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  • Title: Home
    Descriptive info: .. Citizens.. to.. Abolish Domestic Apartheid, Inc.. (CADA Programs).. Your Subtitle text.. Home.. About Us.. Program Goals.. Our Programs.. After-School Programs.. Summer Programs.. Events.. Field Trips.. Achievements.. History.. Contact Us.. Our Mission Statement.. CADAprograms, a socially inclusive organization, is dedicated to providing competent education, quality healthcare, affordable housing, environmental integrity, economic equality, judicial equity for all persons regardless of race, creed, color, gender or age.. "Building our future while remembering our past".. The.. "Sankofa Bird".. , a beautiful and colorful bird from African Culture, is symbolic for the need for building the community's future, while remembering and preserving our historical past.. CADAprograms embraces the symbolism of the Sankofa bird.. Our year-round programs operate in a safe, nurturing, drug-free environment conducive for learning and emotional balance.. The After-School Program.. The Academy.. The Watch Me Eat Program.. The Expand the World  ...   Avenue.. North Versailles, PA 15137.. Phone: (412) 672-2716.. Fax: (412) 672-2729.. Email:.. info@cadaprograms.. org.. Our Goals.. Provide youth and parents with quality learning experiences in a safe, drug-free environment:.. Promote encourage competent education.. Reduce juvenile d.. elinqu.. ency.. Secure resources to prepare North Versailles residents to compete in a global economy:.. Establish maintain on-site health clinic.. Promote facilitate positive parenting skills.. Increase cultural diversity competence.. Build a multipurpose communicty center.. Provide computer training for NorthVersailles.. Design implement income generating programs.. Provide job readiness programs.. Heighten awareness of environmental stewardship:.. Raise awareness prevention of environmental illnesses such as Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS).. Promote the use of Integral Pest Management.. Promote healthy environmentally safe building and cleaning products.. United Way Contributor #989393.. State Employee Contributor #4601-0131.. Federal Employee Contributor #42946.. Content copyright.. Citizens to Abolish Domestic Apartheid, Inc.. (CADAPrograms).. All rights reserved..

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  • Title: About Us
    Descriptive info: CADAprograms is a year-round, youth program providing quality, holistic programs to at-risk youth and their families for over ten years.. CADAprograms has a reputation for empowering students and families.. Our effective, multifaceted programming has assisted families, individuals, and the community in redirecting their focus on accomplishing goals even when  ...   success, encouragement, and goal attainment.. CADAprograms Board of Directors.. President.. Brack M.. Barr, Jr.. Vice President.. Arthur C.. Howard, Jr.. Treasurer.. Janis C.. Brooks, Ph.. D.. Secretary.. Joyce Krasinski.. Members.. Constance Bridgeman.. Jamie Crowell.. Charlotte Ka.. Raymond Morton.. Vernon Tipton, Ph.. William Wells.. Advisory Board Members.. Randy Bauer.. Dawn Smith..

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  • Title: Program Goals
    Descriptive info: Reduce juvenile delinquency.. Raise awareness prevention of environmental illnesses such as Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (M.. C.. S.. ).. Promote the use of Integrated Pest Management.. Secure resources to prepare North Versailles residents to compete in a global economy.. :.. Build a multipurpose community center.. Provide computer training for North Versailles.. Offer university classes..

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  • Title: Our Programs
    Descriptive info: 1995, CADAprograms started the only non-profit after-school program operating in the Crestas Terrace section of North Versailes.. The competent, caring staff is culturally diverse and intergenerational.. The after-school and summer programs operate in a safe, nurturing, drug-free, environment conducive for learning and emotional balance..

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  • Title: After-School Programs
    Descriptive info: T.. he Academy.. is a tutorial and homework assistance component dedicated to promoting healthy minds and bodies.. The staff monitors, checks, and corrects every student's homework on a daily basis and provides test, quiz, and class project preparation.. he Watch Me Eat Program.. is a nutrition program for the children and for any senior who desires to eat.. Hot meals are prepared for the  ...   while the rest is purchased from grant funding.. he Expand the World Program.. provides one out-of-town field trip and a variety of local cultural and social activities.. The out-of-town trip is used as an incentive for the students to stay focused on academics and healthy activities.. It also broadens the children's horizons so that they can see and experience a world outside of the community..

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  • Title: Summer Programs
    Descriptive info: S.. ummer.. A.. ctivities.. F.. or.. E.. veryone.. (.. SAFE).. SAFE.. is a six-week, summer camp focusing on arts, math, reading, computers, crafts and ecology.. Our SAFE programs are listed below.. he Life Awaits Me Program (LAMP).. is reading component that focuses on the community of issues that affect children regardless of cultural groupings..  ...   Success (MLS).. program focuses on building and strengthening fundamental skills.. Pre and post assessment tests are given to measure the effectiveness of this program.. he Culture, Art, Language, and Music (CALM).. program reviews three different countries each summer.. It looks at several issues including history, art, national dance, and environmental policies of each country..

