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  • Title: Welcome to Back On My Feet | Back on My Feet
    Descriptive info: .. Welcome to Back On My Feet.. Back on My Feet.. http://www.. backonmyfeet.. org/sites/default/files/styles/slide_image/public/holiday-2013-WebCard-UPDATE.. jpg?ts=20131210160805.. Choose a Chapter.. About Us.. About Back on My Feet.. Our Story.. Our History.. Our Model.. Financials.. National Board of Directors.. National Staff.. National Media Coverage.. PIVOT - a Social Enterprise.. Our Founder.. Our Program.. Mission & Process.. Our Impact.. Expansion.. Support Expansion.. Request a Chapter.. Members.. Events.. Partners.. Get Involved.. Run With Us.. FundRacing.. Corporate Support.. Employment Partnerships.. Buy Merchandise.. Events and Campaigns.. Find a Speaker for Your Event.. Donate.. Chapters.. News & Press.. Store.. Search.. Give the Gift of Giving with Back on My Feet.. The Holiday Season is upon us, let Back on My Feet help you check gifts off your shopping list while you help our Members work to achieve self-sufficiency!.. Get Giving!.. Back on My Feet is Coast to Coast!.. Back on My Feet Los Angeles has officially launched bringing Back on My Feet coast to coast! Find out how to get involved to help more individuals become self-sufficient all across the country.. BoMF Featured on the American Express Passion Project.. Our Founder, Anne, shares her passion with American Express.. We hope you ll share in our passion by sharing you Amex points with Back on My Feet.. Passion Project!.. Back on My  ...   the allied fields of carpentry, construction and more.. Shop Now!.. Back on My Feet is a non-profit creating independence and self-sufficiency within homeless populations in.. 11 cities nationwide.. by engaging then in running as a means to build confidence, strength and self-esteem.. WATCH OUR VIDEO.. How It Works.. Second Chances: see how running, support and training lead to an independent life.. Learn more about the real-life results driving our program.. Learn about how you can support Back on My Feet.. Our Nationwide Partners.. Accenture.. ACE Cash Express.. AT T.. Bimbo Bakeries USA.. Marriott International.. White Lodging.. Back To Top.. Back on My Feet Headquarters.. Atlanta.. Austin.. Baltimore.. Boston.. Chicago.. Dallas.. Washington D.. C.. Indianapolis.. New York City.. Philadelphia.. Los Angeles.. Find Us.. Land Title Building.. 100 S Broad Street, Suite 1400.. Philadelphia, PA 19110.. Call Us.. (215) 772-1080.. Contact Us.. Connect With Us.. Like Us on Facebook.. Follow Us on Twitter.. Watch Our Videos.. Career Opportunities.. Check out exciting career opportunities with Back on My Feet.. Learn More.. Newsletter Sign Up.. Sign up for our Newsletter!.. Sign Up.. 2013.. Back on My Feet is a 501(c)(3) organization.. Our tax-id number is.. 26-2109809.. Privacy Policy.. Terms of Use.. Select a chapter from the.. list or the map!.. Choose your local chapter below.. Nationwide.. Close..

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  • Title: About Us | Back on My Feet
    Descriptive info: Back on My Feet is a national for-purpose 501(c)3 organization that uses running to help those experiencing homelessness transform their own lives and achieve employment and independent living.. org/sites/default/files/menuimage/boston_05_2.. png?ts=20131016150136.. Home.. Share:.. Send to a Friend.. Share on Facebook.. Share on Twitter.. Share on Google+..

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  • Title: About Back on My Feet | Back on My Feet
    Descriptive info: For the Residential Members in our program, running is the first step along a road that leads to independence.. - Anne Mahlum, Founder.. Changing Lives One Mile, Job and House at a Time.. Back on My Feet (BoMF) is a national for-purpose 501(c)3 organization that uses running to help those experiencing homelessness change the way they see themselves so they can make real change in their lives that results in employment and independent living.. The organization’s mission is not to create runners within the homeless population, but to use running to create self-sufficiency in the lives of those experiencing homelessness.. The program’s success is measured by how many Members achieve independence through employment and housing.. Through dedication and hard work, Residential Members (those experiencing homelessness) earn the opportunity to create  ...   incredible media support, including attention from.. NBC Nightly News.. ,.. ABC World News.. CNN.. , and.. The Today Show.. for its ingenuity in tackling this difficult social issue.. Fast Facts.. Back on My Feet started in Philadelphia in 2007.. Back on My Feet has 11 chapters nationwide.. 46% of Residential Members (those experiencing homelessness) move their lives forward with a job, housing or both.. Back on My Feet has a $6.. 5M operating budget for 2013.. Watch Our Video.. Learn more about Back on My Feet!.. Watch the Video.. Read more about the Back on My Feet program.. Program Impact.. We're making an impact in communities nationwide!.. Access our financial documents.. Check out our national media coverage!.. Learn More about Employing Members.. Watch our Members in action at work!.. Watch Video..

