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  • Title: Legal Correctional institutions in Pennsylvania
    Descriptive info: .. Path:.. Legal:.. Home.. Categories.. Affiliations.. Centers.. Juvenile.. Inspections.. Organizations.. More.. About.. Games.. Newest Additions.. Resources.. Copyright.. © 1998-2010.. (Legal).. Editor:.. The Editor.. Legal Home.. AUP Policies.. Correctional institutions in Pennsylvania.. With its capital in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania is a state of The United States of America located in the northeast.. It shares its borders with Delaware, Maryland, West Virginia and Ohio.. The main aspiration of a correctional facility is protecting its citizens by detaining persons who commit wrongs to safe custody with safe and secure facilities, and provide ample opportunities to the detained persons so that they can acquire skills in order to become better citizens and enrich the human resource of the country qualitatively; by paying due respect to the rights of the crime victims.. There are in total 26 state correctional centers, 14 community correctional institutions and juvenile correctional institutions in Pennsylvania..  ...   regarding the employment process and terms of employment in these facilities and institutions, it will be easily available and accessible from here.. We also provide information regarding the affiliation of the centers and the correctional facilities and exactly what these facilities are used for.. Unlike most other websites on the Internet, we do not confine our information to only adult correctional facilities it also delves deep into the system of juvenile correctional facilities.. All the information and burning topics can be viewed right from here.. Updates are also an important factor when it comes to legal proceedings thus c-cap provides unbiased opinions about the improvements and changes that frequently take place under the huge and extensive umbrella of Judiciary and Legislation.. Necessary information about the government and non-government organizations and units that work for the correctional facilities can also be found within our archives..

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  • Title: Legal Affiliations
    Descriptive info: Affiliations:.. © 1998-2012.. Treatment Trends Inc (TTI) is a legal affiliation for the Pennsylvania Correctional Institutions and Facilities.. Treatment Trends is a non profit private organization that offers services to eliminate problems in the community including crime, violence and addiction.. Treatment Trends provides services in four divisions of communities and include an out-patient intensive program, a halfway house, transitional house for living recovery, a unit for case management and assessment and veterans program.. The administrative and corporate offices of Treatment trends are housed within one of their own residential facilities known as Keenan House, an outpatient program for individuals with substance abuse problems.. The services offered by Treatment Trends include professional staff care that meets the requirements and qualifications set up by Pennsylvania s Department of Health, Bureau of Drug and Alcohol Programs.. Both the out-patient and in-patient intensive programs have been licensed since 1972.. Many individuals from the correctional facilities have been served by Treatment Trends for acts of illegal use of drugs and crime.. Treatment allows individuals to recover and reclaim their lives  ...   for in-patient and out-patient programs.. Prolonged care for individuals with substance abuse.. Offer services in case management, research and assessment.. Developing community service programs by reducing crimes of youth and adults who learn to respect the law by rehabilitating youth and adults of the causes that lead them to violence against their fellowmen.. Treatment Trends offers continued care for individuals with the highest positive outcome achieved, where these people can be sent back to mainstream communities to live a more productive life.. According to research done at National Institute of Drug Abuse it is stated that drug treatment conducted in a comprehensive manner enhances the safety of communities while being a cost effective measure for drug abusers.. Research has also indicated that when the drug treatment program is conducted over a lengthy time period, the positive outcomes are even higher.. When an individual is free from drugs, there are greater changes a person can make to himself and society in order to lead a happier and productive life.. Suggest Site.. Link To Us.. Editor Login..

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  • Title: Legal Centers
    Descriptive info: Centers:.. Harrisburg is the capital of Pennsylvania, a state in The USA which is situated in the northeast of the country and shares its boundaries with Maryland, Delaware, Ohio and West Virginia.. Pennsylvania s constitution aims to let freedom and justice exist freely, as it should be, in the hands of its people and the constitution is a great concern with the welfare of the people.. It is noted in their constitution that its people have the power and the rights; which cannot be defeated and must be used by the people according to what is advantageous and good for everyone.. Although this constitution has been good to many, it needs some changes and correction for the betterment of all its citizens.. This correction does not mean that the constitution has been detrimental to its people.. It simply needs some innovation in order to benefit its people and country.. The chief objective of a correctional service is to safeguard the citizens by detaining persons who have committed wrongs, and this, in secure facilities.. It should provide sufficient chances to the apprehended persons to acquire the necessary skills to become better citizens.. This enhances the human resources of the country s dominance by paying due respect to the rights of the crime victims.. Indeed, this idea is exceedingly advantageous  ...   to all the information required concerning the different correctional institutions and facilities.. If there are questions that people would like to have answered, this site is dedicated to answering them with clearness, precision and, of course, the truth.. The American Correctional Association (ACA) prohibits the total prison structure of the state and the Department of Corrections supervises the correctional units.. If information is needed regarding the employment process and terms of employment in these facilities and institutions, it can be easily found and accessed from here.. Information is also provided regarding the affiliation of the centers with the correctional facilities and defines exactly what these facilities are used for.. Unlike many of the other sites on the Internet, we do not confine the information provided to adult only - correctional facilities.. The site also investigates the organization of juvenile correctional facilities.. These topics and any other information can be viewed here.. Information revisions are also an important issue when it comes to legal procedures.. Thus, c-cap provides detached reporting about the improvements and changes that frequently take place under the enormous and wide-ranging umbrella of the Judicial Department and the Legislation.. Essential information concerning the non-government and governmental organizations and other sections that are employed by the correctional facilities can be found within our site or the resources section..

