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  • Title: Baha'is of New York City | Celebrating the 100th anniversary of the visit of `Abdu'l-Bahá to New York City
    Descriptive info: .. Baha is of New York City.. Celebrating the 100th anniversary of the visit of `Abdu l-Bahá to New York City.. Home.. Archive.. Activities.. Children s Classes.. Devotionals.. Jazz Night.. Study Circles.. Youth Activites.. Calendar.. Community.. Contact Us.. Informacion general.. NYC Baha i Center.. Subscribe to our RSS Feed!.. Dec.. 17.. 2012.. John and Margo Woodall Read Baha i Writings at Interfaith Service.. O thou beloved maidservant of God, although the loss of a son is indeed heart-breaking and beyond the limits of human endurance, yet one who knoweth and understandeth is assured that the son hath not been lost but, rather, hath stepped from this world into another, and she will find him in the divine realm.. That reunion shall be for eternity, while in this world separation is inevitable and bringeth with it a burning grief.. Praise be unto God that thou hast faith, art turning thy face toward the everlasting Kingdom and believest in the existence of a heavenly world.. Therefore be thou not disconsolate, do not languish, do not sigh, neither wail nor weep; for agitation and mourning deeply affect his soul in the divine realm.. That beloved child addresseth thee from the hidden world: ‘O thou kind Mother, thank divine Providence that I have been freed from a small and gloomy cage and, like the birds of the meadows, have soared to the divine world—a world which is spacious, illumined, and ever gay and jubilant.. Therefore, lament not, O Mother, and be not grieved; I am not of the lost, nor have I been obliterated and destroyed.. I have shaken off the mortal form and have raised my banner in this spiritual world.. Following this separation is everlasting companionship.. Thou shalt find me in the heaven of the Lord, immersed in an ocean of light.. ’.. Continue Reading ».. Jul.. 3.. New York commemorates centenary of Abdu l-Baha s visit.. It was in New York City in summer 1912 that Abdu l-Baha proclaimed in the West that He was the Center of the Covenant, appointed by Baha u llah upon His passing to interpret His Writings and guide the global Baha i community.. This theme was introduced at a commemorative event held on June 16, 2012, in New York with a play written and directed by Kristina Golmohammadi and Mehr Mansuri-Ghavidel.. In it young Miguel, a Baha i youth living in present-day Bronx, speaks with the spirits of early Baha is Howard McNutt, Lua Getsinger and Juliet Thompson.. They appear to him while he is struggling to invite his friends to a Baha i gathering, and he asks them, Didn t you always know what to do? The Master was always there guiding you.. It was to Lua Getsinger and Juliet Thompson that Abdu l-Baha proclaimed Himself as the Center of the Covenant, while Juliet was painting her portrait of the Master on West 78th Street in a home rented for Abdu l-Baha.. He appointed Lua as the Herald of the Covenant and told her to go forth and proclaim, This is the Covenant of God in your midst.. After narrating some of their own struggles, the early American believers tell Miguel that Abdu l-Baha is always among us wherever there is unity and love among the friends, you will find Him there.. Embolded by this knowledge, Miguel garners the courage to invite his friends to take part in the community-building activities in which Baha is are engaged globally, a plan of action directed by the Universal House of Justice, inheritor of the mantle of head of the Faith within Baha u'llah s Covenant.. As the play comes to an end, Lua reminds Miguel and us: We are making history, Miguel.. Remember, you are one of the early believers, too.. The theme was continued with a talk in which former member of the Universal House of Justice Glenford E.. Mitchell described the.. Covenant.. as the axis of world unity.. The circle of unity has gradually been widened, he said.. Successive stages of human development established unity at the level of family, tribe, city-state and nation-state.. Now, at this key milestone in the evolution of human society, the human race is called upon to recognize its fundamental oneness.. That oneness, said Mitchell, is the central principle of the Baha i Faith and consummation of human evolution, marking the end of the adolescence of the human race and the dawn of the age of fulfillment.. And the Covenant, he said, is that providentially ordained instrument through which this unity is to be achieved.. Its purpose is to renew the human connection with the divine reality and our connection with the one faith of God manifested in stages according to the circumstances of humanity at the time of revelation.. The Covenant, moreover, ensures our continued connection to that divine guidance through not only the appointed Center of the Covenant but through the institutions delineated by Baha u llah Himself, said Mitchell.. The axis of the oneness of the world of humanity is the power of the Covenant and nothing else.. The evening drew to a close with a slide show depicting a Northeast U.. S.. Baha i community active in service today and through the years to a century ago.. The photos were underlaid with the soft music of live cello and violin, and the memorable words of Abdu l-Baha: O that I could travel, even though on foot and in the utmost poverty, to these regions, and, raising the call of Ya Baha u'l-Abha in cities, villages, mountains, deserts and oceans, promote the divine teachings! This, alas, I cannot do.. How intensely I deplore it! Please God, ye may achieve it.. At this, an audience member joyfully exclaimed, Ya Baha u l-Abha! and the auditorium erupted in applause, singing along with the Centenary Ensemble, Look at me, follow me, be as I am.. Such was the centenary celebration of Abdu l-Baha s visits to the City of the Covenant and His wishes for this metropolis, as voiced in a Tablet:.. Bless Thou, O King of Kings, the city of New York! Cause the friends there to be kind to one another.. Purify their souls and make their hearts to be free and detached.. Illumine the world of their consciousness.. Exhilarate their spirits and bestow celestial power and confirmation upon them.. Establish there a heavenly realm, so that the City of Baha may prosper and New York be favoured with blessings from the Abha Kingdom, that this region may become like the all-highest Paradise, may develop into a vineyard of God and be transformed into a heavenly orchard and a spiritual rose garden.. Photo by Aeric Meredith-Goujon.. Jun.. 14.. New York City Celebrates the Centenary of `Abdu l-Bahá s Visit.. Weekend Activities.. This weekend, the Baha'i community of New York City has a commemoration, two open houses, and a tour of historic locations to mark the 100th year anniversary of.. `Abdu'l-Bahá.. 