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  • Title: www.balagokulam.org - Online resource on Hindu Dharma for children, teachers and parents
    Descriptive info: .. Special Events.. Focus of the Month.. Dharma Bee.. Buddha Jayanti - May 19.. According to Buddha, there are Four Noble Truths and they are of vital importance in life.. More>>>.. Sri Rama Navami - April 14.. Sri Rama Navami is the birthday of Sri Rama.. It falls on the 9th day of the first Hindu month, Chaitra.. Balagokulam Magazine.. by children - for  ...   Rama, Vikram Betaal.. Activities.. - Sudoku, Crossword, Riddles, Craft Corner, Maze, Science Experiments.. And lots more.. - Your artwork and poems, shloka, India Art, and much more.. When will I get a copy?.. Balagokulam Magazine Contests - View the winners.. Kids participation in Surya Namaskar Yagna.. Shlokas in audio.. Jeopardy Template.. Balagokulam is a program of Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh.. Visit us at www.. hssus.. org..

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  • Title: About Us: Balagokulam
    Descriptive info: About Balagokulam.. Gokulam is the place where Shri Krishna blossomed in to a divine incarnation.. It is here that Krishna's magical days of childhood were spent and his powers came to be recognized.. Every child has that spark of divinity within.. Balagokulam is a forum for children to discover and manifest that divinity.. Balagokulam will enable Hindu children in US to appreciate their cultural roots, learn Hindu values in an enjoyable manner and make good friends.. They will also develop a sense of Sewa, Service to humankind.. This is a program of the.. Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh.. (HSS), whose goal it is to promote Hindu heritage and to unite the Hindu society.. View a powerpoint presentation on Balagokulam.. (ppt 3.. 9 MB).. Our Goal.. To facilitate children to appreciate, learn and practice Hindu way of life.. Instill pride and confidence in Hindu children about their identity.. Raise  ...   Arts and Crafts.. Festivals.. : Hindu Festivals like Ganesh Pooja, Raksha Bandhan and Guru Pooja are celebrated with a special focus on children's participation.. Children will perform the pooja themselves and the meaning behind the festivals are explained.. Hindu Heritage Camp.. : Vacation can be magical.. That's the time to explore, enjoy and make more friends.. Hindu Heritage Camp of HSS conducted during summer vacation has been a favorite event for the children.. In winter, children from all Balagokulams in Bay Area come together for an unique event, "Baala Sangam".. Community Service.. : Sewa or service is the best way for us to realize the divinity in all and serve the needy.. Children from HSS Balagokulam have visited elderly people in convalescent hospital, volunteered at Hindu Mandirs, actively participated in Human Race and have worked with other voluntary groups in serving the community.. Go to top..

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  • Title: Children
    Descriptive info: Children's Corner.. Arts & crafts.. Coloring projects.. - Print, color and have fun.. Kandil making.. - Make your own kandils to brighten up your home this diwali.. on Gods like Ganesha and Hanuman and more.. Kids Speak.. - What kids say about Balagokulam, Hindu Heritage Camp, art work by kids, more.. Quiz.. on Ramayan, Mahabharat - Test your knowledge on the great epics.. Puzzles.. - Word puzzles, jigsaw puzzles..

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  • Title: Teachers and Parents
    Descriptive info: Teachers and Parents.. Resources.. How Kids Learn.. Format.. How to Start One.. Skills.. Sustaining Systems.. Sample Flier.. Planning for an Year.. Special Activities.. Balagokulam Guide.. Teacher's and Children's Handbook.. *.. Relevance of Krishna.. Customizable Jeopardy Template (ppt) - 0.. 5 mb.. Intellectual Resources - Baudhik.. Biographies.. Hindu Dharma.. Other Topics.. Sangh Prarthana.. Ekata Mantra.. Sangh Geet.. Skits.. Physical Resources - Sharirik.. Yogasana.. Surya Namaskar.. Samata.. Training - Shikshak Abhyas Varg.. Details.. on upcoming Shikshak Abhyas Varg.. Syllabus.. for different age groups..