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  • Title: Legal Juvenile
    Descriptive info: Juvenile:.. Juvenile Detention Centers Association of Pennsylvania has legal affiliations with the Pennsylvania Correctional Facilities and Institutions.. The Juvenile Detention Centers Association promotes sound policies, best practice standards and overseeing a learning environment for juveniles within the justice system.. Children ranging from the ages between eight and seventeen are sent to juvenile detention centers for various reasons.. Juveniles are picked up by the police on suspicion of acts of crime and brought to the nearest juvenile facility.. Detention centers for juveniles exist when a young person s parent cannot be found or when no one will claim responsibility.. Children who are seemingly in danger of their own homes are also given accommodation at juvenile facilities.. Children who are a threat to others and even themselves are under watch at juvenile detention facilities.. The Pennsylvania Juvenile Centers give time for youngsters to exercise on a daily basis..  ...   each evening and attend art and music classes in a way to express themselves more fully.. Residents at juvenile centers receive educational services and tutoring programs.. In addition to this they also receive supplemental educational programming which covers a range of topics including substance abuse, physical fitness, nutrition, independent skills and living, career planning, health, academic skills and moral reasoning.. There is a 12 step program that juveniles have the opportunity to attend which has been introduced to the facility.. Juveniles also have the opportunity to attend religious programs and services.. A counselor is assigned to each juvenile who reports in future hearings at the court and follows the juvenile through his time of incarceration.. Juveniles are offered rehabilitation depending on the extent of crimes committed by them for a successful release and integration in the community after release to lead a better and more productive life..

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  • Title: Legal Inspections
    Descriptive info: Inspections:.. Proper inspections are crucial for the smooth running of prisons all throughout the Pennsylvania area.. It s the Office of County Inspections and Services that is the organization bearing the responsibility of the state-wide program to independently inspect every county prison.. Every county prison will receive an inspection either on an annual basis or every 24 months at an absolute maximum.. The purpose of these inspections is to ensure the prison meets all the regulations set out by the state.. The inspection process will always be supported by the technical services presented by the Office of County Inspections and Services.. These services can be called upon at any time by any prison.. Inspectors assist the inspections process through best practices documents to help with the running of the prison, as well as interpreting the law as it stands at the time of inspection.. The Office of County Inspections and Services has the responsibility for overseeing all inspections, but it s not involved in operational or investigative responsibilities.. These concerns and these responsibilities stand with the local governing organisation for each individual county.. Beginning of the Inspections Process.. The inspections process will always include a number of common elements, which must be carried out at some point during the inspection itself.. In no specific order, the inspection process will include in the beginning:.. Liaising with the warden of the facility to create an inspection date which is convenient for all participating parties.. Co-ordination will normally be completed months in advance of the actual inspection date, although as soon as possible is the rule of thumb here.. Administrative staff members will be given a short interview once the inspector arrives at the facility.. They will  ...   of the physical building will be determined during this period.. Generally, the inspector is accompanied by guards at all times and will go through all the checks and assessments any visitor would go through.. Again, this is to demonstrate the level of effectiveness within the prison.. Inspectors will choose random staff members and inmates to interview.. Those who work or reside within the facility will have the chance to express any concerns or complaints at this point.. This will help to formulate a facility profile.. When choosing inmates to interview, the inspector will have a list of criteria they will use.. It s necessary to avoid judging inmates who may be violent or who have mental problems, but a broad slice of the prison community is preferred.. A final interview will be held with staff members to air out any specific observations which were noted during the inspection.. It s the last chance for staff members to hear how the inspection went and what they need to improve upon in the short term.. The findings of the inspection normally won t be discovered until months afterwards; after the findings have been reviewed by the prison authorities and the warden of the prison.. After the Inspection.. Once the inspector leaves the facility the job isn t over yet.. All County Inspectors must create a written report to give to the prison authority.. It will outline what the inspector saw and will detail exactly how suitable the facility is for interning inmates.. Every inspection observation and each conclusion is made in accordance with Title 37.. Any changes which have to be made, if any, will likely be made in due course after this report has been reviewed..

