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  • Title: British Association of Art Therapists
    Descriptive info: .. About BAAT.. Membership.. Council.. BAATgroups.. Bibliography.. supervision-guidelines.. supervisors.. Ethics.. employers.. Art Therapy.. clientscomments.. videos.. Links.. Career / Training.. Training.. courses.. Training FAQ.. ArtTherapyCourses.. Short Courses.. Event014.. Event015.. supervisiontraining.. catt.. claremontskills.. News.. media.. jobs.. survey.. master-of-research.. matisse.. consultancy.. whitepaper.. previousnews.. Events.. attachment.. artandwellbeing.. For Art Therapists.. agendaforchange.. commissioning1.. KSF.. PbR.. atprn.. Inscape.. British Association of Art Therapists.. 24-27 White Lion Street, London N1 9PD.. Tel: 020 7686 4216 Fax: 020 7837 7945.. email:.. info@baat.. org.. Site map.. |.. Enquiries contacts.. Privacy, cookies copyright.. Members log-in.. Introduction Foundation Courses.. Introduction to the profession of Art Therapy.. :.. Saturday 18 January 2014, London.. Note:.. new venue for 23 November intro course (which is full).. Art Therapy Foundation Courses:.. One-week course in London in February.. One-week course in Manchester in February.. Thursday evenings London starting January.. Short CPD courses for Art Therapists.. (Some courses are open to other health education professionals).. Brief Approached to Art Therapy.. An introduction to Mindfulness Based Art Therapy (London Bristol).. Presentation Teaching Skills.. Living on the edge of chaos: organisations, survival creativity.. Intensive mentalization training.. Dyadic Parent-Child Art Psychotherapy Training, London Sheffield.. Skills for practice workshops - focus on art therapy in education.. Setting up in private practice.. AT Groups with children.. Secondary Trauma Resilience.. CATT Level 2.. Course.. CATT (Children's Accelerated Trauma Treatment) is a new technique for treating trauma and PTSD, based on a merging of arts/play based methods.. Level 2 course 21 22 March 2014.. CPD Courses: 100% rate our courses good or very good.. Latest ratings for our CPD courses is: 85% very good and 15% good - which is even better than last year.. CPD courses.. Directed Experiential Workshops.. at Claremont.. Winter Term Intensive Portfolio Building.. Tuesday Evenings, 7 9pm.. 26 November 2013 11 February  ...   a stroke.. Read more.. "Psychological Therapies in the NHS".. Seventh Annual New Savoy Conference.. Thursday 28 and Friday 29 November 2013.. Mermaid Conference Centre, London.. Details of conference booking.. NHS Video.. "Careers in Art Therapy".. Art Therapy careers in the NHS video.. Advancing Healthcare Awards.. 2014.. Show the world how you make a difference:.. Allied health professionals, healthcare scientists and those who work alongside them in support roles have until 17 January 2014 to enter the.. , the unique awards programme which crosses boundaries and fosters partnership working.. This year there is a particular focus on.. patients' first.. and entrants to all 11 categories should show how they have invited patient feedback and measured the impact on patient care.. More about the awards and how to enter.. Art therapy in galleries.. and museums.. There is a growing interest in this area from both service users and professionals illustrated by two short films from the Art B project in North Wales.. See the videos.. >">.. Quick links:.. What is Art Therapy?.. About the British Association of Art Therapists.. Find an Art Therapist in Private Practice.. BAAT membership.. Qualifications required and training courses to become a professional art therapist.. Information for employers (or potential employers) of Art Therapists.. Art Therapy Supervisors.. Events conferences.. BAAT Art Therapy in the Media.. BAAT member Annalie Ashwell:.. My work can give people a sense of empowerment".. Short films of what people say about Art Therapy.. More videos about Art Therapy inc people from Off Centre in Hackney.. New and updated features on the web site (latest 18/11/2013).. Enquiries.. Latest Updates.. British Association of Art Therapists Company Limited by Guarantee No.. 01326920 (England Wales).. Web site by.. realcom.. Please send queries or comments about web site to.. sandra@realcom.. co.. uk..

