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  • Title: Bajan.Org - The Official Unofficial Guide to Barbados
    Descriptive info: .. Sections.. HOME.. Introduction.. Where is Barbados?.. Barbados Language.. Where to eat in Barbados?.. Weather in Barbados.. Barbados Emergency Numbers.. Visit Barbados Offshore Advisor.. Sitemap.. Hello World!.. Welcome to Bajan.. Org - The Official Unofficial Guide to Barbados!.. Subscribe to posts.. Tropical Storm Chantal.. posted.. Jul 8, 2013, 5:03 AM.. by Amit Uttamchandani.. What: Image from NHC.. Well folks, looks like we're in for a bit of stormy weather.. On its current track (see above) Tropical Chantal will be at our door-step around 2 AM Tuesday.. Elections in Barbados.. Feb 18, 2013, 5:13 PM.. Barbadians will be going to the polls this Thursday!.. Season's Greetings from Barbados!.. Dec 25, 2012, 7:23 PM.. [ updated.. Dec 25, 2012, 7:25 PM.. ].. Season's Greetings from Bajan.. Org - The Official Unofficial Guide to Barbados! Yes folks, it's that time of year again.. Hope you and yours have an excellent holiday season wherever you are (and if you're looking for somewhere to be, why not take a break and visit Barbados?).. 16th anniversary of bajan.. org.. Dec 18, 2012, 9:32 AM.. According to Network Solutions, an Internet domain name registrar, bajan.. org was registered on December the 19th, 1996.. That was 16 years ago.. Almost an eternity in Internet time (if such a thing exists).. This domain may not be one of the oldest on The Internet (missed it by about 10 or 11 years according to Wikipedia), but it is in Barbados.. Throughout the years it has has provided, in one form or another, no-frills information on Barbados to visitors from all  ...   if you can.. :-).. Tropical Storm Warning for Barbados UPDATE 3.. Aug 3, 2012, 6:18 AM.. 9:18 AM.. With the exception of some heavy rains this morning, Barbados was spared the effects of Ernesto.. The "all clear" was given at 5:00 AM and it looks like we have a wet day ahead of us today.. Tropical Storm Warning for Barbados UPDATE 2.. Aug 2, 2012, 11:36 PM.. 2:23 AM.. No significant change from my last post.. Latest image and bulletin (.. 6A.. ) from NHC has the center of Ernesto passing north of Barbados.. I live on the south of the island, so that may explain why I'm not seeing any storm-like conditions.. Other than that, it's not every hurricane season that you get to see am NHC picture of Barbados with a storm hovering directly over it:.. What: Image from National Hurricane Center.. Tropical Storm Warning for Barbados UPDATE 1.. Aug 2, 2012, 8:10 PM.. Aug 2, 2012, 11:37 PM.. 11:04 PM.. Still and quiet outside.. Except for the crickets.. And a light drizzle of rain.. The latest bulletin (#6) from the National Hurricane Center Bulletin has the center of Ernesto passing near Barbados tonight.. Tropical Storm Warning for Barbados.. Aug 2, 2012, 3:07 PM.. Well folks, Tropical Storm Ernesto appears to be heading our way.. Tomorrow should be interesting.. Public holidays in August in Barbados.. Jul 30, 2012, 7:26 PM.. August the 1st is Emancipation Day.. August the 6th is Kadooment Day.. Enjoy!.. 1-10 of 14.. Sign in.. |.. Report Abuse.. Print Page.. Remove Access.. Powered By.. Google Sites..

