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  • Title: Christian Library Journal | Welcome to CLJ!
    Descriptive info: .. Home.. Advertise.. Publishers.. Librarians.. CLJ MARC Records.. Review Index.. Library Links.. CLJ Issues.. Core Collection.. CLJ Library Catalog.. CLJ Blog.. Subscribe to Christian Library Journal by Email.. " target="_blank">.. Welcome to CLJ!.. The Christian Library Journal is distinctive as a professional review publication in that we look at books from a Christian worldview, noting the values found in the text.. While a book may include ungodly, immoral, or indecent episodes, we look for redemption and resolution.. We also recognize that evil exists, and not all things will be redeemed, nor all problems resolved.. New reviews and CC titles are posted on a regular basis to our.. blog area.. Our bi-monthly newsletter includes all reviews and CC titles from the previous months.. Sign up for our mailing list.. Apply to write reviews; reviewers link below has an application form.. Visit our.. online archives.. to explore the many years of CLJ reviews.. Share our site with friends, like us on.. Faceboo.. k.. New Book Reviews.. I Have a Garden / written and illustrated by Bob Barner.. 11.. 14.. 2013.. Holiday House ISBN 978-0-8234-2527-3.. PRI Ages 1-3 Rating: 4 “This garden is all for me” proclaims a dog, as.. More.. Submerged / Dani Pettrey (Alaskan Courage, 1) 11.. 13.. Bethany House ISBN 978-0-7642-0982-6.. Adult Rating: 5 Dani Pettrey makes her debut with the romantic suspense novel,.. Submerged.. , set.. The Matchbox Diary / by Paul Fleischman; illustrated by Bagram Ibatoulline.. 12.. Candlewick Press ISBN 978-0-7636-4601-1.. INT Ages 6-11 (all ages) Rating: *5 A kindergartener meets her great grandfather for the.. Starring Arabelle / by Hillary Hall De Baun.. 11.. Wm.. B.. Eerdmans Publishing Co.. ISBN 978-0-8028-5398-1.. MS Grades 5-8 Rating 4.. Starring  ...   Books ISBN 978-1-4336-7699-4.. Adult Rating: 5.. Amanda Flowers returns with her third novel in the Appleseed Creek Mystery.. Stranded / by Dani Pettrey (Alaskan Courage, 3) 10.. 2.. Bethany House ISBN 978-0764209840.. Adult (HS) Rating: 5.. Dani Pettrey returns to the Alaskan wilderness, with another romantic suspense.. What the Bible Is All About Bible Handbook for Kids: Based on the Best-Selling Classic by Dr.. Henrietta Mears / author and general editor, Frances Blankenbaker.. 1.. Gospel Light ISBN 978-0-8307-5943-9.. INT Grades 2-6 (all ages) Rating: 5+.. What the Bible is All About Bible Handbook.. Puffin Peter / written and illustrated by Petr Horáček.. 9.. 30.. Candlewick Press ISBN 978-0-7636-6572-2.. PRI Ages 2-5 Rating: 5 Peter and Paul are carefree puffins living on a small.. Find more posts.. Support CLJ.. CLJ has no regular source of income, as it is a volunteer effort.. If you click on the Amazon link below, anything you buy anything from Amazon at that time will give CLJ a small commission.. If you come to CLJ and use this link when you are going to Amazon, it would be a great help to us.. Thanks!.. Search.. Search our website by using the Find feature (Ctrl-F).. It works best if you use double quotes around your search words.. Subscribe.. Subscribe to CLJ Blog with RSS.. Subscribe to CLJ Blog via Email.. Sign up for our bi-monthly newsletter.. Email Address :.. Announcements.. Printable Reviews.. 5.. 24.. Core Collection Update.. New Additions to Core Collection.. For the Birds: The life of Roger Tory Peterson / Peggy Thomas.. A Cast of Stones / by Patrick W.. Carr.. May 7, 2013.. CC Entries 4.. CLJ Core Collection.. Reviewers.. Using CLJ.. Your Account.. Contact..

