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  • Title: Alumni Program | www.create-net.org
    Descriptive info: About CREATE-NET’s Alumni Program.. The Alumni Program provides a central point of communication, facilitates exchange of resources, knowledge and talent, and helps.. 's former employees keep in touch with the Center.. This leads to personal and professional development, adds value to our research and scientific community, and increases the understanding and support of the Center, its needs and its future.. The Program’s activities can help you make the most of being a.. Alumnus.. How to Join the CREATE-NET Alumni Program.. You are eligible to join the Alumni Program if you were formerly a regular, direct employee of.. Steps to join the Alumni Program:.. 1.. Select an email address.. 2.. E-mail us your application.. 3.. Start networking!.. Most services of the.. Alumni Program are provided via e-mail.. To ensure a reliable e-mail route, you join the Program  ...   account, you can get a free one in a few minutes.. These accounts are accessible from any computer at work, home, or library using a browser.. Submit your application for evaluation to the following e-mail address:.. alumni@create-net.. org.. You will receive a feedback via e-mail.. Once your membership has been confirmed you will be able to enjoy the benefits of being a.. Benefits Reasons to join the Alumni Program.. By joining.. ’s Alumni Program you will enjoy a number of benefits, including:.. Getting information on research opportunities (consortia, proposals and projects);.. Having preferential treatment in being partners;.. Being invited to participate in.. ’s social activities (get-togethers barbecues, sport competitions, etc.. );.. Receiving.. ’s e-newsletter and keeping up to date with news and current events from the Center and the research science community worldwide.. Annual Report 2012 (ENG)..

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  • Title: Academy | www.create-net.org
    Descriptive info: Cisco Networking Academy.. ®.. è un programma di formazione innovativo su scala mondiale creato da Cisco Systems in grado di fornire quelle competenze.. ICT (Information and Communication Technology).. richieste dal mercato e allo stesso tempo di offrire agli studenti opportunità di lavoro e carriera.. I programmi di formazione.. Cisco Systems.. sono apprezzati in tutto il mondo e le certificazioni rappresentano, per i professionisti di rete che le acquisiscono, un valore certo e misurabile delle loro competenze e, per le  ...   Cisco Certified Network Associate.. è una.. Networking Academy.. del programma Cisco Networking Academy registrata con numero.. 3049343.. e offre i corsi propedeutici al conseguimento della.. certificazione CCNA.. Academy Locator.. (sito web Cisco Systems, in inglese).. Courses.. Lab.. Academy contacts.. Via alla Cascata, 56/D.. 38123 Povo - Trento (Italy).. Phone.. (+39) 0461 408400 - Ext.. 1345.. Fax (+39) 0461 421157.. E-mail: academy [at] create-net [dot] org.. Opening Hours: Monday - Friday 9:00 - 12:00 am e 2:00 - 5:00 pm..