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  • Title: Our Story | Back on My Feet
    Descriptive info: This is our history.. org/sites/default/files/may_2007-01_0.. png?ts=20130612094645.. May 1, 2007.. Humble Beginnings.. Early morning runs have always been an integral part of every morning for Founder CEO Anne Mahlum.. The discipline, the focus - there was just something that sets them apart.. It was on these early morning runs, passing by the Sunday Breakfast Rescue Mission at 13th Vine Streets in Philadelphia, that Anne first met the original Back on My Feet Members.. After waves, greetings and jokes, she developed a friendly rapport with the men from the mission.. Anne realized that if running could help her through her own personal challenges, there was no reason it couldn t help these men through their struggles.. Jul 3, 2007.. First Steps Along the Road to Independence.. It was the day before the Fourth of July, 2007 - Independence Day.. On this Philadelphia morning, so many years after another group of men defined their own independence in this very city, nine men experiencing homelessness took their first steps toward self-sufficiency on a run with Anne.. The Dedication Contract they signed that day committed them to arrive on time, and with a positive attitude, three days each week at 5:30 a.. m.. This inaugural run is what sparked the fire that would become Back on My Feet.. Oct 1, 2007.. Making a Splash in the Philadelphia Running Scene.. After the success of our first fundraiser in July, runners began to flock to Back on My Feet, eager to combine their love of the sport with the energizing feeling of helping those experiencing homelessness.. When the ever-popular Philadelphia Marathon sold out, runners called to purchase our charity race entries enabling us to raise a staggering $45,000 in three days!.. Dec 1, 2007.. Formal Attire Sneakers.. In December of our first year, Back on My Feet supporters donned formal attire and sneakers for our first Bash.. Not only did this make dancing much easier, but it alos helped to shine a spotlight on the nature of the organization.. Our goals, our methods, our events - everything is aimed at creating self-sufficiency within the lives of those experiencing homelessness through the sport of running, even if that means dancing from time to time.. This celebratory event is now a highlight on each chapter s calendar!.. Dec 14, 2007.. Hi, Charles Gibson.. If you thought sneakers and ballroom gowns were attention grabbing, imagine the outcome when ABC Nightly News shined its light our way! On Dec.. 14, 2007 ABC World News ran a report on Back on My Feet, highlighting the genesis of our organization and the positivity it was spreading.. With more than 5 million nightly viewers, the feature on Back on My Feet garnered unprecedented attention bringing in volunteers, donations and requests for our program in cities across the country.. Jan 1, 2008.. Growing, Saving, Employing.. After months of dedicated running, goal-setting and training, Back on My Feet became an official 501(c)3 nonprofit.. Cue: (1) the expansion of the organization from a partnership with just one shelter to in-depth relationships with four facilities, (2) $100,000 in generous donations in the bank, (3) the first paid employee, (4) our first, real-deal leased office.. We were picking up the pace.. Jul 1, 2008.. The Start of a Philadelphia Race Tradition.. Since non-traditional was becoming part of our tradition, Back on My Feet s first official race wasn t just a 5K or 10K - it was an all-day, multi-race event with an ultra-marathon to test even veteran marathoners, a smattering of different relays, a Midnight Madness run rocking reflective gear and a Pajama Loop run featuring  ...   back on track.. Mar 1, 2009.. First Expansion City.. Homelessness is more than a Philadelphia issue.. There are men and women from all walks of life across the country experiencing what can feel like an impossible road ahead.. With little more than sneakers, amazing community support and a will to run that road, we began to branch out to new cities and brought our message and methods to Baltimore, MD.. The chapter launched in March 2009 with a dedicated and enthusiastic community of Members.. Feb 1, 2010.. Investing in Financial Aid and Literacy.. As our organization continued to grow and lives continued to change with each new run, team and training session our milestones continued to not only be met, but surpassed.. By February 2010, Back on My Feet Philadelphia distributed more than $25,000 in financial aid to help Members overcome the costly challenges of getting off the streets and into new apartments and jobs.. The chapter simultaneously launched its Financial Literacy program which soon became a best practice for all future chapters.. Jun 15, 2010.. 