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  • Title: Computers 2 San Diego Kids | C2SDK | Making Their Future a Reality
    Descriptive info: .. Services.. Access to Technology.. Technology Assistance.. Education & Training.. Technical Support**.. Resources.. Recycling & Refurbishing.. Recycling Program.. Cell Phones*.. Servers/Phone Systems.. Drop Off Center.. Refurbishing Program.. Support C2SDK.. Donate.. Partnerships.. Donate Technology.. Tell A Friend.. Volunteer.. News & Events.. In the News.. eNewsletter*.. Media Toolkit*.. Recycling Events.. Photo Gallery.. About Us.. Mission.. History.. Staff.. Board of Directors.. Our Supporters.. Community Collaborations.. Corporate Partners.. Community Partners.. Donors.. Financials.. Contact Us.. Send Us a Message.. Mailing List*.. Can You Imagine.. even ONE day.. not.. having access to a computer?.. 28% of San Diego County families have.. no.. computer based on a study by the San Diego Regional Technology Alliance.. Additionally, the US EPA estimates that approximately:.. 65.. 7 million desktop computers,.. 42.. 4 million computer monitors and.. 2.. 1 million laptop computers.. are in storage and NOT being used.. When the going gets tough.. the solution may just be around us.. C2SDK wants all children and their families in San Diego, regardless of their economic status, to be computer literate and have equal access to technology and  ...   today.. C2SDK, with its staff and volunteers and supporters, has created a comprehensive.. Technology Assistance Program.. that.. recycles and refurbishes.. used computers and delivers them to families in need.. C2SDK also provides.. each recipient.. with education, training and technical support necessary to achieve success.. Effective management of technology and human resources favorably impacts corporations, families and their children, and society.. now.. and well into the future.. C2SDK Recycles,.. Used computers are recycled by C2SDK providing individuals and corporations with a socially responsible and green alternative to disposing of electronic waste.. Learn about our green computer recycling program.. Refurbishes and.. Used hard drives are wiped clean (by data security standards) and reloaded with essential software that allows recipients to have access to key resources.. Learn about our computer refurbishing program.. Responds!.. C2SDK responds to the digital disparity and real-world demand for computer literacy through a comprehensive technical assistance program.. Learn how you can make a difference for those in need.. -top.. Copyright 2004-2013.. Computers 2 SD Kids.. , a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization #20-1789293.. |.. Sitemap.. Technical Support..

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  • Title: Services | Computers 2 San Diego Kids | C2SDK | Making Their Future a Reality
    Descriptive info: The Need is Real!.. Studies show that, even taking into account socioeconomic status, children with home computers perform at higher academic levels across the board.. As our society becomes more dependent on technology, the.. best gift we can give our children is access to computers.. The digital divide - a chasm that separates those with access to technology from those without - reduces the chance of success in life  ...   developed a wide range of programs that address assisting families in providing their children the best resources possible.. We recognize that families need more than just a computer.. We provide education, training and technical support, all with the goal of providing children higher chances for future success.. Explore the following links and learn how you can get involved.. Learn more about why technology is so important.. Education and Training..

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  • Title: Services - Why Access to Technology is Important | Computers 2 San Diego Kids | C2SDK
    Descriptive info: Why Access to Technology is Important.. There is a huge disparity between socio-economic status and computer use among San Diego’s population:.. Economic barriers to technology in today’s society hinder the growth and development of low-income families and continuously widen the socioeconomic gap.. Official San Diego County estimates suggest that 41.. 8% of public school students are from low-income families and 28% of San Diego families do not have a computer in their home.. Of projected San Diego jobs with the highest anticipated growth (Business Services, Communications, Defense and Transportation Manufacturing, Medical Services and Software and Computer Services) all but 4 of 25 occupations analyzed will require computer skills.. Based on the estimate of 13,974 City of San Diego residents that would not be able to enter into occupations that require computer skills, lost wage potential can amount to $366,635,838 annually based on the 2004 annual average entry-level wage  ...   5% of respondents within the city of San Diego are either uncomfortable or have no experience with computers in general and 7.. 9% of San Diego respondents are either uncomfortable or have no experience with the Internet in general.. Of San Diegans who did not own a home computer, 29.. 6% indicated that they did not have access to a computer at all.. Because children of low-income families rely primarily on their school computers and have no technological access at home, they are at a significant disadvantage compared to children with home computers and this limits the overall success of the family to compete in today’s technology driven market.. The connection between socio-economic status and computer use among San Diego’s population illustrates how lower income families struggle to stay competitive without technology.. Economic barriers hinder the growth and development of low-income families and only widen the socio-economic gap..