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  • Title: Christian Library Journal | Advertise with CLJ!
    Descriptive info: Advertise with CLJ!.. The.. Christian Library Journal.. (CLJ) is a book review journal for librarians, others who work with children, teens, and reading, and the public.. CLJ is developing a core collection of books as a starting point for a new library, new titles and quality check for growing libraries, for homeschoolers, and for parents interested in such a list.. Additional titles to the list are posted from time to time on our blog.. CLJ is owned and operated by volunteers exclusively.. We welcome your support.. We invite you to advertise on our  ...   upon approval.. Ads are available on our website.. Inquire about available space:.. info@christianlibraryj.. org.. Insertion orders are due one month in advance, with payment.. Online ads.. run for one month, starting on the 1st.. Online Ad Size (Pixels) Cost.. Banner 468 x 60 horizontal – Home page $74/month ($65 CLJ Issues; $55 Any other page).. Big Sidebar Box 300 x 250 Home page $50/month ($45 CLJ Issues; $40 Any other page).. Small Sidebar Box 125 x 125 $25/month ($20 CLJ Issues; $15 Any other page).. Click here to download the Ad-Insertion Order (PDF)..

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  • Title: Christian Library Journal | Publishers
    Descriptive info: Publishers.. We appreciate working with a large list of publishers, looking for books which are well written and will appeal to the readers of CLJ.. Please note these guidelines to help you work with us to the benefit of all.. You are invited to send finished copies of your titles to CLJ, keeping in mind that we are looking for good literature in all subject areas, especially for children and teens,  ...   wide audience of adults.. Upon publication of a review, you will receive a notice to look up the review online.. We consider for review any book we receive, and pass along to libraries those which we choose not to review.. Review Copies.. We can register our reviewers with you, and they will request their own copies for review.. Some are also interested in reviewing from an electronic format or advance copies..

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  • Title: Christian Library Journal | Librarians
    Descriptive info: Librarians.. Christian School and Church Librarians.. We welcome you to CLJ, and hope you find it helpful in growing and maintaining your library.. If you are new to CLJ, please go to.. and introduce yourself.. Please give the name of your school, city, and state or country.. This will allow us to share special offers with you.. CLJ Links for Librarians:..

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  • Title: Christian Library Journal | CLJ MARC Records
    Descriptive info: CLJ MARC Records.. z39.. 50 connection to CLJ MARC records.. If your library catalog has a Z39.. 50 server for downloading records from other libraries, use the data below to set up a connection to CLJ for MARC record access and free downloads.. Even if you don t subscribe to CLJ, you are welcome  ...   our review ratings in the 500 field, so look for them with recent issues, and watch for more identified later as we continue our work on that project.. Host = CLJO.. scoolaid.. net.. Port = 210.. Name = oms_cljo.. Desc.. = CLJO Library.. Other settings used by some systems:.. Syntax = XML.. Encoding = UTF-8..

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  • Title: Christian Library Journal | Review Index
    Descriptive info: Review Index.. Click here for an index of all CLJ reviews.. You can search by author, title, or series.. Once you find the issue where the title was reviewed, you can open that issue and either use the Find function to find the review, or see the index at the end of the issue..

