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    Descriptive info: .. Turn on more accessible mode.. Skip to main content.. Turn off more accessible mode.. Sign In.. |.. CANTEACH Home.. This Site: CANTEACH Home.. All Sites.. Advanced Search.. CANTEACH Home.. What s New.. Publication Library.. Image Library.. Submit Content.. Info.. Help.. About Us.. Contact Us.. Links.. Contact Us Home.. Submit Feedback.. Request Access.. Request Help/Support.. Request Additional Information.. End User Materials.. Mandate.. Partners.. Credits.. Welcome to CANTEACH.. The most comprehensive public domain educational and reference library on CANDU technology.. This site has been optimized for best viewing with Microsoft's Internet Explorer, version 7 or higher.. CANTEACH is a knowledge repository that provides high quality technical documentation relating to the CANDU nuclear energy system.. This information is public and is intended for use in various aspects of education, training, design and operation.. The CANTEACH Project.. aims to provide an information exchange network for people interested in the CANDU energy system.. Contributors are industry experts who hold valuable knowledge and experience in diverse aspects of CANDU technology and its applications, and unique expertise in the areas of science and technology, nuclear power design and construction, project management and  ...   visit.. Introduction to CANDU.. first.. Otherwise, check out what's new below or just browse the contents of our library using the menu bar above.. CANTEACH Announcements (click here for more).. The new CANTEACH web site has arrived.. by Carmen Trandafir.. 2/13/2012 4:15 PM.. Edit in Browser.. /_layouts/images/icxddoc.. gif.. /_layouts/formserver.. aspx?XsnLocation={ItemUrl}&OpenIn=Browser.. 0x0.. 0x1.. FileType.. xsn.. 255.. aspx?XmlLocation={ItemUrl}&OpenIn=Browser.. ProgId.. InfoPath.. Document.. 2.. 3.. 4.. View in Web Browser.. /_layouts/images/ichtmxls.. /_layouts/xlviewer.. aspx?listguid={ListId}&itemid={ItemId}&DefaultItemOpen=1.. xlsx.. xlsb.. Snapshot in Excel.. /_layouts/images/ewr134.. aspx?listguid={ListId}&itemid={ItemId}&Snapshot=1.. 256.. What's New (click here for more).. Type.. Title.. Subtitle.. Published Date.. CANDU 6 Technical Summary.. 5/13/2013.. Nuclear Journal of Canada, 1987 Vol 1 No.. 4.. Optimization of Darlington Tritium Removal Facility Performance: Effects of Key Process Variables.. 12/1/1987.. Discussion: A Review of the Health Effects of Energy Development (Volume I, No.. I, March 1987, pp.. 14-24.. ).. Book Reviews: (1) Planet Earth in Jeopardy: Environmental Consequences of Nuclear War by Lydia Datto; (2) Understanding Chernobyl by The Uranium Institute.. Upcoming Events (click here for more).. Location.. Start Date.. 19th Pacific Basin Nuclear Conference (PBNC-2014).. Vancouver, BC.. 8/24/2014.. 38th Annual CNS/CNA Student Conference at the 19th Annual Pacific Basin Nuclear Conference..

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    Descriptive info: What's New.. New Additions to CANTEACH Publication Library.. Content Author.. Organization.. Document Type.. SI.. Discipline.. Topic.. Phase.. Audience/Level.. File Size.. Month.. : 2013 - 05.. (1).. : CANDU 6 Technical Summary.. CANDU6_TechnicalSummary-s.. AECL staff.. Report.. 30000 Reactor, Steam Generators and Auxiliaries.. Process Systems.. College; Engineer; High; Manager; Ugrad; Vendor.. 3662 KB.. : 2013 - 03.. (48).. : Nuclear Journal of Canada, 1987 Vol 1 No.. 1.. (11).. NJC-1-1-01.. Cover, Table of Contents and Editorial.. CNS.. 3/1/1987.. Paper.. 00000 General Project.. Intro and Overview.. College; Engineer; Grad; Manager; Technician; Ugrad.. 1504 KB.. NJC-1-1-02.. The Formative Years of the Canadian Nuclear Society 1976-1984.. G.. R.. Howey, P.. A.. Ross-Ross, and I.. S.. Hewitt.. College; Engineer; Grad; High; Manager; Technician; Ugrad; Vendor.. 1196 KB.. NJC-1-1-03.. A Review of the Health Effects of Energy Development [See also Vol.. 1 No.. 4 for a followup discussion].. O.. K.. Myers and M.. M.. Werner.. 03400 Radiation Protection (including Waste Management).. Radiation.. 712 KB.. NJC-1-1-04.. Food Irradiation: Commercial and Scientific Review.. B.. K.. Wilson.. 03000 Engineering Science and Technology.. 508 KB.. NJC-1-1-05.. Technetium-iron Oxide Reactions Under Anaerobic Conditions: A Fourier Transform Infrared, FTIR Study.. R.. I.. Haines, D.. G.. Owen, and T.. T.. Vandergraaf.. Chemical Engineering; Chemistry.. Waste Handling.. Engineer; Grad; Technician; Ugrad.. 