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  • Title: The Creation Research Society
    Descriptive info: .. Latest updates:.. The selected article.. The Creation Research Society: Fifty Years of Service, 1963 2013.. is publicly available.. The.. September / October Creation Matters.. has been posted to the Premium Area.. Summer 2013 CRSQ.. ,.. Volume 50, Number 1 has been posted to the Premium Area.. Copyright 2001-2013.. Creation Research Society.. www.. crsq.. org..

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  • Title: About CRS
    Descriptive info: For in six days the LORD made the heavens and the earth, the sea, and all that is in them.. Premium.. Area.. About.. CRS.. General.. Information.. History.. and Aims.. Statement.. of Belief.. Publications.. Research Center.. Board of.. Directors.. Membership.. Research Grant Forms.. Privacy Policy.. The Creation Research Society is a professional organization of trained scientists and interested laypersons who are firmly committed to scientific special creation.. The Society was organized in 1963 by a committee of ten like-minded scientists, and has grown into an organization with worldwide membership.. The primary functions of the Society are:.. Publication.. of a quarterly peer-reviewed journal.. Conducting research.. to develop and test creation models.. The provision of.. research grants.. and facilities to creation scientists for approved research projects.. Providing qualified scientists to.. speak to groups or churches.. Other functions of CRS include maintenance of a.. comprehensive directory.. of creationist organizations throughout the world.. The CRS also runs a secure.. online bookstore.. for ordering books and videos on special creation.. The CRS was incorporated in the state of Michigan as a nonprofit corporation for educational and scientific purposes.. Shortly thereafter it was granted 501(c)(3) not-for-profit tax-exempt status by the IRS.. The first issue  ...   research scientists from various fields of scientific accomplishment who are committed to full belief in the Biblical record of creation and early history.. The CRS does not engage in any political lobbying.. Though its primary purpose is research and publishing, the CRS occasionally sponsors or co-sponsors seminars and field trips.. These events serve to promote the purposes of the Society, to facilitate dialogue between creation scientists, and to serve the interests of our members.. An open meeting is sometimes held in conjunction with the annual Board of Directors meeting to update members and other interested individuals on current activities of the Society.. For more detailed information on the CRS, please see the.. History and Aims of the Creation Research Society.. To navigate this site, use the navigation menu buttons at the top of the page to access main areas of the site.. Once selected, the table of contents at the left provide access to specific areas related to the site chosen from the top menu.. If you encounter any web site problems, please contact the.. Webmaster.. Home.. |.. Quarterly Journal.. Popular Publication.. Bookstore.. Speakers.. Donate.. Search.. Site Map.. Copyright 2001-2013, Creation Research Society.. All rights reserved.. Copyright Permissions..

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  • Title: Creation Matters Newsletter
    Descriptive info: Creation.. Matters.. Publication.. Online Archive.. Year:.. 2013.. 2012.. 2011.. 2010.. 2009.. 2008.. 2007.. 2006.. 2005.. 2004.. 2003.. 2002.. 2001.. 2000.. 1999.. 1998.. 1997.. 1996.. Reprints.. Creation Matters.. is a publication of the Creation Research Society that is distributed to members every other month.. Issues contain both general news of interest to creationists as well as scientific news about creation and evolution.. More information on  ...   premier issue.. of.. Online Archive:.. Select Year:.. 2013 (Members Only).. Note: Some time ago we began posting our issues in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.. This will allow you to see things in virtually the same format as the printed version.. If you do not have the Adobe Acrobat reader program, you can download it for free at the.. Adobe Web Site.. Popular Publication.. Speakers..