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  • Title: | www.create-net.org
    Descriptive info: EAI - European Alliance for Innovation.. EAI's mission is to drive innovation in emerging information and communication technology (ICT) enabled areas by decreasing fragmentation between key participants in the innovation cycle and by facilitating communication,engagement and collaboration from the grassroots.. EIT ICT Labs.. In December 2009 EIT ICT Labs won the prestigious European race for excellence in innovation and became the new EIT Knowledge and Innovation Community in the ICT field.. EIT ICT Labs will become a pan-European flagship uniting Education, Research and Innovation for the Future Information and Communication Society.. ICT will be used by the EIT ICT Labs as the key enabler driving the transformation towards the Future Information and Communication Society.. The aim is to generate individual satisfaction as well as sustained economic growth and social benefits throughout Europe.. EIT ICT Labs will develop and deliver:.. - excellence and entrepreneurship in education.. - Future Internet infrastructures.. - novel ICT services – for individual, business and society user-involved solutions for research and development.. - European open innovation ecosystem for ICT and its applications.. EIT ICT Labs website.. ETSI – the European Telecommunications Standards Institute.. The European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) produces globally-applicable standards for Information and Communications Technologies (ICT), including fixed, mobile, radio, converged, broadcast and internet technologies.. ETSI is officially recognized by the European Commission as a European Standards Organization.. The high quality of their work and the open approach to standardization has helped them evolve into a European roots - global branches operation with a solid reputation for technical excellence.. ETSI is a not-for-profit organization with almost 700 ETSI member organizations drawn from 60 countries world-wide.. Etsi website.. Future Internet PPP.. With over a billion users world-wide, the Internet is one of history’s great success stories.. Its global, integrated communications infrastructures and service platforms underpin the fabric of the European economy and society.. Yet today’s Internet was designed in the 1970s, for purposes that bear little resemblance to current and future usage scenarios.. Mismatches between the original design goals and how the Internet is being used are beginning to hamper its potential.. Many challenges in the areas of technology, business, society and governance will have to be overcome if the future development of the Internet is to sustain the networked society of tomorrow.. To answer  ...   but also as opportunities.. Habitech promotes a new production model based on a synergy between various players (companies, research centres, institutions) that are united in their purpose: to promote and propagate clean techs and to regard the need for environment protection as an opportunity.. Habitech website.. ISI – the Integral Satcom Initiative.. The Integral Satcom Initiative (ISI) is an industry-led action forum designed to bring together all aspects related to satellite communications.. ISI addresses broadcasting, broadband, and mobile satellite communications, as well as their convergence, in integration within the global telecommunication network infrastructure.. ISI supports all forms of space communication and space exploitation.. ISI is a Technology Platform included in the seventh Framework Programme (FP7) of the European Commission.. ISI website.. NEM - The Networked and Electronic Media Platform.. Networked and Electronic Media (NEM) is one of the European Industrial Initiatives, also known as Technology Platforms, established by relevant key European stakeholders, which address the convergence of media, communications, consumer electronics, and IT as a wide opportunity for future growth, by taking advantage of generalized broadband access, increased mobility, availability of richer media formats and contents, as well as new home networks and communications platforms.. NEM website.. NESSI - Networked European Software Services Initiatives.. NESSI is the European Technology Platform dedicated to Software and Services.. Its name stands for the Networked European Software and Services Initiative.. Enterprises in Europe (both private and public sector) are facing significant structural changes and will rely on software and services to support them in adapting effectively.. This represents a new opportunity for Europe and the NESSI initiative embodies the strategic mechanism through which this opportunity can be seized and exploited globally.. NESSI website.. Net!Works - European Technology Platform for communications networks and services.. Net!Works is the European Technology Platform for communications networks and services.. Communications networks enable interaction between users of various types of equipment, either mobile (e.. g.. mobile phones) or fixed (e.. PCs); they are the foundation of the Internet.. The Net!Works European Technology Platform gathers more than 700 players of the communications networks sector: industry leaders, innovative SMEs, and leading academic institutions.. The mission of Net!Works is to strengthen Europe's leadership in networking technology and services so that it best serves Europe's citizens and the European economy.. Net!Works website.. Supported initiatives..

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  • Title: Ethics Board | www.create-net.org
    Descriptive info: CREATE-NET has set up an Ethics Board, which will approve studies involving user interaction with ICTs.. When is Ethical Approval Needed.. Ethical approval is needed for studies involving human subjects’ interaction with ICTs.. Please note that in some cases ethical approval will also be needed from external bodies; for example any experiment involving the National Health Service (NHS) must be approved by an NHS Ethics Committee.. Procedure.. To obtain ethical approval, please.. fill out the Ethics Approval Form.. email a copy to the CREATE-NET Ethics Board Secretary (.. paola.. baruchelli@create-net.. ).. If you ticked "no" to all of the Part B questions, approval is normally routine, and granted within  ...   Oscar Mayora – CREATE-NET.. Silvia Gabrielli – CREATE-NET.. Cristina Costa – CREATE-NET.. Daniele Miorandi – CREATE-NET.. Luigi Telesca – CREATE-NET.. Fabio Cartolano – CREATE-NET.. Paola Baruchelli – CREATE-NET (Secretary).. Antonella De Angeli - DISI-UNITN.. Enrico Maria Piras - FBK.. Alessandro Armando - FBK.. Documentation.. Regulation of the Preparatory Commission.. for CREATE-NET Ethics Board on studies involving user interaction with ICTs.. WORLD MEDICAL ASSOCIATION DECLARATION OF HELSINKI.. Ethical Principles for Medical Research Involving Human Subjects.. Ethics Code of the Italian Association of Psychologists.. Deontology code.. for best practice in the treatment of personal data for statistic and scientific purposes.. DL 30 June 2003, n.. 196.. – Personal data protection code (Italy)..