349 KB.. NJC-1-1-06.. Progress of the Swedish Radioactive Waste Management Program.. Hans G.. Forsstrom.. 1498 KB.. NJC-1-1-07.. A Non-Intrusive Neutron Method for Poison Concentration Monitoring in CANDU Reactors.. E.. Hussein, D.. O Connor and M.. E.. Mosher.. 32700 Moderator Liquid Poison System.. Nuclear Engineering; Physics.. College; Grad; Technician; Ugrad.. 418 KB.. NJC-1-1-08.. Containment Systems Capability.. W.. Morison, W.. J.. Penn, K.. Hassmann, J.. D.. Stevenson, K.. Elisson.. 20000 Buildings and Structures.. Civil Engineering; Nuclear Engineering.. Conceptual.. Concept; Construction; Design.. College; Engineer; Grad; Ugrad.. 1105 KB.. NJC-1-1-09.. Chemistry Control at Bruce NGS B from Construction to Commercial Operation.. Roberts.. 36000 Steam Generator Steam and Water Systems.. Corrosion.. Commissioning; Construction; Operation.. College; Engineer; Grad; Technician; Ugrad.. 373 KB.. NJC-1-1-10.. Gestion du cycle de combustible a la Centrale Nucleaire Gentilly-2.. Hotte, G.. Parent, L.. Cloutier, A.. Aubin, and N.. Macici.. 37000 Fuel.. 745 KB.. NJC-1-1-11.. Summaries of CNS Conferences, Seminars and Workshops.. 611 KB.. 2.. (12).. NJC-1-2-01.. 6/1/1987.. 1741 KB.. NJC-1-2-02.. Early Decisions in the Development of the CANDU Program.. L.. Gray.. Concept; Construction; Operation.. 702 KB.. NJC-1-2-03.. Insights from Chernobyl on Severe Accident Assessment of CANDU Reactors.. T.. Rogers.. 03600 Nuclear Safety  ...   KB.. NJC-1-2-12.. 463 KB.. 3.. (10).. NJC-1-3-01.. 9/1/1987.. 1239 KB.. NJC-1-3-02.. Chernobyl - A Canadian Technical Perspective.. Q.. Howieson and V.. Snell.. 1725 KB.. NJC-1-3-03.. Seismic Qualification of CANDU-PHW Nuclear Power Plant Equipment.. S.. Usmani.. 645 KB.. NJC-1-3-04.. Multifield Methods for Nuclear Thermalhydraulics Problems.. Banerjee.. Basic Equations; Modelling; Thermalhydraulics.. Engineer; Grad.. 1006 KB.. NJC-1-3-05.. CATHENA Simulation of Thermosiphoning in a Pressurized-Water Test Facility.. Mallory and P.. Ingham.. Safety; Thermalhydraulics.. 601 KB.. NJC-1-3-06.. Use of Quantitative Indicators of Nuclear Safety in Ontario Hydro.. Popple and S.. Harvey.. 01000 General Engineering (Methods, Policy, Procedures).. 407 KB.. NJC-1-3-07.. Safe, Permanent Disposal of Nuclear Fuel Waste.. Hancox.. College; Engineer; Grad; High; Manager; Technician; Ugrad.. 920 KB.. NJC-1-3-08.. The Projected Environmental Impacts of Transportation of Radioactive Material to the First United States Repository Site - An Overview.. W.. Cashwell, K.. Neuhauser, P.. C.. Reardon and G.. McNair.. 480 KB.. NJC-1-3-09.. Book Review: Fallout from Chernobyl by L.. Ray Silver.. A.. N.. Sinclair.. 102 KB.. NJC-1-3-10.. CNS Conferences, Seminars.. 181 KB.. 4.. (15).. NJC-1-4-01.. 1282 KB.. NJC-1-4-02.. The Outlook for Nuclear Power after Chernobyl.. L.. Bennett.. 488 KB.. NJC-1-4-03.. Sea Dumping of Radioactive Wastes.. Bewers.. 1040 KB.. NJC-1-4-04.. The Effect of Steam Generator Tube Temperature on the Stress Corrosion Cracking of Alloy 600.. Vaccaro, G.. Theus, and B.. Miglin.. Chemical Engineering; Materials Engineering.. Corrosion; Performance.. 648 KB.. NJC-1-4-05.. Suitability Study of On-Line Leak Tests for CANDU Single-Unit Containment Buildings.. F.. Lafortune, C.. McDevitt, and S.. Poolpol.. 827 KB.. NJC-1-4-06.. Trivac: A Modular Diffusion Code for Fuel Management and Design Applications.. Alain Hebert.. 03000 Engineering Science and Technology; 31000 Reactor.. Modelling; Reactor Physics.. Design Analysis; Operation.. 462 KB.. NJC-1-4-07.. Fuel for Thought.. Robertson.. 01000 General Engineering (Methods, Policy, Procedures); 37000 Fuel.. General Engineering; History; Materials Engineering.. Engineer; Grad; Manager; Ugrad.. 856 KB.. NJC-1-4-08.. Fusion Materials Issues.. P.. c.. Stangeby and A.. Haasz.. Materials Engineering; Nuclear Engineering.. 895 KB.. NJC-1-4-09.. The AC Device for Repositioning of Garter Springs in CANDU Reactors.. Matija Cenanovic and Hugo Maureira.. 680 KB.. NJC-1-4-10.. Waterlancing for CANDU Steam Generators.. Schneider.. Maintainability.. College; Engineer; Grad; Technician; Ugrad; Vendor.. 362 KB.. NJC-1-4-11.. Locating Gas Pipelines with Radioactive Sources.. Lubomir Zikovsky and Mostafa Yagoubi.. 142 KB.. NJC-1-4-12.. Busigin and S.. Sood.. Heavy Water.. 225 KB.. NJC-1-4-13.. Siddall.. 164 KB.. NJC-1-4-14.. Alan Wyatt; David Mosey.. 03000 Engineering Science and Technology; 03600 Nuclear Safety (Reactor).. General Science; Nuclear Engineering.. 165 KB.. NJC-1-4-15.. 263 KB..