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  • Title: CRS Quarterly
    Descriptive info: Quarterly.. Abstracts.. Selected.. Articles.. Notes.. Author.. Instructions.. Subscribe.. Order Back.. Issues.. Published continuously since 1964.. Peer-reviewed by degreed scientists.. World-wide circulation.. Scholarly articles representing the major scientific disciplines.. Fresh perspectives on science and society as impacted by origins.. Emphasis on scientific evidence supporting: intelligent design, a recent creation, and a catastrophic worldwide flood.. Subscriptions.. are available for libraries, schools, churches, and otherwise institutions or individuals who do not agree with the Society's.. Individuals who agree with the Society's Statement  ...   CRS Quarterly.. and the bimonthly publication,.. Selected articles.. selected notes.. , and.. all abstracts.. of the CRS Quarterly are available online.. Additional articles and the latest issues of the.. and.. Creation Matters.. are available to members in our exclusive.. Premium Area.. You can also order.. back-issues.. from our.. online store.. , including a.. searchable Flash.. that contains all past issues of the CRS Quarterly.. Check our.. Directory.. for a list of college and university libraries that carry the CRS Quarterly..

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  • Title: Van Andel Creation Research Center
    Descriptive info: Facilities.. Equipment.. Projects.. Research Papers.. Workshops.. Laboratory Introduction Video 1.. Laboratory Introduction Video 2.. Laboratory Promotional Video.. click on 360p below video to change to 480p for higher resolution.. New CRS Research Initiative:.. iDINO - Investigation of Dinosaur Intact Natural Osteo-tissue.. The Creation Research Society established the Van Andel Creation Research Center (VACRC) in north-central Arizona for the purpose of aiding the Society and other visiting scientists in their research efforts.. The Society encourages a broad spectrum of research to develop and test a creation model, and administers a research grant program whereby modest funds are distributed to qualified researchers for the conduct of creation-related research.. The Van Andel Creation Research Center is located on five acres fronting U.. S.. Highway 89, five miles north of Chino Valley, Arizona.. This well-situated property is in the  ...   the north, marks an abrupt change from the Colorado Plateau to the transition zone of North Central Arizona.. The property is about a mile from the confluence of several major drainage areas and the headwaters of the Upper Verde River.. The Van Andel Creation Research Center is strategically located in or near a very large variety of biological and geological areas of great importance to the creationist position.. The Grand Canyon, just two hours to the north, is perhaps the most geologically interesting area in the U.. A wide variety of biological habitats is relatively easy to access from the Research Center.. Both high altitude montane communities and Sonoran Desert Saguaro cactus communities are within a two-hour drive.. Current Future Projects.. Hands-on Workshops.. Email:.. phone: 928-636-1153.. 6801 N.. Hwy 89.. Chino Valley, AZ 86323-9186 USA..

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  • Title: Worldwide Directory of Creationist Organizations
    Descriptive info: Creationist Organizations.. Libraries.. carrying.. CRSQ.. WorldWide Directory of.. Within United States:.. Choose State:.. Alabama.. Alaska.. Arizona.. Arkansas.. California.. Colorado.. Connecticut.. Delaware.. Florida.. Georgia.. Hawaii.. Idaho.. Illinois.. Indiana.. Iowa.. Kansas.. Kentucky.. Louisiana.. Maine.. Maryland.. Massachusetts.. Michigan.. Minnesota.. Mississippi.. Missouri.. Montana.. Nebraska.. Nevada.. New Hampshire.. New Jersey.. New Mexico.. New York.. North Carolina.. North Dakota.. Ohio.. Oklahoma.. Oregon.. Pennsylvania.. Rhode Island.. South Carolina.. South Dakota.. Tennessee.. Texas.. Utah.. Vermont.. Virginia.. Washington.. West Virginia.. Wisconsin.. Wyoming.. Outside United States:.. Choose Country:.. Australia.. Belgium.. Bolivia.. Brazil.. Canada.. Denmark.. Germany.. Hong Kong.. Hungary.. India.. Italy.. Japan.. Mexico.. The Netherlands..  ...   country using left pull-down menus!.. Note: This directory is provided as a service to creationists around the world.. An organization's presence on this list does not necessarily imply endorsement by the Creation Research Society.. Some, like the Creation Research Society and others, are ministries which are national and global in scope and influence.. Many organizations and groups listed here, however, are local organizations which sponsor activities of primarily local interest.. The Creation Research Society encourages individuals to not only join with and financially support the larger organizations, but to also fellowship with a local group..