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  • Title: News room | www.create-net.org
    Descriptive info: Youtube channel.. Latest.. news.. CREATE-NET 2012 Annual Report published today.. Today, CREATE-NET Research Center has released its 2012 annual report and is available on the Center's website.. The document contains an overview of last year CREATE-NET‘s activities, some general information about the Center as well as a description of the main achievements in 2012.. 02/07/2013.. Notice for a quote request for the implementation of a software platform for an ecosystem of innovation.. The present notice for a quote notice regards the  ...   needs of the Centre and able to catalyse and promote new collaborations of collaboration, match-making and negotiation with innovative and no-innovative businesses.. 17/05/2013.. Press Kit.. Download.. CREATE-NET Annual Report 2010.. (ENG).. CREATE-NET Brochure.. (ITA).. Media relations.. experts and researchers are available to comment on our research and innovation activities as well as on a range of related topics.. Please contact us to arrange an interview or for further information.. CREATE-NET Media Relations.. communications[at]create-net.. Phone: +39 0461 408400 ext 1215.. Stay connected..

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  • Title: News | www.create-net.org
    Descriptive info: Call for quote for a solution for managing and organizing scientific/innovative events.. This call concerns the the deployment of a solution that will assist CREATE-NET and its partners in the organization and management of virtual and physical events, such as scientific conferences, trade fairs, and exhibitions.. Demonstration of Multi-Domain OpenFlow Testbed and Virtual Network Instantiation With Arbitrary Topology at FIA Dublin.. GÉANT and OFELIA will demonstrate their joint innovative OpenFlow facility at the Future Internet Assembly (FIA) in Dublin, on 8th to 10th of May 2013.. On top of their multi-domain OpenFlow testbed an innovative network virtualization framework will be demonstrated allowing experimenters to instantiate virtual programmable networks with arbitrary topology.. The demonstration will be hosted in the GÉANT and OFELIA booths.. 08/05/2013.. Enjoy Flamenco music thanks to Specifi project.. On May 7th, 8th and 9th CREATE-NET is involved as the Italian coordinator in the artistic experimentation which is demonstrating the future possibilities of new cultural services enhanced by optical fiber connection.. The demo is part of the SPECIFI (.. http://www.. specifi.. eu/.. ) project.. CREATE-NET s projects mentioned in the ICT for Societal Challenges publication.. Several CREATE-NET's projects are mentioned in the new publication on research and innovation projects "ICT for Societal Challenges".. 24/04/2013.. The demo “Thor: Energy Programmable WiFi Networks”  ...   CREATE-NET is organising an informative event in Trento dedicated to the Internet of Things.. The First Italian IoT Day will feature presentations from a number of field experts, with topics ranging from basic information on what is this technology, what allows you to do, how you can exploit it (examples of OpenPicus, Arduino programmable hardware kits will be showcased as well as products as GoodNightLamp).. 26/03/2013.. CREATE-NET is seeking an external controller for the SEE_INNOVA project.. CREATE-NET informs that an external controller will be designated for the SEE_INNOVA project which is part of the European Territorial Cooperation Programme South East Europe.. 19/02/2013.. Fight the flu with Influweb.. CREATE-NET recently released Influweb mobile application, which you can use to report flue symptoms at any time through your smartphone.. 23/01/2013.. The App Positive Technology won the World Summit Award Mobile for the best m-health app in the world.. WSA mobile is a global initiative that awards apps with global relevance and in 2012 event the award was granted to Positive Technology App which is the first iOS mobile application that integrates a 3D Virtual Reality environment with a mobile biofeedback technology to help users in managing and coping with daily psychological stress.. 12/12/2012.. 4.. 5.. 6.. 7.. 8.. 9.. ….. next ›.. last »..

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  • Title: CREATE-NET in the News | www.create-net.org
    Descriptive info: View by year.. -Year.. 2006.. 2007.. 2008.. 2009.. 2010.. 2011.. 2012.. 2013.. Key4biz.. l Adigetto.. Data Manager Online.. 14/05/2013.. 03/05/2013.. Article.. Press release.. Interview.. Trentino.. la Stampa.. 07/05/2013.. La voce del Trentino.. Ufficio stampa PAT.. Rinnovabili.. 29/04/2013.. l Adige.. 10/04/2013.. l Adige.. Corriere delle Comunicazioni.. La Voce del Trentino.. 28/03/2013.. 27/03/2013.. Energino: energy tips for your wifi networks.. wired.. Corriere del Trentino..  ...   @CREATE-NET to talk about content popularity on the web.. Province Italiane News.. trentotoday.. Trentoblog.. Trentino as a Lab.. 28/04/2012.. 02/05/2012.. 04/05/2012.. press release.. Facebook post.. CREATE-NET mentioned by Repubblica as part of Trento s ecosystem of innovation.. Repubblica.. it.. 16/04/2012.. CREATE-NET @ICT Days 2012.. 03/04/2012.. 02/04/2012.. 01/04/2012.. CREATE-NET, as partner of Superhub project, contributes to improve Milan s mobility.. Green News.. Globalist.. 30/03/2012..