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  • Title: Services - Technology Assistance Program | Computers 2 San Diego Kids | C2SDK
    Descriptive info: Computers 2 SD Kids believes we can make a difference in the lives of individuals who have expressed an interest in bettering themselves through technology.. education.. , but who cannot afford the technology tools.. We hope to place computers in the homes of all deserving families who want to enrich their education through technology.. Our systems come with a one-year free warrantee.. After the first year, C2SDK provides lifetime technical support to our recipient families for only $20 a service call.. If we cannot fix the system, we replace the system with a newer model, ensuring the family stays connected for years to come.. More than just a computer, C2SDK takes great care in providing valuable educational software and technical support with each system we distribute.. C2SDK’s software package goes beyond the basics used everyday and provides the very best educational content (games and activities designed for K-12) that can help families improve their home learning environment.. C2SDK software package includes: Microsoft Software, My Home Learning Software, Adobe Software and additional software.. Apply today to change your future!!!.. Technology Assistance Application.. Here’s how you apply:.. Download (right-click link) and complete the application,.. Technology Recipient Grant Application 2012.. Complete all areas of the application.. Missing information will result in the application being denied.. Family/household income verification must be included (e.. g.. , paystub, tax filing, unemployment, government  ...   up your system.. Please read the letter carefully for pickup instructions.. Each computer received includes a refurbished desktop computer, full-sized CRT monitor, keyboard, and mouse, and is loaded with Microsoft Windows and Office Suite software.. Desktop systems with LCD monitors and laptops are offered to our recipients when available.. Limits in-stock restrictions apply.. NOTE: The approval process may take up to 6 months from receipt of application, depending on the number of applications received.. Applications are filed based on the number of technology donations we receive.. Every effort will be made to process your application as quickly as possible.. Computer recipients are asked to pay a small administrative fee of $40 for a system with CRT monitor and $65 for a system with LCD monitor (when available) at the time of system pick-up to help offset the cost of the system and loaded software (a $950 value).. The administrative fee amount and type of system available will be indicated on your approval letter.. By submitting this application, you agree that the information presented here is accurate.. If required, you understand that verification of certain facts may be requested in order to complete the application.. If you have any questions, please leave a message at (858) 200-9787 or use.. Contact Us form.. to write an email and we will send you an application form.. Apply online (Coming Soon)..

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  • Title: Education & Training | Computers 2 San Diego Kids | C2SDK
    Descriptive info: Education and Training.. Computers 2 SD Kids (C2SDK), in partnership with the San Diego City Library system and local businesses, offers a two-hour basic computer class on the fourth Saturday of every month at the Branch Libraries listed below.. Classes are held from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm.. Topics covered include: computer overview and setup, operating systems, browsers, email, Microsoft Office productivity software, anti-virus programs and the computer based training modules installed on each system distributed by C2SDK.. Participates  ...   and to sign up for a class, call a branch library from those shown below that is closest to you.. Participating Branch Libraries.. Serra Mesa – Kearny Mesa Branch.. 9005 Aero Dr.. San Diego, CA 92123-2312.. (858) 573-1396.. Valencia Park – Malcolm X Branch.. 5148 Market St.. San Diego, CA 92114-2209.. (619) 527-3405.. College – Rolando Branch.. 6600 Montezuma Road.. San Diego, CA 92115.. (619) 533-3902.. Otay Mesa – Nestor Branch.. 3003 Coronado Avenue.. San Diego, CA 92154.. (619) 484-0474..

