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    Archived pages: 40 . Archive date: 2013-08.

  • Title: C418 | And it's getting wintery again…
    Descriptive info: .. Blog.. Music/Merch.. Dear C418.. I love meaningful music.. And I want to create as much of it as possible.. Find out more about my life.. Minecraft has a very unusual and contrasting soundtrack that wants you to think about your environment as you play.. I created it to make people realize that Minecraft s block-ish world, which at first glance might seem ugly and pixelated, might actually be full of beauty and life.. Instead of going with the convention and making a standard chiptune-like soundscape, I wanted to give the player something realistic and emotional.. And reading fan mails makes me believe that I actually am on the right  ...   that I am right now in my life.. I create music for a living, and put as much quality and care into it as I can.. All thanks to you.. Every album of mine has a different atmosphere.. A different theme.. A different idea behind it.. You should check them out! They re all free to listen to, and some albums you can even download for free! And if you think what I m doing is worth supporting, you could throw some money in my direction, in return for FLAC downloads or merchandise from me!.. Go check out them stuffs.. Copyright 2013.. C418.. / Powered by.. WordPress.. Blox Theme.. by.. ThemeZilla..

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  • Title: C418
    Descriptive info: Let s face it.. I suck at emailing.. While I do read every email, I barely reply to any.. I am simply overwhelmed by how many of you want to talk to me.. So let s try something different!.. You can write something to me, and if you re lucky, I will make a weekly blog post, called Dear C418.. However, if you want to talk to me privately and don t want your email appearing on my blog, please add private to your name, and I will not publish it.. Name:.. Email:.. Message:.. Send Email..

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  • Title: C418
    Descriptive info: A SHORT STORY WRITTEN BY NEIL DE DOUCHE.. Hello!.. My Name is Daniel and I have been born and still live in eastern Germany.. As far as I know there is no wall anymore, but Germany seems to insist as a really dull in-joke that the wall is still there and eastern Germany is the stinking armpit part of this country.. Well, whatever.. I have been growing up with cheesy 90 s pop music and eventually found some of the Aphex Twin CD s my brother had.. That pretty much screwed up my musical taste into hipsterness.. And that before the appearance of Hipsters as a bad thing on the internet.. See how hipster I am?.. I think I ve had a pretty normal and somewhat nerdy life.. Being in Kindergarten and dreaming to be a stunt car driver.. Being in pre-school and thinking life is utter bullshit.. Being in school and not caring about any numbers (or letters for you american-ooos) that I m supposed to have.. Okay, well, that s probably unusual.. So I was never really interested in education, and really just intently listened to the teachers that talked about the things I loved.. Like, uh, music.. Yeah.. Oh, and computers of course.. Shame that they haven t been able to teach me anything that I didn t know before.. So I think I got into music through my brother.. He was really fanatic about making music, starting with impulse tracker, eventually getting to Jeskola Buzz.. I have been watching him making music in those programs, but I was never entirely interested in the art of creation.. Until one day when my brother was saying something fairly innocent:.. Hey, I ve tried out a new program called Ableton Live and it s really cool.. Every idiot can make music with it, seriously.. At the state of mind I was at around that time I thought I am fairly stupid at making music and gave the program a shot.. Well.. The first pieces of music I ever created were unbelievably horrible.. They were utter bullshit and should never be listened to anyone.. God bless broken HDD s for that.. But the thing is, I never stopped making music.. And as years passed I actually ended up having songs that were not so terrible.. Around that time I was an apprentice and thought the rest of my life I would do mundane things like screwing bolts.. Because I believed that s what a normal job is supposed to be and with my shitty school papers I will probably not end up making something as fun as, say program video games or anything.. Even though I think I  ...   