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  • Title: Home
    Descriptive info: .. Join.. flikr.. twitter.. youtube.. facebook.. Home.. About.. Mission.. Contact.. Staff Board.. CSOs.. Tactical Toolkits.. Artful Activism.. Backbone Training.. Trainings Workshops.. Localize This! Action Camp.. Localize This! 2013.. Workshop Offerings.. Trainer Roster.. Training Video Curriculum Materials.. Bold Initiatives.. FLUSHtheTPP.. org.. Student Debt.. Student Debt Jubilee Podcast Resources.. Student Debt Jubilee Fellows.. Twitter Bomb for HR 4170.. America s Debt Crisis (essay).. Drowning in Debt info-graphic.. Shared Sacrifice My Ass!.. Local Laboratory.. Credit Union Organizing.. Vashon Community Solar.. Backbone Archive - Past Projects.. Awards.. Progressive Platform.. Shadow Cabinet Roster.. Podcasts.. Podcast Updates.. News.. Actions Events.. Calendar.. Newsletters Action Alerts.. Upcoming Trainings.. Donate.. Join Us!.. Salt Lake City Mobilizes to Stop the TPP.. Salt Lake City residents are mobiilizng high visibilty actions to pull the secret Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement out of the shadows and into the light of public scrutiny.. Join comrades to expose this secret corporate coup!.. All week long, mobilize creative visibility tactics like helium assisted banner lifts, Overpass Light Brigades, Gueri.. Check it out!.. Tweet.. Revolving Door Working for Monsanto.. UPDATED - OVER 75,000 SIGNATURES! Whoo-Hoo!.. Ex-Senator Blanche Lincoln couldn't say "No" to corporate money when she was in office and the same is true now.. A longtime mouthpiece for WalMart, JPMorgan-Chase, and champion of the KeystoneXL pipeline, Blanche Lincoln is now reunited with another old Senate campaign sponsor, Monsanto.. She needs to li.. School to Prison Pipeline - Part 2.. Youth Justice Reinvestment, Part II:.. Youth-led Solutions to Juvenile Injustice and Liberation.. Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip.. Download the latest version.. here.. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.. Powered by RapidPlugins.. The second of our Conversations on youth justice reinvestment is co-produced by.. Zachary Norris.. current executive director of the.. Ella Baker Center.. and.. Grace Bauer,.. co-directors of.. Justice for Families.. coalition.. School to Prison Pipeline - Part 1.. Youth Justice Reinvestment Part I:.. Family Solutions and Success Stories for Youth in the Juvenile System.. (Recorded on 5/28/2013).. Justice For Families.. is a national alliance of local organizations working to end the youth incarceration epidemic in the U.. S.. and to transform families from prison system v.. FLUSH the TPP! Visibility Actions Shining A Light on the Secret Corporate Coup.. For Immediate Release: Day before Wikileak of TPP Document - 13 Cities Mobilized to Shine a Light on Secret Trans-Pacific Partnership "Trade" Deal Telling Congress "Don't Fast Track a Train Wreck - FLUSH the TPP!".. CONTACT:.. Bill Moyer 206-356-9980 |.. This email address is being protected from spambots.. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. | or Eric Ross 805-776-3882 |.. | 805-776-3882 |.. Grand Strategy Creativity for Building Grassroots Power.. Grand Strategy Creative Tactics is a signature workshop of Backbone that articulates a set of strategic principles and a frame through which our social movement can assess the effectiveness of the tactics we deploy in order to achieve our goals and manifest our vision.. Presentation by Bill Moyer (Trainer Bio.. Here.. ).. An Interview for Fellowship Of.. Banner Drop on US Trade Rep.. Offices.. " [A]s pure guerrilla theater.. could rank among the best ever.. ".. ~ Al Kamen, Washington Post.. Noon, September 23, the Backbone Campaign worked with our allies at.. PopularResistance.. org.. to cover the US Trade Representative's offices with giant banners.. A block from the White House, 8 people risked arrest to escalate the fight to protect the world f.. Seattle Draws the Line on Fossil Fuel Foolishness.. Will you.. Draw The Line.. with Us?