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  • Title: The British Association of Art Therapists
    Descriptive info: BAAT Home.. About BAAT.. Privacy, cookies copyright.. supervisiongroup.. The British Association of Art Therapists (BAAT).. is the professional organisation for art therapists in the United Kingdom and has its own Code of Ethics of Professional Practice.. Comprising of 20 regional groups, a European and an international section, it maintains a comprehensive directory of qualified art therapists and works to promote art therapy in the UK.. Our contact details are at the top of the page.. You can also contact us via email at.. BAAT was formed in 1964 out of a group of artists and therapists who realised that in order for Art Therapy to develop, and for its value to be more widely appreciated, it was necessary to have a central organisation to which the general public and employing authorities could refer.. BAAT has concentrated its efforts on:.. negotiating for members on questions of salary and conditions of employment.. suggesting criteria for training courses and standards of professional practice.. acting as a forum for ideas and promoting innovations in Art Therapy.. organising conferences.. publishing journals and newsletters and running a book service.. publishing a bibliography.. answering questions from the general public, official bodies, the press.. amassing a growing body of research.. In 1977 BAAT became a Company Limited by Guarantee, which means that it is a non-profit making organisation.. BAAT Council.. The Council is an elected body consisting of four officers - Chair, Vice Chair, Honorary Treasurer and Honorary Secretary - who serve for two years.. In addition, there are eight Council members who are elected annually.. Those elected to the Council carry out various duties, including the Membership Secretary, Chairing sub groups of BAAT, being the profession's representative to professional bodies, and the Regional Group organisers.. Council members.. The categories and conditions of Membership are as follows:.. Fellow.. Currently the Articles quote: "A Full member (as herein after defined) who has been a practicing Art Therapist for seven consecutive years and submitted a thesis (one copy to be retained by the Association) approved by the Council shall be eligible to apply to the Council to become a Fellow of the Association.. " The Association will retain a copy of the thesis when Fellowship is granted.. An application form may be obtained from the Association and a fee levied at the discretion of the Council for office processing.. Honorary Member.. To become an Honorary Member the Articles state: "Any person who has rendered some significant service in furthering one or all of the objectives of the Association shall be eligible to be appointed an Honorary Member of the Association by the Council.. " This award is only given at the discretion of the Council.. Full Member.. To become a Full member the applicant normally holds a recognised Post Graduate qualification in Art Therapy.. (.. more details.. ).. Associate or Corporate Member.. Any persons or corporate body interested in furthering the objectives of the Association are eligible to apply to the Council to become Associate or Corporate Members of the association.. Trainee Members.. Any person undergoing recognised Post Graduate full-time or pert-time Art Therapy training may apply to become  ...   credentials.. A Regional Contact name is found at the beginning of each section.. These people have volunteered their time to organise and co-ordinate local events and information.. Regional Entries.. There are 21 regions: 14 in England, 1 in Wales, 4 in Scotland, 1 International - European Countries and 1 International - rest of the world.. Individual Entries.. Each entry consists of the information submitted by the individual for the inclusion in the directory.. The fullest entry will include the following information:.. Name and Qualification, Home Address, Home Telephone Number, Work Address, Work Telephone Number, Codes, Area of Practice.. Also included are Honorary Members who have rendered distinguished services to the Association and Fellows who have made outstanding academic contributions in the field of Art Therapy.. The Directory is also available on-line to BAAT members (password needed).. On-line list of BAAT member Art Therapists undertaking private practice.. BAAT Logo.. The British Association of Art Therapists (BAAT) is a professional membership body and learned society.. BAAT has a logo, which is displayed on its professional publications, official statements, advice packs, professional guidelines and marketing materials the BAAT logo is used as a way to certify that the content of all these documents has been formally agreed by the elected Council of the Association and that it represents a professional consensus.. As such, the logo cannot be used by any other organisations to promote events, policies or publications without a written formal agreement from the BAAT Council and/or its Chief Executive Officer (this can be done by email as well as by letter).. Permission to use the logo is given on an individual case basis and when use of the logo has been agreed for a purpose, it is not transferable to other projects or products that do not relate to this purpose.. Only BAAT full members are able to use the BAAT affiliate logo - sample shown here on the left.. Full BAAT Logo Policy.. Information for BAAT members.. Publications.. The International Journal of Art Therapy: Inscape.. is published twice a year.. Inscape includes articles by Members and others who are involved in related fields.. More information about the journal.. BAAT maintains a list of books and other publications dealing with Art Therapy and related disciplines.. This publication is currently being updated.. List of publications by BAAT members.. Newsbriefing.. Newsbriefing is sent to Members of the Association.. It keeps the Membership informed about pertinent and relevant issues concerning the profession of Art Therapy, publishes readers' letters and advertised Art Therapy courses.. Further information on Art Therapy.. BAAT is always pleased to be of assistance to groups and individuals seeking information about Art Therapy.. Please explore this web site which includes a wide range of information for the general public and professional Art Therapists.. If you need further information please.. email our office.. Related Links.. BAAT Officers and Council.. Committees and Special Interest Groups.. Code of Ethics.. Careers in Art Therapy.. HPC registration.. List of books by BAAT members.. Find an Art Therapist undertaking private practice.. Back to top of page.. British Association of Art Therapists 2011 Company Limited by Guarantee No..