why, and I just said the job is fucking stupid.. I assume if I ever want to go back there because I got broke, I ll probably not be invited in again.. Well, that s okay I guess.. After that I thought I was free as a bird and had all the time to make all the music I want!.. Germany however had a different plan.. No, it said, I want you to go to the army for the next six months! I was offended and said something about hating to shoot things.. Well, Germany said, then you can just go ahead and help sick and mentally disabled people, have fun!.. And that is basically what I did for the first half of 2011.. And now it s the future and I m independent!.. And a musician!.. And I m earning money making music!.. It s awesome!.. I just don t know how long I will be able to do this fun stuff, but I hope it ll be for a long time.. Here s hoping!.. Zedriodor.. A good read.. Chris Weiss.. I read it.. Sounds like something I would type if I were in your position.. I m glad things took off for you bud.. http://www.. facebook.. com/marcokrad.. Marco Krad.. Really interesting how you became a famous musician.. I m also interessted in music and computer things.. I think that are two things that I can good.. My marks are similiar to yours I think.. Not bad marks but nothing special 08/15.. I hate that there are only school lessons that I don t like.. Except English.. I like to communicate with other people of the whole world.. We have 2012 and I think the should implant a school lesson where do you learn to handle computers.. I m very skilled on hardware or computer things but I learned that all myself.. My parents can t handle computers at all.. They can t even install programms I help them with everything.. But I like also music, mostly electronic based like yours.. Sometime I like something to chill and something I like something that pumps throw your body.. Ambient, Minimal, EBM, Industrial.. I hear mostly all electronic music genres.. In my future I will make something with computers or music.. One of that two things definitely!.. Keep up your good work and good luck for the future!.. Hope to see new stuff in the next time from you!.. LeXa13.. You doing a good music)If i want relax always turn on yours songs)))Have a good luck)).. com/trevor.. schoulte.. Trevor Schoulte.. SHORT story!.. ElementGod98.. how is this a short story?.. rampage.. yea thats genius, cause this job is fucking stupid XD..

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  • Title: C418
    Descriptive info: MINECRAFT.. Minecraft Volume Alpha by C418.. I bet that you can count the people that don t know what Minecraft is on a single hand.. Due to some magical mishap I was lucky enough to work on this unbelievably popular indie game.. I received quite some acknowledgement through Mojangs rising popularity and it also is responsible for my current state in life.. I am not even a freelancer because I don t work on many projects.. I am much more of an independent musician.. I work on the projects I love working on in the speed that I think is necessary to create unique soundscapes.. Oh well, back to Minecraft.. It s a simple game where you place blocks.. And you can remove blocks.. You start in a block universe, you see.. You are free to do anything in that universe, but beware.. You need food to survive, oh, and at night monsters come out and most likely will kill you.. That s pretty much the premise of this game.. While that received a big fanbase, I think even the simple fact that you can place and remove blocks was somehow enough for Markus Persson to receive a huge customer base.. I am basically still in awe.. MY WORK ON MINECRAFT.. Almost everything you can hear when you play Minecraft is all my fault.. The sound design currently is a big mess.. In July I have been working on nearly every single sound effect and redid them to give them game some professionalism.. I hope you will be able to hear that effort in future updates to the game.. The biggest part I worked on and still do is the music.. I hope I achieved what I believe to be very unique and distinct music.. Music that will make people think of Minecraft specifically.. Right now the music however is also somewhat that can be built upon.. At it s current state you pretty much hear music in random intervalls.. What I hope to do in future updates is much more than that.. Think of entirely different genres of music in every single different game mode.. Giving each game mode a different unique feel to it.. I want battle music, biome themes, constant but extremely minimalistic ambient music, nether music, dungeon music, boat riding music.. And much much more.. That is what I m currently working on and I hope it really will be awesome once I m finished.. The top of this article has an audio player of the soundtrack.. That is the first volume of the Minecraft soundtrack.. You can buy it if you want, which would be awesome because that would support me! A lot!.. I hope volume Beta comes out soon!.. Hm.. I dont think that he will name the next volume Beta.. I thought he named it volume alpha because it is the music from  ...   