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  • Title: CRS Membership
    Descriptive info: Information.. CRS Member benefits include:.. Subscription to the.. Journal.. Subscription to the bi-monthly.. Online.. with access to archive of past and present publications.. Access to CRSnet, an email reflector for discussing origin topics among members.. Discount pricing at our.. Apply for Membership Online.. (includes subscription).. Must agree with the CRS.. statement of belief.. Apply for Non-member Subscription only.. Institutions, or individuals who do not agree with the CRS.. Downloadable application for mail-in.. (PDF format, requires.. free acrobat reader.. ).. Change of Mailing Address form.. Change of Email Address form.. (requires login to Premium Area).. Several categories of membership are available, each of which requires agreement with the CRS.. CRS.. Since the CRS is a scientific society governed by scientists,.. voting membership.. requires an earned postgraduate degree in a recognized area of science.. All remaining categories are nonvoting.. For those who have an interest in origins but lack the advanced science degree,.. sustaining membership.. is available.. A special life membership (for either voting or sustaining members) is also available.. Senior.. (voting or sustaining members who are age 65 or older) and student memberships are available at reduced rates.. Prospective senior and student members may use this.. mail-in form.. , or they may request  ...   graduate.. Membership in the CRS includes subscriptions to both the.. (CRSQ; 4 issues) and the.. popular publication (usually 6 issues).. All memberships begin with the first issue (Summer) of the current volume of the CRSQ and continue through the fourth issue (Spring).. Those who join after publication of the Summer issue, and prior to the publication of the Spring issue the following year, will receive all back issues of the current volume.. Members also receive exclusive online access to our.. that contains the latest publications and an archive of past articles not available in the public section of the site, and a.. ccess to CRSnet, an email reflector for discussing origin topics among members.. Members also receive significant discount pricing at our.. Browse the store to see the savings you will get off the regular price.. Institutions (such as schools, libraries, churches, etc.. ), or individuals who cannot in good conscience agree with the statement of belief, may also obtain a non-member.. subscription to the CRS Quarterly.. without membership.. Subscriptions also include access to the.. Memberships and subscriptions over the past few years have been steady with a total of over 1700 worldwide.. About 700 are voting members.. Foreign members/subscribers number about 250..