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  • Title: BAAT membership, rates and benefits
    Descriptive info: Membership.. Membership of BAAT.. Full Membership.. Any person holding a recognised post graduate qualification in Art Therapy and are fully registered with the Health Professions Council (HPC)may apply to become a Full Member of BAAT.. The annual subscription fee is £150.. 00, with subsidised rates of £80.. 00 for underemployed members (working less than 12 hours/week) and £40 for unemployed and retired members.. Trainee Membership.. Any person on a recognised Art Therapy post graduate course (full or part time) may apply to become a Trainee member.. The annual subscription fee is £40.. 00.. Associate Membership.. Any person interested in Art Therapy can become an Associate member.. The annual  ...   BAAT quarterly newsletter Newsbriefing and biannual journal.. Members have access to a.. members-only area.. of this web site, which contains a library of documents and guidelines which can be downloaded, and a monthly e-bulletin with news, courses and notices of job vacancies.. Members also get subsidised access to BAAT run CPD courses.. Membership Application Forms.. To download applications forms in Adobe Acrobat (pdf) or Word (doc) format please click on the links below:.. Full Membership (pdf).. Full Membership (doc).. Trainee Membership (pdf).. Trainee Membership (doc).. Associate Membership (pdf).. Associate Membership (doc).. All payments are to be made in pounds sterling only.. Cheques should be made payable to BAAT..

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  • Title: Officers of the Council of BAAT
    Descriptive info: Council Members.. Council of the British Association of Art Therapists.. For biographical details of each Officer or Council member click on the name.. Contact BAAT via Staff - see below.. President of BAAT.. Professor Diane Waller OBE.. Vice President.. Joan Woddis.. The Executive Body responsible for managing BAAT and developing the profession of Art Therapy in the UK meets four times a year.. Council Officers and elected members are voted in at BAAT Annual General Meetings.. Sub-groups and Working Groups are represented.. Council Officers.. Chair:.. Rachael King.. Vice-Chair:.. Claire-Louise Leyland.. Hon.. Treasurer:.. Richard Whitaker.. Secretary:.. Simon Richardson.. Elected Members.. Tobias Arnup:.. Special Interest in Forensic Services.. Elizabeth Aylett.. : member of Council for Wales.. Lisa Banks:.. Regional Network Co-ordinator  ...   Ireland.. Ami Woods.. : Special Interest in Service Users involvement in practice and research.. Tim Wright:.. Editor of Inscape and Special Interest in Art Therapy with Psychoses.. BAAT Contacts.. We do try and respond to queries as quickly as possible, but as all BAAT staff members work part time we cannot always guarantee a same-day reply.. The best and quickest way to get a response is by email.. Val Huet, Chief Executive Office.. r.. val@baat.. (Four days a week).. Samantha Vassell, Finance Officer and PA to Val Huet.. samantha@baat.. (Wednesdays, Thursdays Fridays).. Elaine Elliott, Publications Office.. elaine@baat.. (Tuesdays, Wednesdays Thursdays).. Antonia Kenny, Short Courses Officer.. antonia@baat.. (Mondays, Wednesdays Thursdays).. Farhad Afghani, Membership Officer.. Farhad@baat.. (Mondays, Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays)..