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  • Title: Services - Technical Support | Computers 2 San Diego Kids | C2SDK | Making Their Future a Reality
    Descriptive info: Although refurbished, your system should provide you with years of use.. To ensure that your system functions properly, we want to remind you that it is very important that you safeguard your computer from viruses and other malware.. Please follow these steps:.. Keep your antivirus software up to date.. It will alert you when it is time to update; please be sure to click to accept the updates.. Do not allow anyone in your household to use free file sharing programs or websites such as LimeWire, BearShare, Morpheus, FrestWire any others where you can get “FREE” advice, music, videos, or files of any kind.. It is not free software but a way to inadvertently download viruses to your computer.. Do not allow anyone in your household to visit adult entertainment web sites.. Again, these sites are not secure and you may be allowing viruses to be downloaded to your computer.. Do not attempt to download a free version of Microsoft Windows or Office Software.. Microsoft  ...   5 digit C2SDK System # that authenticates your free 1-year limited technical support service warranty.. Please do not remove this label from your computer.. In the event that service is required for your system, this 4 or 5 digit number must be provided to the C2SDK technical support team at the time of the service to be covered by your warranty.. Label Example.. (4 or 5 digit computer number).. Technical Support Contact Info:.. (858) 200-9787 ext.. 16.. Your C2SDK warranty allows you to return your computer to us for repair or an exchange if your original computer is not working due to hardware problems.. Returns due to any of the items listed above will require a fee of $20 to exchange your infected computer.. If your system is returned with the hard drive wiped, removed, or another operating system installed the warranty will become invalid and a replacement system will need to be purchased at the full administrative fee of $40.. Tech Support Contact Form..

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  • Title: Services - Resources | Computers 2 San Diego Kids | C2SDK
    Descriptive info: Online Resources.. Scholarship.. Education.. Volunteer Now!.. Mousercise.. Continuing Education.. Library.. Downloads.. Mouse Exercises by Investitech.. com.. For use in Library Training Only.. Application Form.. Evaluation (English).. Evaluation (Espanol)..

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  • Title: Recycle & Refurbish | Computers 2 San Diego Kids | C2SDK | Making Their Future a Reality
    Descriptive info: ReUse is the New Recycling.. The fast pace of computer innovation has provided today’s technology users with more powerful systems at lower prices.. This leaves many of us with a dilemma.. Every time we upgrade one of our computers to gain more speed, more storage or more bells and whistles, we're left with an older computer that no longer meets our needs.. For most of us, the easiest thing to do is to put the old computer system in a closet, storage or some other out-of-sight, out-of-mind location.. The worst choice you can make is to put the computer (or any electronic equipment) in the trash.. Landfills are no place for the harmful chemicals, including lead, cadmium, beryllium and mercury, found in virtually all digital equipment.. With many other solutions available, there's no reason to simply throw an old computer away.. There is, however, a better solution that is both socially and environmentally responsible.. C2SDK’s comprehensive program.. of recycle, refurbish, and respond provides an ideal solution for this issue.. C2SDK is committed to providing our donors with a free, green alternative for their technology, saving them the financial  ...   tax deductible!.. Three-step Security.. Thoroughly deleting confidential data is.. essential.. to all of our donors.. For businesses looking for ways to comply with the security requirements of legislation like the Sarbanes-Oxley Act and The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, a sound policy on data control and destruction is crucial a legal necessity.. C2SDK completely eradicates all user data from computer hard drives using one of two methods:.. Secure Erase Utility “HHDerase” or.. Darik’s Boot and Nuke (DBAN) software.. authorized by the Department of Security Services to meet Department of Defense Sanitization Standard as outlined in the National Industrial Security Program Operating Manual DoD 5220.. 22-M.. Each system is then thoroughly cleaned, defective hardware is replaced, and each system is then loaded with Microsoft Windows operating system, Microsoft Office productivity software, and various educational programs that focus on math and logic, language arts, science, social studies, art and music, computer programming, using technology, and life skills are loaded.. These computers are then placed into the homes of underprivileged families throughout San Diego, increasing their educational opportunities to be competitive in the job market upon graduation.. Learn More:..