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    Descriptive info: Quick Launch.. Browse Publications Library.. By Organization.. By System.. By Concept.. By Discipline.. By Topic.. By Phase.. By Audience.. Welcome to the Publication Library.. Welcome to the CANTEACH Publication Library.. We provide multiple avenues to the content you are looking for.. You can browse to the specific section containing the content you are looking for by using the left hand navigation.. Additionally, feel free to use the search functionality below to  ...   do not hesitate to contact us at.. CANTEACH@candu.. org.. You can access additional content in the Protected Content Section by clicking.. HERE.. or in the appropriate link in the left hand navigation.. If you are a member, be sure to login to view the content.. If you are not a member, you can still view the summary details of the document.. Additional information is available on how to access Protected Content.. Audience:..

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  • Title: Image Library
    Descriptive info: New images will be added to the CANTEACH Image Library soon.. If you have CANDU related images that you would like to contribute to the CANTEACH library, please use the.. form.. Reactor Drawings.. - Wonderful wall chart drawings of nuclear reactors as published in Nuclear Engineering International, collected and reproduced by the University of New Mexico.. Images By System.. Thumbnail.. Picture Size.. :.. (4).. 1024 x 768.. 228 KB.. 245 KB.. 296 KB.. 182 KB.. : 00000 General Project.. (14).. ZEEP exterior and interior view.. 268 KB.. Pickering G.. site aerial view.. 520 KB.. ACR-1000 ACR-1000 Twin-Unit Power Block.. 2196 x 1547.. 134 KB.. CANDU 6 Construction Sequence.. 1079 KB.. Global Carbon Cycle.. 1118 x 810.. 211 KB.. Darlington Layout.. 1338 x 912.. 352 KB.. Darlington Reactor.. 788 x 944.. 315 KB.. CANDU: The Evolution.. 1597 x 691.. 299 KB.. Genealogy of CANDU Reactors.. 768 x 512.. 93 KB.. Cut-Away of NPD.. 1114 x 1000.. 354 KB.. Russian Chernobyl.. 1506 x 868.. 326 KB.. Plan of the Main Building at Smolensk.. 1352 x 896.. 291 KB.. Cross Section of the Main Building at Smolensk.. 1288 x 1000.. 465 KB.. WR 1 Reactor Cut-Away.. 655 x 857.. 232 KB.. : 03300 Nuclear Engineering.. (5).. ACR-1000 Control Centre.. 2023 x 1268.. 235 KB.. Bruce Plant Simulator (Canada).. 900 x 721.. 748 KB.. Cernavoda 1 Plant Simulator (Romania).. SNN.. 833 x 584.. 533 KB.. Qinshan Plant Simulator (China).. TQNPC.. 1145 x 900.. 1017 KB.. Wolsong 2 Plant Simulator (Canada).. KHNP.. 1122 x 900.. : 10000 Site and Improvements.. Pt.. Lepreau Site Photo.. 364 KB.. Wolsong Site Photo.. 414 KB.. Qunshan Phase III Sketch.. 279 KB.. darlangton Generating Station.. 515 KB.. CANDU6 Single Unit Station Layout.. 377 KB.. : 20000 Buildings and Structures.. CANDU6 and CANDU9 reactor building layout.. 140 KB.. CANDU6 Nuclear Power Station 3D CADD rendering.. 195 KB.. CANDU6 Control Room Depiction.. 398 KB.. CANDU6 Containment System.. 259 KB.. ACR-1000 Typical Modules of the ACR-1000 Reactor Building.. 2602 x 2921.. 437 KB.. : 31000 Reactor.. (29).. CANDU - PWR Core Comparison.. 286 KB.. CANDU6 Reactor Assembly.. 166 KB.. CANDU6 On-Power Fuelling.. 148 KB.. CANDU6 - Unique Features.. 308 KB.. CANDU6 On-Power Refuelling.. CANDU6 Thin-walled reator vessel.. 75 KB.. CANDU6 Calandria.. 275 KB.. CANDU6 Reactor Face.. Feeder Cabinet, Feeder Pipes, Fuel Channels, Fuelling Machine.. Bridge Assembly.. 547 KB.. CANDU6 Fuel Channel.. 338 KB.. CANDU6 Closure Plug, feeder Connection.. 205 KB.. CANDU6 Reactor Channel Positioning Assembly.. 272 KB.. CANDU6 Reactor Tubesheet Region.. 411 KB.. CANDU6 Reactor Channel - Spacer, Calandria Tube Connection.. 239 KB.. Wolsong Calandria in Shipping.. 491 KB.. 458 KB.. 371 KB.. CANDU6 Reactor End View.. 375 KB.. CANDU6 Reacto Side View.. CANDU6 Reactor Top View.. 237 KB.. CANDU6 Reactivity Mechanisms deck.. 254 KB.. CANDU6 Adjuster Rod Drive.. 236 KB.. CANDU6 Shutoff Rod.. CANDU6 Safety Shutdown Systems.. 342 KB.. 350 KB.. CANDU Reactor Lattice Cell.. ACR-1000 Reactor Assembly.. 1598 x 1283.. ACR-1000 Fuel Channel Assembly.. 1599 x 1121.. 177 KB.. ACR-1000 Shutdown System No.. 1 - Shutoff Units.. 1195 x 946.. 106 KB.. CANDU 6 Reactor Assembly.. 686 x 876.. 216 KB.. : 32000 Moderator System.. CANDU6 Moderator Flow in Calandria.. 193 KB.. CANDU6 Moderator System.. 180 KB.. CANDU6 Moderator System 3D CADD rendering.. 574 KB.. CANDU Moderator Flowsheet.. 2000 x 1000.. 168 KB.. : 32200 Moderator Purification System.. CANDU6 Moderator Sub-systems.. 