- Photos by.. Damien Conway.. Citizens from Seattle, Bellingham and beyond came together for a coordinated national day of action to Draw The Line against.. fossil fuel foolishness.. Spokane Dislikes Climate Cooking Criminals.. ".. Environmentalists and other opponents of the terminal.. , many of whom were dressed in red T-shirts,.. dominated public testimony before a crowd of about 400.. "-.. Spokesman Review.. Backbone Training.. Backbone Campaign's Artful Activism project trains progressive activists and organizations nationwide who are working toward human dignity, environmental sustainability and peace.. Learn More.. Bold Initiatives.. The Backbone Campaign provides provocative imagery and collaborates with other organizations on national and regional actions to promote a progressive agenda.. Toolkits/Education.. Backbone Campaign toolkits and education programs have provided activists all over the country with resources and skills to promote progressive ideas.. Local Laboratory.. We've collaborated with local, regional and national organizations to push forward on real ideas and programs that get results.. Facebook Posts.. Find us on facebook.. All week long, mobilize creative visibility tactics like helium assisted banner lifts, Overpass Light Brigades, Guerilla Light Projection As Protest, and much more!.. Expose the TPP for what it is: Toxic for People the Planet!.. Call 805-776-3882 for action specifics or check here for updates.. Schedule of SLC Anti-TPP Events.. Tuesday November 19th.. Wednesday November 20th.. 9:00 AM.. A Casserole March and Noise Procession with pots and pans mobilized large banners today.. SEE PHOTOS HERE.. Light Projection onto The Grand America Hotel.. Salt Lake City residents will pull the TPP out of the shadows and into the light of public scrutiny.. We want Transparency and accountability, not a democracy dismantling corporatocracy!!!.. Evening After Dark.. Fire Barrel Protest at.. Washington Square.. 500 S State Street.. Thursday November 21st.. 10 AM - Helium Assisted Banner Lift at the Grand America Hotel:.. Activists will.. expose the secret TPP.. negotiations using a massive helium banner lift.. Come Early at 9 in the parking lot a half block north to help and learn how deploy this fun tactic.. 11 AM - TPP Funeral For Our Liberties.. A solemn ceremony to b.. id goodbye to the liberties set to be lost if the TPP becomes a reality.. Wear black and bring an umbrella!! Also, if anyone knows a bagpipe player or someone who can play taps please call (661)492-7313.. Join the Facebook Event.. HERE.. Fire Barrel Protest at Washington Square.. Friday November 22nd.. More to Come.. Affinity groups are finalizing plans for actions throughout the week.. We'll have more actions scheduled tomorrow and as they develop!.. Salt Lake Residents Resist the Trans-Pacific Partnership!.. Salt Lake City, UT November 19, 2013.. Delegations from  ...   now pushing to have it swiftly approved to much to the dismay of members of Congress, most of whom haven't even been allowed to see the text.. While Congress is constitutionally required to negotiate any international treaties, Fast Track or granting Obama Trade Promotion Authority would forfeit the Congress' responsibility and the public's right to weigh in on the TPP negotiations.. Perhaps in response to growing citizen outrage letters were release today from both Democrats and Republicans challenging President Obama's request for renewal of Fast Track authority.. From Today's Public Citizen announcement:.. The 151-signature DeLauro-Miller letter.. ,.. additional letter from Democratic Ways Means members.. One of two letters, this led by Representative Walter Jones (R-NC).. ].. One of the illuminated messages on Tuesday read "Corporate Tribunals WTF?" This referred to how the TPP would give more power to corporate interests including the ability for foreign companies to sue for taxpayer compensation if any domestic law diminished the company's.. expected future profits.. Masked as a trade deal, the agreement has been negotiated under supervision of 600 unelected corporate "trade advisors" while the text has been hidden from members of Congress, the press, and the public.. What has been learned about the TPP has come through leaked texts, and is alarming to members of Congress worried about sovereign powers being negotiated away, public health officials, labor representatives, environmental groups, and advocates of consumer issues.. "The TPP, the largest ever of it's kind, is a race to the bottom international agreement on domestic and international policies of food safety, internet freedom, medicine costs, financial regulation, and the environment," says Kristen Beifus, executive director of Washington Fair Trade Coalition.. Trade Justice organizations have declared December 3rd a "Global Day of Action Against the TPP to resist toxic trade agreements.. " Citizens are urged to take action in their own community, contact their congressperson, and learn more about the TPP's dismantling of democracy by visiting.. Citizens can find out where their congressperson stands and tweet them at.. pdamerica.. org/tpp.. Tuesday's coordinated actions were organized by the Backbone Campaign, which specializes in "amplifying citizen engagement with