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  • Title: CRS Speaker Bureau
    Descriptive info: Contact.. The Creation Research Society has several qualified scientists that are available for speaking engagements to your group or church.. To inquire about scheduling a speaker, please contact us at 928-636-1153, or by email at.. speakers@creationresearch.. Click on speaker name to jump to their profile:.. Don DeYoung.. - Ph.. D.. Physics.. Michael Oard.. - M.. Atmospheric Science.. Eugene Chaffin.. David Kaufmann.. Human Anatomy.. Mark Armitage.. Biology.. Gary LockLair.. Computer Science.. Jean Lightner.. - D.. V.. M.. , M.. Veterinary Preventive Medicine.. Ron Samec.. Physics.. Presenter.. Talk Title.. Ph.. Biography.. Schedule a talk:.. call 928-636-1153.. or.. email.. us.. All presentations are in PowerPoint® format.. ·.. Astronomy and Creation.. An illustrated survey of astronomy from the creation perspective.. Includes the special nature of earth, design evidences, universe size, and decay of stars.. A Walk through the Creation Week.. Experiments and object lessons, concerning the days of Creation, are geared to youth of all ages, 6-96.. The presentation can be one 50-minute session, or extended to a half-day workshop.. Dinosaurs and Creation.. Describes where dinosaurs fit into Biblical history.. Includes dinosaur origin, design, variety, diet, and extinction.. The Fourth Day.. The creation of the sun, moon, and stars.. Includes the size and energy of the sun, purposes of the moon, and number and variety of stars.. The Genesis Flood.. A Biblical description of Noah s Ark, the source of flood waters, and physical evidences for the Flood.. The Case for Creation.. A comparison of creation and evolution worldviews.. Includes origins, biological change, design, and the timescales.. Weather and Creation.. Considers design details of the weather.. Deep Time and the Bible.. Considers the theological implications of a long timescale.. Stewardship of Creation.. Biblical reasons for positive stewardship of the creation.. Contrasts with the secular environmental agenda.. M.. Is Genesis Relevant for Today?.. Delves into the impact of evolution on the church and culture.. Shows how Genesis is still important for today, and that the whole Bible is God s word.. Is Evolution a Fact?.. Using definitions of science and evolution, shows that macroevolution is not observed and is not a fact.. The debate is not science versus religion, but is rather the secular worldview versus the Christian worldview.. Presents evidence against evolution and for creation from biology.. Did the Big Bang Really Happen?.. Shows the many problems and ad hoc modifications of the Big Bang Theory, and why it should not be believed by Christians.. The Ice Age Only the Bible Can Explain It!.. The uniformitarians cannot explain the last major geophysical event in earth history.. Presents a model based on the climatic aftermath of the global Genesis Flood, and shows how this model provides solutions to many mysteries of the recent past.. Whatever Happened to the Woolly Mammoths?.. Included among the Ice Age mysteries are the woolly mammoths, especially those that lived by the millions in Siberia and Alaska.. Provides a solution to their existence and demise within the post-Flood, rapid-Ice Age model based on the climatic change resulting from Noah's Flood.. Whatever Happened to the Dinosaurs?.. Focuses on the many uniformitarian dinosaur mysteries.. Provides evidence that the dinosaurs (except those on the ark) died in the Flood.. Gives an explanation for dinosaurs making tracks and laying eggs early in the Flood.. Presentation is in PowerPoint® format.. Accelerated Decay: Mechanisms and Evidence.. Discussion of how nuclei decay, how this decay could be accelerated, and what evidence that this happened within a Biblical timeframe.. All presentations are via transparencies (/w slides on Russian University talk).. Theistic Evolution! No Way! No Way!.. Shows how theistic evolution violates semantics and is theo-illogical.. Is Evolution a Theory, a Fact, a Law, or None of the Above?.. Explains that evolution and creation are both models of  ...   in PowerPoint format.. Origins: The Great Debate.. What are the two models of origins, creation and evolution, and what difference does it really make what I believe? Biblical concepts of origins and scientific evidences for creation are presented.. The fundamental concept of information theory and its relationship to origins is explored.. The reasons for the debate over origins and the relevance to everyone is emphasized.. The speaker has a number of versions of this presentation available, from a single one session to 13 one hour sessions.. Positive Creation Evidences.. Many opponents of creation claim that creationary scientists only attack the evolution model and provide no support for creation.. On the contrary, there are numerous scientific evidences that directly support the creation model of origins.. A representative sample of the positive scientific evidences for creation will be drawn from the four main origin events: universe, life, diverse life, and human beings.. God's Creative Activity.. Human beings are wonderfully creative as we were made in God's Image.. People follow a three-part creative process (idea, implementation, interaction) because we were created by a Triune God.. The creation model can provide evidence and reasons for human creativity based upon a careful understanding of the work of each person in the Trinity.. Directly related to God's creative activity is the concept of information theory - a powerful, positive evidence for the creation model of origins.. Creation/Evolution: Why it Matters.. Explores the effect of evolutionary teaching on the church and how worldviews affect our thinking.. Creation Biology: Understanding Life from a Biblical Perspective.. Shows how a biblically based view of biology is consistent with the world we see around us.. Includes a discussion of kinds and explores amazing design found in animals and humans.. The Age of the Earth and the Gospel.. Discusses basic concepts involved dating rocks, problems with radiometric dating, and methods that yield a significantly younger ages.. Biblical Thinking 101: How to Discern the Truth from a Lie.. Discusses the uniqueness of the Bible compared to other religious beliefs (including evolutionism) and several biblical methods by which truth claims can be evaluated.. Biblical Thinking 102: Who Are You Going to Believe?.. Examines factors which can lure us from believing the truth and discusses the importance of the fear of the Lord.. PhD, Physics.. MA, Science Education - Physics BA, Astronomy.. Is the Solar System Young?.. (Series) Dr.. Samec give evidences from the gas giant planets, comets, the sun, planetary magnetic fields, lunar phenomena and interplanetary dust of the age of the earth.. (This is a seminar type talk which will take about 3 hours for the full talk.. It can easily be broken up into 2, 3 or 4 segments.. Is the Moon s Orbit Ringing from an Asteroid Collision Event which Triggered the Flood?.. An event happened that left one side of the moon pockmarked with giant lava filled pits called mare.. Some call it the man in the moon.. Could this be a message from God of His Judgement that resulted in the World wide flood? Dr.. Samec answers this and other questions show that the earth-moon system is young.. Are globular clusters tens of Billions of years old?.. Dr.. Samec explores an the problem of the missing dust and gas in these beautiful, rich star clusters and finds that the answer to the riddle is that they are much younger than thought!.. Those Fast Spinning Stars!.. Solar type stars spin down with age, why are so many spun up at near break up velocities? Dr.. Samec's life long research has lead him to study solar type binary stars and their orbits.. His research reveals that the universe is not 14.. 7 billion years old as the evolutionary astronomers say..

