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  • Title: Charity Donation for African Children Ethiopia - Beyond The Orphanage
    Descriptive info: .. Javascript is currently disabled in your browser.. Several features of this site will not function whilst javascript is disabled.. Please take a look at our.. browser support page.. for more help.. Sponsor a child.. Help empower a child to become an independent adult.. Support a project.. Projects that improve health, education.. and the ability to find future employment.. Other ways to help.. Fundraising, Bequests, Volunteering.. There are so many ways to help.. What is BTO?.. There are.. 4.. 6 million orphans in Ethiopia.. BTO focuses on a smaller number: one child at a time.. Our unique model emphasises.. children as individuals.. regardless of race, religion or physical or mental challenges.. Our children are kept within their community and they are.. loved, counseled and encouraged.. How are we different?.. We work with local government and communities to keep children not only within that community but.. within a family home.. We.. work with each child individually.. to  ...   a general donation for the next 5 years.. Allison Books (UK).. Provision of books to stock the BTO library.. Qantas Staff Credit Union.. Provision of computer equipment for BTO IT lab.. Latest Video.. Gallery.. Home.. Meet the children.. Child Protection.. How you can help.. Volunteer.. Business Sponsorship.. Donate.. Who we are.. Our team.. Financial.. BTO Information.. What we do.. Media Centre.. Subscribe.. click here.. to receive BTO news.. 19 Montague Street.. Goulburn NSW 2580.. Australia.. Phone: +61 (0)412762974.. info@beyondtheorphanage.. org.. Contact.. Australian Office.. "Thank you for all your kindness and support BTO.. Your love means more than anything for me and for all of us".. 2011 - Beyond the Orphanage.. Beyond the orphanage is an organisation dedicated to the development and improvement of health, education and future opportunities of the children of Ethiopia.. Working closely with local organisations, communities and families.. Beyond the Orphanage is proudly Australian.. IE6 Error.. Hidden Clicker.. Charity Donation for African Children Ethiopia..

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  • Title: Beyond The Orphanage
    Descriptive info: Hi my name is Bogalech.. I am 10 years old.. I lost my parents when I was one.. Hi my name is Abiba.. I am 16 years old.. I would like to be a biologist.. Hi my name is Mihret.. I am 9 years old.. I used to have no food to eat.. Bibz: a videogame for good.. Beyond The Orphanage has partnered with David Rust-Smith to create Bibz www.. bibzgame.. c.. more.. Claire's Volunteer Experience.. Being a volunteer has now become part of my life and of who I am and I am sure.. View All Blog Articles.. *.. Is compulsory.. Personal Details.. First Name:.. Last Name:.. Email:.. Country:.. - Select a country -.. Canada.. United States.. New Zealand.. -- Select a country --.. Afghanistan.. Albania.. Algeria.. Andorra.. Angola.. Anguilla.. Antarctica.. Antigua and Barbuda.. Argentina.. Armenia.. Aruba.. Ascension Island.. Austria.. Azerbaijan.. Bahamas.. Bahrain.. Bangladesh.. Barbados.. Belarus.. Belgium.. Belize.. Benin.. Bermuda.. Bhutan.. Bolivia.. Bophuthatswana.. Bosnia-Herzegovina.. Botswana.. Bouvet Island.. Brazil.. British Indian Ocean.. British Virgin Islands.. Brunei Darussalam.. Bulgaria.. Burkina Faso.. Burundi.. Cambodia.. Cameroon.. Cape Verde Island.. Cayman Islands.. Central Africa.. Chad.. Channel Islands.. Chile.. China, Peoples Republic.. Christmas Island.. Cocos (Keeling) Islands.. Colombia.. Comoros Islands.. Congo.. Cook Islands.. Costa Rica.. Croatia.. Cuba.. Cyprus.. Czech Republic.. Denmark.. Djibouti.. Dominica.. Dominican Republic.. Easter Island.. Ecuador.. Egypt.. El Salvador.. England.. Equatorial Guinea.. Estonia.. Ethiopia.. Faeroe Islands.. Falkland Islands.. Fiji.. Finland.. France.. French  ...   Polynesia (French).. Portugal.. Qatar.. Reunion Island.. Romania.. Russia.. Rwanda.. S.. Georgia Sandwich Isls.. San Marino.. Sao Tome, Principe.. Saudi Arabia.. Scotland.. Senegal.. Serbia.. Seychelles.. Shetland.. Sierra Leone.. Singapore.. Slovak Republic.. Slovenia.. Solomon Islands.. Somalia.. South Africa.. South Korea.. Spain.. Sri Lanka.. St.. Helena.. Kitts Nevis Anguilla.. Lucia.. Martins.. Pierre Miquelon.. Vincent Grenadines.. Sudan.. Suriname.. Svalbard Jan Mayen.. Swaziland.. Sweden.. Switzerland.. Syria.. Tahiti.. Taiwan.. Tajikistan.. Tanzania.. Thailand.. Togo.. Tokelau.. Tonga.. Trinidad and Tobago.. Tunisia.. Turkmenistan.. Turks and Caicos Isls.. Tuvalu.. Uganda.. Ukraine.. United Arab