it up! I just think for the 1,4 update the ladder sound is to unrealistic, no offense.. Dapper Dan.. Way Ahead of you! Bought this soundtrack as soon I discovered it could be bought.. There was no hesitation.. This music, how very simple, creates an atmosphere in the game that really makes you think.. When in single player mode, it somehow manages to play when I come out of caves after a long period of time.. It s this relief, like I can finally exhale.. But at nights, it can also give a lonely feel, isolating you in this vast world.. It suits it very well, and if you do expand on it, please don t remove the original songs from being in there.. They are truly set in stone as the soundtrack.. That guy.. I wish the soundtrack Dog would be a disc found in Dungeons.. Blue colored disc?.. Josephine.. Is there a Volume Alpha cd we can purchase somehow? I would much rather have a hard copy.. Your LOVELY Minecraft music is helping me get through nursing school!.. madisson10.. i play minecraft ever day sicen i was 4 years old.. Doodleman 360.. Then you must not be that old considering Minecraft isn t either.. my family helped me pay for minecraft.. Keep up the good work.. You have made minecraft that much cooler.. Half the fun is random bursts of cool music.. I ll have Mice on Venus playing while I was battling zombies, and the music, although it was soft and vastly different to some battle music used in other OSTs, actually put me in a better village-defending mood.. When you listen to it, you would NEVER think this song probably symbolizes killing zombies.. But it does.. In a final-battle to-the-death sort of way.. Nice work.. http://dl.. dropbox.. com/u/65211911/JungeCraft%20Server.. html.. Codygreen3.. You make great music!.. com/logan.. rideout.. 9.. Logan Rideout.. i think minecraft woudnt be so popler if it wasnt for you.. Decilation.. The music in Minecraft makes you really relax ; something you kind of need in that game.. Considering you die, and then the music turns on, you just kinda relax.. Or, if you re Tobuscus, you sing about what just happened, to the music.. x].. I love it, though.. Ian Graybill.. Plan on making any music for the ender-dragon fight?.. Your Minecraft sounds are great! My favorite song in game used to be Cat, but now it s Ward, keep up the good work!.. my favourite music is danny who agree s?.. topper.. Clark reminds people on how loneley they are when playing singleplayer in minecraft.. Ddewfa.. My favorite is Ward.. vik.. out of the whole albumm the best song is sewden.. Klara.. i bought minecraft full version on my ipad.. com/graham.. stewart2.. Graham Stewart.. Excellent work its well moving.. Pingback:.. C418’s newest album, “one,” now available on iTunes | Alpha and Omega Radio..

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  • Title: Blog | C418 | And it's getting wintery again…
    Descriptive info: Still winter! Shucks!.. Dear C418 GDC edition.. March 25, 2013.. /.. 6 Comments.. Posted in:.. Uncategorized.. By the time this article is released, I ll be most likely in San Francisco.. Unless something got terribly wrong, but let s hope for the best.. So I decided to write this article ahead of time, so you get one this week too.. It s probably for the best.. Okay, let s grab some questions.. Devon writes.. Do you like the band One Direction, or their music?.. Absolutely not, I m afraid.. The only thing that comes to mind is that they are a popular british band by now? You know, I think I need to take a year off sometime and just listen to music.. One of the downsides of being a composer is the lack of music I listen to.. Except my own music, but I do that out of necessity, rather than trying to egoistically glorify my own work.. If I d do this year of only listening to music, I think I d try to listen to everything that is out there.. I d even try to understand why the Biebers is so beliebers.. Ugh, now I have to wash my hands.. Anyway, I should listen to more music.. Walt writes.. I remember reading a blog post it s probably lost somewhere about how your brother(?) showed you Ableton, and that s how you got into music making.. Do you have any tips for any composers that don t know their stuff yet?.. Nothing that you can t learn from tutorials on youtube or something.. I really can just tell the basic thing everytime.. Have fun, make music regularily, enjoy yourself, be silly, stop caring about quality, just shoot the shit and make fun of music.. Michael writes.. Hey.. I just spent £8 on the new New Order album that money would have been better spent on your music! I Will sort this out very soon but how do you recycle uninspiring beats?.. Lets hope you continue to make your living this way.. Hehe! As I said, every song someone produced has something of value.. Even if the music is generic every-day bullshit that is really just analytically created to make your average pop hit.. Even New Order probably had someone do the maths on what they should do to be financially successful.. And if that doesn t work, they can at least tour around and play songs that people still like.. I totally want to learn more about this, not because I want to make hits and get super rich, but because I want to learn why it motivates people to make a label monopoly out of soulless puppets.. Not to imply New Order is exactly that.. I still have to check it out to see what they are doing well, or not.. And me being able to keep on living this way? We ll see, I guess.. I mean, I love making music and I don t feel like I have a job at all, because every time I create a song, it s something I just would naturally do.. Though I am totally prepared to lose this life and go back at a shopping mall as a bagger.. If it comes to that, at least I had tons of fun making music.. Thomas writes.. Dear C418,.. When Did You Ever Make The Mincraft Disk stal.. I REALLY like it!.. Uh, I dunno, like, 3 years ago, nearing 4? Actually that s sort