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  • Title: Badmovies.org
    Descriptive info: .. "A website to the detriment of good film".. Custom Search.. HOME.. B-MOVIE REVIEWS.. READER REVIEWS.. FORUM.. INTERVIEWS.. UPDATES.. ABOUT.. REVIEWS.. B-Movie Reviews.. B-Movie Capsules.. Reader Reviews.. TV Show Reviews.. WHAT'S NEW.. Site Updates.. Around the Web.. Subscribe by RSS.. Subscribe by Email.. Bad Movie Forum.. Interviews.. PODCASTS.. Audio Podcasts.. SIDESHOWS.. Awards.. Finding B-Movies.. Random Thoughts.. B-Movie Comics.. Funny Banners.. LINKS.. My Favorites.. B-Movie Sites.. Monster Movies.. Studio Sites.. Horror Sites.. Purchasing Sites.. INFORMATION.. FAQ.. Contact.. Advertising.. Privacy Policy.. The Fair Use Law.. AMAZON STORE.. Badmovies Store.. B-MASTER CABAL.. Welcome b-movie fan.. Here is a safe place to indulge in your more unsavory cinematic tastes.. You watch them after family members go to bed, your significant other screws up their face in disgust every time you linger over.. Gymkata.. Once, a friend even hit you for renting something really awful.. That is all going to change.. Here is a website where you can read reviews, talk with other b-movie fans, and glorify the genre.. I am Andrew Borntreger, I am with the.. government.. , and I am here to help.. 2-HEADED SHARK ATTACK.. --.. CAPSULE REVIEW.. The plot does indeed involve a 2-headed shark that attacks, and what it attacks is a group of college kids filled with so many annoying characters that I wished it was a 12-headed shark, just so the kids would disappear faster than they did.. That would be six times as fast, in case anyone wants to do the math.. Lesson Learned:.. A forty foot-long shark can hide in four feet of water.. MUNCHIES.. FEATURE REVIEW.. This movie is a rip-off of "Gremlins," but with Harvey Korman.. A.. LOT.. of Harvey Korman.. In fact, there is so much Harvey Korman here that there is very little time for the hungry gremlins.. In southern California  ...   I am unable to accept screeners for review.. This is a pity, because I have seen a number of hidden gems via screeners.. On the other hand, I have also been subjected to true torture by certain sadistic director/producers.. Information about new films can be posted in the.. Press Releases and News.. section of the forum.. WEBMASTER'S NOTES.. For best viewing use at least 1024X768 resolution and true color.. The site has been tested with Firefox, IE, Mozilla, and Opera.. Due to weird b-movie stuff, this website is intended for teens and older.. There are currently ZERO bare breasts on this website.. (Unless a stripper is lying on the server.. ).. Share on Facebook.. Recommended Articles.. How To Find A Bad Movie.. The Champions of Justice.. Plan 9 from Outer Space.. Manos, The Hands of Fate.. Podcast: Todd the Convenience Store Clerk.. Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!.. The Human Tornado.. Maniac.. The Educational Archives: Driver's Ed.. Godzilla vs.. Monster Zero.. Do you have a zombie plan?.. FROM THE BADMOVIES.. ORG ARCHIVES.. The Giant Claw.. Earth is visited by a GIANT ANTIMATTER SPACE BUZZARD! Gawk at the amazingly bad bird puppet, or chuckle over the silly dialog.. This is one of the greatest b-movies ever made.. Osmosis: os·mo·sis (oz-mo'sis, os-) n.. , 1.. When a bird eats something.. Subscribe to Badmovies.. org and get updates by email:.. Forum.. TV Shows.. Information.. Sideshows.. Links.. Badmovies.. org is owned and operated by.. Andrew Borntreger.. All original content is © 1998 - 2013 by its respective author(s).. Image, video, and audio files are used in accordance with.. Fair Use.. , and are property of the film copyright holders.. You may freely link to any page (.. html or.. php) on this website, but reproduction in any other form must be authorized by the copyright holder..

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  • Title: Badmovies.org B-Movie Reviews
    Descriptive info: org Home.. |.. Capsule Reviews.. THE NUMBERS.. MOVIE NAME.. RATING.. SYNOPSIS.. 20 Million Miles to Earth.. Please do not poke the Ymir.. 2019: After the Fall of New York.. A rebellious warrior tries to save the last fertile woman on Earth.. 7 Grandmasters.. Using his Pai Mei Fist style, Shang Kuan Cheng must find and defeat each of the other Grandmasters.. The 7th Voyage of Sinbad.. The prince must brave cyclops, a dragon, and an evil magician to save his princess.. Forget chiken, those cows should be terrified of rabbetz.. Night of the Lepus.. THE LETTER A.. The Abominable Dr.. Phibes.. Vincent Price stars in what is almost a perfect black comedy.. Hmmm.. die like an Egyptian?.. Abraxas: Guardian of the Universe.. Jesse "The Body" Ventura defends the universe from a renegade alien.. The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai.. Buckaroo Banzai must stop alien 'lectroids from escaping the 8th dimension.. Alice's Restaurant.. Why am I tormented by hippies every Thanksgiving?.. Alien 2: On Earth.. Spelunkers are trapped in a cave filled with aliens.. The Alien Dead.. Zombies created by a meteor consume a town in Florida.. Alien from L.. A.. Kathy Ireland discovers an underground city.. Alien Prey.. An alien encounters two British lesbians.. Even the "L" word didn't save this film.. Allan Quatermain and the Lost City of Gold.. James Earl Jones wearing a leopard skin smock, Sharon Stone, and Elvira as a jungle queen!.. The Angry Red Planet.. The first mission to Mars encounters terrible monsters, including a bat-rat-spider.. A*P*E.. Korean King Kong Krazyness!.. A.. P.. E.. X.. Time travel and killer robots; what a mix.. The Apple.. Two Canadians learn the truth about American pop music.. Arena.. Aliens rule the future of professional boxing, but Steve Armstrong is mankind's last great hope.. Army of Darkness.. Ash defends medieval Europe from an undead army.. Groovy mayhem!.. At the Earth's Core.. Peter Cushing and Doug McClure take on hypnotic pteranodons!.. Atomic Age Classics Vol.. 6: Love Marriage.. Educational films to ensure you will enjoy a happy marriage, 1950s style.. The Atomic Brain.. Brain transplants galore, including swapping them between a cat and a woman.. Ator.. Why did Italy make a PG copy of "Conan the Barbarian?".. Attack of the Crab Monsters.. The Professor (think Gilligan's Island) is pitted against giant crustaceans.. Attack from Mars.. The attack is directed at the audience's intelligence.. Attack of the Killer Tomatoes.. Tomatoes suddenly become psychopathic killers!.. Attack of the Supermonsters.. The Gemini Force fights to save mankind from dinosaurs in this "seamless" blend of suitmation, super-marionation, and animation.. THE LETTER B.. Babes in Toyland.. Drew Barrymore and Keanu Reeves must save Toyland from evil Christmas Trees.. Bad Channels.. Fungus aliens take over a radio station to collect women.. Bad Girls Go to Hell.. But the stupid ones go to New York, apparently.. Bad Taste.. Vomit eating aliens invade Earth seeking to turn humans into intergalactic fast food.. Barbarella: Queen of the Galaxy.. Jane Fonda encounters an Angel, a lava lamp monster, and Duran Duran in the year 40,000.. Barn of the Blood Llama.. Crazed llamas which spit toxic cud and hate menstruating women.. Bats.. Bats, created by our government to be the ultimate weapon, get loose and chew up Texas.. Battle Beneath the Earth.. The Chinese are tunneling under America's defenses to plant atomic bombs under our cities.. Battle Beyond the Stars.. John Boy must fight off an evil warlord to save his planet.. Luckily he has seven samu.. ah, some aliens helping him.. Battle Queen 2020.. Julie Strain fights for control of the last snowmobiles on Earth.. Beast from Haunted Cave.. A spider monster lurks in the wintry woods.. The Beast of Yucca Flats.. Tor Johnson becomes a killing monster in the name of progress.. The Beastmaster.. Dar was born from a cow (long story) and is able to speak with animals.. Beginning of the End.. Giant grasshoppers threaten Chicago!.. The Being.. Idaho's one and only monster movie.. Beneath the Planet of the Apes.. Mutants under NYC worship "The One True Bomb.. ".. Beowulf.. Same as the legend, but with techno music, chainsaw swords, and martial arts.. Big Bad Mama.. "Bonny and Clyde" with a naked William Shatner thrown in, yech.. Big Meat Eater.. I have seen cub scout troops with bigger budgets.. Bigfoot (1970).. I'd rather spend ninety minutes looking at the poster than actually watching the movie.. Billy Jack.. Caring and productive people (the hippies) are beset by evil white men, but their defender is a legendary figure clad in denim.. Black Magic.. Booty-flavored rice ball.. of death!.. The Black Scorpion.. That is a big darn scorpion.. Black Shampoo.. Jonathan brings a new meaning to the phrase "cream rinse.. Blades.. A golf course is terrorized by a killer lawnmower in this low budget parody of "Jaws.. Bleeders.. Nothing like a scene where the main character eats a pickled baby.. The Blind Dead.. They thirst for the warm blood of the living, and hunt victims by following their terrified screams.. The Blob (1958).. A true classic of the genre.. Watch as Steve McQueen fights a hungry horror from outer space!.. The Blob (1988).. The Blob returns to dine once again on tasty human snacks.. Blood Freak.. Nothing says, "Happy Thanksgiving!" like a turkey-headed man killing drug users and drinking their blood to satisfy his own addiction.. The Blood of Heroes.. Brutal "after the apocalypse" sports film.. Blood Hook.. Fishing for people is a perfect way to pass the afternoon.. Bloodsucking Freaks.. A sadist master trains female slaves.. Bloody Bender.. Independent film about a crazy killer.. Blue Demon.. Scientists create FORTRAN sharks.. Body Melt.. New vitamins which cause people to melt and explode plague Australia.. A Boy and His Dog.. Don Johnson wanders around after the apocalypse with a telepathic dog.. The Brain.. A hideous brain creature takes over people's minds through TV.. The Brain from Planet Arous.. John Agar is taken over by a huge and sexually deviant space brain!.. The Brain That Wouldn't Die.. A scientist shops around for a new body for his girlfriend (who is a head in a pan).. Brain Damage.. Brain