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  • Title: Welcome to the Dalton Data Bank
    Descriptive info: .. Home.. Information By Country.. Argentina.. Australia.. Tasmania.. Western Australia.. New South Wales.. South Australia.. Victoria.. Canada.. British Columbia.. Newfoundland.. Nova Scotia.. Ontario.. Prince Edward Island.. Quebec.. England.. Bedford.. Berkshire.. Buckingham.. Cambridge.. Channel Islands.. Cheshire.. Cornwall.. Cumberland.. Derby.. Devon.. Dorest.. Durham.. Essex.. Gloucester.. Hampshire & I.. Wight.. Hereford.. Hertfordshire.. Huntingdon.. Isle of Man.. Kent.. Lancashire.. Leicester.. Lincoln.. London & Middlesex.. Norfolk.. Northhampton.. Northumberland.. Nottingham.. Oxford.. Rutland.. Shropshire.. Somerset.. Stafford.. Suffolk.. Surrey.. Sussex.. Warwick.. Westmorland.. Wiltshire.. Worcester.. Yorkshire.. New Zealand.. Northern Ireland.. Antrim.. Armagh.. Derry (Londonderry).. Down.. Fermanagh.. Tyrone.. Republic of Ireland.. Carlow.. Cavan.. Clare.. Cork.. Donegal.. Dublin.. Galway.. Kerry.. Kildare.. Kilkenny.. Laois (Queens).. Leitrim.. Limerick.. Longford.. Louth.. Mayo.. Meath.. Monaghan.. Offaly.. Roscommon.. Sligo.. Tipperary.. Waterford.. Westmeath.. Wexford.. Wicklow.. Burials.. Civil Registry Adds.. Scotland.. Births & Marriages.. Ellis Island Arrivals.. 1880 Scot-Born US Census.. 1881 Scotland Census.. WWI & WWI Casualties.. Ancient Records.. Miscellaneous.. South Africa.. United States.. Alabama.. Alaska.. Arizona.. Arkansas.. California.. Colorado.. Connecticut.. Delaware.. District of Columbia.. Florida.. Georgia.. Hawaii.. Idaho.. Illinois.. Indiana.. Iowa.. Kansas.. Kentucky.. Louisiana.. Maine.. Massachusetts.. Michigan.. Minnesota.. Mississippi.. Missouri.. Montana.. Nebraska.. Nevada.. New Hampshire.. New Jersey.. New Mexico.. New York.. North Carolina.. North & South Dakota.. Ohio.. Oklahoma.. Oregon.. Pennsylvania.. Rhode Island.. South Carolina.. Tennessee.. Texas.. Utah.. Vermont.. Virginia.. Washington.. West Virginia.. Wisconsin.. Wyoming.. Wales.. West Indies.. Zimbabwe.. General Information.. Home Children.. WW I.. 1881 Census.. 1901 Census.. Ireland.. 1796 Flax Growers List.. 1911 Census.. Registry of Deeds.. Ireland Burials.. WW I Casualties.. Wills Probates & Deeds.. Constabulatory Records 1816-1921.. Trinity Scholars 1593-1860.. Baptism, Marriage & Bururials Carlow, Dublin & Kerry.. Maps.. 1790 England & Wales.. 1794 Ireland.. 1755 USA.. 1833 USA.. Newspaper Extracts.. Australia: 1850-1954.. Brooklyn NY: 1880-1902.. England: 1740-1947.. Illinois: 1908-1922.. Irish Times B,M, D.. New Zealand: 1862-1922.. NY Times: 1856-1920.. US General: 1892-1913.. Utah: 1879-1906.. "Missing" N.. A.. Daltons.. UK.. Oxford Scholars.. Medieval Soldiers.. England & Wales Landowners.. Irish Ancestry 1881 Census.. USA.. BLM Land Patents.. Civil War Records.. WWII  ...   Website.. Dalton Americas.. Dalton DNA Project.. Dalton DNA Groups.. Dalton Facebook Page.. Related Web Sites.. Dalton Gang.. Newsletter.. David Dalton Descendants.. Ellis.. Island.. Family Tree.. DNA.. Find a.. Grave.. Free Tree.. Templates.. Search.. Search All DGS Websites.. Search the Data Bank, Genealogical Society, Forum DNA Sites.. From Duntryleague House, Orange, Austraila.. Welcome to.. The Dalton Data Bank.. From Duntryleague House, Orange, Australia.. The Dalton Data Bank is brought to you by the.. Dalton Genealogical Society.. (DGS).. and volunteers who have spent countless hours extracting Dalton data from a variety of sources.. The Bank includes data about Daltons who were in Argentina, Australia, Canada, England, New Zealand, Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland, Scotland, the United States, Wales, the West Indies, and Zimbabwe Truly an A to Z Dalton reference site!.. The Bank opened on September 1, 2001 with about 10,000 bits of Dalton data.. Today, we host more than 500 pages which contain in excess of 430,000 entries.. They include Dalton namesakes, their wives, children, in-laws, sponsors, witnesses and female Daltons.. As well, variants of the name Dalton (i.. e.. , Daulton, Dolton, D'Alton) are also partially indexed.. Please.. contact.. if you have questions or if you wish to submit additional data.. As with all data, it is the onus of the user to verify it.. Site updates:.. See all of the Updates.. Subscribe to our.. News Feed.. for automatic update announcements.. 2012 Yorkshire Gathering Pictures.. 2012 Yorkshire Presentations & Videos.. 2011 Salt Lake City Gathering Pictures.. 2011 Salt Lake City Gathering Presentations & Videos.. 2010 Annual General Meeting of the DGS - Presentations, Videos & Pictures.. Country Information.. ★.. Search the Dalton Data Bank, Genealogical Society, Forum DNA Sites.. Data Bank Site Visitors.. 2000-2013 Site design and database indices, Dalton Genealogical Society.. Contents have been provided by the Dalton Genealogical Society, its members and independent contributors.. It is the onus of the user to verify the data..

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  • Title: Argentinian Daltons
    Descriptive info: ARGENTINA.. The majority of the Irish who emigrated to Argentina in the early to mid 1800's came from the Westmeath/Longford border of Ireland.. Those Dalton emigrants whose Townlands are noted in the data, can be traced to a section of Westmeath along what is now Route 392.. On the north side of this road are the Towns of Miltown, Moyvore and Mullingar.. They are also just north of Mount Dalton.. The farthest emigration point for the Daltons or their spouses was Edgeworthstown, County Longford about 30 miles to the north of Route 392.. This reduces the area of search for lost relatives.. The one exception was VIII below, Michael Dalton who was from Tuam, County Galway, Ireland.. Whether there were other events in history besides the enforcement of the Penal Laws that caused this great migration is still not clear.. It began before the potato famine of 1845.. Our thanks to DGS member Mike Dalton for his efforts in updating this page.. Mike used the following resources to provide much of the information on this page:.. Irish Genealogy Argentina.. (.. Dalton listings.. ),.. Society for Irish Latin American Studies.. ) and.. Family Search.. If you have researched your Dalton family and wish to contribute your data to the Bank, it will be most welcome.. Contact for more information on how to submit your data.. This page was last updated 14 December, 2009.. CONTENTS.. Salto Cemetery Burials.. Irish Passengers to Argentina -- 1822 to 1929.. 1869 Census.. 1895 Census.. Ellis Island Arrivals from Buenos Aries.. Dalton Data Extraction.. Dalton Subscribers to Fundraising Events.. (search this page, highlight and jump to the results).. BURIALS AT SALTO CEMETERY, TOWN OF SALTO, BUENOS AIRES PROVIDENCE, ARGENTINA.. top.. NAME.. DATE OF DEATH.. AGE.. BORN.. Julian Dalton.. 19 Feb.. 1905.. Marcela Dalton.. 23 Jan.. 1897.. 84.. Miguel Dalton.. 23 Feb.. 1894.. 45.. 28 Feb.. Patricio Dalton.. 25 Feb.. 1891.. 55.. Timotee Dalton.. 24 Feb.. Tomie Dalton.. IRISH PASSENGERS TO ARGENTINA 1822 TO 1929.. SHIP.. FROM.. DATE OF ARRIVAL.. CITIZENSHIP.. William Dalton.. William Peile.. Liverpool.. July 4,1844.. English.. Nov.. 11, 1844.. Anne Dalton.. Ipswich.. June 28, 1848.. Brigid Dalton.. Michael Dalton.. Crossdale.. Jan.. 6, 1849.. Mary Dalton.. (blank) Dalton.. Nicholas Dalton.. Fortitude.. May 12, 1849.. Vanguard.. July 23, 1849.. Irish.. Catherine Dalton.. W.. Wilch.. 6, 1857.. John Ritson.. Oct.. 6, 1858.. La Belle Poule.. 24, 1859.. Flor del Plata.. Apr.. 10, 1859.. George.. 2, 1860.. Patrick Dalton.. Bridget Dalton.. Raymond.. Sept.. 2, 1861.. John Dalton.. Hebron.. 21, 1861.. La Zingara.. 6, 1862.. Thomas Dalton.. Halley.. July 7, 1866.. Maurice Dalton.. Hipparcus.. Dec.. 1, 1869.. Copernicus.. Aug.. 1, 1873.. City of Dresden.. Queenstown.. Feb.. 15, 1889.. Mary Ann Dalton.. Andrew Dalton.. Rosetta Dalton.. Highland Laddie.. London.. 30, 1925.. Katherine Doree Dalton.. Mary Rosamond Dalton.. ARGENTINA NATIONAL CENSUS 1869.. abstracted from familysearch.. org record search.. MARITAL STATUS.. BIRTHPLACE.. DIVISION.. BUENOS AIRES DISTRITO FEDERAL (CITY).. Margarita Dalton.. widow.. 60.. seccion 02.. Emilia Dalton.. single.. 14.. Buenos Aires, AR.. seccion 07.. 31.. seccion 14.. BUENOS AIRES PROVIDENCE.. CARMEN DE ARECO.. married.. 37.. Ana Nally Dalton.. 30.. Cristobal dalton.. 9.. 7.. Maria Dalton.. 3.. 1.. 50.. 24.. CHACABUCO - CUARTEL 07.. Ignacio Dalton.. CHASCOMUS.. Cristobal Dalton.. 70.. Brigida Dalton.. 40.. 5.. Maria Isabel Dalton.. MERCEDES Y SUIPACHA -.. Elena Dalton.. Cristina Dalton.. 21.. Catalina Dalton.. Juan Dalton.. 12.. Santiago Dalton.. 26.. Catalina Koter Dalton.. 27.. 6.. 2.. MERLO - CUARTELES 02-06.. Elena Keles de Dalton.. 38.. 16.. 19.. 13.. Elena Dalton Galiana.. 23.. no children.. Olaya Galiana.. NAVARRO - CUARTEL 02.. Margarita Dalton Guell.. 29.. with 3 children born Buenos Aires, AR.. Patricio Guell.. 36.. SALTO - CUARTEL 08.. Westmeath, Ireland.. ARGENTINA NATIONAL CENSUS 1895.. abstracted from family search.. Maria F.. de Dalton.. Seccion 04.. married 28 years with 14 children born.. Elisa Dalton.. 58.. Seccion 14.. married 27 years with 3 children born.. Seccion 05.. Ysabel Dalton (f).. 22.. Seccion 17.. servant.. Seccion 18.. PARTIDO or DISTRICT in BUENOS AIRES PROVINCE.. ARRECIFIES - CUARTEL 13, SECCION 02.. (BARTOLO MITRE).. Catalina de Dalton.. married 15 years with 5 children.. Juliano Dalton.. 18.. 15.. Eduarde Dalton.. ARRECIFIES - CUARTEL 16, SECCION 01.. (BARTOLMO MITRE).. Tomas Dalton.. BALCARCE - CUARTEL 08.. 17.. LINCOLN - CUARTEL 24.. Cristobal Dalton (m).. MERCEDES - CUARTEL 03.. 11.. MONTE - CUARTEL 02.. NAVARRO - CUARTEL - 02.. RAMALLO - CUARTEL 12.. 54.. 35.. married 18 years with 10 children born.. Pedro Dalton.. Elena (hija) Dalton.. Ana Luisa Dalton.. 4.. ROJAS - CUARTEL GENERAL LAVALLE.. Elena Dalton (f).. Sofia Dalton (f).. 10.. Eufemio Dalton (m).. 8.. ROJAS - CUARTEL VATENIN ALSINA.. Catalina C.. married 2 years, 1 child born.. Miguel J.. SALTO - CUARTEL 07.. Hugo Dalton.. 62.. 33.. SAN ANDRES DE GILES - CUARTEL 06.. 75.. married 29 years with 7 children born; wife of Tomas Duffy.. SAN ANDRES DE GILES - CUARTEL 08.. Juna Dalton.. widower.. SAN ANTONIO DE ARECO - CUARTEL 02.. 43.. SAN PEDRO - CUARTEL 15.. married 50 years with 9 children born.. Eugenio Dalton.. male.. SAN PEDRO - CUARTEL 16.. Andres Dalton.. 49.. Buenos Aires.. AR.. Alejandro.. Uraguay.. Martiniana de Dalton.. Luis Dalton.. Sara Dalton.. SUIPACHA - CUARTEL 01.. married 30 years with 8 children born.. Anita Dalton.. 20.. Buenos, Aires, AR.. Guilliene (m).. VEINTICINO DE MAYO - CUARTEL 04.. 39.. married 17 years with 3 children born.. M.. DEPARTMENTO or PROVINCE in ARGENTINA.. CAPITAL - MENDOZA.. Malcom Grant Dalton.. GENERAL LOPEZ, SANTA FE - TEODELINA.. Cristoval Dalton.. Buenos, AR.. GENERAL LOPEZ, SANTA FE - VENADA TUERTO.. 52.. married 22 years with 15 children born.. Lucia Dalton.. Santa Fe, AR.. Bridgett Dalton.. 63.. married 28 years with 5 children born.. Annie Dalton.. 28.. ROSARIO, SANTA FE - SECCION 08.. Guillermo Dalton.. NEW YORK PASSENGER ARRIVALS AT ELLIS ISLAND FROM BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA.. ARRIVAL DATE.. NATIONALITY.. STEAMSHIP.. Michael J.. Mar.. 20, 1904.. US Citizen.. Tennyson.. returning to San Francisco, CA - 28 Haight St.. Lucy Dalton.. 5 months.. Argentina/ American.. Henry E.. 2, 1915.. 25.. Vestris.. John B.. 14, 1920.. Lake Elkwood.. seaman with crew.. Jun.. 8, 1920.. Defender.. charge cook who deserted at Buenos Aires on Mar 23, 1920.. Arthur Dalton.. Sep.. 25, 1922.. American Legion.. able seaman with crew.. 21, 1924.. USA / Irish.. Southern Cross.. waiter aboard ship.. Simon P.. 16, 1922.. Western World.. mate with crew.. 28, 1924.. Note: there are 11 entries for Simon P.. Dalton aboard same ship between 1922 and 1924.. Dalton Data Extraction.. Data has been extracted from, "Los Irlandeses En La Argentina" by Eduardo Coghlan and from the "Story of the Irish in Argentina" by Thomas Murray.. Additions and corrections were made by Maria del Rosario Suarez Doriga of Argentina.. As with all data it is the onus of the user to verify.. There are approximately 250 names in this file and to search use the Edit/Fund function.. I.. James Dalton was born in County Westmeath Ireland in 1839, was living in Mercedes, Argentina in 1869, and died at Chivilcoy on 8 Nov 1892.. He was the son of Ellen de Dalton who was born in Ireland in 1820 and was living in Mercedes in 1869.. She was the mother of Cristina, born in Argentina in 1847 and died in 1855, and of Juan Dalton who was born in 1856.. James Dalton married Catherine Cotter who was born in County Kerry in 1842, married in Plata, Argentina in 1858 and died in Pergamino on 9 May 1904.. Their children were: 1.. Elena Dalton, born in Saladillo in 1864 and died in Lomas De Zamora on 26 June 1939.. Juan Dalton 3.. Miguel Dalton, born in 1868  ...   thedaltonfox@mail.. com).. VIII.. Michael Dalton was born in Tuam, County Galway and died in Suipacha on 5 Oct 1886.. He was living in Plata in 1862 and married Catherine Molloy who was born in Edgeworthstown, County Longford, Ireland in 1843.. and who died in Buenos Aires on 28 Dec 1922.. In 1900 she was living in Suipacha.. The children were: 1.. Guillermo Dalton born in 1882 and died in Buenos Aires on Nov 9 1938.. He married Berta Laborde (and Garrahan) and was the father of: a)Berta; b) Lidia; c)Emma Susana; d) Estela Innes; and Maria Martha Dalton.. Elena Dalton, died in Buenos Aires 20 Dec 1938 3.. Ana Dalton, born in 1875 4.. Tomas Dalton born in Monte in 1870, died 14 May 1944, married in Buenos Aires, Church of Santa Cruz on 12 Sep 1908 to Catalina Halligan, who died 4 Mar 1922, without issue.. Ricardo Dalton married Catalina Kelly 6.. Catalina Dalton married Juan Farrel, no knowledge of their successors.. IX.. Hugh Dalton, born in Ireland in 1832 and died in Buenos Aires on 22 Feb 1904.. He was living in Carmen Areco in 1869 (XI).. He married Anne born in Ireland in 1839.. Their children: 1.. Christopher, born in Ireland in 1859; 2.. Patrick born in 1862 3.. Maria, born in Argentina in 1865 4.. Margarita, born in 1868.. X.. Patrick Dalton, born in 1834, living in Salto in 1839 and married Elizabeth Moran who was born in 1839.. Children are: a) Maria Dalton born in 1863; b) Brigida; c) Tomas born in 1867 and died in El Paraiso in San Antonio de Areco on 22 Apr 1898; d) Patricio born in 1868; e) Juan born in 1968; f) Bernardo born in Arrecifes in 1875 and died in Buenos Aires on 11 Dec 1918 and had married Honoria with issue.. XI.. Thomas Dalton, born in Ireland in 1822, living in Lujan in 1869.. He married Brigid.. , born in Ireland in 1826.. Their children: a) James born in Ireland in 1846; b) Isaac, born in 1849; c) Bernard born in 1852; c) Brigid born in 1856; d) Maria, born in Argentina in 1860; e) Mariano born in 1864: f) Micaela, born in 1867.. XII Michael Dalton was born in Sonna, Westmeath in 1837 and died in Monte on 7 Mar 1897.. He was living in Monte in 1895 and married to Margaret Clark born in 1847, daughter of Daniel Clarke.. His children are: a) Maria, born in 1879; b) Elena, born in 1881; c) Brigida, born in 1883; d) Miguel, born in 1885 and married in Monte to Juana Zarbonee on 30 Mar 1910; e) Tomas born in 1891.. Marriages of Female Daltons XIII.. Bridget Dalton to Thomas Duffy.. Bridget was born in Ireland in 1836 and died 1 Feb 1914.. She married Thomas Duffy who was born in County Westmeath in 1818.. He resided in San Andres de Giles in 1895.. Their children: a) Juan Duffy born in 1863 and died in Buenos Aires on 29 Sep 1918, single; b) Tomas born in 1865; c) Patricio, born in 1872 and died in Buenos Aires on 29 Oct 1936, without issue; d) Ana, born in 1867; e) Catalina born in 1875; f) Rosa, born in 1880.. p.. 288.. XIV.. Catherine Dalton to Miguel Gardiner.. Catherine Dalton was born in Ireland in 1870, the daughter of Michael Dalton and Ellen Leavy.. She died in Buenos Aires on 3 Oct 1927 ansd is buried in San Isidro.. Her husband, Miguel Dalton, was a rancher in Arrecifes.. He was born in Chascomus in 1852, and lived for 30 years in Arrecifes (Arroyo Luna) and then moved to Bell Ville where he died on 5 Jul 1916.. Miguel Gardiner, born in 1881 and married Marianna Mac Gaully in Capitan Sarmiento on 4 Apr.. 1907 2.. Juan Gardiner, born Arrecifes 27 Oct 1882 and died in Bell Ville on 11 Nov 1950.. He married Elvira M.. and had the following children: a) Juan; b) Miguel; c) Sister Thelma Gardiner, a nun.. Maria Ines Gardiner, born in 1884, died in Buenos Aires on 13 May 1965.. She married Santiago Quinn on 24 Apr 1907.. Margarita Gardiner, born in the year 1888 in Salto and died in Buenos Aires on 5 May 1957.. Tomas Gardiner, born in the year 1889 and died in Gral.. Piran on 9 Jul 1954.. Catalina Gardiner, born in 1890 and married in Bell Ville on 17 Jul 1912 to Patrick Crinigan son of Francisco Crinigan and Brigida Mackinson, with issue.. Rosa Gardiner, born in 1893 and married Alejandro Gomez Aguirre on 8 Mar 1941 and died on 8 Mar 1941.. (Aguirre is said to be a corruption of Maguire).. 382.. XV.. Anne Dalton and Nicholas Howlin.. Anne Dalton was born in 1837 and married Nicholas Howlin who was born in Ireland in 1830 and was living on a ranch in 1869; he died in 1895.. Seven children are listed.. 487.. XVI.. Christine Dalton and Edward Nolan.. Christine Dalton, born in Miltown (Ireland) in 1837 and died in Venado Tuerto on 2 Feb 1892.. She married Edward Nolan who was born in Ireland in 1829 and was residing in San Andres of Giles in 1869.. There is a very long chart of the family, children and grandchildren of Christine Dalton on p.. 741.. XVII.. Mary Dalton and James Phillips.. Mary Dalton was born in County Westmeath in 1834 and died in Mercedes on 10 July 1914.. She married James Phillips who was born in Westmeath in 1825 and in 1869 was living in Partido de Mercedes and died in Navarro on 27 Nov 1891.. A fairly long family history can be viewed on p.. 751.. XVIII.. Catherine Dalton and Patrick Sheridan.. Catherine Dalton was born in Ireland in 1857.. She married Patrick Sheridan who was born in Edgeworthtown, County Longford in 1857 and was living in Chacabuco in 1895.. Data on children, Felix, Elena, Ana, and Margarita Sheridan is given on p.. 836.. XIX.. Ellen Dalton and Edward Slavin.. Ellen Dalton was born in Ireland 1846.. Edward Slavin, rancher was born in Ireland in 1844 was was residing in Merlo in 1969 and married Ellen.. Their children were Eduardo, Martin and Patricio Dalton and further information about their lives is printed on Page 843.. XX.. Elizabeth Dalton and Denis Tormey.. Elizabeth Dalton was born in Moyvore, County Westmeath in 1837.. and died in Mercedes on 22 Mar 1903.. Denis Tormey was born in Mullingar, County Westmeath in 1825, the son of Lawrence Tormey who came to Buenos Aires in 1844 and was a rancher in Suipacha where he died on 15 Dec 1902.. He and Elizabeth were married in 1854.. They had 8 children, Margarita, Marcela, Maria, Dionisio, Ana, Elena, Julia and Lorenzo Tormey.. 866.. Dalton Subscribers to Fund Raising Events.. This data can be correlated with the above family data.. Source: The Story of the Irish in Argentina.. Irish Names of Direct Tax in 1842.. John Dalton.. List of subscribers to the Irish Relief Fund of 1847.. Dalton, W.. Dalton, and P.. Dalton.. Conributors to the Irish Infirmary Fund,.. Patrick Dalton, $50; James Dalton, $50.. Subscribers to the Father Fahey Memorial Fund, 1872 Carmen De Areco List - T.. Dalton Salto List - P.. Defense Fund created in 1880 - prosecution of Parnell and his Lieutenants.. P.. First Fenian Prisoners Fund 1867 Michael Dalton Christopher Dalton Timothy Dalton.. Rescue of the Irish Hospital from Bankruptcy, Buenos Aires, New Years Day, 1872 District of Carmen Areco - contributor, H.. Top..

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  • Title: Australia
    Descriptive info: AUSTRALIA.. There are over 2500 records of Birth/Christenings, Marriages and Deaths in Australia.. This is in addition to the information contained in the General Information pages.. From the late 18th century hundreds of Dalton emigrants arrived from England and Ireland.. They include convicts who were transported for both minor and major offenses.. We appreciate the contributions of Judith Matthews of Australia, Hugh Winters of New Zealand, Noreen O'Connor of Dublin, Ireland and K.. T.. Mapstone of the U.. S.. This page was last updated 23 July, 2012.. States and Territories of Australia:.. TASMANIA.. WESTERN AUSTRALIA.. NEW SOUTH WALES.. SOUTH AUSTRALIA.. VICTORIA.. General Files.. CONVICTS.. MARRIAGE WITNESS INDEX.. BOER WAR.. CASUALTIES WWI, WWII.. CEMETERY LISTINGS.. MISCELLANEOUS.. WORLD WAR II NOMINAL ROLL.. KOREAN WAR RECORDS.. ROOKWOOD CEMETERY (external.. ).. QUEENSLAND B, M, D INDEX (external).. NEWSPAPER EXTRACTS 1850-1954.. DIGITIZED NEWSPAPERS 1803 - 1962 (external).. CONVICTS TO AUSTRALIA.. The following list of convicts who were transported to Australia was compiled by Noreen O'Connor of Dublin from records in The National Archives of Ireland.. John Byrne, age 16, alias Patrick Dalton.. Trial 12/01/1846 in Dublin County, felony count, sentence transportation 7 years.. Alicia Dalton, age 22.. Trial30/12/1851 in County Westmeath, sheep stealing, transportation 7 years.. Ally Dalton, age 17.. Trial 9/ 7/1842 in County Leitrim, cattle stealing, transportation 10 years.. Ann Dalton, age 21.. Trial 1837 in County Limerick, larceny, transportation 7 years, Ship Diamond, 15/11/1837.. Catherine Dalton, age 18.. Trial 18/6/1839 in County Roscommon, larceny, transportation 7 years.. Catherine Dalton, age 23.. Trial 11/3/1842 in County Carlow, larceny, transportation 7 years.. Eleanor Dalton, age 29.. Trial 12/4/1852 in County Kilkenny, arson, transportation 15 years.. Francis Dalton, age 25.. Trial 5/7/1836 in County Roscommon, robbery of a gun, death sentence commuted to transportation 14 years.. Detained on board hulk Surprize 30/7/1836.. Garrett Dalton, age 24.. Trial 8/3/1840 in County Tipperary, forged promissory note, transportation life.. Honora Dalton, age 42.. Trial 2/7/1853 in County Kerry, cattle stealing, transportation 7 years.. James Dalton, age 26.. Trial 9/1/1841 in County Kerry, cattle stealing, transportation 10 years commuted to 7 years.. James Dalton, age 33.. Trial 19/10/1841 in County Tipperary, grievous assault, transportation 7 years.. James Dalton, age 71.. Trial 1/1/1847 in County Kilkenny, imprisonment Spike Island, Cork.. Crime - felony, transportation 7 years.. Ship Pestonjee Bomanjee.. Trial 2/7/1849 in County Limerick, cow stealing, transportation 15 years.. Ship:Rodney, 11/1852.. Jas.. Dalton, age 33.. Trial 19/10/1841 in County Cork, grievous assault, transportation 7 years.. Trial 1842 in County Limerick, assaulting habitation, seven years transportation.. Convicted with Cornelius Dalton.. Also in file James Dalton, armed, fined.. John Dalton, age 19.. Trial 1/1/1847 in County Kilkenny, felony, transportation 7years.. John Dalton, age 26.. Trial 12/4/1838 in County Mayo, larceny, transportation 7 years.. Ship: Clyde 8/5/1838.. Convict resides in Castlebar, County Mayo.. Joseph Dalton, age 49.. Trial 15/3/1841 in County Kildare, robbery, transportation 10 years.. Mary Anne Dalton.. Trial 8/1/1851 in Dublin City, larceny, transportation 7 years.. Ship: J.. Dare, 12/1851.. Michael Dalton, age 32.. Trial 22/10/1851 in County Kerry, larceny, transportation 7 years.. Convict ordered to be discharged, 12/11/1851.. Trial 10/4/1848 in Waterford City, sheep stealing, transportation 7 years.. Nicholas Dalton, age 23.. Trial 8/1/1848 in County Kilkenny, larceny, transportation 7 years.. Document date: 4/8/1848.. Petitioner; Nicholas Dalton, father.. Patrick Dalton, age 16 (Alias John Burne).. Trial 12/01/1846 in County Dublin, felony, transportation 7 years.. Patrick Dalton, age.. Trial 30/10/1850 in County Kilkenny, cattle stealing, transportation 10 years.. Patrick Dalton, age 21, alias Mulligan.. Trial 26/10/1852 in Dublin City, larceny and former conviction, transportation.. Ship: Amazon 4/1854.. Convict ordered to be discharged, 8/3/1860.. Richard Dalton.. Trial 9/4/1847 in County Waterford, larcenies, transportation 7 years.. Rose Dalton.. Trial 6/2/1852 in Dublin City, larceny, transportation 7 years.. Thomas Dalton, age 17.. Trial 24/5/1847 in County Dublin, felony (of velvet purse and money).. transportation 7 years.. Ship: Blenheim 7/1851.. Imprisonment: Spike Island, Cork.. Thomas Dalton, age 27.. Trial 25/2/1840 in County Longford, coining, transportation 14 years.. Thomas Dalton, age 24.. Document date: 25/7/1832.. Trial in County Westmeath, imprisonment: hulk, Essex, larceny, transportation for 7 years.. Trial 9/1/1841 in Tralee, County Kerry.. Imprisonment: Tralee, cow stealing, transportation for10 years.. Petitioner - self, 7 years.. William Dalton, age 20.. Trial 4/1/1836 in County Wexford, assault with intent to rob, transportation 7 years.. Convict detained on board hulk, Essex.. 18/5/1836.. William Dalton, no date, County Waterford, imprisoned in County Waterford, murder, commuted 2 April 1834.. Patrick Mulligan, alias Patrick Dalton, age 21.. Trial 26/10/1852 in County Dublin, larceny and former conviction, transportation 10 years.. Trial 10/11/1827 in Athy, County Kildare, possessing a stolen horse, transportation for life.. Petitioners: convict and Maurice Connor, other defendant.. Both were natives of Ballymore, Eustice, County Dublin.. Imprisonment; Naas, County Kildare.. Thomas Halfpenny.. Trial 5/4/1840.. Convicts daughter, Rose Halfpenny granted a free passage to NSW.. His niece, Rose Dalton, also seeks free passage.. They reside in Kingscourt, Co.. Christopher Dalton.. Trial 24/10/1807.. Crime: stealing some wine, transportation.. Pardon recommended on enlisting in militia - states he had large family.. Trial 8/3/1839 in County Tipperary, uttering a forged promissory note, transportation for life.. Trial in Clonmel 14/13/1839.. Transportation: life commuted to one year.. Queensland Australia Immigrants from the British Isles and Germany, 1861-91, Queensland Archives.. John Dalton, age 20, ship High Flyer, 1878.. Kate Dalton, age 18, ship Star Queen, 1875.. Lizzie Dalton, age 20, ship Rialto, 1886.. Michael Dalton, age 20, ship Glamis, 1878.. Patrick Dalton, age 24, ship Duke of Athlone, 1881.. Thomas Dalton, age 38, ship High Flyer, 1878.. Other Sources for Transport Records Old Bailey Proceedings, 1714-1834 are available at many large libraries.. A complete set of the whole proceedings on the King's Commission of the Peace, and Oyer and Terminer, and Gaol-Delivery for Newgate held for the city of London and the county of Middlesex at Justice Hall in the Old Bailey, for the years 1714-1834 Part 1: 1714-1793, reels 1-19 - Part 2: 1793-1834, reels 20-38, 38 microfilm reels, 35 mm.. , Harvester Microfilm, 1984.. The main source for this film edition is the unique set possessed by Harvard University Library.. An occasional gap has been filled by issues from the Guildhall Library collection in London.. MARRIAGE WITNESS INDEX.. The following marriage listings came from Hugh Winters, in New Zealand through DGS member, Judith Matthews in Australia.. They have been compiled from The Australian Marriage Witness Index.. PRIVATE Witness:.. Stephen Dalton Anglican Groom: William Moore Bendigo Bride: MaryBrown VIC Date: 5 Jan 1871.. Witness: Winifred Dalton St.. Mary's Catholic Groom: Bernard Patrick Connellan Sydney Bride: Eveleen Dalton NSW Date: 29 June 1911.. Witness: James Dalton Registrar Groom: Angus McLean Geelong Bride: Mary Elizabeth Dalton VIC Date: 15 Nov 1879.. Witness: George Dalton Trinity Groom: Henry Benjamin Dalton Adelaide Bride: Sarah Ann Dalton SA Date 2 June 1875.. Witness: Alfred Ernest Dalton Primitive Methodist Groom: William Demurtz Ricardo Fitzroy Bride: Louisa Dalton VIC Date: 9 Jul 1900.. Witness: S.. C.. Dalton Anglican Groom: Stephen Michael Dalton Bendigo Bride: Margaret Blane Hunter VIC Date: 15 June 1880.. Witness: Sarah Dalton All Saints Groom: Stephen Dalton Bendigo Bride: Sally Ladner/Mrs.. Forbes VIC Date: 14 Jul 1864.. Witness: Stephen M.. Dalton Anglican Groom: William John Frederick Glass Bendigo Bride: Theresa Emma McEvoy Date: 9 Nov 1876.. AUSTRALIAN DALTONS IN THE BOER WAR.. The citations are from Murray s Register with appropriate page number.. Each listing gives name of unit, where the individual served and other vital statistics for each.. Dalton,A.. , Tasmania, pg.. 574.. Dalton, C.. , Victoria, pg.. 266.. , New South Wales, pg.. 152.. Dalton, J.. , Queensland, pg.. 534.. Dalton, R.. J.. 310.. Dalton, S.. 261.. 