of a problem to me, all those disk songs are so old that their mixing just sounds like a pain to me, and it ll be hard to remaster them.. I ll try my best, so they also sound their best in volume Beta though.. Jono writes.. I have only been listening (half-heartedly I admit) to your work for a year now, and I have always just liked what it is you ve done.. Song here, song there, that ol business.. But after the latest album, one [hands above head, moving them outward simulating head explosion, complete with head explosion sound].. Seriously, amazing work.. Simply amazing! You bet I m gonna have a physical copy of this thing!.. Additionally, I have been listening closer to your other work and am liking it so much, that I have burned most of them on CD, so I can listen to them in entirety on my non-mp3 machines and in the car (I have quite the CD collection and prefer physical copies to digital files I know, it may come off as something alluding to pretension, but I ve been doing it my whole life, so everyone needs to lay off).. I don t wanna eat up your time, so I ll try to keep this short.. Two things! (1) Besides 72 Minutes and one , are there any physical copies you have of your other works? I am interested in obtaining for my wall.. (2) I am a filmmaker (like everyone else, right?) and am interested in making a video for one or two of your songs on the new album.. Mind you, I don t know AT ALL what song(s) or what the idea is, but I certainly want to do SOMETHING! Is this okay? If yes, I will dive into it once some time frees up late Spring, early Summer.. Okay, kept it short I m proud of myself.. Back to it, then.. Thanks for reading, but more importantly , thanks for existing and producing wonderful ear candy.. Woo!.. I actually have nothing against people burning my stuff onto CD s.. I mean after you downloaded the flac, how else would you listen to it on your older car radio thingie?.. I do only have physical versions of 72 minutes and one right now.. I do consider to expand that to my game soundtracks, but to be honest, it s not a good investment.. As I said in the last blog post, it s a labour of love, and it takes up so much of my time that just having digital versions often times is so much easier for me and everyone involved.. And on you making music videos based on my music? Go nuts!.. Random Person writes.. How do you create the tunes in your head to make music? Do you start with chord progressions first, or think of the melody first?.. There really is no proper way I start making music.. It really can be any little part.. Maybe I m starting by sampling some old vinyl, and remove that completely in the final piece.. Maybe I just make a drum line.. Maybe I just turn on my synth and doodle something out with randomly selected presets.. I never start with any part first.. Everything can go first.. I mostly don t remember how I started.. Jhonny writes.. hello just wanted to know if you were going to create a song for the battle with the ender dragon.. Yes and that actually already happened.. Should be in the game sometime this year.. Ziggers writes.. Dear C418, did you played on a server called InstanceCraft? The reason i m asking you this because I saw your name on the server.. I even asked for your verfication but you replied no.. I was just wondering is that the real or fake C418.. If I play around on public Minecraft servers, I usually tell you people about it on twitter.. So in that case, no, that was someone faking names.. rapchee writes.. hi!.. first and foremost, thank you for making awesome music!.. listening to your music always brightens my days, so i kinda feel bad for asking even more, but.. would it be possible to put the lyrics of tsuki no koibumi up on your site/on the bandcamp page?.. best regards,.. rapchee.. It would probably be easy if I ask Laura, but that is not the point of the song.. We intentionally wanted to creat a song where the majority of my audience wouldn t know what it is about.. So you have to listen to the voice, and not the words.. I m pretty sure there s already people that wrote down the lyrics, and even translated them.. But I don t want to make it too easy for you by design.. Alright, I think that s enough this week.. Hopefully wordpress will automatically publish this thingie.. See you next week.. Back to business Dear C418 #something.. March 18, 2013.. 7 Comments.. Hey there.. Apologies for my super late return to the blog.. Constant work, which you ll benefit from soon, and occiasional times of me being depressed about things hindered me in getting back to the regular programme of answering your questions.. But wait no longer, let s just get on with the show, shall we?.. Per writes.. First off, congrats on one.. It s great!.. There s one thing I m curious about though, I watched the Minecraft documentary and I m pretty sure I heard parts of The first unfinished song for the Minecraft documentary a few times throughout, but I can t seem to find it on the album! What happened to it? Does a finished version exist? I ve been listening to the unfinished song regularly ever since Seven Years of Server Data came out.. Thank you!.. That song still does appear once or