creative tactics and artful activism" in collaboration with Public Citizen's Global Trade Watch, PopularResistance.. org, Fair Trade Coalitions in Washington and Oregon, and more.. T.. he coordinated day of action follows on the heals of an action in September when to the surprise of secret service, members and allies of.. the Backbone Campaign "redecorated".. the United States Trade Representatives office by scaling the building and unfurling giant banners demanding a release of the TPP text.. The Backbone Campaign is grateful to Wikileaks for beginning that process.. View the growing collection of photos from the 11-12-13 actions.. To speak with organizers of yesterday's day of action please contact Bill Moyer at 206-356-9980 or Eric Ross at 805-776-3882.. Info and Collaborator Web Sites:.. Thanks to our many awesome collaborators both mentioned and not!.. Backbone Campaign.. FlushTheTPP.. Org.. Popular Resistance.. Public Citizen's Global Trade Watch.. Washington Fair Trade Coalition.. Oregon Fair Trade Coalition.. Luminous Intervention.. Expose The TPP.. Overpass Light Brigade PDX.. Occup.. y Bellingham.. Occupy Rogers Park.. Chicago Overpass Light Brigade.. North Texas Light Brigade.. San Diego Overpass Light Brigade.. Occupy Tucson.. Occupy Spokane.. South Sound Rising Tide.. Overpass Light Brigade.. TPPXBorder.. TPP Talking Points.. ###.. Backbone Campaign's mission is to provide creative strategies, artful activism trainings, and creative action support to progressive activists, organizers and organizations around the US and beyond in order to invigorate and nurture a people-power, community-based, and internationally-networked nonviolent social movement for human rights, thriving communities, and ecological well being.. Backbone Campaign's vision is a world where human dignity, community resilience, and ecological well being is built upon a foundation of democratic economic and political systems and diverse, thriving culture where human rights, the rights of communities and nature are truly inalienable and honored.. Twitter:.. Help amplify the message by tweeting the media and twitterstorming your representative!.. #VoteNoFastTrack @FLUSHtheTPP.. @backboneprog.. Get your Congressional representatives Twitter handles and find out their stance at.. http://pdamerica.. (and select your state in the drop down menu titled "TPP").. We can stop the TPP by stopping Fast Track! Let's pull the TPP out of the shadows and into public scrutiny.. FLUSH the TPP!.. Team Backbone.. An Interview for Fellowship Of Reconciliation in Olympia, WA,.. Aired on TCTV in February, 2012.. Delivering victories requires an understanding of how vision, goals, strategy and tactics relate to each other, the importance of values-based identity and sympathetic messaging for expanding alliances.. Bill has been evolving this presentation on Grand Strategy for a number of years, weaving in the lessons learned from change agents and his mentors from across the country.. Woven into the Grand Strategic principles are a number of other principles and lessons of history such as domains of conflict, and how social movement power is built through a variety of modes of engagement, "sectors of agency.. " Participants who get to participate in one of these sessions will also explore a spectrum of Creative Tactics from spectacle imagery to light projection to giant banners to nonviolent direct action as tools for growing your group, mobilizing your community, earning media attention, and shifting power.. After checking out the video, see the extensive collection of resource materials linked to below.. Video:.. Additional Resources.. Introduction to Grand Strategy and Creative Tactics Version 1- PDF Powerpoint.. Introduction to Grand Strategy and Creative Tactics Version 2- PDF Powerpoint.. Snapshot of Tactics and Strategy Domains Of Conflict- jpg.. Motherhood and Mismatch Triangle- jpg.. OODA Loop Diagram- Simple Version jpg.. OODA Loop Diagram- Complex Version jpg.. Spectrum of Allies Exercise- Better Long Version PDF.. Spectrum of Allies Exercise- Short Version PDF.. Spectrum of Allies Handout- PDF.. Spectrum of Allies Handout- jpg.. Chuck Spinney Resource: Evolutionary Epistemology- PDF Powerpoint.. Chuck Spinney Resource: Essay on "How Obama Won" highlighting Motherhood and Mismatch- Doc.. Chuck Spinney Resource: Patterns Of Conflict- PDF Powerpoint.. Chuck Spinney Resource: Organic Designs For Command Control- PDF Powerpoint.. Smart Meme Story Based Campaign Strategy- PDF.. Abbreviated Movement Action Plan Excerpt Developed by Bill Moyer (deceased, not Backbone)- PDF.. Read more.. Page 1 of 3.. Start.. Prev.. 1.. 2.. 3.. Next.. End..