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  • Title: Legal Organizations
    Descriptive info: Organizations:.. Pennsylvania s Correctional Facility and institutions are affiliated with several organizations offering various forms of services to individuals.. The Centre County, Pennsylvania offers basic needs services that includes assistance with heating, food, transportation and shelter.. The Accessible Housing Program in Pennsylvania is a housing program directed at providing assistance to disabled individuals in Pennsylvania counties where they have access to affordable housing and can avoid institutionalization which are brought on by the lack of affordable and decent housing.. This program is aimed at low income families and adults who care for disabled individuals by increasing the accessibility they have, in order for them to function properly on their own and in the community.. The First Time Home Buyer Program is aimed at individuals and families who ve long dreamt of owning their own home but have not had the means and opportunity to do so.. The Centre County Commission s office is now offering the First Time Home Buyer  ...   The Prescription Discount Card is available for all residents in the Centre County.. The Discount Card covers some form of prescription medication that is not covered by insurance and allows you to save on certain medications.. The County bears no cost for this program and individuals are not required to fill in enrollment forms and pay memberships fees.. Early Intervention is a service offered by the Centre County which supports early intervention for families who have a child with delays in their development.. With Early Intervention support and services the child s development can be enhanced and the families can be educated on how to bring up such a child and introduce him to society.. PACE for the elderly is a program that offers medical assistance.. PACE is known as Pharmaceutical Assistance Contract for elderly citizens.. PACE combines medical benefits with the Medicare program where elderly citizens will receive the same coverage and in some cases additional benefits for the elderly..

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  • Title: Legal About
    Descriptive info: About:.. More Sub Categories under this Section:.. A U P:.. Privacy Policy:.. Links:.. Voting:.. One of the foremost states in the United States of America, Pennsylvania enjoys almost regal status among all the other states of the country.. The crime rate of the state is also very high and this has led the authorities of the state to come up with some fool proof correctional facilities that will ensure the safety of the citizens of the state, as well as helping to rectify the mistakes of the criminals by helping them to choose the right path once they are set free from these correctional facilities.. The primary endeavor behind these correctional facilities, as said before, is to protect the citizens of the state from any wrong doings to them by clearing the streets of the criminals.. However, the convicts are not always reprimanded to some forsaken place.. Instead they are provided with some of the best facilities, which will keep them safe and secure.. Apart from that, these state correctional facilities teach those detained  ...   correctional facilities also provide for the juveniles caught indulging in something that is illegal.. This website caters to all those who are looking for information on the correctional facilities in Pennsylvania.. There is so much information on these correctional facilities, the entire system and how it is run, who runs it, the associations that are in control of these facilities and more, all the answers to all of those questions can be found here.. If you are looking for employment opportunities in these correctional facilities and other details regarding salaries, shifts, duties and others, there is plenty of information to guide you through the entire process of recruitment.. The information here is not only about the correctional facilities for adults but also about juvenile correctional facilities.. Our site also provides you with numerous resources where you can even search for inmates in different correctional facilities all over the state.. So, if you are looking for any information related to correctional facilities in the state of Pennsylvania, then this is the place to get it..

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  • Title: Legal Games
    Descriptive info: Games:.. © 1998-2013.. Escaper Caper:.. Jail Escape:.. Sentenced To Death:.. Jail Break:.. Online Locked Office:.. Thing Thing:.. Online games have increased in popularity in recent years and have become the ultimate source of entertainment to people of all ages.. With the internet world booming and making headway into providing people with great entertainment, online games have taken the world by storm.. Most households seems to come with a high speed internet facility which has enabled gamers throughout the world to experience the adventure and thrill that comes with playing online games.. There are a variety of free online games available today and you can select your favorite type of online game as entertainment.. Familiarizing yourself with online games provides a person with more in-depth knowledge too as online games are not always created purely for fun and entertainment.. Players can choose between sports, adventure, skills, puzzle and entertainment when it comes to online games.. Some of the popular online games in existence today include Thing Thing, Jail Break, Online Locked Office, Escaper Caper, Sentenced to Death and Jail Escape, all which you will find here on our website.. Each of these games requires the gamer to come fully equipped with their skills and a sharp brain.. You have to wear your thinking cap to play one of these games as  ...   at experiencing the added excitement and thrill of entering this magic land.. The internet world has made the gaming system very interesting by adding a scoreboard and bonus points for each online game.. Players can attempt online games individually or as a group and you have a fantastic chance of proving your worth in online games against the computer or other gamers playing on the opposite side.. There is a desire within each person to win at anything.. Even winning at an online game is a worthwhile cause for a gamer.. They get an opportunity to fight another and prove that they are in fact the best at that particular moment.. Winning greatly benefits your self esteem which is why online games have been increasing in its popularity in the last few years.. People love to win! On the other hand, no one gets hurt.. In online games, even if your opponent loses no one is physically hurt.. This makes online games very popular among men folk.. They love to get into a fight, and online games give them the perfect opportunity to do so.. With the advancement of technology, online games have been created to shape the lives of numerous people interested in actively becoming involved with online competitions.. Many of these online games are offered free by websites..