168.. 91.. 312.. Victoria, pg.. 239.. AUSTRALIAN SERVICE CASUALTIES.. WWI and WWII.. Alexander Reginald Dalton, Private, 46th Bn Australian Infantry, AIF, died 1st April 1918, Age 19.. Parents: Son of William and Rose M.. Dalton, born at Albert Park, Victoria Burial: France.. Arthur Victor Wiliam Dalton, Private 60th Bn.. Australian Infantry, AIF, died 19 July 1916 Burial: France.. Bernard Joseph Dalton, Private, AIF 2/22 Bn.. Australian Infantry, died 4 Feb 1942, age 21.. Parents: Son of Joseph Simon and Eileen Mary Dalton of Warmambool, Victoria Burial: Papua, New Guinea.. Charles Dalton, Private, 39th Bn.. Australian Infantry AIF, died 12 Oct 1917, age 26.. Parents: Son of William and Mary Dalton, husband of Gertrude Dalton of Cumberland Ave.. , Clarence Park, Adelaide, South Australia, native of Newton Heath, Manchester, England.. Burial: Belgium.. Clarence Bernard Dalton, Private 30th Bn.. Australian Infantry, AIF, died 2 Nov 1916, age 20.. Parents: Son of George Bernard Dalton of 8 Alfred St.. , Newcastle East, NSW.. Burial: France.. Clive Malcolm Dalton, Sergeant, 4th Australian Light Horse, died 12 Aug 1915, age 21.. Parents: Son of Charles Albin Dalton and Amy Dalton of Victoria Barracks, SydneyNSW.. Burial: Alexandria, Egypt.. Frank Dalton, Private, 37th Bn Australian Infantry, AIF, 8 June 1917, age 24.. Parents: Son of Michael and Ellen Dalton of 249 Bourke St.. , Waterloo, NSW, native of Sydney.. Francis Patrick Dalton, bombardier Royal Australian Artillery, died 1 July 1942, age 26.. Parents: Son of Joseph Simon and Eileen Mary Dalton, Warmambool, Victoria.. Burial: Papua, New Guinea ( same place as his brother Bernard Joseph Dalton).. George Christopher Dalton, Private, AIF, 2/22 Bn.. Australian Infantry, died 1 July 1942, age 22.. Parents: Son of Walter and Margaret Dalton; husband of Monica Kathleen Dalton, East Brunswick, Victoria.. Burial: Papua, New Guinea.. Harold Archibald Dalton, corporal, AIF 1 Beach Sigs.. , Australian Corps of Signals, died 25 Sept 1943, age 24.. Parents: Son of Archibald and Mina Evelyn Dalton of Waverley, NSW.. Burial: Papua, New Guiea.. Herbert Isaac Dalton, MM Diver, 52nd Bn Australian Infantry, AIF.. Wife: Mrs.. Dalton of West Perth.. Burial: Perth General Cemetery, W.. John Dalton, Chief Steward, SS Wollongbar (Sydney) Australian Merchant Navy, died 29 April 1943, age 60.. Parents: John and Kathleen Dalton; husband of Helen Frances Dalton of Woollahra, NSW.. Burial: Sydney Memorial, NSW.. James Dalton, Lieutenant 7th Australian Light Horse, died Dec 1918.. Burial: Turkey.. James Dalton Sergeant, 2nd Bn Australian Field Artillery, died 11 Oct 1917, age 34.. Parents: Son of John and Eliza Jane Dalton of Westward Ho , Carlisle St.. , Stockton, NSW, native of Salt Ash, NSW.. Burial: The Huts Cemetery, Belgium.. John Edmund Dalton, Corporal, AIF, 2/9 Bn.. Australian Infantry, died 29 Dec 1942, age 35.. Parents: Augustine Adolphus and Mary Ann Dalton of Kaimkillenbun, Queensland.. Burial: Papua, New Guinea.. James Edward Dalton, Sergeant Royal Australian Air Force, died 28 Aug 1942, age 22.. Parents: Son of Edward Bede Dalton and Jessie Agnes Dalton of Darlinghurst, NSW.. Burial: Germany.. John Philip Sinclair Dalton, Flight Sergeant Royal Australian Air Force, died 7 July 1944, age 21.. Parents: Son of Robert Martin Dalton and Dorothy Grace Dalton of Caulfield, Victoria.. Burial: Oxford Cemetery, Oxfordshire, England.. James William Dalton, Private 20th Bn.. Australian Infantry, died 2 May 1917, age 22.. Parent: Mr.. Dalton, 15 Mabyn Rd.. , Plumstead, London.. Lindsey Dalton, Private AJF, 2/21 Bn.. Australian Infantry, 11 July 1945, age 24.. Parents: Son of Arthur Samuel and Amy Mildred Dalton of North Essendon, Victoria.. Burial: Indonesia.. Leslie Charles Dalton, Sergeant Royal Australian Air Force, died 6 July 1942, age 25.. Parents: Son of Robert James Dalton and Ellen Dalton; husband of Freda Annie Caroline Dalton of Malvern, Victoria.. Burial: Uganda.. Lionel Sydney Dalton, Commander HMAS, Sydney, Royal Australian Navy, died 20 Nov 1941, age 39 Parents: Son of Edward Lyle Dalton and Nancie Dalton; husband of Margaret M.. Dalton, Mosman, NSW.. Burial: Plymouth Memorial, Devon, UK.. Maurice Desmond Dalton, Private, AIF 2/4 Bn.. Australian Infantry, died 20 May 1941, age 34.. Parents: Son of Arthur and Mary Anna Dalton of Weemelah, NSW.. Burial: Greece.. Norman Charles Dalton, Private, 15th Bn.. , Australian Infantry, AIF, died 9 Aug 1916.. Parents: Son of Charles and May Dalton of 45 Woodcot St.. , Sydney, NSW, native of Melbourne, Victoria.. Ronald Dalton, Private, AIF, 2/3 Bn.. Australian Infantry, died 22 Nov 1943, age 21.. Parents: Son of Cecil Ernest and Lizzie Ann Dalton of Waratah, NSW.. Burial: Myanamar.. Rae Charles Dalton, Flight Serjeant, Royal Australian Air Force, died 7 July 1944, age 27.. Parents: Frederick William Cope Dalton and Caroline Janet Dalton of Murrunbuna, Victoria.. Burial: Austria.. Richard John Dalton, Corporal, ACMF Australian Army Canteen Service, died 22 July 1942, age 51.. Parents: Son of Martin and Mary Dalton; husband of Margaret Ileen Dalton of St.. Kilda.. Burial: Williamstown General Cemetery, Victoria.. Stanley Dalton, Chief Stoker, HMAS Yarra, Royal Australian Navy, died 4 Mar 1942, age 43.. Stanhope James Dalton, Private, AIF, 2/29 Bn.. Australian Infantry, died 20 Jan  ...   Anglican.. John Brian Dalton, Subiaco, 81, d.. 20 Aug 1988, ashes taken from Karrakatta.. John Charles Dalton, Perth, 57, d.. 25 May 1925, Karrakatta Cemetery, RC.. John Gerrard Dalton, Forrestfield, 80, d.. 28 Jan 1998, ashes taken from Fremantle.. John Gerrard Dalton, Forrstfield, 80, d.. 28 Jan 1998, Karrakatta Cemetery.. John Henry Dalton, Bassendean, 73, d.. 2 Oct 1955, Fremantle Cemetery, RC.. John James Dalton, West Perth, 89, d.. 10 Oct 1971, Karrakatta Cemetery, Anglican.. John Joseph Dungey (Jack) Dalton, Willetton, 71, d.. 19 Feb 2000, ashes taken from Karrakatta.. Joseph Dalton, North Fremantle, under 1, d.. 3 Sep 1925, Fremantle Cemetery, Anglican.. Joseph Gilbert Dalton, East Perth, under 1, d.. 2 Apr 1904, Karrakatta Cemetery, RC.. Joyce Heather Dalton, Parmelia, 77, d.. 24 May 2003, Fremantle Cemetery.. Leah Dalton, Bassendean, 81, d.. 14 Mar 1965, Fremantle Cemetery, Anglican.. Leonard John Dalton, Karragullen, 57, d.. 28 July 1969, Karrakatta Cemetery, Anglican.. Leslie Ernest Dalton, Dianella, 58, d.. 9 Jan 1998, Pinnaroo Valley Memorial Park.. Luke Daniel Dalton, Hamilton Hill, uder 1, d.. 24 Jan 1990, Karrakatta Cemetery.. Luke John Dalton, Fitzroy Crossing, under 1, d.. 20 Jan 1985, ashes posted from Karrakatta.. Maggie Dalton, South Fremantle, under 1, d.. 15 Sep 1919, Fremantle Cemetery, Methodist.. Margaret Dalton, South Fremantle, 55, d.. 27 Sep 1949, Fremantle Cemetery, RC.. Mary Dalton, South Como, 65, d.. 24 July 1950, Karrakatta Cemetery, Anglican.. Mary Allan Dalton, South Perth, 51, d.. 10 Oct 1971, Karrakatta Cemetery, Presbyterian.. Mary Catherine Dalton, Mount Lawley, 83, d.. 27 Aug 1991, Karrakatta Cemetery.. Mary Ellen Dalton, Welshpool, 63, d.. ?1940, Karrakatta Cemetery, RC.. Mary Josephine Dalton, Manning, 75, d.. 14 July 1987, Karrakatta Cemetery.. Mary Margaret Dalton, Maylands, 59, d.. 10 Nov 1968, Karrakatta Cemetery, RC.. Maude Emily Florence Dalton, Bunbury, 54, d.. 7 Apr 1942, Karrakatta Cemetery, Baptist.. Mavis Madylin Dalton, Thornlie, 88, d.. 30 Sep 1902, ashes taken from Karrakatta.. Minnie Gertrude Dalton, Perth, 24, d.. 9 Aug 1915, Karrakatta Cemetery, RC.. Muriel Dalton and child, North Fremantle, 23, d.. 6 June 1929, Karrakatta Cemetery, Anglican.. Nancy Dalton, North Fremantle, 80, d.. 19 Nov 2000, Fremantle Cemetery.. Neil Dalton, Manning, 46, d.. 21 Feb 1999, ashes taken from Karrakatta.. Niven Howie Dalton, Como, 65, d.. 30 June 1964, Karrakatta Cemetery, RC.. Niven Howie Dalton, Gosnells, 55, d.. 15 Apr 1980, Karrakatta Cemetery.. Olive May Dalton, Glendalough, 78, d.. 3 Sep 1984, ashes taken from Karrakatta.. Patrick Colin Martin Dalton MA, Inglewood, 73, d.. 16 Dec 1971, Karrakatta Cemetery.. Patrick Curo Dalton, Manning, 74, d.. 2 Aug 1982, Karrakatta Cemetery.. Percy Arthur Dalton, Perth, 58, d.. 30 Jan 1924, Karrakatta Cemetery, Anglican.. Phyllis Ruby Dalton, Brookton, 79, d.. 16 Sep 1997, ashes taken from Karrakatta.. Queenie Annie Dalton, Manning, 80, d.. 23 Apr 1981, Karrakatta Cemetery, RC.. Reginald Leslie Dalton, Parkwood, 73, d.. 29 Jan 1996, ashes taken from Fremantle.. Richard Dalton, 60, d.. 12 Feb 1906, Karrakatta Cemetery, Anglican.. Richard Dalton, Perth, 47, d.. 22 Sep 1910, Karrakatta Cemetery, Anglican.. Richard Charles John Dalton, North Fremantle, under 1, d.. 6 Dec 1924, Fremantle Cemetery, Anglican.. Richard Ernest Dalton, West Perth, 45, d.. 28 May 1951, Karrakatta Cemetery.. Richard John Dalton, Balcatta, 49, d.. 29 May 2004, ashes taken from Karrakatta.. Richard Peter Dalton, Glendalough, 78, d.. 31 May 1980, Karrakatta Cemetery, RC.. Robert David Dalton, Northam, 72, d.. 13 June 1973, Karrakatta Cemetery, RC.. Robert Thomas Dalton, South Fremantle, 79, d.. 13 Mar 1945, Karrakatta Cemetery.. Roy Stanley Dalton, Mosman Park, 61, d.. 17 Mar 1967, Karrakatta Cemetery, Wesleyan.. Sarah Dalton, Morley, 88, d.. 21 Aug 1994, Karrakatta Cemetery, Wesleyan.. Sarah Ann Dalton, Claremont, 85, d.. 23 Sep 1940, Karrakatta Cemetery, Congregational.. Sidney Albert Dalton, Willagee, 61, d.. 22 Apr 1972, Fremantle Cemetery, RC.. Steven Dalton, Mount Lawley, 31, d.. 7 Nov 1998, Karrakatta Cemetery, Wesleyan.. Stewart George Dalton, Gosnells, 58, d.. 22 Dec 1998, ashes taken from Fremantle.. Sydney George Thomas Dalton, South Como, 71, d.. 5 July 1949, Karrakatta Cemetery, Anglican.. Terence John Dalton, Carrington, 15, d.. 1 Sep 1959, Karrakatta Cemetery, Anglican.. Terence William Dalton, Nanga Brook, 5, d.. 2 Mar 1953, Karrakatta Cemetery, Wesleyan.. Thomas Dalton, Wembley, 84, d.. 27 Aug 1961, Karrakatta Cemetery, RC.. Thomas Charles Dalton, Wanneroo, under 1, d.. 3 April 1963, Midland Cemetery, Anglican.. Vernon Richard Dalton, Mount Barker, 50, d.. 28 Jan 1961, Karrakatta Cemetery, Anglican.. Veronica Dalton, Mount Lawley, 96, d.. 6 Sep 2002, ashes taken from Pinaroo Valley Memorial Park.. Victor Ernest Dalton, Applecross, 66, d.. 20 Apr 1967, Karrakatta Cemetery.. Violet Emily Dalton, Armadale, 81, d.. 8 June 1998, Karrakatta Cemetery, Anglican.. Walter Keith Morkham Dalton, Jolimont, 89, d.. 6 Nov 1993, Karrakatta Cemetery.. William Dalton, Mandurah, 67, d.. 9 Nov 1946, Karrakatta Cemetery, Baptist.. William Dalton, Dianella, 71, d.. 6 Oct 2004, ashes taken from Karrakatta.. William Henry Dalton, West Perth, 59, d.. 3 Aug 1945, Karrakatta Cemetery, Anglican.. William Henry Dalton, Falcon, 72, d.. 29 Jan 1985, Karrakatta Cemetery, RC.. William James Dalton, Claremont, 73, d.. 20 Oct 1929, Karrakatta Cemetery, RC.. William Lawrence Dalton, South Fremantle, 63, d.. 17 May 1950, Fremantle Cemetery, Brethren.. Alice Beatrice Dolton, Fremantle, 94, d.. 18 July 1967, Fremantle Cemetery.. Frank Lewis Edward Dolton, Lesmurdie, 76, d.. 7 Aug 1948, Karrakatta Cemetery, Anglican.. John Edward Dolton, Kalamunda, 78, d.. 3 Dec 1979, Karrakatta Cemetery.. Leslie Arthur Dolton, Swanbourne, 86, d.. 9 June 1986, ashes taken from Karrakatta.. Patrick John Dolton, Canning Bridge, under 1, d.. 20 July 1932, Karrakatta Cemetery, RC.. Wilfred Dolton, Perth, 99, d.. 10 June 1964, Karrakatta Cemetery, Anglican.. Winifred Zoe Dolton, Swanbourne, 87, d.. 22 Dec 1987, ashes taken from Karrakatta.. Wickepin Cemetery, Narrogin.. Leslie John Dalton, 26 yrs.. , 4 Apr 1938, husband of Rose Irene Dalton, father of Irene.. Methodist Grave No.. 122.. Mary Elizabeth Dalton, 39 yrs.. , d.. 29 Sep 1914, wife of Leonard, mother of Robert, Ava, Florence, Olive, Leslie and Edward.. 237.. VICTORIA.. Births.. Robert John Cecil Dalton Born 1885 at Williamstown Victoria, married in Oakliegh Vic.. 1905, Died May 1948 , 63 yrs, Buried at Preston Cemetery Plenty road Melb Vict.. He was a steam train driver and lived at various places around Victoria, these included Colac, Winchelsea, Whittlesea, Beech Forest, Healsville.. He had 3 boys and 6 girls.. His eldest son was in the RAAF, Group Captain Robert Frederick Martin Dalton.. Service number 37, DOB 13 April 1907 death date unknown ashes scattered over the Point Cook RAAF base in Victoria.. Dudley William Cecil Dalton Born Colac Victoria 30 May 1918, Died June 2001, 83 yrs.. Cremated Fawkner Cemetery Sydney Rd.. Melb Vict.. He was a Boiler Maker and lived in Victoria all his life these included Colac, Geelong, Carnegie, Preston.. He had 1 boy before marriage and then 2 more and a girl when married.. Victoria Cemeteries.. Bunurong Memorial Park.. Francis John Dalton, Dandenong, b.. 13 May 1921 d.. 7 July 2005, buried.. John Alexander Dalton, Cape Paterson, b.. 20 Mar 1943 d.. 8 Mar 2005, cremated.. John Phillip Dalton, Chadstone, b.. 1 Apr 1929 d.. 8 Nov 2001, buried.. Lilian Blanche Dalton, Keysborough, b.. 30 Apr 1907 d.. 17 July 1997, cremated.. Margaret Maud Dalton, Mornington, b.. 6 Jan 1914 d.. 25 Mar 1998, cremated.. Maurice Stephen Dalton, Seaford, b.. 7 Nov 1930 d.. 28 July 1999, cremated.. Olga Dalton, Frankston, b.. 9 Mar 1938 d.. 22 May 2001, buried.. Phyllis Merle Dalton, Endeavour Hills, b.. 25 Jan 1947 d.. 18 Mar 2004, buried.. Shirley Dalton, Mt Martha, b.. 17 Aug 1919 d.. 17 July 2002, cremated.. Stephen Dalton, Mornington, b.. 12 Apr 1912 d.. 20 Feb 1997, cremated.. Templestowe Cemetery.. Dalton, Bridget, Jan 1900.. Dalton, Desmond Edward, 20 Nov 1978.. Dalton, Francis D, 6 Mar 1989.. Dalton, Myra Mona, 3 Sep 1985.. Dalton, Natalie Jane, 7 Oct 1975.. Dalton, Patricia, 27 Jan 1994.. Dalton, Stanley Michael, 28 Oct 1992.. MISCELLANEOUS ITEMS.. Australian Deaths of Daltons at Melbourne, Hopsital 1843-1875.. Edward Dalton, age 44 miner, native of Ireland, arr.. 1857 on the Donald Mac Kay, died May 30 of aneurism.. Edward Dalton, age 40, of Yorkshire, arrived 1875 in the John and Lucy, d.. Jan 4, 1877 of pneumonia.. Ellen Dalton age 40, domestic servant, native of Cork, arrived in 1849 by Royal Consort, d.. 1870 of phthisis and morbus cordes.. William Dalton, age 50, born London, arrived 1843 in the Melbourne from Hobart Town, aneurism of the aorta.. William, Dalton, age 40, native of Yorkshire arrived in Victoria from Queensland, died Dec 26 1869 of paralysis.. Note: a third William Dalton lited as item 7,6 was also noted without data.. This page is no longer available on the web.. Fremantle Prison.. James Dalton, b.. 1814, possibly Wales, was convicted of a felony in Great Britain and sentenced to 10 years transportation on 6 Jan 1848.. He arrived on the Ship Pyrenees on 28 June 1851.. Dalton was unmarried and a laborer.. He escaped from King George Sound.. His sentence was at Fremantle Prison.. Thomas Dalton, b.. 1826 was unmarried, and his occupation was tin man.. He had a prior conviction and was sentenced in 1859 for ten years He arrived in Australia on the ship Palmerston on 11 Feb 1861 and received his certificate of freedom from York on 25 July 1873.. He worked as a tin man and as a general servant.. Dalton Excerpts.. The Irish in Australia by Patrick O'Farrell NSW University Press, 1986 p.. 81Melbounre.. Sergeant Dalton that kindly, good-natured man from Kilkenny.. 120 Sydney.. Thomas Dalton, merchant, left 347,000 pounds on his death in 1900.. 227NSW.. The Dalton brothers were two of the wealthiest men in NSW.. Thomas owned a large import business in Sydney; James was a well-to-do farmer at Orange.. Two Redmond brothers married into this Dalton family.. John Redmond married Johanna, half sister to the Dalton brothers in September 1883 at North Sydney.. William married Eleanor, the daughter of James.. a description of the animosity towards the Redmonds is discussed in this paragraph.. pgs.. 260, 275, 276.. Maurice Dalton had taken part in the Fenian rebellion in Ireland in 1867 and at age 83, he is pictured with The Irish Seven in Darlinghurst Gaol, 1918.. Police Correspondence.. Submitted by K.. Mapstone.. WALSH, Mrs.. of Syracuse New York, USA wrote in 1897 regarding tracing Columb DALTON, who was born in Tullamore King County Ireland, son of Francis Ann DALTON nee McDERMOTT.. Columb was living in Melborne in 1855 with John DALEY and his son Anthony, and was leaving for the Mount Blackwood gold diggings.. His mother never heard from him again, and now her grandchildren have taken up the search.. Police establish a William DALTON was at Blackwood many years before, but could not locate Columb.. 5 pages of correspondence.. Source: http://members.. ozemail.. com.. au/~hdharris/missingpeople.. html.. Historical Items.. The following histories of Australia mention the presence of Daltons in the communities from the earliest times.. The first book, A History of Mt.. Cole and Warrack - A History of its Peoples was compiled by Margaret Beattie and Bronwyn Shalders, Pub.. 1990.. In it there appears to be a large clan of Daltons.. The Dalton (family) names of Constance, James, Bert, Emily nee Padgett, Frank, Herbert, H.. Dalton, E.. Dalton, Herbert Isaac and William are scattered throughout the book from pg.. 36 to page 166.. The First Settlement of the Upper Murray, 1835 - 1845 by Dr.. Arthur Andrews, pub.. 1920, reprint 1979 mentions Mr.. Dalton in two places.. RRRA History of Early Education in the Southern Malle Shire of Karkaroa by Terri Gisham Allen, pub 1077.. Dalton p.. 45, John Dalton, p.. 83 and Jimmy Dalton, p.. 112.. Bridging the Gap - The History of Halls Gap from 1840 by Ida Stanton, pub 1988 by Penna Print.. Dorothy Dalton, p 79.. Port Fairy - The First Fifty Years, 1837-1887.. a social history.. by J.. Poling, pub.. 1980.. Dalton p 226.. The Story of Browns and Scarsdale by Patrick M'Grath and others, pub1912 for the Old Boys ,reunion of the Scarsdale State School.. 226.. Warburton Ways by Earle Parkinson, pub.. 1984.. Jean Dalton p.. 53 and Mr.. R.. 114.. Port of Many Prows by Wilson Evans, pub 1969, The Hawthorn Press.. A history of Williamstown, the oldest community settlement on the shores of Port Philip.. John Dalton p.. 162.. Smythescreek and Smythesdale by J.. G.. Roberts, first pub.. 1930, facsimile 1990.. John Dalton, p.. 15 and P.. Background to Beechworth From 1852 byRoy C.. Harvey.. First pub.. in 1952 and reprinted several times by Beechworth Progress Assn.. It includes a reprint of The Avena Directory.. Joseph P.. Dalton and William Dalton p..

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  • Title: Tasmania
    Descriptive info: Formerly called Van Diemen's land, Tasmania was settled by convicts from Great Britain who arrived between 1803 and 1853.. Its.. name was changed to that of the Dutch discoverer, Tasman, in 1855.. The Tasmania file consists of 250 surname entries and includes.. Many of the Dalton records cover the early 1800 period.. Variations in the spelling of names have been retained as they appear in records.. Contributions are always welcome.. Be sure to check the GENERAL FILE page for additional Dalton references, particularly for the dates of Dalton arrivals.. BIRTHS/CHRISTENINGS.. MARRIAGES.. DEATHS.. WILLS.. Back to Main Australia Page.. BIRTHS/CHRISTENINGS.. 1832, Helena Dalton dau of Thomas and Helenae Dalton.. 1834, Jacobus Dalton son of Michael and Helenae Cavanagh Dalton.. 1835, Anna Dalton dau of Thomae and Helenae Moffat Dalton.. 26 Sep 1844, Anne Dalton dau of Thomas and Mary Ann Hewett Dalton.. 23 Feb 1845, Margaret Arnold Dalton dau of Ally Dalton.. 10 Nov 1845, M.. Dalton son of Thomas and Mary Ann Hewett Dalton.. 1 Jun 1847, John Thompson Dalton, dau of John and Rose Thompson Dalton.. 18 Aug 1847, Mary Ann Dalton dau of Thomas and Mary Ann Hewitt Dalton.. 19 Jan 1848, Cecilia/Celia.. Dalton dau of Ally Dalton.. 27 Jul 1848, George William Dalton son of William Henry and Charlotte Kettlety Dalton.. 1 Aug 1848, M.. Dalton son of William Henry and Charlotte Kettlton Dalton.. 10 Jan 1849, John Dalton son of Thomas and Mary Ann Dalton.. 17 Feb 1850, Henry Edward Dalton son of William and Charlotte Kittlety Dalton.. 3 Jan 1851, William Dalton son of James and Bridget Connors Dalton.. 30 Apr 1851, Ann Dalton dau of John and Mary Davis Dalton.. 13 Oct 1854, William Dalton son of William and Mary Ann Hewitt Dalton.. 9 Jun 1855, James Dalton son of James and Bridget Connor Dalton.. 19 May 1856, F.. Dolton (fem) dau of William and Margaret Laidlow Dolton.. 23 Dec 1856, Edward Dalton son of Thomas and Flora Brumage Dalton.. 4 Feb 1859, Michael Dalton son of James and Bridget Connors Dalton.. 8 Sep 1862, Mary Dalton dau of James and Margaret Connell Dalton.. 7 May 1864, Henry Jams Dalton son of Thomas and Flora Brummage Dalton.. 27 Jun 1864, Patrick Dalton son of James and Bridget Conner Dalton.. 18 Apr 1865, Frederick Thomas Dalton son of Frederick and Elizabeth Maria Hill Dalton.. 12 Mar 1866, Cornelius Dalton son of James and Bridget Conners Dalton.. 20 Oct 1866, Florence Lydia Dalton dau of Thomas and Flora Ann Brummage Dalton.. 21 May 1867, Charles Henry Dalton son of Frederick and Elizabeth Hill Dalton.. 28 Jul 1867, Julia Hannah Dalton dau of James and Bridget Donnolan Dalton.. 13 Feb 1868, James Alfred Dalton son of John and Catherine Markay Dalton.. 22 Feb 1870, Alice Dalton dau of John and Catherine Markey Dalton.. 30 May 1871, Kate Louisa Dalton dau of Thomas William and Flora Annie Brummage Dalton.. 20 Sep 1871, Mary Ann Emma Dalton dau of Grederick and Elizabeth Maria Hills Dalton.. 2 May 1872, Thomas Dalton son of James and Bridget Connors Dalton.. 5 Jul 1872, Letitia Dalton dau of John and Catherine Markey Dalton.. 22 Dec 1873, Thomas James Dalton son of Frederick Thos.. and Elizabeth Maria Hills Dalton.. 4 Mar 1876, Catherine Dalton dau of Walter and Hannah Pyke Dalton.. 17 Mar 1876, George Edward Dalton son of Frederick Thomas and Elizabeth Hills Dalton.. 6 May 1877, Charles Arthur Dalton son of Thomas and Flora Bramich Dalton.. 6 May 1877, John Thomas Dalton dau of Thomas and Flora Bramich Dalton.. 22 Nov 1877, Robenia Elder Dalton dau of Walter and Clara Bellette Dalton.. 8 Sep 1878, Richard Pyke Dalton son of Walter and Hannah Pyke Dalton.. 17 Oct 1878, Alfred Ernest Dalton son of Frederick Thos.. 12 Apr 1879, Mary Ann Dalton dau of James and Jane Gavin Dalton.. 4 Jan 1881, Pervy Edmund Dalton son of Fredereick and Elizabeth Hills Dalton.. 7 Jun 1881, Ethel Hannah Mcgibney Dalton dau of Walter and Hannah Pyke Dalton.. 15 Jun 1881 John Dalton son of James and Jane Gavin Dalton.. 9 Jun 1882, Eveline Ellen Dalton dau of Charles and Louisa Wells Dalton.. 17 Jun 1882, Alice Mary Dalton dau of William and Adeline Louisa Roach Dalton.. 12 Nov 1882, Thomas Dalton son of James and Jane Gavin Dalton.. 17 Jun 1883, Andrew Dalton son of James and Bridget Donlan Dalton.. 17 Jun 1883, Thomas Dalton son of James and Bridget Donlan Dalton.. 28 Jan 1884, Lillian Dalton dau of Charles and Louisa Wells Dalton.. 24 Feb 1885, Maria Jane Dalton dau of James  ...   1852, Richard Dalton, 35, and Mary Jarvis, 40.. 27 Mar 1853, Mary Dalton, 22, and James Nibbs, 40.. 1 Oct 1853, Mary Ann Dalton, 29, and Edward Stimpson, 37.. 7 Mar 1854, Ellen Or Alice Dalton, 26, and James King, 27.. 29 May 1854, Richard Dalton, 40, and Ann Thompson, 48.. 4 Jan 1855, Louisa Dalton, 40, and Thomas Barlow, 34.. 14 Dec 1855, Thomas Dalton, 40, and Flora Brumidge, 17.. 4 Feb 1856.. Honora Dalton, 22, and John Gleeson, 44.. 26 Apr 1856, Robert Dalton and Robina McKenzie.. 9 Aug 1858, James Dalton, 26, and Bridget Lardner, 20.. 9 Jun 1859, Mary Dalton, 24, and Henry Twedie, 26.. 29 Apr 1864, Frederick Dalton, 28, and Elixabeth Charlotte Hills, 22.. 19 Sep 1864, Anne Dalton, 20, and John Girvan 33.. 7 Sep 1865, Julia Dalton, 26 and Thomas Enright, 25.. 13 Dec 1865, Alfred Dalton, 36, and Lucy Griffiths, 33.. 23 Dec 1865, John Dalton, 35, and Mary McIntyre, 26.. 2 Jul 1866, Elizabeth Dalton, 55, and Thomas Slipper, 60.. 8 Jul 1866, John Dalton, 23, and Catherine Markey, 16.. 27 Sep 1866, James Dalton, 30, and Bridget Donlan, 23.. 18 Feb 1867, Margaret Dalton, 24, Francis Donelan, 28.. 4 Jan 1875, Walter Dalton, 19, and Hannah Pyke, 22.. 5 Mar 1875, Mary Ann Dalton, 18, and James Welling/Swin, 20.. 17 Feb 1877, Mary Ann Dalton and Richard Chandler.. 8 May 1878, James Dalton, 21, and Jane Gavin, 18.. 11 Jun 1789, John Dalton, 21, and Johanna Donovan, 18.. 5 Apr 1880, Annie Dalton, 16, and Andrew Shannon, 23.. 5 Aug 1881, Charles Dalton and Louisa Wells.. 7 Aug 1881, William Dalton, 27, and Adeline Roach, 17.. 2 Apr 1883, Michael Dalton, 23, and Rose Ann Foy, 19.. 22 Jun 1884, Mary Gertrude Dalton, 22, and Thomas Hargreaves, 24.. 25 Jan 1886, Walter Dalton, 31, and Florence Bellette, 16.. 7 Dec 1886, Harriet Dalton,53, and Daniel French, 52.. 16 Aug 1887, Elizabeth Rose Dalton, 18, and David Peters, 19.. 29 Aug 1887, William Dalton, 33, and Hannah Kelly, 27.. 15 Jun 1891, Charles Henry Dalton, 24, and Rose Caroline Phillips, 24.. 3 Jan 1895, William Hannan Dalton, 36, and Emma Warringham, 42.. 17 Nov 1898, Cornelius Dalton, 30 and Catherine Matilda McDermott.. 4 Mar 1899, Thomas James Dalton, 25, and Ada Florence Files, 19.. 24 Jul 1899, Augusta Sylvana Dalton, 27 and George Thomas Wright, 27.. DEATH RECORDS.. 13 Dec 1829, Peter Dalton, 20.. 2 Jun 1836, James Dalton, 30.. 17 Dec 1842, John Dalton, 55.. 30 Mar 1850, Thomas Dalton, 1 yr.. 27 Aug 1853, William Dalton, 2.. 7 Sep 1853, Harriet Dalton, infant.. 21 Oct 1853, Mary Dalton, 60.. 22 Oct 1853, Mary Dalton.. 13 Apr 1855, Mary Ann Dalton, 32.. 17 Jun 1855, William Dalton, infant.. 4 Apr 1856, Mary Ann Dalton, 24.. 11 Jan 1857, William Daulton, 47.. 15 Jan 1861, Alice Mary Dalton,, 1 yr.. 13 Feb 1862, Johanna Dalton, 1.. 30 Jul 1862, Margaret Dalton, 36.. 25 Jun 1863, James Dalton, infant.. 27 Aug 1864, George Dalton, 58.. 20 Mar 1866, Mary Dalton, 20.. 7 Sep 1868, Frederick Thomas Dalton, infant.. 21 Jun 1869, Ann Dalton, 68.. 3 Jun 1871, Kate Louisa Dalton, infant.. 26 Aug 1871, Alfred Dalton, 45.. 4 Jan 1872, Edward Dalton, 52.. 13 May 1873, William Dalton, 94.. 21 Nov 1877, Richard Dalton, 70.. 15 Feb 1878, John Thomas Dalton, infant.. 12 Oct 1880, Richard Dalton, 67.. 12 May 1881, Mary Ann Dalton, 10.. 11 Feb 1883, Adeline Dalton, 18.. 14 Jul 1883, Thomas William Dalton, 71.. 26 Jun 1886, Rose Ann Dalton, 22.. 1 Apr 1867, Srah Jane Elizabeth Dalton, 1 yr.. 29 Sep 1883, Hannah Dalton, 31.. 14 Nov 1883, Andrew Dalton, infant.. 20 Apr 1885, Bridget Dalton, infant.. 14 Jul 1887, Bertha Mcgibney Dalton, 4.. 26 Jul 1888, Julia Dalton, 90.. 9 Apr 1897, Charles Lancelot Dalton, 2.. 10 Jan 1890, Ernest Dalton, 1.. 14 Mar 1891, Julius Stewart Dalton, 45.. 17 Nov 1891, Mary Cecilia Dalton, infant.. 24 May 1894, James Dalton, 84.. 15 Sep 1894, Frederick Thomas Dalton, 58.. 24 Feb 1895, Lillian Beatrice Dalton, infant.. TASMANIAN WILLS.. An Index of Tasmanian.. Dalton Wills.. from 1894-1915 has been compiled by the Archives Office of Tasmania.. This may not be a complete listing as processing is still underway.. 1894,.. Frederick Thomas Dalton, Will No.. 9672.. 1902,.. Edward James Dalton, Will No.. unlisted.. 1914,.. James Dalton, Will No.. 9434.. 1914, Walter Edwin Dalton, Will No.. 9359.. 1915,.. Amy Dalton, Will No.. 8672.. For reference, page number and ordering instructions, click on to:.. http://www.. archives.. tas.. gov.. au/..