eating parasite which also injects people with hallucinogenic drugs.. Breakin'.. A trio of street dancers turn the world of rhythm upside down (probably spinning on its head).. Brides of Blood.. A radioactive monster makes love to women so hard that they fall apart.. Buck Rogers.. Buck Rogers awakes to a world in need of a womanizing hero.. The Buddhist Fist.. Buddha spent a lot of time practicing kung fu.. THE LETTER C.. Candy.. Flee, flee for your lives!.. Cane Toads.. Probably the most twisted documentary ever made.. Cannibal Women in the Avocado Jungle of Death.. Savage feminists eat men with gaucamolle dip.. The Car.. Lucifer's vehicle is terrorizing the residents of Southern California, all forty of them.. Carnosaur.. Genetic scientist creates chicken eggs that infect women, causing them to become pregnant with dinosaurs.. The Cars that Ate Paris.. An Australian town runs people off the road to profit from the wrecked cars.. Cat-Women of the Moon.. Earth's satellite is inhabited by frisky females wearing black leotards!.. The Cave of the Silken Web.. If Bollywood ever made a "Dragon Ball" movie.. Cavegirl.. A nerd travels back in time and meets a beautiful cavegirl.. Cemetery Man.. Francesco must stop the zombies which infest his graveyard.. The Champions of Justice.. Blue Demon and his friends must stop Black Hand's army of super midgets.. SUPER MIDGETS!.. Cherry 2000.. Your synthetic female love slave might not be the real thing, but it's a darn good facsimile.. The Children.. They have been turned into monsters by a radioactive cloud!.. Children Shouldn't Play with Dead Things.. A group of thespians (not the cooler "L" word mind you) become zombie chow.. Chosen Survivors.. "Yay, we're going to survive the nuclear war! Gah! BATS!".. C.. H.. U.. D.. Cannibalistic Humanoid Underground Dwellers consume New Yorkers.. City of the Walking Dead.. Bloodsucking zombies created by a nuclear accident take over a city.. City Limits.. Youth motorcycle gangs fight what is left of Corporate America in a future where plague has killed most adults.. Class of Nuke 'Em High.. Music and TV is not ruining your kids, nuclear energy is!.. Class of Nuke 'Em High Part II: Subhumanoid Meltdown.. Women with mouths where their bellybuttons should be, how sexy.. The Conqueror.. John Wayne is.. Genghis Khan.. Cool As Ice.. The Vanilla Ice movie - beware.. The Cosmic Man.. "The Day the Earth Stood Fidgeting.. Crash and Burn.. A small group of people try to survive the assault of one murderous robot.. The Crawling Eye.. Switzerland is attacked by telepathic alien creatures which must live in extreme cold and are radioactive.. Creatures from the Abyss.. Mutated fish eat some people.. Creature from the Haunted Sea.. Possibly the dumbest-looking monster ever.. The Creeping Terror.. Possibly the slowest monster ever.. The Crippled Masters.. Two Kung Fu masters, one without arms the other without legs, fight an evil warlord who has a metal hump on his back.. Cthulhu Mansion.. A haunted house consumes gang members.. This movie has an amazing number of mistakes.. The Curse of Count Chocula.. The vampire that hates blood, but loves chocolate.. Cyber Ninja.. Namco made a movie.. It has lasers, samurai swords, and very little coherence.. Cyborg 2.. Jack Palance: warrior, cyborg, and poet.. Believe it, or not.. Cyborg Soldier.. The government tries to make cyborg soldiers out of condemned criminals, with the expected results.. THE LETTER D.. Dagon.. Fish incest!.. Daimajin.. A giant stone statue comes to life and destroys an evil samurai's army.. The Dark Lurking.. It's "DOOM" down under, mate.. The Dark Power.. Four ancient indian sorcerers arise from the dead and battle Lash LaRue.. Dark Star.. John Carpenter's first "real" film.. Ever see an alien made out of a beach ball?.. Date With A Vampire.. You finally find that special woman to have a one-night stand with and she turns out to be a bloodsucker.. Dawn of the Dead.. The dead taking over the world really isn't funny, unless you consider zombies on escalators.. Day of the Animals.. Animals become savage killers after the ozone layer is damaged.. Day of the Warrior.. The busty (and often naked) ladies of L.. T.. L.. defend America from a criminal with indian ancestors.. The Day Time Ended.. A timewarp and special effects artists torment a family.. Dead Alive.. AWESOME! A lawn mower wielding lad and a kung fu Catholic priest battle zombies!.. Death Race 2000.. David Carradine and Sylvester Stallone are drivers in a futuristic cross-country car race.. Their goal: run over pedestrians.. Death Ship.. A cursed Nazi ship and George Kennedy kill people.. Deathstalker.. One of the better 80s sword and sorcery flicks, and it had plenty of nude women.. Delicatessen.. Very odd French film about a building where they eat the handyman every now and then.. Demon Wind.. Demons try to steal the souls from a group of people.. Destroy All Monsters.. Three hundred percent more kaiju!.. Devil Girl From Mars.. The women of Mars are highly advanced and in need of men.. The Devil's Rain.. William Shatner and Tom Skerritt must stop a satanic cult led by Ernest Borgnine and John Travolta (no, I'm not joking).. Disco Godfather.. "Put your weight on it!".. Dolemite.. Rudy Ray Moore is the proud pimp of one dozen kung fu hookers.. DOOM.. The Rock is a space Marine who loves to scream, "Kill them all!".. Double Dragon.. Two kickboxing brothers (one of which is Scott Wolf) must stop Koga Shuko from joining the parts of an ancient amulet.. Dragonball: The Magic Begins.. The live action Dragonball Z movie.. Dr.. Alien.. Alien scientists use experimental sex drugs on a college nerd.. Phibes Rises Again.. Phibes is back and this time it's no more Mr.. Nice Revenant.. Dreamcatcher.. Fanged, funky butt worms!.. Drunken Wu Tang.. Insane Kung Fu movie, Rat Face (that's his name) and Cha Le battle Devil, the Watermelon Monster, and a fat woman.. The Dungeonmaster.. Computer geek versus Satan.. The Dunwich Horror.. Cultist attempts to resurrect ancient gods.. The real horror here is the acting.. THE LETTER E.. Eat and Run.. Overweight alien visits earth, after hearing how good Italian is he tries some.. To bad it's people, not the cooking.. The Educational Archives: Driver's Ed.. A menagerie of short films with drunk drivers smashing into telephone poles, doomed pedestrians, and even talking cars!.. The Educational Archives: Sex Drugs.. An assortment of classroom films featuring giant sanitary napkins, Italians with syphilis, and a talking hot dog.. Eegah!.. Richard Kiel stars as a caveman in modern day Palm Springs.. El Topo.. In the chaotic history of cult films there are several legendary movies.. This bizarre story is one of them.. Eliminators.. Remember that movie with the cyborg/tank?.. Elves.. An elf - bred by the Nazis.. (This really is the plot.. ).. Endless Descent.. An experimental submarine encounters killer seaweed and mutants galore.. Escape 2000.. Prisoners at a government work camp are hunted for sport.. The Evil Dead.. Evil spirits steal the souls from Ash and his camper friends.. Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn.. Awesome fun! Evil spirits threaten Ash again, but this time he has an attitude and a chainsaw.. Evil Spawn.. Lynn tries an experimental youth serum and turns into a monster.. THE LETTER F.. Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!.. The classic story of mean girls, in fast cars, looking for danger and finding it.. Feast.. Hungry beasts besiege a dusty desert bar.. Feeders.. I cannot decide which I hate more: the movie or the actor's socks.. Fiend Without a Face.. Canada is invaded by hopping brain monsters.. Fist of the North Star.. When Ken punches people they explode.. Five Element Ninjas.. Kung fu vs.. ninjas.. Wonderfully inventive, surprisingly bloody, and almost unbelievably fun!.. Flash Gordon.. Silly special effects, ludicrous acting, and Brian Blessed for crying out loud!.. The Flesh Eaters.. Another reason to stay out of the water.. Flesh Gordon 2.. How high is your tolerance for toilet humor and breast jokes?.. The Fly.. If you do not at least know of this movie then you must be a space alien.. Flying Guillotine.. Kung fu mayhem breaks out when the emperor trains assassins to use this deadly weapon.. For Your Height Only.. The Philippines has a secret weapon you never dreamed of, a midget super spy!.. The Forbidden Dance is Lambada.. Dirty dancing can save the rainforest.. Forbidden Zone.. When the Elfmans make a movie with Herve Villachez you know it is going to be weird.. Frankenhooker.. Mad scientist rebuilds his girlfriend from prostitute spare parts.. Fright Show.. Four short films in the horror and science fiction category hosted by two complete idiots.. Future Force.. David Carradine is a bounty hunter whose robotic arm hates your crotch.. Future War.. Time-traveling cyborgs use dinosaurs to hunt a flannel-wearing kickboxer who only speaks "Bible.. THE LETTER G.. Galactic Gigolo.. An alien wins a trip to Earth.. Sex with human women is included in the vacation package.. Galactica 1980: Series Pilot.. The fleet finally reaches planet Earth.. Galaxina.. The intergalactic patrol ship Infinity is sent  ...   