100 Members Trained.. After three years of running and growing, our 100th Residential Member, those experiencing homelessness, entered in our training and education program.. One month later, our first Member was hired by our partner, the JW Marriott Washington DC.. Mar 1, 2011.. Five New Chapters in One Year.. In just 12 months, marching from March to March, we launched new chapters in Washington DC, Boston, Chicago, Dallas and Indianapolis spreading from a few East Coast sites all the way to the middle of the country.. As we expanded, we also nominated a National Board of Directors to guide growth, efficiency and sustainability.. May 1, 2011.. 100,000 Miles.. Back on My Feet may only have been in seven markets and less than four years old, but we reached worldly heights when, cumulatively, our Members ran a total of 100,000 miles.. To put it in perspective, that is the equivalent of running more than four times around the world!.. Jul 1, 2011.. 300th Member Obtains Employment.. The whole impetus of our organization is to drive life-transforming results for our Members; to get them to reach their goals and achieve what they once thought to be unachievable.. Using the formula of running, job training, goal-setting and personal transformation, the Back on My Feet program led 300 Members by July of 2011 to self-sufficiency measured through employment and housing.. That s 300 people off the streets and back on their feet!.. Nov 1, 2011.. From Hotlanta to the Big Apple.. Refusing to ever slow down, Back on My Feet Atlanta launched on 11.. 11.. 11 and only five months later, we had our ninth chapter in the Big Apple! Back on My Feet New York City launched with five teams in various boroughs to typical New York fanfare ringing the bell at the NASDAQ OMX and making an appearance at Yankees Stadium.. Jan 1, 2013.. Back on My Feet Coast to Coast.. The future is bright! We started 2013 with a staggering $6.. 5 million budget and more than 45 staff members in 10 cities.. Since September of 2008, 743 Residential Members obtained employment and 519 obtained housing.. On January 25, we announced that Back on My Feet Los Angeles would extend our program to the West Coast by the end of the year and then just three days later, we launched our 10th chapter in Austin, helping individuals in cities all across the country get back on their feet.. Drag the bar to see our milestones and achievements.. 2007.. Today.. Slide Left.. Slide Right..

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  • Title: Our History | Back on My Feet
    Descriptive info: Our History.. Can a morning run change the course of your life? We think so.. bomfbeta.. org/sites/default/files/Anne_running_0.. png?ts=20131015122225.. In 2007, when Back on My Feet Founder, Anne Mahlum, was 26 years old and living in Philadelphia, she was at a crossroads in her life.. For the past several months, the idea of her purpose had been all consuming – she was willing to do anything to find it, she just didn’t know where to look.. Soon she realized it was right beneath her feet.. Running was Anne’s staple.. She became a runner when she was 16 to get through a turbulent time for her family due to her dad’s gambling addiction.. Anne found clarity and strength in the movement of running.. It helped her to understand that you must take things one step at a time.. It also helped Anne to realize that difficult roads lead to difficult choices – you either persevere, or turn around and make excuses.. Running helped Anne discover who she was and what she loved about herself.. Ten years later, in May of 2007 at 5:30 a.. on the streets of Philadelphia, Anne began to form a relationship with several men outside of Sunday Breakfast Rescue Mission.. This is when she realized that she could help these people if she stopped running by them and started running with them.. Anne called the Mission, and with a little persistence, received permission to start an official running club with nine guys living  ...   just a running club – this could be the core to changing people’s lives:.. The Members were coming out every day of their own volition.. Anne believed (and still does!) that voluntary behavior is the only way change is possible.. No one was forcing or threatening the individuals experiencing homelessness to be on that corner at 6 a.. They were there because they wanted to be.. While recording how far people ran after the morning runs, each Member waited anxiously to receive credit for their hard work.. It was clear: no matter how many differences there are between us, the similarities are what connect us and make us human.. We all want to be noticed, appreciated, recognized, valued, cared for and loved.. It is these emotions that drive us every day.. The theoretical question that Anne asked herself was, “if we can change the way people see themselves, can we change the direction of their lives?” She felt very strongly that if we could help people experiencing homelessness see themselves as deserving, capable, hardworking, responsible, disciplined, focused and reliable, it would be possible for them to move toward independence.. This question is no longer a theory – it is a reality.. Today, 46% of Residential Members in the Back on My Feet program move their lives forward with a job, independent housing or both.. About Our Founder.. Read more about Anne Mahlum.. Read more about BoMF's national, Shared Services Team.. Join one of our teams today!..

