Social Network Sites, Ronald Leenes.. Video as MP4-file (h264/aac, 180.. 6 MB):.. org/video/fsw2011-3jun11-4-Leenes.. Keynote: Who needs Facebook anyway?.. Privacy sociality in Social Network Sites.. Ronald Leenes Tilt and PrimeLife Project.. Lessons learned from Social Networking in Egypt, Amr Gharbeia.. 1 Comment.. Video as MP4-file (h264/aac, 100.. org/video/fsw2011-3jun11-3-Ghareiba.. Lessons learned from Social Networking in Egypt.. Amr Gharbeia Technologist and actvist.. Following Social Advertising in the U.. S.. , Aleecia M.. McDonald.. Video as MP4-file (h264/aac, 163.. org/video/fsw2011-3jun11-2-McDonald.. Aleecia M.. Welcome to FSW2011 Jan Schallaböck Tim Berners-Lee.. Video as MP4-file (h264/aac, 55.. org/video/fsw2011-3jun11-1-Schallaboeck-Berners-Lee.. Welcome Introduction to Federated Social Web 2011 Europe.. Jan Schallaböck ULD Tim Berners-Lee W3C.. Submissions available for downlod.. May 31st, 2011.. For now, all submitted papers are download-able as a.. batch of zipped PDFs.. or one-by-one within the new.. papers section.. Within the next time we will link the certain files within our.. agenda.. Sold out Reserve list.. May 20th, 2011.. As tickets are sold out already today, roughly two weeks before the event, we are considering making a reserve list.. If you are interested, please contact Matthias.. Mehldau att perglobal.. org.. Next Page.. Impressions.. Related sites.. Federated Social Web Summit 2010.. Heinrich-Böll-Foundation.. PerGlobal.. Privacy in Europe for Life (PrimeLife).. World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).. 2013, by Federated Social Web Europe.. A d-cent conference.. Initated per.. WordPress Theme "Simple Organization".. by.. Arcsin.. |.. Call for Participation.. Contact.. Privacy Statement.. Venue.. Open Space.. Papers.. Speakers.. W3C Workshop.. Page Top..

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  • Title: About « Federated Social Web Europe
    Descriptive info: Privacy Statement.. The Federated Social Web Summit Europe 2011 is supported and co-organized by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and by the EU FP7 PrimeLife project.. The local organization is done under the label d-cent and by the independent institute PerGlobal.. The workshop is also supported by and will be hosted at the Heinrich-Böll-Foundation, Berlin.. In summer 2010 the first.. Federated Social Web Summit.. took place in Portland (USA) to kick-start a test-case driven approach to getting the federated social web working.. This will be the second summit in the series, and the first in Europe.. The.. W3C.. is the world s leading international standards organization for the world wide web, consisting of over 300 members and founded by Tim Berners-Lee, who is widely acclaimed as the inventor of the Web.. An Incubator Group of the W3C has been investigating its role in the Social Web, and produced a report.. A Standards-based, Open and Privacy-aware Social Web.. overviewing the landscape.. W3C is exploring further into  ...   identities.. With the interest in establishing this conference, a small group of German techies, researchers, and activists started meeting in autumn 2010 in Berlin under the label d-cent.. This and further organizational work is initiated and driven by Jan Schallaböck, Unabhängiges Landeszentrum für Datenschutz (ULD), and.. , an independent institute and consultancy, working on Digital Identity and Privacy.. , the venue of the conference, is affiliated with the German Green Party named after Heinrich Böll, one of Germany s foremost post-World War II writers.. The Foundation provides support for science and research, art and culture, and developmental co-operation.. Font Yanone Kaffesatz by Jan Gerner, Yanone, Open Font License / CC BY 2.. 0 de.. Comments: 1.. Berlin Web Week.. May 19th, 2011 at 17:07.. #3.. [.. ] 2011 3.. 6.. 2011 Publishedby Alexander Kölpinon 19.. May 2011in Kalender.. 0 Comments The Federated Social Web Summit Europe 2011 is supported and co-organized by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and by the EU FP7 PrimeLife [.. ]..