Angels.. Transvestite bikers encounter America, and it's full of PIGS.. Piranha.. "Razorteeth" created by the Government (to win the Vietnam War no less) get loose and eat campers.. Piranha II.. The fish are back and now they can fly!.. The Pit.. Psycho kid feeds people he doesn't like to monsters in a pit.. Planet of the Apes.. Charlton Heston finds out what will happen if every American doesn't own a firearm.. Plan 9 from Outer Space.. Aliens wish to destroy Earth before we discover a bomb which explodes sunlight.. Please Don't Eat My Mother.. Henry accidentally grew a talking man-eating (potentially mother-eating) plant.. Poultrygeist.. Never build a fried chicken restaurant on top of an Indian burial ground.. Prince of Space.. He is so awesome, they named the movie after him.. Princess Warrior.. Princess warrior: maybe.. Laser swords: kinda.. People driving around, and driving around, and driving around: yes.. Prisoners of the Lost Universe.. Dimensional travel has never been so confusing.. Prophecy.. A mutated grizzly bear slaughters people in Maine.. Psycho Beach Party.. Is Chicklet a murderer or just a sick young woman?.. Pulse.. Evil electricity tries to kill Matthew Lawrence.. The Punisher.. Be good or else he will shoot you.. Puppet Master.. Animated puppets slaughter a group of psychics.. Puppet Master II.. The Puppet Master needs brains and when the Puppet Master needs brains people die!.. Puppet Master III.. Andre Toulon was nice until the Nazis killed his wife.. THE LETTER Q.. Q: The Winged Serpent.. A resurrected Aztec god terrorizes New York City.. THE LETTER R.. Radioactive Dreams.. Michael Dudikoff and John Stockwell are detectives in a post nuclear world ruled by freaks and disco mutants.. Raiders of the Living Dead.. A reporter is chased by zombies.. Raiders of Wu Tang.. A young student must master twenty-four bronze horses (who have powerful kung fu) to defend Shaolin.. Rainbow Brite and the Star Stealer.. Ask me again how I did not go insane watching this movie.. Rats: Night of Terror.. Rats shall inherit the Earth.. Rebirth of Mothra.. A big moth, some little women, and two kids.. Red Sonja.. She dislikes men, and hates Arnold Schwarzenegger's ex-girlfriend.. Redneck Zombies.. Hicks drink moonshine contaminated with toxic waste, it turns them into people-munching undead!.. Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins.. La Femme Fred Ward.. And who could forget Chiun?.. Reptilicus.. What happens when one giant rubber snake takes a wrong turn and ends up attacking Copenhagen vice Tokyo.. The Resurrected.. Lovecraft-inspired movies often suck.. This is one of the good ones.. Return of the Living Dead.. Send more paramedics!.. Return to Frogtown.. What, no Rowdy Roddy Piper?.. Road House.. Patrick Swayze: philosopher, lover, bouncer.. Robo C.. I.. C.. Arrgggghhhhhhhhh!.. Robot Monster.. Earth is brought to it's knees by one horny alien in a gorilla suit.. Rock 'n' Roll Frankenstein.. Record producer and mad scientist create a rock star from the parts of Elvis, Jimi Hendrix, and - by accident - Liberace.. Rock n Roll Nightmare.. Thor! must battle Satan to save humanity, this movie is amazingly bad.. Rock'n With Satan.. The Devil offers to make two young men into good musicians.. The Rocky Horror Picture Show.. The grandma cult movie of them all.. Watch as Brad and Janet fall prey to the lust of alien transvestites.. Rodan.. Two giant monsters threaten mankind's existence;a great movie from the folks at Toho.. Rollerball.. Skates, motorcycles, a heavy metal shot, and violence: tomorrow's sport?.. THE LETTER S.. Santa Claus.. A devil named Pitch is sent to stop Santa, but the jolly man in red has two things on his side: child labor and wacky spying devices.. Santa Claus Conquers the Martians.. Can Saint Nick overcome evil invaders from space, a robot, and Pia Zadora?.. Saturn 3.. Somebody save me from old, naked Kirk Douglas - in space.. Sea Beast.. Parker Lewis goes up against an invisible fish monster.. Screamers (1979).. A scientist creates creatures that are half fish and half man.. Seedpeople.. Extraterrestrial flowers take root in California and begin pollinating human beings.. Sextette.. Mae West, over eighty and still acting like Mae West.. Ick, ick, ick.. Sgt Kabukiman N.. Y.. A New York cop accidently becomes man's only hope against evil, a Super-Kabuki!.. The Shape of Things to Come.. Jack Palance stars as the evil robot overlord in a movie we fondly call "Blinky, Blinky.. Shark Attack 3: Megalodon.. How do you kill a fifty-ton shark that should be, but most emphatically is not, extinct?.. Shark Hunter.. We're going to need a better movie.. Sheena.. Painted horses, killer flamingos, and Tanya Roberts.. Shock Treatment.. Brad and Janet appear on a reality TV show that threatens to commit him and corrupt her.. Shockwave (AI Assault).. Intelligent hunter-killer robots get loose on a tropical island.. Silent Night, Deadly Night.. Punish!.. Silent Night, Deadly Night Part II.. Punish again, but recap the first movie too!.. The Sinful Nuns of Saint Valentine.. Also known as "Mother Superior Jumped the Other Nuns.. Sins of the Fleshapoids.. WTF?.. The Sisterhood.. Amazon women with psychic powers struggle to survive in the barren wastelands after a nuclear war.. Six-String Samurai.. After nuclear war in 1957 Elvis became king, now he has died and a brave samurai rocker must battle Death for the throne.. Skeeter.. Giant mosquitos, created by toxic waste, attack a desert town.. Slave Girls from Beyond Infinity.. This movie has one redeeming quality: female nudity.. Sleepstalker.. Evil killer returns to slay his brother, only this time he is made of sand.. Sleepwalkers.. Can your house cat protect you from incestuous, soul-sucking, feline monsters?.. The Slime People.. They have invaded Los Angeles, stockpile weapons and salt!.. Slither.. Freakish and funny, but what invasion by alien brain worms wouldn't be?.. Slugs.. Killer slugs! Really, I mean it.. Why are you laughing?.. The Slumber Party Massacre.. Just once I'd like to see some boobies and not get killed for my trouble.. Solarbabies.. A glowing orb helps the members of a rollerskate team free the Earth's water.. Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama.. Teenagers (played by actors in their thirties) release a demonic imp from its bowling trophy prison.. Sorority House Vampires from Hell.. A vampiress rises from her grave.. The audience suffers.. Soul Vengeance.. When a man can use his penis to strangle people the audience suffers.. The Sound of Horror.. A Spanish film about invisible dinosaurs in Greece.. Space Mutiny.. The.. Southern Sun.. is under attack by cackling megalomaniacs and "Battlestar Galactica" stock footage.. Spaced Invaders.. A truly funny alien invasion film.. ZIM fanboys take note.. Spacehunter: Adventures in the Forbidden Zone.. Just the name makes you shiver, doesn't it?.. Spaceship.. In space no one can hear Leslie Nielsen scream.. The Spirit.. I don't mind a monologue with my movie, but I do like some movie with my monologue.. Spookies.. How many silly monsters can fit into one movie?.. Squirm.. A small town in Georgia is attacked by killer worms.. Starcrash.. Incredibly bad space opera.. Where else could you find David Hasselhoff using a lightsaber?.. Star Crystal.. An alien slime monster reads the Bible and discovers that killing people is wrong.. Starship.. Rebels fight football droids in the distant future.. Star Odyssey.. Earth is under attack by an army of androids that look like members of Lady Gaga's Dutch fan club!.. The Star Wars Holiday Special.. Okay, so he did make something worse than Episode 1.. Stealth Fighter.. Satellite weapons and Ice-T flying an F-117, this movie is not what you would call "firmly rooted in reality.. Sting of Death.. Do the jellyfish.. It's really swella.. Stop It, You're Killing Me.. There are more references to sleeping with a hundred and twelve year old man than can be healthy.. Story of Ricky.. AMAZINGLY GORY Kung Fu movie!.. The Strangeness.. Miners get eaten by a monster that looks like a stop motion vagina.. Strays.. A pack of killer house cats is on the loose.. Street Fighter.. Now, why did I not think of casting Raul Julia as Bison?.. Streets of Fire.. An incredible mix of music, violence, and dialog.. Street Trash.. Bums melt into puddles of goo after drinking contaminated whiskey.. Student Bodies.. Can teen sex survive "The Breather" and horse head bookends?.. The Stuff.. Killer dessert! It takes over your body, but has 50% less fat.. Superman IV.. The "Man of Nuclear Disarmament.. Super Fuzz.. Officer Dave Speed can run as fast as a car, catch bullets with his teeth, see through walls, and talk to fish.. Supah-sssuuuppaaah!.. Super Mario Bros.. Frank Booth hates plumbers.. The Sword and the Sorcerer.. That sword makes me tired just looking at it.. Syngenor.. What if Enron had created mutant monsters?.. THE LETTER T.. Tales Til the End.. An experimental gas is destroying civilization, but these three sit around telling stories.. Tammy and the T-Rex.. Denise Richards stars in the touching story about a girl and her robotic dinosaur.. Tarantula.. A huge spider menaces southern Arizona.. Tarantulas: The Deadly Cargo.. Because it sounds better than "Phoneutria nigriventer: The Deadly Cargo.. Tarkan vs.. the Vikings.. The Norsemen are here, and they're wearing bath rugs!.. Teenage Catgirls in Heat.. Great title, bad movie.. Teenage Caveman (1958).. More like "Teenage Cavelawyer.. Teenage Caveman (2002).. This remake sucks f**k.. Teenage Space Vampires.. Lord Vlathos wants to enslave the Earth by trapping every drop of sunlight in a huge diamond!.. Terror Beneath the Sea.. Water cyborgs! Overacting! "And I'm GOING IN!".. Terror of Mechagodzilla.. The robot monster is rebuilt: better, faster, and stronger.. The Terror of Tiny Town.. 1938 B W western with an all midget cast.. (I'm not joking one bit.. Terror on the Wind.. People are threatened by a giant tumbleweed.. TerrorVision.. A monster materializes out of a family's new satellite dish system.. Test Tube Babies.. Because "Artificial Insemination Kids" did not have the same ring to it.. Them Damn Zombies.. Zombies eat some rednecks.. Rednecks shoot some zombies.. There's Nothing Out There.. Mike is the man!.. Thriller: A Cruel Picture.. It's an angry hooker with a sawed-off double-barreled shotgun! Run! RUN!.. Ticks.. Giant ticks created by herbal steroids menace a youth group.. Time Runner.. Somebody travel back and warn Mark Hamill about this movie.. The Tingler.. Scream, scream for your lives!.. The Toxic Avenger.. New Jersey's superhero battles evil, finds love, and cleans up city hall.. The Toxic Avenger Part II.. Troma's favorite mutant takes a trip to Japan.. Toxic Spawn.. Alien avocados make people explode like ripe ticks!.. Transformers: The Movie.. "You've got the touch!".. Transylvania 6-5000.. Reporters try to find out why Geena Davis is a nymphomaniac vampire.. The Trial of Billy Jack.. Now this was a bad movie.. Troll.. An evil troll is plotting to turn our world into one big fairy forest.. Troll II.. Goblins (not trolls) turn people into plants so they can be eaten.. Tromeo & Juliet.. Don't you remember the lesbians in the original version?.. THE LETTER U.. Uncle Sam.. A soldier returns from the dead to kill people on the 4th of July.. The Undertaker and His Pals.. Just killing some people to improve business.. Uninvited.. A killer mutant cat that hides inside another cat.. Unknown Island.. Another example why malaria, alcoholism, and dinosaurs don't mix.. Unknown Origin.. Awful underwater rip-off of "The Thing.. Up from the Depths.. Huge fish threatens a resort full of morons.. Urban Warriors.. I am firmly against nuclear war if it means people are going to make movies like this.. U.. S.. Seals II.. Even Steven Seagal thinks this film's script is ridiculous.. USS VD: Ship of Shame.. A 1942 DOD VD training film.. THE LETTER V.. Vampire Men of the Lost Planet.. Three different films (one of them a Filipino caveman flick) cobbled together.. Impressive, very impressive.. Vampyres.. Lesbian vampires! Well, actually I guess they're bisexual.. The Video Dead.. Zombies escape from a cursed television (the ultimate in 3-D).. Video Violence.. Why are the people of this little town so interested in gory movies?.. Voodoo Academy.. Voodoo? Not really.. Guys in whitie-tighties? Yes.. THE LETTER W.. Waiting for the Giants.. Giants are people with mental powers and they are distrusted by most normal humans.. The War in Space.. "Behold, for I am a great and expansive space opera!".. Warrior of the Lost World.. He is old school, when super-intelligent motorcycles had x86 processors.. War of the Robots.. Lady Gaga's android army returns in this painfully long Italian space opera.. The Warrior and the Sorceress.. David Carradine is a holy warrior in a land of naked women.. Watchers.. Corey Haim battles government agents and a genetic monster.. Weasels Rip My Flesh.. Somebody made a mutant weasel movie.. I wish they hadn't.. Welcome to Planet Earth.. Aliens take a vacation to our world and practice vigilante justice.. Norm (from Cheers) is one of them!.. The Werewolf of Washington.. Sweet shape-changing mother of political satire pain!.. What Waits Below.. Explorers encounter perils in deep caves, including a pack of deadly albinos.. Willie Dynamite.. Gordon from "Sesame Street" is a stylish b***h-slapping pimp!.. Wild, Wild Planet.. Mutants with four arms, people dressed as butterflies, and flying cars.. Thank goodness the 60's are over.. Wing Commander.. Video games rarely make good movies.. Here is another prime example.. Winterbeast.. Wow, plaid.. The Wizard of Speed and Time.. A stop-motion animator must use all of the powers at his disposal!.. Wizards.. After a nuclear war two wizards fight for control of the world.. The Wraith.. A Chrysler revenant exacts revenge against a racing gang.. THE LETTER X.. The X from Outer Space.. There is a good reason most monster films don't have a star which looks like Guilala.. Xanadu.. Olivia Newton John, roller skates, and glowing blue people.. THE LETTER Y.. Yor - The Hunter from the Future.. A blonde caveman learns that he is the saviour of an advanced civilization.. THE LETTER Z.. ZAAT.. Ahhhhh! Catfish monster!.. Zardoz.. Sean Connery, everlasting hippies, and a GIANT FLYING STONE HEAD.. Zarkorr! The Invader.. Mediocre postal worker battles giant monster to save humanity.. THE BADMOVIES.. ORG "SLIME DROP" RATING SYSTEM:.. The two main criteria are:.. How bad is this movie?.. B.. How much fun is it to watch?.. Rating.. And it means.. The pinnacle of bad movies; this is a must see!.. Definitely worthy of a Saturday afternoon or a late night.. It had redeeming qualities, just like getting the clap does.. A bad movie.. This is going to hurt.. 3 September 2008: The rating system changed from a maximum of five slimes to a maximum of four slimes.. All of the reviews were adjusted.. Remember: to be a "well rounded" bad movie viewer it is necessary to see the one or two slime movies - even a skull now and then.. The Surgeon General would probably recommend that you not watch more than one skull movie per sitting.. This recommendation is based on extensive research by myself.. A friend of mine, by the name of Steve, developed a nervous tick from one such binge and the mention of "Johnny Mnemonic" sends him into convulsions.. (It is bad.. I do not know about that bad, but maybe it just broke the horse's back..

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    Descriptive info: B-MOVIE REVIEWS SUBMITTED BY READERS.. To submit a review for publishing, please post your submission to the Forum.. reader review area.. REVIEWED BY.. 24 Hours to Midnight.. Adam Eshack.. Aberration.. James Hepler.. Action Jackson.. Ted C.. Alien Beach Party Massacre.. Dan Lucas.. Alien 3.. Lord Hades.. Alien Resurrection.. Dan Kretzer.. American Ninja 2.. An American Werewolf in London.. Darin Wagner.. Tenchi.. Warren H.. Basket Case.. Matt Steenburg.. Batman & Robin.. Rob.. Battle Royale.. Jimmi Campkin.. Biohazard: The Alien Force.. Max Gardner.. Bloodsport.. Todd Phillips.. Bloody Birthday.. Mike Allan.. Blue Eyes of the Broken Doll.. Russell Shiley.. Bloodspell.. Demian, Denyse, and Jode.. Bride of Chucky.. Bride of the Monster.. Cannibal! The Musical.. Josh Bailey.. Child Bride.. Inyarear.. Chopping Mall.. Christmas Evil.. David Emery.. The Clown at Midnight.. Mark.. Coffy.. Fausto.. Commando.. Bill Clark.. Cradle of Fear.. Lee Bailes.. Creepshow.. Cody.. Dawn of the Mummy.. Nick Carroll.. Deadbeat at Dawn.. Deep Rising.. Jerome Saincantin.. Deep Space.. Demonic Toys.. Mark H.. Dinosaur Valley Girls.. Chad.. Don't Go in the House.. Jenn.. Butcher M.. Warren H.. Dune (1984).. Davey Whipwreck.. Eight Legged Freaks.. InformationGeek.. El Dia de la Bestia.. Björn.. An Eye for an Eye.. Trevor.. Fantasy Mission Force.. Max Gardener.. Fatal Fury: The Motion Picture.. Ferocious Monk from Shaolin.. The Fog.. Forbidden World.. Fortress.. Andrew  ...   Kid Part III.. Ben Black.. Kickboxer IV.. Joe Pingree.. King Kong (1976).. Kooshmeister.. Land of the Minotaur.. Leonard Part 6.. Andrew Weaver and Jed Siple.. Lifeforce.. Bill Adams.. The Lonely Lady.. Man's Best Friend.. Chris Livingston.. A Man Called Hero.. Adam Shang.. Metamorphosis.. Midnight.. RetroRussell.. Mitchell.. Mommie Dearest.. Bill Van Ryn.. Monster in the Closet.. Moon Over Tao.. Naked Lunch.. Night of the Comet.. Ethan.. Night of the Living Dead (1990).. Nowhere.. Trevor Hallam.. Operation Condor 2.. Over the Top.. Circus Circus.. Phantasm.. KYGOTC.. Psych-Out.. Puppet Master 4.. Panic Attack.. Python.. Christian Salabert.. Brad.. Reefer Madness.. Repo! The Genetic Opera.. Spazzo.. Return of the Living Dead Part II.. Alexander Gustafsson.. Return of the Zombies.. Samurai Spirits.. Shakma.. She.. Sinbad of the Seven Seas.. Brian.. Sisters of Death.. Sleepaway Camp.. Sleepaway Camp 3.. Species II.. Starship Troopers.. The Stay Awake.. Steel.. Keijo.. The Stormriders.. Henry Dunn.. Supercroc.. Vultur.. Super Monster Gamera.. Teddy Johnson.. The Swarm.. Chad Saxelid.. Switchblade Sisters.. Tank.. Michael Colander.. Tank Girl.. Neville.. Teenagers from Outer Space.. Terror Firmer.. Matt Casarino.. Tetsuo.. Josh Leman.. They Saved Hitler's Brain.. Greg Smalley.. Titanic.. Tomb Raider.. Eric Funk.. Tremors II: Aftershocks.. Urban Legend.. Volcano.. The Kensington Furs.. The Wild World of Batwoman.. TCBK1015.. The Willies.. Xtro.. D-Man.. No Entries Yet.. Zombie.. Zombie Lake.. Demetrius Morgan..

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    Descriptive info: Welcome,.. Guest.. Please.. login.. or.. register.. Did you miss your.. activation email?.. December 21, 2013, 11:04:40 PM.. 512392.. Posts in.. 38708.. Topics by.. 4727.. Members.. Latest Member:.. Freelunch.. Forum Home.. Help.. Login.. Register.. org Forum.. Administration.. Announcements.. Rules and general information.. 409 Posts in.. 16 Topics.. Last post on March 17, 2011, 08:35:05 AM.. in.. Re: Forum Rules and Guid.. by.. Andrew.. Movies.. Bad Movies.. Main discussion board for Badmovies.. org.. Child Boards:.. B-Movie Haikus Poems.. 185540 Posts in.. 17515 Topics.. Last post on.. Today.. at 05:06:31 PM.. Re: What Decades Do You.. FatFreddysCat.. Good Movies.. Yeah, we watch these too.. 31865 Posts in.. 2098 Topics.. Last post on December 20, 2013, 09:59:43 AM.. Re: Recent viewings.. Rev.. Powell.. Humorous Captions.. Creating funny captions for pictures.. 19819 Posts in.. 2139 Topics.. at 07:39:24 PM.. Re: The eternal question.. retrorussell.. Press Releases and Film News.. Post press releases or movie news.. 15154 Posts in.. 2490 Topics.. Last post on December 20, 2013, 03:27:38 PM.. Re: Expendables 3 teaser.. zelmo73.. Information Exchange.. What Was That Film?.. Trying to remember a title? Get some help!.. Solved.. ,.. Unsolved Archives.. 12554 Posts in.. 2534 Topics.. Last post on December 19, 2013, 09:58:49 PM.. Re: Trying to remember t.. Movie Reviews.. Post your own or links to  ...   04:55:43 PM.. Re: Broadchurch: the Ame.. BoyScoutKevin.. Entertainment.. Music, games, books, or other media.. Games.. 76393 Posts in.. 1344 Topics.. at 06:04:40 PM.. Re: What is your YouTube.. Gst0395.. Off Topic Discussion.. Open forum.. Weird News Stories.. 125653 Posts in.. 6033 Topics.. at 09:58:52 PM.. Re: post a GIF that y.. lester1/2jr.. For Trade or Sale.. Trade or sell bad movies here.. Feedback Threads.. 775 Posts in.. 166 Topics.. Last post on December 11, 2013, 11:34:07 PM.. Re: For Sale or Trade Ch.. kvaugn15.. Trouble Tickets.. Tell me what went wrong anywhere on the site.. 1067 Posts in.. 174 Topics.. Last post on November 17, 2013, 11:55:13 PM.. Re: ARRGH! Typed a long.. org Forum - Info Center.. Forum Stats.. 512392 Posts in 38708 Topics by 4727 Members.. Latest Post:.. (.. at 09:58:52 PM ).. View the most recent posts on the forum.. [More Stats].. Users Online.. 94 Guests, 0 Users.. Login.. (Forgot your password?).. Username:.. Password:.. Minutes to stay logged in:.. Always stay logged in:.. Powered by SMF 1.. 1.. 18.. SMF 2013, Simple Machines.. Popular Articles.. Dragonball: The Magic Begins.. Cool As Ice.. All original content is © 1998 - 2012 by its respective author(s).. Image, video, and audio files are used in accordance with the.. Fair Use Law.. Loading..