Emirates.. Uruguay.. Uzbekistan.. Vanuatu.. Vatican City State.. Venezuela.. Vietnam.. Virgin Islands (Brit).. Wales.. Wallis Futuna Islands.. Western Sahara.. Western Samoa.. Yemen.. Yugoslavia.. Zaire.. Zambia.. Zimbabwe.. Donation.. Campaign:.. - Select a campaign -.. Computer Training.. Counselling.. Creation of Small Business.. Rag and Famish Dinner Event.. The library.. The new drop-in centre and safe house.. Where it is needed most.. Amount:.. $.. Keep in Touch:.. Keep me informed of Beyond the Orphanage developments via newsletter.. Spread the Word:.. Would you be happy for your first name to be published as a supporter on our website? (We won't include any details about the amount you have donated).. Verification and Submit.. Verification:.. This verification code is required to avoid the accidental or intentional submitting.. of the form multiple times and ensures data accuracy.. We use a completely safe and secure encryption provided by.. Your credit card information is securely handled by..

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  • Title: The lost generation - Beyond The Orphanage
    Descriptive info: The lost generation.. The Lost Generation.. We ve seen it, heard it and talked about it for years we know it well.. The hard facts are that in Ethiopia alone, more than 12 percent of all children are orphans in real terms, that is around 4.. 6 million children.. The magnitude of the problem is overwhelming.. They are the Lost Generation - collateral damage of the AIDS epidemic, famine, war, poverty and disease.. With no parents or economic resources, these children have nowhere to turn and very little hope for the future.. The odds are stacked against them at the outset: suffering emotional and psychological damage, health challenges associated with poverty, malnutrition, and/or HIV/AIDS.. The key to escaping a bleak future is education - lacking the necessary funds to support that, it becomes almost impossible to achieve their born right to an optimistic future.. Education in Crisis.. Research has borne out time and again, that education is the critical difference between success and failure on many levels.. Education is a powerful vaccine against HIV/AIDS.. Several million cases of HIV/AIDS could be prevented in the next decade if every child received an education.. Girls education, in particular, makes a difference that extends for generations.. A 2006 Human Rights Watch report showed that an extra year of a woman s education has been shown to reduce the risk that her child will die in infancy by 5-10 percent.. Research further indicates that young women s earnings are typically 10-20 percent higher for every year of school completed.. Girls education is the best single policy for reducing reproduction rates - achieving smaller and more sustainable families.. A child born to a literate mother is 50 percent more  ...   of their race, religion, and physical or mental challenges.. In partnership with the local community and government, we place the children in loving, secure homes, with family whenever possible.. Our model is unique in many ways because it focuses on supporting the children within their own communities.. This reduces the disruptions in previously chaotic lives and provides the best chance for the children to thrive.. BTO supports the child financially in whatever way necessary paying rent, school fees, food, and medical costs.. We bolster their psychological development with regular meetings with social workers, psychologists, and trained educators.. BTOs innovative program is dedicated to overcoming barriers to education so that the children in our care can reap the enormous benefits an education provides.. Because teacher-student ratios in Ethiopia range from 1:60-1:90, we provide programming that augments classroom education, as well as making sure that all our children are able to attend school.. We provide an extensive program, with 24-hour-a-day access to a drop-in centre, library, computer lab, after-school and summer school classes, all designed for each individual child to flourish and reach their individual potential.. Our programs are focused on individual children, but the effects may be much farther-reaching.. One of the long-term consequences of the AIDS epidemic is the decimation of a productive generation of working adults the parents of the children we serve.. By helping these children every step of the way along their journey to a productive adulthood, the damages wrought by the AIDS epidemic will be mitigated as these children take their place in a healthier Ethiopia.. How can you help?.. You can make a difference to a child s life by donating today.. Warning: Some of the below images are disturbing..