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  • Title: Balagokulam Magazine
    Descriptive info: Balagokulam Magazine.. A Magazine for Children by Children!.. Published Quarterly by:.. Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh, USA.. Sample before you subscribe !!!.. Sample Issue in Flash.. Magazine will offer.. Art.. Painting.. Homemade Crafts.. Stories.. On inspirational personalities.. From epics like Ramayana, Mahabharata.. Teaching strong moral aspect from Panchatantra.. Poetry.. Essays.. On festivals, visits to ones native places or a place of pilgrimage.. Crossword puzzles.. And much more!!.. Of course, competitions on all of the above aspects.. Don't miss this chance.. Magazine is published in.. :.. April (Chaitra  ...   and practice Hindu way of life.. Unleash the creativity and leadership skills among children.. Subscribe now.. $11 for 4 issues.. $20 for 8 issues.. $25 for 12 issues.. Payment Options.. 1.. Pay by Credit/Debit Card.. through PayPal by clicking Subscribe button.. 2.. Pay by check.. Mail a check payable to HSS, with Balagokulam Magazine, in memo.. Mail it along with.. this form.. to:.. 19976 Beekman Place.. Cupertino, CA 95014 - 2453.. For More info please contact:.. E-mail: subscribe at balagokulam.. Phone: 40-VST-BGMAG i.. e.. (408) 782-4624..

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  • Title: Hindu Heritage Camp - index page
    Descriptive info: Hindu Heritage Camp is a favorite event for children in all the Balagokulams.. HHC can be day-camps or residential.. It's easier and less expensive to organize day-camps than the residential camps.. With a perfect blend of cultural activities, games and sports and religious lessons, HHC is proven to be an  ...   they make many friends and enjoy their vacation.. Sample Time Table.. Resources (e.. g, Sample Booklets, Flyers).. Photo Gallery.. Registration Forms.. Register Online.. Upcoming Hindu Heritage Camps.. Hindu Heritage Camps at in San Jose at Seven Trees Community Center on June 5, 10, 19 - 2011.. Contact.. :hhc at balagokulam..

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  • Title: News and Events - Announcements, Press Releases, HSS, Balagokulam news!
    Descriptive info: Events & News.. Announcements.. Swami Vivekananda Jayanti.. Abhinandana Karayakram.. Press Release.. Ramayan Quiz Contest Kaun Banega Ramayan Expert (KBRE) Launched.. Press release and snaps of Katrina relief efforts by SEWA.. Balagokulam Magazine grows to over 2000 subscribers and is available outside the USA.. Balagokulam News.. Madison Balagokulam children to raise funds to support Tsunami affected children.. In the News.. Pride of parents! No kidding.. Wiping Stereotypes of India off the Books - Washington Post.. Hindus To Talk About Their Beliefs - Wisconsin State Journal.. Wisconsin State Journal covers Tsunami relief efforts by Balagokulam teenagers in Madison.. Photo of bala -  ...   Kids learn about Hindu Heritage in Spring Break - Press Release.. Past Events.. Ganesh Puja Report.. 600 children performed Ganesh Puja at Sunnyvale, CA HSS program.. Evergreen HHC.. HHC Michigan.. Sakhi-Sammelan, Sacramento.. SSV at the Canton Hindu Temple, MI.. Saraswati Puja : Samarth Shakha Sunnyvale CA.. Sankranti Utsav celebration by the HSS Framingham, MA shaka.. Makar Sankranti Utsav celebration by the HSS Sacramento Shakha.. Nominations for Sharada Mahotsav Award.. Vijaya Dashami Utsav in Sacramento Nagar.. Hindu Heritage Camp held at the Sri Maha Lakshmi Mandir, Richmond Hill, New York.. Photos of the Grand Ganesh Pooja at Hindu Temple in CA..