310 KB.. : 32700 Moderator Liquid Poison System.. CANDU6 Liquid Poison Injection Tube.. 294 KB.. : 33000 Primary Heat Transport System.. CANDU6 - Heat Transport System, PHWR - PWR Comparison.. CANDU6 Steam Generator.. 190 KB.. 360 KB.. CANDU6 Heat Transport System.. 255 KB.. CANDU6 Heat Transport System 3D CADD rendering.. 561 KB.. ACR-1000 Nuclear Systems Schematic.. 372 x 340.. 23 KB.. ACR-1000 Heat Transport System Layout.. 1428 x 1726.. 147 KB.. ACR-1000 Headers/Upper Feeders Modules.. 2555 x 741.. 163 KB.. Steam Generator for 600 MW(e) N.. 634 x 920.. Heat Transport System.. 1364 x 886.. CANDU Steam Generator.. 614 x 874.. 122 KB.. : 33300 Primary Heat Transport Auxiliaries.. (2).. CANDU6 Heat Transport System Auxiliaries.. 325 KB.. CANDU6 D2O Management.. 283 KB.. : 33400 Cooling Systems.. CANDU6 Emergency Core Cooling Systems.. 351 KB.. CANDU SDS2 Flowsheet.. 897 x 686.. 124 KB.. : 35000 Fuel Transfer and Storage.. (3).. CANDU6 Fuelling Machine.. 672 KB.. CANDU6 Fuel Flow Pathway.. 284 KB.. CANDU6 - Fuelling Systems.. 444 KB.. : 37000 Fuel.. (67).. CANDU6 Fuel in Fuel Channel.. 129 KB.. PWR Fuel Bundle.. 321 KB.. CANDU Fuel Bundle - 37 Element.. 300 KB.. 298 KB.. ACR-1000 CANFLEX ACR Fuel Bundle.. 1275 x 959.. 90 KB.. AECL Symbol.. The figures denoted by 37000-fuel below form a Historical and Pictorial Record of Canada s Power Reactor Fuel Bundle Design and Development , edited by R.. Page and A.. Langdon, photography by C.. Baskin, CRNL.. This pictorial record of Canada s power reactor fuel bundles was prepared to historically record the evolution of the power reactor fuel over the years.. No one report issued over the years has been able to describe in detail the various changes that these pictures portray.. It should be noted that the record does not include WR-1 type fuel or special irradiation of assemblies.. A picture speaks a thousand words.. 1093 x 1293.. 198 KB.. End-Plates of the First 3 Inch Diameter Fuel Bundles.. This is a photo of the end-plates of the first 3 inch diameter fuel bundles.. These were the first 19 element fuel bundles built in Canada and irradiated in the E-20 loop (now U-2) in the NRU reactor.. They had to have a diameter of 3 inches to fit in the thick wall pressure tube installed in the E-20 loop to commission it.. As the knowledge of the material properties of Zircaloy-2 was not well known at that time, the wall thickness was increased to be conservative.. The bundles were assembled by screws as the method of welding the end-plates had not been developed.. (circa 1959-60).. 1402 x 782.. NPD-7 Element End View.. This is an end view of one of the first NPD 7-element fuel bundles.. They were assembled by riveting the elements to the thick end-plates.. Later Tungsten-Inert-Gas (TIG) welding was used and later resistance welding to thinner end-plates, thus improving the neutron efficiency of the fuel.. 1224 x 1209.. 152 KB.. NPD-7 Element Riveted.. This NPD 7 element riveted bundle is in its classic autoclave black.. 1396 x 1089.. This end plate on the NPD 7 is now assembled by TIG welding to a thinner end plate.. 832 x 890.. 74 KB.. NPD-7 Element T.. Welded.. In some colour photos the rusty colour on the surface of fuel bundles is from endurance testing in the lab and comes from the iron oxide from the carbon steel piping, even though the bundles rested in a Zircaloy pressure tube.. 1140 x 744.. 70 KB.. NPD 19 Element End View.. The end view of a NPD 19 element assembled by TIG welding.. 1104 x 1099.. 135 KB.. NPD 19 Element.. The 19 elements are spaced by two wires wrapped around each elements and spot welded to the sheaths, one turn per length of element.. 1384 x 679.. 82 KB.. Douglas Point 19-Element Wire Wrap.. The Douglas point 19 element bundles were wire wrapped but the helix around the element was doubled.. Thicker wires were attached at each end to act as bearing pads so the bundles could slide through the pressure tubes with minimum wear to the tubes.. 1390 x 710.. 86 KB.. An example of the DP 19 element bundle covered in the iron oxide and showing the extra wire pads which are partially ground to a flat surface contoured to fit the pressure tube.. 1119 x 776.. 66 KB.. NPD and DP 19 Element Wire Wrap.. A comparison of the NPD DP 19 element bundles.. Note that the DP bundle now assembled by resistance welded of end plates to the elements.. 1284 x 1103.. 