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  • Title: Recycling Program | Computers 2 San Diego Kids | C2SDK | Making Their Future a Reality
    Descriptive info: Why Recycling Makes a Difference?.. C2SDK believes it’s critical that we reduce computer waste, which comprises about 23 million tons of garbage that is generated each year.. Although some of the metals, glass and plastics in many electronics are indeed recyclable, more than 70% ends up in landfills in Asian and West African Countries.. C2SDK also strongly believes that the estimated 30 to 40 million PCs that are recycled annually, most still in working condition, could be better used by refurbishing them and giving them to the 28% of San Diego homes without access to technology..  ...   children and their families at a disadvantage, during their school years and beyond.. Long-term storage is not the answer.. In 2007, the U.. S.. EPA estimated that 65.. 7 million desktop computers, 42.. 4 million computer monitors and 2.. 1 million laptop computers were in storage, not being used, costing their owners thousands of dollars in unnecessary storage fees each year.. C2SDK can provide corporations and individuals with a green alternative to their technology storage and disposal needs.. Additionally, donors get the added value of providing needed technology that has been traditionally denied to low-income families..

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  • Title: Recycle Cellphones | Computers 2 San Diego Kids | C2SDK | Making Their Future a Reality
    Descriptive info: Cell Phones.. The average North American gets a new cell phone every 18 to 24 months, making old phones—many that contain hazardous materials like lead, mercury, cadmium, brominated flame retardants and arsenic—the fastest growing type of manufactured garbage in the nation.. According to the U.. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Americans discard 125 million phones each year, creating 65,000 tons of waste.. Prevent e-waste  ...   that takes used cell phones, refurbishes them, and then re-sells them to distributors and carriers for use primarily in developing countries, providing affordable communications to poorer citizens while helping to “bridge the digital divide.. ” When you donate your phone to C2SDK, 100 percent of the profits from the sales go into the software provided on the systems we distribute to low-income families..

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  • Title: Recycle - Servers | Computers 2 San Diego Kids | C2SDK | Making Their Future a Reality
    Descriptive info: Recycling Servers and Office Phone Systmens.. One-stop IT Asset Disposal – Partnering with Business & Community.. C2SDK now provides one-stop IT Asset Disposal while maximizing community responsibility in an environmental sound fashion.. Whether it is one Router or a Whole Data Center – we want it!.. All your donated IT equipment, whether working or not, will provide much needed funding revenues to aid in C2SDK’s mission "…all children and their families in San Diego, regardless of their economic status, need to be computer literate and have equal access to technology and the crucial educational, occupational, and financial.. resources.. that technology can provide to improve their educational options and their futures.. ".. When  ...   Our remarketing partner, Harvest Partners, assists C2SDK in maximizing the residual value for any Routers, Switches, and Telecom equipment that you.. donate.. to C2SDK.. Harvest Partners creates a simplistic solution to your needs, ranging from logistics support, audit processes for internal control and maximum value recovery for C2SDK.. Below is a partial list of the brands we work with:.. ADTRAN.. AVAYA.. APC.. BROCADE.. CISCO.. DELL.. FOUNDRY.. FUJITSU.. HP.. JUNIPER.. MARCONI.. MITEL.. NEC.. NORTEL.. PANASONIC.. SHORETEL.. TEKELEC.. TOSHIBA.. POLYCOM.. VODAVI.. Whether it is one Router or a Whole Data Center.. Call us today for a free evaluation!.. Extending the life of IT, Telecom and Networking Equipment by Responsibly Refurbishing, Reselling or Recycling.. www.. harvest-partners..

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