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  • Title: Survey Real Estate
    Descriptive info: .. Survey Real Estate.. Real Estate Business, Markets, Investments.. Home.. About Us.. Contact Us.. Improving Real Estate – Tax Credits.. Tax credits present an opportunity for homeowners and businesses looking to improve their property.. With the current benefits available, savings now allow energy-efficient items to be installed.. Now is certainly the time to take advantage of these savings.. There are tax credits that relate to items, resulting in increased savings on one’s income tax.. The home improvement tax credit stands at 10 percent of the cost of home improvement, for a savings of up to $500.. This is the current tax credit that is applicable on energy-efficient remodeling for 2011.. The tax credits are applicable for a number of energy-efficient items.. Of course, it would be wise to consult the fine print for these savings, as there are some specifics and exclusions that homeowners and businesses should be aware of.. Take note of items in your home that can be improved.. If you’ve been wanting to make some improvements to become more energy-efficient — or even just upgrade current  ...   efficiency of your home, but also, in many cases, you will improve the value of your home.. Clearly there is much to consider with regard to the home improvement tax credits.. Taking advantage of these immediate and long-term savings may be appropriate for you needs and current situation.. Indeed there is a lot of opportunity here in improving one’s home.. Take some time to consider how appropriate some of these options may be for you.. Now may be the perfect time to make your home more energy-efficient.. Pages.. Before You Buy That House.. Buying A Home? Don t Forget To Consider These Items.. Buying a New Home: All the Considerations.. Buying Your First Home.. Gangs Still A Problem In Big Cities.. How You Can Get A Car Even With Bad Credit.. Make Your Small Business Fetch Big Profits.. Reflecting On The Financial Crisis.. Renting Out A House Or Apartment.. Saving For A Down Payment.. The First Big Loan Can Be The Toughest.. When Buying Real Estate- Don t Skip The Inspection.. Sitemap.. Copyright 2013 Survey Real Estate.. All rights reserved..

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  • Title: Contact Us | Survey Real Estate
    Descriptive info: You are here:.. / Contact Us.. [si-contact-form form='1']..

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  • Title: Before You Buy That House | Survey Real Estate
    Descriptive info: / Before You Buy That House.. Before putting too much stock in a house price, do your research on the neighborhoods these house reside.. As consumers, we are always thinking of getting the most house for out dollar.. We will look at the square footage of a house and how many bathrooms it has and decide what it should be worth.. Neighborhoods should be just as important in a house buying decision than any one of these factors I ve already names.. Here are a couple of reasons to look at the neighborhoods before committing to a house.. 1.. ) Crime- A neighborhood that is high in crime may have great houses at low prices, but do you really  ...   potential home or adding value strictly based on safety numbers in the neighborhood.. Do your research on local crime tracking sites and see what kind of neighborhood you have waiting for you.. 2.. ) Are There Children?- If you have children, you might desire a neighborhood that has some kids.. They may not be built in friends for your young ones but at the very least you will know the neighborhood is kid tolerant.. On the flip-side, you might have no interest in moving into a neighborhood that has anything to do with kids.. This is an easy item to research and can easily add some extra value to your house if you find yourself in the right neighborhood..

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  • Title: Buying A Home? Don’t Forget To Consider These Items | Survey Real Estate
    Descriptive info: / Buying A Home? Don t Forget To Consider These Items.. There are many things to consider when buying your first home.. The size of your family will certainly influence the size of your home purchase as will any pets or extended family members.. All families have different needs when it comes to home purchases.. Acreage is important to some while some people prefer less land and more house.. Location is of course important as a loud street or busy intersection could serve as a bug negative if you have children.. There are countless things to consider but don t forget about these two if you re planning to offer on a house.. ) The neighborhood- Do not fall so in love with a house that you don t properly  ...   have friends in their immediate surroundings to play with, but they might be under increased scrutiny by older neighbors intent on catching them doing something afoul.. Try and balance the neighborhood with the needs of your family.. ) The bathrooms- It can be pretty regrettable to purchase a house and then realize that you don t have enough bathrooms.. While one might seem like enough, it really isn t if youre going to be having more than one person getting ready for their respective days at a time.. For a husband, wife, and child, plan to have at least 1.. 5 bathrooms in order to keep everyone happy.. This is of course just a small list of things to consider when buying a home.. Do your research and bid with confidence..