154 KB.. AMF Brazed Twisted Tape 19 Element.. During the development of the wire wrapped 19 element bundles for Douglas Point, there was growing concern of the possibility of inter-element fretting of the thin.. 015 in.. thick fuel sheaths.. A study was launched to come up with different ways of spacing the elements and also to delete the end plates.. The following bundles are an illustration of what were considered.. The first example is the twisted tape bundle for so-called better mixing.. The center element was made strong enough to take the fueling machine loads and the outer elements were recessed for the fueling machine side stops.. Did not graduate.. 1336 x 651.. 78 KB.. Welded-Belly Banded AMF Bundle.. Another design during this period was held together by belly bands and used welded spacers.. AMF stands for American Machine and Foundry who was contracted to produce Uranium metal fuel for NRX and NRU Research reactors at Chalk River..  ...   big enough to warrant continued operation nor to justify the funding of continued development.. In addition, G-1 experienced control problems (related to coolant voiding and the use of direct cycle heat transport system) and serious service water system corrosion problems.. Hence, the plant was shut down and decommissioned.. 2444 x 1643.. 487 KB.. Early Wire Wrap 37 Element.. As a backup design to the 28 element Pickering bundle, a 37 element was proposed.. This was a hand built solid steel bundle with mechanical wire wrap.. The 37 element was later developed for the Bruce and 600 Mwe reactors.. 1267 x 1124.. 116 KB.. Gentilly-1.. B W of Gentilly -1 Boiling Light Water 18 element fuel bundle.. 1387 x 753.. Bruce 28 Element Bundle.. nitially it was thought that the 28 element bundle would meet Bruce requirements but when the design of the reactor was uprated, it was necessary to develope the Bruce 37 element, to meet the channel power requirements.. Note the staggered plane of bearing pads at end of the bundle to meet Bruce Channel requirements.. 1372 x 1007.. Bruce 37 Element Bundle.. The Bruce 37 element had minor differences from the other 37 elements that were developed.. The end caps were squared and the bearing pads were staggered at each end of the bundle.. 2288 x 1389.. 322 KB.. Bruce 37 Element Bundle End View.. The end view of the Bruce 37 element bundle.. Note the grounding electrode marks of the resistance welder.. 940 x 948.. Bruce 37 Element Bundle with Hands.. This photo gives a perspective of the size of the Bruce 37 element bundle relative to the man’s gloved hands.. The bundles weighed approx 50 lbs and were 49.. 5 cm long and 10 cm in diameter.. 1105 x 811.. 99 KB.. Bruce Booster End View.. The Bruce booster rods were designed to extend the window of the period shut before the Xenon poison prevented reactor startup.. They were manufactured from enriched uranium Zircaloy alloy which was co-extruded with Zircaloy.. The six 18 element bundles in an assembly was held together by ferrules and belly bands and strung together on a central structural tube.. They had limited use in Bruce and were withdrawn from service.. 1093 x 1047.. Bruce 37 Element Bundle and Booster.. The comparative sizes of a Bruce Booster bundle and the 37 element bundle.. 1005 x 1074.. 125 KB.. Bruce Booster Rod Assembly.. This drawing of the Bruce Booster Rod Assembly demonstrates how it is assembled into a complete rod of six bundles.. 2156 x 2740.. 564 KB.. Gentilly-2 600 MWe Reactor 37 Element Bundle.. The Gentilly 2 600 MWe reactor 37 element bundle differed from the Bruce 37 in that the end caps were conical to accommodate the fueling machine side stops and the end bearing pads were not staggered.. When the Bruce 37 and the 600 MWe 37 were irradiated together, this irradiation was paid for by the Common Programme between Ontario Hydro and AECL.. This programme grew into the CANDEV (CANDU Development) programme funded by the utilities and AECL.. This was later formalized into the CANDU Owners Group (COG) programme of all the nuclear utilities, this supported and funded common development programmes.. The 600 MWe 37 element fuel bundle is been used in the folowing reactors: Gentilly-2, Quebec; Point Lepreau, New Brunswick; Cordoba, Argentina; Cernavoda, Romania; four reactors at Wolsung, South Korea; and two in China.. 1374 x 703.. 120 KB.. Gentilly-1 with CST, Pickering 28 Element, Bruce 37 Element, Gentilly-2/600 MW(e) Prototype.. A comparison of the Bruce booster bundle with the power reactor fuel bundles for Pickering A B, Bruce A B 37 element and the Gentilly-2 600 MWe reactors.. 1397 x 883.. Bruce Fueling Machine.. 1492 x 1182.. 