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  • Title: Who we are - Beyond The Orphanage
    Descriptive info: Who are the BTO team?.. Beyond the Orphanage consists of a small but highly committed group of professionals with particularly relevant expertise in areas such as child welfare, child psychology, accounting, law, information management, HR and administration, journalism and photography providing pro-bono services.. Their skills help us to develop a strong organisational structure that can grow to meet the needs of the children and ensure the highest standards of corporate governance.. We  ...   However our members are distributed globally and we manage the operations across time zones through simple but effective online communications systems.. We are committed to keeping adminstrative costs as low as possible to ensure that the donated funds are used to deliver benefits to the children.. This is greatly aided by the provision of pro-bono services by our professional volunteers.. More Information.. Questions?.. If you have any further questions please contact us..

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  • Title: What we do - Beyond The Orphanage
    Descriptive info: Beyond the Orphanage Foundation (BTOF) was established in 2007 in Addis Ababa Ethiopia.. Ethiopia has one of the largest populations of orphans in the world 13% of children throughout the country are missing one or both parents.. This represents an estimated 4.. 6 million children 800,000 of whom were orphaned by HIV/AIDS.. For children ages 10 to 18 there is very little support; studies show only 10% of orphans are receiving adequate care, this is the area BTOF focuses on.. Even where kinship care is a possibility, a dire lack of financial resources often prevents potential caregivers from helping.. In fact, only 4% of these families receive external support compared to a global average of other developing nations which is 33.. 7%.. As more parents die, the capacity of the extended family to take care of orphans becomes smaller and smaller.. In all countries where there is a large HIV/AIDS epidemic, at first the orphans are not seen as they are absorbed by the traditional systems.. Eventually the system breaks down due to the sheer number of orphans and lack of support forcing the children onto the streets.. BTOF was established to enable these young people to become successful, independent adults within their local Ethiopian communities by establishing a safe, stable home preferably with a member of their extended family in-keeping with traditional Ethiopian  ...   they are supported to pursue vocational training, University, or set up a small business.. The first cohort of children have made identifiable gains in areas such as health, education, housing stability, and psychosocial well-being.. The support BTOO gives for the development of the children in the program include.. 1) A safe house with an approved guardian.. 2) If required, BTOO supplies a house or pays part of the rent if child joins an existing household.. 3) The provision of three meals a day.. 4) Access to the BTO safe-house/drop-in centre 24/7.. 5) All medical and dental costs regardless of the child s personal health challenges.. 6) An amount is set aside for savings for each child each month it is deposited into an account for them but they do not have access to that account until adulthood.. 7) All clothing including school uniforms.. 8) All school fees, school books, school bags etc.. 9) When required, transport to and from school.. 10) After school tutoring every day.. 11) Summer school and holiday classes (mainly English and computers).. 12) Access to BTO provided individual and group counselling,including child welfare specialists from overseas.. 13) BTO events and trips so the children can enjoy the national holidays.. 14) Once a child graduates from high school, they are still supported through university or vocational training but to a lesser degree..