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  • Title: Introduction - Bajan.Org - The Official Unofficial Guide to Barbados
    Descriptive info: Who: Amit Uttamchandani.. Bachelor Extraordinaire, Experienced Business Technology Professional, Amateur Economist-Cosmologist-Conspiracy Theorist-Philosopher-Physicist-Polar Explorer and Writer.. Hello World! My name is Amit Uttamchandani.. I am a Barbadian (also known as a Bajan).. Since 1996, I have owned the domain name bajan.. org and operated a website for the domain in some form or fashion (more of the former and helluva lot less of the latter).. This website is, by far, the most basic website on Barbados that you will ever find as you surf The Intertubes:.. There are probably hundreds, no, make that thousands of web pages out there that provide far more information on Barbados! This is not one of them.. However, it is one of the oldest, most inconsistent and possibly least entertaining websites out there.. I operate this site as a personally hobby.. A labour of love for technology and for country.. The Google Ads that you see help to defray things like domain renewal costs (barely).. I work on this website outside of my full time day job and  ...   relative, is it not? Tastes and preferences may vary.. This guide is not endorsed by anyone.. It is a rogue guide.. Unofficial in every way imaginable.. It's a bit like those pirate radio stations several years (decades) ago operating in international waters.. Except there is no water, no music and no ship.. Actually, this site is nothing like a pirate radio station, but it is unofficial so this site does share something in common with pirate radio.. Be that as it may, my intention in crafting together the sections of this site was to communicate to you, dear reader, the essence of the island.. The bare minimum.. The stuff that you'd need to know if you were parachuting behind enemy lines with nothing but a dodgy compass and your wits about you.. You have been warned.. So there you have it.. I do hope you find my guide entertaining, if not somewhat useful.. If you are planning to visit Barbados and wish to make contact, drop me a line on amituttamchandani@gmail.. com.. Cheers!..

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  • Title: Where is Barbados? - Bajan.Org - The Official Unofficial Guide to Barbados
    Descriptive info: What: Via Wikipedia, Sagan pointed out that "all of human history has happened on that tiny pixel (shown here inside a blue circle), which is our only home" (speech at Cornell University, October 13, 1994.. Straight as the crow flies.. Assuming, of-course, that you are a crow (or any other bird capable of sustained flight), or, that you are able to travel via a flying machine of some sort.. What: Via GeoHack, Pale Red Dot showing the location of Barbados.. More or less.. With apologies to Pale Blue Dot.. Barbados is an island in the Caribbean.. It is not Jamaica.. We do not wear grass skirts here (nor in Jamaica as far as I know).. The Caribbean is a region of land and sea located on the Planet  ...   burglar, asks you where your bathroom is, you simply tell him/her (i.. e.. , down the hall, on your left, etcetera).. Simple, right? Deceptively so my friend.. In order for you to give those directions, you had to know, a priori, where the hall was to begin with (but it's my house you protest, still.. Put another way, in order for us to locate something (e.. g.. Item A) in time and space, it seems as though we always have to know the location of an Item B.. But in order for us to know the location of Item B, we have to know, once again, the location of Item C.. You see where this is going, don't you? This madness could go on forever.. But I won't..

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  • Title: Barbados Language - Bajan.Org - The Official Unofficial Guide to Barbados
    Descriptive info: Dude.. We speak English.. Sweet.. Seriously, the official language of Barbados is English.. But the people of Barbados, like almost every other country, have their own dialect.. At some stage during your visit to the island, especially if it is your first visit, you will engage in a conversation with a Bajan (i.. , a Barbadian).. At some stage during said conversation, you will hear several words spoken in our Barbadian dialect.. Desperation and confusion may descend upon you.. Not unlike the feeling you get when you wake up on a Monday morning after a long weekend of heavy partying, err, socializing only to realize that you have to go to  ...   Sort of.. What it sounded like.. What it probably meant.. Awrite / Arite Den.. Alright then / Alrighty Then.. Cah yuh.. Carry your (insert expletive here).. Cyan (not the colour).. Can't / Cannot.. Dat.. That.. Den.. Then.. Dere (not Bambi).. There.. Ef / Eff.. If.. Fuh.. For.. Wunna.. All of you / You all.. Mekkin' sport.. You must be joking / kidding.. Mussy / Mussee.. Must be / He or She must be / You must be.. Rasshole.. Rasshole (a swear word).. Shudda / Shoudda.. Should have / Should've.. Ting.. Thing.. Wuk.. Work.. I dun wuk.. It's quittin' time! / I'm finished working.. Dun.. Done.. Yea / Yeah.. Yes.. Yuh.. Your..