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  • Title: Legal Newest Additions
    Descriptive info: Newest Additions:.. Last Update: Thursday, August 1, 2013 At: 14:55:59 (Total Listings: 16).. Listings.. Chester County Prison.. Chester County Prison features a wide array of information for people looking to access inside information about the prison and its inmate locator.. The inmate locator listed on the website is a useful tool for confirming information on inmates housed in Chester County Prison.. Also listed are links to employment opportunities and organizational chart data.. This site is listed here!.. (Voting:.. 0.. 00 From 5.. On.. 0.. Vote!).. Vote!.. Why?.. (Date Listed Wed Oct 17 01:30:07 2012).. Pike County PA.. Pennsylvania's Pike County Correctional Facility is a non-smoking facility built in 1995.. The facility houses both men and women offenders in its 352 bed facility house.. Offenders are offered a variety of programs like education, rehabilitative programs and religious programs to assist them throughout their incarceration.. Both male and female offenders are offered these programs to help change their lives, and upon successful completion inmates will graduate and continue their rehabilitative efforts through community service!.. (Date Listed Tue Nov 20 23:28:56 2012).. Clinton County.. Clinton County Correctional Facility in Pennsylvania houses prisoners from other counties, including the State system.. The prison facility currently houses 300 inmates.. The facility was first built in 1990 and contains an addition which keeps inmates posing high risk combined with providing staff effective classification opportunities.. The facility provides its inmates a wide array of correctional services for both convicted and pre-trial detainees.. (Date Listed Sat Dec 29 23:21:34 2012).. JPay Services.. JPay Services for Pennsylvania allows outside folks, including family and friends to stay connected with an inmate.. The Pennsylvania Department of Corrections has launched JPay Services to send your inmate mail and money quickly.. You can sign up for free and start today.. Whether it is an emessage or to set up a trust fund, it only takes two business days for your inmate to receive news from home!.. (Date Listed Tue Feb 12 23:24:32 2013).. Inmate Aid.. Inmate Aid connects inmates and their family and friends.. An online portal that acts as the go between, Inmate Aid is a comprehensive web portal created for family and friends of inmates serving prison time.. This is the best solution for financial and moral support, legal assistance and advocacy services.. The service will also aid loves ones to send money transfers, write letters, order magazines, newspapers and books on behalf of the incarcerated.. (Date Listed Tue Feb 26 23:17:43 2013).. Money Gram.. Money Gram helps family and friends stay connected with their loved one currently serving time in prison.. There are 35,000 Money Gram locations working around the clock.. Your money technically arrives within 10 minutes.. It is a trusted method of transaction to send funds to an inmate's account with ease and convenience.. You can also send money through the inmate's telephone provider.. (Date Listed Thu Mar  ...   website which does not accept any fee.. View the photos of inmates and you can write to them directly.. The ads are usually in their own words!.. (Date Listed Thu Mar 29 00:59:09 2012).. Prison Employment Opportunities.. The Pennsylvania Prison Employment Opportunities in Chester County focuses on job opportunities in correctional institutions.. Some of the benefits employees receive include, family health benefits, attractive salary, county pension program, easy commute to the prison from Pa, Del and Nj and paid vacation in the first year.. (Date Listed Sat Apr 28 00:56:55 2012).. Friends Beyond The Wall.. Friends Beyond the Wall is a prison pen pal society, with the aim of helping inmates make friends in the outside world.. Launched in 1999, the website posts new pen pal ads weekly.. Inmate addresses can be freely accessed by visitors, and Friends Beyond the Wall has listed a number of postings for inmates in the Pennsylvania Correctional Facility!.. (Date Listed Thu May 31 01:10:10 2012).. Boyz Behind Bars.. Boyz Behind Bars was launched in 1998, with the aim of helping prisoners establish some contact and interaction with the outside world.. The men listed on the site are from both state and federal prisons, looking for pen pals, love, relationships and even marriage in society with someone willing to give them a chance at life, and not focus on their crime.. The inmates are desperate for friendships as they lead very lonely lives.. So brighten up one of their lives by simply writing!.. (Date Listed Fri Jun 29 01:14:05 2012).. Montgomery County.. Montgomery County Correctional Facility in Pennsylvania, is located in Township Montgomery! The website provides vast information of the correctional facility available to the general public.. The services offered include, Montgomery inmate locater, Megan's law link, state inmate locater and work release and weekend programs.. Additionally, the site features extensive information on inmate mail, religious services and medical services!.. (Date Listed Wed Aug 1 01:05:01 2012).. National Re-Entry Penn.. The National Reentry Resource Center provides a wealth of resources for inmates in correctional facilities in the state of Pennsylvania.. Inmates released from correctional facilities that need to reenter society, must do so with the help and assistance of others.. The webpage lists a number of helpful resources for inmates to pick and choose from when it comes to reentering society.. Some of the resources listed include, Mental Health Treatment, Supported Housing Program and County Reentry Initiative.. (Date Listed Mon Sep 10 00:37:31 2012).. Penn Inmate Records.. Pennsylvania Public and Inmate Records provides fast access to those interested in looking at public records of inmates in Pennsylvania State Correctional Institutions.. The database can be used to access these records, they can also be obtained by mail or phone.. The County Sheriff's office provides inmate records and other information for interested parties and crime victims.. Last 7 Days!.. (Date Listed Thu Aug 1 01:54:43 2013)..