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    Descriptive info: Email.. We welcome you inquiries and support.. Please feel free to call or email, or send us a message on the Backbone Campaign's Facebook page:.. http://www.. facebook.. com/BackboneCampaign.. Office phone: 206-408-8058.. Email: info (AT) BackboneCampaign.. Mailing address:.. PO BOX 278.. Vashon, WA 98070.. Last modified on Wednesday, 14 December 2011 19:25.. back to top..

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  • Title: Mission
    Descriptive info: Backbone Campaign Mission.. When the People Lead, the Leaders Follow.. Backbone Campaign's mission is to provide creative strategies, artful activism trainings, and creative action support to progressive activists, organizers and organizations around the US and beyond in order to invigorate and nurture a people-power, community-based, and internationally-networked nonviolent social movement for human rights, thriving communities, and ecological wellbeing..

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  • Title: Staff
    Descriptive info: Staff.. font size.. decrease font size.. increase font size.. Print.. Executive Director: Bill Moyer.. Bill Moyer co-founded the Backbone Campaign in 2003 with friends from an artist affinity group.. He has dual and intersecting paths as both an activist and artist.. His involvement with social change work stretches back to the 80's, when as a student he was deeply involved in the anti-nuclear movement and the anti-interventionist movement.. After a few years of studying political science and American philosophy at Seattle University, Bill went to Big Mountain to assist Dineh elders refusing to relocate off their traditional land, attended the Institute for Social Ecology, and briefly lived on an organic vegetable farm in Vermont.. On returning to the Pacific NW to live on Vashon Island, activism was replaced with performance and study of music.. as a percussionist and sound designer.. The G.. W.. Bush administration inspired him to apply lessons of the arts to social change.. Backbone Campaign has been a vehicle for much growth and Bill has emerged as a leader in the theory and practice of "artful activism.. " He designs and produces creative political actions and provides trainings in grand strategy and creative tactics around the country.. Bill (AT) BackboneCampaign.. Organizing Director: Eric Ross.. Eric feverishly works to keep the extraordinarily busy Backbone Campaign from falling into it's own OODA Loop.. Eric is the prime coordinator of volunteers, Action Brigade opportunities, imagery mobilization, and facilitates much of Backbone's communications.. Eric joined Backbone as an intern to help with Localize This! 2012 training camp and is now full-time Backbone staff.. Eric attended and organized several Backbone workshops including Localize This! in 2011 and what led to a successful direct action in CO.. Eric joins Backbone with a bachelors degree in Peace Studies from the Buddhist-inspired Naropa University in Boulder, CO, where he studied how to escalate conflict strategically to build bridges and understanding across communities and further aims of justice and equality.. Previously, Eric worked several years running a canvass office for a national non-profit issue-based advocacy organization where he mobilized public support for several key progressive policy wins and was repeatedly recognized as one of the top fundraisers in the nation.. Eric is thrilled to be at Backbone amplifying engagement among communities and social movements helping to unleash the power of passionate people, create avenues for them to live out their aspirations, and make their values visible while confronting injustices.. Eric (AT) BackboneCampaign.. (805) 776- 3882.. Office Assistant: Judy Olson.. Judy comes to Backbone as a recent retiree, with 26 years of small business ownership and management experience.. The “dumbest president ever” is responsible for her involvement in the progressive movement.. In ’04 and ’05, she served as the treasurer and membership chairman for the Seattle Green Party.. In ’06, she was one of the founders of the Dirty Hands Co-op – a group of 20 families organized to collect used cooking oil from Seattle restaurants in order to “brew” their own biodiesel.. She served for five years as the treasurer of Dirty Hands.. In ’07 she was active in the counter-recruitment movement, doing educational tabling work at  ...   