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  • Title: External Links
    Descriptive info: Links.. www.. hindunet.. Everything you need about Hinduism.. theuniversalwisdom.. Downloadable and streaming audio from speeches by Swami Vivekananda, S Gurumurthy, Sadhvi Rithambara and more.. hindueducation.. Correcting misconceptions about India and Hinduism in USA textbooks.. geetganga.. Download 100s of MP3 songs in Hindi, Telugu, Kannada, Marathi, Gujarati, Tamil, Malayalam, Bengali, Sanskrit and English.. Books.. http://www.. guideyourchildren.. com.. Best parenting book to teach children respect and character.. Desikids.. Books, Cds, DVDs and more for children and parents of an Indian, Hindu and Sikh origin.. hindubooks.. org/david_frawley/arjuna/.. "Arise Arjuna" by Dr.. David Frawley.. desiknowledge.. com/.. Amar Chitra Katha, Karadi Tales and more - Discover India!.. org/bansi_pandit/hindu_dharma/.. "Hindu Dharma" by Bansi Pandit.. Online Books on Hinduism.. http://2020ok.. com/4895.. htm.. Free Online Books.. Greeting Cards.. diwali.. nl.. Diwali sites, ecards and calendar.. holi.. Holi sites, ecards and calendar.. rakshabandhan.. net/.. Raksha Bandhan Greetings, Ecards and  ...   Its FREE!!!.. rakhi-greetings.. Rakhi Greetings,Rakhi Ecards,Free Raksha Bandhan Greeting Cards.. Stories, Articles.. himalayanacademy.. com/basics/tenq/hindu10questions.. pdf.. FAQ on Hindu dharma.. hindukids.. Stories, Books, Pictures and more.. atributetoHinduism.. Excellent article, Quotes, etc.. candlelightstories.. com/D001/Panch1.. Good stories from Panchtantra with illustrations.. org/hinduqa/index.. Hinduism through Q&A.. pitara.. Stories, coloring, arts, humor for children.. sanskrit.. gde.. to/.. "All Stotras, Subhashitas and other Sanskrit Documents".. org/hinduism_simplified/.. hinduism_simplified_questions.. html.. "Hinduism Simplified".. org/festivals/.. Hindu festivals, Dates, etc.. org/sudheer_birodkar/india_contribution/index.. Ancient India's Contribution.. org/stories/panchatantra/index.. Panchatantra Stories.. freeindia.. org/biographies/.. Biographies of Great People.. Yoga, Games.. gameskidsplay.. Goods site for games.. funattic.. com/game_list.. htm/.. gameskids.. com/gkgame.. html/.. matrubhasha.. Interactive computer game CDs for kids to play and learn Indian languages - Hindi and Marathi.. Miscellaneous.. Hindunet.. org/hindu_pictures/.. Hindu Pictures.. bhajans.. Bhajans Online.. hanuman.. All about Hanumanji.. poetry4kids.. Site with poetry for kids.. http://gita-society.. com/content2011/childrengitafull.. Bhagvad-Gita for children.. garamchai.. com/temples.. Temples In USA directory..

