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  • Title: Advocates for People with Disabilities
    Descriptive info: .. NEW WEB SITE COMING SOON!.. Advocates for people with disabilities.. Home.. Services.. About Us.. Philosophy.. Help Out.. Resources.. Calendars.. Locations.. Our Mission.. The Dakota Center for Independent Living believes in self-determination for people with disabilities and creates the environment in which it is achieved.. What We Do.. Dakota Center for Independent Living promotes full inclusion for people with disabilities by advocating for the reduction of architectural, social and attitudinal barriers.. Dakota Center for Independent Living is a consumer controlled, community based, non-profit agency assisting people with disabilities live independently in their community.. Outreach services are provided in  ...   Berthold Reservation.. Calendar of Events.. Click Here.. to see current and future Event Calendars.. Main Office.. 3111 East Broadway Avenue.. Bismarck, North Dakota 58501.. Voice/TDD: (701) 222-3636.. Fax:(701) 222-0511.. Consumer Line: 1-800-489-5013.. Dickinson Office.. 26 1st Street E.. Ste 103.. Dickinson, North Dakota 58601.. Voice/TDD: (701) 483-4363.. Fax: (701) 483-4361.. Copyright 2012 Dakota Center for Independent Living.. The contents of this website were developed under a grant from the United States Department of Education.. However, the contents do not necessarily represent the policy of the Department of Education and you should not assume endorsement by the Federal Government..

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  • Title: Dakota Center for Independant Living - Services
    Descriptive info: Information Referral.. This service informs and guides individuals to search out, identify and make use of various resources, social services, local, state, and federal programs that are of interest.. Peer Support.. The Peer Support Program is designed to promote positive coping skills for persons with disabilities, including individuals with newly acquired disabilities.. The peer supporter and individual share the impact of their disabilities, and develop plans that enable that person to live more independently.. DCIL offers training that prepares people with disabilities to become peer supporters.. Individual Systems Advocacy.. Individual Advocacy means working with people with disabilities to support themselves in safeguarding their civil rights.. Through Systems Advocacy, DCIL staff works with others to ensure that choices, services and supports are in place in the communities where people with disabilities choose to live, work and play.. An example of systems advocacy is being  ...   life style.. Senior Companion Station.. Senior Companions are healthy older adults who help other adults live independently.. In addition to companionship, a Companion may assist with many personal and household tasks necessary to maintain independence.. Senior Companions also provide respite care and support to family care givers.. Assessments.. DCIL provides accessibility and ADA assessments for businesses, schools, recreation sites, apartments, and homes.. Accessibility assessments are provided to determine what accommodations, modifications and or alterations are needed to make structures accessible.. Independent living assessments are provided to determine what support services are needed for individuals to live independently.. For further information regarding assessments, please contact center staff.. Representative Payee Service.. This service is provided through collaboration with the Social Security Administration to assist people receiving SSI and or SSDI manage their own finances.. Fees for this service are determined by the Social Security Administration..

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  • Title: Dakota Center for Independant Living - About Us
    Descriptive info: Board of Directors.. Robin Werre.. Presidnet of the board.. Location: Bismarck, ND.. Claudia Ziegler.. Vice President.. Location: Mandan, ND.. Carol Mihulka.. Secretary/Treasurer.. Diane Tomlin.. Director.. Location: Halliday, ND.. Marcia Hittich.. Location: Elgin, ND.. Robert Puyear.. Allen Hill.. Employment.. We are not accepting applications at this time.. Staff.. Royce Schultze.. Executive Director.. Location: Bismarck.. royces@dakotacil.. org..  ...   Living Advocate.. dianam@dakotacil.. Jeannie Pedersen.. Peer Program Coordinator.. jeanniep@dakotacil.. Ardeen Belile Brenneise.. Secretary/Receptionist.. ardeenb@dakotacil.. Bernie Zander.. Systems / Community Advocate.. berniez@dakotacil.. Susan Helm.. Independent Living Advocate.. susanh@dakotacil.. Jennifer Hiat.. Money Follows the Person Transition Coordinator.. jenniferh@dakotacil.. Eunice Meidinger.. Community/Outreach Advocate.. eunicem@dakotacil.. Chantel Zeller.. Branch Office Coordinator.. Location: Dickinson.. dcil@ndsupernet.. com.. Joletta Brunmeier.. dcil03@ndsupernet.. Marlene Brown.. dcil02@ndsupernet..