's visit to New York City.. Centenary Celebration.. The National Spiritual Assembly is sponsoring the central celebration -- an event titled, ".. The Power of the Covenant.. ", held Saturday, June 16th, 7:30-10:00 p.. m.. , at the Lehman Center.. Visit.. http://centenary.. bahai.. us/commemoration/new-york.. for more information.. Open House.. The New York City Baha'i Center will have an open house this Saturday from 10 a.. to 3 p.. and Sunday from 10 a.. to 5 p.. Devotionals will be held at the NYC Baha'i Center and are open to the public.. 11 am Sunday.. 3 pm Sunday.. Site Tour (Saturday).. `Abdu'l-Bahá visited many places while in New York City.. Many of these locations still exist and may be visited.. There will be a special tour of these sites.. Please join us at the Baha'i Center on Saturday at noon.. List of places visited:.. Footsteps.. doc (274.. 00 kb).. Google map of sites below:.. View.. `Abdu'l-Bahá in New York.. in a larger map.. May.. 18.. Baha’i Holy Day recalls the beginning of the Baha’i Faith.. The room where the Declaration of the Bab took place on May 22, 1844.. The House of the Bab in Shiraz was destroyed in 1979 during a wave of persecution that swept across the Baha'is in Iran following the Islamic revolution.. On May 23, Baha i communities across the US and around the world will be celebrating the anniversary of a historic conversation between two individuals that took place 168 years ago - an event that fulfilled prophecies made many centuries previously, and the effects of which are anticipated to last centuries into the future.. Known as the Declaration of the Bab, the Baha i Holy Day on May 23 marks the day in 1844 when the Bab, born Siyyid Ali-Muhammad in Persia, met a young man named Mullá Husayn and told him that He was the Promised One foretold in both Islamic and Biblical scriptures.. Although the conversation lasted only one evening, the events that followed that night led to the eventual establishment of the Baha i community, a religion of some five million adherents resident in more countries in the world than any religion except Christianity.. 15.. National Spiritual Assembly co-sponsors National Race Amity Conference.. Artist's rendering of the nation's first race amity conference, held in Washington D.. C.. in 1921.. The National Spiritual Assembly of the Baha is of the United States is one of several supporting sponsors, along with the Boston Globe and public television station WGBH, of the..  ...   the same, the result would be the same.. Only the sound of scratching pencils interrupted the stream of words.. The chief cause of the mental and physical inequalities of the sexes is due to custom and training, which for ages past have molded woman into the ideal of the weaker vessel.. The.. started her engines for the final cruise up the bay.. As she steamed north the city rose to meet her.. Back out on deck Abdu l-Bahá reached out toward the gigantic statue that now stood off to port, robed in green weathered copper, clutching a torch, and wearing a pointed crown.. Here is the new world s symbol of liberty and freedom, he said.. After being forty years a prisoner I can tell you that freedom is not a matter of place.. It is a condition.. When one is released from the prison of self, that is indeed a release.. As the ship steamed up the Hudson, the journalists watched Abdu l-Bahá turn to starboard.. He directed their attention to the Singer Sewing Machine Building in lower Manhattan and the Metropolitan Life tower in midtown, the two tallest buildings in the world.. These are the minarets of Western World commerce and industry, he said.. The bricks make the house, and if the bricks are bad the house will not stand, as these do.. Wendell Dodge scribbled away, taking down Abdu l-Bahá s concluding words for his story:.. It is necessary for individuals to become as good bricks, to eradicate from themselves race and religious hatred, greed and a limited patriotism, so that, whether they find themselves guiding the government or founding a home, the result of their efforts may be peace and prosperity, love and happiness.. After a trip of twenty-five minutes or so, the.. reached Pier 59 at the end of West 18th Street on the north edge of Greenwich Village, where several hundred people awaited Abdu l-Bahá.. Wendell Dodge left to file his story.. It was syndicated by the Associated Press and wired, in shortened form, to news outlets across the country.. When readers the next day picked up the.. New York Times.. or.. Tribune.. , the.. Detroit Herald,.. the.. Baltimore Sun.. Chicago Post.. Los Angeles Herald.. , or any one of dozens of other newspapers, they became among the first Americans to learn that Abdu l-Bahá was here.. Mar.. 20.. With Spring comes the Baha’i New Year.. After sundown on March 20 the eve of the vernal equinox (in the Northern Hemisphere) Baha is throughout the world will celebrate the start of the Baha i New Year.. Called.. Naw-Ruz.. new day in Persian, the Baha i New Year has its roots in Persia, where the Baha i Faith originated in the mid-1800s.. Naw-Ruz is one of nine holy days on which Baha is suspend work.. They start celebrating the holy day at sunset on March 20; often by gathering for prayer and a festive meal.. (In the.. Baha i calendar.. , days begin and end at sunset.. ).. Feb.. 1.. Cornel West praises work of Baha’is