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    Descriptive info: B-MOVIE INTERVIEWS.. NAME.. DATE.. DESCRIPTION.. Philip Cook.. 31 January 2009.. Philip Cook wrote and directed "Invader," along with "Despiser" and "Outerworld.. " They might have modest budgets, but the results are expansive efforts that are far more entertaining than many films that cost ten times as much to make.. Buddy Cooper.. 24 May 2008.. Buddy Cooper wrote, directed, and produced "The Mutilator," and it is his only film credit on the Internet Movie Database.. Skaboi (a forum regular) tasked me with reviewing "The Mutilator," and put me in contact with Mr.. Cooper.. It was a great opportunity to find out the story behind the film.. Kevin Danzey.. 31 Jan 1999.. Kevin Danzey worked in the effects shop for "The Brain" and offers this view of low budget monster movies.. David Friedman.. 7 Jan 2002.. Mr.. Friedman's work in cinema began decades ago and he has helped produce films such as "2000 Maniacs" and "Ilsa, She Wolf of the SS.. " Trash to some, classics to others (I'm with the latter group), the world of cult movies would be less impressive without his influence.. His latest project is the sequel to "Blood Feast.. Richard Haines.. 9 Nov 2000.. Richard Haines is probably best known for directing "Class of Nuke 'Em High," but he has an impressive resume in budget film making and has earned praise for his book on the Technicolor film process.. George Hardy.. 19 May 2007.. George Hardy played the part of Michael Waits, the father in "Troll 2.. " He is a cheery gentleman who is still impressed that such a bad movie could be so much fun.. Rolfe Kanefsky.. 31 May 2002.. Rarely,  ...   He took time out to answer some questions about what is probably the most amazing independent film ever made.. Fred Olen Ray.. 12 Oct 2007.. Fred Olen Ray is a name known to many cult movie fans, though the gentleman has also made films under a number of other monikers.. I have always associated him with "Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers" and "Bikini Drive-In," but his favorite type of movies are not gore fests filled with naked women.. Seth Sklarey.. 29 Sep 2002.. Sklarey played Orville, the abused corpse and later zombie, in the movie "Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things.. " He is quite memorable, especially when the antiprotagonist (Alan) finds himself trapped in a room with Orville.. Rick Sloane.. 2 Feb 2008.. Rick Sloane is known best for his film "Hobgoblins," after it appeared on Mystery Science Theater 3000.. He also wrote, directed, and produced the "Vice Academy" series and several other films.. Still, "Hobgoblins," with its furry little monsters, is Mr.. Sloane's most famous work.. Ian Stuart.. 17 Feb 2007.. Ian Stuart wrote the script that would become "The Pit.. " Though memorable for the psychological problems exhibited by the main character, it was intended to be a serious look at an even younger boy with mental problems.. Lev Spiro.. 26 Feb 1999.. My very first interview was with Lev Spiro, director of the Roger Corman production "Welcome to Planet Earth.. Two Cast Members of "What Waits Below".. 13 Jan 2007.. Dale played a cave dwelling Lemurian, while Bruce's part as a South American Soldier was cut from the final version of the movie.. Both of them had interesting stories to tell about the experience..

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    Descriptive info: NEW REVIEWS AND CONTENT.. THE DARK LURKING.. In a number of ways, this is the movie that "DOOM" should have been, but it uses so many ideas from other films that there is precious little new material to make it interesting.. Plus, the characters are idiots.. All of them.. Every spaceship or research center has at least one room filled with hanging chains and dripping water.. GALACTICA 1980.. In the year 1980, the refugee fleet of spaceships led by the Battlestar.. Galactica.. finally discovers Earth.. This sequel series is terrible, and it shares very little with the original show.. Well, except for the stock footage of vipers, old costumes, and recycled character templates.. Waterloo and Gettysburg are both located on page 124 of the Encyclopedia of America.. KISS MEETS THE PHANTOM OF THE PARK.. The best way to describe "KISS Meets the Phantom of the Park" is to say that it is a "Scooby-Doo" episode, but starring KISS instead of a bunch of meddling kids and a talking dog.. Something to watch for:.. 48 mins - Whatever happened to the days when a musical celebrity could beat up a few cops, steal a horse or two, and get off with just a slap on the wrist?.. SEA BEAST.. What do you get when you cross "Jaws" with "Predator" and cast a 1990s pop culture star as the protagonist? Why yes, this is a SyFy original movie.. How did you know?.. Blinking is a telltale sign of rigormortis.. BATTLE BENEATH THE EARTH.. A Navy officer discovers that the Chinese are using machines to dig their way under America's defenses.. He leads a team of Marines into the tunnels to stop the communist sappers before they can plant atomic bombs under our cities.. The Department of the Navy has jurisdiction over all military operations that take place below sea level.. CHILLERAMA.. Parts of this anthology movie are absolutely brilliant.. Unfortunately, the brilliant parts are smothered by loads of sexual jokes and toilet humor.. I laughed some, I cried some, I rolled my eyes a lot.. Jason Voorhees is Jewish.. ESCAPE 2000.. Prisoners at a futuristic government work camp are used as human game for politicians and their cronies.. The legal term for an English person deported for committing a crime is "Australian.. ROAD HOUSE.. Patrick Swayze is a bouncer/philosopher who teachers the bouncers of the.. Double Deuce.. the ancient art of bouncing, saves the town from a corrupt businessman, and falls in love with a female doctor who does a lot more than kiss on the second date.. Presbyterians believe that the 11th Commandment is "Thou shalt not rent thine loft to the Hottentots.. ALIEN 2: ON EARTH.. In this unauthorized Italian sequel to "Alien" a group of spelunking bowlers (Or are they bowling spelunkers?) discover that their favorite cave and favorite bowling alley are infested with alien monsters that hatch from rocks.. Spelunking is an important branch of physics.. COMING FEATURE ATTRACTIONS.. Strike Commando.. Cool World.. Deepstar Six.. Battlespace.. UPDATES SINCE 1 JANUARY 2007.. 4 January 2013.. Happy New Year! Enjoy the first 2013 review:.. 2-Headed Shark Attack.. 13 November 2012.. For anyone who wants to end their life by ODing on Harvey Korman, the "Gremlins" rip-off.. Munchies.. is your poison pill.. 31 August 2012.. The Capture of Bigfoot.. does, as advertised, contain some Bigfoot.. However, the main ingredient is snow.. So.. much.. snow.. 7 August 2012.. The Dark Lurking.. could have been called "DOOM Down Under" instead.. Those pesky demons will eat your soul, mate!.. 19 June 2012.. Galactica 1980.. is the sequel series that should have never been made.. It would have been better if the refugees from the Cylon genocide died in space.. 21 May 2012.. KISS Meets the Phantom of the Park.. really does star KISS, really does take place in an amusement park, and really does show the rockers using magic powers to fight alien werewolf androids.. 2 May 2012.. Parker Lewis comes up against an invisible fish monster in.. Sea Beast.. 17 April 2012.. The Navy tries to stop atomic Chinese sappers in.. Battle Beneath the Earth.. 25 March 2012.. My bad movie spider sense totally rickroll'd me with.. Chillerama.. 5 March 2012.. Evil government toadies hunt human game in.. Escape 2000.. 14 February 2012.. Road House.. is the touching story of a boy, a girl, and a bar.. 24 January 2012.. Bowling and spelunking get mixed up with fleshy alien monsters in.. Alien 2: On Earth.. 2 August 2011.. A Turkish barbarian battles Norsemen wearing pastel bath rugs in.. the Vikings.. 13 June 2011.. Rudy Ray Moore is the (Avenging).. Disco Godfather.. !.. 4 May 2011.. Getting Lucky.. is the heartwarming story of a nerd, his leprechaun, and a cheerleader.. 12 Apr 2011.. Catholics fight Lucifer with magic in.. The Killing of Satan.. 28 Feb 2011.. Dagon.. is the story of a young man's love affair with his half-fish sister.. 17 Feb 2011.. Tiffany creates.. Mega Piranha.. , which are big enough to eat a battleship.. 23 December 2010.. Freex put a little something under my tree for this Sadistic Santa roundtable.. I think that he is getting soft in his old age.. The Spirit.. is more monologue than movie, and more annoying than entertaining.. 21 November 2010.. Once again, I delve into a place where man should not go.. OMFG, it's full of ponies!.. My Little Pony: The Movie.. 18 October 2010.. Are you scared of bears? If you are then.. Savage Planet.. will terrify your socks off.. 20 September 2010.. Discover every maggot's fantasy and every blonde's nightmare in.. Galaxy of Terror.. 31 August 2010.. Every machine on the planet becomes a human-hating murderer in.. Maximum Overdrive.. 15 August 2010.. I join the other B-Masters in reviewing the awfulness that was once the TV Movie of the Week.. My contribution is.. Tarantulas: The Deadly Cargo.. 9 August 2010.. Cower in fear as otherworldly horror walks the Earth in.. Night of the Demon.. 28 June 2010.. RetroRussell's review of.. Midnight.. is posted.. I believe that he enjoyed writing the article, but not watching the movie.. 12 July 2010.. Big Meat Eater.. is a sci-fi horror comedy musical.. You should run away from this movie right now, and hide under your bed until is is gone.. 20 June 2010.. "Jaws" was released in the United States on 20 June 1975.. In celebration of that iconic killer shark movie, here is a review for.. Blue Demon.. 8 June 2010.. Zardoz.. is the skeleton in Sean Connery's closet.. 24 May 2010.. He's big, he's hairy, and he breeds with anything.. Yep, I'm talking about.. Bigfoot.. You thought I was going to say "Ron Jeremy," didn't you?.. 11 May 2010.. Lady Gaga's android army returns in.. War of the Robots.. 