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  • Title: Matthew 1 | NET Bible Online
    Descriptive info: .. NET Bible Study Environment.. Loading.. Notice: Your browser version may not be supported.. This web application takes advantage of the latest in web standards in order to give you an excellent Bible study experience.. Please update to the latest version of.. Mozilla Firefox (Recommended).. ,.. Apple's Safari.. Google Chrome.. , or.. Microsoft Internet Explorer.. - All are free.. Click here to continue to the application.. (May not function correctly).. Click here for the previous version.. Bible.. org Home.. NET Bible.. Blogs.. Forums.. Labs.. Store.. About.. Help.. Buy a NET Bible.. Download.. Matthew 1.. Settings.. |.. Login.. X.. Search.. NET.. CNETs.. CNETt.. Bible.. (.. NET.. ).. Parallel.. Daily.. Library.. Click a verse in the NET tab to see it in parallel here.. My Books..  ...   Environment.. Previous Version.. Mobile.. Copyright.. Donate.. Report Problem.. Provided by Bible.. org.. Cut.. Copy.. Open Verse in Parallel View.. Open Verse in Passage View.. Gen.. Ex.. Lev.. Num.. Deu.. Jos.. Jdg.. Ru.. 1Sam.. 2Sam.. 1Kngs.. 2Kngs.. 1Chron.. 2Chron.. Ezra.. Neh.. Est.. Job.. Psa.. Pro.. Ecc.. Sos.. Isa.. Jer.. Lam.. Eze.. Dan.. Hos.. Joe.. Amos.. Oba.. Jon.. Mic.. Nah.. Hab.. Zep.. Hag.. Zech.. Mal.. Mat.. Mar.. Luk.. Jhn.. Acts.. Rom.. 1Cor.. 2Cor.. Gal.. Eph.. Phi.. Col.. 1Thes.. 2Thes.. 1Tim.. 2Tim.. Tit.. Phm.. Heb.. Jam.. 1Pet.. 2Pet.. 1Jo.. 2Jo.. 3Jo.. Jud.. Rev.. Join us in our Matching Funds Fundraiser.. Help keep great Bible tools, like the Environment, free!.. For more information,.. follow this link.. show this page at startup.. Go to the NET Bible Study Environment..

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    Descriptive info: Plan: Genesis to Revelation.. ≡.. Report a Problem.. Comment on the Translation.. Change Language.. Read in English.. 以繁體中文閱讀.. 以简体中文阅读..

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