twice in the film.. I decided not to put it in one though, simply because that album already is doing overtime, and I think there would have been a limitation with the CD s if it would still be there.. However, it s available freely on Seven Years , so I don t feel too bad for not including it.. There s not really a totally finished version of it because it didn t ultimately fit the overall tone of the rest of the soundtrack, and that s why it only appears in short versions.. Patrick writes.. I really like your work, but there are two songs that really stand out to me from Minecraft: Volume Alpha.. These two are Key and Mice on Venus.. The songs perfectly introduce the possibilities of Minecraft extremely well.. I would like to know why the songs are out the way they are.. To be specific, why did you make Key sound so eerie and beautiful at the same time? Mice on Venus is also very serene  ...   two options.. If you want the album in combination with the documentary, it s gonna be cheaper.. You ll find all of that here.. If you want the digital version,.. you can simply go to Bandcamp.. , or wait a couple weeks until the iTunes offices are back from their holidays.. Then you can grab it from iTunes too.. If you decide for the digital version, you re not gonna get the additional remixes though, sorry!.. (I just wrote physical version instead of digital, jesus I m tired).. I m going to lie down now.. Thank you everyone.. Thank you so much.. One my new really big album.. December 22, 2012.. Finally.. After two long years working on this, it s finally done.. This is the official soundtrack to 2 Player Productions documentary about Mojang, and I created the music for it.. Though this album contains all the music in the film, I think I made it much stronger and bigger than that, and it works well on its own, too.. Most importantly, I managed to release a big album in 2012, albeit a bit late, hehe.. It taught me how to properly add orchestrations onto a song, and how you should mix and master them.. It s pretty hard, actually! Oh, and I used actual gameboys extensively, too.. As a combination, it creates this super weird chiptune orchestra, sort of.. Also one of the highlights is that I got Laura Shigihara to collaborate on one song, called tsuki no koibumi.. I always wanted to have a song that I cannot understand, due to language differencies, and now I have one, in this album!.. Anyway,.. one is currently only on preorder.. , but it releases this sunday, so it s gonna be out super super super soon.. I really hope you like it!.. Post Minecon Depression.. November 29, 2012.. 4 Comments.. Ah, back from le Paris.. I must say, I really enjoyed Minecon and all the fans that were there.. Not so much the french working forces, that just suddenly stopped working, leaving us all with an insane amount of work we had to do ourselves just before the day of the convention.. But that s been done, and we think it went well.. So let me give you the presentation I did at Minecon.. But please consider that there seems to be a lot of awkward pauses inbetween, as if I haven t rehearsed or anything.. In fact almost everything I say is intentional and rehearsed, it s just that you hear absolutely nothing from the crowd.. Which is super weird.. Take for example how I say hi at the beginning and nobody says hi back.. This recording is weird.. Though I m glad PC Gamer made one, so here we are!.. Random Plug Sportsfriends.. November 9, 2012.. 2 Comments.. (If you don t see the video, adblock decided to block it.. My website has zero advertisements, by the way.. Johann Sebastian Joust is one of those games I have been constantly amazed by.. It s a video game, yet it makes people actually play games we used to play as kids.. But now grown-ups seem to be happy to play silly games together too! It s a win win for everyone.. Joust is very hard to sell though.. There s the problem with the need of Move controllers, which, if you are lucky, cost you 25 bucks a piece.. Additionally local multiplayer seems to slowly fade away.. Remember those 4 player N64 games back then? Well, nowadays if a game doesn t have online multiplayer, it s automatically doomed.. I think that s the big thought behind.. Sportsfriends.. , and the reason those 4 teams decided to get together and hopefully prove that local multiplayer is not dead.. Included in that package is Joust, Hokra, Barabariball and Super Poleriders.. Every game is wonderful on its own, but together they re incredibly amazing.. I ll be definitely 100% supporting it.. Dear C418 3 Whoops! Missed a week.. November 4, 2012.. 