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  • Title: Our Model | Back on My Feet
    Descriptive info: Services are consolidated at our national office to help local chapters focus on the program.. org/sites/default/files/SharedServices/Photos/our_model_ven_dia.. png?ts=20131031111231.. Shared Services Operating Model.. Back on My Feet (BoMF) is a national, for-purpose 501(c)3 organization with chapters nationwide.. Back on My Feet’s "Shared Services" model consolidates the following functions at the national headquarters:.. Human resources.. Finance.. Operations.. Communications.. Program analysis.. This allows chapters to focus on program achievements and local relationships.. This business model seeks to build a consistent and successful program, brand and experience in each chapter.. To do so, Back on My Feet keeps as much funding as possible in the local market using this Shared Services approach.. Self-Sufficient Chapters.. Self-sufficiency is not just  ...   is privately funded and it's 2013 operating budget is $6.. 5 million.. Each chapter is responsible for raising its share of these funds to support local operations.. Each chapter also has an independent Advisory Board to provide support and oversight.. BoMF has one National Board of Directors, which is the legal governing body of Back on My Feet.. Back on My Feet has nearly 50 employees nationwide with three to five local employees in each market.. Chapters are built to be self-sufficient programmatically and financially, resulting in high chapter ownership and the ability for Back on My Feet to expand without constraints from each city.. Workplace Culture.. Looking for something different?.. Read More..

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  • Title: Financials | Back on My Feet
    Descriptive info: Back on My Feet is entirely privately funded.. We're growing thanks to your support!.. org/sites/default/files/menuimage/financials_pie.. png?ts=20130529154529.. How We’re Funded.. Back on My Feet has two defining revenue generation strategies:.. Back on My Feet does not take government funding,.. but rather brings new companies and individuals to this issue.. through creative engagement practices.. Diversified funding is a priority.. The goal is for no more than.. 50% of revenue  ...   market fluctuation.. *Allocations in chart based on audited 2011 revenue.. Financial Snapshot.. Year.. Revenue.. Expenses.. Net.. 2011*.. $3,657,644.. $3,170,266.. $487,398.. 2012**.. $5,054,919.. $4,495,637.. $559,282.. 2013 Budget.. $6,546,380.. $5,889,893.. $656,487.. *Audited results presented on a gross basis, whereby direct event expenses are included in “Expenses.. ”.. **Unaudited results.. Financial Documents.. Click to view Back on My Feet’s financial documents:.. 2012 Audited Financial Statements.. 2012 990.. 2012 Impact Report..