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  • Title: Where to eat in Barbados? - Bajan.Org - The Official Unofficial Guide to Barbados
    Descriptive info: Here's a short list of places where I've eaten in Barbados, what I usually have and my thoughts on same.. Keep the following in mind: A) I'm not a foodie, B) I'm not great at writing reviews and C) Tastes and experiences are subjective and personal.. Tapas.. -.. Hastings Main Road, Christ Church.. My Thoughts:.. 1.. You'll be hard pressed to find a location as good as Tapas.. It practically sits on the beach of the south coast of the island (great views night and day)!.. 2.. Staff are very friendly and entertaining (especially David).. 3.. The owner, Alfredo, is very approachable and social.. 5.. Food and drinks  ...   Seared Tuna.. 7.. Prices for the tapas start at around $8 USD (about $16 BDS).. 8.. Frequented by locals and visitors alike.. 9.. Tapas on tripadvisor.. Pablo Donte's.. Chattle House Village, St.. Lawrence Gap, Christ Church.. My thoughts:.. Owner Paul (Pablo) is a great host.. If he starts singing karaoke, pay special attention to his version of the song.. In comparison to Tapas, it's much smaller and private.. 4.. Live DJ music (usually on the weekend).. Dishes that I've had (and liked):.. Cheese-burger, Steak and Mash, Omelette.. If you go, remember to leave your mark (don't worry, you'll see what I mean when you get there).. Pablo's on tripadvisor..

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  • Title: Weather in Barbados - Bajan.Org - The Official Unofficial Guide to Barbados
    Descriptive info: What: A sugar cane-field.. Where: Spring Hall, in the parish of St.. Lucy.. When: Feb/19/2011.. Most of the time, it's hot and sunny in Barbados.. Not Sahara Desert hot and sunny.. Not Death Valley hot and sunny.. Just normal hot and sunny.. If your skin tans and/or burns easily, walk with protection.. No, I do not mean a gun or condoms (or both).. I mean sunscreen, lotion, maybe a decent umbrella.. Or, for the Douglas Adam fans out there: A TOWEL!.. Is it summer all year 'round in Barbados? No, it's not..  ...   But I've seen it hit 34 degrees too.. How do I "see" temperature? I don't.. I'm not that cool.. But Chuck Norris is.. My car has a little temperature display.. I press a button and it shows me the outside temperature.. Night time temperature is usually mid to high 20's.. There's also the hurricane season which begins June 1st and wraps up on November 30th.. This season is also known as the "rainy" or "wet" season for obvious reasons.. The "dry" season falls outside of that date range.. Most of the time..

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  • Title: Barbados Emergency Numbers - Bajan.Org - The Official Unofficial Guide to Barbados
    Descriptive info: The following is not meant to be a comprehensive list.. Telephone numbers may have changed since this list was last updated.. Dialing Barbados from the US/Canada: +1-246-XXX-XXXX.. Entity.. Telephone Number.. Police.. 211.. Ambulance.. 511.. Fire.. 311.. Directory Assistance.. 411.. American Embassy.. 227-4000.. British High Commission.. 430-7800.. Canadian High Commission.. 629-3550.. Queen Elizabeth Hospital.. 436-6450.. Bayview Hospital.. 436-5446.. Sandy Crest Medical Centre.. 419-4911.. Grantley Adams International Airport.. 418-4242.. Weather Hotline.. 976-2376..

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  • Title: Sitemap - Bajan.Org - The Official Unofficial Guide to Barbados
    Descriptive info: [Untitled].. Collapse all..

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  • Title: Tropical Storm Chantal - Bajan.Org - The Official Unofficial Guide to Barbados
    Descriptive info: Comments..

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  • Title: Elections in Barbados - Bajan.Org - The Official Unofficial Guide to Barbados
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  • Title: Season's Greetings from Barbados! - Bajan.Org - The Official Unofficial Guide to Barbados
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