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  • Title: Western Australia
    Descriptive info: This file contains BMD's for Western Australia and can easily be searched using the section links, the Find on this page.. button below, or the Edit/Find function of your browser.. Please be sure to check the General File on the Home Page for Australia for other relevant listings.. It contains approximately 150 surname entries and it is the onus of the user to verify the data.. BIRTHS.. DEATHS/BURIALS.. BIRTHS.. Bunbury.. 1903 William Henry Dalton son of William and Elizabeth Offer Dalton.. Harding.. 1893 Alfred Harding D'Alton son of Thomas Joseph and Maggie Mc Creery D'Alton.. Eclgdi.. Di.. 1900 Alfred Dalton son of Alfred and Gertrude Dalton.. Coolgardie.. 1900 Robert David Dalton son of Leonard Charles and Mary Elizabeth Wadeson Dalton.. Cossack.. 1889 Frank Gordon Dalton son of Thomas Joseph and Maggie Mc Creery Dalton.. 1896 Frank D'Alton son of Frank Peter and Elzabeth Brown D'Alton.. 1896 William D'Alton son of Frank Peter and Elizabeth Brown D'Alton.. Cottaloe.. 1901 Herbert Percival Dalton son of Herbert and Elizabeth Ann Hands Dalton.. Fremantle.. 1854 Thomas Dalton son of Timothy and Margaret Langham Dalton.. 1857 Peter Dalton son of Timothy and Margaret Langan Dalton.. 1859 Jane Dalton dau of Timothy and Margaret Langan Dalton.. 1861 Julia Dalton dau of Timothy and Margaret Langan Dalton.. 1862 Margaret Dalton dau of Timothy and Margaret Langan Dalton.. 1863 Catherine Dalton dau of Timothy and Margaret Langan Dalton.. 1898 Ernest Dalton son of Catherine Dalton.. 1903 Alfred Dalton son of Catherine Dalton.. 1903 Audrey Rita Rosamund Dalton, dau of Robert Thomas and Margaret A.. Holmes Dalton.. Guildford.. 1899 Charles Henry Dalton son of Frank Peter and Elizabeth Brown Dalton.. 1900 Unnamed Dalton son of Frank Peter and Elizabeth Brown Dalton.. 1902 Alfred Edward Dalton son of Frank Peter and Elizabeth Brown Dalton.. 1904 Arthur George Dalton son of Frank Peter and Elzabeth Brown Dalton.. Helena Vale.. 1900 Charles Albert Dalton son of John and Mary Pember Dalton.. Kalgoorlie.. 1903 Ava Elizabeth Dalton dau of Lenard Charles and Mary Elizabeth Wadeson Dalton.. Mayfields.. 1902 William Arthur Dalton son of John and Mary Pember Dalton.. 1905 Doris Eveline Dalton dau of John and Mary Pember Dalton.. Northam.. 1901 Godfrey Dean Dalton son of John St.. Eloy and Florence Edith Forward Dalton.. Perth.. 1899 Gilbert Dalton son of Christopher and Bridget O'Neill Dalton.. 1900 Andrew Anthony Dalton son of Christopher and Bridget O'Neill Dalton.. 1900 Leslie Arthur Dolton son of Frank Lewis and Alice Beatrice Alderman Dalton.. 1901 Gwendoline Rosina Dalton dau of Ernest Henry and Ada Goodwin Dalton.. 1901 Dorothy Ethel Dolton dau of Frank Lewis and Alice  ...   Dalton and William Francis Sheridan.. Kanowna.. 1902 Mary Ellen Dalton and Richard Kent Williams.. Leedsville.. 1905 Ernest Russell Dalton (no spouse listed).. 1900 John St.. Eloy Dalton (no spouse listed).. 1856 William Dalton (no spouse listed).. 1858 Catherine Dalton and Thomas Sarsfield Burnside.. 1900 Ernest Henry Dalton (no spouse listed).. 1905 James Dalton (no spouse listed).. Roebourne.. 1895 Frank Peter Dalton (no spouse listed).. DEATH INDEX.. Unless otherwise noted, most entries in the file are for Daltons who were born in and died in Western Australia.. If the person was born outside of Western Australia, the place of birth is noted.. Infant mortality appears to be high.. 1904 William Henry Dalton, 7 mos.. , son of William and Elizabeth Offer Dalton.. 1896 Frank Dalton, age 6 days, son of Frank Peter and Elizabeth Brown Dalton.. 1896 William Dalton, 1 day, son of Frank Peter and Eliza Brown Dalton.. 1862 Margaret Dalton, 1 day, dau of Timothy.. 1898 Ernest Dalton, age 5 mos.. , mother Kate Dalton.. 1903 Alfred Dalton, 3 wks.. , mother Catherine Dalton.. 1900 Unnamed Male Dalton, 1 day, son of Frank Peter and Eliza Brown Dalton.. 1903 Alfred Edward Dalton, age 1, son of Frank Peter and Elizabeth Brown Dalton.. 1900 Alfred.. Edward Dalton age 1 son of Frank Pater and Elizabeth Brown Dalton.. 1902 Daniel Dalton, age 5 mos.. , son of Christopher andBridget O'Neill Dalton.. 1902 Gilbert Dalton, age 3, son of Christopher and Bridget O'Neill Dalton.. 1904 Henry John Dalton, age 1, son of Henry James and Ellen Alice Gilhooley Dalton.. 1904 Joseph Gilbert Dalton, age 3 days, son of Christopher and Bridget O'Neill Dalton.. Western Australia Deaths (No township listed).. Some places of birth can be gleaned from the above section,.. 1846 John Dalton, age 37.. 1855 Mary Dolton, age 52.. 1859 Adah Dalton, age 42.. 1861 Jane Dalton, age 2, dau of Timothy Dalton.. 1861 Julia Dalton, 1 mo.. , son of Christopher.. and Bridget O'Neill Dalton.. 1874 Thomas Dalton age 58.. 1875 Margaret Dalton, age 50.. 1875 Timoth Dalton age 68.. 1892 Rose Anne Dolton, age 85.. 1895 Thomas Joseph Dalton, age 42.. 1899 Thomas Dalton, age 46.. 1905 James Thomas Dalton, age 60.. Western Australia place of death and birth place outside of the State noted.. 1897 William Henana Dalton, age 38, b.. Balrat.. Victoria, father Frederick Henan Dalton.. 1898 Emily Dalton, age 34, b.. Victoria, dau of George and Martha Turner Dalton,.. 1899Florence Elizabeth A.. Dalton, 9 mos, b.. Geelong, Victoria dau of Walter Vincent and Ruth Bonney Dalton.. 1902 James Dalton, age 28, b.. Kerry, IRE..

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  • Title: New South Wales Australia
    Descriptive info: This file contains a compilation of Birth, Marriage and Death Indices from the LDS and from the NSW Pioneer Series.. Duplication has been avoided and Church Indices are most helpful.. All variants of Dalton have been retained.. There are over 1200 surnames in this file and it can be searched by clicking one of the section links, using the Find on this page.. button below, or the Edit/Find feature of your browser.. If you have data to add to this file it is most welcome.. This page was last updated 23 February, 2012.. Additional information added to.. Thomas Dalton / Mary Cody Marriage of 1857.. CHRISTENINGS - DALTONS.. BIRTHS - DALTON.. CHRISTENINGS - DAULTON, DOLTON.. MARRIAGES, CHURCH INDEX - DALTONS.. MARRIAGES - DAULTON, DOLTON.. DEATHS - DALTON.. EXPANDED BIRTHS 1788-1937 DALTON, DAULTON, DOLTUN.. EXPANDED BIRTHS 1938-1955 DALTON, DAULTON, DOLTUN.. EXPANDED DEATHS DALTON, DAULTON, DOLTON.. CHRISTENING INDEX - DALTONS.. Bathurst: Kelso, St.. Michael's Roman Catholic.. 1851, Elizabeth Dalton dau of Mathew and Jane Dalton.. 1852, Winifred Dalton dau of James and Johanna Dalton.. 1853, Maurice Dalton son of Maurice and Catherine Dalton.. Carcoar; Cowra; Errol; Orange, Roman Catholic.. 1854, Mary Dalton dau of James and Johana Dalton.. Cobbity; Narellan, Church of England.. 1826, William Dalton son of William and Esther Dalton.. Cooks River, Petersham, Church of England.. 1850, Mary A.. Dalton dau of William and Margaret Dalton.. 1854, John Dalton son of William and Margaret Dalton.. East Maitland; Maitland; West Maitland, Roman Catholic.. 1842, John Dalton son of Michael and Ellen Dalton.. 1850, William Dalton son of Thomas and Helen/Ellen Dalton.. 1853, Catherine Dalton dau of Thomas and Ellen Dalton.. 1853, Nicholas Dalton son of Edmund and Johanna Dalton.. 1855, John H.. Dalton son of Edward and Bridget Dalton.. 1855, Timothy Dalton son of Edward and Johanna Dalton.. 1856, Thomas Dalton son of Thomas and Ellen Dalton.. Goulburn, Roman Catholic.. 1848, Mathew M.. Dalton son of Mathew and Jane Dalton.. 1850, Isabella Dalton dau of Mathew and Jane Dalton.. 1852, Elizabeth Dalton dau of Mathew and Jane Dalton.. 1854, Anne Dalton dau of Mathew and Jane Dalton.. 1855, Martha Dalton dau of James and Johana Dalton.. Liverpool, Roman Catholic.. Dalton son of Edward J.. and Bridget Dalton.. Mulgoa; Penrith Roman Catholic.. 1846, John Dalton son of Mathew and Jane Dalton.. Newcastle, Raymond Terrace Roman Catholic.. 1854, Catherine Dalton, dau of Francis and Margaret Dalton.. Norfolk Island, Church of England.. 1845, Caroline Dalton dau of James and Caroline Dalton.. Paramatta.. St.. John's Church of England.. 1813, Elizabeth Dalton dau of Francis and Ether/Esther Dalton.. 1815, James Dalton son of Francis and Esther Dalton.. 1817, Thomas Dalton son of Francis and Esther Dalton.. 1821, Elizabeth Dalton dau of Richard and Rebecca Dalton.. 1831, William A.. Dalton son of William and Sarah Dalton.. Patrick's Roman Catholic.. 1844, Johanna Dalton dau of James and Mary Dalton.. 1845, William Dalton son of James and Mary Dalton.. 1851, Mary A.. Dalton dau of Francis and Margaret Dalton.. 1852, Maria Dalton dau of Francis and Margaret Dalton.. 1854, Catherine Dalton dau of Francis and Margaret Dalton.. 1854, Catherine Dalton dau of Francis and Margaret Dalton.. Petersham, St.. Thomas Roman Catholic.. 1855, John Dalton son of John and Bridget Dalton.. Scone, Church of England.. 1861, William Dalton son of Mary A.. Sydney.. James' Church of England.. 1855, Jane M.. Dalton dau of James and Eliza Dalton.. James' Roman Catholic.. 1839, John Dalton son of Michael and Bridget Dalton.. 1839, Michael Dalton son of Michel and Bridget Dalton.. 1846, James W.. Dalton son of Richard and Jane Dalton.. 1846, Richard C.. Dalton son of Michael and Bridget Dalton.. 1849, Catharine Dalton dau of Michael and Bridget Dalton.. 1850, Martha Dalton, dau of Samuel and Rachel Dalton.. 1851, Mary Dalton dau of William and Ellen Dalton.. 1853, Michel J.. Dalton son of Michael and Ellen Dalton.. 1857, Edward Dalton son of William and Ellen Dalton.. 1857, James Dalton son of William and Ellen Dalton.. 1858, John Dalton son of Michael and Ellen Dalton.. 1858, Mary A.. Dalton dau of Thomas and Mary Dalton.. 1860, John Dalton son of Thomas and Mary Dalton.. 1860, John Dalton listed as 45 years of age.. Lawrence's Church of England.. 1839, Amelia Dalton dau of Richard and Ellen Dalton.. 1841, Matilda Dalton dau of Richard and Catherine Dalton.. 1843, Samuel C.. Dalton son of Richard and Catherine Dalton.. 1851, Thomas H.. Dalton son of Frank and Fanny Dalton.. Mary's Roman Catholic.. 1821, Joseph M.. Dalton, son of Francis and Esther Dalton.. 1824, Mary Dalton dau of Francis and Esther Dalton.. 1830 Catherine Dalton dau of Richard and Ellen Dalton.. 1830, Catherine Dalton dau of Richard and Catherine Dalton.. 1832, Margaret Dalton dau of Thomas and Eliza Dalton.. 1832, Richard Dalton son of Richard and Catherine Dalton.. 1837, Rosanna Dalton dau of Richard and Catherine Dalton.. 1842, Anne Dalton, dau of Richard and Jane Dalton.. 1842, Mary Dalton dau of Michael and Cate Dalton.. 1844, Catharine Dalton dau of James and Hanah Dalton.. 1844, Frances J.. Dalton dau of Michael and Bridget Dalton.. 1844, Richard Dalton son of Richard and Jane Dalton.. Phillips' Church of England.. 1788, Frances H.. Dalton dau of Elizabeth Dalton.. 1808, Charles Dalton son of Richard and Sarah Dalton.. 1808, Charles J.. Dalton son of Richard and Sarah Dalton.. 1810, Charlotte Dalton dau of Richard and Sarah Dalton.. 1812, Caroline Dalton dau of Richard and Sarah Dalton.. 1830, Charlotte Dalton dau of William and Mary A.. 1820, Charlotte Dalton dau of William and Mary A.. 1821, ElizabethM.. Dalton, dau of Richard and Rebecca Dalton.. 1824, Sarah R.. Dalton dau of Richard and Rebecca Dalton.. 1826, Gorina Dalton dau of Richard and Gorina Dalton.. 1833, Elizabeth Dalton dau of William and Mary A.. 1834, George W.. Dalton son of William and Mary A.. 1836, Charles H.. 1838, William H.. Dalton son of Wiliam and Mary A.. 1839, Henrietta Dalton dau of William and Mary A.. 1842, Sarah J.. Dalton dau of William and Mary A.. 1844, George W.. Dalton son of William and Maryanne Dalton.. Parish Not Stated, Roman Catholic.. 1840, John Dalton son of Michael and Bridget Dalton.. 1840, Michael Dalton son of Michael and Bridget Dalton.. 1842, Mary Dalton dau of Michael and Catherine Dalton.. Wesleyan Methodist (Sydney).. 1846, Emily A.. Wellington, Roman Catholic.. 1845, James Dalton son of John and Bridget Dalton.. 1856, Michael Dalton son of Francis and Margaret Dalton.. 1857, James Dalton son of John and Bridget Dalton.. 1869, Peter Dalton son of John and Bridget Dalton.. Windsor, St.. Matthews' Church of England.. 1812, Caroline Dalton dau of Richard and Sarah Dalton.. Yass, St.. 1847, James Dalton son of John and Ellen Dalton.. 1852, Margaret Dalton dau of John and Ellen Dalton.. BIRTH INDEX - DALTONS.. 1847.. Bridget Dalton dau of John and Anastatia Dalton.. 1856.. Emma Dalton dau of John and Louisa Dalton.. Henry J.. Dalton son of John and Anne/Hannah Dalton.. Michael Dalton son of Francis and Margaret Dalton.. Patrick J.. and Bridget Dalton.. William Dalton son of John and Bridget Dalton.. 1857.. Bridget Dalton dau of Jamws and Bridget Dalton.. Bridget E.. Dalton dau of Patrick and Mary Dalton.. Edward Dalton son of William and Ellen Dalton.. James Dalton dau of John and Bridget Dalton.. Lavinia A.. Dalton dau of Alfred and Rosanna Dalton.. Louisa Dalton dau of Frederick and Rose Dalton.. Mary Dalton dau of Maurice and Catherine Dalton.. Patrick Dalton son of Mathew and Jane Dalton.. Pierce Dalton son of Edward and Johanna Dalton.. Sarah A.. Dalton dau of John and Louisa Dalton.. 1858.. Andrew J.. Dalton son of John and Hannah Dalton.. Elizabeth Dalton dau of James and Mary Dalton.. John Dalton son of Michael and Ellen Dalton.. John Dalton son of Thomas and Ellen Dalton.. Mary A.. Patrick Dalton son of Edward and Johanna Dalton.. 1859.. Charles F.. Dalton son of William and Margaret Dalton.. Francis M.. Helen Dalton day of James and Mary Dalton.. James Dalton son of William and Ellen Dalton.. Louisa Dalton dau of John and Louisa Dalton.. Mary Dalton dau of Michael and Bridget Dalton.. Patrick Dalton son of James and Johannah Dalton.. Thomas G.. Dalton son of James and Margaret Dalton.. 1860.. Catherine Dalton dau of Patrick and Margaret Dalton.. Edward Dalton son of Edward and Johanna Dalton.. Edward Dalton son of Edward and Bridget Dalton.. James Dalton son of James and Mary Dalton.. John Dalton son of Thomas and Mary Dalton.. Margaret Dalton dau of Thomas and Margaret Dalton.. Dalton dau of John and Bridget Dalton.. Mary Dalton dau of Thomas and Mary Dalton.. Sarah H.. Dalton dau of John and Louisa Dalton.. 1861.. Clara E.. Dalton dau of Richard and Rosina S.. Isabella Dalton dau of Joseph and Delia Dalton.. James Dalton son of James and Margaret Dalton.. James Dalton son of Thomas and Elizabeth Dalton.. Johanna Dalton dau of James and Johanna Dalton.. Dalton dau of Edward J.. Patrick Dalton son of Henry and Sarah Dalton.. Rosa L.. Dalton dau of Frederick and Rosa L.. Selina Dalton dau of John and Louisa Dalton.. Thomas E.. Dalton son of Patrick and Mary Dalton.. William Dalton son of Mary A.. William H.. 1862.. Albert Dalton son of John and Louisa Dalton.. Frederick Dalton son of Frederick and Rosa L.. Henry M.. Dalton son of John and Hannah Dalton.. Linda R.. Dalton dau of Alfred and Rosina Dalton.. Margaret Dalton dau of Edward and Johanna Dalton.. Susan Dalton dau of Edward and Bridget Dalton.. 1863.. Alice Dalton dau of Patrick and Mary Dalton.. Catherine Dalton dau of Michael and Ellen Dalton.. Eliza Dalton dau of Joseph and Delia Dalton.. Ellen M.. Dalton dau of James and Margaret Dalton.. George W.. Dalton son of Charles H.. and Matilda Dalton.. Hannah M.. Dalton dau of James and Mary A.. Herbert R.. Dalton son of Richard and Rosina S.. John Dalton son of Mary J.. John Dalton son of Edward and Johanna Dalton.. Patrick Dalton son of Thomas and Ellen Dalton.. 1864.. Annie Dalton dau of Thomas and Elizabeth Dalton.. Edward J.. Fem Dalton dau of Thomas and Elizabeth Dalton.. George Dalton son of John and Bridget Dalton.. Dalton son of Charles and Matilda A.. Henrietta Dalton dau of James and Mary A.. John Dalton son of Edward and Bridget Dalton.. Louisa J.. Mary J.. Dalton dau of Charles and Matilda Dalton.. Dalton dau of Thomas and Mary Dalton.. 1865.. Fem Dalton dau of Frederick and Rosa L.. Ellen Dalton dau of Thomas and Elizabeth  ...   M.. Dalton dau of Fanny O.. 1888.. Aubury E.. Dalton son of Matilda Dalton.. Delia Dalton dau of Bessie Dalton.. Euphamia M.. Dalton dau of Timothy G.. B.. Frederick Dalton son of Charles F.. and Frances M.. Leonie C.. Dalton dau of John and Elizabeth Dalton.. Margaret M.. Dalton dau of Edward and Catherine Dalton.. Mary L.. Dalton dau of John and Mary Dalton.. Richard Dalton son of Richard and Catherine Dalton.. Robert E.. Dalton son of James and Frances R.. Rose Dalton dau of John and Ann Dalton.. Sydney Dalton son of Ellen Dalton.. William Dalton son of Michael and Ellen Dalton.. Dalton son of William and Mary Dalton.. BIRTHS / CHRISTENINGS - DAULTON/DOLTON.. 1841.. Margaret Dolton dau of James and Mary Dolton, christened at Paramatta, St.. Patrick Daulton son of Mathew and Jane Dolton.. Catherine Dolton dau of Patrick and Mary Dolton.. Daulton son of John and Mary Daulton.. Charles Daulton son of Anne Daulton.. Mary Jane Daulton dau of Anne Daulton.. Emily Ellen J.. Dolton dau of Frederick A.. and Margaret Dolton.. Henry W.. Daulton son of Matthew and Mary Dolton.. John F.. Dolton son of Frederick A.. and Margaret Dolton.. Elizabeth May Daulton dau of Matthew and Mary Daulton.. Richard C.. Arthur W.. Dolton son of Arthur and Mary J.. Dolton.. Elsie Dolton dau of Arthur and Mary J.. Dolton.. William Augustus G.. Dolton son of Frederick Augustus and Margaret Dolton.. Blance Dolton dau of Arthur and Mary J.. Bruce S.. Dolton son of Frederick and Margaret Dolton.. Lilly Dolton dau of Arthur and Mary J.. Hadley G.. Dolton son fo Joseph and Eliza J.. Hilda E.. Dolton dau of Arthur and Mary J.. Roy F.. MARRIAGES - CHURCH INDEX.. DALTONS.. Alexandria; Paddington.. Presbyterian.. 1854, Susan Dalton and Robert Hadlam.. Asheld; Balmain; Burwood, Concord.. Church of England.. 1853, Mary A.. Dalton and William H.. Mullen.. Bathurst.. 1850, William Dalton and Ellen Quade.. Bathurst; Kelso; St.. Michael's.. Co.. Bathurst, Roman Catholic.. 1849, Maurice Dalton and Catherine Conroy.. Black Creek, Bulwarra; Clifden; Hinton; Morpeth; Maitland; Hunter.. 1843, Catherine Dalton and Thomas Baynham.. Brisbane (Qld).. Roman Catholic.. 1846, Elizabeth Dalton and John Sullivan.. Campbelltown.. John's Roman Catholic.. 1851, Michael Dalton and Ellen Vardy.. Camperdown; Newtown.. 1846, William Dalton and Margaret Benfield.. Cook's River, Petersham.. 1855, John Dalton and Louisa Povey.. East Mailtand; Maitland; West Maitland.. 1849, Mary Dalton and Michael Doyle.. 1853, Edmund Dalton and Johanna Hickey.. Gosford; Kincumber.. 1852, Charlotte Dalton and Samuel Perkins.. Hunters Hill.. Dalton and Paul Lutherborrow.. Mulgoa.. Thomas, Church of England.. 1840, Matthew Dalton and Jane Green.. John's, Church of England.. 1812, Francis Dalton and Esther Wells.. 1820, Hannah Dalton and Samuel Becket.. 1826, Ann Dalton and John Baker.. 1850, Francis Dalton and Margaret Gavin.. 1856, James Dalton and Elizabeth Hughes.. Holy Trinity (Garrison Church), Church of England.. 1847, Elizabeth Dalton and Edward Boynton.. James' Church, Church of England.. Elizabeth Dalton and James b.. Hastings.. Lawrence's, Church of England.. 1844, Sarah Dalton and James Collins.. 1845, Gorena Dalton and Samuel Mc Nalley.. Lawrence's Presbyterian.. 1850 Anastasia Dalton and John Warner.. 1854, Catherine Dalton and John A.. Turner.. 1829, Richard Dalton and Catherine Grady.. 1838, Elizabeth Dalton and Edward Duff.. 1843, John Dalton and Anastatia Connel.. 1844, Margaret Dalton and Denis O'Brien.. 1845, Margaret Dalton and Edward Mc Enroe.. 1851, James Dalton and Johanna Hogan.. 1851, Richard Dalton and Dorcas E.. Murphy.. 1854, John Dalton and Bridget Mc Elroy.. Phillip's.. 1814, Mary A.. Dalton and William Fielder.. 1821, Richard Dalton and Onenea R.. Sciverson.. 1824, Sarah J.. Dalton and George W.. Paul.. 1827, William Dalton and Mary A.. Colebrook.. 1838, Margaret Dalton and Michael Reed.. Andrew's Scots Church, Presbyterian.. 1854, Sarah Dalton and Robert Hadlam.. 1854, Elizabeth Dalton and Robert Matheson.. Windsor.. Matthew's Roman Catholic.. 1852, Bridget Dalton and Reuben E.. Bullock.. Yass.. 1844, Anne Dalton and Henry Dwyer.. 1844, John Dalton and Ellen Maroney.. Marriage Index by State and Year.. NSW.. 1850.. William Dalton and Ellen Quade.. James Dalton and Elizabeth Hughes.. Patrick Dalton and Mary English.. James Dalton and Mary Ryan.. Thomas Dalton and Mary Cody (Sydney) - He had arrived aboard the Ramillies in 1855.. Alice Dalton and Charles Hurley.. Anne Dalton and Lawrence Roche.. James Dalton and Margaret Collins.. Richard Dalton and Rosina Sarah Murphy.. Bridget Dalton and Joseph Lawlor.. Joseph Dalton and Delia Mc Evoy.. Thomas Dalton and Elizabeth Fahey.. James Dalton and Mary Anne Mc Guire.. Charles Dalton and Matilda Ann Parker.. Julia Dalton and William Thomas Wiles.. Ann Dalton and William Kenney.. Mary Dalton and Henry Sippel.. Matilda Dalton and Anthony Garstin.. Schward Dalton and Jane Satchwell.. John Dalton and Catherine Cragen.. Thomas Dalton and Mary Perkins.. James T.. Dalton and Mary A.. Lonergan.. Johanna Dalton and Stephen Mulrooney.. Samuel C.. Dalton and Ellen A.. Lewis.. Charles Dalton and Margaret Jane Bryden.. Isabella Dalton and James Elvin.. Margaret Dalton and James Semple.. James Dalton and Margaret Jane Gill.. Jane Dalton and John Harris.. Helen Dalton nad James Basil Sperling.. William Dalton and Kate Hogan.. Fanny Dalton and Henry Nichills.. James Dalton and Hannah Pusah Tarrant/or Hannah Fresah Tawant.. Maria Dalton and David Forester Gibb.. William Dalton and Catherine Gibney.. Annie J.. Dalton and Thomas Halloran.. John Dalton and Margaret Mc Donald.. Anne Dalton and Charles Farrelly.. John Dalton and Ellen Mary Murphy.. Fobias Dalton and Ann Dogherty.. George Dalton and Sarah A.. Tamblyn.. Henry Dalton and Bridget Cox.. Ellen Dalton and Thomas Sheridan.. George William Dalton and Anne Terbutt.. Mary Jane Dalton and Samuel Alfred Jones.. Rosananna Dalton and Thomas Walker.. Elizth.. Dalton and George Clifton.. Jane Dalton and Joseph J.. Brinkworth.. John Dalton and Mry Gray.. Martha Dalton and Andrew Johnsson.. Dalton and Henry Thompson.. Ellen A.. Dalton and Edwin Ryan.. John Dalton and Mary J.. Vardy.. Miriam Dalton and William P.. Hinchy.. Thomas Dalton and Mary A.. Ahern.. Annie Dalton and Chas.. Flynn.. Edwd.. Dalton and Catherine Mc Namara.. Emma Dalton and Joseph Stephenson.. Kate Dalton and Jas.. Davern.. Dalton and Henry S.. Barrett.. Bridget Mary Dalton and James Murray.. Dalton and Mary Ann Barton.. Henrietta Mary Dalton and George Arthur Buxton.. John Dalton and Eliza Jane Cox.. Mary Dalton and William Talbot.. Maey A.. or Ann Dalton and Edward R.. Elton.. Mary Ann Dalton and Edmond Sands Hogan.. Winifred Dalton and Henry Wallace.. Bridget Dalton and Thomas T.. Sullivan.. Edward Dalton and Anne M.. Boutcher.. Boulcher.. Isabella E.. Dalton and Wm.. Farquhar.. James N.. Dalton and Mary S.. Campbell.. Joanna Mary Dalton and John Edward Redmond.. Dalton and John Howard.. Behard Dalton and Catherine O'Neil.. Charles Dalton and Elizabeth Bartley.. Hannah Dalton and Hugh Gill.. Kate Dalton and Patrick Morriss.. Luicnda Maud Dalton and John Frater.. Mary Dalton and Daniel Duffy.. Mary Dalton and Richard Humbers.. Dalton and John Frazer.. Michael Dalton and Anne Thompson.. Keefe.. Nicholas Dalton and Bridget Kennedy.. Patrick Dalton and Mary Taffey.. Deborah Dalton and Robert Albert Watkins.. Dalton and Caroline M.. Stewart.. John Dalton and Elizabeth C.. Thompson.. Louise J.. Dalton and Maximilian A.. Huber.. William Dalton and Mary O'Brien.. Emily G.. Dalton and John J.. Bush.. Hannah Dalton and William Metcalfe.. Johanna Dalton and John Egan.. Mary Dalton and Herbert Wyatt.. Dalton and Mary H.. Condon.. Dalton and Margaret Kendell.. Dalton and Frances Mary Pyne.. Elizabeth Dalton and John Apps.. Henry Dalton and Clara Roberts.. James Dalton and Francis Madden.. John Dalton and Mary Pember.. John S.. Dalton and Ellen E.. Robson.. Susan Dalton and Antony A.. Smith.. Timothy G.. Dalton and Bridget M.. O'Connor.. Josephine V.. Dalton and Gabriel H.. Bernberg.. Lena M.. Dalton and Frederick T.. Canning.. Mary Dalton and Samuel Drake.. Michael Dalton and Ellen Ryan.. William Dalton and Johanna Maher.. MARRIAGE INDEX DAULTON, DOLTON.. 1839.. Mary Dolton and Francis O'Reiley or Reiley, Melboune, St.. James (Vic), Church of England.. Daulton and Robert Mc Millan.. Mary Dolton and Patrick Quinn.. Frederick Augustus Dolton and Margaret Gilson.. Elizabeth Daulton and James O'Neal ot Neal.. Matthew Daulton and Mary Leary.. Arthur Dolton and Mary Jane Ben/Bew.. Rebecca Emily Dolton and Edmund Markham.. Joseph Dolton and Eliza J.. Mc Murtrie.. DEATH INDEX DALTONS.. Arranged by Church.. Camperdown; Newtown, Church of England.. 1854.. Martha Dalton, 51.. 1855, George Dalton, 50.. 1857, Mrs.. 1858, William Dalton.. 1860, Jane M.. 1862, William Dalton.. Castlereagh, Church of England.. 1841, John Dalton, 63.. 1846, Jane Dalton, 27.. 1854, Alice Dalton.. Hexham; Newcastle, Christ Church, Church of England.. 1829, Edward Dalton, 26.. Liverpool, St.. Lukes, Church of England.. 1833, John Dalton, 36.. 1833, John Dalton, 47.. John's Church of England.. 1816, Elizabeth Dalton, infant.. Patrick's Roman Catholic.. Dalton, infant.. 1855, Catherine Dalton, infant.. James' Church of England.. 1832, Sarah Dalton, 59.. 1833, William Dalton, 63.. 1835, John Dalton, 40.. James, Roman Catholic.. 1840, John Dalton, infant.. 1846, Jane Dalton.. 1846William Dalton, infant.. 1850, Bridget Dalton, 39.. 1850, Catherine Dalton infant.. 1853, Margaret Dalton, infant.. Lawrence's, Church of England.. 1838, Emma Dalton, infant.. 1840, Amelia Dalton , infant.. Mary's, Roman Catholic.. 1830, William Dalton, 25.. 1840, Michael Dalton, infant.. 1841, Richard Dalton, infant.. Phillips, Church of England.. 1812, Caroline Dalton, infant.. 1815, Amelia Dalton, infant.. 1827, Lavinia Dalton, 29.. 1846, Emily.. 1869, Michael Dalton.. Sydney Roman Catholic, Parish Not Stated.. 1840, Michael Dalton, infant Sydney, Wesleyan Methodist.. 1852, Sarah Dalton, 71.. Yass, Roman Catholic.. 1845, John Dalton, 28.. DEATH INDEX OF DALTONS.. By Place of Death.. Armidale.. 1862, Mary A.. Dalton, 25.. Balmain.. 1884, James Dalton, 50.. Bourke.. 1884, Frederick Dalton, 26.. Camperdown.. 1886, John Dalton, 30.. Carcoar.. 1857, John Dalton, 52.. Concord.. 1875, John Dalton, 11 mos.. Drayton.. Dungog.. 1864, Richard Dalton, son of Isaac.. East Maitland.. 1876, Thomas Dalton son of Garrett.. Gladesville.. 1884, William Dalton, 27.. Gungdagai.. 1872, James Dalton, 70.. Homebush.. 186, Bridget Dalton, 54.. 1876, Francis Dalton, 68.. 1872, William Dalton 74.. 1873, Michael Dalton, 70.. Newcastle.. 1878, Rose J.. Dalton, father - Frederick.. Newington.. 1887, Ellen Dalton, 63.. Newtown.. 1887, John Dalton, 35.. Orange.. 1877, Michael Dalton, 33.. 1878, Elizabeth Dalton.. 1858, John Dalton, 45.. 1885, Edward Dalton, 59.. 1870, Nicholas Dalton, 72.. 1877, Susannah Dalton.. 1878, Thomas Dalton, 41.. Patricks Plains.. 1874, John Dalton, 80.. Picton.. 1865, Henry Dalton, 33.. Scone.. 1863, Mary A.. Dalton, 22.. Dalton, 4.. 1860, William E.. Dalton, 57.. 1862, William Dalton, 53.. 1866, Catherine Dalton, 63.. 1866, Frederick Dalton, father - Frederick.. 1873, George Dalton, 24.. 1877, Mary Dalton, 38.. 1880, William Dalton, 77.. 1881, Ellen Dalton, 71.. 1886, Mary Dalton.. Tenterfield.. 1868, Michael Dalton, about 40.. Wellington.. 1874, John Dalton, 58.. 1876, Alfred Dalton, 45.. 1871, John Dalton, 80..