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  • Title: National Board of Directors | Back on My Feet
    Descriptive info: The expertise of our esteemed Board Members is integral to the success of our organization.. Board Members run with us, share their networks, engage their companies and believe in the power of personal transformation through running.. org/sites/default/files/styles/member_image/public/Kelly%20King_10_ppCopy_Cropped.. jpg?ts=20131119145607.. Kelly.. Kelly M.. King.. President, South Central Region, AT T Mobility Consumer Markets | Board Chairman.. With over 20 years of experience in the telecommunications industry, Kelly King serves as the president for AT T’s Mobility and Consumer Markets operations in the South Central U.. S.. Leading teams of professionals across the five-state area, which includes Missouri, Kansas, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Texas, King is responsible for sales, operations, financial performance and the customer experience for consumer wireless, voice, data, and TV services.. Active in a variety of business and civic organizations, King is currently serving as the chairman of the board for the Institute for Communication, Technology Management at the University of Southern California – Marshall School of Business, and is the co-chairman of the advisory committee for the Asian Pacific Islanders for Professional and Community Advancement.. King also served on the board of directors for the Special Olympics of Southern California and the Boy Scouts of America.. In 2010, he was named to the list of Outstanding 50 Asian Americans in Business by the Asian American Business Development Center.. David.. David Grissen.. President of the Americas, Marriott International | Vice Chairman.. David J.. Grissen is president of the America’s for Marriott International, Inc.. Mr.. Grissen’s specific responsibilities include the financial performance of all of the America’s Lodging operations comprising more than 2,800 hotels and a work force of 110,000 associates.. This includes staff responsibilities for sales marketing, revenue management, human resources, engineering, rooms operations, food and beverage/retail/spa, information resources and development.. Mr.. Grissen is also chair of the America’s Hotel Development Committee and a member of the Lodging Strategy Group.. Jeff.. Jeff Adams.. Managing Director, Morgan Stanley So.. Cal.. Region Director, Global Wealth Mgmt.. Grp.. | Treasurer.. Jeff Adams is a Managing Director with Morgan Stanley and the Southern California Region Director for the Global Wealth Management Group.. Prior to his current position, Jeff was the National Director of Sales and Marketing Support.. He has also served as the Regional Director of the Midwest, Branch Manager of the North Texas Complex of offices and a member of Morgan Stanley's training faculty, where he served as a Management Training Associate from 1993 to 1995.. Since its inception in 1994 through 2001, Jeff served as Morgan Stanley's liaison to the Securities Industry Continuing Education Program (CEP).. While serving a three year term on the CEP Council Jeff also was the Chair of the Firm Element Committee.. In addition, he was a founding Board Member and a past President of the "Make a Wish" Foundation of North Texas.. Adams is a graduate of the University of Texas.. He and his wife Kelly are relocating to Southern California.. Anne.. Anne Berkowitch.. Co-Founder and CEO, SelectMinds.. Anne Berkowitch is co-founder and CEO of SelectMinds, a leading provider of social recruiting and networking technology.. SelectMinds’ applications enable organizations to leverage social connections to distribute jobs, source referrals, market their employment brand and engage corporate talent communities.. Customers include leading organizations across Financial Services, High-Tech, Professional Services and other industries around the globe.. Previously, Anne was a management consultant with Booz Allen Hamilton, in New York and London, focusing on growth strategies for financial, business services and consumer services clients.. While at the firm, she was also very active in the recruitment and development of senior staff, experience that proved invaluable in the launch and growth of SelectMinds.. Anne has an MBA in finance from MIT's Sloan School of Management and a BS in Applied Math and Biology from Brown University.. Jim.. Jim Boyle.. Former President, John Hancock Financial Services.. Jim Boyle, who is based in Boston, directed all phases of John Hancock’s operations.. The company’s core business areas include Life Insurance, Long-Term Care Insurance, Variable Annuities, 401(k) plans, Fixed Products, Mutual Funds, and John Hancock Financial Network.. He also is a member of Manulife’s Executive and Management committees.. Robert.. Robert Egger.. President, LA Kitchen.. Egger launched the country’s first “community kitchen” in 1989 where food donated by hospitality businesses and farms is used to fuel a nationally recognized culinary arts job training program.. Since opening in 1989, the Kitchen has produced more than 23 million meals and helped 800 men and women gain full time employment.. In Washington, Egger was the founding Chair of both the Mayor’s Commission on Nutrition and Street Sense, Washington’s “homeless” newspaper.. He was also the Co-Convener of the first Nonprofit Congress, held in Washington DC in 2006.. Egger’s book on the non-profit sector, Begging for Change: The Dollars and Sense of Making Nonprofits Responsive, Efficient and Rewarding For All, was released in 2004 by HarperCollins.. It received the 2005 McAdam Prize for “Best Nonprofit Management Book” by the Alliance for Nonprofit Management.. Robert was included in the Non Profit  ...   