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  • Title: BAAT working froups, committees and specialist groups
    Descriptive info: BAAT Groups.. Groups and committees.. The following committees and groups are active in BAAT:.. Working Groups / Committees.. Code of Ethics Working Group.. Continuing Professional Development Working Group.. Information Brochure.. Internet.. Membership Group.. Regional Coordinators Group.. Standing Committees.. The Equalities Steering Group.. Art Therapy to the Department of Health.. Art Therapies State Registration Board.. Clinical Effectiveness Forum for Allied Health Professions  ...   Council.. Joint Quality Assurance Committee.. Joint Validation Committee.. Training and Education Committee.. Specialist Groups.. Art Therapy and Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ATASD).. Art Therapy in Education (ATE).. Art, Race, Culture (ARC).. Art Therapy and Learning Disability (ATLD).. Art Therapy Outlooks On Later Life (ATOLL).. Creative Response (Art Therapists working in Palliative Care).. Forensic Art Therapies Advisory Group (FATAG.. Art Therapy in Neurology..

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  • Title: List of Books written and published by members of BAAT
    Descriptive info: Bibliography.. The following books are written by members of The British Association of Art Therapists (BAAT) and are selected from a wider bibliography on art therapy.. For more information on specialist areas of work currently available contact BAAT.. Download this list as a pdf file (acrobat): baat book list.. pdf (8KB).. ADAMSON, E.. (1984).. Art as healing.. An illustrated account of the early pioneer stage of art therapy in a psychiatric hospital.. (Coventure).. CAMPBELL, J.. (1999).. Art Therapy Race Culture.. (Jessica Kingsley).. CASE, C.. DALLEY, T.. (1992).. The Handbook of Art Therapy.. (Routledge).. An Introduction to art therapy in theory and practice.. CONNELL, C.. (1998).. Something Understood, Art Therapy in Cancer Care.. (Wrexham Publications).. , Ed (1984).. Art As Therapy.. General survey of Art  ...   SCHAVERIEN, J.. (1997).. Art, Psychotherapy Psychosis.. LEVENS, M.. (1995).. Eating disorders Magical Control of the Body: Treatment through Art Therapy.. LIEBMAN, M.. Art Therapy with Offenders.. PRATT, M.. WOOD, M.. , Eds.. (1988).. Art as Therapy in Palliative Care, the Creative Response.. REES, M.. (1988).. Drawing on Difference.. Art Therapy with People who have Learning Difficulties.. SANDLE, D.. Development Diversity, New Applications in Art Therapy.. (Free Association Books).. (1991).. The Revealing Image,.. SIMON, R.. The Symbolism of Style.. SKAIFE, S HUET, V.. , Eds (1998).. Art Psychotherapy Groups: Between Pictures and Words.. THOMSON, M.. (1989, 1998).. On Art Therapy.. (Virago/Free Associations).. WALLER, D.. GILROY, A.. , Eds (1992).. Art Therapy: A Handbook.. (Open University).. Becoming a Profession: History of Art Therapy in Britain (1940-1982).. (Tavistock/Routledge)..

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  • Title: Guidelines for Art Therapy Trainees Placement Supervisors
    Descriptive info: Supervision Guidelines.. Guidelines for Art Therapy Trainee Supervisors.. These are now available and BAAT would like to thank all the BAAT members who participated in the consultation.. BAAT has taken legal advice on some of the issues concerning the duty of care towards clients which is held by the placement organisation and the placement supervisor..  ...   'Listening, Improving, Responding: a guide to Better Customer Care' policy (April 2009) that deals with patients' complaints and looking at the role of Supervisors in this process.. We do hope that these will be helpful and that they will help ensure good experiences for trainees, clients, supervisors and educators.. Download guidelines (pdf).. Find a Supervisor..

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  • Title: Art Therapy Supervisors
    Descriptive info: AT Supervisors.. Our list of Art Therapists Supervisors in private practice is now available to Art Therapists and to any practitioner (counsellors, psychotherapists, healthcare workers, teaching staff, etc.. ) who may seek supervision from an Art Therapist.. Click here to access.. Guildelines for Trainee Placement Supervisors..