Moody is a founding member of the acclaimed UMO Ensemble and performer for New York's Big Apple Circus, Steffon Moody has performed and created in almost every situation imaginable.. 30 years of professional experience as a writer, director, teacher, musician and scenic artist give him the depth of vision to take on almost any task.. Steffon uses the theater arts as a tool for transformation with groups of all ages, ethnicity and socioeconomic status.. He is the co-Founder of Vashon Island's Islewilde Arts Festival, now in its 18th year.. Islewilde is a Bread Puppet style community building celebration.. He also directs an entertainment production company, Chameleon Performance.. Steffon is the creator of Backbone's We the People, We the Corporations, and a number of other images and leads image design and creation workshops for the Backbone Campaign.. The Backbone Board:.. President: Stan Sorscher.. Stan Sorscher, a PhD physicist and high level labor representative with the Society of Professional Engineering Employees in Aerospace has spent a great deal of time on the battlefield of economic globalization.. Whether around the negotiating table or crafting policy Stan employs his insights into the failure of markets to protect the public interest.. Stan (AT) BackboneCampaign.. Secretary: Kyle Tanner.. Kyle Tanner is a professional organizer and consultant residing in the South Puget Sound.. His worked has spanned electoral politics, organized labor, environmental and healthcare advocacy.. He believes in fair play, immutable human dignity and agitational organizing.. Kristen Beifus.. Kristen Beifus is the Executive Director of the Washington Fair Trade Coalition (WFTC), made up of 61 labor, social justice, faith, family farm, student and environmental organizations and small businesses throughout WA state calling for a more equitable global trading system.. She has worked to promote fair trade commodities and policy both in the US and abroad.. Kristen also coordinates the SweatFree Washington Campaign, which passed a SweatFree Purchasing Policy in the City of Seattle in 2010, with a view towards passing a similar policy in WA State.. She is also on the national board of SweatFree Communities.. Denise Henrikson.. Denise Henrikson is a seasoned grass-roots instigator.. Working in fields as diverse as community arts celebrations, event organizing, and street theater, Denise pulls together effective teams to inspire the masses.. She also has a professional life as a project manager, workforce training consultant, policy analyst and volunteer manager.. She believes in the power of art to impact social change and is excited to apply her skills towards supporting the work of the Backbone Campaign.. Denise (AT) BackboneCampaign.. Sandra VanderVen.. Sandra VanderVen is a Senior Organizer at Fuse Washington, where she works to put the power back into the hands of the people.. After graduating from The Evergreen State College, she spent ten years teaching middle school science.. It was then she got an eyeful of how economic injustice can make life harder for kids in struggling families.. She resolved to find solutions and began organizing with MoveOn.. org, and now both volunteers with MoveOn and works at Fuse.. Read.. 134135.. times.. Last modified on Monday, 21 October 2013 20:17.. Tweet.. Published in.. Pages.. More in this category:.. Localize This! 2011 Survey..