where she obtained her Master’s Degree in Political Communications in 2003.. Fred.. Fred Penny.. President, Bimbo Bakeries USA.. Fred Penny is a veteran of the baking industry, serving BBU and its predecessor companies in various roles over the past 33 years.. His career began in Kraft Bakery’s Finance function in the Northeast.. In 1990, he was appointed Director of Strategic Planning and Productivity for Kraft Baking and from 1993 to 1997, he served as General Manager of the Intermountain Market Area in Denver.. In 1997, he was appointed VP and General Manager, Northeast Market area for Entenmann’s and in 2007, he was appointed Executive VP of George Weston Bakeries, Inc.. Penny received his MBA in Finance from New York University in and his B.. in Business Administration from Long Island University.. Dave.. Dave Sibley.. President CEO Hotel Management Services, White Lodging.. A hospitality industry veteran, Mr.. Sibley joined White Lodging in 2000 and is responsible for the operating results of all hotels in the management portfolio and the recruitment and development of all nearly 8,000 associates.. Sibley currently oversees 158 hotels in 20 states, all affiliated with the industry's leading premium brands.. He started with the company as the opening General Manager of the Indianapolis Marriott Downtown, and has also served as Regional Vice President of Operations and Senior Vice President of Operations/Eastern Division.. Prior to joining White Lodging, He spent more than 17 years with Marriott International.. He received his business degree from Gettysburg College and is active in community engagement, currently serving as a member of the executive committee of Indianapolis Convention and Visitors Bureau.. Sibley also serves on Residence Inn by Marriott’s Advisory Board, and is on the National Board of Directors for Back on My Feet.. Larry.. Larry Solomon.. North American Operating Officer, Accenture.. Larry Solomon, COO, Human Resources for Accenture, was appointed as Chairman of the Board for Back on My Feet on Dec.. 9th, 2009.. During the 1990's Larry held a number of leadership positions in HR, including HR Director for the Americas-Government and Health Services business, Americas HR Lead, and HR Director for Global Geographic Services.. He was promoted to partner in September 2000, and became the Managing Director for Global Geographic Services in 2004.. He has held a COO position since 2008, and is now in his current role as North American Operating Officer.. Jay.. Jay Shipowitz.. Chairman, ACE Cash Express, Inc.. Jay B.. Shipowitz became Chairman of ACE Cash Express, Inc.. (ACE) in October 2006, Chief Executive Officer in July 2004 and has served as the President and as a Director of the Company since January 2000.. Shipowitz served as the Company's Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer from May 1997 to January 2000.. Prior to joining ACE, from July 1996 to May 1997, Mr.. Shipowitz was the Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of USDATA Corporation, a software company located in Richardson, Texas.. From June 1993 to July 1996, Mr.. Shipowitz was the Vice President of Finance and Administration and Chief Financial Officer of Westinghouse Security Systems, Inc.. , a residential security company headquartered in Dallas, Texas.. From 1987 to 1993, Mr.. Shipowitz worked at Price Waterhouse in Baltimore, Maryland.. Shipowitz worked at KPMG Peat Marwick in Greensboro, North Carolina from 1985 to 1987.. Shipowitz currently serves as a director of the Financial Service Centers of America, Inc.. , the primary trade association pertaining to ACE’s business.. Shipowitz is on the Board of Advisors for the Love School of Business at Elon University and on the Dallas Advisory Board for Back on My Feet.. Shipowitz holds an MBA from Southern Methodist University and a Bachelors of Science in Accounting from Guilford College.. Natalie.. Natalie Morales.. Today Co-Host and National Correspondent | Honorary Board Member.. Natalie Morales joined “Today” as a National Correspondent in February 2006 and was named Co-Host of the third hour of “Today” in March 2006.. Morales also serves as a National Correspondent for all NBC News platforms including “NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams,” Dateline NBC,” and MSNBC.. Prior to joining “Today,” Morales was an anchor and correspondent at MSNBC from March 2002 to February 2006.. While working for “Today” and MSNBC, she has contributed to NBC News’ Emmy Award winning election coverage in 2004 and 2008, Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor’s appointment, Pope Benedict XVI’s first visit to the U.. , and several major breaking news stories including the Minneapolis bridge collapse; Hurricane Katrina and the recovery efforts; the Tsunami disaster; the death of Pope John Paul II; the Battle for White House in 2004; Operation Iraqi Freedom; and the Columbia Shuttle explosion.. She also has enjoyed being a part of NBC’s and the Today Shows Olympics coverage at the 2004 Summer games in Athens, as well as the Winter Olympics in Torino in 2006 and Vancouver in 2008.. “Hispanic Magazine” named Morales as one of the “Top Hispanics to Watch” in 2005 and one of the “Top Trendsetters” of 2003..