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  • Title: Code of ethics and principles of professional conduct for art therapists
    Descriptive info: Code of Ethics.. and Principles of Professional Practice for Arts Therapists.. Introduction.. Art therapy is a way of using art for therapeutic purposes.. It involves the use of visual and tactile media as a means of self-expression.. Art therapists and art psychotherapists aim to enable clients both to discover an outlet for often complex and confusing emotions that cannot always be expressed verbally, and to foster within themselves self-awareness and growth.. Practitioners have evolved distinct ways of working according to their specialism.. They work in a clinical context where aspects of health, ill health, difficulties and impairments are a great part of what the client brings to the art therapy sessions.. In this context and as  ...   of Professional Practice and Guidelines with the aim of providing members of the Association ('Members') with the fundamental principles, standards and guidelines for good practice.. This is to support them in their work, as well as to inform and protect members of the public using their services.. Art therapy is a regulated profession and, in the United Kingdom, only those persons who are appropriately qualified and registered by the.. Health Professions Council ('HPC').. may legally describe themselves art therapists or art psychotherapists.. Membership of the Association is only open to registered art therapists and art psychotherapists.. Download full text of the Code of Ethics document (pdf).. Download the Code of Ethics Guidelines for BAAT Members (pdf)..

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  • Title: Information about art therapy for employers
    Descriptive info: Employers info.. Information for employers.. Would your clients and service benefit from Art Therapy? Have you thought of employing an art therapist?.. Art Therapy is a psychological therapy that uses visual art as its primary medium.. It is particularly useful for children, adults and older people who may find verbal communication difficult for a variety of reasons (age, severity of condition, etc.. ) but also very helpful for clients who use language as a defense and have been unable to engage in verbal therapies.. Art Therapy is practiced in groups and individually.. Art Therapy benefits both clients, (in helping them express and contain potentially disturbing issues in a way they can manage), and organisations as this often  ...   agencies, etc.. Many Art Therapists welcome the flexibility of sessional employment and are able to tailor their input to the need of the organisation.. Art Therapists can also take on roles that extend beyond the clinical work by providing supervision to other staff members, and co-working with colleagues from other professions.. If you would like to know more about setting up a post, however small, please email Val Huet, Chief Executive Officer, at.. for advice and help with job descriptions, conditions of employment and advertising.. BAAT can help you fill your Art Therapy vacancy using cost-effective advertisements in various media.. More.. Advertise your art therapy vacancy through BAAT.. What is Art Therapy?.. What Art Therapy clients say..

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  • Title: What is Art Therapy?
    Descriptive info: is a form of psychotherapy that uses art media as its primary mode of communication.. Clients who are referred to an art therapist need not have previous experience or skill in art, the art therapist is not primarily concerned with making an aesthetic or diagnostic assessment of the client's image.. The overall aim of its practitioners is to enable a client to effect change and growth on a personal level through the use of art materials in a safe and facilitating environment.. The relationship.. between the therapist and the client is of central importance, but art therapy differs from other psychological therapies in that it is a three way process between the client, the therapist and the image or artefact.. Thus it offers the opportunity for expression and communication and can be particularly helpful to people who find it hard to express their thoughts and feelings verbally.. Art therapists.. have a considerable understanding of art processes underpinned by a sound knowledge of therapeutic practice, and work with both individuals and groups in a variety of residential and community based settings, for example: adult mental health, learning disabilities, child and family centres, palliative care and the prison service.. The diversity of these areas of work is reflected in the number of special interest groups that have developed in  ...   care.. Details of training and a list of training institutions are available on our web site here.. Art therapy.. is a diverse profession and it is important to ensure that those who practice it are maintaining the standards that we as a professional body uphold.. Art Therapists, along with Drama and Music Therapists need to register with the Health Professions Council.. The British Association of Art Therapists (BAAT).. Comprising of 20 regional groups, a European section and an international section, it maintains a comprehensive directory of qualified art therapists and works to promote art therapy in the UK.. BAAT leaflet "What is Art Therapy?".. Leaflets are available from the BAAT office -.. What are the Arts Therapies?.. Flyer explains the Arts Therapies inc Dramatherapy, Music therapy and Dance Movement Therapy as well as Art Therapy.. Download or open flyer (pdf).. For further information about BAAT and/or art therapy please write to us at the address below or complete our.. enquiry form.. For information about qualifying training courses for Art Therapists in the UK see our.. Careers and training section.. inc.. FAQs regarding training as an art therapist.. For Membership options see.. page.. What Art Therapy clients say about Art Therapy.. BAAT Art Therapy in the media.. "Introduction to the Profession of Art Therapy" workshop.. Art Therapy links..

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