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  • Title: Events
    Descriptive info: READING IS FUNdamental - PITTSBURGH.. CADAprograms is continuing its partnership with Reading is FUNdamental (RIF) of Pittsburgh.. A new emphasis is being placed on fun about reading.. Book Distribution Days have been changed to "Celebration Days".. During one of our events, in keeping with new and exciting ideas and events, Ms.. Jessica Intintoli, an Americorps member with RIF, read the story of the "Pied Piper".. Unknown to the students, Kenneth Kretchun, CADAprograms program coordinator, played the part of the "Pied Piper", dressed in a kilt and full accessories.. He played several Irish instruments and various Irish songs.. Most students had not seen a kilt before nor listened to Irish music.. It was a fun and exciting day for all involved.. RIF stresses the fact the students keep the books they choose during the "Celebration Days".. KWANZAA CELEBRATION.. During December, CADAprograms held its Kwanzaa Celebration.. The students learned about Kwanzaa, played games, and experienced the "Sweet Stop Shop" day.. SNOWMAN GAME.. The "Snowman Game" was the featured game of the Kwanzaa Party.. This game involved students wrapping each other in "snow" (toilet paper).. Each team had to cut out a "nose" and "eyes" from colored construction paper and put a tousle hat  ...   just one example gift.. The students made trail mix at another station.. The most popular station was the "Chocolate Station".. It was here that students put marshmallows on each end of a stick and dipped them in a pot of melted chocolate.. The annual "Sweet Shop" Stop day has become very popular.. HARVEST PARTY.. In October, CADAprograms holds its annual Harvest Season Party.. Numerous activities occurred including the "Pumpkin Roll Race", "Hit the Scarecrow with the Beanbag", Passing Beans-Chopsticks Style", and "Pin the Nose on the Scarecrow".. Coloring contests took place.. A new activity for the Harvest Season Party occurred, as our students learned "Line Dancing".. MAX STARKS HIS HOMETOWN TEAM.. THANKSGIVING CELEBRATION.. FOOD DRIVE.. On Tuesday, November 24, 2009, Max Starks and several other Steelers passed out holiday turkeys complete with fixings to over 200 needy families from the Pittsburgh area.. Ten (10) of our families were invited to participate.. The event was coordinated with the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank.. A convoy of CADAprograms families left CADAprograms site and headed towards Filene's Basement storefront located at the Waterfront Shopping Complex in Homestead, PA.. Parents, guardians, and students said hello to all the Steelers and received much needed Thanksgiving Food..

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  • Title: Trips
    Descriptive info: G.. A.. M.. E.. PROGRAM.. (Guys Adult Mentoring Experience).. CADAprograms has continued the G.. Program (Guys Adult Mentoring Experience).. Most of our male students have little or no contact with a positive male role model outside of CADAprograms after-school and summer programs.. We take two male students with two adult staff members to various sporting events to form a closer bond between the male students and CADAprograms staff.. Our students experience events they normally would not be able to.. The focus is on the two boys, and we discuss about doing the right things in life, share our life experiences, and show them by example that males in society can be responsible, work hard, and live up to expectations.. "FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS" at OGLEBAY PARK.. CADAprograms took its students to Oglebay  ...   City was an extraordinary experience.. CADAprograms took students and adults to an overnight field trip to New York City.. The staff and students took Statue Cruises to go from Battery Park to Liberty Island.. The group went inside the Statue of Liberty to two observation decks.. The day was complete with a stop at a Korean/Japanese restaurant.. An overnight stay in New Jersey occurred.. We visited the New York Hall of Science.. Our students learned scientific principles from many hands-on scientific exhibits.. One popular exhibit was the "Drag Race".. It was here that students learned about reaction time by racing simulated dragsters.. The final stop on the field trip was "Shrek the Musical" at Broadway Theater.. Our students were mesmerized by the wonderful scenery and the extraordinary actors, musicians, and dancers..

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  • Title: Achievements
    Descriptive info: CADAprograms honor roll percentage reached seventy six percent (76%) for the first nine-week grading period of the 2009-10 academic year.. This percentage is an "all-time-high".. The 2008-09 academic year was the fourth (4th) consecutive academic year that CADAprograms students have reached at least fifty percent (50%) honor roll percentage for all nine-week grading periods.. CADAprograms has received uninterrupted funding from the Allegheny County Human  ...   restrictions, CADAprograms funding has been transferred from Allegheny County HSDF to Allegheny County Children, Youth, and Families (CYF).. CADAprograms has exceeded all previous HSDF outcomes, including the previous two summer program outcomes and the previous four after-school program outcomes.. CADAprograms will still be monitored by HSDF auditors.. Our organization has three new outcomes for the after-school programs and three new outcomes for the summer program..

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  • Title: History
    Descriptive info: Citizens Against Domestic Apartheid (CADAprograms).. was founded in 1990 as a result of several incidents of extreme police brutality in the community of Crestas Terrace in North Versailles, Pennsylvania.. The name was changed in 1993 to.. Citizens to Abolish Domestic Apartheid.. to stress and to highlight that full societal access and social equity is  ...   age.. It is.. assertion that inclusiveness of all individuals and the acceptance of diverse cultures are essential in embracing the commonality of all individuals.. The premier after-school program began in 1995 and the stellar summer program in 2000.. As a result of CADAprograms civic engagement, the organization has an excellent rapport with the police department..

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  • Title: Contact Us
    Descriptive info: Mailing Address.. P.. O.. Box 80.. (412)672-2716 (office).. (412)672-2729 (fax).. www.. cadaprograms.. Email Address.. Business Address..

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