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  • Title: CRS Free Publications
    Descriptive info: Free Pubs.. AUDIO |.. BOOKS.. CRSQ ARTICLES.. CREATION MATTERS.. MISC ARTICLES.. AUDIO.. 2011 Henry Morris Memorial Lecture.. by Dr.. Gary Parker (.. MP4.. John K.. Reed, 2005.. Mabbul Publishing, 380 pages.. Want to nudge a skeptical friend with the truth of biblical history? Who can resist a good story? The Coming Wrath is a well-written epic tale, transporting you back in time to the days of Noah before the Flood.. Unforgettable characters explore eddies of human experience as they race along  ...   in a world long lost - but in a manner remarkably striking of our own last days.. Download.. (PDF, 2MB).. Other books by Dr.. Reed:.. Mabbul.. (sequel to The Coming Wrath), 2007.. The Geologic Column: Perspectives within Diluvial Geology.. , 2006.. Natural History in the Biblical Worldview: Foundation and Framework,.. Plate Tectonics: A Different View.. , 2001.. The North American Midcontinent Rift System,.. Selected Articles Archive.. POPULAR PUBLICATION.. Archive.. MISCELLANEOUS ARTICLES.. Comparing Creation and Evolution.. , by Dr.. Kevin Anderson, PhD..

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  • Title: CRS Member Login
    Descriptive info: Login.. CRS Premium Area login:.. Username:.. Password:.. Forgot.. your Username or Password?.. Haven't registered?.. Other problems.. with login?.. Members and subscribers who have registered for access to the Premium and/or Member areas of CreationResearch.. org agree to keep confidential, and not disclose to or share with  ...   include:.. Latest.. Journals.. Archive of past CRSQ articles not available to the public (2003 to present).. If you are interested in joining the Creation Research Society, please visit our.. membership page.. for details.. Current members who do not have access to the Premium Area can.. register here..

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  • Title: Contact CRS
    Descriptive info: Membership Secretary.. P.. O.. Box 8263.. St.. Joseph, MO 64508-8263.. USA.. General Questions / Official CRS business.. For questions related to the.. journal or the.. popular publication, and for official CRS business, please contact us at.. Individuals who agree with the Society's.. are encouraged to become a.. member.. of the Creation Research Society.. The annual membership fee includes a subscription to the.. technical journal and the bimonthly.. newsletter.. Member Address/Email Change.. To change your membership account address or email, please fill out and submit this online.. form.. Non-member Subscriptions.. to the.. technical journal are available for libraries, schools, churches, and otherwise institutions or individuals who do not agree with the Society's Statement of Belief.. You can order creation material from our.. , or.. download our catalog.. and  ...   information on our speakers and how to schedule a talk to your group or church.. Author Instructions.. If you would like to submit a paper for review and potential publication in our journal, please review our.. Instructions for Authors.. Apply for Research Grant.. For information on how to apply for our research grants, please click.. here.. CRS Van Andel Creation Research Center.. For additional information not provided on our web site about the.. CRS Van Andel Research Center.. , contact us at , by phone at 928-636-1153, or by mail at:.. 6801 N Highway 89.. Chino Valley, AZ 86323-9186.. Donations.. If you would like to make an tax-deductible donation to the Creation Research Society, click.. Web Site problems.. To report problems with this web site, contact the..

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  • Archived pages: 346