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  • Title: Meet the children - Beyond The Orphanage
    Descriptive info: Meet the children.. Background.. The children pictured on this website are the heart of BTO.. In fact, BTO was formed to address the enormous problems they face.. To see them thriving demonstrates just what a significant difference we can, and do, make to their lives.. Our drive to do more comes from the many other children out there who are also in need.. Scroll down to see the biographies of the BTO kids.. Blog Posts about the Children.. BTO Success Stories.. Tigist is a beautiful, intelligent, vivacious fifteen-year-old Ethiopian girl who has endured a lot for one so young.. Read More.. Congratulations to BTO s first graduate.. Rihanna* is an inspiration to the children, founders, volunteers and workers because she has worked so hard and is the first to graduate having had the life changing support of BTO.. She is living proof that the concept works and that kids can be all they want to be, with the right guidance and support.. Lemma s first soccor match.. I can joyfully report that Lemma s current emotional state and living conditions far exceeded my expectations.. Firstly, we met Lemma at his new private school.. The headmaster is warm and intelligent.. He has grasped Lemma s needs and is very proud to inform visitors that he is the first disabled child to attend.. Some of the children s Biographies.. Elsa,.. Age 9.. Elsa lost both her parents to TB.. Her father died soon after she was born and her mother died 1 month later.. Elsa has only one living relative - an aunt but she is not able to care for Elsa.. Since her parents passed, Elsa has been in the care of the church.. She currently lives with an elderly godmother.. Elsa said that if she did not enter into the BTO program she would go to the church for shelter.. Elsa s favourite pass-time is to read.. She is in grade 4 and is doing well her least favourite subject is English because it is hard for her but she promises to improve.. She s a very shy quiet child and she is very happy to join BTO.. Berta,.. Age 10.. Berta was born in Addis Ababa.. He lives with his grandmother after both of his parents passed away due to AIDS when he was in kindergarten.. He has not forgotten the day his mother died and he says he hates that day.. He feels sad when he remembers his situation.. He is a kind and caring young man who has a very obvious creative talent and is a gifted artist he loves to dance and sing.. His dream for the future is to be an agricultural researcher.. Mihret,.. Age 12.. Mihret was born in Wollo in the northern part of Ethiopia.. She lost both her parents to HIV/AIDS as a young child.. Mihret has no-one to turn to and thought of herself as an unlucky child she had no family, no food and no education.. She spent many years with no family life - most of the time crying at the sadness of her situation.. Her aunt visited Wollo and saw Mihret s situation and immediately took her to Addis Ababa.. This was difficult for her aunt as she and her husband have little money surviving on the income her husband earns as a guard.. Thanks to BTO, Mihret is able to happily live with her new family (her uncle and aunt).. Mihret is a diligent student and works hard for the education she desperately wants.. Mihret would like to be a doctor to treat HIV/AIDS patients.. Abeba,.. Abeba lost both her parents to HIV/AIDS.. Her father passed away when she was 2 years old and her mother passed away when she was 9 years old.. Abeba has two older sisters who have been responsible for her since their parents passed away.. The eldest sister works in a beauty salon to support her younger siblings.. Abeba feels sad most of the time because of her situation and she does not like to play with other children.. She feels very happy to join BTO  ...   friends at BTO.. He gets happiness from simple things, such as being able to eat three meals a day.. He has made the decision to be a clever student and to work hard for his future which he is.. He loves to play football and is very good at it.. Frehiwot,.. Frehiwot lost both her parents to HIV/AIDS.. Her mother passed away when she was 6 years old and her father passed away when she was 7 years old.. Frehiwot was born in the countryside and after her parents passed she was brought to Addis Ababa to live with her aunt.. Her aunt is her only living relative.. Her aunt is a widow so struggles to raise Frehiwot on a small income.. Frehiwot likes school and does not find any subjects difficult.. She would like to be a doctor when she leaves school so she can help people.. NIGIST,.. Age 13.. Nigist lost both of her parents to AIDS in very difficult circumstances.. Her mother was ill for a very long time and as the eldest child, Nigist was tasked (at around 7 years of age) with taking care of not only her mother but also her three brothers.. After her mother passed, her father followed her mother to his passing.. When Nigist thinks of this time it makes her cry.. Due to her duties as the caregiver, she was forced to drop out of school.. The local community referred Nigist to BTO where she was placed to live with her aunt and she is thriving both physically and mentally.. She is a great student and a very friendly girl.. Her past still haunts her though she has great sadness that she doesn t know what happened to her brothers (especially her twin brother).. She thinks they are street children and it makes her sad to think it has been a long time since she has seen their eyes.. She does, however, now have great hopes to work hard for an independent future and her dream for the future is to find and help her brothers.. TEMARR.. , Age 12.. Temarr lost both his parents at a very young age to AIDS.. He was forced to turn to the streets and is lucky to have survived the hardships of life as a young street child.. He sold products to passers-by for money to survive and was very sick when he entered the BTO program.. Temarr has no living relative who can act as a guardian so he has been placed in a rented house with an employed housemother.. His physical and mental health has improved remarkably over the years with food, warmth and love.. He too is a great young man and very popular with the BTO family.. Temarr has a younger sister with whom he was separated when he lived on the streets.. He says he loves and misses her very much.. His dream is to work hard for a good future and to reach a good position so he can help himself and also find and help his lovely sister.. MARIAMAWIT,.. Age 14.. Mariamawit was born in Northern Ethiopia to separated parents, which was shunned in her local community.. She lost her mother when she was 4 for reasons that are not known.. She only met her father at the point when he took her from her home community to Addis Ababa seeking help to raise her.. She had not seen him before then and did not see him after he has since passed away.. Mariamwit lived with her aunt for sometime until the staff of BTO became aware that it was not a loving and stable environment for her and was causing her great distress.. Mariamwit was removed from the house and BTO have rented a house for her together with a house mother who cares for her.. Mariamwit is grateful to BTO for the opportunities it has given her and she has given her word to be successful in her education and to be a good citizen for her country.. She would like to be an artist in the future..