in establishing Racial Unity.. Dr.. Cornel West, a philosopher and Princeton professor of African American Studies and Religion and a staunch defender of rights and freedoms for all people, learned about the Baha i Faith through his race unity work and befriending Baha is such as jazz maestro Dizzy Gillespie.. In this second video interview, Dr.. West speaks on the.. Baha i perspective of Race Unity.. , noting the genuine universalness of the Baha i Faith and stating that it is one of the first religious groups to hit racism and white supremacy head on.. The Baha i Faith will be one of the leaven in the American loaf that allowed the democratic loaf to expand because of the anti-racist witness of those of the Baha i Faith, declares West.. A Christian like myself is profoundly humbled before Baha i brothers and sisters.. Nov.. 2010.. Jazz Tuesdays Receives Recognition.. Baha is know the New York City Baha i Center as a place to convene for Study Circles, devotional gatherings and Holy Day celebrations.. Thanks to New York City Baha is Mike and Dorothy Longo, organizers of the seven-year-old concert series.. Jazz Tuesdays.. , musicians and music lovers have come to know the Center as a unique venue for jazz.. Each Tuesday night, fans can see two sets of jazz in a smoke and alcohol-free environment for the affordable admissions fee of $15 and $10 for students with ID.. In recognition of work on.. , which has brought hundreds of jazz fans to the Center, the Longos were named the recipients of the 2010 Friend of the Family Award, which is given by Y All of New York, Inc.. , a prominent jazz organization, to special folks who are indispensable to the life and vitality of the jazz community in the region and beyond.. They received the award at an Awards Concert featuring James Jabbo Ware and the Me We and Them Orchestra held on October 16.. th.. in the Living Room at Saint Peter s Church.. William Lowe, a trombonist and member of Y all of New York Inc.. s Board of Directors, opened the evening by saying, When you enter the Baha i Center, you are always greeted warmly and made to feel welcome.. Everyone is so friendly and supportive.. performances are held every Tuesday night in the cozy John Birks Gillespie Auditorium, which was named for the great jazz trumpeter Dizzy Gillespie, a longtime Baha i who died in 1993 and who, the Longos say, inspired the series.. Performers have included many musicians who played with Gillespie, including trombonist Benny Powell, drummer Charlie Persip, and Mike Longo himself.. A pianist and composer, Longo worked as Gillespie s pianist and musical director exclusively for 9 years, and then another 16 years on a part time basis until Gillespie s illness and death.. Saxophonist Bob Magnuson, who has played.. several times, believes that the concert series is one that Gillespie, who cared deeply about building community, would have appreciated.. To do anything in jazz is hard.. Rents are high.. No one wants to come out.. No one wants to pay.. There s no alcohol and food here.. For fifteen dollars, you get two sets.. And you get community.. We see faces of people who would never go to concerts come to this series.. That was Dizzy, he says.. 12.. Dancer, Made in China.. If you took a trip down to Tisch School of the Arts to watch dance classes, you might be surprised to find a red head teaching Chinese dance to a class of mostly Asians.. Aly Rose is a well known dancer and choreographer based in New York who honed her skills in China.. Having lived there for over 12 years, is fluent in Mandarin.. She is also the first Westerner to graduate from the Beijing Dance Academy, Asia's finest dance institution.. Her art is called "human architecture" and her most recent piece is called ONE.. Thirty harnessed dancers, suspended by pencil thin, moving, computer operated cables, perform in mid-air.. Together, the dancers create one immense - and constantly shifting shape in the sky.. Yet, as Rose points out, "There's never one person who's moving the same as another.. It's a symbol of the relationship between the individual and the collective.. Just as we are on this planet, together.. Not only are we interdependent, but also our actions and beliefs affect others.. As a Baha'i, the concept of oneness is something I wanted to explore.. ".. ONE is scheduled to have its premier this July, at the Shanghai Expo.. 13.. 2009.. Rainn Wilson on Oprah discusses spirituality.. Most guests on Oprah Winfrey s shows leave the questions to their famous host.. Not Rainn Wilson, the actor famous for playing the eccentric paper salesman, Dwight Schrute, on NBC s hit comedy The Office.. During his recent spot on.. Winfrey s Soul Series radio.. show, Wilson pulled a list of questions from his back pocket and started interviewing his host.. His questions for Oprah included these:.. What does your soul look like?.. If you could ask God one question, what would it be?.. Rainn Wilson's List of Life's Big Questions.. During Oprah's Soul Series, actor and SoulPancake co-creator Rainn Wilson just happens to have some of life's big questions in his pocket! Rainn shares some with Oprah and asks her, "If you could ask God one question, what would it be?".. They re the sort of questions life s big questions that Wilson, a longtime Baha i, posts on his new website,.. Soul Pancake.. Anyone who visits the site can post an answer or questions of their own.. Winfrey s favorite question of Wilson s was, What do you miss most about being five years old?.. I like that, she said, and promised she d eventually come up with a response.. When she does, she can post it on Soul Pancake, a place where she and the rest of us can share our own answers to life s big questions with people from all over the world.. Previous posts.. Next posts.. 2.. Search.. Baha i News.. International.. Baha'is in Iran told to.. New video documents Ira.. Despite promises, Iran.. Youth arise to serve as.. Joshua Lincoln appo.. The Secretary-General.. President Rouhani's UN.. Murder of Mr.. Ataollah.. Reports of the killing.. Hushmand Fatheazam, 192.. 2013.. Designed by the.. LSA Web Project..