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  • Title: South Australia
    Descriptive info: This file contains almost four hundred births and was contributed by Dr.. John Jennings of Australia.. It is divided into two Sections.. Section I contains the paternal, Dalton, name and Section II contains the full name of the maternal Dalton.. In total there are over 1000 surnames in this file.. Our appreciation is extended to Dr.. Jennings.. If you have data to add to this file, please contact.. BIRTHS - DALTON FATHERS.. BIRTHS - DALTON MOTHERS.. BIRTHS - DALTON FATHERS.. Family Name.. Given Names.. Birth Date.. Gender.. Father.. Mother.. Birth Place/Residence.. District Code.. DALTON.. (not recorded).. 1850-03-1.. James DALTON.. Mary CLARKE.. Adelaide.. Ada Selina.. 1878-05-3.. George DALTON.. Ellen (not recorded).. Millicent.. Grey.. Alfred.. 1874-02-2.. Alfred DALTON.. Marianne FERGUSON.. Nr Nairne.. Nairne.. Amy.. 1868-01-0.. Jane LONGHURST.. Langhorne Creek.. Strathalbyn.. Ann Ethel.. 1878-04-0.. James Thomas DALTON.. Mary Ann Theresa LONERGAN.. Prospect.. Anne.. 1869-04-1.. George DALTON.. Helen WARD.. Byethorne nr Nairne.. 1887-12-1.. Ellen KILDERRY.. Hd of Cavanagh.. Frome.. Annie Olive.. 1881-02-1.. John DALTON.. Elisabeth Ann DONEY.. Arnheim Ysobel Blakeley.. 1885-12-1.. Frederick Blakeley DALTON.. Sarah Ann PORT.. Palmerston [NT].. Palmerston.. Catheline.. 1854-12-1.. William DALTON.. Eliza CHESTER.. Charles.. 1883-03-3.. Chas DALTON.. Harriett GIBBS.. Mount Benson Kingston.. Charles Henry.. 1879-10-0.. Glenelg.. Charles Roy.. 1889-03-0.. Charles Henry DALTON.. Elizabeth Jane ADLAM.. Kensington Park.. Norwood.. Charlotte Mary.. 1881-09-1.. Charles DALTON.. Harriet GIBBS.. Kingston.. Clarence Reginald.. 190?-09-24.. Charles Victor DALTON.. Annie Cecilia DAVIES.. Port Pirie.. Clarice Grace.. 1897-12-0.. Harry Oliver DALTON.. Harriett ROBERTS.. North Kensington.. Cyril Francis.. 1899-05-2.. Harriet ROBERTS.. Darwynia Gwendoline Portia.. Edith Alice.. 1877-12-2.. Elizabeth Jane ADLAN.. Kensington.. Edward Lancelot Stirling.. 1897-01-1.. Edward Lisle.. 1877-02-0.. North Adelaide.. Eliza Ann.. 1876-08-2.. Ann DAVIES.. Eliza Frances.. 1878-02-1.. Michael DALTON.. Eliza WATSON.. Eliza Jane.. 1883-09-1.. Thomas Charles DALTON.. Eliza Anne FRECKELTON.. Bruce.. Ellen.. 1857-07-0.. Ellen Elsie.. 1892-10-1.. Arthur DALTON.. Adelaide Ann LARKINGS.. Ellen Frances Priscilla.. 1872-10-2.. Ellen WAUGH.. Mount Gambier.. Emily Jane.. 1875-03-0.. Ellen WARR.. Hd of Mayurra.. Emily Maude.. 1873-09-2.. Emily Wilson Moir.. 1849-08-0.. Aboard Emily.. Emma.. 1857-06-2.. Emma May.. 1886-05-2.. Thomas DALTON.. Eliza Ann FRECKELTON.. Quorn.. Emmeline Horton.. 1853-09-2.. John Walter Frederick DALTON.. Emma BLAKELEY.. Ernest.. 1876-02-2.. Mary Ann FERGUSON.. Mount Barker Hill nr Nairne.. Esther Matilda.. 190?-08-23.. Highland Valley Woodchester.. Evelyn Annie.. 190?-10-07.. Cecelia Annie DAVIS.. Solomontown.. Frances Amelia.. 1854-06-1.. Samuel DALTON.. Esther BYRNE.. Frank Arthur.. 1881-12-1.. Frederick Arthur.. 1882-08-2.. Frederick Blakeley.. 1851-05-0.. Frederick Charles Nicholas.. 190?-07-20.. Frederick Arthur DALTON.. Isabel ONEIL.. Frederick Walter Percy.. 1888-05-1.. Roseberry.. 1870-07-1.. Byethorne.. George Augustus.. 1872-11-1.. Mary Ann DALTON.. George Henry.. 1883-04-0.. George Jesse DALTON.. Ada BUDDS.. Custon.. Gilbert John.. 1897-05-0.. Edward Joseph DALTON.. Jane Mary CAMPBELL.. Paradise.. Gladys May.. 1895-12-1.. Robert Thomas DALTON.. Margaret Ann HOLMES.. Auburn.. Upper Wakefield.. Gwendoline Mary Gertrude.. 190?-04-02.. Adelaide Ann LARKING.. Woodchester.. Harriett.. 1859-05-0.. (not recorded) LANGHURST.. Harry Oliver.. 1871-09-1.. Hilda May.. 1888-12-0.. Annie DALTON.. Irene May.. 1896-05-1.. Adelaide Ann OSBORNE.. Hd of Yadnarie.. Flinders.. Isaac.. 1885-02-2.. Mount Benson.. James Robert.. 1898-09-1.. Yabmana.. Flinders.. Jane.. 1856-05-0.. Elizabeth OLIVER.. Jessie Mabel.. 1875-10-0.. Jessie May.. John.. 1854-04-1.. Sarah ALLINGHAM.. John Archibald.. Elizabeth Ann DONEY.. John Joseph.. 1880-05-0.. John Joseph DALTON.. May Catherine BROWN.. 1886-10-0.. Kate Elizabeth.. 1885-11-3.. Jane Elizabeth ADLAM.. Lilian Jane.. 190?-08-22.. Marianne.. 1880-08-0.. Martha.. 1864-03-0.. Mary.. 1867-12-2.. Dry Creek nr Nairne.. 1892-02-0.. Ellin KILDERRY.. Gumbowie nr Lancelot.. Mary Ann.. 1855-02-2.. 1885-04-0.. Elizabeth Ann FRECKELTON.. Mary Eileen.. 1895-04-2.. Patrick DALTON.. Mary COSTELLO.. Nr Gladstone.. Matilda.. 1861-06-2.. Nellie.. 190?-12-17.. William Joseph DALTON.. Elizabeth Eliza CUNNINGHAM.. Aldgate.. Mt Barker.. Patrick Francis.. 1890-08-0.. Hindmarsh.. Phillip.. 1889-05-0.. Mary COSTOLLO.. New Thebarton.. Reta May.. 190?-05-29.. Richard.. 1859-08-1.. Robert Thomas.. 1865-11-1.. Roland Adlam.. 1880-09-2.. Rowland Oliver.. 190?-02-19.. Samuel Doney.. 1874-12-1.. Samuel Henry.. 1857-11-0.. Sarah.. 1878-05-2.. Sarah Charlotte.. 1856-05-1.. Stephen.. 1852-10-0.. Sylvia Alicia.. 1882-03-1.. Thomas.. 1867-02-2.. Rachael DALTON.. Thomas Charles.. 1880-02-1.. Elizabeth Anne FRECKELTON.. Childh of Palmer.. Thomas Edward.. 1882-10-3.. Mary Kate BROWN.. Vera May.. 190?-07-29.. Mary Anna MEADOWS.. Hartley.. Victor Ernest.. 190?-09-11.. Cecilia Annie DAVIES.. Walter Edwin.. 1855-08-0.. John Frederick DALTON.. Emma BLAKELIN.. William.. 1868-06-1.. Elizabeth FOODY.. Port Adelaide.. William John.. 1881-12-0.. Elisa Anna FRECKELTON.. William Lawrence.. 1886-06-2.. Margret Ann HOLMES.. Belvidere.. William Thomas.. 1885-01-2.. William Thomas Chester.. 1878-10-0.. Elizabeth Anne DONEY.. DOLTON.. John Edward.. 190?-09-28.. Frank Lewis Edward DOLTON.. Alice Beatrice ALDERMAN.. Balaklava.. Gilbert.. BIRTHS - DALTON MOTHERS.. ABBOTT.. Edith Hannah.. 1891-01-0.. Henry Giles ABBOTT.. Nina Margaret.. 1893-06-0.. Brompton Park.. ANNEAR.. Alice Dean.. Opie ANNEAR.. Henrietta Dalton DEAN.. Brompton.. AYLING.. Eliza Hannah.. 1858-05-0.. John AYLING.. Lyndoch Valley.. Barossa.. Emma Martha.. 1854-04-0.. Frederick Dalton.. 1861-04-0.. James George.. 1852-02-0.. Thomas Arthur.. 1856-04-1.. Barossa West.. BAKER.. Frances.. 1884-09-2.. William BAKER.. Rachel DALTON.. Templers.. Lilly.. 1881-11-1.. BATEMAN.. Joseph.. 1872-01-1.. Joseph BATEMAN.. Jane DALTON.. Louisa.. BOOTHEY.. Edith Ellen.. James BOOTHEY.. Emily Moir Wilson DALTON.. Ernest Harold.. 1882-03-2.. Emily Moore  ...   Wakefield.. Edith May.. 1873-04-2.. Dalkey.. GIBBS.. Henage Murray Golden.. 1866-07-1.. George Edward GIBBS.. Sandergrove.. HAINES.. Elizabeth.. 1862-05-0.. William HAINES.. Betsy DALTON.. Hd of Light.. Willam.. 1857-08-1.. Betsey DALTON.. Willaston.. HALDANE.. William Leslie.. John HALDANE.. Eliza Mary Dalton HARRIS.. Goodwood West.. HALL.. Alice Maud Mary.. 1875-08-1.. Charles James HALL.. Susannah Maria DALTON.. Arthur Gordon.. 1888-07-2.. Sandwell.. Caroline Elizabeth.. 1873-05-1.. Charles Ernest.. 1880-09-0.. Susanah Maria DALTON.. Kew.. Dora Gertrude.. 1890-09-2.. Eva May.. 1886-04-2.. Farnham Semaphore.. Gerald Percy.. 1878-12-0.. Susanna Maria DALTON.. Marryatville.. Harrold Dalton.. 1881-10-2.. Herbert Leslie.. 1883-07-0.. Maria Susanna DALTON.. James Cecil.. 1874-05-1.. Rupert Charles.. 1884-06-0.. Violet May.. Walter Henry.. Findon.. HANTON.. Fredrick George.. 1881-05-1.. Henry Benjamin HANTON.. Fullarton.. Harry Fullarton.. 1883-07-1.. Myrtle May Eulalie.. 1885-01-1.. William Mark.. 1878-07-2.. HARRIS.. 1871-05-0.. William Henry HARRIS.. Elizabeth Willingham DALTON.. Edith Tildesley.. 1872-05-1.. William Abraham HARRIS.. Elizabeth Wellingham DALTON.. Eliza Mary Dalton.. 1863-01-1.. 1867-10-1.. Hannah Ethel.. 1876-10-1.. W A HARRIS.. Margaret Emma.. Sidney.. Walter Joseph.. 1869-07-0.. William Thomas Spurling.. 1864-06-1.. HAYNES.. Frederick Charles.. William HAYNES.. Fords Station.. HOLLAND.. Edwin John.. 1864-07-2.. George HOLLAND.. Esther DALTON.. Meadows.. 1853-11-0.. HOLLANDS.. 1851-12-2.. George HOLLANDS.. Edward.. 1860-05-2.. Ellen Esther.. 1869-06-0.. Henry.. 1858-06-0.. Herbert.. 1862-04-0.. Green Hills.. Irn.. 1867-02-0.. JACKSON.. Abraham.. 1875-11-2.. Abraham JACKSON.. Johanna DALTON.. 1878-02-2.. Bakers Gully.. Morphett Vale.. Benjaman.. 1882-03-0.. Joanna DALTON.. Clarendon.. 1880-04-1.. Kangarilla.. Solomon.. 1884-04-0.. Eyres Flat.. Walter.. 1887-08-2.. Abram JACKSON.. Joannah DALTON.. JARRATT.. Marian Elizabeth.. 1864-03-1.. Thomas JARRATT.. Eliza DALTON.. JARRETT.. Allen Thomas.. 1866-04-2.. Thomas JARRETT.. Charlotte Emma Tildesley.. 1876-04-1.. Edward Robert.. 1868-08-2.. Gertrude Annie Crittenden.. 1881-01-1.. Herbert Everard.. Mary Louisa.. 1870-10-0.. Willie Crittenden.. 1879-12-0.. JENNINGS.. Herbert Edmund.. 1893-11-1.. George JENNINGS.. Marion DALTON.. Norman Douglas.. 1895-08-2.. LANGFORD.. Allan.. 1867-07-1.. George LANGFORD.. Eve DALTON.. Dashwood Gully.. Anna Ellen.. 1870-08-0.. Arthur.. 1869-02-1.. Charles Edward.. 1874-08-2.. Eve Mary DALTON.. Happy Valley.. 1862-06-1.. Eve Marie DALTON.. 1861-03-1.. 1859-03-2.. 1857-08-0.. Richard Couche.. 1854-01-2.. LAWSEN.. William August.. 1880-11-0.. Frances Edward LAWSEN.. Glanville.. LAWSON.. Edward Francis.. 1879-03-3.. Edward Francis LAWSON.. James Frederick.. 1882-11-0.. Francis Edward LAWSON.. Port Augusta.. John Daniel.. 1884-07-1.. Mary Willemmina.. 1889-05-2.. Davenport.. LONGFORD.. Harriett Ann.. 1865-10-1.. George LONGFORD.. LUGG.. Christopher George.. 1856-02-2.. James LUGG.. Emma Emily DALTON.. Mount Charles.. 1871-09-2.. Nr Woodside.. Elizabeth Ann.. 1854-04-2.. Enfield.. Frances Emma.. 1869-10-1.. Isabella Susan.. 1857-12-2.. Jemima.. 1863-04-0.. 1867-07-2.. Sandy Waterhole nr Harrogate.. Margaret Jane.. 1864-12-1.. Maria Jane.. 1852-03-2.. Martha Louisa.. Nr Charleston.. 1859-08-3.. William James.. 1861-03-0.. Anna Emily DALTON.. Nr Mount Charles.. LUNN.. Beatrice Amelia.. 1883-12-0.. Robert Sampey LUNN.. Louisa Harriet DALTON.. Yatala.. Ethold Maud.. 1879-12-1.. Louisa Hariott DALTON.. Florence Louisa.. 1876-10-2.. Robert Samphy LUNN.. Mabel Gertrude.. Olive Hannah.. Robert Oliver Dalton.. 1878-06-1.. Louisa Harriett DALTON.. Rosina Elizabeth.. 1875-07-0.. Sarah Lillian.. 1874-05-2.. 1881-07-1.. Robert Samphey LUNN.. LYNAS.. Mary Ellen Kate.. 1893-05-2.. Thomas Reid Ward LYNAS.. Ellen Kate DALTON.. Exeter.. LYNCH.. 1887-09-2.. John LYNCH.. Emily DALTON.. MAGUIRE.. Frederick MAGUIRE.. Maria DALTON.. George Lewis.. 1887-11-0.. Maria DAULTON.. William Fred Charles.. 1886-06-1.. Fredrick MAGUIRE.. Yucfane Elizethed.. 1889-11-2.. Maria DOLTON.. MAHAR.. Thomas Francis Louis.. 190?-03-08.. Thomas Claude MAHAR.. Rose Caroline Louisa PANONS/DA.. Corryton nr Magill.. MALONEY.. Mary Josephine.. John MALONEY.. Bridget DALTON.. 1886-09-2.. John Joseph MALONEY.. MANING.. 1875-12-2.. William MANING.. Sarah DAULTON.. MANNING.. Alice.. 1878-01-2.. William MANNING.. Bassett Town.. Francis Timothy.. 1873-07-0.. John William MANNING.. Nr Fords Station.. John William.. 1859-04-0.. Gawler Town.. 1860-09-1.. Sarah DOLTON.. Kapunda Railway.. MARRA.. Harold Edwin.. 1887-11-2.. John MARRA.. Macclesfield.. Margaret Elizabeth.. 1889-07-2.. Elizabeth Ann DALTON.. MOLONEY.. Catherine Veronica Amelda.. John Joseph MOLONEY.. Thebarton.. Elizabeth Cecelia.. 1899-01-2.. Hemington.. Joseph John Francis.. 1889-10-1.. Roger Alphonsus.. 1891-12-1.. MORRISON.. Jean Mary.. 190?-06-09.. John William Archibald MORRISON.. OSBORNE.. Celsie Elizabeth Ellen.. 190?-01-16.. George OSBORNE.. Ada Selina DALTON.. Elsie Mayurra.. 190?-01-13.. Robert OSBORNE.. Ellen Frances Druscilla DALTON.. Leslie John.. 190?-10-18.. Ellen Francis Drusilla DALTON.. Lake Bonney.. Oscar George.. 190?-10-13.. PEARSON.. Johann Edward Dolton.. 1852-09-2.. William PEARSON.. Jane DOLTON.. 1855-03-1.. June DALTON.. REID.. Edith Evaline Sarah.. 1872-05-0.. Frederick REID.. SHARP.. 1892-12-1.. Henry SHARP.. Hannah DALTON.. John Henry.. SLATER.. Archie.. 190?-0-07.. Robert Harry SLATER.. Amy DALTON.. Charles Robert.. 190?-08-29.. Charlotte Emma.. 1896-03-2.. Hughie.. 1894-09-2.. 190?-05-25.. SMITH.. Charles Herbert.. 1882-10-0.. George SMITH.. Caroline DALTON.. Eliza Louisa.. 1879-03-2.. Crystal Brook North.. 1884-12-2.. West Nairne.. STARK.. Alexander.. 1871-11-1.. Alexander STARK.. Murra Binna.. Robe.. Archabald Edmund.. East Wellington.. Arthur Edward James.. 1884-06-2.. Hd of Mount Muirhead.. Caroline Issabella Jane.. 1879-11-0.. Donald.. 1890-12-1.. William Albert.. SULLIVAN.. 1850-05-0.. John SULLIVAN.. 1855-02-0.. SUMMERS.. Beatrice Howard.. 1895-01-0.. John SUMMERS.. Maylands.. Gertrude.. 1893-08-2.. John Lock SUMMERS.. Mary Ann Elizabeth DALTON.. Minnie Eileen.. 1898-10-0.. TODD.. 1882-12-1.. John TODD.. Harriette Eliza.. William TODD.. Mary Ellen.. William George.. TOWERS.. Doris Annie.. John William TOWERS.. Emily Jane DALTON.. Nr Millicent.. TROWER.. Rebecca.. Thomas Sharp TROWER.. Margaret DALTON.. WARD.. 1861-08-0.. Thomas WARD.. Fanny DALTON.. 1859-10-0.. Richard WARD.. Eliza.. 1858-08-0.. Robert WARD.. 1860-01-2.. 1862-05-1.. 1858-01-2..

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  • Title: Canada
    Descriptive info: CANADA.. This is a comprehensive view of where the Canadian Daltons came from, where they settled and what they did for a living.. This 1881 Census does not include Newfoundland and Labrador which did not become part of the Union until 1949.. An explanation at the beginning of this page of about 800 surnames, is an aid in determining familial relationships.. To put the size of the Dalton population into perspective, in 1881 it was equivalent to the Dalton population of Virginia in 1880.. Canadians who were enumerated in the 1880 Census of the U.. are also listed separately.. To compensate for the absence of Newfoundland Census data, click on the huge Newfoundland page that has been provided by DGS members Dianne Jackman of St.. Johns, Newfoundland and Everett J.. Dalton of Kamloops, British Columbia.. Dianne has spent hours copying these records from dusty archives and they are the most extensive to be found anywhere.. This page contains over 2000 surname entries.. Our thanks are extended to contributors Michelle Dalton, Sheila Hennessey, K.. Mapstone, Marie Huntley and Dianne Jackman.. DGS American Secretary Karen Dalton Preston has further enhanced the Ontario Births (1869 - 1909) and Marriages (1857 - 1924) information with the addition of 761 records abstracted from Ancestry.. Please use the section links, the Find on this page.. button below, or the Edit/Find function of your browser to search each section.. This page was last updated 5 November, 2011.. You can click on a Province on the map or the name on the right.. Provinces of Canada:.. Additional Information.. Census Extractions.. Home Children (1869-1930).. Military Data.. 1901 Canadian Census Database.. BRITISH COLUMBIA.. Marriage Index.. Carleton County.. 2 Jun 1909, at Ottawa, Margaret Dalton, 32, widow of East Templeton and William H.. Hall, 28 farmer of West Templeton; parents John Dalton and Jessie Blow and Sam Hall and Sarah Smith.. Cranbrook.. 7 Nov 1914, Elizabeth Beatric Dalton and William Henry Hilton.. Kamloops District.. 18 Dec 1893, Edwin C.. Mc GEE.. 15 May 1918, Floremce Marie Dalton and Raymond L.. Martinson.. 1 Oct 1924, Lazelle Mona Dalton and John Edward Gillett.. Nanaimo.. 18 Feb 1908, Richard Dalton and Julia Levy Ash at Nanaimo.. Nelson County.. 17 Jun 1903, Henry Herknner Dalton and Margaret Emma Craig at Nelson.. Vancouver.. 31 Dec 1892, Frank Dalton and Alva Fowler.. 18 Aug 1903, Henry Clay Dalton and Mary Louise Smith.. 14 Sep 1909, Joseph Warreb Dalton, and Helen Marr Ross.. 5 Aug 1913, Charles Pridham Dalton and Olivia Lundgren.. 26 Jul 1915, Catherine Dalton and William John M.. Tiffin.. 9 Aug 1917, Helen May Dalton and Herbert Douglas Gibbs.. 7 Oct 1920, William Dalton and Jean Haggerty.. 20 Jul 1921, Frances Margaret Dalton and James Moir.. 31 Dec 1921, Edith Evelyn Dalton and Sydney Dunn Scott.. 7 Jan 1922, Rose Emily Dalton and Cicero Napier Davidson.. 10 Ocr 1923, Clara Belle Dalton and Herbert George Knappett.. 19 Jan 1907, William Robert Dalton and Helen Louise Hillebrand at Victoria.. Cemeteries British Columbia.. There are 35 cemeteries listed in British Columbia on a web site of the Vernon and District Family History Society.. Each cemetery listing contains the gravestone inscriptions of that cemetery.. In the 35 cemeteries there are only 3 Dalton gravestones and they are located in Salmon Arm Cemetery as follows:.. Dalton, Algemon Edwin, 1898-1977 ILMO, and Elsie May Dalton, 1902-1949.. Dalton, Dora Amelia, July 21, 1897- August 28, 1993, ILM - same plot as #1.. Dalton, Edwin C.. , Father, 1865-1939, ILMO and Mary E.. Dalton, Mother, 1876-1954.. A search for other names and recently updated files may be conducted at:.. www.. junction.. net/vernhist/asalmonarm.. NOVA SCOTIA.. Halifax Marriages 1751-1837.. There are 13 Books and 12 Volumes of Registers for this period.. The four entries below are the only Daltons listed and were extracted by the Guild of One Name Studies.. Vol.. 12, 1830-1832.. Entry No.. 127; 20 Mar 1831.. Banns; Henry Hawkyard, Elland, Joiner and Jane Dalton, Elland.. 14, 1833-1835;Entry No, 436;3 Aug 1834 Banns; John Dalton, Southowram, Bricklayer and Maria Hird, Southowram.. 14, 1833-1835;Entry No.. 674.. 30 Oct 1834, Licence; Richard Walker, Elland, Machine Maker and Catherine Dalton, Elland, Widow.. 15.. 1835-1836; Entry No.. 766; 12 Feb 1836, Licence; Henry Dalton, Halifax, Basketmaker and Jemima Tattersall, Halifax.. Additions.. Yarmouth Marriage.. 17 Mar 1853, Melissa Dalton and James Suttie.. Maurice Dalton of Yarmouth Township, Shelburne County, born 23 Sept.. 1793 and died 13 June 1851.. Maurice Dalton married Bethiah Bain, daughter of Captain Alexander Bain and Bethiah Brown circa 1819.. It was his 2nd marriage and her first.. Bethiah was born 31 Aug.. 1798 and died circa 1868.. Children Maurice and Bethiah were:.. Azor Dalton; died 5 May 1850, age 27, unmarried.. Harriet Dalton; married W.. Raymond Wellesley, son of John Wellesley; their first marraige.. Calvin Dalton; married Sarah Cann, daughter of Elder Calvin Cann.. It was his 2nd marraige and her first.. Calvin Dalton died, and then Sarah married James B.. Bain circa 1858.. Children of Calvin and Sarah were:.. a.. Azor Dalton ‑ born 6 Jan.. 1853; died 27 Mar.. b.. Frank Dalton ‑ born 5 Feb.. 1855; married Cinda Bowman of Maine on 3 Feb.. c.. Calvin Dalton ‑ born 31 Oct.. 1856; married Jessie Allen, daughter of George Allen on 20 Oct.. Maria Dalton; married Captain Joseph Stanwood, son of Samuel Stanwood, on 12 Feb.. 1854; she died 13 Oct.. 1860; he died 13 Aug.. Melissa Jane Dalton; married James E.. Suttie, son of Andrew Suttie on 17 Mar.. 1853; she died on 25 Apr.. 1897.. MARRIAGES within Catholic Archdiocese of Halifax.. 26 July 1811: Catherine Dalton, daughter of Michael Dalton and Mary Wall of Co.. Kilkenny, Ireland to Michael Kerwick, son of James Kerwick and Catherine Whelan of Co.. Kilkenny, Ireland.. 2 June 1829: Philip Lynch, son of Thomas Lynch and Catherine Dalton of Co.. Cavan, Ireland to Ellinor Cole.. 18 Oct.. 1834: Richard Dalton, son of James Dalton and Johanna Walsh of Co.. Kilkenny, Ireland to Catherine Neagle, daughter of Henry Neagle and Mary Gleeson of Co.. Offaly, Ireland.. 9 Jan.. 1835: Ellen Dalton, daughter of Thomas Dalton and Mary Ryan of Co.. Kilkenny, Ireland to Private Michael McCarthy, of 96th Regiment, son of John McCarthy and Honora Byrne of Co.. Cork, Ireland.. 4 Oct.. 1839: Margaret Dalton, daughter of Redmond Dalton and Alice Whelan of Co.. Waterford, Ireland to John Lynch, son of Denis Lynch and Ellen Burke of Co.. Waterford, Ireland.. 21 Feb.. 1768: Burial of James Dalton, from St.. Paul's Church in Halifax.. June, 1784 Muster Roll of Loyalists from American Revolution: Thomas Dalton granted 100 acres of Shelburne Town Lot.. 1792 Assessment Roll: Garret Dawton and Patrick Dawton listed as fishermen at Prospect Harbour.. 29 Jan.. 1801 ‑ Daniel Dalton is grantee at Digby, New Grant.. 1827 Census of Yarmouth Township, Shelburne County.. , on about 1 Oct.. 1827:.. Maurice Dalton, Babtist [sic], shoemaker: 2 males, 4 females, 1 servant; 1 birth and 2 deaths in prior year.. widow Dalton, Methodist: 1 male, 1 female; 1 death in prior year.. ONTARIO.. Ontario Births Marriages Deaths Database.. ONTARIO CEMETERY INSCRIPTIONS.. Listings of Daltons were abstracted from several websites.. Details are sorted by place, cemetery, and plot.. Any tombstone dates in years, months and days have been changed to calendar dates.. It is not unusual for family members to be buried in more than one plot or cemetery, nor is it unusual for a spouse to be buried with her family.. Not all cemeteries in Ontario have made their records available to the public, nor all have been surveyed, nor have online databases or photo galleries, yet.. A large index of Dalton burial locations can be found at: Ontario Cemetery Finding Aid website:.. islandnet.. com/ocfa.. It is the onus of the researcher to verify accuracy of any cemetery inscriptions to other known genealogical information about the decedent.. Name.. Born.. Died.. Relationship.. Remarks.. ST.. JOSEPH CATHOLIC CEMETERY, ASHFIELD TOWNSHIP, HURON COUNTY.. canadagenweb.. org.. with photographs.. Nearly all of the Daltons buried here are from the Maurice Dalton family of Bromore, County Kerry, Ireland.. Alice Dalton.. 1963.. single marker.. Antoinette B.. May 3, 1912.. 18, 2004.. single marker; Toni.. , 1910.. , 1997.. self.. marker.. Catherine Noonan.. July, 1912.. , 2000.. his wife.. 1848.. 1900.. wife of.. Christopher Lambertus.. 1918.. husband of.. Joseph Lambertus.. son of.. on side of John Dalton monument; children of Maurice Dalton and Jane McKenna.. Bridget M.. 1955.. Elizabeth A.. 1946.. 1908.. Bridget Flynn.. 1921.. wife of Charles.. Charles Lewis (Louis) Dalton.. 1965.. Elizabeth McCarthy.. 1898.. 1986.. Catherine McCarthy.. 1966.. her sister.. upright stone; 4 of 7 children of Michael Dalton and Elizabeth Young.. Charles M.. 27, 1885.. 23, 1920.. brother.. Bert Dalton.. 3, 1888.. 6, 1888.. brother Bartholomew.. Jennie Dalton.. 24, 1879.. 3, 1907.. sister Jane Teresa.. Joseph Dalton.. 10, 1896.. 8, 1906.. Daniel Dalton.. 22, 1881.. native of County Kerry.. Dennis Patrick Dalton.. May 5th, 1907.. 10, 1992.. parents of five children.. Irene E.. Lambertus.. 21, 1914.. 19, 2005.. children of John Dalton and Mary O'Keefe.. Frank (Francis) Dalton.. 1960.. 1944.. sister.. wife of Stephen Austin.. Francis Raymond Dalton.. 1998.. father.. Patricia Reynolds.. 1907.. 1967.. mother.. 1831.. Mary Flynn.. 1840.. 1931.. wife.. name on Flynn monument.. Bridget Windle.. 4, 1870.. 1912.. daughter.. married name.. 1945.. son.. Ann.. 1934.. Jeremiah Dalton.. 15, 1876.. 1959.. Julia Ann King.. 14, 1885.. 19, 1960.. 15, 1888.. husband of Lina Ford.. 1923.. large double upright.. Mary O'Keefe.. 1844.. Cornelius.. 11, 1895.. John Jr.. 1937.. Daniel.. 1942.. Veronica.. 2, 1887.. 6, 1910.. 24, 1888.. 20, 1888.. 1803.. 27, 1879.. older marker says native of County Kerry, Ireland.. newer.. with names of John, Elizabeth and Daniel.. John Charles Dalton.. 1953.. Frances Moss.. 1940.. Joseph G.. 1938.. son of John Dalton Christine Meyer.. 1930.. John Sullivan Dalton.. 1968.. parents of three children.. Christine Meyer.. 1896.. Margaret Dalton.. 1822.. 29, 1886.. second wife of Maurice Dalton, Sr.. born County Kerry.. June 7, 1878.. single marker; dau.. of Charles Dalton Bridget Flynn.. Mark J.. 1924.. 1976.. US Army World War II.. Mary Kathleen Dalton.. blank.. parents of two children.. James D.. McDonald.. 1995.. 1829.. 22, 1898.. husband.. single side of monument.. Jane McKenna.. 1835.. 8, 1874.. first wife of Maurice Dalton.. 1917.. Elizabeth Young.. 1851.. 1, 1909.. Michael Francis Dalton.. 24, 1874.. Elizabeth H.. Dean.. 1961.. Morgan J.. 1939.. inscription: son of Maurice Dalton Margaret King of Co.. Kerry, Ireland.. Mary Sullivan.. 1932.. inscription: dau.. of John Sullivan Johanna Desmond of Co.. Sarah Dalton.. 26, 1904.. John Griffin.. 13, 1849.. William Augustine Dalton.. 1948.. upright in front of Garvey upright.. Helen Garvey.. 1890.. 1927.. Garvey family plot.. Mary Quinn.. June 2,1920.. buried in Quinn family plot.. Cornelius Dalton.. 1895.. buried in John Dalton family plot.. PETER'S CATHOLIC CEMETERY, COLBORNE TOWNSHIP, HURON COUNTY.. 1849.. 1941.. James Young.. 1926.. Elizabeth Donovan.. Thomas Clarence Dalton.. 1901.. 1904.. Maurice Cyril Dalton.. Hannah Cronin.. 1825.. 12, 1886.. James Tobin.. 1834.. 1899.. native of Tipperary.. Mary M.. 15, 1918.. 14, 2003.. Joseph D.. O'Brien.. 1, 1918.. 1, 1896.. BURFORD PIONEER CEMETERY, BURFORD TOWNSHIP, BRANT COUNTY.. interment.. net.. Ada F.. Robert James Sim.. 1892.. 1958.. GREENWOOD CEMETERY, BRANTFORD TOWNSHIP, BRANT COUNTY.. Frederick E.. 7, 1887.. 28, 1899.. son of William Mary Dalton.. HOLY ANGELS CATHOLIC CEMETERY.. THOMAS TOWNSHIP, ELGIN COUNTY.. 21, 1918.. single upright.. Susan Gorman.. 1928.. 15, 1866.. 3, 1866.. Maud Dalton.. Francis Dalton.. Lucy A.. 23, 1876.. 23, 1909.. Catherine B.. , 1879.. June 5, 1886.. Robert Dalton.. May 25, 1882.. June 13, 1886.. CHRIST CHURCH COLCHESTER CEM.. , COLCHESTER SOUTH TWP, ESSEX COUNTY.. Ernest A.. footstone.. Johanna G.. RUSCOM UNITED CEMETERY, LAKESHORE, ESSEX COUNTY.. June 7, 1888.. OUR LADY OF THE LAKE CEMETERY, SOUTH SANDWICH TOWNSHIP, ESSEX COUNTY.. George Dalton.. 1978.. footstone: husband and father.. WINDSOR GROVE CEMETERY, WINDSOR, ESSEX COUNTY.. with photopraphs.. Alice Edith Dalton.. 14, 1913.. 25, 1996.. name of John Dalton also on marker.. Eskine Morden M.. D.. 17, 1913.. 1, 1997.. 1933.. Gertrude Dalton.. SACRED HEART OF MARY CEMETERY, MADOC TOWNSHIP, HASTINGS COUNTY.. findagrave.. 1800.. , 1876.. Sarah Flynn.. 1820.. July, 1893.. Sarah Daulton.. 15, 1818.. July 5, 1895.. also on marker: Thomas Gordon died Nov.. 25, 1888; age 37 years.. Daulton.. 19, 1902.. 5, 1906.. son of W.. BORNISH , ST.. COLUMBA (RC) CEM.. , WEST WILLIAMS TWP.. , MIDDLESEX COUNTY.. Hannah (Dalton) McDonald.. 13, 1880.. Jul.. 15, 1962.. single marker; name of spouse not easily found.. MOUNT PLEASANT CEMETERY, LONDON TOWNSHIP, MIDDLESEX COUNTY.. Hannah (Lady) Dalton.. May 4, 1829.. 15, 1909.. Sir John Carling KCMG.. 23, 1828.. 6, 1911.. 28, 1843.. 26, 1888.. Emeline M.. 19, 1844.. 11, 1901.. Henry Summers Dalton.. 23, 1864.. July 25, 1866.. older marker.. 1, 1803.. 28, 1854.. July 1, 1807.. 27, 1884.. born at Barnard Castle.. 1, 1826.. 13, 1832.. inscription: children of Henry and Maria Dalton.. 3, 1845.. May 13, 1851.. 4, 1827.. 22, 1880.. Joshua Dalton.. Jan 6, 1834.. July 14, 1882.. Joshua D.. Doris M.. 1997.. Reginald H.. Dockstader.. 1915.. Grace Dalton.. 1985.. Charles Willard Eastwood.. GROVE/ WEBSTER CEMETERY, LONDON TOWNSHIP, MIDDLESEX COUNTY.. 1956.. Lyman Dalton.. PETER CEMETERY, LONDON TOWNSHIP, MIDDLESEX COUNTY.. Dora Dalton.. 11, 1965.. Sister M.. Ursula.. KELVIN UNITED CEMETERY , WINDHAM TOWNSHIP, NORFOLK COUNTY.. Laura Irene Dalton.. 16, 1886.. 6, 1886.. dau.. Of Nelson Annetta Dalton.. VANESSA CEMETERY, WINDHAM TOWNSHIP, NORFOLK COUNTY.. L.. 1951.. Beatrice G.. 1935.. WHITE BRICK CEMETERY, ANASTER TOWNSHIP, NORFOLK COUNTY.. Emma E.. 1909.. 1994.. wife of.. Allan C.. Smith.. 1973.. SAINT COLUMBAN ROMAN CATHOLIC CEMETERY, PERTH TOWNSHIP, PERTH COUNTY.. Annie T.. 2002.. Frank A.. Bowman.. 1988.. Agnes Dalton.. daughter of Maurice Grace Dalton.. husband of Mary.. Mary Cronin.. 1952.. wife of John.. Grace Moylan.. 1906.. 1989.. My.. 31, 1891.. wife of John Dalton.. inscription on Moore monument.. Minnie Dalton.. 1971.. John L.. Malone.. PATRICK'S CEMETERY, GALWAY TOWNSHIP, PETERSBOROUGH COUNTY.. Mary Collins Dalton.. , 1848.. 23, 1911.. wife of James Dalton.. Elta M.. 1911.. James Minter.. 1981.. THOMAS ANGLICAN CEMETERY, ORO TOWNSHIP, SIMCOE COUNTY.. Harriet Dalton.. 1920.. VASEY UNITED CEMETERY, SIMCOE COUNTY.. ancestorsatrest.. 13, 1905.. 8, 1924.. Esther Dalton.. 1846.. 12, 1931.. 1, 1902.. Margaret Ann Ney.. William T.. Powell.. also on marker.. Ann Robert.. at bottom of marker.. Ralph Dalton.. Marjorie Bell.. 1913.. DRUMMOND HILL CEMETERY, LUNDY'S LANE, NIAGARA FALLS, WELLAND COUNTY.. 