210 KB.. Fuel Engineering Coat of Arms.. The coat of arms is protected by AECL Proprietary and Final Preliminary Draft.. The shield is divided into quadrants by red tape.. Superimposed on it is a bastard bundle.. The upper left quadrant represents the engineering terms of fuel behaviour.. The upper right quadrant represents terms developed in manufacture of fuel.. The lower left quadrant represents terms of heat transfer and corrosion.. The lower right quadrant represents the mystical chemical symbols of the coolant chemistry.. Above the shield is the Omnipresent bull moose of our founder Dr.. Ara J.. Mooradian.. Superimposed is a bird cage representing a fuel carriage.. Above which is the loop rampant and unstable.. Underneath the shield is the banner burnt at both ends by Burnup and Burnout.. Upon which the motto is inscribed ‘Caveat Emptor’ - ‘Let the buyer beware’ or ‘If it fails do not blame us!’ Below which rests ‘The never completed final report’.. 1195 x 1736.. 253 KB.. Double Length Bundle.. There was always the question of double length bundles as the fueling machines magazines were two bundles long.. I always had great doubts of it’s practicability.. Late in the programme a couple of bundles were built.. The dimensional stability of the bundle was poor due the long elements.. There was a large problem in trying to find a means of making a rigid plane in the center plane of the bundle to improve the stability of the elements.. The handling of the 100 lb.. bundle presented too many problems both in manufacture and at the stations.. It was not developed further.. 992 x 1286.. 25-Ton Flask over NRU Research Reactor.. The 25 ton flask is used to remove irradiated fuel strings from the U-2 and U-1 loop test sections in the NRU research reactor at Chalk River.. 1154 x 1443.. 241 KB.. J-Rod Flask over NRU Research Reactor.. The NRU reactor was the first reactor in the world to use on-power fueling.. That was way back in the late 1950 s.. It is still operating as of August 2001 but it is reaching the end of its useful live and needs replacing.. All the power reactor fuel bundles were tested for performance in this reactor, either in the U-2 or U-1 light water cooled loops.. Each loop test section could accommodate six bundles vertically in a string.. 1139 x 1442.. 199 KB.. Universal Hot Cells.. The Universal Hot Cells were used to examine irradiated fuel bundles and to disassemble the strings of fuel.. The fuel bundles were examined and measured for dimensional changes and individual elements were cut out of the bundles for more detailed examinations.. 1441 x 1183.. 264 KB.. Bundle in Hot Cells.. A 19 element fuel bundle being remotely moved by special tongs in the hot cells.. This bundle had been irradiated to over 8,500 Mwd/tonne U at a heat rating of 43 W/cm.. Note the circumferential ridges at the UO2 pellet interfaces.. 1437 x 1125.. 143 KB.. Milling the End Plate.. To disassemble a fuel bundle in the hot cells remotely, the end plates were cut apart by a milling machine.. 1437 x 1114.. 156 KB.. Fuel Bundle Carriage.. For fuel bundle testing in the verticle loops at NRU, six fuel bundles were assembled via a fuel carriage tensioned at one end with a spring, sometimes called a ‘birdcage’.. The six bundle assembly was essentially 1/2 of a CANDU fuel channel.. 1432 x 1049.. 139 KB.. Bundle Strength Testing.. Each type of bundle was strength tested in a compression test rig at temperature before and after irradiation.. Irradiated bundles were some times stronger than the limit of the machine capabilities.. These test was necessary to ensure that the bundles could withstand the fueling machine and hydraulic loads.. 1438 x 1040.. 179 KB.. Development of Fuel Bundle for Power Reactor.. Generic diagram of what the central role that fuel played and what teams had to coordinate to get the various fuel programmes designed and into production.. 2860 x 2208.. 749 KB.. AECL Fuel Development Organisation.. Specific diagram of what the central role that fuel played and what teams had to coordinate to get the various fuel programmes designed and into production.. 2838 x 2241.. 571 KB.. Spent Fuel Handling.. 1163 x 886.. 402 KB.. : 38000 Heavy Water Management.. CANDU6 Heavy Water Shipment.. 256 KB.. : 40000 Turbine, Generator and Auxiliaries.. (6).. CANDU6 Turbine Rotor.. CANDU6 Main Steam System.. 248 KB.. Point Lepreau Turbine-Generator.. CANDU6 Turbine-Generator, Feedwater.. 233 KB.. Generic - Station Heat Balance.. 84 KB.. ACR-1000 Turbine Generator and Auxiliaries Flow Diagram.. 1639 x 1136.. 111 KB.. : 50000 Electric Power Systems.. CANDU6 Connections to Grid Plant.. CANDU6 Station Power Distribution Systems.. 274 KB.. : 60000 Instrumentation and Control.. (8).. CANDU6 Overall Station Control.. 320 KB.. CANDU6 Control Computer Schematic.. 194 KB.. CANDU6 Logic Blocks.. CANDU6 Instrumentation.. CANDU Self-Powered Flux Detectors.. 192 KB.. CANDU Ion Chambers.. CANDU6 Control Actions.. CANDU Zone Control Unit.. CANDU6 Connections to Grid & Plant.. Global Carbon Cycle Pools and Fluxes Billions of Tons and Billions of Tons /Year.. The figures denoted by..