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  • Title: CSOs
    Descriptive info: Letter to the Community.. Dear Friends,.. Volunteers are the lifeblood of community organizing, but there is no reason we should not take advantage of available resources to help us grow the resistance here in Seattle.. In full disclosure, I’ve granted the community a year of my unemployment checks to sustain my own volunteer work to help build the movement.. It was my choice and my sacrifice to walk away from two careers to do so and I now have the honor and privilege of saying I had a hand in bringing to life the critical grassroots organization in Seattle that we’ve come to call SAFE (Standing Against Foreclosure Eviction).. SAFE exists today and is growing because many people like myself saw how important it was to organize, cared, and volunteered our time to make it happen.. SAFE is a classic grassroots organization that was built from nothing save our rich history of struggle.. People have volunteered to do everything from being present at our meetings, speaking out, bringing coalitions together, showing up at actions, stepping forward to draft SAFE’s literature and framework, planning strategy, doing work to present SAFE online, making calls, addressing letters, and spreading the word.. This is something to be proud of.. I will never make the fifty to seventy thousand dollars a year I could have made as a school teacher or commercial electrician, but I’m okay with that knowing what we’re building.. I first approached the two careers to begin with, because I wanted to make a difference in a union and working with other people.. I found that both left me wanting some more direct and radical way to make an impact.. Joshua Farris.. Josh is from a small town in South Eastern Washington called Lyle.. Son of a carpenter and a secretary who adopted more than a few kids, he grew up with extended family on a small farm and barely graduated with a class of less than 25 people in 1999.. He joined the military in 2000 and served in Korea, Germany, and finally Iraq just before he got out and was honorably discharged in 2004.. Josh received a slight commendation after his vehicle was hit with a road side bomb while on patrol  ...   of the wars after receiving landslide electoral victories in 2006—a clear mandate to end the unpopular wars.. The march finished with a showdown between a formation of about a hundred combat veterans led by Ron Kovic against hundreds more riot police.. Josh said hello to Amy Goodman after the people won the face-off, and was happy to hear her say that “This is what democracy looks like.. ” It wouldn’t be the last time he heard it.. Josh also fondly remembers telling Senator Maria Cantwell how wrong she was to support the wars after a 36 hour sit-in in her Seattle office, learning for certain that direct action works.. In 2010 Josh shifted gears to become a union electrical worker.. He had been long motivated by a passion for energy issues—and further motivated by his experience in an oil war—to learn about alternative sources and how to now install them himself.. Another positive about this time was working within organized labor, advocating for working class interests.. However, Josh found that “organized” labor was not nearly as organized as the right wing would have us believe.. Only the type of radical activism that first organized labor would see us through and only radical systemic changes in the way our society used energy would sufficiently address our worsening social, economic and ecological problems (all one and the same).. In the fall of 2011, Josh took his last layoff in construction and joined the Occupy movement.. He spent perhaps a hundred hours each week for the next three months organizing, and in a way, went through a type of accelerated and intense organizer training in the streets.. He finally found a way to truly follow his bliss putting everything he learned over the years to test and took naturally to community organizing.. He believes that we may need a union at home more than we need one at work.. In the Spring of 2012 Josh had found many other likeminded people and began to help spearhead an effort to build a durable organization dedicated to building a resistance movement and fighting for justice here in Seattle.. Josh considers himself a lifelong radical humanist and loves science fiction, thinking about the future, and tickling his girlfriend..

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  • Title: Tactical Toolkits
    Descriptive info: Giant Banner Building.. Freeway Bannering Is An Easy Effective Way to Spread Your Message!.. Freeway bannering is a powerful tool for activists.. It's inexpensive, most of.. More.. Thank-N-Spank Accountability Toolkit.. We offer this combination of tools to respectfully create a dynamic relationship between representative and constituent.. Download these FREE tools to.. Light Projection As Protest.. Light Projection is easy, fun, and a great way to raise the visibility of an issue! Check out this great How To video to get started using this tactic.. Backbone Activist Toolkit.. Want to enhance your actions?.. Think your meetings could be more productive?.. Want some legal tips for your new members?..  ...   Lamblin of.. http://LelaVision.. com.. People have LOVED building and playing these at wh.. Grand Strategy is a signature workshop of Backbone that articulates a set of strategic principles and a frame through which our social movement can as.. Building A Papier-mache Puppet.. Building A Papier-mâché Puppet.. Presented by:.. Chris Lutter.. (Trainer Bio.. During Preparation For.. United Workers'.. "Our Harbor Day".. The Mission.. Flash Mobs!.. Flash mobs can be a fun and engaging tactic that enhances and moves your campaign forward or simple fun and charge up your group.. The most "viral" fla.. Corporate Personhood: Action-In-A-Box Toolkit.. Action-in-a-Box:.. Corporate Personhood Action Toolkit (DRAFT).. Backbone Campaign.. in collaboration with MovetoAmend..