9 Comments.. I think these being the main articles on this website is actually pretty good.. You ask me about specific news on my side, and I give you essentially information about why you are even on this blog.. It s sort of a nice coexistence.. And it helps me concentrate on a different task for a while.. Max writes.. I was wondering,Is the song Chirp On minecraft,the same song from little big planet? I also would like to know where I could buy this song on the site.. Its my favorite song!.. It reminds me of old ragtime music.. Yes and no.. It s not a song from LittleBigPlanet, but both the song in LittleBigPlanet and my song have one similarity.. We used an instrument called the.. Mellotron.. The Mellotron is a very fascinating instrument when it was new.. It s the very first sampling based piano you could say.. You press a key, and a tape behind the instrument plays a sound.. Every single note has its own band.. And with that you were practically able to play anything that has been recorded.. They advertised the Mellotron as an orchestra you can play at home.. When I created records for Minecraft I wanted them to have one or two sounds that all of them share.. In this case it was both the Mellotron and the Roland TR 808.. I should have cleared that up when making the song.. The song chirp will be available on Minecraft Volume Beta, but I can t tell you when it ll be finished.. In the last Dear C418 I said that I still have a lot of work to do.. If you want to read up on that,.. check Connor s email here.. Continue Reading.. Dear C418 2 Copenhagen edition!.. October 24, 2012.. 15 Comments.. Let s get back to my overfilled inbox.. This time I m in Copenhagen, visiting.. Die Gute Fabrik.. and basically just enjoying life for a week before I get back to musicking.. Let s just get right into the meat!.. Shaun writes.. dear c418, what did you use for making the sound on minecraft i would like to know because im developing a game and i need to know where to make the best soundtrack for my game.. from,me your fan shaun =).. The process of creating sound effects is pretty dynamic because I started learning how to do sound effects while working on Minecraft.. When I started, I didn t try at all to make sound effects on my own, and mostly got sounds from.. freesound.. org.. Then I slowly started getting into the art of foley, which is recording completely random things until you have an estimation of a sound effect you think is the one you wanna have.. So, take one example, the piston in Minecraft.. Me from four years ago would search for mechanical stuff on freesound.. Me from two years ago would record the sound my balcony door makes, because it sounds sort of mechanic ish.. Me from today would record the sound of my balcony door, the sound of a stapler, the sound of a drawer being opened, the clicking sound of my rusty and old laptop that it does if I open it up slowly, and much much more random assorted things I find in my house.. I take these sounds and cut em all up, which is by far the most boring task of all of this, and then try to pair them together in a way that might sound like a piston.. Usually I add some synthesized effects now too.. After learning how to use a barebones synthesizer for years teached me that sometimes the synthesized sound effect sounds realer than the real thing.. So the piston is a sound effect made out of ten different things, and some synths.. Making sound effects is not that easy.. Most people basically just buy a sound library for 500 bucks and be done with it.. Hollywood movie productions do it too.. So I guess there s nothing wrong with that.. I like to do it myself.. Dear C418 1.. October 14, 2012.. 10 Comments.. Oh man, I expected people to write, but not that many! I’ll answer around 5 to 15 mails per week in this little blog feature.. Also I am going randomly through the emails, so it’s sort of fair, haha.. Let’s hope your mail is in here too!.. This one comes from Mark,.. I ve always wanted to become an independent music artist and was curious about how you first started out! When did you start making music? What kind of equipment does it take?.. I was around computers all my life, and my brother was always very curious about creating your own music.. So we had shitty little programs like Ejay and MTV music maker, and some more prolific ones like Impuse Tracker, or Jeskola’s Buzz.. I just enjoyed making little stupid things from the preset lego bricks of music my brother accumulated.. I guess I simply never stopped casually making music, until some songs actually started sounding decent.. And then I just kept going, and now we’re here.. And equipment? Really, you just need a computer, a mouse, maybe even a keyboard, and a lot of curiosity.. This one’s from Matthew,.. What inspired you to give yourself the name, C418 ? Was it something that just popped into your head that seemed like a good idea? Or something more personal?.. Sincerely,.. Matt.. P.. S.. I m a great fan of your work!.. It means a lot of things to me, and it lost its original meaning.. I can’t even remember the original meaning anymore.. Now everyone refers to me as “zee”, or “zee four one eight”, because they want to torture themselves instead of just saying “zee four eightteen”, or even easier, “Daniel”.. Woop.. Style change.. October 9, 2012.. This took me a few days, but here goes!.. I changed the visuals of this entire website so it actually is as readable as possible.. The problem I had with the previous website is that it had too many custom templates, which I basically destroyed.. Now I m only using one template that already sort of does what I want to do, and it has lovely contrasts! So, problem solved.. Let s continue with the program.. Older Entries.. Latest Tweets.. Follow on Twitter..