1810.. 1809.. Henry Dennis Dalton.. 1838.. born Croyden, Surrey, England.. Jane Dalton.. 1833.. wife of Frank.. son of Frank.. Clara Dalton.. 1889.. wife of Frederick.. Ann/ Fanny Dalton.. 7, 1847.. wife of Edward Dalton.. 1845.. husband of Louisa.. wife buried elsewhere?.. Jennie Louise Dalton.. 1893.. daughter of.. Lewis William Dalton.. no date.. son of.. 1916.. caretaker of cemetery for 42 years.. Louisa V.. 1843.. Alice T.. 1903.. wife of Thomas F.. Walter Bertram Dalton.. son of Charles Lizzie Dalton.. Robert L.. Dalton M.. son of Frank L.. Emma Dalton.. BARTON UNION CEMETERY, BARTON TOWNSHIP, WENTWORTH COUNTY.. 1853.. 6, 1898.. daughter of William Tillman of Devonshire, England.. LUKE'S CEMETERY, BURLINGTON, ELGIN ST.. , WENTWORTH COUNTY.. freepages.. genealogy.. rootsweb.. ancestry.. 22, 1809.. 28, 1893.. born Westmoreland, England.. Elizabeth Dalton.. 7, 1816.. 28, 1892.. his wife; born Galloway, Scotland.. John William Dalton.. 29, 1878.. 15, 1966.. Walter D.. 3, 1885.. 16, 1960.. Dora Watson.. 3, 1889.. 3, 1948.. wife of Walter D.. 1842.. Sarah Cartwright.. SAINT PAUL ANGLICAN CEMETERY, GLANFORD TOWNSHIP, WENTWORTH COUNTY.. William E.. 4, 1878.. 23, 1944.. Allie Olstead.. June 27, 1878.. 6, 1938.. 21, 1927.. Emma Maud Martin.. 28, 1917.. first wife of.. Lillie M.. Mudd.. second wife of.. Charles Gordon Dalton.. Dorothy Dalton.. 1991.. Claude Dalton.. 1922.. Hannah Ann Saunders.. John E.. 1910.. Melvina J.. Harris.. 4, 1917.. Jane Wilkinson.. 2, 1916.. Sheila Pearl Miles Dalton.. 11, 1929.. , 1991.. TRINITY UNITED CHURCH CEMETERY, GLANFORD TOWNSHIP, WENTWORTH COUNTY.. Alma S.. wife of Frank I.. Freeman.. WHITE CHURCH CEMETERY, GLANFORD TOWNSHIP, WENTWORTH COUNTY.. 1811.. 12, 1895.. of Lincolnshire, England.. 1812.. 3, 1871.. Alice F.. 16, 1884.. daughter of John Jane Dalton.. Alice S.. 10, 1876.. June 26, 1876.. HAMILTON CEMETERY, HAMILTON TOWNSHIP, WENTWORTH COUNTY.. Ellen Sinclair McBride.. 11, 1942.. wife of George S.. Dalton; McBride monument.. Eunice Dalton.. 12, 1856.. 11, 1935.. Louis Edward Harris.. 9, 1850.. 3, 1898.. Rebecca Dalton.. native of Lincolnshire, England.. Mary Jane Dalton.. second wife.. Hewson.. June 5, 1859.. 31, 1923.. Aaron Hanby.. Jan 10, 1852.. 27, 1944.. ST JOHN'S ON THE HUMBER CEMETERY, CLOUSTON AVE.. , TORONTO, YORK COUNTY.. Reginald Hugh Dalton.. 7, 1892.. 23 Jun.. Inscription says: son of Sophia Dalton and Reginald Denison.. Sophia Francis Dalton.. 4, 1920.. interred at St.. Jude's Cemetery, Oakwood.. Reginald Denison.. 19, 1863.. 7, 1942.. QUEBEC.. Montreal - contributions from Sheila Hennessey.. Marriages St.. Gabriel's Catholic Church.. #6370 Aug 13 1810, Denis Gaudry, son of Rene Gaudry and Morin to Catherine Dalton daughter of Edouard Dalton and Eliza Lacombe.. #6412 Aug 14 1809, Louis Laroche, son of Ls.. Laroche and Jos.. Fleury to Eliza Dalton daughter of Edwaard Dalton and Anne Lacombe.. #6756 Sep 14 1843, William Glancey son of Patrick Glancey and Catherine McCabe to Maria Dalton, daughter of James Dalton and Bridget Doyle, Ireland.. Baptisms St.. B252 Nov 6 1881, Peter King son of Atwill Kingnad Idith Grant Dalton and the godfather is Richard (Dick Yeng) and Eugenie Ernestine Gerard.. August Gerard.. Marriage St.. Ann' Griffintown, Montreal.. M#3 Feb 13 1899, Thomas Paisley son of James Paisley and the late Alice Dalton of Dublin, Ireland to Ellen Delaney, daughter of Patrick Delaney and Elizabeth Brown.. Witnesses: Robert Bell friend of the groom and Mary Delaney, sister of the bride.. Baptism St.. Ann's R.. Griffintown.. B306 Nov 15 1883, Michael Joseph Dalton son of Michael Dalton and Isabella Holland.. Witness: W.. Michael Normoyle.. Montreal-Lovell Street Directory, 1868-69.. Daniel Dalton, trader, 142 Wellington St.. James Dalton, laborer, 16 Olier st.. John Dalton, 19 Devienne St.. John Dalton, carter, 36 Chaboillez St.. Mary Dalton (Miss), seamstress, 12 Monique St.. Dalton of W.. Dalton and Co.. , bods 491 Dorchester St.. , booksellers and stationers and news dealers, 64 Great St.. HOME CHILDREN.. In the listings to1913, there were 16 Dalton children.. More listings.. can be seen here.. Charles Dalton, age 15, arrived Boston, 1912, from Southampton, England, destination, Toronto, Canada.. Edward Dalton, age 15, arrived Portland, ME in 1905 from Liverpool.. Emily Dalton, age 6, in 1893, arrived Quebec, from Liverpool.. Ernest Dalton, age 11, arrived Quebec, Canada in 1903 from Liverpool, destination Ottawa, Ontario.. Dalton, age 10, arrived Quebec, Canada in 1905 from Liverpool.. George Dalton, age 15, arrived Portland, ME in 1907, destination Toronto, Canada.. George Dalton, age 14, arrived in Quebec, Canada from Liverpool, destination Ottawa, Canada.. James Dalton*, age 14, arrived Nova Scotia in 1894, from Liverpool, destination Halifax, Nova Scotia.. James Dalton, age 7, arrived Quebec, Canada in 1893 from Liverpool, destination, Montreal, Canada.. Janet Dalton, age 14, arrived Quebec, Canada in 1897 from Glasgow, Scotland, destination, Brockville, Ontario.. Joseph Dalton, age 11, arrived Quebec, Canada in 1910 from Liverpool, destination, Ottawa, Canada.. Mary E.. Dalton**, age 7, arrived Quebec, Canada in 1889 from Liverpool, destination Kingston, Ontario.. May Dalton, age 6, arrived Halifax, Nova Scotia in 1912, destination, Halifax, NS.. Stephen Matthew Dalton, age 11, arrived Portland, ME from Liverpool.. Thomas Dalton**, age 6, arrived Quebec, Canada in 1889 from Liverpool, destination Kingston, Ontario.. Walter Dalton, arrived Quebec, Canada in 1905 from Liverpool, to St.. George's Home, Hintonburg, Ottawa.. After checking the web site, (http://cyberus.. ca/bifhsgo/homechildren.. htm/) further information may be obtained for Barnado Children from the Barnardo Agency in London.. A search will be made of the Barnardo records, where any letters, names of visitors, etc.. who had contact with the children are on file.. Requests must be accompanied by a ten pound note, the birth certificate of the requestor, and the reason for seeking the information.. *James Dalton would have been 1 year old or younger at the time of the 1881 Census of Great Britain and should.. appear in it.. **Mary E.. and Thomas Dalton may have been siblings.. They arrived on the same ship, SS Parisian, on the same date, 31 May 1889, from the same agency, and both were destined for Kingston, Ontario.. and 18.. Ada Dolton age 12 and Mabel Dolton, age 11, sisters, left Liverpool on the Ship Polynesian, 5 Aug 1887 and arrived in Quebec 15 Aug 1887, destined for Niagara, Ontario.. The sisters appear with their families in the 1881 Census of the UK.. They were living at 6 Heathfield Cotts, Whippingham, Hampshire.. Our special appreciation is extended to Marie J.. Huntley, Ontario, Canada, a member of the GOONS, (Guild of One Name Studies).. CENSUS EXTRACTIONS.. 1881 CENSUS OF CANADA.. The Canadian Census of 1881 allows an opportunity to take a more comprehensive look at the Dalton population of Canada; to learn who they are, where they came from, where they lived and what they did for a living.. Newfoundland and Labrador were not included in this Census since they did not become part of the Union until the late 1940's.. This Census does not have a category that indicates the relationship of members within a household to the head of the household so some resourcefulness is required.. A category, "Ethnic Origin", with very few exceptions, defines the ethnic origin of the child according to the ethnic origin of the father.. In mixed marriages, the "Religion" of the child is defined by the religion of the mother.. Given the Province, county, village, town or ward of residence plus ethnic and religious orientation, the search for birth or baptismal certificates can be narrowed.. There were 766 Daltons enumerated in1881.. Including potential in laws etc.. , there are over 800 surnames in this file.. To quickly enter the file type the keyword, 1881 in Edit/Find box.. BRITISH COLUMBIA.. Yale.. Yale and Hope.. William Dalton, blacksmith, age 47, Eng.. origin, b.. USA, C of E; likely boarding house of Newton Ash.. MANITOBA PROVINCE.. Selkirk.. Winnipeg.. Wm.. Dalton, architect, age 26, b.. ENG.. , Congr; enumerated at res.. of David Ede.. Western Extension.. Little Saskatchewan.. Aaron G.. Dalton, storekeeper, 29, b.. ENG, C of E, enumerated with Lawrence Cockburn, head.. Alf.. Dalton, farmer, widower, age 32, b.. ENG, C of E.. John Dalton, farmer, age 28, English origin, b.. ONT, Meth.. NEW BRUNSWICK PROVINCE.. Carleton.. Woodstock.. John Dalton, lab.. , mar.. , age 51 b.. IRE, RC; Maria, mar.. 51 b.. IRE, C of E; nine childen of Irish origin, b.. NB, all C of E - William 24, George 21, Lewis 18, Mary 16, Katie 14, Maggie 11, John 10, Aclia 8 and Corie 5.. Kings.. Greenwich.. Henery Dalton, surveyor, mar, 53, Eng.. NB, C of E; Louisa mar 53,, Eng.. NB, C of E; four children, Eng.. NB and C of E - Linda 20, Harry E.. 21, Samuel B.. 18, and Ethyl L.. Queens.. Chipman.. James, mar.. , 37, Irish origin, b.. NS, RC; Sarah mar, 32, Irish origin, b.. NB, RC.. ; children John Thomas 2, and Sarah less than 1 year, b.. NB and RC.. John Dalton, farmer, 32, Irish origin, b.. PEI, RC; Mary Dalton widow, 63, Irish origin, b.. NFLD, RC.. William Dalton, farmer, mar.. , 26, Irish origin, b.. USA, RC; Catherine mar.. 16, b.. Blackville.. Edward Dalton, farmer, mar.. , 68 b.. IRE, RC; Ann Dalton, mar 60, b.. IRE, RC; Patrick 30, Michael 20 and Kate 16, all Irish origin, b.. James Dalton, farmer, mar, 28, Irish origin, b.. NB, RC; Sarah, mar, 28, Irish origin, b.. NB, RC; four children b.. NB and RC - Jane 6, Annie 5, Edward 3, and John 2.. Nelson.. Thomas Dalten, farmer, mar, 42, Irish origin, b.. NB, RC; Eliza, mar.. , 32, Irish origin, b.. NB, RC;.. seven children all Irish origin, b.. NB and RC - Mary 13, Edward 11, Clara 9, Josephine 8, Almira 6, Annie 4, and Betcey age 1.. Ann Dalton widow, 56, b.. IRE, RC; Elizabeth 23, Irish origin, b.. NB, RC; John 20, Irish origin, b.. James Dalton, lab.. NB, RC; Emma 24, mar, Irish origin, b, NB, RC; Clara less than 1 year, b.. NB.. John Daltin, surveyor, mar, 36, Irish origin, b.. NB, RC; Mary E.. mar, 35, Irish origin, b.. four children, Irish origin, b.. NB, RC - Albert J.. 6, Mary 3, Francis R.. 2, an Alice T.. less than 1 year.. William Dalton, constable, mar, 57, b.. Ireland, RC; Mary, mar.. , 45, Scottish origin, b.. NB, RC; three children, Scottish origin, b.. NB, RC - Wm.. 18, George H.. 8, and Drokson 6.. Saint John.. Lancaster.. Michael Dalton, store keeper, mar.. , age 48, Irish origin, b.. NB, RC; Mary, mar.. , 40, b.. Ireland, RC; four children, Irish origin, b.. NB, RC; Margaret E.. 20, William J.. 18, George F.. 13, Charles E.. Patrick Dalton, mar.. , 35, Irish origin,, b.. NB, RC; Mary Ann 30 b.. Ireland, RC; John F.. 5, Irish origin, b.. NB, RC.. Portland, Ward 1.. Edward Dalton, policeman, mar.. , 51, b.. , 45, b.. Ireland, RC; seven children, Irish origin, b.. NB, RC - William 25, Thomas 21, Maggie 19, George 16, Lewis 14, Mathew 12, and Bessie 4.. Henry Dalton, surveyor, mar, 56, English origin, b.. NB, C of E; Matilda, age 50, English origin, b.. NB, C of E; Robert 22 and Helen 20, Eng.. NB and C of E.. , widower, age 61, b.. IRE; five children, Irish origin all b.. NB, RC - George 26, Mary 27, Eliza 18, Rosana 16, Theresa 14.. Richard Dalton, raftsman, mar.. , 51, Eng origin, b.. NB, C of E; Emley, mar, 50, Eng.. NB, C of E; Alice 9 b.. Robert Dalton, boat builder, mar.. , 53, English origin, b.. NB, C of E; Margret, mar.. , 46, Eng.. NB, C of E; five children, Eng.. NB and C of E; Ada 24, Anne 22, James 17, Maggie 11, and Arthur 6.. William Dalton, surveyor, mar.. , 30, Irish origin, b.. NB, RC; Ann, mar.. , 26 Irish origin, b.. NB,RC;.. James 4 and Ellen 2, b.. A Dalton family listing.. Elizabeth Dobbins, widow.. age 62, b.. IRE, C of E; William Dobbins, 28, Irish origin, b.. NB, C of E; Elizabeth Dalton, mar.. 25, Irish origin, b.. NB, C of E; Morris Dalton, 29, English origin, b.. NS, C of E; Maggie Dobbins 23 Irish origin, b.. NB, C of E; Alice Dalton age 1, b.. NB, English origin.. NOVA SCOTIA PROVINCE.. Annapolis.. Clarence.. Cortez Dalton, carpenter, ma.. ,r age 32, Eng.. N.. CAN, C of E; Margaret Dalton, mar, age 38, Eng.. S.. , Bapt; William Dalton 3, b.. NS.. Henry Dalton, house joiner, mar.. , age 66, Eng.. , CAN; Olevia, mar, age 54, Eng.. , Bapt.. ; Maurice, age 28, b.. , Bapt;, Alice 22 b.. NS, Bapt; Henry E.. 14, b.. Maurice Dalton, shoemaker, mar.. , 27, Eng.. , CAN, C of E; Mary Dalton, mar 25, Eng.. , Bapt; Eva age 1 b.. Dalton, shoemaker, mar.. , Bapt; Jane E, mar, 37, Irish origin, b.. , Bapt; Minnie 11 b.. ; Malinda Dalton, mar.. , age 61 Irish origin, b.. Antigonish.. Morristown.. Samuel Dalton, mar.. , farmer, 56, Irish origin, b.. , RC; Mary, mar, 55, Scottish origin, b.. , RC; five adults, Irish origin, b.. , RC- Edward 28, John 26, Christena 24, William C.. 22, Mary Jane 20.. Colchester.. Brookfield Corner.. William Dalton, farmer, age 30, Irish origin, b.. , Presb.. ; Abigail 23 Irish origin, b.. ; Mary Dalton widow, age 72, Eng.. Victoria Cross.. Jacob Dalten, farmer, mar.. , 39, Irish origin, b.. , Meth.. ; Charlotte Dalten, 35, Dutch origin, b.. , Meth; Jamie 10 and Sadie 8, Irish origin, b.. Sarah Dalten, widow, age 51, b.. IRE, Meth; Hazaen Dalton, 24, Brit.. , Meth; Rozilla Dalten 22 Brit.. Guysborough.. Cape Canso.. Richard Dalton, lab.. , b.. IRE, RC; Agnes mar 36, Eng.. , Meth; three children b.. of Irish origin, Meth -Mary A.. 12, John C.. 4, Arthur J.. age 2.. Halifax.. Halifax, Ward 1.. William Dalton, clerk, mar.. , 40, Eng.. ONT, C of E; Annie Dalton, mar.. , 39, b.. ENG, C  ...   Scotia; Hannah Dalton, wife age 29, b.. Nova Scotia; children Clara age 3 and Maggie age 1, b.. ME.. Lynn, Essex.. Dalton,age 26, born Nova Scotia; wife Cinda age 30 born Maine; Child Annie age 1 b.. MA.. John W.. Dalton, age 35, born Prince Edward Island; wife Hannah age 32 born, MA as were five children born in MA - Katie, E.. age 11, Mary E.. age 9, Christina age 4, Esther age 2 and Eugene age 6 months.. Cambridgeport, Cambridge, Middlesex.. All members of this family were born in Nova Scotia.. Dalton, age 36; Margie Dalton, wife age 37, Mary Hasel dau.. age 3 and Charlotte F.. Dau age 2.. Also living in this family was a sister in law, Mary Murdock age 39 also born Nova Scotia.. Westford, Middlesex.. Edward Dalton single, age 25 b.. New Brunswick.. Winchester, Middlesex.. John Dalton, (boarder) single age 45, b.. Hyde Park, Norfolk.. Otis Dalton, age 21 single, b.. Mary Dalton,servant, age 30, single, born Nova Scotia.. Fitchburg, Worcester.. Moses Dalton, age 37 b.. Canada; wife age 35 born Canada; children Mary 11, Dinah age 9,Ann age 3 and Rosanna age 1 month; father age 64 b.. Charles Dalton, single, age 22, b.. Boston, Suffolk.. Eduard Dalton (boarder) single, age 20 b.. Catherine Dalton, single, age 40, b.. James Dalton, age 31, Halifax, Nova Scotia; wife Mary Dalton, age 29, born Halifax, Nova Scotia;.. Child Mary A.. George P.. Dalton, age 40, b.. New Brunswick; Elizabeth Dalton, wife age 38, b.. New Brunswick; Child Ida Mae, age 7 b.. Jennie W.. Dalton, wife, age 26, born Nova Scotia; husband Tristun Dalton, age 35 b.. ME; children Freddie M.. age 6 and Guy S.. age 2 born.. Allen Dalton, age 33, b.. New Brunswick; Annie Dalton, wife age 26 b.. Chelsea, Suffolk.. Annie Dalton niece sinlge age 19, born Nova Scotia in household of Ann Hoyt b.. Hamtrack.. Hannah Dalton, wife, age 52, b.. Canada; husband Laurance, age 50 b.. Parents of both born Ireland.. Children Catherine, Anna A.. , Mary A.. , Celia, Robert J.. Laurance all born in MI.. Ionia, Ionia.. John, farmer, age 42, b.. Ireland; Ellen DAlton, wife age 40, b.. Illinois, parents born Ireland.. Children James P.. , Margaret E.. , John E.. , Thomas born Michigan.. West Bay City.. William Dalton, brother in law of Jerome Raymond, single, age 38 b.. Bloomer, Montcalm.. Maria Dalton, wife age 35, b.. Canada, parents born Canada; husband John Dalton, farmer, age 31, b.. VA, father born VA.. Children Linda M.. and John C.. born MI.. Wales, St.. Clair.. Henry Dalton, oil driller, age 29, b.. England; Rachel Dalton, wife, age 26, b.. Michigan, parents, b.. Canada; Children Lizzy age 7 b.. Canada; Charlotte, age 5 b.. MI; Sarah age 4 b.. MI; Maud age 1 b.. MI.. Sault Sainte Marie, Chippewa.. Mary Dalton, wife age 28, b.. Ireland; husband Abraham Dalton, age 40 b.. Child William, son age 6 b.. NY.. Vernon, Isabella.. Catherine Dalton, wife, 25 born Canada, parents born Ireland; husband, Michael, farmer, 35, b.. Children John H.. age 5 and James E.. age 3, born Minnesota; Frank D.. age 1 b.. Medo Blue Earth.. James Dalton, single age 21, b.. Forrest Hills, Hinds.. Robert Dalton, baker, age 35 b.. Canada, father born Newfoundland, mother b.. Mary Dalton wife age 28, b.. Louisana, parents b.. Children B.. son age 11 and Ella Age 9 b.. Louisana.. Dau Anne age 1 b.. MS.. Tom, Benton.. Dalton, age 33, b.. Ontario, Canada; wife Nancy age 42 born, MO.. John Dalton, laborer,age 35, b.. New Brunswick, parents born Ireland.. Mary E Dalton, wife age 35, b.. PA, parents born PA.. Step dau.. Mary Jane Myers, age 15 and children Annue age 10, Laura age 9, and William age 5 born PA.. Bath, Grafton.. Mary Dalton (boarder) single, age 23, b.. Thomas Dalton, single age 21, b.. Same film.. Providence, Providence.. Margaret Dalton, wife, age 30 b.. New Brunswick; husband John Dalton, age 35 , b.. RI.. Children.. Bridget age 6, John J.. age 4, and James F.. born RI.. Memphis, Shelby (1st Ward).. Thomas Quirk, age 40 and his wife, Bridget, age 44, were born in Ireland and parents of both were born in Ireland.. Three of his step children were born in Canada: Robert age 20; Margaret age 12; and James age 10.. The fourth step child, Mary age 9 was born in TN.. Bingham Co.. Salt Lake.. George Dalton, teamster, age 52, b.. PA, father born PA and mother born NY.. Dalton, wife, age 54, b.. Canada, father born Canada, mother born VT.. Children Rilta and Jake born UT.. Kingston Co.. , Greenlake.. Sarah Dalton, age 48 b.. wife of Charles Dalton, age 65, farmer b.. Children Ida, Samuel and Wallace b.. WI.. Langlade Co.. , Langlade.. Edward Dalton, farmer, age 37 b.. Julia Dalton, wife, age 37 b.. Andrew, son, age 15 b.. Canada; Alice, dau age 13, b.. Canada; children William, Jessie and Earl b.. Wisconsin.. Menekaunee Co.. , Marinette.. Mary S.. Dalton, wife, age 35 b.. Husband James Dalton, age 48, b.. Children James F.. , John, George, Frank M.. and May, b.. Maple Grove Co.. , Shawano.. Michael Dalton, farmer.. born New Brunswick, parents b.. Ireland; Elizabeth Dalton,age 32, b.. MAR, parents born England; Children Catherine Mary R.. , Josephine M.. , Alvira E.. Born Wisconsin.. Manitowoc Co.. , Manitowoc.. The parents of this family were born in England, the two oldest children were born in Wisconsin, the following three children were born in Canada and the last child in Wisconsin thus illustrating the migration pattern.. William Dalton, brickmason, age 50 b.. England, and Marianne Dalton, age 40, b.. Emily age 17 and Richard age 15 were born in Wisconsin.. Anna age 12, William age 10 and Isabell age 6, were born in Canada.. Ruth age 2 was born in Wisconsin.. Appleton Co.. , Outagamie.. Tommy Dalton, age 5 , b.. Canada, son of Bridget Dalton age 29 b.. Father born Canada.. Lawton, Van Buren.. Dalton, merchant, age 25 b.. Libbie J.. Dalton, wife 25, b.. NY, parents b.. NY.. West Bay City, Bay.. Joseph Dalton, servant, age 22, b.. Marquette, Marquette.. Hugh Dalton, carpenter, age 21, b.. Scotland.. MILITARY DATA.. CANADIAN OVERSEAS EXPEDITIONARY FORCE WWI.. Dalton entries numbered 119 and consisted of Canadians, English, Irish, American and Scottish.. soldiers with the actual addresses of next of kin.. The following index has been compiled by place of birth and genealogical data has been extracted from the original Attestation Papers that may be viewed on the web site of the Archives of Canada.. ca/ Additional data relating to the soldier's regiment, religion, etc.. are also there.. The back side of the papers contain the physical characteristics of the individual.. A brief analysis and conclusions of what the typical Dalton soldier of this force looked like has been printed in DGS Journal, Vol.. 36, June 2002.. The National Archives of Canada is in the process of putting up a "Virtual Wall" of those who died in the War.. Some of the Daltons, listed below are on the "Wall".. They may be viewed at:.. vac-acc.. gc.. ca.. CANADA BORN SOLDIERS.. Albert Dalton, b.. 4 Aug 1890, Tinmount, Ont, farmer, living in Irma, Alta.. Next of kin: Alice Dalton, wife, Irma Alta.. 11 Dec 1892, Chipman, Queens County, N.. , single, farmer.. Next of kin: James Dalton, father, Chipman, Queens Co.. , N.. Alfred John Dalton, b.. 7 Sep 1898, St.. Thomas, Elgin Co.. , Ont.. , stenographer, living at 398 Ouellette Ave.. , Windsor, Ont.. Next of kin: Daniel Dalton, father, 51 Malakoff St.. , St.. Thomas, Ont.. Arthur Dalton, b.. 3 Feb 1891, Mc Cloud, Alberta, baker, spent 3 years in USA.. Next of kin: Mark David Dalton, father, Anaconda Hotel, Anaconda, MT.. , USA.. Arthur Elliott Dalton, b.. 15 May 1879, Toronto, Ont.. manufacturer, living at 145 Isabella St.. , Toronto.. Next of kin: Major Charles S.. Dalton, brother, 120 Walmer Rd.. , Toronto, Ont.. Arthur James Dalton, b.. 14 Mar 1898, Halifax, Halifax, N.. , hardware salesman, living at 578 Robie St.. , Halifax.. Next of kin: Harry Dalton, father, 578 Robie St.. , Halifax, N.. Arthur Tinniswood Dalton, b.. 11 Nov 1884, Winnipeg, Manitoba, architect, address c/o Dalton and Evelegh, 615 Hastings, W.. Vancouver, B.. Next of kin, Edith Eleanor Dalton, wife, c/o of Dalton and Evelegh, 615 Hastings, W.. Charles Dalton, b.. 29 Jun 1876, Kings County, N.. , laborer living at Church St.. , Port Williams, N.. Next of kin: M.. Dalton, sister, Church St.. Charles Herbert Dalton, b.. 15, Dec 1891, Uxbridge Township, Ont.. , single, farmer, address Box 40.. Uxbridge, Ont.. Next of kin: Mr.. John Dalton, farmer, Box 40, Uxbridge, Ont.. Charles Matthew Dalton, b.. 19, Dec.. 1889, Ottawa, Ont.. , civil servant, single.. Next of kin: James Dalton, father, 342 Mac Laren St.. , Ottawa, Ont.. Charles Skeffington Dalton, b.. 31 Jul 1886, Toronto, Ont.. ,manufacturer.. Next of kin: S.. Beatrice Dalton, 120 Walmer Rd.. Charles William Dalton, b.. 22 Feb 1889, Toronto, Ont.. , moulder.. Next of kin: Lilie Dalton, wife, 211 Berkeley St.. Dixon Dalton, b.. 31 May 1881, Newcastle, N.. Next of kin: Wiliam Dalton, Newcastle, N.. Edward John Dalton, b.. Aug 2 1897, Allandale, Ont.. Next of kin: Mary Dalton, mother, Allandale, Ont.. Ernest Alfred Dalton, b.. 26 Jun 1888, Neepawa, Man.. , salesman, single.. Next of kin: Mrs.. Dalton, mother, Neepawa, Man.. Ernest Way Dalton, b.. 14 Jul 1896, Walsingham Centre, Norfolk Co.. , single, school teacher, living at, Vienna, Ont.. , RR 1.. Next of kin: Frederick Way Dalton, father, Walsingham Centre, Ont.. Frank Conrad Dalton, b.. 26 Nov 1891, London, Ont, pressman, single.. Louisa Dalton, mother, 666 Louisa St.. , London, Ont.. Fred Dalton, b.. 16 Dec 1890, Brantford, Brant Co.. , living in Windsor, Ont.. , single, railroader.. Next of kin: Fred Dalton, uncle, 824 Victoria St.. , Brantford, Ont.. George Dalton, b.. 31 Jan 1889, Ontario, Can.. , single, seaman, present address, 900 Chartre St.. , New Orleans, LA, USA.. Next of kin: Henry Dalton, father, 319 Seaton St.. James Howard Dalton, b.. 7 May 1881, Neepawa, Manitoba, clerk, single.. Dalton, mother, Neepawa, Manitoba.. James Joseph Dalton, b.. 6 Sep 1886, Chipman, Queens Co.. , single, lumberman, living at Chipman, Queens Co.. Sarah Dalton, mother, Chipman, Queens Co.. James Peter Dalton, b.. 28 May 1884, Cardigan, P E.. , single, fisherman.. Next of kin: Mary Dalton, mother, Georgetown, P.. John Arthur Dalton, b.. 27 Feb 1875, Kingston, Ont.. ; merchant.. Next of kin: W.. Dalton, father, Kingston, Ont.. John Frank Dalton, b.. 24 Feb (no yr.. ) Picton/ Pictou, longshoreman.. Next of kin: Margaret Dalton, mother, Picton/Pictou.. John Frederick Dalton, b.. Mar 25 1895, Orillia, So Simcoe, single, laborer.. Emma Bontair, sister, 297 Dovercourt Rd.. John Pendergast Dalton, b.. 16 Mar, 1896, Georgetown, P.. , address Georgetown, P.. fisherman.. Mary Ellen Dalton, mother, Georgetown, P.. Jonathan Wesley Dalton, b.. 8 Oct 1892, Maple, Ont.. , steam engineer, living at Grand Coulee, Sask.. Next of kin: Jonathan Dalton, Grand Coulee, Sask.. Joseph Dalton, b.. 29 Jan 1882, Kenmount, Ont; living at 290 Richmond St.. , West Toronto.. laborer.. Next of kin: John Dalton, brother, Irma, Alberta.. Judson Fred Dalton, b.. 4 Apr 1875, Harsport, N.. , painter, widower.. Next of kin: Miss Ruby May Dalton, daughter, Harsport, N.. Layton Dalton, b.. 10 Sep 1888, Brookfield, Colchester Co.. , millwright, living at Stewiacke, Colchester, N.. Bella K.. Dalton, mother, Stewiacke, Colchester, N.. Leo James Dalton, b.. 10 Jan 1885, Barrie, Ont.. , single, glass cutter, living at 7 Bellwoods, Ave.. Next of kin: Helena Dalton, sister, 7 Bellwoods, Ave.. Leo Thomas Dalton, b.. 23 Sep 1896, Halifax, N.. , bricklayer, living at Leads Hill, Sydney, N.. Bridget Dalton, mother, Leads Hill, Sydney, N.. Maurice Dalton, b.. 10 Oct 1897, Perth Co.. , Hibbert, Dublin.. Ont; single, farmer.. Next of kin: John Dalton, father, R.. 2, Dublin, Ont.. Michael Dalton, b.. 6 Jun, 1883, Chipman, Queens Co.. , sinlge, laborer, living in Chipman.. James Dalton, mother, Chipman, Queens Co.. Michael Arthur Dalton, b.. 15 Nov 1894, Newport, Kings County, P.. Mary Dalton, mother, Georgetown, P.. Robert Dalton, b.. 4 Jul 1893, Malone Bay, N.. , baker, res.. Picton, N.. James Stamford, mother, Chester, N.. Robert Chester Dalton, b.. 3 Apr 1877, Toronto, ONT.. , accountant, living at 528 West St.. Next of kin: Jean Ferguson Dalton, wife, 528 West Marion St.. Robert Everett Dalton, b.. 1 Apr 1893, Niagara Falls, Ont.. , medical student.. Next of kin: F.. Dalton, 25 Dalton Rd.. Ronald James Dalton, b.. 8 Apr 1894, Halifax, N.. steel worker, single.. Next of kin: Michael Anthony Dalton, father, Whitney Par, Cape Breton.. Roy Kenneth Dalton, b.. 10 Feb 1893, St.. John, N.. , express clerk, living at 125 Duke St.. Roy K.. Dalton, wife, 125 Duke St.. Roy Kirtle Dalton, b.. 18 Aug 1895, Ottawa, Can.. , living in Sudbury, lumbering.. George Weatherup, mother, St.. Charles, Ont.. Roscoe Colgate Dalton, b.. Kingston, Ont.. , currently living in Rockholds, KY, US, occupation, framing.. Dalton, mother, Rockholds, KY, USA.. Sheldon Walter Dalton, b.. May 12,1898, Hamilton, Ont.. , cashier, living at 186 Morley Ave.. , Winnipeg, Man.. Next of kin: Francis Dalton, father, 186 Morley Ave.. Sidney Carroll Dalton, b.. 15 Jun 1886, Richmond, Que.. musician, living at 386 Madison Ave.. , NYC, NY, USA (Early paper shows he was living at 1900 Haro St.. , B.. with his uncle, Major William B.. Barwis and was single at the time).. Next of kin: May Dalton, wife, 1123 Purcell Ave.. , Cincinnatti, OH.. Thomas Edward Dalton, b.. 4 Apr 1881, Marble Mountain, C.. miner.. Dalton, father, Marble Mountain.. Thomas Gorman Dalton, b.. 18 Aug 1883, St.. , single, switchman, living at 67 Stratchorpe Ave.. , Hamilton, Ont.. Susie Dalton, mother, 121 Almas St.. Wilbur J.. Dalton, b.. 19 Sep 1896, Kingsville, Windsor, Ont.. , bank clerk, address care of the Canadian Bank of Commerce, Kingsville, Windsor, Ont.. Next of kin: Charles Dalton, father, Kingsville, Ont.. William Joseph Dalton, b.. Aug 3, 1893, Ottawa, Ont.. , bank clerk, single.. James Dalton, mother, 342 Mac Laren St.. William Lloyd Dalton, b.. 11 May 1899, Niagara Falls, Ont.. , lather rough carpenter, living at 922.. Saginaw, Flint, Michigan, USA.. Irene Dalton, mother, 922 N.. Saginaw, Flint, MI, USA.. ENGLAND BORN SOLDIERS.. Alfred Veron Dalton, b.. 10 May 1879, London, England, hostler.. Next of kin: Amy V.. Dalton, Cedar Lane, Yarmouth, N.. Bertram Dalton, b.. 14 Nov 1870, Sturton, Lincolnshire, England, civil servant, widower with two children, present address, Land Registry Office, Courthouse, Vancouver, BC.. Next of kin: Miss Frances Margaret Dalton, 3476 Bella Vista Rd.. , Cedar Cottage, Vancouver, B.. 21 Feb 1890, Manchester, England, groom, single, living at 27 West St.. Y.. , USA, single.. Next of kin: Thomas Linskey, friend, 350 West Washington St.. Edwin Dalton, b.. 23 Apr 1995, Sheffield, Yorkshire, England, single, electrical inspector, living at 62 Ellsworth Ave.. Next of kin: Mary Ann Dalton, mother, 64 Robey St.. , Sheffield, York, England.. Ernest/Earnest Dalton, b.. 15 Mar (no yr.. ), Sheffield, England, tanner.. Corkey, 377 Gloucester, Ottawa, Ont.. Ernest Dalton, b.. Feb 3, 1888, York, England, tanner, living at Del Bonito (no province).. Next of kin: Florence Dalton, wife Del Bonito.. Francis Dalton, b.. 2 Jan 1892, London, England, business man, living at 318 Willard Ave.. Next of kin: Florence Mary Dalton, wife, 318 Willard Ave.. Francis James Dalton, b.. 6 Jun 1897, Meopham, England, single, bookkeeper, living at 1313 Logan Ave.. , Winnipeg.. Next of kin: Peter Dalton, father, 1313 Logan Ave.. Frederick William Dalton, b.. 1 Feb 1876, London, England, mechanical engineer, living at 445.. Sixteenths St.. Next of kin: Helen Dalton, wife, 445 Sixteenth St.. John Dalton, b.. 1 Dec 1891, Leeds, England, single, hospital orderly,.. Next of kin: John Dalton, father, 6 St.. Marys, Leeds England.. 