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  • Title: Baha'is of New York City | Activities
    Descriptive info: Baha'is believe social change starts with spirituality individuals unlocking their soul s desire for service and working alongside others for the good of their neighborhoods and communities.. Baha'i communities are a workshop open to all for hands-on learning about the process of spiritual community building.. Specifically, we focus on the following activities:.. Children's Classes.. Youth Groups.. Devotional Meetings.. Together, these activities in  ...   thinking, studying, and acting in which all people consider themselves as treading a common path of service supporting one another and advancing together, respectful of the knowledge that each one possesses at any given moment.. They contribute to the well-being of society as a whole, demonstrate optimism in the future of humanity, and reinforce the oneness and unity of the human family..

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  • Title: Baha'is of New York City | Children's Classes
    Descriptive info: Help us Raise the next generation.. Baha'i classes and activities for children are raising a new generation of spiritually vibrant young people with the potential to grow up free from prejudice.. Children learn that they are important to God and that they have a critical role to play in serving humanity and bettering the  ...   upon them with Thy love.. Through music, stories, art, games, drama, and community service children learn about spiritual qualities, such as truthfulness, humility, and justice that will shape their lives and guide their choices.. Help the next generation grow up free from prejudice and give them the tools they need to build a better world..

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  • Title: Baha'is of New York City | Devotionals
    Descriptive info: Join us in Prayer.. Prayer and meditation are food for the soul.. We pray to praise God and to seek understanding.. We pray for our loved ones.. We pray for assistance in hard times and in gratitude for good times.. We ask God to help us fulfill the purpose of our lives.. Bahá í devotional gatherings are a time for people of all faiths and backgrounds to come together to share prayers in a dynamic and sacred atmosphere.. Often held in homes or neighborhood centers, prayer meetings are free and open to all.. Join us for prayers, music and fellowship..