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  • Title: Buying a New Home: All the Considerations | Survey Real Estate
    Descriptive info: / Buying a New Home: All the Considerations.. When you decide that you want to buy a new home, you are immediately going to be bombarded with a variety of different considerations that need to be made.. When you do a lot of the planning before hand ahead of time, the result is that you can keep the planning process a lot more organized and planned, allowing you to stay in control without feeling or becoming overwhelmed along the way.. Here are some things to consider when planning to buy a new home, or when in the process of buying a new home.. Make a list of everything you want in a new home, so you can ensure that all your needs are met.. All too commonly, people get excited about a beautiful home and make  ...   going to cost.. Make sure that you know how many boxes you will need and what other supplies will be needed for the move.. Keep track of every aspect of the home purchase, the sale of your current home and the move in a single binder.. Keeping everything together and organized is important in ensuring that the entire process flows smoothly and nothing is lost or becomes overwhelming along the way.. One single binder will ensure that you have access to everything that you need in a single place.. Plan out the move of utilities like cable, electricity, phone and internet so that you will have these necessities in the home as soon as you move.. These are some of the most important considerations to keep in mind when you are planning to buy a home..

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  • Title: Buying Your First Home | Survey Real Estate
    Descriptive info: / Buying Your First Home.. The first thing you should be thinking about when buying a home is securing your first mortgage.. If consumers have learned anything from the financial crisis that began in 2008, its that mortgages are not free.. While the banks were largely at fault, consumers also have to accept some responsibility for the fact they took out home loans they could not afford.. The initial payments seemed doable to many consumers but eventually those initial rates give way to higher payments and many home owners who had achieved the American dream then found themselves in foreclosure.. A mistake like this can set your finances back a decade or more.. Here are a couple of things to work towards in securing that first mortgage.. ) Get Your Credit In Order- There is  ...   s, working lots of hours before being tied down with kids, we still use credit cards too and the balances just accrue over the years.. Get a free credit report from the major reporting bureaus and pay down those balances with poor interest rates.. ) Make Sure You Have Been At Your Current Job At Least A Half Year- A job change could effect the amount of your first home mortgage.. Indeed, you need to be at your current job at least 6 months before the income can be factored into your mortgage package.. If you re just starting a new career or your partner has a new job, wait a little bit longer until applying for the mortgage.. That way your debt to credit ratio improves and you can secure a better interest rate..

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  • Title: Gangs Still A Problem In Big Cities | Survey Real Estate
    Descriptive info: / Gangs Still A Problem In Big Cities.. Gangs are still a problem in many urban neighborhoods.. Mainly in larger cities like Los Angeles and New York, the poor neighborhoods tend to have gangs who settle conflicts with violence and sometimes gun fire.. Cities like Compton, California, are notorious for gang activity with much of the violence being glorified in music and movies.. The fact is that such gang activity keeps people in these neighborhoods scared with feelings on being unsafe.. It also has the added effect of depressing home prices in the area and discouraging good businesses from moving into the area and supplying more jobs.. Here are a couple of ideas that have been implemented to combat gang activity.. ) Midnight basketball- Midnight basketball leagues aren t necessarily played at midnight.. It is a term reserved for basketball played in the evening  ...   and keeping kids on track towards high school graduation.. ) Recreational Centers- Rec centers are a terrific place for kids to gather and participate in a variety of activities.. Ping pong is huge in rec.. centers and games can be quite competitive.. Darts is another game that kids can break off into groups of two and compete in friendly games.. The important thing here is giving kids the alternative to trouble and crime by giving them choices of things they can do instead.. Populate your neighborhood rec center with games and activities that kids in your area are likely to enjoy and plan accordingly.. There are many things a community can do to guard against crime.. One of those things is to keep the kids busy doing something else.. A little investment in the kids entertainment can go a long way towards fighting gang crime..