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    Descriptive info: Welcome to the Content Submission Page.. To submit new content to be considered for upload to the CANTEACH site, please click.. HERE.. Please note the instructions to log in and the disclaimer statement below before uploading content.. Log In Information.. Once you click on the link to submit your content you will be prompeted to sign in.. Please log in using this credentials :-.. Username :.. submit@cogonline.. Password :.. Content1.. *The password is case-sensitive.. **Please note upon submitting your content you will be automatically logged out from the form page.. CANTEACH Disclaimer Statement.. While CANTEACH makes every effort to provide accurate and complete information, various data such as names, telephone numbers, etc..  ...   timeliness, or accuracy of these outside materials.. The very nature of the site as a technical repository means that some of the historical documents contain technical data that has been supplanted.. CANTEACH provides no warranty, expressed or implied, as to the accuracy, reliability or completeness of furnished data.. Information presented on this website is considered public information (unless otherwise noted) and may be distributed or copied provided full attribution is given (document title, author, date and form of original publication, url, document name, etc.. It is provided in good faith as an aid to CANDU awareness, education and training.. CANTEACH welcomes suggestions on how to improve our web site and correct errors..

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    Descriptive info: Info.. This Site: Info.. Overview.. CANTEACH Project Overview.. CANTEACH is a non-commercial project supported by all Canadian nuclear utilities, major universities and industry associations.. Most of the project input comes from volunteer contributions of documentation, training courses and lectures provided by CANTEACH partners (view Project Model) and administered by CANTEACH Management.. More about the CANTEACH Project in:.. Preservation and Dissemination of CANDU® Technical Knowledge (The CANTEACH Project).. - paper prepared for the 2003 CNS Conference.. Preserving CANDU Technical Knowledge - The CANTEACH Project.. - project paper written for 2003 CNS Conference Bulletin.. CANTEACH Flyer.. Purpose of the project:.. Capture the CANDU technology asset into comprehensive public technical library.. Facilitate public awareness of nuclear power for safe electrical generation.. Project deliverables:.. A set of lecture notes and courses in multi-media format.. CANTEACH web site that provides access to all technical documentation accumulated by the project.. Project Model.. Project Management.. Academic Director:.. Dr.. Bill Garland.. Professor Emeritus of Nuclear Engineering, Department of Engineering Physics, McMaster University,.. http://engphys.. mcmaster.. ca/faculty_staff/faculty/garland/index.. htm.. Project Administration:.. Martin Reid (CANDU Owners Group Inc.. ).. Mersedeh Safa (CANDU Owners Group Inc..  ...   for the initial few years of CANTEACH is gratefully acknowledged.. The role of AECL was key to the creation of CANTEACH.. In 2002,.. COG.. assumed sponsorship of CANTEACH and through their direct financial and personnel support, the site expanded and received substantial improvements.. We are indebted to the dedication of Malcolm Lightfoot (Project Manager 2002-2008) and Yulia Kosarenko (Webmaster 2002-2004) for project administration.. From 2009 to 2011,.. assumed sponsorship for the Academic Director position.. Thanks are extended to all supporting institutions for making the CANTEACH possible for the benefit of all.. Document Format.. It is essential that an effective format be established and maintained for the development and presentation of technical material.. Here are some guidelines:.. General notes.. (off site) on establishing and maintaining an effective format for the development and presentation of technical material.. Why use pdf and the web?.. (pdf 101kb) - promoting the notion of a single source of material for all uses with specific reference to CANTEACH issues.. CANTEACH specific: Suggested format for technical documents (.. pdf 11kb.. ,.. MS Word doc 36kb).. Use the Word doc as a template..