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  • Title: Legal Resources
    Descriptive info: Resources:.. Last Update: Friday, August 2, 2013 At: 4:51:30 (Total Listings: 26).. PSCOA.. This is the official website of the PA State Corrections Officers Association whose mission is to improve and promote the profession of corrections officers in Pennsylvania.. 3.. 1.. (Date Listed Mon Jul 4 13:06:59 2011).. Department Of Corrections.. This is the website of the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections who supervise the running of all the state correctional institutions, several community correction centers, contract facilities and a training academy.. On the site you will find lots of very useful research information and statistics.. (Date Listed Fri Sep 17 14:06:46 2010).. H.. O.. M.. E Project.. This site offers support and advice for offenders to find accommodation, education and employment and heath care.. This non profit making organisation works alongside the Pennsylvania Prison Society in combating the many difficulties faced by offenders on their release.. (Date Listed Mon Jan 9 16:25:55 2012).. Corrections Education.. The Pennsylvania Department of Education aims to serve inmates with disabilities in correctional facilities with a comprehensive education program.. From juvenile centers, county prisons, county detention and state correctional facilities, students receive a number of services like continuing education credits and online learning.. (Date Listed Thu Nov 3 00:12:35 2011).. Prison Society.. The Pennsylvania Prison Society functions as a Social Justice Organization, which advocates for both  ...   Pennsylvania institution all you need to do is perform a search on this page here.. Simply enter as many details as you can and hit the Find Imate button which should show you exactly where the imate you are looking for is being kept.. (Date Listed Wed May 25 13:36:50 2011).. National Correctional Industries Association.. The NCIA were formed to help improve on the professionalism and image of correctional industries operations and personnel throughout the US.. On their site you will find a directory of correctional facilities and jails in the US with links to their sites and contact information.. (Date Listed Fri Aug 27 13:19:28 2010).. Write A Prisoner.. Write A Prisoner is an inmate locator for Pennsylvania inmates and criminal records.. You can search for prisoners in the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections if you need to do it online.. The website regularly updates the inmate locator as it becomes available online.. The inmate search is available by county facilities.. (Date Listed Sun Jan 29 22:36:20 2012).. Pennsylvania Correctional Industries.. Pennsylvania Correctional Industries, known as PCI, offer services to the correctional institutes in Pennsylvania whereby they offer training and work experience to inmates of the correctional facilities within Pennsylvania, helping both the imates themselves and the local communities, check their website for more information.. (Date Listed Thu Aug 5 17:23:04 2010)..

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  • Title: Legal About A U P
    Descriptive info: A U P.. Above is the AUP, Acceptable Use Policy of the Pennsylvania Correctional Facilities Information website, please read and adhere to the policy requirements when using the Suggest a Site feature of our website.. You will be informed via email if your submission has been accepted but for your submission to even be considered you must follow the policy requirements..

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