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  • Title: Baha'is of New York City | Jazz Night
    Descriptive info: The John Birks Gillespie Auditorium, dedicated to the late jazz great Dizzy Gillespie, who was a Baha'i, is located within the New York City Baha'i Center.. Beginning on January 6, 2004, the anniversary of Dizzy s death, his former pianist and musical director, Mike Longo, is presenting weekly jazz concerts every Tuesday evening at 8:00 and 9:30 PM.. You will literally be transformed by the thundering swinging sound of The New York State of the Art Jazz Ensemble.. You won t want to miss their  ...   some new compositions and arrangements.. The NYSAJE will be featured on some Tuesday nights, and other major jazz artists such as Charlie Persip, Warren Chiasson, Chip White, Freddie Hendricks, Benny Powell, Annie Ross, Jimmy Owens, Daoud David Williams and many others will headline on other Tuesdays.. Check the schedule below for the exciting lineup of upcoming shows.. Admission is $15.. 00 per show, $10.. 00 for students.. Tickets will be sold at the door.. Advance tickets may be purchased by credit card only by calling.. 212-222-5159..

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  • Title: Baha'is of New York City | Study Circles
    Descriptive info: Expanding Our Vision.. Let your vision.. be world embracing.. Learn together in study and service.. The Bahá í Writings teach us that the purpose of life is to know and love God.. A powerful way to do this is to study the Word of God and walk a path of service that helps build a better world.. In study circles, participants  ...   such as the power of prayer, the nature of the soul, life after death, and service to humanity.. We believe that together we can learn to worship God, respect all people, and create a world we can pass on to our children with pride.. Join a study circle and discover a path of spiritual growth and service that is world embracing..

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  • Title: Baha'is of New York City | Youth Activites
    Descriptive info: Empowering Our Youth.. Youth can change the world!.. Baha'i programs for junior youth and teens give youth the tools they need to create spiritually centered lives.. Tapping the creativity and energy of each participant, our programs empower youth to become their true selves.. Through study, service, friendship and the arts, youth gain a powerful understanding of their purpose in life.. As they learn to care for mind, body and soul, participants begin to play important roles in their communities, leading forward-thinking activities and inspiring positive change..

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  • Title: Baha'is of New York City | Calendar
    Descriptive info: We invite you to explore the teachings of our beautiful Faith and to join us in creating a better world, one heart, one family, one neighborhood at a time.. From the Bronx to Brooklyn, Staten Island to Manhattan and Queens, Bahá ís are holding study circles,  ...   changing lives and responding to the social and spiritual needs of our fellow New Yorkers.. Learn about events in your neighborhood and discover more about us.. We look forward to meeting you and welcoming you to local activities that explore and celebrate the oneness of humanity..