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  • Title: Dear C418 – GDC edition | C418
    Descriptive info: com/rapchee.. so ka.. Jovanni.. Which of the minecraft songs did you make? Cause they are really amazing and inspiring!.. 2.. 71.. He made all of them.. twixter.. de/.. Andreas Janetschek.. Dear Daniel,.. you haven t written anything for such a long time.. Give us a life sign and a peek to  ...   C mon put more stuff on soundcloud! I listen to sod before I sleep a lot that song is amazing.. Make more stuff like that man only you can make music like that!.. Guest101.. Is it me or is the date for the next post supposed to be on April 1st?..

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  • Title: Uncategorized | C418
    Descriptive info: All posts in Uncategorized..

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  • Title: Back to business – Dear C418 #something | C418
    Descriptive info: com/zerstoerer.. Dominik Johann.. It s.. gotta.. be Biker Mice from Mars, right?.. Cycloneblaze.. You re welcome!.. Jack.. I ll be damned if Mice on Venus isn t a reference to Cowboy Bebop.. Woody Clark.. How so? I ve watched Cowboy Bebop, although not religiously.. I think I m missing a few episodes.. Hopefully Netflix will add it into their collection soon.. Percussion4.. The Cowboy Bebop soundtrack  ...   a sort of leitmotif for Ed in the first episode she s in.. You got my email!.. I didn t think mine would make it into the blog.. The_Confused_Tracker_Musician.. Here s an Ableton specific question: I am very disappointed with the piano roll after using FL Studio; I really miss the glissando notes and all that.. How does Ableton want me to handle that? Automation clips only??..

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  • Title: Album release and some more info. | C418
    Descriptive info: citricsquid.. will it be on Spotify at some point?.. com/_Keg10_.. Keg10.. Coolio Bro.. Elliotpage.. Yay! Early Xmas present.. Waxlimbs.. 3.. aj.. Great!.. Just a question:.. Where has your album the whatever directors cut ?.. Luutifa.. Ahhh, just bought the physical album.. Now my (C418) collection is complete.. Aposke.. Bought it over Bandcamp yesterday, might get the physical copy later in 2013.. I haven t listened to all of it yet, but just judging from the first few songs, this is going to be a blast of pure C418 style music!..

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  • Title: One – my new really big album | C418
    Descriptive info: MrRedNose.. I m sooo happy that you finally release this album been waiting for it way to long.. walk3r of the vo1d.. Yay! I cannot wait!.. and sorry, but dear c418 please? its been so long!.. I ve checked for one every day the past three months.. PAMVllo.. Dude.. I Mean you before didn t even know anything about music, you thought that can t make music and there you are! making musics!.. http://bitbof.. com/.. bitbof.. Beautiful album(haven t  ...   to see you getting better and better every year.. All the best.. Oh! I love this album ( too, like pretty much all of your music) really looking forward getting the physical.. zzwerty.. http://chartrex.. bandcamp.. com/releases.. Shmackswell.. already bought the digital copy of the album and I absolutely love it.. I can t wait four your next album and if I had to choose the best song kn this album it would be I glove thy flob It sounds great..

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  • Title: Post Minecon Depression | C418
    Descriptive info: Stinker Tomato Sandwich.. Why song are you playing at 12:40 ish and at the beginning.. Jacob.. Man, I wish I could have been there! C418, your music is so great!.. PS.. When is the next Dear C418 coming out? I really hope you answer my question.. varinyc.. Great Presentation! It was really enjoyable, your music is awesome! You may think it s simple, but simplicity is beauty, and your work is beautiful so it all rolls together.. Sydstone.. You re hilarious.. lol..

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