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  • Title: Agenda « Federated Social Web Europe
    Descriptive info: Friday, 3rd of June 2011.. Friday is dedicated to opening the conference and setting the scene from a society viewpoint.. *.. 15.. 30 Registration.. 16.. 00 Welcome and introduction to the conference,.. Jan Schallaböck.. ULD.. 10 Video address,.. Tim Berners-Lee -.. 30 Following Social Advertising in the United States,.. (.. 17.. 00 Lessons learned from Social Networking in Egypt,.. Amr Gharbeia.. Technologist and.. actvist.. 30 Coffee break.. 18.. 00 Keynote: Who needs Facebook anyway? privacy sociality in Social Network Sites,.. Ronald Leenes.. Tilt and PrimeLife Project.. 30 Public Roundtable: From society to technology.. Implementing an interoperable, privacy-aware, and decentralized social network:.. 20.. 00 Pretzels and wine in the lobby.. * Friday will also see an internal preconference meeting:.. 10.. 00 to noon.. W3C WebID Incubator Group.. meeting.. Saturday, 4th of June 2011.. Saturday will deliver position paper presentations and discussion on the future of the Social Web, then transforming into an open space in the later afternoon.. 9.. 30 Morning coffee and registration.. 11.. 15..  ...   2011.. 24.. Party Hack-night.. , if you like.. * Presentation of accepted position papers (roughly 5-10 min each + 30 min Q A per panel).. Final confirmation of speakers pending for most of the slots mentioned above.. Sunday, 5th of June 2011.. On Sunday, we will continue the open space and wrap up in the afternoon.. 30 Morning coffee, introduction and updating of the Agenda.. 3rd Open Space slot.. 4th Open Space slot.. 45 Lunch.. 5th Open Space slot.. Wrapping up.. Closing talk.. 00 End of the Federated Social Web Europe 2011.. Comments: 2.. MOD INSTITUTE &r.. June 3rd, 2011 at 13:12.. #6.. ] event schedule is available here, while details about the projects can be found in the event wiki.. Live tweeter feed of the event [.. Stream der Feder.. June 3rd, 2011 at 15:48.. #7.. ] PrimeLife zu dezentralen Social-Networks startet um 16h und wird live gestreamt.. Das Programm ist englisch-sprachig und wird bis morgen 13h gestreamt, ehe es in einen OpenSpace [..

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  • Title: Videos « Federated Social Web Europe
    Descriptive info: Jan Schallaböck – ULD.. Tim Berners-Lee – W3C.. Amr Gharbeia – Technologist and actvist.. Roundtable: From society to technology.. tim.. jagenberg.. in.. June 6th, 2011 at 14:37.. #10.. ] The video recordings of the Federated Social Web 2011 Europe conference in Berlin are online: Videos Federated Social Web 2011 Europe [..

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  • Title: Wiki « Federated Social Web Europe
    Descriptive info: Our public wiki is.. here..

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  • Title: Venue « Federated Social Web Europe
    Descriptive info: The Workshop will be kindly hosted by and at the Beletage of.. Heinrich-Boell-Foundation.. , centrally located in Berlin, near Friedrichstraße Station.. Where you can get via tram, Underground (U6) and S-Bahn.. The exact address is:.. Heinrich Böll Stiftung, Schumannstr.. 8 , 10117 Berlin.. (coordinates: 52.. 52370, 13.. 38297).. View larger Map.. in separate window (via Openstreetmap).. Hotels*.. You find here a small and random selection and descriptions of hotels in the area around the venue.. We did not arrange for any special-offer-deal with any hotel, but prices in Berlin  ...   hotel, very, very close.. Amelie Berlin.. The closest one, many good ratings on Google Maps.. Hotel Melia Berlin.. Modern business style, very new.. Parkinn.. The Big One, build to GDR-times, two stations away.. Circus.. maybe worth a try.. Hostels.. Heart of Gold.. Very lovely, not really business-style a few hundred meters away.. baxpax Berlin Mitte.. Bax pax Backpackers Hostel close, but maybe a bit too dynamic.. *By now, most Hotels in the direct vicinity seem to be booked, so you might want to exchange available locations.. (in the wiki)..