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  • Title: Media Library | www.create-net.org
    Descriptive info: Welcome to CREATE-NET Media library which contains visual and audio information about our research and innovation activities.. Click.. HERE.. to watch CREATE-NET's videos from our YouTube official channel..

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  • Title: Create-Net Publications | www.create-net.org
    Descriptive info: Publications by area.. UBiNT.. iNSPIRE.. eNTIRE.. Create-Net Publications.. List.. Filter.. Export 600 results:.. BibTex.. RTF.. Author.. Title.. Type.. Year.. Siracusa, D.. A.. Broglio.. Zanardi.. E.. Salvadori.. G.. M.. Galimberti.. , and.. D.. La Fauci.. Hitless Network Re-Optimization to Reduce Spectrum Fragmentation in Distributed GMPLS Flexible Optical Networks.. ECOC 2013.. , London, UK, Sep, 2013.. Google Scholar.. Rodriguez, I.. R.. J.. Barroso.. Siracusa.. I.. De Miguel.. Francescon.. C.. Aguado.. Lorenzo.. Minimization of the Impact of the TED Inaccuracy Problem in PCE-Based Networks by Means of Cognition.. Pastorelli, R.. S.. Piciaccia.. Self.. Brunella.. Calabretta.. F.. Forghieri.. , et al.. ,.. Optical Control Plane Based on an Analytical Model of Non-Linear Transmission Effects in a Self-Optimized Network.. Kachris, C.. Klonidis.. T.. Monroy.. Tomkos.. A Cognitive Heterogeneous Reconfigurable Optical Network Testbed.. ICTON 2013.. , Cartagena, Spain, Jun, 2013.. Abstract.. Rizzelli, G.. Maier.. Magarini.. Melloni.. Performance of Ring-Resonator based Optical Backplane in High Capacity Routers.. Stevovic, J.. Maxhuni.. Khadhanifar.. Shrager.. Convertino.. Gobbel.. Adding Individual Patient Case Data to The Melanoma Targeted Therapy Advisor.. Pervasive Health.. , Venice, Italy, ACM and IEEE, May, 2013.. Maier, G.. Pattavina.. Valenti.. Matera.. Advantages of a Content Delivery Network Architecture Based on WDM and Carrier Ethernet Multicasting.. Fotonica 2013.. , Milan, May, 2013.. Mayora, O.. Personal Health Systems for Bipolar Disorder Anecdotes, Challenges and Lessons Learnt from MONARCA Project.. Pervasive Health Mindcare.. , Venice, Italy, ACM IEEE, May, 2013.. Frost, M.. Gabrielli.. Supporting situational awareness through a patient overview screen for Bipolar Disorder treatment.. , Venice, ACM IEEE, May, 2013.. Tacconi, D.. Tomasi.. Costa.. O.. Mayora.. A system for remote orthopedics rehabilitation.. Riabiligame.. : ACM IEEE, May,  ...   Things.. The Future Internet (Future Internet Assembly 2013: Validated Results and New Horizons).. 7858: Springer, pp.. 187-199, 2013.. Kelaidonis, D.. Somov.. Foteinos.. A Cognitive management framework for smart objects and applications in the internet of things.. Springer Journal on Mobile Networks and Applications (MONET).. , 2013.. Bassi, A.. A common architectural approach for IoT empowerment.. Internet of things - congerging technologies for smart environments and integrated ecosystems.. : River Publishers, pp.. 245-257, 2013.. Avrachenkov, K.. L.. Cottatellucci.. Maggi.. Dynamic Rate Allocation in Markovian Quasi-Static Multiple Access Channels: a Game Theoretic Approach.. Modeling And Optimization In Mobile, Ad Hoc And Wireless Networks (WiOpt), 2013 11th International Symposium On.. Vlacheas, P.. Enabling smart cities through a cognitive management framework for the internet of things.. IEEE Communications Magazine.. Asghar, M.. Miorandi.. A Holistic View of Security and Privacy Issues in Smart Grids.. Smart Grid Security.. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, no.. 7823, Berlin, Germany, Springer Berlin Heidelberg, pp.. 58-71, 2013.. Giaffreda, R.. iCore: a Cognitive Management Framework for the Internet of Things.. 350-352, 2013.. Catarci, T.. Baruchelli.. Telesca.. N.. Giovinazzi.. Mecella.. Rodorigo1.. Information Retrieval, Market Trends Analysis and Forecast for Supporting Made-In-Italy: the DesigNET Prototype.. 21st Italian Symposium on Advanced Database System.. , Roccella Jonica, 2013.. Graham, I.. Stewart.. Carreras.. Gregori.. Measuring Net Neutrality in Mobile Internet: Towards a Crowdsensing-based Citizen Observatory.. IEEE ICC.. Dupont, C.. Renewable Energy Aware Data Centres: The Problem of Controlling the Applications Workload.. 2nd International Workshop on Energy-efficient Data Canters (E2DC).. , Berkeley, CA, USA, 2013.. Somov, A.. Dupont.. Supporting smart-city mobility with cognitive internet of things.. Future Network and Mobile Summit.. , Lisbon, Portugal, 2013..