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  • Title: How You Can Get A Car Even With Bad Credit | Survey Real Estate
    Descriptive info: / How You Can Get A Car Even With Bad Credit.. Car loans can be difficult if you have a history of bad credit.. Bad money decisions early on in life have drastic repercussions.. In addition to make it difficult to receive a loan at all, the loan you are offered will likely come with a very high interest rate.. There are things you can do to improve your credit.. Paying down heavy debt is a great start toward an improved score.. Also, cutting back on credit card use will gradually improve your score.. However, these are steps to take with an eye toward the future.. If you want to buy a car today you are likely looking for a more immediate solution.. Here is what you can do to get a loan today eve with not so perfect credit..  ...   are going to have to deal with a higher interest rate then you would if you had a traditional loan from a bank or credit union but the important thing is getting the new car and working towards an improved credit score.. Paying this loan back on time and in full will go a long way toward a better score in the long run.. Indeed, this is your best bet at a loan with a poor credit history.. ) Come with a down payment- Nothing changes a loan processors mind faster than a solid down payment in hand.. If you have a couple thousand dollars to put towards a new car, then it will make it much easier to get a loan for the remainder of the car price.. Shop your area wisely and come away with a good deal..

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  • Title: Make Your Small Business Fetch Big Profits | Survey Real Estate
    Descriptive info: / Make Your Small Business Fetch Big Profits.. The business of business is business! Are you confused by this statement? Don’t be.. This basically means that business is all pervasive and to make any venture successful, business tactics need to be put to good use.. While big corporations rely on their sheer size and power when attracting clients, small business owners tend to feel left out.. Instead of giving up hope and relying on plain old luck, small businesses can also change the face of their company.. It just requires a little bit of time and effort but can yield huge returns.. Small businesses have a tremendous growth opportunity via the  ...   on every referral or sale that is made.. This way, not so big businesses can pay an economical amount for the clients who are directed their way through an affiliate marketing program.. The success rate of this program is dependent on the popularity of the affiliate website.. A thriving affiliate website can do wonders for a small business.. Search Engine Optimization and Email marketing are just two of the other alternatives for small business firms that can accentuate their visibility and make sure they have a steady stream of clients.. No business is too small or too big to be marketed, since effective marketing can help a business reach unimaginable heights..

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  • Title: Renting Out A House Or Apartment | Survey Real Estate
    Descriptive info: / Renting Out A House Or Apartment.. One of the best small businesses is making money in real estate.. The concept is simple.. You purchase a property that you have no intention on living in.. You then set the rent price at something that will come close to paying the mortgage so that you ll eventually be able to earn a profit on the property.. Once you re decided real estate is the way you want to go, you must then decide if you want to rent out houses or smaller rental units in a building.. Here are some advantages to different rental units.. ) The duplex- A duplex is a great starting place to owning real estate.. That s because if money is tight starting out, you can live in one half of the duplex while renting out the other half.. You can then charge the tenant about three quarters of the  ...   pay their rent on time.. Also, as long as the family doesn t have any pets, you are likely to experience less wear and tear on a home than if it were younger college kids who might be throwing parties.. 3.. ) An apartment building-The best way to maximize your profits is to have a number of apartments under your control.. This will allow you to spread the cost out over multiple tenants and maximize your income opportunity.. Have a variety of tenants allows you more control over the situation.. After all if you rent to a single family who doesn t pay then you have no money at all coming in.. Investing in real estate is a great way to make money but do your homework on what a property is worth and how much you should rent it out at.. You can be renting out your properties for profit in no time..

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  • Title: The First Big Loan Can Be The Toughest | Survey Real Estate
    Descriptive info: / The First Big Loan Can Be The Toughest.. Most of the time we don t need large loans until we want to buy a car or go to college.. A home loan is a whole different ball game however.. If you re aiming to secure a loan in the area of $150,000-$500,000 or more, there are certain items you should have in order before even attempting to get that loan.. ) Check and Improve Your Credit Score- If you have perfect or great credit then that s great and you can move on to item two.. For money of us, mistakes we made in our late teens and early 20 s, with items like high interest credit cards  ...   of these cards off before getting your mortgage application in and you are bound to get a more favorable rate.. ) Have Your Down Payment Money Saved- This should include enough money for closing costs as well.. Banks want to know that you have something in savings and that you can comfortably borrow money for a home.. Savings shows discipline and responsibility.. Unfortunately that s a lesson so many of us learn only through extensive trial and error of credit card use.. Securing a mortgage is the end result of a process that requires prepping.. Have an available line of credit and don t be near your borrowing limit or your interest rate will likely be high as a result..

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