25, Aug 1876, Robinhood, Wakefield, York; miner, widower, living in Windsor, ONT.. Next of kin: Amos Dalton, father, Robinhood, Wakefield, York.. John Herbert Dalton, b.. 23 Dec 1893, Ashton Under Lyne, Eng.. , P.. O.. Box 638, Valleryfield, P.. Q.. Nex of kin: Mrs.. Elizabeth Ann Dalton, wife, address as above.. Kirby George Dalton, b.. 19 Feb 1870, Beverly, Yorkshire, Eng.. , living at 217 Russell St.. , engineer.. Next of kin: Eunice Mabel Dalton, wife, 217 Russell St.. , Ottawa.. Lawrence William Dalton, b.. 25 Apr.. 1884, Hammersmith, London, Eng.. living at New Liskeard, Ont.. , cook.. Next of kin: Sona Ellen Dalton, New Liskeard, Ont.. Martin Dalton, b.. 22 Oct 1890, England (no town), laborer.. Dalton, father, Cleaveland St.. , England (no town).. Philip Henry Dalton/Dalten, b.. 24 Apr 1894, Gravesend, Kent, driver, living at 1313 Logan Ave.. Next of kin: Jessie H.. Dalton/Dalten, mother, 1313 Logan Ave.. Stephen Dalton, b.. 28 Nov 1890, London, England, laborer.. formerly in Militia forces.. Mary Curtis, friend, 415 Laurier Ave.. , West Ottawa, Ont.. 7 Mar 1888, Altrincham, Cheshire, England.. rrway signalman.. Next of kin: Mary Dalton, wife (illegible address).. Thomas Edmondstone Dalton, b.. 30 Sep 1972, Windsor, England, school teacher living at Dominion Hotel, Vancouver, B.. Next of kin, Rose Emily Dalton, wife, 7 Harvey St.. , Folkstone, England.. 7 Mar 1887, Lancashire, England, laborer.. Next of kin: Mary Dalton, wife, 45 wellington Rd.. , Ashton Under Lyne, Lancs.. IRELAND BORN SOLDIERS.. 31, Dec.. 1884, Belfast, Ireland, accountant, living at 238 Marjorie St.. James, Manitoba.. Elna Dalton, wife, 238 Marjorie St.. James, Manitoba.. James Patrick Dalton, b.. 17 Mar 1891, County Longford, Ireland, single, farming, living at Bradford, Ont.. Margaret Dalton, Lisawarriffe, Lenemore, Co.. Longford, Ireland.. Michael John Dalton, b.. 12 Mar 1894, Ireland, farmer, living at Lansdowne, No 3, Ont.. Next of kin: Michael Dalton, father, Carrick Ho, County Cork, Ireland.. Patrick James Dalton, b.. 20 Jan 1893, Limerick, Ireland; engineer's draftsman.. Next of kin: Jane Elizabeth Dalton, mother, 39 Overdale Ave.. , Montreal, Que.. Richard Edward Dalton, b.. 25 Oct 1886, b.. Cork, Ireland; coker, living at 337 Wilton, Ave.. Next of kin: Samuel Dalton, father, 2 Dryden Place, Ballinlough , County Cork, Ireland.. Sidney David Dalton, b.. 29 Sep 1884, Dublin, Ireland, brewer's chemist, formerly Essex Fusiliers.. Next of kin: David Dalton, Horton, Terenure, Dublin, Ireland.. 16 Jun 1895, Kanturk, Ireland.. office clerk, Drill Hall, St.. Francis Xavier St.. , Three Rivers, Que.. Next of kin: Owen Dalton, father, Laurence Town, County Down, Ireland.. 6 Apr 1878, County Longford, Ireland, carpenter, living at 1244 Union St.. , Washington, D.. USA.. Next of kin: T.. Dalton, wife, 1224 Union St.. Thomas Levis Dalton, b.. 30 Apr 1884, Limerick, Ireland, laborer.. Next of kin: William Dalton, brother, Bally Landers, Limerick, Ireland.. UNITED STATES BORN SOLDIERS.. Frank Dalton, b.. 27, 1882, New York City, NY, USA, single, chauffeur living at 99 Fulton St.. , Brooklyn, NY, USA.. Next of kin: Lillian Dalton, sister, 99 Fulton St.. 2 Jul 1897, Amsterdam, NY, broom maker.. Next of kin: John Dalton, father, Amsterdam, NY.. Ralph Ernest Dalton, b.. 19 Apr 1882, Salem, MA, USA; graduate nurse, living at 115 Beach St.. , Detroit MI.. Next of kin: Helen Dalton, wife, 168 Jos.. Canpau St.. , Detroit, MI (more recent address).. 21 Apr 1879, Rochester, NY, USA, marine fireman.. address Sherbrooke.. No next of kin.. Francis Raymond Dalton, b.. 22 Nov 1889, Indianapolis, IN, USA, clerk, single, living at Moose Jaw, Sask.. Dalton, mother, 1827 N.. Capital Ave.. , Indianapolis, IN, USA.. CANADIAN AND IRELAND BORN SOLDIERS LIVING IN THE USA.. Saginaw, Flint, MI, USA.. SCOTLAND BORN SOLDIERS.. Jack Dalton, b.. 30 Mar 1893, Glascow, Scotland, farmer, living at Jasper, Ont.. Eva Dalton, wife, Jasper, Ont.. 11 May 1898, Glasgow, Scotland; lumberman, no permanent address in CAN.. Next of kin: Mary Quinn, sister, 202 Broomhall St.. , Glasgow.. NEW ZEALAND BORN SOLDIERS.. Bryan Fenton Dalton, b.. 4 Feb 1891, Palmerston, N.. Z.. , dentist, corrent address, Sarnia, Ont.. Next of kin: E.. Pope, brother in law, 41 Broad St.. , Palmerston, N.. ADDITIONAL DALTONS WITHOUT ATTESTATION PAPERS.. Further information can be obtained concering these Daltons by contacting the National Archives of Canada.. This index lists the soldier's name and regimental number.. Albert Edward Dalton, 124698.. Alexander Gibson Dalton, 308.. Arthur Dalton, 3031276.. Carl David Dalton, 3133377.. Charles Frank Dalton, 4000046.. Charles K.. Dalton, 3257232.. Frank Dalton, 47343.. Frank Dalton, 428201.. Frank H.. Dalton, 207655.. George Dalton, 207459.. George Dennis Dalton.. 3033485.. Harry Dalton, 487293.. Harry Dalton, 4100379.. Dalton, 3183307.. Martin Dalton, 54.. Robert Abner Baillie Dalton, 3212606.. Thomas Dalton, 120910.. Thomas Dalton, 667.. Pettersson, Agaton, AKA Fred Dalton, 1045862.. CANADIAN SERVICE CASUALTIES IN WWI AND WWII.. Extracted from the rolls of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission.. Name: Albert Dalton, Private, Canadian Infantry, died 2 April 1918, age 26.. Parents: Mr.. and Mrs.. James Dalton, Chipman, New Brunswick.. Burial: St.. Joseph's R.. Cemetery, New Brunswick.. Name: Albert Dalton, Private, 49th Battalion, Canadian Infantry (Alberta Regiment), died 9 June 1917, age 27.. Parents: James and Mary Dalton of Kinmount, Ontario; husband of Alice Lucy Dalton of Fabyan, Alberta.. Name: Arthur Beard Clifford Dalton, Serjeant, Royal Canadian Armoured Corps, died 17th December 1943, Age 29.. Parents: Arthur B.. Dalton and Annie Dalton, Toronto; husband of Thelma Dalton.. Burial: Toronto (Prospect) Cemetery, Ontario.. Name: Charles William Dalton, Private, 3rd Battalion, Canadian Infantry (Central Ontario Regiment), died 24 September, 1916.. Name: Francis Cyril Dalton, Leading Alrcraftman, Royal Canadian Air Force, died 27 December 1943, age 19.. Parents: Edward and Regina Dalton of Newcastle, New Brunswick.. Burial: Newcastle (St.. Mary's Cemetery) New Brunswick.. Name: Francis James Dalton, Private, 27th Battalion, Canadian Infantry, (Manitoba Regt.. ) died 3 October 1916, age 18.. Parents: Percy and Jessie Dalton, 1551 Ross Av.. , Winnipeg, Manitoba.. Name: George William Rupert Dalton, Pilot Officer, 427 Squadron, Royal Canadian Air Force, died 13 June 1943, age 25.. Parents: Samuel Percy and Emma Dalton of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada; husband of Grace Elizabeth Dalton.. Burial: The Netherlands.. Name: Harold Woodsworth Dalton, Private, 7th Battalion, Canadian Infantry (British Columbia Regiment).. Parents: Richard and Emma Dalton of Toronto; husband of Mary M.. Dalton, 438 West Marion St.. Burial: Belgium.. Name: John Dalton, Serjeant, 5th Canadian Mounted Rifles, (Quebec Regiment), died 1 October 1916, age 24.. Parents: John and Catherine Lape, of Broadway, Amsterdam, NY, USA.. Name: John Anthony Dalton, Pilot Office Bomb Airman, I 66RAF Squadron, Royal Canadian Air Force, died 29 April 1943.. Burial: Denmark.. Name: John Pendergast Dalton, Private, 14th Battalian, Canadian Infantry, (Quebec Regiment), died, 9 April 1917, age 18.. Parents: James and Mary B.. Dalton of Georgetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada.. Name: Kenneth Haldane Dalton, Pilot Office, 3rd Squadron, Royal Canadian Alr Force, died, 13 January 1943.. Burial: Surrey, U.. K.. Name: Neil Maxwell Dalton, Warrant Office, 410 Squadron, Royal Canadian Air Force, 27 August 1943, age 25.. Parents: Herman Cann Dalton and Etta Frye Dalton of Kentville, Kings County, Nova Scotia Canada.. Burial: ?.. Name: Philip Henry Dalton, Gunner, Canadian Field Artillery, died, 4 November 1917, age 21.. Parents: Percy John and Jessie Harrie Dalton, 1247 Alexander Av.. Burial: Winnipeg Brookside Cemetery, Manitoba, Canada.. MISCELLANEOUS.. PROMINENT DALTONS IN CANADA.. EXTRACTED FROM THE MACMILLAN DICTIONARY OF CANADIAN BIOGRAPHY,.. A 14 VOLUME SET PUBLISHED BY THE UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO PRESS --- TORONTO, CANADA.. Volume VII.. 1836-1850.. (c) 1988.. DALTON, THOMAS: born April- May, 1782; baptized 28 June 1782, Birmingham, England; son of William Dalton and Rebecca Watson.. Thomas first married Sarah Pratt 30 May 1803 who died 1804.. They had one son.. He then married Sophia Simms 9 November 1805.. They moved to Newfoundland circa 1810.. In 1803 his father was "unjustly detained in France by Napoleonic interning of all British civilians of militia age.. ".. author: Ian R.. Volume VIII.. 1851-1860.. (e) 1985.. DALTON, CHARLES: born 1786 near Thurles- County Tipperary, Ireland; died 17 June 1859 at Harbour Grace, Newfoundland.. Charles was a student at St.. Kiernan's College, Co Kilkenny- 1813 to 1814.. He was ordained a Franciscan priest 1819.. He arrived in St.. John's Newfoundland on 2 June 1831, fresh from victory of Catholic Emancipation in Ireland.. He became the bishop in Newefoundland.. His nephew John Dalton became bishop of the newly created diocese of Harbour Grace in Newfoundland in 1856.. --- Charles was an ardent Irish Nationalist and a devoted admirer of Daniel O'Connell- a famous Irish politician.. DALTON, ROBERT GLADSTONE: A son of Thomas Dalton and Sophia Simms, who were married circa 1805 in Birmingham, England and settled on Newfoundland, circa 1810.. Thomas and Sophia had 3 sons and 4 daughters.. after a series of business ventures, Thomas became the publisher of Patriots and Farmers Monitor in November, 1829.. Thomas died 26 October 1840.. Sophia over as publisher.. Sophia raised 8 children, including one son from her husband's first marriage.. Two sons entered careers: William Henry Dalton, a physician and Robert Gladstone Dalton, a lawyer.. Sophia died on 14 June 1859 in Toronto Canada.. R.. Dalton - author.. Volume IX.. 1861-1870.. (c) 1976.. DALTON, JOHN: Franciscan Priest and Roman Catholic Bishop of Harbour Grace, Newfoundland.. Born circa 1821 in Thurles, County Tipperary, Republic of Ireland and died 5 May 1869 in Newfoundland.. He immigrated to Newfoundland in 1839.. His uncle Charles Dalton, his mentor, was a Franciscan Priest at Carbonear and died in 1859.. DALTON, THOMAS: Publisher of Patriot's and Farmer's Monitor.. He had converted from Tory (British rule loyalty) to Reform- land and ownership politics.. Volume X.. 1871-1880.. (c) 1972.. ADELAIDE ANNABELLA DALTON: Wife of Sir John Young.. He was born 31 August 1807 in Bombay, India.. His parents were from Bailieborough, County Cavan, Ireland.. He schooled in Ireland and was in the Irish House of Commons from 1831.. He married Adelaide Annabella Dalton, the daughter on an Irish landowner on 8 April 1835.. There were no children.. Sir John Young became the 2nd Governor General of Canada.. he died at his family home in County Cavan on 6 October 1876.. Volume XI.. 1881- 1890.. (c) 1982.. SARAH nee HOLMAN DALTON: born 24 June 1849; died 7 June 1888.. She was an actress known as Sallie Holman.. She married a James T.. Dalton, an English Baritone, in 1879 in Toronto or Montreal.. No children.. DALTON, THOMAS: publisher (1782-1840); contemporary of Egerton Ryerson, Methodist Minister, in Toronto.. Volume XII.. 1891-1900.. (c) 1990.. EMMA DALTON: Daughter of Thomas Dalton (1782-1840).. On I May 1841 she married a Sir Adam Wilson.. They adopted a daughter.. Sir Adam Wilson: born 22 September 1814 - Edinburgh, Scotland and immigrated to Upper Canada, 1830.. He was a politician.. He died 28 December 1891.. Volume XIII.. 1901-1910.. (c) 1978-- 4th Edition.. JOHN DALTON: Roman Catholic Bishop in Newfoundland who died 1869.. He was of Irish origin.. He was succeeded by Enrico Carfagnini (1823-1904), who was of Italian descent.. John Dalton was active in the BIS- the Benevolent Irish Society in Harbour Grace, Newfoundland.. A John Walsh was the administrator of Bishop Dalton's estate.. DALTON, CHARLES: Uncle of John Dalton (1786-1859)- bequeathed a house and a 23 acre family farm to the Irish Sisters of the Presentation, circa 1851.. DALTON, MRS.. ANNIE CHARLOTTE nee ARMITAGE: born 9 December 1865 - Birkby, Huddersfield, England.. In 1891 she married a Willie Dalton of Huddersfield.. They came to Vancouver, British Columbia in 1904.. She wrote several books.. She died in Vancouver on January 12, 1933.. DALTON, THOMAS: Journalist who was born in Birmingham, England on April 29,1782.. He came to Canada circa 1812 and settled in Kingston.. CANADIAN BANK RECORDS.. Unclaimed Balances at the Bank of Canada.. Among the thousands of Unclaimed Balances at the Bank of Canada in Ottawa, are the following Daltons.. Requests for information, searches or the filing of claims may be obtained by contacting the bank at: ucbalances@bank-banque-canada.. Joshua Dalton and/or Kathleen Dalton.. Guy Dalton Estate.. Brutus Joseph Dalton.. Patricia Cutler Dalton.. Gary Dalton.. Philip Noel Dalton.. Michael Dalton Estate.. Dalton Road Development Corporation.. Mary Jane Dalton (F.. Snider c/o Newman, CA).. Marian Patricia Dalton and Rita Johnson.. Christopher Ralph Dalton.. Sandra Dalton..

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  • Title: Canada - Newfoundland
    Descriptive info: Canada - Newfoundland.. CANADA - NEWFOUNDLAND.. Original sources by Diane Jackman of St.. John's, Newfoundland.. They include the entries of Births/Baptisms, Marriages, Deaths, Cemetery Grave Transcriptions Newspaper Extracts and more.. Additional data has also been provided by Everett J.. This page contains over 1,550 names, including those of sponsors, witnesses, non-Dalton marriages at whom Daltons were witnesses, etc.. and therefore yield much data of Dalton relatives, friends and neighbors.. Use the Edit/Find function to search.. This page was last updated 19 August, 2009.. BIRTHS BAPTISMS.. CEMETERY TRANSCRIPTIONS.. GRAVE INSCRIPTIONS.. EXPLOITS AREAS.. NEWSPAPER EXTRACTS.. IRISH BIRTHS.. BACK TO MAIN CANADA PAGE.. BIRTHS BAPTISMS.. 110 Harbour Grace Church of England, Births.. Matthew.. Bap.. 06 06 1779.. Matthew Mary Dalton.. Blackhead.. James.. 03 09 1784.. Matthew M Dalton.. Western Bay.. 28 12 1797.. John Phillis Dalton.. 48 Carbonear Methodist, Births.. 12 02 1798.. Grace.. 111 Harbour Grace Church of England, Births.. Born 14 01 1810.. 26 08 1810.. Philip Mary Dalton.. Diana.. Born 23 06 1810.. Matthew Elizabeth Dalton.. 112 Harbour Grace Church of England, Births.. John Charles.. Born 10 01 1841.. 23 03 1841.. Mathew Julia Dalton.. Little Catalina.. Western Bay Church Records Box 1, Births.. Mary Ann.. 25 12 1817.. Philip Mary Daulton.. Planter.. 25 03 1820.. 29 08 1824.. Joseph Olivia Dalton.. 02 08 1829.. Born 20 08 1831.. 01 01 1832.. 01 02 1832.. Western bay.. John Alexander.. 20 07 1834.. William Matthew.. 04 10 1836.. Joseph -------- Dalton.. Julian (Daughter).. Born 09 04 1838.. 16 09 1838.. William Cornelias.. Born 09 06 1841.. 12 12 1841.. 52A Blackhead, Bay de Verde, Births.. Julia (Female).. Born 07 01 1848.. 16 Jan 1848.. James Elizabeth Dalton.. Born 31 07 1849.. 25 11 1849.. John.. Born 21 08 1850.. 17 11 1850.. John Dinah Dalton.. Born 10 10 1853.. 19 02 1854.. James Elizabeth.. Born 22 09 1854.. 03 12 1854.. Mark (Illeg.. ).. Born 07 02 1854.. 06 12 1854.. Mark.. Born 17 02 1854.. 22 06 1854.. Born 11 08 1858.. 24 08 1858.. Born 25 02 1861.. 12 05 1861.. Born 10 10 1862.. 18 01 1863.. William Mary Dalton.. Born 23 06 1864.. 04 09 1864.. Born 04 11 1864.. 15 01 1865.. Frederic.. Born 10 03 1866.. 02 12 1866.. Born 21 08 1866.. 23 12 1866.. Born 10 11 1868.. 26 01 1869.. Richard Mary Dalton.. Jeremiah.. Born 06 09 1871.. 31 12 1871.. Born 21 07 1874.. 06 12 1874.. Nehemiah.. Born 07 09 1878.. 03 11 1878.. James Jane Dalton.. Lydia Manuel.. Born 17 10 1880.. 02 01 1881.. Born 03 09 1882.. 11 11 1882.. Born 01 05 1884.. 11 09 1884.. James Edward.. Born 03 01 1885.. 12 04 1885.. Susanna Mariam.. Born 20 12 1886.. 14 03 1887.. William James Mary Ann Dalton.. Born 03 01 1887.. 24 04 1887.. Sarah Louisa.. Born 24 08 1887.. 24 02 1888.. Mary Ann Dalton (Illeg.. Lily Ella.. Born 22 08 1888.. 02 11 1888.. Matthew Susana Dalton.. Elizabeth Beatrice.. Born 23 08 1889.. 27 11 1889.. William Mary Ann Dalton.. Dinah Ann.. Born 10 10 1889.. 30 01 1890.. John James.. Born 06 08 1891.. 24 11 1891.. Virtue.. Born 04 02 1892.. 26 04 1892.. Peter Sarah (Dalton) Milley.. Maggie Scott.. Born 11 02 1892.. 28 04 1892.. George Douglas.. Born 30 05 1892.. 09 01 1892.. Philemon.. Born 21 12 1893.. 13 04 1894.. Charles Kendall.. Born 16 11 1894.. 11 03 1895.. James Samuel.. Born 19 11 1894.. 29 03 1895.. Frederick.. Born 14 07 1897.. 20 04 1898.. John Mary A Dalton.. Cornelia.. Born 18 08 1896.. 06 07 1898.. Thomas Sarah Dalton.. Born 15 12 1898.. 24 01 1899.. Sarah Jane.. Born 27 06 1900.. 10 09 1900.. Jeremiah Jessie Dalton.. Mary Emma.. Born 18 06 1901.. 10 08 1901.. Mark Ellis.. Born 25 08 1897.. 01 04 1902.. Julius Mahala (Kennell) Dalton.. W Bay.. Born 09 01 1899.. 01 05 1902.. Julius Mahala Dalton.. Elizabeth Jane.. Born 15 12 1901.. Miriam.. Born 03 10 1902.. 05 10 1902.. Born 23 05 1903.. 25 05 1903.. Jessie Mary.. Born 20 07 1903.. 06 10 1903.. Mildred.. Born 01 03 1905.. 13 03 1905.. Lily Cornelia.. Born 29 10 1905.. 26 01 1906.. William Sarah Dalton.. Joseph (Illeg.. Born 16 02 1907.. 19 04 1907.. Susannah Dalton.. Born 13 07 1907.. 18 07 1907.. Hubert.. Born 27 05 1908.. 24 07 1908.. Born 04 02 1910.. 10 04 1910.. John Thomas.. Born 26 08 1910.. 22 12 1910.. Born 19 06 1912.. 24 07 1912.. Dinah.. Born 04 06 1914.. 11 07 1914.. William Fraser.. Born 22 10 1916.. 27 12 1916.. Jeremiah Dorcas Dalton.. Anthony Vincent.. Born 04 12 1934.. 19 01 1935.. Thomas Myrtle Dalton.. Gladstone Davis.. Born 18 09 1938.. 11 12 1938.. Frazer Vera Isabel Dalton.. Old Perlican.. Adrian Davis.. Born 15 01 1938.. 31 12 1938.. Hubert Winston.. Born 15 04 1941.. 23 06 1941.. John Thomas Myrtle Blanche (Whalen).. Andria Joan.. Born 19 06 1942.. 30 08 1942.. Frazer Vera Isabel Dalton.. Sarah Minnie Elizabeth.. Born 02 01 1945.. 14 02 1945.. Doris Patricia.. Born 17 09 1945.. 26 10 1945.. Fraser Vera Dalton.. Terence Stewart.. Born 13 06 1951.. 16 09 1951.. William Fraser Vera Isabel (Crummey).. Bonavista Methodist Church Records, Newfoundland.. Born 20 11 1842.. 11 12 1842.. James and Ruth Dalton.. Born 18 10 1850.. 31 12 1850.. George and Ann Dalton.. George Robert.. Born 31 08 1841.. 16 09 1841.. James and Ruth Dalton.. Hugh Jene.. Born 20 07 1846.. 19 07 1848.. Julie Ann.. Born 08 06 1850.. John and Clementhine Dalton.. Born 14 09 1843.. 08 11 1845.. Mary Jane.. Born 10 01 1850.. Mary Maria.. Born 03 07 1845.. 17 09 1845.. Philip Snelgrove.. Born 28 07 1848.. 24 01 1849.. Born 16 10 1850.. Mathew and Julia Dalton.. Born 08 05 1842.. 18 10 1842.. Mathew and Julia Dalton.. Born 01 07 1857.. 12 09 1857.. Born 15 11 1855.. 29 06 1856.. Josiah Frampton.. Born 12 09 1862.. 05 07 1863.. Malina Ellen.. Born 01 09 1858.. 25 09 1858.. Mark Albert.. Born 01 01 1854.. 23 07 1854.. John and Clementine Dalton.. Born 27 10 1851.. 14 12 1851.. Born 21 03 1852.. 02 05 1852.. Born 26 06 1854.. 01 04 1855.. Thomas Snelgrove.. Born 01 08 1853.. 08 11 1853.. John Alfred.. Born 13 07 1885.. John and Sarah Dalton.. Bird Island Cove.. Bonavista Church of England Records, Newfoundland.. Apr 21 1878.. Catalina (Methodist) United Church Records, Newfoundland.. James Ellis.. age 4 mo 9 days.. 16 07 1865.. Melina Ellen.. Born 08 02 1874.. Charles and Lenora Dalton.. Emily Ann.. Born 02 02 1876.. Thomas Albert.. Born 02 09 1878.. Born 23 07 1878.. Henrietta.. Born 13 11 1882.. Levi.. Born 06 11 1884.. Julia Maud.. Born 13 11 1886.. Lenora Maud.. Born 15 11 1888.. Born 06 09 1892.. Bennett.. Born 18 02 1895.. James Snelgrove.. Born 21 10 1880.. Philip and Maria Dalton.. Augustus.. Born 26 02 1883.. Born 24 12 1884.. Philip.. Born 10 09 1886.. Jacob Snelgrove.. Born 10 03 1889.. Elan (female).. Frederick Albert.. Born 06 03 1891.. Jessie Ann.. Born 04 12 1895.. Born 14 11 1881.. John and Mary Dalton.. Catalina.. Born 03 11 1883.. John and Mary Ann Dalton.. Born 13 09 1885.. Lorenzo.. Born 13 10 1887.. Julia Ann.. Born 24 04 1890.. Little Catalina.. Simeon.. Born 04 03 1893.. Susannah.. Born 16 03 1894.. John Thomas and Mary Ann Dalton.. Agnes Maud.. Born 16 11 1899.. Born 08 06 1902.. Emma Marie.. Born 14 01 1904.. Delphina.. Born 24 08 1883.. Mark and Rachel Dalton.. Clementina.. Born 20 11 1886.. Born 21 03 1888.. Born 31 08 1890.. Born 16 03 1893.. Robert J.. Born 28 01 1896.. Job Alexander.. Born 28 12 1887.. Albert and Virtue Ann Dalton.. Born 24 01 1890.. Annabel.. Born 08 07 1892.. Born 13 05 1894.. Born 07 09 1896.. Alpheus.. Born 27 12 1898.. Annie Belle.. Born 28 05 1901.. William Moris.. Born 16 04 1903.. Albert Victor.. Born 30 08 1906.. Stewart.. Born 15 10 1910.. Delilah Jane.. Eli and Elizabeth Dalton.. Elsie Jane.. Born 07 03 1898.. Eli and Bridget Dalton.. Born 26 12 1899.. Henry George.. Born 27 05 1901.. Born 24 09 1902.. Edmund George.. Born 04 06 1904.. David.. Born 15 02 1907.. Eli.. Born 16 07 1909.. Born 18 06 1913.. Born 09 03 1915.. Born 04 08 1917.. Rachel.. Born 15 10 1903.. George and Delphius Dalton.. Eugene.. Born 22 03 1907.. Charles Anthony.. Born 04 05 1907.. George and Delphine Dalton.. Born 29 09 1912.. George and Dolphema Dalton.. George Hillier.. Born 05 05 1914.. George and Delphina Dalton.. Ruth.. Born 06 08 1916.. George and Delphinia Dalton.. Robert John.. Born 04 11 1919.. Clementina Ellen.. Born 13 12 1926.. Born 01 01 1905.. James Snelgrove and Jane Dalton.. Chesley Edward.. Born 11 07 1908.. and Jane Dalton.. Levi Snelgrove.. Born 04 09 1911.. James S.. and Janie Dalton.. Joseph Clarence.. Born 04 10 1912.. James Snelgrove and Janie Dalton.. Gladys Dorette.. Born 19 08 1915.. Thomas Leslie.. Born 15 03 1918.. Lillian Belle.. Born 05 09 1924.. Albert John.. Born 10 12 1905.. Thomas and Clementine Dalton.. Evelyn Mildred.. Born 20 02 1907.. Harris Munden.. Born 28 02 1909.. Thos.. Albert and Clematina Dalton.. Donald Harvey.. Born 01 04 1911.. Edison.. Born 08 04 1914.. Thomas Albert and Clementina Dalton.. Maggie Olivia.. Born 10 02 1917.. Thomas Albert and Clementine E.. Stella Muriel.. Augustus and Dorcas Dalton.. Born 03 03 1910.. Maria Pearl.. Born 04 07 1913.. Effie Muriel.. Born 10 10 1920.. Augustus and Dorcas (Eddy) Dalton.. Lionel Augustus.. Born 22 06 1928.. Effie Selina.. Born 09 09 1907.. and Mary Maria Dalton.. Annie Reece.. Born 03 08 1909.. Philip Maxwell.. Born 29 03 1911.. James E.. Nita Marie.. Born 20 06 1912.. Irene.. Born 23 10 1914.. Born 18 02 1917.. and Mary M.. Marjory Nesta.. Born 28 02 1919.. James Ellis and Mary Maria Dalton.. Harry Anderson.. Born 13 06 1921.. and Mary M (Dalton) Dalton.. Phyllis Belle.. Born 22 03 1926.. Dorothy Maud.. Born 15 01 1923.. and Mary Dalton.. Born 12 03 1928.. Born 04 03 1910.. Jacob and Blanche Dalton.. Edward Thomas.. Born 17 10 1912.. Etthel Blanch.. Born 04 11 1917.. Robert Ward.. Born 24 01 1920.. Joseph Johnson.. Born 14 02 1923.. Jacob Gilbert.. Born 12 05 1930.. Born 14 06 1912.. John Thomas and Mary Belle Dalton.. Naomi.. Born 09 06 1916.. John and Mary Belle Dalton.. Joseph Stanley.. Born 20 06 1913.. Levi and Sarah Dalton.. Hary Anderson.. Born 05 04 1915.. Wilbert.. Born 18 04 1916.. Born 07 10 1920.. Levi Dalton and Sarah Dalton.. Minnie Marie.. Born 04 09 1924.. Marmaduke.. Born 16 01 1927.. Rupert Warren.. Born 28 08 1918.. Charles and Susannah Dalton.. Allan John.. Anne Bell.. Born 09 02 1921.. Alphoeus and Jane (Way) Dalton.. Annie Mildred.. Born 12 03 1927.. Alphaeus and Janie Dalton.. Gladys.. Born 25 09 1929.. Alphius and Jane Dalton.. Roy.. Born 13 07 1931.. Alphius and Jeanie Dalton.. Albert George.. Born 06 12 1933.. Alpheus and Jane Dalton.. Gordon.. Born 21 04 1921.. Philip and Sarah (Luther) Dalton.. Born 28 03 1922.. Philip and Sarah Jane Dalton.. Born 14 10 1910.. Philip and Sarah J.. William Norman.. Born 10 02 1921.. Job Alex.. and Elizabeth (Tippett) Dalton.. Isabelle.. Born 28 01 1926.. Job and Elizabeth Dalton.. Albert Anderson.. Born 21 06 1932.. Job A.. and Elizabeth Dalton.. Ronald.. Born 18 07 1924.. William J and Stella Dalton.. Born 05 02 1926.. William John and Stella Dalton.. Newman.. Born 28 04 1930.. Geraldine.. Born 30 05 1933.. William Jas.. and Stella Dalton.. Anderson.. Born 15 11 1937.. Clifford.. Born 04 10 1939.. Philip Louis.. Born 26 07 1925.. Jacob and Delilah Dalton.. Florence Jane.. Born 12 09 1928.. Born 17 09 1931.. Dorette.. Born 28 08 1934.. William Maxwell.. Born 25 10 1936.. Jacob S.. and Delilah Dalton.. Jessie Maud.. Born 15 01 1939.. and Delilah J.. Carrol (male).. Born 22 08 1925.. Edmund G.. and Anne Dalton.. Thomas Horwood.. Born 16 05 1927.. George and Annie Dalton.. Born 26 04 1929.. Edwin Geo.. and Annie Dalton.. Lester.. Born 06 01 1932.. Luke.. Born 01 06 1933.. Edmund and Annie Dalton.. Born 20 06 1935.. Wilfred.. Born 23 09 1929.. Frederick and May Dalton.. James Estell.. Born 17 08 1930.. Mark and Lucy Dalton.. Alberta.. Born 02 05 1933.. Albert and Mary Dalton.. Hansen Roland.. Born 13 12 1939.. Albert and Mary Hannah Dalton.. Rachael Louise.. Born 25 11 1933.. Anthony and Gladys Dalton.. Clara Belle.. Born 14 10 1934.. Fred and Sarah Dalton.. Marion Joyce.. Born 22 12 1938.. Frederick Charles and Sarah Louise (Cart.. er) Dalton.. Eldon Bertram.. Born 03 08 1935.. Edward and Mary Dalton.. Barbara Marie.. Born 07 11 1939.. Phyllis Adeline.. Born 15 10 1936.. William and Elsie Dalton.. Betty Levetta Bain.. Born 06 01 1939.. William James and Elsie Dalton.. Harold.. Born 04 04 1936.. Stewart and Ruth Dalton.. Clara.. Born 03 07 1939.. Stewart and Ruth (Dalton) Dalton.. Bertha Marion Jean.. Born 01 07 1939.. Eugene and Edith Dalton.. Annie Gladys.. Born 19 09 1939.. George Hillier and Lucy Maud Dalton.. Doros.. Born 28 10 1937.. Samuel and Minnie Pearl Dalton.. Warren Charles Allan.. {Living}.. Rupert Warren and Adelaide Dalton.. Melvin Ernest.. Beverly Susan.. Everett James.. Rupert Marwood.. Rupert and Adelaide Dalton.. Sherie Jacqueline.. 45A Harbour Grace, Marriages.. 29 11 1795.. John Dalton of Western Bay to Phillis Perry of Western Bay, Harbour Grace.. 45B Harbour Grace Church of England, Marriages.. 06 02 1839.. Matthew Dalton, bachelor of Harbour Grace to Julia Brown, spinster of Harbour Grace, Harbour Grace.. Witnesses: Joseph Verge and Philip Brown.. 07 06 1877.. James Henry Canning, bachelor of Harbour Grace to Fanny Maud Dalton, spinster of Harbour Grace.. Harbour Grace; Witnesses: Michael Brian and Searle Jr.. Wren.. 07 06 1878.. Samuel Dalton bachelor of Catalina and Catherine Hamilton spinster Riverhead Harbour Grace.. Harbour Grace; Witnesses: William Burke and Michael Hayes.. 