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  • Title: Backbone Campaign Training
    Descriptive info: Backbone Campaign Training Opportunities Resources.. The Backbone Campaign offers a wide variety of workshops and trainings through our staff and national network of organizers, activists, and artists.. Below you will find a menu of offerings, a roster of trainers, opportunities to participate in upcoming events, and instructions for designing a custom workshop or multi-day training camp to suit you community, organization, or campaign.. We look forward to working with you to build a more powerful and vibrant movement for human rights, sustainable, resilient communities, and ecological well being.. Children categories.. Localize This!.. Localize This! -.. July 31.. st.. - 5.. th.. 2013.. Artful Activism, Creative Tactics, and Direct Action Training Camp on the beautiful Puget Sound.. View items.. Workshops Trainings.. are HERE! Check out which ones best enhance your fight!.. (New ones are being added daily, so please excuse any mess).. Meet our roster of amazingly gifted trainers! Backbone Campaign's expansive national network brings you into collaboration with some of the most talented and innovating practitioners of transformative social change and movement-building work.. They are eager to share with you their years of insights and hard-won lessons learned.. [We'll be posting more trainers and their bio's weekly].. Training Videos Curriculum Materials.. Backbone Campaign is Converging on  ...   Action Trainings.. Learn how to harness the power of community in public spaces through Action Planning, Grand Strategy, and Creative Tactics.. Plus, Backbone Campaign trainers Kim Marks and Bill Moyer will share how to Build Giant Overpass Banners and illuminate your issue with light actions like Light Projection as Protest and Overpass Light.. Flush the TPP Action Resources.. Veteran Strategists and Expert Action Trainers got together for a Weekend of Action-Oriented Workshops, Skills Trainings, and Strategizing in Bellingham, WA June 14th-16th, 2013.. Defeat theTPP! (Download PowerPoint, view as GoogleDoc) by Kristen Beifus Artful Activism: Grand Strategy Creative Tactics Part 1 Part 2 (PDFs w/out video) by Bill Moyer Nonviolent Direct Action/Backbone Action Toolkit View PDF.. by Kim Marks TPP: Corporate Greed vs.. Human Needs? - You Decide.. The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) will impact every one of us in the Pacific NW; as eaters, as workers and as people who care about healthy communities.. It is a super-sized version of NAFTA, and after 20 years of corporate gains on the backs of workers and communities-we can't afford more of the same.. TPP Action Camp offers a unique opportunity to come together, just before the TPP enters into its 18th Round of negotiations in July.. A weekend to..

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  • Title: Backbone Campaign Training
    Descriptive info: Backbone Campaign Training..

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  • Title: Localize This!