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  • Title: W3C-Workshop (3/3): Privacy on the Federated Social Web « Federated Social Web Europe
    Descriptive info: June 4th, 2011 in.. Video.. Skip to comments (0).. Comments.. No comments so far.. Leave a Reply.. cancel reply.. Your Name.. You must be.. logged in.. to post a comment..

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  • Title: Empowering users with effective and relevant privacy controls
    Descriptive info: Sören Preibusch.. There is a consensus amongst privacy advocates and regulators that Web users should be empowered to make the data protection decisions they want.. A series of W3C workshops and has re-iterated the need for simple and effective privacy controls, assisted by a technical infrastructure of data portability and privacy negotiations, and embedded in an ecosystem of truly informed consent.. Computer science research now provides technical means for enforcing privacy constraints that users themselves can define for their data.. 5.. On the Web server, information flow control prevents the proliferation of personal data unless users' preferences regarding retention time, recipients, and purpose binding are adhered to.. In combination, dynamic and static analysis could realise the sticky policy paradigm while the code is produced and then deployed.. This technology goes beyond pictorial privacy seals, and enables Website operators to credibly advertise superior data protection practices to their customers.. Companies can shape privacy as a competitive advantage, in designing their products and services in a privacy-friendly way.. They so differentiate themselves from their competitors, which as economic theory tells us enables them to charge higher prices.. Admittedly, a privacy-friendly design may not always find a demand, because the prospect of a discount at a more privacy-invasive competitor is highly attractive to consumers.. 2.. Nonetheless, for instance in online retailing, a privacy-friendly Web shop may be able to find a profitable niche of privacy-concerned (and affluent) buyers.. Empirical evidence suggests that online social networking platforms are much more differentiated in terms of data collection practices than other online services offered for free, such as Web search.. 6.. Previous investigations had already established fierce competition amongst social networks and diagnosed a surprising variety in privacy regimes, security practices, and functionality.. 3.. A.. first conclusion.. is, therefore: online social networking sites compete with one another and their privacy regimes are one differentiating factor.. Further,  ...   their date of birth as the operating system of their computer.. The preferred holiday destination and their city of residence are revealed with similar ease.. Field studies show that a user's reported willingness to share her location with the public or friends has little to no predictive value for actual sharing behaviour.. The propensity to reveal one's location on Facebook was not significantly different between groups of users reporting to do so and another group claiming to never share their location.. 1.. An.. open question.. is, therefore: which privacy controls are relevant?.. Only field observations can eventually answer this question.. Users' privacy-related decision-making within social networking platforms has not been studied extensively.. 4.. I would like to take the opportunity of the Workshop to share some early insights into how consumers react towards privacy trade-offs online, which privacy-related actions are taken by users of a social networking platform, when these actions are taken, and how common it is amongst users to take protective action.. Fehmi Ben Abdesslem and Tristan Henderson.. Understanding Mobile Social Behaviour Using Smartphones.. 2010 (OMUE 2010, Observing the Mobile User Experience).. Alastair R.. Beresford, Dorothea Kübler and Sören Preibusch.. Unwillingness to Pay for Privacy: A Field Experiment.. 2010.. urn:nbn:de:101:1-20100630493.. Joseph Bonneau and Sören Preibusch.. The Privacy Jungle: On the Market for Data Protection in Social Networks.. 2009 (WEIS 2009, Eighth Workshop on the Economics of Information Security).. Kevin Lewis, Jason Kaufman and Nicholas Christakis.. The taste for privacy: An analysis of college student privacy settings in an online social network.. 2008 (Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication, 14(1):79 100).. Information flow control for static enforcement of user-defined privacy policies.. http://preibusch.. de/publications/privacy_calculus/.. Sören Preibusch and Joseph Bonneau.. The privacy landscape: product differentiation on data collection.. 2011 (to appear in WEIS 2011, Tenth Workshop on the Economics of Information Security).. Sören Preibusch.. Computer Laboratory.. University of Cambridge.. sdp36@cl.. cam.. ac.. uk..

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  • Title: W3C-Workshop (2/3): Federated Social Architectures and Protocols « Federated Social Web Europe
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  • Title: W3C-Workshop (1/3): Federated Codebase: Lessons Learned « Federated Social Web Europe
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