52B Blackhead, Bay de Verde, Marriages.. 18 11 1830.. Matthew Dalton bachelor of Western Bay to Mary Skinner spinster of Northern Bay.. Western Bay; Witnesses: Noah Perry and Samuel Skinner.. 30 12 1835.. William Curtis of Western Bay to Ann Dalton of Western Bay.. 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Matthew Mulley age 25 of Western Bay to Martha Milley age 20 of Western Bay.. Western Bay Parsonage; Mother of Martha is Sarah (Dalton) Milley.. Western Bay Church Records Box 1, Marriages.. 29 11 1904.. William Dalton age 48 Widower of Western Bay to Louisa Evans age 47 widow of Western Bay, Western Bay.. 11 11 1908.. Samuel Wilson widower of N.. Western Bay to Susannah Dalton age 22 spinster of S.. Western Bay, Western Bay.. 14 10 1909.. William Dalton widow of Western Bay to Dinah Delaney widow of Western Bay, Western Bay.. 13 12 1912.. Jeremiah Dalton age 40 Widower of Western Bay to Dorcas Sellars age 37 widow of Western Bay, Western Bay.. 01 12 1917.. Miles C Loveys age 52 Widower of Western Bay to Sarah Dalton age 43 widow of Western Bay, Western Bay.. Father Anthony Loveys and father Lloyd Parsons.. 21 12 1922.. Charles Dalton bachelor of Western Bay to Phoebe Elizabeth Gellingham of Ochre Pit Cove, Western Bay.. Father James Dalton and father Wm B Gellingham.. 07 03 1923.. 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Father of Eli is John Dalton and Father of Elizabeth is Russell Tippett.. 02 05 1897.. Eli Dalton age 28 of Little Catalina to Bridget Way age 19 of Catalina.. Father of Bridget is William Way.. 21 07 1898.. Emily Ann Dalton age to Silas Johnson age 25, both of Little Catalina.. Father of Emily is Charles Dalton and Father of Silas is Alexander Johnson.. 28 12 1901.. Heneritta Dalton age 19 to James Johnson age 23, both of Little Catalina.. Father of Heneritta is Charles Dalton and Father of James is James Johnson.. 06 11 1902.. John Dalton age 40 a widower of White Rock to Minnie J Willshire age 34 a widow of Catalina.. Father of John is James Dalton and father of Minnie is Joseph Reid.. 14 06 1903.. George Dalton age 23 to Delphina Dalton age 20, both of Little Catalina.. Father of George is Charles Dalton and father of Delphina is Mark Dalton.. 12 01 1904.. Thomas Albert Dalton age 25 of Little Catalina to Clementina E.. King age 24 of Catalina.. Father of Thomas is Chas.. Dalton and father of Clementina is John A.. King.. 14 06 1904.. James Dalton age 23 and Janie Stagg age 21, both of Little Catalina.. Father of James is Philip Dalton and father of Janie is Joseph Stagg.. 16 01 1906.. Clementina Elen Dalton age 20 to Joseph Thomas Johnson age 24, both of Little Catalina.. Father of Clementina is Mark Dalton and father of Joseph is Alexander Johnson.. 22 10 1906.. Augustus Dalton age 23 to Dorcas Eddy age 22, both of Little Catalina.. Father of Augustus is Philip Dalton and father of Dorcas is Thos.. Eddy.. 20 02 1907.. Dalton age 23 to Mary Maria Dalton age 22, both of Little Catalina.. Father of James is John T.. Dalton and father of Mary is Philip Dalton.. 10 05 1909.. Jacob Dalton age 22 of Little Catalina to Blanche Brown age 21 of Catalina.. Father of Jacob is Mark Dalton and father of Blanche is Wm.. Brown.. 01 10 1910.. Eliza Dalton age 18 to Levi Eddy age 21, both of Little Catalina.. Witnesses: George and Dorcas Dalton.. 25 12 1910.. Levi Dalton age 26 to Sarah Dalton age 21, both of Little Catalina.. Father of Levi is Charles Dalton and father of Sarah is John Dalton.. 05 01 1912.. John Thomas Dalton age 26 of Little Catalina to Mary Belle Lodge age 21 of Catalina.. Father of John is John Dalton and father of Mary is Isaac Lodge.. 25 12 1912.. Julia Anne Dalton age 22 to Benjamin Johnson age 23, both of Little Catalina.. Father of Julia is John Dalton and father of Benjamin is James Johnson.. Witnesses: Emily A Johnson and James E.. 24 12 1913.. Emma Dalton age 25 of Smiths Sound to Augustus Johnson age 24 of Little Catalina.. Father of Emma is John Dalton and father of Augustus is Robert Johnson.. 01 01 1914.. Lorenzo Dalton age 26 to Maud Reid age 19, both of Little Catalina.. Father of Lorenzo is John T.. Dalton and father of Maud is Arthur Reid.. 22 04 1915.. Bennett Dalton age 20 to Ernest King age 21, both from Little Catalina.. 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Witnesses: Maxwell Dalton and Ruth Dalton.. 01 01 1936.. Stuart Dalton age 25 to Ruth Dalton age 20, both of Little Catalina.. Witnesses: Eugene Dalton and Annie Belle Johnson.. 04 03 1936.. William James Dalton age 25 to Elsie Way age 18 , both from Little Catalina.. Witnesses: Mrs.. Albert Dalton and Victor Dalton.. Irene Pearl Dalton age 18 to Albert Pearce age 27, both of Little Catalina.. Witness: Job Dalton.. Samuel Dalton age 24 to Nellie Pearl Tippett age 19 both of Little Catalina.. 02 02 1938.. Marjorie Dalton age 18 to Harrison Johnson age 21, both of Little Catalina.. 12 01 1939.. Eugene Dalton age 30 a bachelor of Little Catalina to Edith C.. Butt age 23 a spinster of Flat Islands.. Edward Dalton and Joseph Johnson Jr.. 21 04 1939.. George Hillier Dalton age 25 a bachelor of Little Catalina to Lucy Maud Dalton age 29 a widow of Little Catalina.. Witnesses: Anthony Dalton and Mrs.. 27 09 1939.. Rupert Warren Dalton age 21 a bachelor of Little Catalina to Adlaids Reid age 21 a spinster of Little Catalina.. Witnesses: Joseph Johnson Jr.. and Julia A.. 15 12 1920.. Alphaeus Dalton to Jane Waye, both of Little Catalina.. Father of Jane is George Way and mother is Elizabeth Way.. Catalina Church of England Marriages, Newfoundland.. 14 1843.. Stephen Ady of Catalina to Elizabeth Dalton of Western Bay at Catalina.. Witnesses: George Butt and James Dalton.. Dec 08 1866.. Peter Sutton of Liverpool, England to Mary Marie Dalton of Catalina at Catalina.. Witnesses: Thephilus Stead and Richard Butt.. Dec 04 1871.. Hugh Jean Dalton of Smith's Sound to Pansey Stone of Catalina, at Catalina.. Witnesses: Abel Stone and Joseph Reid.. Nov 14 1890.. Thomas Dalton (W)(41) of Random North to Ellen Stone (33) of Catalina.. Witnesses: Abel H Stone and Thomas A Stone.. Musgravetown, St.. John s Archives, Newfoundland.. 80 Marriages.. 02 08 1891.. Mary Ann Dalton Spinster of Pools Island Bonavista Bay to George Kean Bachelor of Flowers Island Bonavista Bay.. at Wesleyville; Witnesses: Peter Blackwood and Mary Ann Kean.. MARRIAGES ORIGINAL RECORDS.. The following records have a DALTON as a witness.. No.. 136.. Nove 27 1879 Eleazar MANUEL, Exploits son of Simon MANUEL married Marion LUFF, Expolits daughter of Francis LUFF by John Pratt.. Witness: Matthew DALTON and Peter MANUEL.. This is to certify that Samuel MANUEL of Kite Cove in the District of Twillingate Fogo and Jemima PURCHASE of Kite Cove were united in Holy Matrimony at Kite Cove on this the 14th day of November in the year of Our Lord 1883 by me Anthony Hill.. Witness John DALTON and George BROWN.. MISCELLANEOUS ROMAN CATHOLIC RECORDS FROM THE PROVINCIAL ARCHIVES, 1825-1833, BOX 1.. This is to certify  ...   - St John's.. Dalton, Fred V (xxxx) Amelia (1996) - Conception Harbour.. Dalton, Frederick (1909) others - St John's.. Dalton, Frederick (1909) - St John's.. Dalton, Frederick (1986) Elizabeth - Bishop's Falls.. Dalton, Frederick A (1985) Lilly May - Catalina.. Dalton, Frederick C (1989) Sarah L - Little Catalina.. Dalton, Frederick J (1xxx) Mary Freddie - St John's.. Dalton, Fredrick (1979) - Elliston.. Dalton, George (1866) - Exploits Islands.. Dalton, George (1953) - Avondale.. Dalton, George (1959) - Concpetion Harbour.. Dalton, George (1967) - Little Catalina.. Dalton, George (1971) - Conception Harbour.. Dalton, George C (1997) Shirley M - Conception Harbour.. Dalton, George J (1990) Annie M - Conception Harbour.. Dalton, George Joseph (1955) - Conception Harbour.. Dalton, George Perry (1919) Emily Albertha - St John's.. Dalton, George V (1978) - Conception Harbour.. Dalton, Gerald (1976) - Shoal Harbour.. Dalton, Gerard F (1977) - Bishop's Falls.. Dalton, Gertrude (1984) - O'Donnells.. Dalton, Gordon (1998) Lillian Lily - Little Catalina.. Dalton, Gregory (1992) Gertrude - Harbour Main.. Dalton, Hannah (1924) - St John's.. Dalton, Hannah (1962) - Cape Broyle.. Dalton, Harris (1924) Albert Victor - Little Catalina.. Dalton, Harris Munden (1924) - Little Catalina.. Dalton, Harry (194x) in Group - Petty Harbour.. Dalton, Harry (1971) Maria - Petty Harbour.. Dalton, Henry (1902) Sarah Laurenceton.. Dalton, Hettie Kean (1960) - St John's.. Dalton, Irene (1929) - Little Catalina.. Dalton, Isaac M (1984) Muriel - Little Catalina.. Dalton, J Thomas (1999) N Maude - Western Bay.. Dalton, Jack G (1988) - Mt Pearl.. Dalton, Jackie (1978) - Bell Island.. Dalton, Jacob (1952) - Little Catalina.. Dalton, Jacob S (1967) Delilah J - Little Catalina.. Dalton, Jacob S (1967) - Little Catalina.. Dalton, Jacqueline G (1979) - North Harbour.. Dalton, Jacquelyn Margaret (1966) - Avondale.. Dalton, James (1892) Mary Ann - St John's.. Dalton, James (1901) Mary Daniel - Avondale.. Dalton, James (1914) - Conception Harbour.. Dalton, James (1922) Annie Lydia - Western Bay.. Dalton, James (1922) - Western Bay.. Dalton, James (1925) - Elliston.. Dalton, James (1928) - Cape Broyle.. Dalton, James (1937) Jane - Patrick's Cove.. Dalton, James (1970) - Conception Harbour.. Dalton, James (1989) - Mt Pearl.. Dalton, James (1991) - Little Catalina.. Dalton, James E (1970) - Little Catalina.. Dalton, James Henry (1937) Ida Mary - Cape Broyle.. Dalton, James J (1960) Colinet.. Dalton, James J (1961) - O'Donnells.. Dalton, James Joseph (1972) - Cape Broyle.. Dalton, James K (1997) - Harcourt.. Dalton, James Kevin (1962) - Conception Harbour.. Dalton, James S (1959) - Little Catalina.. Dalton, James W (1985) others - Codroy.. Dalton, James W (1985) - Codroy.. Dalton, Jane (1965) - Little Catalina.. Dalton, Jeremiah (1985) - Bell Island.. Dalton, Johanna (1919) - Witless Bay.. Dalton, Johanna G (1960) - Conception Harbour.. Dalton, John (1848) Phillis - Exploits Islands.. Dalton, John (1890) Margaret - St John's.. Dalton, John (1890) - St John's.. Dalton, John (1914) Alice - Avondale.. Dalton, John (1918) - Witless Bay.. Dalton, John (1927) - Cape Broyle.. Dalton, John (1927) - Witless Bay.. Dalton, John (1938) Annie - North Harbour, St Mary's Bay.. Dalton, John (1948) - Conception Harbour.. Dalton, John (1955) - St John's.. Dalton, John (1959) - Avondale.. Dalton, John (1969) Ellen J Hawco in Group - Chapel's Cove.. Dalton, John (1973) Mary Adey - Clarenville.. Dalton, John (1980) - Little Catalina.. Dalton, John (xxxx) Nell in Group - Chapel's Cove.. Dalton, John Cyril (1941) - Cape Broyle.. Dalton, John Frederick (1953) - Cape Broyle.. Dalton, John J (1975) - Cape Broyle.. Dalton, John J (1995) Anna - Cape Broyle.. Dalton, John P (1975) - Conception Harbour.. Dalton, John T (1989) - Codroy.. Dalton, John Thomas (1922) - Witless Bay.. Dalton, John Thomas (1925) - Little Catalina.. Dalton, John Thomas (1926) - Little Catalina.. Dalton, John Thomas (1929) Harry A - Little Catalina.. Dalton, Joseph (1978) - Burin.. Dalton, Joseph J (1994) Marie M - Little Catalina.. Dalton, Joseph T R (1996) Blanche - Harcourt.. Dalton, Josephine (1972) - Witless Bay.. Dalton, Julia (1936) - Exploits Islands.. Dalton, Kenneth (1991) - Conception Harbour.. Dalton, Kenneth (1995) - Little Catalina.. Dalton, Kevin Michael (1994) - Conception Harbour.. Dalton, Laurence (1917) Richard - Avondale.. Dalton, Lawrence (2001) Wayne - Harbour Main.. Dalton, Lenora (1919) - Little Catalina.. Dalton, Leonard (1989) - O'Donnells.. Dalton, Levi S (1993) - Little Catalina.. Dalton, Lewis (1991) Clara B - Little Catalina.. Dalton, Lewis Wilson (1968) - St John's.. Dalton, Lillian (1909) - Somerset.. Dalton, Lillian M (1984) - St John's.. Dalton, Linda (1960) - O'Donnells.. Dalton, Lorenzo (1982) Elizabeth - Little Catalina.. Dalton, Lucy Maud (1949) George Hillier - Little Catalina.. Dalton, Lydia (1893) - Western Bay.. Dalton, M Catherine (1997) - North Harbour, St Mary's Bay.. Dalton, M G (1965) - St John's.. Dalton, M K J (xxxx) - Bishop's Falls.. Dalton, Maisie (1972) Harcourt.. Dalton, Margaret (1912) - St John's.. Dalton, Margaret (1960) - Codroy.. Dalton, Margaret (1970) - Conception Harbour.. Dalton, Margaret (1975) - Mt Pearl.. Dalton, Maria Ann (1871) - Exploits Islands.. Dalton, Mark A (1931) - Little Catalina.. Dalton, Martha M (2001) - Codroy.. Dalton, Mary (1883) Francis - St John's.. Dalton, Mary (1884) - St John's.. Dalton, Mary (1899) - St John'.. Dalton, Mary (1924) - Witless Bay.. Dalton, Mary (1934) Leo Gerald - Avondale.. Dalton, Mary (1938) Jerry - Bell Island.. Dalton, Mary (1941) George - Avondale.. Dalton, Mary (1941) others Avondale.. Dalton, Mary (1943) - Conception Harbour.. Dalton, Mary (1972) - Stephenville.. Dalton, Mary (1981) - Mt Pearl.. Dalton, Mary (1986) Victor - Little Catalina.. Dalton, Mary Ann (1931) - Little Catalina.. Dalton, Mary Ann (1941) - Cape Broyle.. Dalton, Mary Ann (1966) - St John's.. Dalton, Mary Ann (1980) - Little Catalina.. Dalton, Mary Christina (1960) - Conception Harbour.. Dalton, Mary Elizabeth (1988) Catalina.. Dalton, Mary J (1974) - Cape Broyle.. Dalton, Mary J (1989) - Cape Broyle.. Dalton, Mary M (1965) - Little Catalina.. Dalton, Matthew (1910) Lenora Maud - Little Catalina.. Dalton, Matthew (1988) - O'Donnells.. Dalton, Matthew P (1935) - Exploits Islands.. Dalton, May (190x) - St John's.. Dalton, Michael (1890) - St John's.. Dalton, Michael (1897) Mary Francis - St John's.. Dalton, Michael (1910) - St John's.. Dalton, Michael (1994) Frances - Harbour Main.. Dalton, Michael H (1999) - Cape Broyle.. Dalton, Michael J (1999) - Mt Pearl.. Dalton, Michael Joseph (1960) Angela - Cape Broyle.. Dalton, Mildred M (1987) - Salmon Cove.. Dalton, Mollie (1944) - Witless Bay.. Dalton, Myrtle (1958) - Western Bay.. Dalton, Nicholas (1962) - Conception Harbour.. Dalton, Nicholas J (1976) Mary J Anne Annie - Harbour Main.. Dalton, Nicole Jacqueline (1984) Avondale.. Dalton, Olga P (xxxx) Margaret Gullage - St John's.. Dalton, P A (1987) - St John's.. Dalton, Patrick (1863) - St Joseph's.. Dalton, Patrick (1864) - St Joseph's.. Dalton, Patrick (1989) Alice - St Joseph's.. Dalton, Patrick (2001) Patricia - Harbour Main.. Dalton, Patrick (xxxx) others - Buchans.. Dalton, Patrick (xxxx) - Buchans.. Dalton, Patrick J (1912) - St John's.. Dalton, Patrick Joseph (1992) - Bishop's Falls.. Dalton, Paul (xxxx) - Conception Harbour.. Dalton, Peter (1980) - O'Donnells.. Dalton, Peter Francis (1933) John in Group - Witless Bay.. Dalton, Peter Francis (1933) - Witless Bay.. Dalton, Philip (1945) - St John's.. Dalton, Philip (1951) - Little Catalina.. Dalton, Philip (1996) - Little Catalina.. Dalton, Philip Maxwell (1983) - Little Catalina.. Dalton, Priscilla (1901) Annie - Laurenceton.. Dalton, Rachel (1901) - Little Catalina.. Dalton, Richard (1856) - St Joseph's.. Dalton, Richard (1937) - Avondale.. Dalton, Richard (1942) - St John's.. Dalton, Richard (1972) - Cape Broyle.. Dalton, Richard (1982) Marie - Conception Harbour.. Dalton, Richard (1985) - Patrick's Cove.. Dalton, Richard (1996) - Bell Island.. Dalton, Richard (2000) - Harbour Main.. Dalton, Richard J (1996) Ida P - Bell Island.. Dalton, Rita (1972) Clara - Cape Broyle.. Dalton, Robert John (xxxx) - Little Catalina.. Dalton, Robert Ward (1928) - Little Catalina.. Dalton, Rodney Daniel (1971) - Windsor.. Dalton, Ronald (1998) Lillian - Little Catalina.. Dalton, Rupert W (1996) Adelaide Catalina.. Dalton, Samuel (1993) N Pearl - Little Catalina.. Dalton, Sarah (1915) - Elliston.. Dalton, Sarah (1927) - Little Catalina.. Dalton, Sarah Jane (1962) - Little Catalina.. Dalton, Sherry (2003) - Conception Harbour.. Dalton, Simeon (1893) Simeon - Little Catalina.. Dalton, Stanley (1995) Dorette - Little Catalina.. Dalton, Stephen (1967) - Cape Broyle.. Dalton, Stephen (1981) Josephine others - Witless Bay.. Dalton, Stephen (1981) Mollie in Group - Witless Bay.. Dalton, Stephen (1981) others - Witless Bay.. Dalton, Stewart (1993) Ruth - Little Catalina.. Dalton, Thomas (1883) - St John's.. Dalton, Thomas (1909) Mary - Harbour Grace.. Dalton, Thomas (1915) Sarah - Western Bay.. Dalton, Thomas (1927) Susannah - Elliston.. Dalton, Thomas (1993) - Little Catalina.. Dalton, Thomas A (1968) - Catalina.. Dalton, Thomas J (1975) Katherine Thomas Jr - St John's.. Dalton, Tom (1997) - Mt Pearl.. Dalton, Tony (1992) - Conception Harbour.. Dalton, Unknown (xxxx) - Little Catalina.. Dalton, Unknown (xxxx) - Mt Pearl.. Dalton, Unknown (xxxx) - St John's.. Dalton, Vincent (1982) Mary C Avondale.. Dalton, Violet Mary (1995) - Bishop's Falls.. Dalton, W Frazer (1990) - Western Bay.. Dalton, Walter F (1983) Elizabeth A - Mt Pearl.. Dalton, William (1787) - St John's.. Dalton, William (1893) Annie - Conception Harbour.. Dalton, William (1903) Margaret others - St John's.. Dalton, William (1906) Louisa - Laurenceton.. Dalton, William (1935) Alice Mary McCarthy - St John's.. Dalton, William (1970) - St John's.. Dalton, William (xxxx) in Group - Harbour Main.. Dalton, William Anthony (1948) - Little Catalina.. Dalton, William G (1915) - St John's.. Dalton, William J (1999) Agnes C - Harbour Main.. Dalton, William J (2002) Regina M - Cape Broyle.. Dalton, William P (19xx) William (1903).. WILLS.. Will of George Dalton from Exploits Burnt Island Newfoundland.. will books volume 4 pages 162-163 probate year 1881 - In re George Dalton deceased.. In the name of God Amen.. I George Dalton of Exploits Burnt Island Newfoundland being very sick and weak in body but of perfect mind and memory thanks be given unto God; do make and ordain this my last will and testament; that is to say principally and first of all I give and recommend my soul unto the hands of Almighty God that gave it, and my body I recommend to the earth to be buried in decent Christian burial at the discretion of my executors - And as touching such worldly estate wherewith it has pleased God to bless me in this life I give demise and dispose of the same in the following manner and form First I give and devise my dwelling house in which I now reside situate in Exploits Burnt Island with the appurtenances unto and to the use of my dear wife Maria Dalton for the term of her natural life or as long as she remains unmarried without impeachment of waste and I give and bequeath to my said wife all the household furniture, goods, household linen and utensils and wearing apparel for her own absolute use and benefit and I further give and bequeath unto her my said wife one third part of the fishing room I now reside on and one fourth part of the schooner "Sea Slipper" and one third part of the gardens as long as she remains unmarried and no longer, also what money I have left after my funeral expenses are paid I give unto my said wife And from and immediately after the decease of my said wife or should she get married I give and devise all my part of said messuages or tenement fishing room schooner and gardens unto my brother Matthew Dalton his executors administrators and assigns for and during all the then residue and remainder of my estate and interest therein, to and for his and their own use and benefit And if the said Matthew Dalton should die before my said wife I give all my part of the property to his sons or their assigns And I do nominate and appoint the said Matthew Dalton and Simon Manuel executors of this my will In witness whereof I the said George Dalton the testator have to this my last will and testament set my hand and seal this eleventh day of June in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and sixty-six- George Dalton.. Signed sealed published and declared by the said George Dalton the testator, as his last will and testament in presence of us at his request and in the presence of each other have hereunto subscribed our names as witnesses, William Sceviour, William Lilley.. Certified correct, D.. Browning.. Registrar.. DALTONS IN THE EXPLOITS AREA OF NEWFOUNDLAND.. Records of Daltons for the Exploits area of Newfoundland were gathered from the Registers of Vital Statistics (Black Books) at the Provincial Archives of Newfoundland.. Civil Registration started in Newfoundland and Labrador in 1891.. Prior to 1891 there was no central registry so BMD records were held only by the church.. To prevent loss of the records, Sir James Puddester initiated a program to have the churches transcribe the pre 1891 records and the Department of Publih Health and Welfare offered ten cents per name as compensation to those clergy who complied.. The collection is not complete, as many clergy did not comply.. The collection is predominately Protestant; Church of England, Congregational, Methodist, Presbyterian and Reformed Episcopal Churches.. Only 6 of the 24 volumes are Roman Catholic.. There are errors in the volumes and care should be taken to verify the data.. This data was compiled by Diane Jackman of St.. John's Newfoundland.. VITAL STATISTICS (BLACK BOOKS) VOL.. 88, METHODIST, TWILLINGATE AND EXPLOITS DISTRICTS.. John Alexander Dalton, b.. 5 Nov 1841, Exploits, Burnt Island to Matthew Dalton, Methodist, fisherman and Elizabeth.. 23 Aug 1842 by Rev.. William Marshall the first resident Methodist Minister in Green Bay with headquarters in Twillingate.. Henry William, b.. 7 Apr 1846, Exploits, to Matthew Dalton, Methodist, fisherman and Elizabeth.. 3 Nov 1844, by Rev Marshall.. Moncia Ann, b.. 29 May 1848, Exploits, to Matthew Dalton, Methodist, fisherman and Elizabeth.. 3 Aug 1848 by John S.. Peach.. Matthew Dalton, b.. Jul 24 1851 to Matthew Dalton, Methodist, fisherman and Providence.. 3 Aug 1851 by John Brewster.. VITAL STATISTICS (BLACK BOOKS).. VOL.. 92, METHODIST, TWILLINGATE AND EXPLOITS.. Jane Dalton, b.. Mar 19 1860, Peter's Arm, Bay of Exploits to William Foote and Elizabeth.. Bap 8 Aug 1860 by J.. Duke.. Philip Dalton, b.. 3 Mar 1859, Exploits Burnt Island, to Matthew Dalton and Providence.. 21 Aug 1859 by J.. Alpheus? Dalton, b.. 17 Oct 1861, Exploits, to Matthew Dalton and Providence.. Bap 3 Nov 1861 by J.. Andrew Dalton, b.. 16 Sep 1865, Exploits, to John Dalton and Mary Ann.. Bap 24 Sep 1865 by J.. Rogers.. Elizabeth Dalton, b.. 24 Jun 1869, Exploits, to John Dalton and Maria.. Bap/ 27 Jun 1869 by T.. Allen.. Emma Jane Dalton (age when born 4 months), Kit Cove, to John Dalton and Dorcas.. Bap 12 Feb 1874 by S.. Dunn.. Mary Elizabeth Dalton, b.. 23 Aug 1875, Exploits, toHenry Dalton and Sarah a dug?.. Bap 19 Oct 1857 by C.. Myers.. Clara Dalton, b.. 2 Dec 1875, Kite Cove, to John Dalton and Dorcas.. 27 Jan 1876 by C.. Priscilla Dalton, b.. Feb 6 1877, Exploits, to Henry Dalton and Sarah.. 4 Mar 1877 by J.. Alexander.. William Taylor Dalton, b.. 1 Jun 1878, Kite Cove, to John Dalton and Dorcas.. 7 Jul 1878 by J.. Pratt.. 4 Nov 1879, Kite Cove, to Henry Dalton and Sarah.. 7 Mar 1880 by John Pratt.. George Edmund Dalton, b.. 20 Dec 1881, Kite Cove, to Henry Dalton and Sarah.. 13 Mar 1882 by J.. Parkins.. Valaria Dalton, b.. 1 Jul 1883, Kite Cove, to John Dalton and Dorcas.. Bap 17 Oct 1883 by Anthony Hill.. Eliza Ann Dalton, b 6 Jul 1888, Kite Cove, to Henry Dalton and Sarah.. 28 Sep 1888 by Jas.. Nurse.. 30 Jun 1859, Exploits, Luke Manuel, fisherman and Priscilla Jane Dalton, domestic, both Methodist.. Res of both Exploits; by J.. Witness: Josiah Manuel and Mary Ann Manuel.. 30 Nov 1858, Exploits, John Alexander Dalton, fisherman and Mary Ann Ball both of Exploits, by Jabez A.. Witness: George Foote and Henry Dalton.. 7 Dec 1867, Exploits, John Dalton, widower and Maria Jure, widow, both of Exploits, by H.. Cranford.. Witness: George Foote and John Jure.. ? Exploits, Matthew Dalton, bachelor, fisherman and Julia Manuel, spinster, both of Exploits, by Simeon Dunn.. Witness: George Sceviour and William Manuel.. Dalton Witnesses to Other Marriages.. 13 Mar 1882, Kite Cove, William Lidstone, widower, fisherman and Mary Ann Cox, spinster, both of Kite Cove, by Joseph Parkins.. Witness; John Dalton and Naomi Rose.. 24 Oct 1883, Exploits, Jabez Bursey, fisherman from Lower Island Cove and Amelia Ridout from Exploits, by Anthony Hill.. Witness; Matthew Dalton and Alphaeus Miller.. 14 Nov 1883, Kite Cove, Samuel Manuel of Kite Cove and Jemima Purchase, Kite Cove by Anthony Hill.. Witness: John Dalton and George Brown.. 23 Nov 1888, Kite Cove, John Curtis, 27 years old, bachelor of Cains Point and Jane Steel, 22 years old, spinster of Dominion Point, by James Nurse.. Witness: Tobias Manuel and Bessie Dalton.. EXTRACTIONS FROM GERT CROSIE' BOOK.. Her sources were Newfoundland newspapers and add some details to a few of the above marriages.. 5 Dec 1889, Bessie Dalton of Gander Bay married Tobias Manuel, Methodust Parsonage, Fogo.. Appeared in the Twillingate Sun, 21 Dec 1889.. 7 Nov 1874, Henry Dalton of Exploits, married Sarah Ryan of Pouch Cove, by Rev.. Milligan.. Appeared 24 Nov 1874 in both the Gazette and Newfoundlander.. John Dalton of Exploits, Burnt Island, married Dorcas Taylor of Mosquito at Battle Harbour by W.. Bendell.. Appeared Oct.. 30 1872 in the Courier and Times.. UNITED CHURCH ARCHIVES, ELIZABETH AVE.. JOHN S, NEWFOUNDLAND METHODIST RECORDS FOR GREEN BAY BOX 1 - BAPTISMS 1841-78; MARRIAGES 1842-53, 1877-95 AND BURIALS 1853-1882.. George DALTON, Bachelor, of Exploits Burnt Island and Mary LACY, widow of Black Island were married on 19 Oct 1852 in the presence of John DORRY, Stephen OSMOND, William LACY and others by me John Brewster.. Deaths Exploits, 1874-1908.. George DALTON, Exploits Burnt Island Aug 15 1866, age 50 years.. Foote, 1883 age 6 years, Exploits.. Dorcas DALTON, May 30 1885, 42 years, Kite Cove.. Matthew DALTON, Feb 11 1891, 82 years, Exploits.. Valoria DALTON, Mar 16 1893, 10 years, Exploits.. DALTON, Providence, Feb 2 1897, 75 years, Exploits.. UNITED CHURCH ARCHIVES WY200 BOX 2, EXPLOITS MISSION ORIGINAL RECORDS.. NOV.. 25, 1862 - FEB.. 29, 1908 MARRIAGES.. Nov 30 1864 John Alexander DALTON, Bachelor, fisherman, Exploits Burnt Island married Mary Ann BALL, Spinster of Exploits Burnt Island by Jabez A.. Rogers at the Wesleyan Church.. Witness George FOOTE, Henry DALTON, Silma BALL and ? GILLETT.. Dec 7 1867 John DALTON, Planter, widower, Exploits Burnt Island son of Matthew DALTON, Planter married Maria JURE, widow, Exploits Burnt Island daughter of John JURE, Planter.. Married by H.. Witness George FOOTE and John JURE.. Nov 19 1874 Matthew DALTON, Bachelor, fisherman, Exploits Burnt Island son of Matthew DALTON, fisherman married Julia MANUEL, Spinster, Exploits Burnt Island daughter of Andrew MANUEL, fisherman at the Wesleyan Church by Simeon Dunn.. Witness George SCEVIOUR and William MANUEL.. Oct 26 1875 William STRIDE, 28, Bachelor, fisherman, Exploits Burnt Island son of George STRIDE, fisherman married Susan JURE, 29 Spinster daughter of John JURE, fisherman at House of Bride s father.. Witness George MANUEL, John JURE and others.. 155.. Mar 10 1882 Thomas LANDRIGAN, Bachelor, fisherman of Kite Cove and Sophia GILL, Spinster of Kite Cove married in the Tilt of Matthew DALTON by Rev.. Joseph Parkins in the Prescence of Joshua RODGERS and Tamar STRIDE.. 156.. Married at Kite Cove, Exploits Mission District of Fogo Twillingate Mar 13 1882 William LIDSTONE, widower, fisherman Kite Cove and Mary Ann COX, spinster, Kite Cove Married in the House of William LIDSTONE by Joseph Parkins.. In the Prescence of us John DALTON and Naomi ROSE.. 175.. Oct 24 1883 Jabez BURSEY, fisherman, Lower Island Cove son of William BURSEY fisherman and Amelia RIDOUT, Exploits daughter of John RIDOUT fisherman Married in the Methodist Parsonage by Rev.. Anthony Hill.. In the Prescence of us, Matthew DALTON and Alphaeus MILLEY.. 263.. Marriage solomnized at Exploits Burnt Island in the District of Twillingate Dec 31 1892 Parmenas George MANUEL, 25, bachelor fisherman, Exploits Burnt Island son of Andrew MANUEL to Adelaide BLAKE, 21, spinster, domistic servant of Gander Bay Married in the Methodist Church by Geo.. Frazer.. In the presence of us, Caleb MANUEL and Mary Ann DALTON.. 