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  • Title: General Policy | www.create-net.org
    Descriptive info: General Policy.. WEBSITE.. All content of CREATE-NET Web domain.. create-net.. is developed by the sole CREATE-NET and is protected by Copyright.. PDF documents and software or prototypes published on the CREATE-NET website and the contents presented in corporate subdomains, excluding personal pages, are subject to these policies if not expressly stated for the afore mentioned works and contents.. The documents contained on the publications section are included by the contributing authors as mean to ensure timely dissemination of scholarly/technical information on a non-commercial basis.. Copyright and all rights therein are maintained by the authors, despite the fact they have offered this information electronically.. It is understood that all individuals copying this information will adhere to the terms/ constraints invoked by each author's copyright.. Documents may not be copied for commercial redistribution, republication, or dissemination without the explicit permission of the authors.. Sections of some of these documents may have been published, for example, by IEEE, ACM, Springer-Verlag, Kluwer etc.. and have Copyright.. Personal use of this material is permitted.. However, permission to reprint/republish this material for advertising or promotional purposes or for creating new collective works for resale or redistribution to servers or lists, or to reuse any copyrighted component of this work in other works, must  ...   Article 6 ter of the Paris Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property.. CREATE-NET reserves the right to take appropriate action in the event of a breach of this policy.. Possible actions may include, but are not limited to instituting legal proceedings with the appropriate authorities.. Any suspected misuse of the CREATE-NET name or should be referred to marketingcreate-net.. org.. PARTNERS LOGO.. The Logos of CREATE-NET Partners are protected by Copyright and cannot be copied and used without the formal authorization of the copyright owner.. PERSONAL PAGES.. The linked personal sites and web pages maintained on the CREATE-NET server are the sole responsibility of the people who have chosen to make information publicly available on the web.. These sites/web pages and the opinions or information contained do not necessarily reflect the opinions of CREATE-NET.. CREATE-NET does not control, monitor or guarantee the information contained in these sites/web pages or information contained in links to other external web sites.. In no event shall CREATE-NET be held responsible or liable, directly or indirectly, for any damage or loss caused or alleged to be caused by or in connection with the use of or reliance on any such content, goods, or services available on or through any such site or resource..