    Descriptive info: Subscribe to this RSS feed.. Localize This! (9).. Localize This! 2013, July 31 - Aug 5.. Archive of 2012 Localize This!.. Localize This! Artful Activism Organizer Training.. Join Friends Allies for the 5th Annual Cross-Movement Artful Activism, Strategy, Creative Tactics Community Organizing Intensive Training Camp!.. What's Localize This?- Find out in 2 minutes or less watching.. this video.. REGISTER TODAY - CLICK HERE !.. Vital INFO: Transportation, Location, etc.. Draft Schedule HERE - Check Out The AMAZING Offerings.. -.. Tips for Crowd-Funding your camp participation-.. Friends Don't Let Friends Miss.. Bring your action buddy or your whole affinity group.. All year long, the Backbone team appears in our region and across the country, but only one time per year does the country come to us.. For the past four years this gathering has been at the cusp of movement innovation, a source of numerous collaborations, and a spark for countless creative actions from viral Flash Mobs to Giant floating buttocks.. Our giant 1% arrows banner and light projections preceded Occupy.. Last year's camp lifted up Eviction Protection in the Seattle area and now our allies are celebrating a victorious Eviction Blockade.. Our first camp even helped save an island!.. When:.. July 31st - August 5th, 2013.. (Anti-Oppression Workshop on the 31st).. Where:.. BEAUTIFUL Vashon Island, WA.. (15 min.. Ferry from Seattle) At the Ranch Hostel, 12119 SW Cove Rd.. Cost:.. Sliding scale $150-$400 for all days.. (No one will be turned away for lack of funds*).. Per day $25-$50 (suggested).. All Camping, Trainings, and Delicious Locally-Sourced Food are included! (Bring.. a sleeping bag.. a tent if you have one.. ).. REGISTER.. TODAY!.. We can help you fundraise for camp and your travel costs using our.. Crowd-Funding Tips.. Contact Backbone Campaign if you have questions call 206.. 408.. 8058.. * FYI.. - Please consider helping.. cover the cost of scholarships for participants from impacted communities by.. increasing your payment to $400 or more.. The real cost of camp for Backbone is over $350 per person.. Who's Coming To Camp?.. -.. Build Connections Train Alongside Allies Working on:.. Coal Trains/Coal Ports/Tar Sands/Fracking and Fossil Fuel Extraction Resistance.. Eviction Protection and Foreclosure Defense.. Economic Justice and Austerity Resistance.. Immigration Reform.. Trade and Labor Justice.. Help spread the word about the 5th annual.. Artful Action Camp.. Please copy and SHARE/Tweet/email to friends this link.. http://LocalizeThis.. Invite Facebook Friends to our FB event  ...   Affinity Group Workshop.. Artful Activism and Creative Tactics Workshop.. Know Your Rights.. Burn-out Avoidance Workshop.. Prep for Final Action.. Projection As Protest.. Light Projection Action in Seattle.. Celebration.. Monday.. Day of Final Action.. Debrief.. Celebration.. AND MORE being finalized.. This camp is made possible partially by the generous support of the:.. Nathan Cummings Foundation.. Puffin Foundation West.. Greenpeace.. , and others.. Please Join them in supporting this movement building work.. Donate.. TODAY toward scholarships for deserving emerging activist leaders from impacted communities.. There are people from around the country who need your support to attend camp and we will not turn anyone away for lack of funds.. We can only do this thanks to the generosity of people like you.. Contribute HERE Today.. Partner with Us!.. If you would like your organization listed as a Partner, please call the Backbone Campaign office 206-408-8058.. Pitch-In To The Crowdfunding Scholarship Campaign!.. Change is not just possible, it is inevitable.. But opportunity favors the prepared.. There is nothing the Backbone Campaign does that is more crucial to preparing progressive change agents or weaving connections between them than our annual Localize This! Action Camp.. Enable Change Agents from across the country and from diverse backgrounds and struggles to participate by pitching-in today!.. Localize This! 2013, July 31 - Aug 5.. Localize This! 2013 Travel Scholarship Fund.. Pitch in to Get Change Agents to Localize This! $5, $10 or more.. It's like buying an organizer a drink.. You're the kind of person who would do that.. And we bet your friends would too.. Please.. visit.. share.. our new IndieGoGo campaign with you network.. Help ensure that any change agent with the heartfelt desire to be more effective, gets the opportunity to attend our.. 5th annual.. Localize This!.. action camp.. Your support, large or small matters.. Other ways to help:.. Use Frequent Flyer Miles to get an activist a ticket.. Call the office and we'll match you with an activist or organizer in an impacted community.. Have your local faith or social justice organization.. sponsor and activist or send a delegation to camp.. Other ideas? Call 206-408-8058 or email.. In gratitude and collaboration,.. Bill Moyer the 2013 Localize This! Team.. More.. Localize This! 2013 Feedback Survey.. Localize This! 2012 Trainers.. Localize This! 2012 Schedule (DRAFT).. Eviction Protection Organizer Training April 28 29, Tacoma, WA.. Localize This! Artful Activism Camp July 29-August 4.. Localize This! Livestream..

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  • Title: Localize This! Artful Activism Organizer Training
    Descriptive info: Localize This! 2013 Travel & Scholarship Fund..

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