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  • Title: Baha'is of New York City | Contact Us
    Descriptive info: Address:.. New York City Baha'i Center.. 53 East 11th Street.. New York, NY 10003.. (between Broadway University).. Telephone:.. 212-674-8998.. E-mail:.. info@bahainyc.. -or-.. Contact Form.. Directions.. The NYC Baha'i Center is located at 53 East 11th Street, New York, NY (between Broadway University Place).. The 14th Street/Union Square is the closest subway stop.. Bus and subway fares are $2.. 50 per trip regardless of distance.. Here's the place to go for.. all forms of public transportation.. (subway, bus, commuter trains, etc.. For help with public transit directions, use.. HopStop.. com.. Directions via public transportation from the major airports, bus, and rail hubs: [Please note that the links below will take you sites with even more information.. ].. From the Port Authority.. : Take the "R," "N," "Q," or "W" Train to "Union Square/Broadway/14th Street" station.. Walk south 3 blocks on either University Place or Broadway.. From Broadway, turn right on 11th Street;  ...   : Take the "1" or "E" train to 14th Street; transfer to the "L" train and to the "Union Square/Broadway/14th Street" station.. From Grand Central Station.. : Take the "5," "4," or "6" train to "Union Square/Broadway/14th Street" Walk south 3 blocks on either University Place or Broadway.. From JFK Airport.. :.. Take Carey Bus to Grand Central or take the airport shuttle (free) to the "A" train to the "West 4th Street" station -- this A train takes between one and two hours!.. From La Guardia Airport.. : Take the Carey Bus to Grand Central or take the Q33 Bus to the Roosevelt Avenue/Jackson Heights station and take the "E" to Lexington Avenue/53rd Street (first stop in Manhattan) and transfer to the downtown "4" train to "Union Square/Broadway/14th Street" station.. From Newark Airport.. : Take the Carey Bus to the Port Authority or to Grand Central.. Follow the directions listed above..

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  • Title: Baha'is of New York City | Informacion general
    Descriptive info: El Centro Bahá'í y su librería están situados en el número 53 Este de la calle Once, entre Broadway y University Place, en el East Village.. Si desea hablar con alguien directamente, por favor, llame a nuestra oficina al 212 674-8998 de Lunes a Viernes de las 10:00 a.. a las 6:00 p.. El centro Bahá'i esta abierto todos los Domingos para reuniones devocionales pùblicas.. La librería está abierta los Domingos a partir de las 12:30 a.. hasta las 2:00 p.. Para información sobre como asistir a reuniones de introdución a la Fé Bahá'i en español, para asistir a un estudio de las Escrituras Sagradas de la fé o para conocer acerca de las actividades para niños y pre-jovenes llame a la Myrna 718-651-8657.. El video a continuación trata acerca de los latinos en la Fé Bahá'i.. Descripcion de la Fé Bahá'i.. O Hijo del Hombre!.. Amé tu creación por eso te cree.. Por tanto ámame para que mencione tu nombre y llene tu alma con el espíritu de vida.. Bahá'u'lláh.. La Fé Bahá'i es una religión universal cuyo propósito es la unidad de todas las religiones en una fé común.. Los Bahá'is son los seguidores de Bahá'u'lláh quien creen es  ...   solo país y la humanidad sus ciudadanos.. Tenemos que aprender a trabajar juntos para asegurar una paz permanente para nuestros hijos, basada en el respeto por la diversidad, la igualdad de derechos para el hombre y la mujer y el logro de la justicia y prosperidad para todos.. Los Bahá'is también creen en la educación universal obligatoria, en la investigación independiente de la verdad, en la vida del alma después de la muerte, en la armonía entre la ciencia y la religión,y la necesidad de una lengua secundaria universal, en buscar soluciones espirituales a los problemas económicos y en la paz universal sostenida por una mancomunidad de naciones.. Estas enseñanzas han llegado a nosotros a través de Bahá'u'lláh cuyo nombre significa La Gloria de Dios.. La Fé Bahá'i se originó en Persia en 1844.. Hoy en día hay unos 5 millones de Bahá'is en el mundo, y varios miles en el area de Nueva York, Nueva Jersey y Connecticut.. Las comunidades Bahá'is son administradas por cuerpos elegidos por los miembros llamados Asambleas Espirituales.. En la Fé Bahá'i no hay clero y solamente los miembros pueden contribuir a los fondos.. Los Baha'is: Una presentación de La Fe Baha'i y de su comunidad mundial..

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  • Title: Baha'is of New York City | NYC Baha'i Center
    Descriptive info: Join Us!.. Come to the Baha'i Center for one of our many interesting activities.. Below are some of.. activities going on at the Baha'i Center.. Visit our Calendar for a full listing community events.. Tuesday at 8.. and 9:30 pm.. Sunday Devotionals.. at 11 am to 1 pm.. Urban Juke Joint.. Last Friday of the month.. at.. 9 pm.. (.. Video intro to Juke Joint.. ).. Children's Theatre.. Company..

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