26 April 2010.. Time to get better acquainted with the meow-meow.. It's.. Teenage Catgirls in Heat.. 10 April 2010.. Get hip about syphilis, LSD, and feminine protection by watching.. The Educational Archives: Sex Drugs.. 4 April 2010.. Spazzo's review of.. Repo! The Genetic Opera.. 21 March 2010.. Feast II.. has monsters, topless biker babes, and midget luchadores.. Why don't I like it?.. 7 March 2010.. Send more paramedics, the zombies in.. Return of the Living Dead.. are hungry for more brains.. 28 February 2010.. Enjoy the boredom that is.. Star Odyssey.. 21 February 2010.. My entry in the B-Masters 10,000 B.. roundtable is.. Ator.. 7 February 2010.. Five Element Ninjas.. is an awesomely fun old kung fu movie.. Mmm-Mmm, that's good ninja.. 31 January 2010.. Korean King Kong Krazyness abounds with.. A*P*E.. 25 January 2010.. Striped opponent of evil! It's.. Zebraman.. !.. 18 January 2010.. Another reader review is posted with Panic Attacks'.. Puppet Master 4.. piece.. 11 January 2010.. One of my guilty pleasures is a large, killer, mutant cat monster chewing on George Kennedy.. Uninvited.. review has been updated.. 3 January 2010.. Happy New Year to everyone! Here is another episode of.. org Radio.. If your neighbor might be a mad scientist, it's worth a listen.. 23 December 2009.. It is almost Christmas, so here is one of the worst things I have ever reviewed.. The Star Wars Holiday Special.. 21 December 2009.. Watch paint dry -.. underwater.. The Neptune Factor.. 16 December 2009.. As the days count down to Christmas, I am going to repost some festive reviews from the archives.. Here is the 1959 version of.. Santa Claus.. 13 December 2009.. InformationGeek's reader review of.. Frogs.. Do you enjoy gratuitous frog footage?.. 22 November 2009.. To celebrate the 10th anniversary of its founding, the members of the B-Masters Cabal (all of us, past and present) are reviewing.. Sting of Death.. 16 November 2009.. Seals II.. is the best movie about a SEAL martial arts expert trying to stop his rogue ex-partner from holding the United States hostage with a nuclear missile.. 8 November 2009.. Circus Circus' first review is posted; he picked.. Over the Top.. 31 October 2009.. Tonight I conclude.. October Monster Movie Mayhem.. with.. The Bermuda Depths.. 26 October 2009.. No political party is likely to enjoy.. The Werewolf of Washington.. 18 October 2009.. continues with.. The Strangeness.. Enter, if you dare!.. 12 October 2009.. Jimmi Campkin's guest review of.. Bride of the Monster.. continues.. 4 October 2009.. October Monster Movie Mayhem begins with.. Terror Beneath the Sea.. , and I'm GOING IN!.. 19 September 2009.. Robot Monster.. is the patron saint of b-movie monsters.. 14 September 2009.. Blue Eyes of the Broken Doll.. is reviewed by Russell Shiley.. 7 September 2009.. Ever wonder what would happen if friendly transvestite bikers encountered pigs? Check out.. The Pink Angels.. 31 August 2009.. Jaws: The Revenge.. 23 August 2009.. Prepare for a fatal review of.. Mortal Kombat: Annihilation.. 9 August 2009.. Who's the black hairdresser that's a sex machine with all the chicks? Jonathan! Enjoy the review for.. Black Shampoo.. 27 July 2009.. Poultrygeist.. is why you should never build a fried chicken restaurant on top of an ancient Indian burial ground.. 24 June 2009.. Lea Thompson falls in love with.. Howard the Duck.. 8 June 2009.. David DeCoteau tortures me with the mildly homoerotic.. Leeches.. ! I am so not this movie's target audience.. 30 May 2009.. F**k! It's the remake of.. Teenage Caveman.. 17 May 2009.. Get your yearly recommended allowance of plaid by watching.. Winterbeast.. 10 May 2009.. Heaven save me from artsy directors with cats, it's.. Sins of the Fleshapoids.. 2 May 2009.. Updated review for a cult classic about brain-eating monsters:.. Fiend Without a Face.. 27 April 2009.. Black Magic.. , booty-flavored rice balls, and dead chickens!.. 13 April 2009.. Space Mutiny.. is reviewed, in all its horrible glory.. 4 April 2009.. This week I review the rock 'n' roll chronicle of.. Hedwig and the Angry Inch.. 31 March 2009.. Willie Dynamite.. is the best-dressed, b***h-slapping, scratch-making pimp in New York.. You may remember him as Gordon from "Sesame Street.. " Yes, really.. 21 March 2009.. I get angry at.. Ghosts of Mars.. today.. 14 March 2009.. Over-Sexed Rugsuckers from Mars.. is the new review.. The title sort of catches your attention, doesn't it?.. 7 March 2009.. I revisit the horribly painful movie.. Star Crystal.. 1 March 2009.. In space nobody can hear them make a bad movie out of a great video game.. DOOM.. is reviewed.. 21 February 2009.. Godzilla 2000.. proves that there is a little Godzilla in all of us.. Yes, even those of you who think that a flying blue nose from outer space is out to get you.. 16 February 2009.. The Forbidden Dance is Lambada.. 12 February 2009.. Eight Legged Freaks.. 7 February 2009.. Ash returns in the enjoyable.. Army of Darkness.. An interview with.. Philip Cook.. , the creator of "Invader," "Despiser," and "Outerworld," is posted.. 24 January 2009.. Get schooled on marriage, 1950s style, with.. 6: Love Marriage.. 17 January 2009.. Deathstalker.. review is updated.. 14  ...   might win a free copy of the "Sci-Fi Ultimate Collection Volume 2" DVD set!.. Read here.. for the details.. 4 February 2008.. Another episode of the animated Dungeons Dragon's cartoon is posted.. Beware.. The Eye of the Beholder.. Also, Badmovies.. org is the "Site of the Week" on the.. AMC TV Monsterfest Blog.. 2 February 2008.. Please read my interview with writer/director.. Rick Sloane,.. the man behind "Hobgoblins.. 31 January 2008.. Return of the Living Dead Part II.. is much like the original movie, but with a happy ending.. Reader Alexander Gustafsson authored this review.. 29 January 2008.. Jeepers Creepers.. is a mediocre horror film, but the story behind it is frightening.. 26 January 2008.. If you scream the.. Blind Dead.. will find you.. 24 January 2008.. The 2006 remake of.. House of Wax.. is the subject of Cath's reader review.. 22 January 2008.. I talk about "Diamonds of Kilimandjaro" in this.. org Podcast.. 21 January 2008.. Jess Franco gets my goat with.. Diamonds of Kilimandjaro.. 18 January 2008.. As part of the "Original Sin" roundtable (SciFi original movies), I review.. Shockwave.. Everybody probably remembers the original title, "AI Assault.. " The distributor is already try to confuse us by changing the name.. Finally, I would like to announce the new Badmovies.. org monthly DVD Giveaway.. This month the DVD is Ray Harryhausen's "Clash of the Titans.. Click here.. for a chance to win.. 17 January 2008.. Bill Adams reviews Tobe Hooper's unfortunate failure,.. Lifeforce.. 15 January 2008.. Todd the convenience store clerk is back in the latest.. 6 January 2008.. The Monster that Challenged the World.. Enjoy the killer snail monster goodness.. 11 January 2008.. Max Gardener reviews the completely insane action film.. Fantasy Mission Force.. The Outer Limits: The Human Factor.. is an arctic-themed episode from the old TV show.. If the movie.. Orca.. is taken at face value, killer whales are the smartest creatures on the planet.. 3 January 2008.. Shaquille O'Neill stars as.. Steel.. in Keijo's reader review.. 1 January 2008.. Happy New Year! To get 2008 started, the first.. The intent for Badmovies.. org Radio is to publish reviews and monologues twice a month.. Along with that, Post Apocalypse Films is my choice for the first.. Legion of Muck Award.. in 2008.. 28 December 2007.. My last review of 2007 is.. Monster High.. 27 December 2007.. Read the latest capsule review: Tobe Hooper's remake of.. Invaders from Mars.. 21 December 2007.. The K.. Gordon Murray.. movie is reviewed.. 18 December 2007.. Hercules vs.. the Hydra.. arrives in the Capsule Reviews section.. 14 December 2007.. My article about one of the best monster b-movies ever made,.. , has been updated.. 11 December 2007.. I wrote a capsule review of.. Dungeons Dragons: The Night of No Tomorrow.. 7 December 2007.. D-Man's reader review of.. Xtro.. is published.. 4 December 2007.. A capsule review of.. Kiss Me Quick!.. 29 November 2007.. At long last,.. El Topo!.. My review does not even come close to adequately describing this bizarre film.. 27 November 2007.. Evil Toons.. is posted in the Capsule Reviews.. 26 November 2007.. The guide on.. has been updated.. 23 November 2007.. Werewolf booty call!.. Meridian.. is my addition to the Tent of Terror roundtable.. 20 November 2007.. Do not let the name fool you,.. Fertilize the Blaspheming Bombshell!.. is boring.. 16 November 2007.. Alice's Restaurant.. Everyone seems to enjoy it when I review a film I do not like.. Well, here you go.. I do not like this movie, but suffered through it for you.. Hope that you are happy.. 13 November 2007.. Scientists accidentally clone a dragon and it eats most of them in.. Dragon Fighter.. 9 November 2007.. The Being.. is Idaho's entry in the "nuclear waste creates mutant monster" genre.. Also, the site now has an.. RSS Feed.. to notify you about the latest updates.. 6 November 2007.. Have you ever wanted to see somebody slap the snot out of Wesley Crusher?.. The Curse.. is your movie.. 2 November 2007.. Tawny Kitaen is a good reason to watch.. Gwendoline.. 30 October 2007.. Enjoy a capsule review of.. The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms.. 27 October 2007.. Kevin from wtfFilm organized a Halloween roundtable.. I picked.. House II: The Second Story.. , but make sure you check all of the reviews via the.. Supersoaker Page.. Also, you may have noticed something different.. Finally (after about seven years), I updated the site's overall layout.. 23 October 2007.. Two.. Stingray.. episodes are posted in the TV Shows section.. The pilot episode.. and.. Hostages of the Deep.. 19 October 2007.. is a compilation of short films and an entertainment goldmine.. 16 October 2007.. Capsule reviews for two Ultraman episodes:.. Defeat the Invader!.. Secret of the Miroganda.. 12 October 2007.. It is always interesting to hear the stories behind the movies.. Please read the interview with.. Fred Olen Ray.. to find out more about the man behind Retromedia and numerous cult and b-movies.. 