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    Descriptive info: Help.. This Site: Help.. This site is best viewed with resolution 1024 x 768 pixels or higher.. Most of the files on this website are available in Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF).. In order to view or print these you need.. Adobe Acrobat Reader.. that can be downloaded at.. http://www.. adobe.. com/products/acrobat/readstep2.. html.. We at CANTEACH are dedicated to making technical information about CANDU reactors available to all as a resource.. If you have specific questions and didn't find any answers on this site, here are some suggestions on who might be able to help:.. Ask and Expert at.. cns-snc.. ca/.. Go to the Education link and scroll to the bottom of the page.. Post a message on the CNS list server.. Go to.. nuclearcanada.. ca/nc-wiki/index.. php?title=Discussion..  ...   availability or content of these external sites nor do we endorse, warrant, or guarantee the products, services or information described or offered at these other internet sites.. If you have any questions or comments regarding CANTEACH project or this web site please contact.. CANTEACH Project Administrator.. FAQs.. Please reference the Frequently Asked Questions below for help on common topics within the CANTEACH Site.. To view the answer to a question, simply click on the “+” button.. Answer.. Question.. : How do I download an image?.. : How do I navigate through the CANTEACH site?.. : How do I submit new content to be uploaded to the CANTEACH site?.. : Where can I go to request access on a protected document?.. : Why is the site red?.. /Help/_layouts/formserver.. /Help/_layouts/xlviewer..

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    Descriptive info: If you are looking for some general information about CANDU, please check out the documents listed below.. In addition you will find some excellent overview information at:.. COG Resource Centre on CANDU Reactors.. (external link).. NuclearCanada.. ca.. - a wiki-based portal to the Canadian Nuclear Enterprise.. See especially the.. Outreach.. section of the Discussion page.. How and Why is CANDU designed the way  ...   Gordon L.. Brooks.. CANDU - How a Reactor Works.. CANDU Orgins and Evolution.. Brooks and John S.. Foster.. CANTEACH Staff.. Preservation and Dissemination of CANDU Technical Knowledge.. Bill Garland, Yulia Kosarenko, Malcolm Lightfoot, Dan Meneley.. Preserving CANDU Technical Knowledge - The CANTEACH Project.. The CANDU System - A Canadian Achievement.. Adam McLean.. Why a Chernobyl-type accident cannot happen in CANDU reactors.. /Info/_layouts/formserver.. /Info/_layouts/xlviewer..

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    Descriptive info: Contact Us.. This Site: Contact Us.. Contact Information.. Welcome to the Contact Us section of CANTEACH.. Please use one of the links below to fill-out a request/feedback form.. Additionally, Please see the the Contact Information section for the contact details for key CANTEACH individuals.. Please use this form to submit any feedback you have on the CANTEACH site.. Whether you find a problem with the site,  ...   form to request access to a specific piece on content that is housed in the Protected Content section of CANTEACH.. Please use this form to submit a request for help or support.. If you are having problems with anything on the CANTEACH site, please let us know.. Please use this form to request additional information in relation to a specific concept or document within the CANTEACH Site..

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    Descriptive info: Table of Contents.. Nuclear Portals.. Government and Regulation.. International Organizations.. Nuclear Generating Utilities.. Canadian Nuclear Society.. Industry News.. Nuclear Research Development.. Industry Organizations and Associations.. Manufacturers and Service Providers.. Educational Institutions.. Educational and Reference Sites.. NuclearCanada Portal.. - Your entry point to the Canadian Nuclear Enterprise.. The Canadian Nuclear Enterprise is comprised of a number of interrelated but independent entities.. The intent of this site is to be the best and most comprehensive arms length single point of entry to all aspects of the Canadian Nuclear Enterprise.. This site is.. wiki-based.. so you can add your contributions to the site.. Bruce Power (Canada).. Hydro Québec (Canada).. Energie New Brunswick Power (Canada).. Powering the Future - Point Lepreau Refurbishment (Canada)..  ...   École Polytechnique de Montreal.. The University Network of Excellence in Nuclear Engineering (UNENE).. The Canadian Nuclear FAQ.. The Virtual Nuclear Tourist.. Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC).. Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council.. Nuclear Waste Management Organization.. Publications.. Conferences and Courses.. CANDU Owners Group (COG).. Canadian Nuclear Association (CNA).. Canadian Nuclear Society (CNS).. Canadian Electricity Association (CEA).. Engineering Institute of Canada (EIC).. Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE).. The U.. S Department of Energy (DOE).. International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).. Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI).. World Association of Nuclear Operators (WANO).. World Nuclear Association (WNA).. The Nuclear Energy Agency (NEA).. L-3 MAPPS (supplier of full-scale CANDU plant simulators).. AMEC NSS.. IAEA Press Centre.. WNN.. Nuclear Engineering International.. NEI News Events..

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