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  • Title: National Staff | Back on My Feet
    Descriptive info: We re only as good as our staff, and our staff is pretty darn good.. We re passionate about running and the benefits that it brings to our lives.. We re proud to serve our Members and communities through the Back on My Feet program and can t wait to see you at our next morning run, race or event!.. org/sites/default/files/styles/member_image/public/Anne%20Running_0_0.. jpg?ts=20131203120417.. Mahlum is the Founder of Back on My Feet.. "Back on My Feet is my way of making positive change in the world.. ".. Read.. more.. , visit Anne's.. website.. and follow Anne on Twitter.. @annemahlum.. Email Anne.. Photo by:.. Steve Boyle Photo.. Colleen.. Colleen F.. Bowman.. Chief Executive Officer.. Colleen has been involved with Back on My Feet since 2007 when she began volunteering as a Team Leader for St.. Johns and RWA in Philadelphia.. Colleen’s involvement grew in 2009 when she took the position of Treasurer for Back on My Feet’s National Board.. She officially joined Back on My Feet staff in 2011 as CFO, bringing her expertise as a CPA and professional experience at PricewaterhouseCoopers.. She has had a chance to work through Back on My Feet’s growth from five chapters to 10 chapters nationally, has worked with all of our local advisory boards through changes and has helped to launch new campaigns, new online platforms and created an internal control structure for the organization.. With Colleen’s excitement about in taking on this prestigious role she passionately said, “I love coming in to work and getting the opportunity work with such talented individuals.. I can’t wait to see where we can take Back on My Feet!".. Email Colleen.. Jon.. Jon Jason.. Artistic Program Director of Pivot, a Back on My Feet Initiative.. Prior to joining Pivot in 2013, Jon worked on a variety of different projects.. Some of Jon’s most notable accomplishments are working on television sets for the BBC, building sets and props for numerous theaters in the UK, and opening a marketing firm in Israel that worked with clients such as Kodak, Apple, and HP.. Jon is embarking on a new initiative with his wife Nikki – Pivot – capitalizing on his high level of fine craftsmanship plus expertise in the furniture creative arts and combining his desire to be involved in areas that have great social impact.. Jon earned certificate of Design in Furniture Design and Craft from London College of Furniture in the UK.. Email Jon.. Nikki.. Nikki Jason.. PIVOT, A Back on My Feet Initiative.. Nikki joined Back on My Feet in 2013 as a consultant to Pivot, a Back on My Feet initiative.. Prior to joining Back on My Feet Nikki developed the co’motion Group, a strategic alliance of 14 award-winning Israeli creative agencies.. Nikki’s agency work includes projects for Apple, HP, Lucent, and Pfizer, Abbott Labs and more.. Nikki, is a graduate of the  ...   defeat.. “Back on My Feet has provided me with the opportunity to combine both of my loves; helping others and the sport of running.. I am proud to work for this benevolent organization and alongside others who remain dedicated to the Back on My Feet mission.. Heather graduated from Indiana University of Pennsylvania with a Bachelor’s degree in Communications.. Email Heather.. Abigail.. Abigail Seligsohn.. Graphic Designer.. Abigail joined Back on My Feet in 2012 as the part-time Graphic Designer while finishing her Certificate in Graphic Design, with a focus in Emerging Practices at University of Pennsylvania.. Now finished her Certificate she has become a full-time member of our National Staff! Prior to joining Back on My Feet, Abigail while living in Williamsburg, Brooklyn she designed and ran her own line of jewelry gaining worldwide press recognition and sales.. Returning to Philadelphia in 2008 she has worked as a Graphic Designer for companies Urban Outfitters and Steven Starr Restaurants, as well as many freelance clients.. “I have found it rare that a graphic designer can say their work helps changes lives on a daily basis.. Working at Back on My Feet I can say that I do and consider it an amazing gift.. Abigail graduated from Pratt Institute with a BFA in Communication Design, focus Graphic Design.. She completed her Certificate in Graphic Design, with a focus in Emerging Practices at University of Pennsylvania spring 2013.. email Abigail.. Katy.. Katy Sherratt.. Chief Strategy Operations Officer.. Katy joined Back on My Feet in 2012, and brings over 10 years of experience in strategy development and operations management in both for profit and nonprofit sectors.. Prior to joining Back on My Feet, Katy worked at Accenture in their Strategy Practice with a focus on nonprofit clients.. Her experience has given her an expertise in strategy development, project management, process improvement, and operating model design.. “I’m excited to be working for such a unique, dynamic and growing nonprofit organization,” said Katy.. “I love working with the talented and dedicated staff and look forward to continuing and growing the success of BoMF in the years to come!”.. Katy graduated from University of Leeds with a degree in Management Studies and French.. Email Katy.. Casey.. Casey Venella.. Marketing and Corporate Relations Coordinator.. Casey joined Back on My Feet in 2011 as Assistant to the Founder and is excited to expand her role to the Corporate Relations and Communication team bringing her prior public relations and commutations knowledge as well as past experience executing Back on My Feet chapter launches and national events.. “Back on My Feet is a truly unique organization that shows you how something as simple as running can turn into something pretty powerful! It is an amazing experience to get to watch our Members transform through running.. Casey graduated from Villanova University with a Bachelor's degree in Communications.. Email Casey..