9 October 2007.. Capsule reviews for.. Food of the Gods.. Ghidorah: The Three-Headed Monster.. 7 October 2007.. At long last, a Don Dohler film:.. Nightbeast.. 3 October 2007.. Ah, there is something new! The.. B-Movie Capsule Reviews.. section is now open, as well as capsule reviews for TV shows.. First up is a neat film called.. The Asphyx.. White Light Fever.. from "Showtimes The Outer Limits.. ".. 2 October 2007.. I had a tough choice this time, but.. wtfFilm.. is the website I would like to announce as the.. Legion of Muck.. winner for October - December 2007.. Kevin's site is a great resource for cult movie fans.. 28 September 2007.. As part of a one-two combination with the KO Picture Show, I reviewed.. Master of the Flying Guillotine.. Rob picked "One-Armed Boxer" for his review.. 21 September 2007.. The latest roundtable effort is the Blob Family Picnic! My contribution is the 1988 remake of.. The Blob.. , but there are a host of other blob-type monster movies being reviewed.. Check the.. supersoaker page.. for a complete listing.. 15 September 2007.. The review for.. Solarbabies.. 13 September 2007.. Fausto's reader review of.. Coffy.. is posted for your enjoyment.. 7 September 2007.. Who can save the Earth?.. Prince of Space.. , of course! Also, I added a new.. Random Thought.. 31 August 2007.. Beowulf.. takes some liberties with the ancient epic it is based on.. 26 August 2007.. is updated and republished.. 22 August 2007.. A very long time ago, Joe Pingree wrote a reader review for.. Kickboxer 4.. My apologies to Joe for the long wait.. 17 August 2007.. Are you up for a paradox? How about time travel? Okay, how about a paradox, time travel, and killer robots? Here is.. , which has all three.. 10 August 2007.. I suffer through.. and find myself wishing that I was washing the dishes instead.. Enjoy my pain.. 3 August 2007.. Godzilla, King of the Monsters.. is the Americanized version of "Gojira.. " The insertion of Raymond Burr is awkward, but the film is still worth viewing.. 27 July 2007.. The Terror of Tiny Town.. was one of my first reviews.. I want to spread the word about this all-midget western, so the article has been updated and is republished.. How can you not love an all-midget western?.. 21 July 2007.. It's a B-Movie Beach Party! My entry is.. Brides of Blood.. , but make sure you check out the.. to see all the reviews.. 13 July 2007.. Any Lovecraft fans should see.. The Resurrected.. 10 July 2007.. After a short delay, Jordan's.. B-Movie Film Vault.. is awarded the.. for July to September 2007.. Jordan has contributed a lot of work to the online b-movie community over the years.. 7 July 2007.. I join Darksider's Realm and Side Order of Ninjas for Christmas in July! My choice is the wintry old horror film.. Beast from Haunted Cave.. 1 July 2007.. In anticipation of the the new movie, the B-Movie Film Vault and Badmovies.. org review.. Transformers: The Movie.. Who doesn't remember that song, "You've Got the Touch!".. 26 June 2007.. Kooshmeister leaps to the defense of.. King Kong.. (1976).. 23 June 2007.. The Atomic Brain.. features a woman/cat brain transplant.. 16 June 2007.. Samurai films and giant monster movies are expertly blended in.. Daimajin.. 8 June 2007.. Fear the power of.. Gymkata!.. 2 June 2007.. A long time ago, in a place not far away from where I am now, I wrote a review for.. That article has been updated.. I encourage anyone who loves bad movies to give this one a try.. It is gloriously bad.. 30 May 2007.. Inyarear wrote a review for.. Child Bride.. It is just as troubling a film as he makes it out to be.. 25 May 2007.. Pure, unadulterated, rainbow pain.. Yes, I mean.. Rainbow Brite and the Star Stealer.. page was updated.. Check out the great interview with.. George Hardy.. , the father from "Troll 2.. 12 May 2007.. Rudy Ray Moore returns as Dolemite in.. The Human Tornado!.. 4 May 2007.. Yet again, I get a nasty surprise from buying a movie based on its title.. I purchased.. Weasels Rip My Flesh.. was also updated.. 27 April 2007.. Stay out of the water or.. The Flesh Eaters.. will get you.. 20 April 2007.. Hundra.. (the female barbarian) is reviewed and there is a new addition to the.. 14 April 2007.. Yes, there is a sequel to "The Rocky Horror Picture Show.. " It is called.. Shock Treatment.. I found that, due to its effect on me, the title made sense.. 11 April 2007.. A classic bad movie revisited!.. was one of the website's first reviews.. It has now been updated.. Stop by and rediscover a grand old b-movie.. 7 April 2007.. Skaboi convinced me to do a slasher.. Among his favorites is.. The Mutilator.. 31 March 2007.. Ben Black reviews.. The Karate Kid Part III.. and I add a.. Also, Shadow's B-Movie Graveyard is my choice for the.. for April through June 2007; it is a great site for b-movie fans to visit.. 24 March 2007.. Ultraman arrives in the TV Shows section with.. Ultra Operation #1.. 17 March 2007.. I celebrate St.. Patrick's Day with a review of.. Leprechaun 3.. and post a new.. 14 March 2007.. Check out Nick Carroll's reader review of.. Psych-Out.. 10 March 2007.. Never mix gorillas with religion is what I always say.. Here is.. Beneath the Planet of the Apes.. 3 March 2007.. An old friend of mine loves the movie.. Galaxina.. and his birthday is coming up.. So, this review is for you, Mr.. Reinhart.. 24 February 2007.. Blades.. is like "Jaws," but substitutes a lawnmower for the shark.. 17 February 2007.. Please read the.. Interview with Ian Stuart.. to learn about his original script for "The Pit" and what was changed.. 10 February 2007.. Valentine's Day is on the way.. All you primitive lovebirds should check out.. Cavegirl.. 3 February 2007.. Hope that you enjoy my review of.. Saturn 3.. There is a new.. too.. 31 January 2007.. Ah, I have surprised you with an update in the middle of the week.. Akiratubo typed out his thoughts about the.. Dungeons Dragons.. animated series.. 27 January 2007.. Time for a Russ Meyer film! Anyone who has not seen.. is missing out.. Also, for variety, I posted a new.. 20 January 2007.. Finally, a modern version of the low-budget monster movie that is well done.. See.. Feast.. 13 January 2007.. Read my.. Interview With Cast Members.. of the movie What Waits Below or check out ClockWorkCanary's Reader Review for.. Friday the 13th Part IV.. 6 January 2007.. covers primitive law, in terrible detail.. 1 January 2007.. Happy New Year! To celebrate 2007, I finally reviewed.. Hard Rock Zombies.. Also,.. B-Movie Central.. for January to March of 2007.. Many thanks to Duane for creating such a fun site for b-movie fans..

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  • Title: About Badmovies.org
    Descriptive info: ABOUT BADMOVIES.. ORG.. The goal of any movie is to entertain.. This might sound strange, but who cares if a movie is poorly acted and filled with ridiculous special effects? What matters is if the movie keeps you entertained.. The site's whole reason for being is to celebrate the quirky films that I find so enjoyable.. Well, most of them are enjoyable.. Some of the movies I watch cause me quite a bit of pain, but I love them anyway.. Since we always hurt the ones we love, I will assume that the movies are loving me right back.. It all began in 1998 when I realized that there had to be others who loved the same kind of movies that I did.. While everyone else was talking about the latest Hollywood blockbuster, I was telling them about low budget horror films, silly science fiction movies, absurd action flicks, and other cinematic attempts that defied categorization - movies that were just plain weird.. The problem was.. finding.. other b-movie and cult film fanatics.. Perhaps, just perhaps mind you, a website was the perfect way for people with an unusual hobby to indulge themselves.. org was born on 22 June 1998.. Amusingly, my son Garrett was born on 22 June 2007, the website's 9th anniversary.. No, I did not plan it that way.. There are quite a few guest reviews written by readers, but most of the articles came from my keyboard.. This has always been a very personal endeavor.. I want to share watching the movie with you, for the reviews to seem like you and I are watching it together.. Both of us point out stuff that we noticed, make fun of bad acting, point out "Lessons Learned," and generally just have a lot of fun.. For more than a decade, I have been watching and writing, watching and writing, and  ...   this, but I hope somebody will.. At first, I paid for the site's upkeep out of my pocket.. The cost was around $180 a month for the server, and that was not small change for a young Marine.. However, eventually I needed to find a way for Badmovies.. org to support itself, and I began placing advertisements on the site.. What I love to see is movie-related advertisements.. Those fit in perfectly; I wish there were more of them.. I really like the Amazon.. com links to purchase the movies, because it supports the site,.. and.. the person buying the film is getting something they want.. Oh, I do not allow pop-ups, pop-unders, interstitials ("Click here to skip this ad"), or other intrusive advertisements.. If you encounter one of them on the site, the usual culprit is adware on your computer, but on rare occassions a "bad ad" does slip through.. Please let me know if you see one.. Maintaining Badmovies.. org is a lot of work.. It is not unusual for me to spend more than thirty hours a week writing, answering emails, and performing behind-the-scenes administration on the server.. I am still an active duty Marine, and now the father of three very active children, and I do have to sleep every now and then.. Meaning that, from time to time, keeping up with everything is a monster, but I love movies.. I love good movies, bad movies, cult movies - you name it - I love movies.. One of my simple pleasures is to relax on the couch and watch a movie.. It does not matter if it is a silver screen classic, a Mexican lucha libre flick, a cheesy science fiction movie, or, best of all, a monster on a rampage film.. I love watching movies, and I love watching them with my friends.. Let's watch some movies..