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  • Title: Teachers and Parents - Festivals - Deepavali
    Descriptive info: Teachers and Parents - Festivals - Deepavali.. Buddha Jayanti.. Siddartha (Gautama) was born in the sixth century BC in the country Nepal.. In those days, Nepal was a part of Bharat (India).. Siddartha s father, Suddhodana, was the ruler of the Sakya people, and Siddartha grew up living the extravagant life of a young prince.. But, looking at the behavior of his son, Suddhodana felt that his son (the prince) might leave the palace to take up the life of a religious wanderer.. So he arranged for him to be sheltered from all the harsh realities of life.. When the prince reached the age of sixteen, Suddhodana arranged for him to be married to his cousin, a charming princess named Yashodhara.. One day, however, Siddartha ventured out into the world and was confronted with the inevitability of aging, illness, and death.. Overcome by dismay, the young prince wondered if there might be a happiness that was not subject to change and decay.. Then, seeing a forest wanderer, he decided that only by taking up the wilderness life could he.. nd the answer to his question.. That night, at the age of twenty-nine, he left his kingdom and newborn son and entered the wilderness.. For six years, Siddartha submitted himself to rigorous ascetic practices.. First he studied with different religious teachers, but, dissatis.. ed with what they saw as their highest goal, he set out to practice extreme physical austerities on his own.. Yet even through the ultimate in self-denial, he did not reach his goal.. Then one day he remembered a state of calm mental absorption  ...   the skillfulness of their intentions; in the third watch, toward dawn, he puri.. ed his mind of all cravings, attachments, and de.. lements, and.. nally of all intentions, both skillful and not.. With that, he attained awakening at the age of thirty-.. ve, thus earning the title Buddha, or Awakened One.. For the remainder of his life, the Buddha taught the dharma to others men, women, and children; rich and poor; people from all walks of life and all levels of society so that they, too, might attain awakening.. He established a sangha, or community of monks and nuns, to maintain his teachings after his death.. What were the teachings of this great man? According to Buddha, there are Four Noble Truths and they are of vital importance in life.. They are the very pivots on which human life rests.. These four truths are:.. 1) The world is full of misery and sorrow.. 2) The main cause of misery is desire.. 3) Misery and sorrow can be ended by killing desire and.. 4) Desire can be suppressed by following the Eight-fold Path.. a) Right Action.. b) Right Belief.. c) Right Effort.. d) Right Speech.. e) Right Thought.. f) Right Meditation.. g) Right Living and.. h) Right Recollection.. Then, one full moon night in May when he had reached the age of eighty, he lay down between two trees in a forest park and gave his last teachings to the assembled followers, counseling them to be heedful in completing their practice of dharma.. With that, he entered total nirvana.. He died in 487 BC.. Back to Festivals..

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  • Title: Teachers and Parents - Intellectual Resources - Festivals - Sri Rama Navami
    Descriptive info: Teachers and Parents - Intellectual Resources - Festivals - Sri Rama Navami.. Click for the illustrated version of Ramayan.. Chaitra Shukla Navami.. - The ninth day of the bright half of Chaitra.. This is the holy day when Sri Rama was born.. " Wherever four Hindus live, Rama and Sita will be there " - said Swami Vivekananda, one of the pioneers of modern Hindu renaissance.. The reverse is also equally true - wherever Rama and Sita live, the people there will remain and live as Hindus.. Every hill and rivulet of Bharat bears the imprint of the holy feet of Rama and Sita.. Sri Rama reigns supreme to this day  ...   so much identified with all the good and great qualities.. Sri Rama's story, Ramayan, has been sung and re-sung in all the languages and dialects of the world.. The tradition of writing epics centering round the saga of Rama's achievements started by Valmiki in Samskritam and was continued by Tulsidas in Hindi, by Kamban in Tamil, by Ramanujan in Malayalam, by Krittivasa in Bengali and Madhav Kambali in Assamia and in fact, in almost every Bharatiya language.. The influence of Ramayan can be seen in many eastern countries like Indonesia and Bali.. Sri Rama represents the ideal in every aspect.. He is the ideal son, ideal brother, ideal husband and ideal king..

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  • Title: Balagokulam Magazine
    Descriptive info: Balagokulam Magazine - New Subscription.. When will I get magazine?.. The balagokulam magazine is usually mailed to current subscribers in the second week of the quarter, i.. , in second week of January, April, July, October.. Subscribers should recieve their copy two weeks from then.. If you do not receive a copy by second week of February, May, August, September respectively then please contact at subscribe at balagokulam dot org.. If you have purchased a new subscription then you would get your copy within six weeks as we mail copies once in a month..

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