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  • Title: Dakota Center for Independant Living - Philosophy
    Descriptive info: Independent Living Philosophy:.. Independent Living is participating in day-to-day life, living where you choose and making decisions that lead to self-determination.. Most Americans take for granted opportunities they have regarding living arrangements, employment situations, means of transportation, social and recreational activities, and other aspects of everyday life.. For many Americans with disabilities, however, barriers in their communities take away or severely limit their choices.. These barriers may be obvious, such as a lack of ramped entrances for people who use wheelchairs, lack of interpreters or captioning for people with hearing impariments or lack of Braille for people who have visual impariments.. Millions of people all over America who experience disabilties have established lives of independence.. They fulfill many different roles in their communities, from employers and employees, to marriage partners, parents, students, athletes, politicians, taxpayers - the list is unlimited.. What is Independent Living?.. Essentially, it is living just like everyone  ...   traced back as early as the 1850's, when deaf people began establishing local organizations to advocate for their interests.. These local groups merged into the National Association for the Deaf in 1880.. The National Federation of the Blind and the American Federation of the Physically Handicapped were organized in the early 1940's.. Disabled soldiers returning from World War II established the Paralyzed Veterans of America.. The current history of the independent living movement is tied in with the black civil rights struggle and with other movements in the late 1960's and 1970's.. In 1972, the first Center for Independent Living was established in Berkeley, California by Ed Roberts and the Rolling Quads.. Dakota Center for Independent Living.. The Dakota Center for Independent Living was established in 1980 and received its 501 c 3 status in 1993.. In April of 1995, the center moved from Mandan, North Dakota to Bismarck, North Dakota..

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  • Title: Dakota Center for Independant Living - Help Out!
    Descriptive info: Help out!.. Volunteer or contribute today by contacting us at:.. Bismarck..

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  • Title: Dakota Center for Independant Living
    Descriptive info: Publications.. Newsletters.. Spring 2012.. Summer 2012.. Fall 2012.. Winter 2011.. Fall 2011.. Spring 2011.. Winter 2010.. Fall 2010.. Summer 2010.. Winter 2008.. Winter 2007.. Home Care Providers.. Search Qualified Service Providers.. North Dakota Interpreters.. Freelance Interpreters.. Housing Opportunites.. Click here for list of Housing Opportunities.. Links.. ND Legislators.. Senator John Hoeven.. Senator Kent Conrad.. Representative Rick Berg.. ND American Indian Information.. ND Indian Affairs Commission.. Standing Rock Sioux Nation.. Spirit Lake Nation.. Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa.. Mandan, Hidatsa, Arikara  ...   Department of Human Services.. Fair Housing of the Dakota's.. North Dakota Client Assistance Program.. North Dakota State Legislature.. North Dakota Association of Counties.. North Dakota Centers for Independent Living.. Freedom Resource Center.. Independence Inc.. Options Resource Center.. Support Groups.. Medcenter One.. St.. Alexius Medical Center.. National Resources.. National Council on Independent Living.. Association of Programs for Rural Independent Living.. Housing and Urban Development.. Social Security Administration.. Accessibility Resources.. Americans with Disability Act.. Concrete Change.. Great Plains Rehabilitation Services.. MedEquip One.. Contributors..

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  • Title: Dakota Center for Independant Living
    Descriptive info: Event Calendars.. Click the calendar you wish to view.. The calendar will open in a new window.. April 2011.. October 2011.. November 2011.. January 2012.. March 2012.. April 2012.. May 2012.. June 2012.. July 2012.. August 2012.. September 2012.. October 2012.. Volunteers..

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  • Title: Dakota Center for Independant Living - Locations
    Descriptive info: View Larger Map..

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  • Title: Dakota Center for Independant Living
    Descriptive info: Volunteer today by contacting us at:..

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