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    Descriptive info: CAPSULE B-MOVIE REVIEWS.. 2-Headed Shark Attack.. It's a 2-headed shark, and it's attacking!.. 1.. Exploitation film trailer collection.. The Asphyx.. A scientist discovers a way to capture the spirit of death.. The Bat People.. You can obviously get worse things than rabies from a bat bite.. The Bermuda Depths.. A young man discovers that his girlfriend is a sea devil, and that their pet sea turtle is Satan's monster.. The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms.. New York is attacked by a plague-infested dinosaur.. The Black Hole (2006).. No cool effects or amusing flying robots in this disaster of a movie.. The Capture of Bigfoot.. The worst film ever made in BFW (Wisconsin).. Chillerama.. One awful movie made up of four awful mini-movies does not a good movie make.. The Curse.. Death Dimension.. "The Pig" has a freeze bomb, and a breast-eating turtle.. Diamonds of Kilimandjaro.. White jungle goddesses spend a lot of time lounging (topless) in trees.. Dragon Fighter.. A cloning lab picks the wrong bones for its experiments.. Evil Toons.. A demonic cartoon escapes from a cursed book and chases after some college girls.. Feast II: Sloppy Seconds.. Monsters, topless biker babes, and midget luchadores.. I should love this film, but I don't.. Fertilize the Blaspheming Bombshell!..  ...   you find a giant flying lion that has the brain of an Asian woman?.. Maneater of Hydra.. It is a killer tree, just walk away.. Mesa of Lost Women.. The real horror is the soundtrack, because the film makers recorded fifteen seconds of music, then looped it.. Mortal Challenge.. This movie is a lot like "The Running Man," though it lacks Arnold Schwarzenegger.. The Neptune Factor.. It's like watching paint dry.. underwater!.. Not of This Earth (1988).. Traci Lords stars in this remake about vampire aliens from a nuked world.. Of Unknown Origin.. Peter Weller battles Ratzilla.. Pterodactyl.. Prehistoric eggs hatch and a flock of man-eating pterodactyls surprises a paleontologist and his graduate students.. No entries.. Yet.. Rock Rule.. An evil rock roll overlord wants to rule the world.. Savage Planet.. People exploring an alien planet discover it is filled with bears.. Silent Hill.. The terrifying secret of the town of Silent Hill is that nobody knows what is going on.. Tears of the Black Tiger.. This is probably the best violent cowboy shoot 'em up ever made in Thailand.. Tintorera!.. It has to be Spanish for "three-way" or "tiger shark.. Versus.. Anti-hero + firearms + zombies = dead zombies.. Zebraman.. Black and white stripes of justice!..

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  • Title: Badmovies.org Television Show Reviews
    Descriptive info: B-GRADE TELEVISION SHOW REVIEWS.. DUNGEONS DRAGONS.. EPISODE NAME.. Series Overview.. Reader review by Akiratubo.. The Eye of the Beholder.. I am still upset about how the final monster was defeated.. The Hall of Bones.. When their magical items run out of juice, the party looks for a way to recharge the weapons.. The Night of No Tomorrow.. The kids fail to see through Vengar's clever "white hare" disguise.. GALACTICA 1980.. Pilot Episode.. The fleep finally discovers Earth.. THE OUTER LIMITS.. The Human Factor.. A scientist  ...   ants of war!.. SHOWTIMES THE OUTER LIMITS.. Flower Child.. A passionate plant monster arrives on Earth.. White Light Fever.. A mean billionaire wants to live forever.. STAR TREK.. The Trouble With Tribbles.. Kirk deals with a horde of round cats.. STINGRAY.. Hostages of the Deep.. Merina is captured and threatened with a swordfish.. Stingray.. Pilot episode.. Troy is put on trial by a fish!.. The main criteria are:.. How bad is this episode?.. The pinnacle of schlocky television; this is a must see!.. A bad experience..

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  • Title: Updates to b-movie websites around the web
    Descriptive info: Favorites.. B-Movies.. Monsters.. Studios.. Horror.. Purchasing.. NEW REVIEWS AND ARTICLES ON B-MOVIE WEBSITES.. This listing of updates is included in the Badmovies.. org.. There are quite a few websites run by fellow fans of b-movies and cult cinema.. Another reviewer's writing style or choice of movies could be the perfect one for your tastes, so check out their latest updates.. Site and Update Information.. org Reviews "2-Headed Shark Attack".. One of the most accurate film titles ever written! The plot does indeed involve a 2-headed shark that attacks, and what it attacks is a group of college kids filled with so many annoying characters that I wished it was a 12-headed shark, just so the kids would disappear faster than they did.. 4 Jan 2013.. org Reviews "Munchies".. A LOT of Harvey Korman.. 13 Nov 2012.. org Reviews "The Capture of Bigfoot".. 31 Aug 2012.. org Reviews "The Dark Lurking".. 7 Aug 2012.. org Reviews "Galactica 1980: Series Pilot".. In the year 1980, the refugee fleet of spaceships led by the Battlestar Galactica finally discovers Earth.. 19 Jun 2012.. org Reviews "KISS Meets the Phantom of the Park".. 21 May 2012.. org Reviews "Sea Beast".. org Reviews "Battle Beneath the Earth".. 17 Apr 2012.. org Reviews "Chillerama".. 25 Mar 2012.. org Reviews "Escape 2000".. 5 Mar 2012.. org Reviews "Road House".. Patrick Swayze is a bouncer/philosopher who teachers the bouncers of the Double Deuce the ancient art of bouncing, saves the town from a corrupt businessman, and falls in love with a female doctor who does a lot more than kiss on the second date.. 14 Feb 2012.. org Reviews "Alien 2: On Earth".. 24 Jan 2012.. org Reviews "Tarkan vs.. the Vikings".. Tarkan is a string bean with a moustache, the Vikings wear pastel bath rugs instead of furs, and there is even a real, live inflatable octopus.. This movie is almost 100% pure kitsch.. 2 Aug 2011.. org Reviews "Disco Godfather".. When angel dust dealers move into his neighborhood, Rudy Ray Moore becomes the avenging disco godfather of legend.. Yes, he avenges his nephew.. Yes, he is a godfather.. And yes, dear God, there is disco.. 13 Jun 2011.. org Reviews "Getting Lucky".. A teenage nerd discovers a leprechaun in an empty beer bottle.. The nerd is in love with a cheerleader and the leprechaun must grant three wishes to escape from his glass prison.. If you think this sounds like the setup for a teen sex comedy, you are right.. org Reviews "The Killing of Satan".. This is a Filipino film about a man who uses Catholic magic to battle the Devil.. That alone makes seeking it out a worthwhile effort for anyone who enjoys bizarre cinema.. 12 Apr 2011.. org Reviews "Dagon".. "Dagon" is mostly based on another of Lovecraft's short stories, being about 65% "The Shadow Over Innsmouth.. " The remainder is 5% "Dagon" and 30% miscellaneous ideas (mostly mutant fish person incest).. 28 Feb 2011.. org Reviews "Mega Piranha".. Tiffany creates piranhas large enough to eat a battleship.. The fish never stop growing and never stop eating, despite the fact that they don't need to eat to grow and were meant to grow to eat.. If that last sentence doesn't make any sense to you, then I have successfully captured the spirit of this film.. 17 Feb 2011.. org Reviews "The Spirit".. For this Sadistic Santa roundtable, Dr.. Freex put a little something by Frank Miller under my tree.. It's not a good movie by any stretch of the imagination, but I think that Freex is getting soft in his old age.. What I am saying is that I like my bad movies to be a lot better at being bad than this one.. 23 Dec 2010.. org Reviews "My Little Pony: The Movie".. Why do all of the ponies have  ...   the hero and the villain are a treat, and the atmosphere is great, but what makes this movie special is the demon.. It is a truly memorable addition to cinema's museum of monsters.. 9 Aug 2010.. org Reader Reviews "Midnight".. Reader review by the indomitable, but unhappy about this film, RetroRussell.. Reading his description, it's hard to blame Russell for not enjoying the movie.. 28 Jul 2010.. org Reviews "Big Meat Eater".. The problem with this movie is not that it is science fiction, nor that it is horror, nor even that it is a comedy.. The problem is that it is also a musical.. Its budget is a problem as well.. Cub scout troops have bigger budgets than this film.. For those keeping track, that makes it a no-budget sci-fi horror comedy musical.. 12 Jul 2010.. org Reviews "Blue Demon".. Scientists create great white sharks that obey basic FORTRAN commands, such as GOTO, EAT, and NO EAT.. Of course, the sharks escape and get stuck in EAT mode.. 20 Jun 2010.. org Reviews "Zardoz".. Updated review! Where else can you find Sean Connery dressed in a red loincloth, a giant flying stone head that preaches about guns and safe sex, and a commune of everlasting hippies?.. 8 Jun 2010.. org Reviews "Bigfoot" (1970).. The poster promises an unstoppable motorcycle-hurling monster, cops clutching their useless submachine guns, and buxom beauties screaming in terror at a hairy beast that "breeds with anything.. " As great as all that sounds, it's not the movie that I watched.. Not even close.. 24 May 2010.. org Reviews "War of the Robots".. Lady Gaga's android army returns in this Italian space opera that is desperately in need of an editor.. Every scene, and I do mean every scene, lasts five times longer than it should.. The climatic final battle takes almost half an hour.. 11 May 2010.. Lost Highway reviews "Burnt Offerings".. Why do people decide that big creepy mansions in the middle of nowhere make great vacation rentals? You know someone is going to get possessed.. It's usually on the lease in the small print.. 2 May 2010.. org Reviews "Teenage Catgirls in Heat".. The title is inspired, but this film is an awful conglomeration of events that, though they are meant to produce a coherent plot, ultimately result in an incomprehensible mess.. I did laugh when it rained cats on the tin-roofed farmhouse.. "Meow!" **BANG**.. 26 Apr 2010.. Lost Highway reviews "Halloween 3: Season of the Witch".. No Michael Myers, no Jamie Lee Curtis, and no Donald Pleasance? Nope, just Tom Atkins butt and some defective Halloween masks.. Now that truly is horrifying.. 13 Apr 2010.. org Reviews "The Educational Archives: Sex Drugs".. "The Educational Archives" is an entertainment goldmine filled with old classroom training films.. This particular assortment contains an Italian man who canna have no bambino until he gets his syphilis fixed, a girl whose LSD trip results in a talking hot dog, and sanitary napkins so large that only three of them fit into a shoebox.. 10 Apr 2010.. org Reader Reviews "Repo! The Genetic Opera".. Guest review by Spazzo.. This is an opera.. The plot is about organ transplants that are repossessed if the owner does not make the payments.. The cast includes Paris Hilton and Andrew Lloyd Webber's ex-wife.. Yes, this is a real film.. 4 Apr 2010.. Shadow's B-Movie Graveyard Reviews "One Million AC/DC".. A tribe of dirty, greasy, scabby and overly stupid cavemen and cavewomen contend with the harsh realities of the prehistoric world by having constant sex.. 28 Mar 2010.. Fellow webmasters interested in adding their site to the list should.. contact Andrew.. The goal is to help readers find other b-movie websites that maintain a regular, at least monthly, update schedule.. I attempt to keep the listing as current as possible..

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