275.. Marriage solomnized at Exploits Burnt Island in the District of Twillingate Jan 11 1984 Saul STRIDE 30, bachelor, fisherman, Exploits son of Abel STRIDE, fisherman and Fanny HODNOTT 23, spinster, Exploits, daughter of John HODNOTT, fisherman.. Married in Methodish Church by Henry Scott.. In the presence of us, Polly DALTON and William.. LUFF.. 300.. Marriage solomnized at Exploits Burnt Island in the District of Twillingate May 2 1896 George JEFFERIES 22, bachelor, fisherman, Exploits son of Thomas JEFFERIES and Clara DALTON 21, spinster Exploits daughter of John DALTON.. Married at the House of Mr.. Thomas JEFFERIES by Henry Scott in the presence of us, Thomas JEFFERIES and Jane.. JEFFERIES.. 303.. Marriage solomnized at New Bay, District of Twillingate Oct 30 1896 Walter D.. YATES, 22, bachelor fisherman of New Bay son of ? YATES, fisherman and Annie Maria DALTON, 18, spinster, servant of New Bay, daughter of John DALTON, Boat Builder, ETC.. Married at the house of James PEARCE by Selby Jefferson.. In the presence of us, Philip MOORES.. and Jemima MOORES.. 307.. Marriage solomnized at Exploits, District of Twillingate Dec 24 1896 John PURCHASE 23, bachelor, fisherman, Exploits son of Alfred PURCHASE, fisherman and Lucy Jane Sceviour, 21, spinster, Exploits daughter of James SCEVIOUR, fisherman.. Married at the Methodist Church by Selby Jefferson.. In the presence of us, Mary Ann DALTON and Victor PURCHASE.. UNITED CHURCH ARCHIVES WY200 EXPLOITS BOX 2 A REGISTER OF MARRIAGES.. 1.. Luke MANUEL, fisherman Exploits Burnt Island Jun 30 1859 and Priscella Jane DALTON same place by J.. A.. Witness: Josiah MANUEL and Mary Ann MANUEL.. 8.. Joseph WOOLFREYES, fisherman, Exploits, Burnt Island 19 Nov 1859 and Belinda JONES same place by J.. Witness: George DALTON, George SCEVIOUR and Samuel ARNOLD.. MARCH 6, 2001 - UNITED CHURCH ARCHIVES WY200 BOX 2 - EXPLOITS MISSION.. BAPTISMS NOV.. 26, 1860 - FEB.. 23, 1893.. Mar 27 1881 Maria Ann DALTON daughter of John and Dorcas DALTON, Kite Cove.. Born Jun 3 1881.. Jos.. Parkins.. 91.. Sep 9, 1860 Job son of Luke MANUEL and Priscilla Jane DALTON, Exploits Burnt Island.. Born Feb 6 1860.. Duke.. 143.. Jan 27 1862 Frederic son of Luke MANUEL and Priscilla Jane DALTON, Exploits Burnt Island.. Born Jan 13 1862.. 236.. Jul 3, 1864 Alfred son of Luke MANUEL and Priscilla Jane DALTON, Exploits Burnt Island.. Born Jan 8 1864.. 293.. Nov 25 1865 Maria Jane, daughter of Luke MANUEL and Priscilla DALTON, Exploits Burnt Island.. Born Nov 21 1865.. Rogers.. 463.. Jul 3, 1871 Emma Ann daughter of Charles and Susannah FOOTE, Exploits Brook.. Born Sep 27 1869.. Pickels.. 464.. Jul 31 1871 Alice daughter of Charles and Susannah FOOTE, Exploits Brook.. Born Jan 23 1871.. Pickels.. 472.. Aug 16 1871 Edgar John son of Luke MANUEL and Priscilla DALTON, Kite Cove.. Born Feb 27,1870.. 473.. Aug 16 1871 Matthew son of Luke MANUEL and Priscilla DALTON, Kite Cove.. Born Feb 27 1870.. 576.. Febr 28 1873 Henry William son of Luke MANUEL and Priscilla DALTON, Kite Cove, Exploits Bay.. Born Jun 28 1872.. Geo.. Milley.. 650.. Feb 13 1874 Lilian daughter of Luke MANUEL and Priscilla DALTON, Kite Cove age 3 months.. Simson Dunn.. 847.. Mar 8 1877 Alexander son of Luke MANUEL and Priscilla DALTON, Exploits.. Born Jan 9 1877.. 936.. May 4 1879 William David son of Luke MANUEL and Priscilla DALTON, Exploits.. Born Jan 27, 1879.. John Pratt.. 1061.. Mar 13,1882, George Edmund son of Henry Sarah DALTON, Kite Cove.. Born Dec 20 1881.. Jos Parkins.. 1066.. Mar 20 1882, Lilian daughter of Luke MANUEL and Priscilla DALTON, Northern Arm.. Born Sep 15 1881.. 1167.. Mar 23 1884 Julia daughter of Luke MANUEL and Priscilla DALTON, Northern Arm, Exploits Bay.. Born Mar 18 1884.. Hill.. 1231.. Mar 22 1885 Dinah Jane daughter of Job (possibly son of Luke MANUEL and Priscilla DALTON) and Sarah MANUEL, Northern Arm, Exploits Bay.. Born Jan 11 1885.. 1338.. Mar 10 1887 Edger son of Job (possibly son of Luke MANUEL and Priscilla DALTON) and Sarah Emma MANUEL, Northern Arm.. Born Feb 24 1887.. Swain.. 1429.. Sep 29 1888 Eliza Ann daughter of Henry and Sarah DALTON, Kite Cove.. Born Jul 6 1888.. 1460.. May 20 1899 Lily Ella daughter of Job (possibly son of Luke MANUEL and Priscilla DALTON) and Sarah MANUEL, Northern Arm.. Born Oct 27 1888.. James Nurse.. EXTRACTS FROM THE "THE ROYAL GAZETTE" AND THE EVENING TELEGRAM.. Miscellaneous entries from Diane Jackman.. Note that the 1860 marriage took place in Brooklyn.. May 13, 1814 ROYAL GAZETTE.. Deserted from the service of Bully, Job Co.. , May 13, 1814, Edmund Dalton arrived from Waterford in the Brig "Rose.. December 30, 1816 ROYAL GAZETTE.. Declared Insolvent: Publicans, William Dalton and James Morrissey of St.. Johns, 30 Dec 1816 ( 18 Feb).. September 28, 1830 ROYAL GAZETTE.. Persons under mentioned and memorialized for grants of ground described opposite their names (2 Nov).. Patrick Dalton, 28 Sep 1829, Coote's Marsh Road, Adjoining Clancy.. January 25, 1848 ROYAL GAZETTE.. Tillman/Dalton, by Rev.. Forrestal.. Henry Charles Tillman, Professor of Music, of Halifax, NS, to Mary, 3rd dau.. of William Dalton.. Tobin/Dalton, by Rev.. William Tobin to Eliza, eldest dau.. of William Dalton of this place.. January 23, 1849 ROYAL GAZETTE.. Lash/Dalton: Thursday by Bridge.. Frederick Lash to Bridget Ann, 2nd dau.. of William Dalton of this town.. (23 Jan).. May 8, 1860 ROYAL GAZETTE.. Wyatt/Dalton: At Brooklyn.. April 14th by Rev.. Wyatt, Esq.. to Catherine Dalton.. Both of St Johns (8May).. January 7, 1890, Vol.. 12 THE EVENING TELEGRAM.. DIED.. This morning after a long illness, John Dalton, accountant; a native of Wexford, Ireland, aged 72 years.. Funeral on Thursday, at 2.. 30 p.. m.. ; friends and acquaintances are respectfully invited to attend.. I.. P.. Tuesday, February 25, 1890 THE EVENING TELEGRAM.. Last night, after a long and tedious illness, Margaret, beloved wife of William Dalton, aged 29 years; funeral on Thursday, at half-past 2 o clock, from her late residence, Clancey s Lane, off Victoria Street; leaving a husband and two children to lament their loss.. Tuesday, April 2, 1895 THE ROYAL GAZETTE.. A message from St.. Mary s to The Evening Telegram says that Dalton, of Colinet Island, reports that on Wednesday, the 20th, his boys picked up a large piece of wreckage, the deck of some steamer recently lost.. The beams and decking are of pitch pine, four inches thick, with iron bars through every beam.. Some spruce poles have also been picked up.. They were driven in the bay with the wreckage.. Tuesday, April 16, 1895 THE ROYAL GAZETTE.. On the 8th, April, 1895 Died.. Allen, child of John and the late Emma Dalton, aged 1 year and 7 months.. Tuesday, July 16, 1895 THE ROYAL GAZETTE.. On the 25th of June, 1895, at South Boston, Massachusetts, Elizabeth Dalton, aged 39 years, wife of Captain Michael Smart, formerly of Harbor Grace, Newfoundland.. Tuesday, September 24, 1895 THE ROYAL GAZETTE.. MARRIED.. At South Boston, Massachusetts, August 15th, 1895, Patrick Dalton, to Catherine Byrne, both of this city.. (St.. John s, Newfoundland).. Tuesday, December 3, 1895 THE ROYAL GAZETTE , Vol.. LXXXVII.. On the 28th November 1895, at the Roman Catholic Cathedral, by the Reverend Father John Scott, Administrator, Mr.. James Dalton, of Fermeuse, to Kate, eldest daughter of Thomas Lawlor, of Renews.. IRISH BIRTH DATA.. Diane also sent this list of Irish birth data taken from microfiche of Irish births.. Dalton, Catherine, christened 14 Sept.. Parents: Thomas Dalton and Catherine Kenney.. Kerry, Castleisland, Ireland.. Roman Catholic Catherine, born 1 June 1866, Waterford, Waterford, Browns Lane.. Thomas Dalton and Catherine Driscoll.. Dalton, Edward born 17 Apr 1867.. Waterford, Waterford, Williams St.. Thomas Dalton and Catherine Reddy.. Dalton, Elizabeth.. Thomas Dalton and Catherine King.. Christened 26 Dec 1876, Waterford, John Hill.. Back to Main Canada Page..

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  • Title: Prince Edward Island
    Descriptive info: PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND.. The following information was provided by DGS member Mike Dalton of Oregon.. The data was extracted from.. The Island Register.. , a genealogical website for Prince Edward Island, Canada.. Many thanks to Mike for his efforts in researching their information for Dalton Family members.. See also the biographical sketch of.. Sir Charles Dalton.. of Prince Edward Island, contrinuted by DGS member Tom O'Connor.. This page was lasted updated 5 October, 2009.. ABSTRACTS FROM ISLAND REGISTER.. A Genealogical website for Prince Edward Island, Canada.. 1841 CENSUS - Extract: about 40% of PEI's census records survived.. LOT 7.. Michael Dalton, farmer: Census count of 5: self and wife are 16 to 45; son daughter under 16.. , mother inlaw is over age 60.. Religion: Roman Catholic.. Origin: Michael Dalton and his wife's mother paid their own passage from Ireland.. His wife and their 2 children are natives of PEI.. Farm holdings: 200 acres held fee simple.. Jeremiah Dalton, ship carpenter: Census count of 8: self and sick wife are 16 to 45;their 3 sons and 3 daughters are under age 16, and born PEI.. Religion: other denomination.. Origin: Jeremiah Dalton and his wife paid own passage from Ireland.. Farm holdings: 100 acres held fee simple.. John Dalton, farmer: Census count of 1: self is 16 to 45.. Religion: RC.. Origin: paid own passage from Ireland.. Farm holdings: 75 acres held fee simple.. Thomas Dalton, farmer/ tailor: Census count of 4: self and wife over age 60; son and daughter each under age 16.. Origin: 3 are natives of Ireland of which two paid own passage; 1 person is native of British Colonies.. LOT 34.. James Dalton, farmer: Census count of 5: self and 2 other males are over age 60; a male and a female are each under 16.. Origin: 4 paid own passage from Ireland; 1 is native of PEI.. Farm holdings: 100 acres held by leasehold ina 999 year lease with 9 years of lease expired.. Michael Dalton, labourer: Census count of 8; self over age 60; 2 males and 1 female under 16, 2 males and 1 female 16 to 45.. Origin: 5 are natives of Ireland of which one paid own passage; 3 are natives of the British Colonies.. Farm holdings: none.. LOT 28.. Michael Dalton, farmer: Census count of 2; self and wife areage 45 to 60.. Origin: The two paid their own passage from Ireland.. Farm holdings: 86 acres held by leasehold in 999 year lease with 32 years expired.. note: Produce raised by the farmers included wheat, oats, barley, and potatoes; livestock included horses, sheep, neat cattle (dairy cows and steers) and hogs.. PALLIDIUM REPEAL LISTS.. 24 Oct.. 1843: John Dalton of Armagh, Ireland, attendee at Charlotte Town repeal meeting.. 4 Jan.. 1844: Michael Dalton of Lot 7 appointed a warden; upgraded to district warden on 15 Aug.. 15 Jan.. 1844: Subscribers to the Repeal Fund at Georgetown: Peter Dalton and James Dalton from Ballyduff, County Kilkenny.. 2 May 1844: Subscribers to the Repeal Fund at Lot 7: John Dalton and Patrick Dalton from Ballyhigh (Ballyheigue), County Kerry, Ireland.. 1863 LAKE MAP OF PEI.. Lot 1.. Dalton near Tighnish; Lot.. 7 - Coastal Road north from Springfield and Bible Christian Church: M.. Dalton, John Dalton Jr.. , John Dalton Sr.. ; past Catholic Church: P.. Dalton and J.. Dalton, senior.. 1864 HUTCHISON PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND DIRECTORY.. Charlottetown - Michael Dalton, house at Fitzroy near Hillsboro.. Georgetown - Peter Dalton, shoemaker, house at Water near Fitzroy;.. Georgetown - James Dalton, house at Water near Fitzroy.. Tignish, Lot 1 - Patrick Dalton, farmer.. 1880 ATLAS OF PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND.. A.. Lot 1.. Prince County: Patrick Dalton, Jr.. has two 25 acres parcels and a house on Skinner's Pond Road; Patrick Dalton has 109 acres at Norway Post Office.. Lot 7, Prince County.. Shore Road near Bear Pond, adjoining lands with houses: Peter Dalton 100 acres; William Dalton 50 acres; Maurice Dalton 50 acres; Michael Dalton 400 acres to south of Peter's land.. Mount Pleasant: Michael Dalton has house and 100 acres.. Glenagarry Post Office: Mrs.. Patrick Dalton; house and 75 acres; John Dalton, house and 75 acres.. Hutt Road: John Dalton, Jr.. , house and 50 acres.. Lot 9, Prince County: Maurice Dalton,100 acres near Brae Station PO.. Lot 12, Prince County: Duncan McDonald, 70 acres and house near Ellierlie Post Office.. His widowed daughter Ellinor is there with her 2 children from her late Mr.. Queens County at Fort Augustus Post Office by Power's land: William Dalton, house and 50 acres; Mrs.. Mary Dalton, house and 100 acres.. III.. 1861 CENSUS.. Taken on or about May 15, 1861.. PRINCE COUNTY.. LOT 1.. Patrick Dalton, farmer: Census count of 8; self and wife are 45-60 and from Ireland, 2 females 16-21, 3 males 5-16, 1 male 21-45.. The family is Roman Catholic.. The childen are natives of PEI.. Farm holdings: 109 acres held in 999 year lease with 20 years expired on lease.. Patrick Dalton, farmer: Census count of 7: self and wife are 21-45; 3 males under age 5 with one birth within the year; one male is 5-16; one male over 60 is likely Patrick's father.. The family is RC.. John Dalton, farmer: Census count of 12: self is 45-60 and wife is 21-45;.. 3 males under age 5 with one birth within the year; 2 males 4 females are.. 5-16; 1 male is 16- 21.. Jeremiah Dalton, farmer: Census count of 4: self and wifeare 45-60;.. 1 male 21-45; 1 female 16-21.. The family is Bible Christian.. Michael Dalton, farmer: Census count of 9: self is 45-60 and wife is 21-45;.. 2 males and 2 females are 5 -16; 1 male is 16-21 and 2 females are under age 5.. Farm holdings are: 96 acres held fee simple.. QUEENS COUNTY - CHARLOTTE TOWN, WARD 4.. Michael Dalton, labourer: Census count of 2: self and wife over 60 and are natives of Ireland and Roman Catholic.. They had 2 linen mills on which they produced 7400 yards of cloth in the prior year.. 1881 CENSUS.. KINGS COUNTY.. Peter Dalton, age 60, born Ireland, Roman Catholic, boot and shoemaker.. James Dalton, age 56, born Ireland, Roman Catholic, shopkeeper.. family #80: Patrick Dalton, farmer, age 45; Marguerite, age 45; Sarah 15, Louisa 14, Malvina (Millvina) 11, Donald 9, James 5.. All in family b.. PEI, RC and of Irish origin.. family # 408: Charles Dalton (Daltain), farmer, age 30; Hanna, age 29; Charles H.. 5; Catherine 3.. LOT 2.. Susan Dalton, age 17, Irish origin, b.. PEI, Roman Catholic; servant on farm of Edward John Christopher.. LOT 4.. Matilda Dalton, age 3, RC; b.. PEI of Irish origin; counted with family of James and Agnes Colfer.. Ambrose Dalton, age 20, carpenter,RC; b.. PEI of Irish origin; counted with family of John and Elizabeth Doyle.. family # 8: Mary (widow), age 40, William 23, M.. Catharine 18, James 16, John 14, M.. Patrick 12, Bridget Ann 10.. PEI, Irish origin and Roman Catholic.. Family # 17: Emma Dalton, age 8, b.. New Brun.. ; counted with family of Jane McDonald (widow) of Irish origin and her children b.. PEI of Scotch origin.. Family # 18: Adelaine Dalton, age 18, b.. PEI, RC, Irish origin; counted with family of Patrick and Catherine Griffin.. Family #22: Michael Dalton, farmer, age 42, b.. PEI, Bible Christian, Irish origin; Mary age 42, Alfred A.. 15, Annie E.. 13, Martha 11, Frederick 9, Jeremiah age 7, Winifred 5, Evangeline 3, Sloan b.. Sept, 1880, Catherine Dalton (widow), age 68, b.. Also Jane Hopwood, age 21, W.. Methodist, b.. PEI, teacher.. Family # 23: Maurice Dalton, farmer, age 41, b.. PEI, RC, Irish origin; Alice age 31, Michael 10, Lavenia 8, Teresa 6, Regina 3, Ray A.. May, 1880.. Family #42: Susan Dalton, widow, age 60, b.. Newfoundland: Peter 24, Anne 19, Louisa 17, Ellen 15, James 20; John 9, b.. All are Roman Catholic and of Irish origin.. Family # 50: James Dalton, clerk, age 34, b.. England,Anne, age 24, b.. PEI, parents of Scottish origin; Joseph b.. , 1880 at PEI; all are Presbyterian.. Family # 148: William Dalton, farmer, age 36; Margaret age 26; Orvil 5, Wilford 3, Colman b.. , 1880.. All in familyb.. LOT 9.. Maurice (Morris) Dalton, head, age 41; wife Anna, age 32; children: George 9, Alex 7, Jeremiah 5, William 2.. All in family are Weslayan Methodist, b.. PEI and of Irish origin.. LOT 12.. Dalton, age 6, Lily May Dalton, age 3; both are natives of New York State and Methodists.. They are in household of Duncan McDonald and his widowed daughter (their mother) Ellinor McDonald, age 28, Methodist.. All others in household are Presbyterian.. Lot.. Joseph Dalton, age 16, b.. New Brunswick, W.. Methodist.. , enum.. on farm of Albert Wright.. QUEENS COUNTY.. LOT 36.. Mary Dalton, farmer ,widow, age 48; children: James, 22; Catherine 20, Winifred 17, Annie 14; Ellen 12; Michael 9.. All are: RC, b.. Area 1: Frank Dalton, age 28, printer, Irish origin, b.. Newfoundland, Roman Catholic; with Thomas Brennan.. Area 2: James Dalton, head, fireman, age 29, English origin, b.. Newfoundland; wife, Jessie Dalton, age 32, Scottish origin, b.. PEI.. Both are Canadian Presbyterian.. 1891 CENSUS.. Dated April, 1891.. LOT 54.. James Dalton, merchant, age 76, b.. Ireland; wife Mary Ellen, age 30, b.. PEI; children: J.. Peter, age 7; Mary Ellen, age 4; M.. Patrick, age 2.. Charles Dalton, farmer, age 40; wife Annie, age 36; children: Charles Howard, age 14; Mary B.. , age 10; Winifred, age 8; Nora, age 6; Zila Pearl, age 3; Florence, age 5, months.. All in family born PEI, Roman Catholic, Irish origin.. Patrick Dalton, farmer, age 54, RC, parents are Irish born; wife Mary, age 56,  ...   of Great Britain.. Land bounded on North by George White's land.. 29 July 1839 indenture, recorded 29 June 1840, book 48, page 150: To Richard Dalton from John Walsh and his wife Catherine: deed of conveyance of town lot no.. 1, 1st.. range, letter C in Georgetown and lot 33 in Royalty for consideration of 5 Pounds; a total of 121 acres.. Bounds: North East by a line of road; South West by Lot 32; South East by Lot 15; North West by Lot 40.. 8 Aug.. 1840, recorded 15 Aug.. 1840, book 48, page 234: To Michael Dalton, Thomas Dalton, John Dalton and others as colessors from Michael White (farmer) and his wife Mary, the conveyance of 3 acres in township no.. 7 for the consideration of eight Pounds.. The parcel was a part of Michael White's land along the North side of the highway toward the shore.. 14 Jan.. 1841, recorded 13 Feb.. 1841, book 48, page 568: To Thomas Dalton (wife) from--: conveyance of 45 acres- -- in Prince County.. 12 July 1846, recorded 11 Nov.. 1847: book 57, page To Michael Dalton from Francis Kelly: conveyance of windmill opposite town lots no.. 1, no.. 2, no.. 3 in lot 100 in Charlestown, along with lease of 50 acres along Fort Augustus Road for annual rent of 2 Pounds, 15 Shillings or its equivalent in wheat, barley, oats.. 2 Sept.. 1854, recorded 2 Sept.. 1854, book 68, page 159: To James Dalton from Lt.. Gov.. Dominick Daly: grant of part of pasture lot no.. 38 in Georgetown Royalty.. 21 June 1856, recorded 26 June 1856, book 72, page 370: To James Dalton and Peter Dalton from Alexander Campion, administrator: lease of two plots of land in Georgetown and Georgetown Royalty.. 24 July 1861, recorded 24 July 1861, book 79, page 316: From Richard Dalton of Georgetown, Kings County to Samuel Cambridge of Charlottetown, Queens County: sale of town lot No.. 1 in Georgetown for 28 Pounds.. 22 July 1862, recorded 17 Oct.. 1863, book 79, page 538: To James Dalton and Peter Dalton from John Campion of Queenstown, regarding lease of land in Georgetown and of payment to be made in installments by Dec 24.. of each year.. The original agreement was made 22 July 1843 between said parties with Martin and Thomas Byrne as witnesses.. In 1863 said Thomas Byrne testified that a James Campion was son of said John Campion.. * seenote.. 31 Oct.. 1864, recorded 14 July 1865, book 83, page 547: Indenture for 15 Pounds made between James Dalton and Peter Dalton of Georgetown and Douglas Campbell and his wife Margaret forconveyance of 50 acres of land on township no.. 19, which is bounded on the North by Cardigan Wharf.. 15 Sept.. 1865, recorded 20 Apr.. 1867, book 84, page 552: To James Dalton from Thomas Heath Haviland wife: conveyance of pasture lot 54 in Georgetown Royalty per release of indenture insum of 30 Pounds.. 22 June 1868, recorded 22 June 1869, book 90, page 472: memorial of judgment between Maurice Dalton defendant and John Archibald Mathison for 20 Pounds debt and 9 Pounds costs.. Registered at Charlottetown.. 22 Nov.. 1870, recorded 8 Dec.. 1870, book 94, page 358: To James Dalton, farmer of Cardigan, Lot 54 from William James Coleman of Halifax: deed of quit claim - plot of land on township no.. 54, for consideration of 20 Pounds duly paid.. The said land is on West side of Cardigan Wharf, on Parish St.. , Georgetown,and is bounded on the South byPeter and James Dalton land.. * In the manner of estates, debts and testamentary documents, the genealogy of the named parties and their heirs was sometimes an important factor in closing real estate transactions.. Claims against an estate could span several decades.. WILLS AND TESTAMENTARY DOCUMENTS.. 22 JULY 1853:.. Maurice Dalton of Prince Co.. , Lot 7: Vol.. 5 , pp 311-12, no.. The will was dated 8 Feb.. 1840; probate of will was granted 24 July 1854.. Maurice Dalton named his wife Honora Dalton who was granted the house and its belongings, certain live stock, 200 acres of land adjoining that of Maurice Griffin on the South; his son Michael who was granted certain livestock and the increase of farm activities; his son Jeremiah who was granted the privilege of building a mill on a stream that ran through land of said wife Honora Dalton; Catherine Dalton, the daughter of said Jeremiah Dalton who was granted a weaving loom; his son Patrick who was granted 5 schillings from estate.. His son Jeremiah Dalton was appointed executor.. 1 MAY 1866:.. Honora Dalton of Prince Co.. 7, page 204, no.. 85.. The will was dated 26 Aug.. 1853 and proved on 24 Mar.. 1866 on oath of son Patrick Dalton and filed 29 Mar.. 1866 in court of Charles Young, PEI Judge of Probate.. Honora Dalton of Lot Seven, widow of late Maurice Dalton directed that her relict be given a decent Christian burial.. Bestowals made: a.. To the male part of the children of my son, Michael Dalton: 200 acres of land adjoining Maurice Griffin on the South and Jeremiah Dalton on the North with the exception of 2.. 5 acres of land sold to Hugh McKenzie, bounded in part by Gulph of St.. Lawrence; and that the said 200 acres is to be divided amongst foresaid children at the discretion of my son Michael and his wife; and that the female part of the family of Michael Dalton be decently maintained and supported by my estate, while they remain on the premises.. To my son Maurice Dalton - 5 Shillings.. To my son Patrick Dalton - 5 Shillings.. Son Michael Dalton appointed executor until his sons reached maximum age and that they then would become coexecutors.. 3 NOV.. 1880:.. Michael Dalton of Fort Augustus: Vol.. 10, page 85, no.. 162.. Filed in Queens County Courthouse in Charlottetown.. The will was dated 6 Jan.. Michael Dalton named his wife Mary nee Power Dalton; his eldest son William, who would be granted 50 to 100 acres of land upon reaching age 21; son John; and daughters: Mary, Catherine and Margaret.. James Power, senior was appointed executor.. The same James Power filed his own will dated 8 Feb.. 1869 in which he bequeath my good cow worth five pounds to my daughter Mary Dalton.. 4 OCT.. 1888:.. Jeremiah Dalton, shipwright of Prince County, Lot 7: Vol.. 12, page 144, no.. 214.. The will was dated 5 July 1875.. The will was proved 28 Sept.. 1888 and registered 4 Oct.. Bestowals were made as follows: a.. to his son Michael: all of his real and personal estate including farm homestead and its improvements who would in event of his death bequeath the same estate to his son Jeremiah, and Jeremiah in turn would give the sum of 40 Pounds or $129.. 00 Dollars to his brother Frederick and 80 acres of back land to his brother Albert Ernest.. The terms of the will were conditional upon the grandsons of above said Jeremiah Dalton reaching the age of 21.. to his son Jeremiah, one trying plane (carpenter's tool for smoothing boards).. to my son Maurice, one cow and all my wearing apparel.. to my daughter Margaret, one bookcase.. e.. to my daughter Elizabeth, one washing stand.. f.. to my daughter Catharine, two Pounds and ten Shillings.. g.. to my daughter Mary Ann, one Pound.. h.. to my wife Catharine, comfortable maintenance on the homestead with my son Michael and his heirs.. i.. to my grandson John Ledstone, the son of Samuel Ledstone, one chest of drawers.. The same said Samuel Ledstone, son inlaw, a Lot Seven farmer, was appointeda coexecutor.. 5 OCT.. 1890:.. Susannah Dalton of Somerville, County of Middlesex, Commonwealth of Masschusetts, USA: Vol.. 12, page 461, no.. 230.. The will was dated 20 June 1890; the will proved 5 Sept.. 1890 at Boston, Maine, USA on oath of Edward O'Regan and registered in PEI courts on 1 Oct.. 1890, before Judge of Probate -Charles Young.. Bestowals made as follows: a.. to my daughter Mary, one Dollar andno more as she is otherwise well provided for.. to my daughters Maggie, Annie, Louisa and Elizabeth L.. : in equal parts all of my right title interest and estate in and to the land known as the Preston Estate lying in Chatham, the Province of New Brunswick.. by virtue of the power given to me by Last Will and Testament of Honora Dalton, widow of Maurice Dalton,(1May 1866) the said Honora Dalton being my late husband's mother,* I bequeath as follows: two hundred acres of land mentioned in said will being in part of LotSeven in Mount Pleasant, Prince County, PEI, the land being adjacent to that of Maurice Griffin and Hugh McKenzie; that my son William Dalton receive the northern portion of the land,ie 100 acres andthat the remainder be given in equal parts to my sons James Dalton and Peter Dalton.. The sons James and Peter Dalton were appointed coexecutors of the will.. * In the will of Honora Dalton, dated 26 Sept.. 1853: son Michael Dalton was bestowed the said 200 acres of land.. 8 AUG.. 1891:.. Patrick Dalton of Lot 7, Prince County: Vol.. 13, pp.. 38 and 39.. The will was dated 26 Oct.. 1889; it was proved and certified on 2 Sept.. 1891 before Charles Young, Judge of Probate.. Bestowal made to his son Charles Dalton, 109 acres of farm homestead, personal and real property, livestock and farming implements; with the exception of certain furniture reserved for his daughter Margaret McCallum and the donation of a 4 year old mare worth about $50.. 00 to Parish Priest of Tignish.. Nephew John McCarthy and Peter Doyle were appointed executors..

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    Descriptive info: ENGLAND.. On October 1, 2001 the first files of English Dalton data were posted in the DALTON DATA BANK.. In the ensuing years more county files were added, and today the England Section of the Data Bank consists of 50,000 plus records, not including ancillary data.. Dalton population was highest in Yorkshire, Lancashire and London/Middlesex.. These files are quite large while other county filesare rather small.. Click the appropriate  ...   the onus of the user to verify the data.. This page was last updated 15 June, 2012.. Click on Desired County in the Map, the County Name below or use the Menu System.. Cheshire.. Dorset.. Hampshire Isle of Wight.. Hertford.. London Middlesex.. Northampton.. English Scholars University of Oxford.. English Newspaper Extracts 1740-1947.. English Medieval Soldiers 1369 to 1453.. Neil Dalton Family Tree.. 1873 Landowners.. Forces War Records (Subscription Website)..

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