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  • Title: National Media Coverage | Back on My Feet
    Descriptive info: We are leaving our footprints all across the country! See what news and media attention Back on My Feet has received throughout the years.. org/sites/default/files/Clipping-1.. png?ts=20130412173557.. For all the latest news about Back on My Feet and our successes in helping individuals experiencing homelessness become self-sufficient, look no further..  ...   the word about Back on My Feet and to help change the perception of homelessness.. We continually update our media section with any recognition that Back on My Feet receives.. 2013 Media Hits.. 2012 Media Hits.. 2011 Media Hits.. 2010 Media Hits.. 2009 Media Hits.. 2007 2008 Media Hits..

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  • Title: Pivot Initiative | Back on My Feet
    Descriptive info: Pivot Initiative.. This is fulfilling that dream without having to sit in the classroom.. - Claudia, Back on My Feet Residential Member and PIVOT Initiative Apprentice.. org/sites/default/files/SharedServices/Photos/Image%2058_0.. jpg?ts=20131028081121.. Repurposing Furniture and Our Members' Lives.. PIVOT is a Back on My Feet initiative that forms one more step on the path to personal transformation by offering apprenticeships that teach hands-on skills in refurbishing vintage and discarded furnishings.. PIVOT delivers on Back on My Feet’s goal to help individuals experiencing homelessness achieve employment by mastering a craft that requires skill and discipline, and teaches Members to observe, to plan and to act – traits that contribute to success on the path toward self-sufficiency.. A structured program that includes introduction to traditional crafts and design principles, PIVOT provides the skills necessary for Members to pursue a career in the art and design industry or to simply work in the allied fields of carpentry, construction and more.. About the PIVOT Program.. Individuals experiencing homelessness in the Back on My Feet program (Residential Members) can participate in PIVOT apprenticeships and are given an introduction to the basic principles of design, furniture design, art history and artistic expression through instruction in the hands-on, repurposing of old discarded and/or vintage furnishing.. Skills in the traditional crafts of  ...   together to create truly one of a kind pieces of art furnishings - each with a story and history all their own - just like the people who created them.. Furnishings are sold online and at events to benefit the Back on My Feet program.. Shop:.. Browse the PIVOT online store.. for your chance to purchase one these unique pieces!.. Share Your Talent:.. We are always looking for talented people with arts and crafts backgrounds to lead seminars and hands-on courses.. Email us.. !.. Donate Furnishings:.. Your discarded furnishings fuel our creative fire!.. Contact us.. to give.. :.. Your contributions.. to Back on My Feet help to grow the PIVOT initiative and move more individuals experiencing homelessness toward housing and employment.. Contact the PIVOT Team.. Jonathan Jason.. jon@pivotproject.. co.. 914.. 357.. 6838.. nikki@pivotproject.. 400.. 7539.. Learn more at.. pivotproject.. Photography by.. Roy Rochlin.. Visit PIVOT Online.. See our work and our Members in action!.. Visit the PIVOT Site.. Behind the Scenes.. Learn more about how PIVOT started and meet the Members who are transforming their lives and some great furnishings!.. Support PIVOT.. Your donation benefits the PIVOT Initiative Back on My Feet program.. Donate Now.. Become a BoMF Employment Partner.. Your company can help to change the perception of homelessness..

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