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  • Title: Privacy Policy | www.create-net.org
    Descriptive info: Privacy Policy.. PRIVACY POLICY UNDER ARTICLE 13 OF LEGISLATIVE DECREE 196/03 ON “PERSONAL INFORMATION PROTECTION CODE” (hereinafter referred to as “Code”).. CREATE-NET handles personal information in full compliance with the Code.. You are kindly requested to read our Policy carefully:.. Applicants' policy.. (information obtained from curricula vitae).. Clients' policy.. Suppliers policy.. Cookies.. Privacy service.. Rights if the persons concerned.. INFORMATION OBTAINED FROM CURRICULA VITAE.. CREATE-NET hereby informs applicants that under Article 13 of Legislative Decree 196/03 on “Personal Information Protection Code”, his/her personal information shall be used to perform personnel search, selection and assessment.. Personal information shall be handled by manual, IT and telecommunication tools in a way strictly related to the above-mentioned purposes.. Providing personal information is optional.. However, incomplete information hampers a full assessment of the applicant.. Personal information shall be conveyed to the following individuals or categories of individuals: human resources department and accounting and finance department.. Personal information shall not be disseminated and shall be handled for a maximum of 6 months, following which they shall be shredded unless expressly reconfirmed by the applicant.. Further, personal information – especially if referring to personal requirements and work experience – may be verified.. While reading the present document with a view to authorizing us to handle your personal information, please be advised that the requested personal information which you may voluntarily provide may include “sensitive” information (as per Article 4, paragraph 1, letter D of the Code) associated with your belonging to legally protected categories.. (Rev.. 07/11).. CLIENTS’ POLICY.. The information in our database, acquired in relation to contractual relations, is obtained directly from the persons concerned.. All the data collected shall be handled in compliance with current regulations and with the due privacy.. The sole purpose of personal data collection and handling is to fulfill the requirements linked to the economic activity of our company, and particularly to meet the requirements preliminary to the execution of an agreement; to fulfill our contractual obligations with clients by executing a deed, plurality of deeds or performing all the operations necessary to fulfill the above-mentioned obligations; fulfill our obligations connected or instrumental to the agreements executed with any public or private body; comply with any legal obligation.. Further, personal data are handled to forward material related to our services and connected to the execution of agreements, also through the use of your email addresses.. With reference to the above-mentioned purposes, personal information is handled by manual, IT and telecommunication tools on the basis of logics strictly related to these purposes, and so as to guarantee the privacy and confidentiality of said information in compliance with current regulations.. The collection of personal information is mandatory to draft and execute a contractual relation under legal and tax requirements.. Failure to provide this information shall lead to the impossibility of establishing relations with the company.. Personal information can be handled for this purpose without clients’ prior consent.. Personal information shall be conveyed to companies to perform economic activities (commercial, management, database management, insurance, bank or non bank mediation, factoring, mailing, enveloping and forwarding,  ...   secure SSL protocol; we use temporary cookies to identify authorized users.. Cookies are limited quantities of data transferred by a web server to your browser and which can only be read by the server which performed the transfer.. They act as identity cards by registering passwords, sessions and preferences.. They are not executable codes and do not contain viruses.. Almost all browsers are initially set up to accept cookies.. You can ensure that your browser notifies you when you receive a cookie, allowing you to accept it or reject it.. (For some web pages which require an authorization, cookies are not optional.. Users who choose not to receive cookies shall not be able to access the services for users only).. PRIVACY SERVICE.. You can request our Privacy Service to show you your personal information, or to integrate, modify or cancel it in case of law violations or to object to its handling (or to exercise the other rights established in Article 7 of the Code).. CREATE-NET with registered office in Via alla Cascata, 56/D - 38123 Povo, Trento, Italy.. is in charge of data handling.. The human resources director, with professional domicile at the same address as CREATE-NET, is responsible for data handling for administrative management.. The database administrator, with professional domicile at the same address as CREATE-NET, is responsible for data handling for database purposes.. Article 7 of Legislative Decree 196/03 – RIGHT TO ACCESS PERSONAL INFORMATION AND OTHER RIGHTS.. The person concerned is entitled to obtain confirmation of the existence of his/her personal information in a database, even if not yet recorded, and to receive it in an intelligible form.. The person concerned is entitled to know:.. a) the origin of his personal information;.. b) the purposes and ways of information handling;.. c) the logic applied to information handling through electronic tools;.. d) the information necessary to identify who is in charge, the individuals responsible for data handling and the designated representative under Article 5, paragraph 2;.. e) the individuals or categories of individuals who can access personal information or who can get hold of it as designated representatives in the territory of the State, or as individuals in charge.. The person concerned is entitled to:.. a) update, correct or, if interested, integrate his/her personal information;.. b) cancel, modify or block information handled in violation of laws in an anonymous way, including information which does not need to be stored for the purposes for which it was collected and handled;.. c) receive a certification that those who have received his/her personal information have been notified of the operations in letters a) and b), also in terms of content, except in the case that this notification is impossible or implies a use of means disproportionate compared to the safeguarded right.. The person concerned is entitled to object fully or partially to:.. a) the handling of his/her personal information, even if relevant to the purpose for which it was collected, for legitimate reasons;.. b) the handling of his/her personal information for advertising purposes, direct sale, market research or commercial information..

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