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  • Title: Christian Library Journal | Library Links
    Descriptive info: Library Links.. FOCLIS.. FOCLIS is a nondenominational organization of people involved in the library and information profession who are committed to the Christian faith and seek to reflect its principles in their personal and professional life.. Church Libraries.. Information about library associations, reviews of printed library resources, reviews of electronic library resources, software for church and school libraries, from Ellen Bosman at New Mexico State University Library.. Evangelical Church Library Association.. Association open to church and school librarians.. National Church Library Association.. A librarian with strong support is a successful librarian.. Membership in NCLA links you to a broad network of librarians who actively seek inspiration and community.. Membership offers you personal advice, printed materials, and online help to support and multiply your efforts.. Get help setting up a new library, finding and keeping volunteers, starting a storytime or  ...   nondenominational group whose members reside mainly in British Columbia but also across Canada and the Pacific Northwest.. We provide a quarterly newsletter, annual conferences, and a church library automation discussion group.. Association of Christian Librarians.. Primarily for the academic librarian, though open to others by request.. Library of Congress.. Useful for finding catalog records.. Cinema in Focus.. Great movie reviews from a Christian perspective.. Children s Crown Award.. Primary, intermediate, and middle school students read and vote on wholesome and uplifting mainstream books that have been published within the last two years.. Libraries in Churches.. Information about LINC.. as well as other church library links.. Talking Books Program.. A free program from the Library of Congress National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped (NLS).. Biblical Archaeology Society.. The Biblical Archaeology Society has a helpful book review section..

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  • Title: Christian Library Journal | CLJ Issues
    Descriptive info: CLJ Issues.. 2013.. Vol.. 17, No.. February 2013.. April 2013.. 3.. June/July 2013.. 4.. August/September 2013.. 2012.. Volume XVI Nos.. 1-2.. February/April 2012.. PDF.. /.. Online.. Volume XVI No.. 3.. June 2012.. 4-5.. August/October 2012.. 6.. December 2012.. 2011.. Volume XV No.. November 2011.. 4.. August 2011.. June 2011.. 2.. April 2011.. 1.. February 2011.. 2010.. Volume XIV, No.. December 2010.. October 2010.. August 2010.. 2-3.. April June 2010.. February 2010.. 2009.. Volume XIII, Nos.. 4/5.. October December 2009.. Volume XIII, No.. August 2009.. June 2009.. April 2009.. 2007.. Volume XII, No.. September, 2007.. March, 2007.. 2006.. Volume XI,  ...   Volume IX, No.. December, 2004.. November, 2004.. August, 2004.. April, 2004.. 2003.. Volume VIII, No.. October, 2003.. August, 2003.. Volume VIII No.. June, 2003.. April, 2003.. February, 2003.. 2002.. Volume VII No.. 2/3.. Spring/Summer 2002.. Winter 2002.. 2001.. Volume VI No.. Fall 2001.. Summer 2001.. Spring 2001.. 2000.. Volume V No.. Winter 2000.. Fall 2000.. 1999.. Volume IV No.. Winter/Spring 1999.. 1998.. Fall 1998.. Volume III Nos.. March/May 1998.. Volume III No.. January 1998.. 1997.. November 1997.. Volume II No.. March 1997.. January 1997.. 1996.. November 1996.. Volume 1 No.. March 1996.. January, 1996.. 1995.. November 1995.. October 1995..

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  • Title: Christian Library Journal | Core Collection
    Descriptive info: Core Collection.. Click here.. to access all titles in the core collection at this time.. New titles are added frequently.. Sign up for our blog to receive new additions as they are added, or our newsletter, which combines bi-monthly additions into one document.. To learn more about each book, click on the Amazon link, where you will find publisher s description, perhaps some professional reviews, and reader reviews.. Here at CLJ, we are building a core collection of highly recommended titles, both fiction and nonfiction, for the young reader.. Titles are being added regularly, as time allows.. Eventually the goal is a list which covers all subject areas a Christian school library, church library, homeschoolers, and families might like to add  ...   the reader.. Well written, appealing story, holding the interest of the reader.. Entertaining story.. Value of the book, Nonfiction.. Appealing, readable presentation of accurate factual material.. Helpful illustrative material, well presented, attention-getting.. Covers the subject area well.. A core collection seldom includes book reviews, reviews as from various professional library publications and rewards helped form the basis for selection of a title.. Who needs a core collection?.. People who are looking for recommendations of good books.. New libraries.. Existing libraries, to upgrade quality and timeliness in their collection.. Home schoolers and Christian families.. Any Christian reader.. How does one use a core collection?.. To purchase books, new or used.. Suggest titles to borrow from the library.. Find good books for homeschooling..

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  • Title: Christian Library Journal | CLJ Library Catalog
    Descriptive info: CLJ Library Catalog.. The CLJ Library Catalog.. is available to the general public, and is useful for searching for good books on any topic, or a particular title or author..

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  • Title: Christian Library Journal | Book Reviews from a Christian Perpsective
    Descriptive info: Book Reviews.. Sarah Gives Thanks / by Mike Allegra; illustrated by David Gardner.. 29.. Albert Whitman Company ISBN 978-0-8075-7239-9.. PRI Grades 2-5 (all ages) Rating: 4 Widowed with five children, Sarah Josepha.. Caroline Series (Multiple Titles)/by Kathleen Ernst; illustrated by Robert and Lisa Papp.. 28.. Meet Caroline/ by Kathleen Ernst; illustrated by Robert and Lisa Papp.. (The Caroline series, 1).. American Girl Publishing ISBN.. Seeds of Evidence / by Linda J.. White.. 27.. Abingdon Press ISBN 1426735421.. Adult Rating: 4 While on vacation in Chincoteague, FBI Special Agent Kit McGovern is thrust.. When No One Is Watching / by Eileen Spinelli; illustrated by David A.. Johnson.. 26.. Eerdmans Books for Young Readers ISBN 978-0802853035.. PRI Preschool-Grade 2 Rating: 3 In.. When No One Is Watching.. , author.. Nora’s Ark / by Eileen Spinelli; illustrated by Nora Hilb.. 25.. Zonderkidz ISBN 978-0310720065.. PRI Preschool-Grade 2 Rating: 4 In Eileen Spinelli’s.. Nora’s Ark.. young Nora responds to a rainy.. The Black Rabbit / written illustrated by Philippa Leathers.. Candlewick Press ISBN 978-0-7636-5714-7.. PRI Preschool-Grade 2 Rating: 4 Try as he might, Rabbit just can’t get away from.. Once Upon a Prince / by Rachel Hauck.. (Royal Wedding Series, 1) 9.. 23.. Zondervan ISBN 9780310315478.. Adult Rating: 5 Award winner Rachel Hauck kicks off a new contemporary romance series on royal.. The Survivor:  ...   MS Grades 6-8 Rating 4.. Tracks.. by Diane Lee Wilson tells the story.. God Gave Us Easter / by Lisa Tawn Bergren; illustrated by Laura J.. Bryant.. Waterbrook Press ISBN 978-0-307-73072-5.. PRI Preschool Rating: 3 Papa Bear explains to Little Cub and her siblings that Easter.. Flame of Resistance / by Tracy Groot.. Tyndale House Publishers ISBN 1414359470.. Adult Rating: 5 It is the year 1944, and two complete strangers with completely.. I Couldn’t Love You More / by Jason Ingram and Matt Hammitt; illustrated by Polona Lovšin.. Tyndale House ISBN 9781414367392.. PRI Preschool (all ages) Rating: 5.. I Couldn’t Love You More.. conveys the absolute and.. Anomaly / by Krista McGee.. Thomas Nelson ISBN 9781401688721.. HS (MS) Grades 8-12 Rating: 5 Krista McGee, author of several young adult contemporary novels,.. Steam Train, Dream Train / by Sherri Duskey Rinker ; illustrated by Tom Lichtenheld.. 7.. Chronicle Books ISBN 9781452109206.. PRI PS-Grade 1 Rating: 5.. Steam Train, Dream Train.. appears out of the darkness and.. King / by R.. J.. Larson.. (Tales of the Infinite, 3) 8.. Bethany House ISBN 9780.. HS Grades 8-12 Rating: 5 R.. Larson returns with the final book in her.. Judge / by R.. (Tales of the Infinite, 2) 8.. Bethany House ISBN 9780764209727.. Larson returns with the second in her young.. Page 1 of 5..

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  • Archived pages: 432