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  • Title: How you can help - Beyond The Orphanage
    Descriptive info: Sponsor a Child.. When you sponsor a child you provide them with a future that they can plan for and look forward to.. You help them become independent adults.. And as our sponsored children grow they learn how they can give back to their community, improving life for all.. We run a range of projects designed to improve the lives of children living in poverty and their local communities.. One Time Donation.. Did you know that $5 equates to the average monthly salary in Ethiopia? Every dollar helps.. You can make a regular or one-off donation via debit or credit card.. $ 2.. A day provides the children asses to 24/7 medical care.. $ 5.. Provided two very qualified tutors for 35 children per day.. $ 10.. provides the children access to individual counselling and qualified social worker.. $ 15.. feeds a child for a month.. $ 20.. provides all school requirements for a child for the year (18  ...   $ 500.. takes a child off the street and into BTO for six months.. Volunteer Time.. Volunteer for a Task.. The BTO volunteers are vital to the success of BTO however it also provides our volunteers with a huge amount of personal satisfaction.. Spread the word.. As a charity we don t spend money on advertising or fundraising.. Everything we do is provided free of charge.. Without a marketing budget it is very difficult to spread the word about the great work that BTO does.. Fundraising.. Fundraising opportunities are only limited by your imagination.. Have fun whilst raising money for the orphaned children of BTO.. Business sponsorship.. Each year businesses large and small partner with BTO to make a difference to the lives of orphaned children.. In recognition of this vital support, we will work with you to maximise the benefit you receive.. We welcome your involvement in any form it takes.. With open arms,.. Geoff Hucker - Founder..

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  • Title: Support a project - Beyond The Orphanage
    Descriptive info: Any amount.. big or small.. The lives of the BTO children are improved dramatically by the creation of projects that improve their health, education and ability to find future employment.. 6 Toilets for children s houses.. Amount Raise: $0 / $1,320.. 10 children off the street.. Amount Raise: $0 / $1,000 per child.. As part of the public health and  ...   don t have wash rooms and toilets.. For a cost of $220 per house we will build them a wash room and flushing toilet.. total project cost $1,320.. We would like to get 10 additional children off the streets and into the BTO program by November 2012 each child cost $1,000 per year.. If you have any questions please contact us..

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  • Title: Sponsor a child - Beyond The Orphanage
    Descriptive info: $40.. per month.. That s all it takes to help a child and their community overcome poverty.. Provide them with a secure home environment, regular meals, clean water and an education.. Here are some of the children you will help contribute to when sponsoring a child through Beyond The Orphanage.. Roshaun s story.. Roshaun, now 14, lost his mother when he was 9 and his father 2 years later.. He and his brother could not pay their rent and were evicted from their home.. Though his brother was not of age, he began working.. Roshaun had to drop out of school.. Then, they found BTO.. In his won words: Now, thanks to BTO, I can learn.. I can eat three times a day.. I have brothers and sisters at BTO.. Berhanu s Story.. Berhanu lost his father to HIV/AIDS when he was 4.. He and his mother and sister struggled, but he was able to stay in school.. Further tragedy struck when he was 8-- his mother passed away, too, and he and his sister went to live with their grandmother.. With 5 people living off of one pension, life was hard and the future seemed uncertain.. Then he found BTO.. In his own words: Thanks to BTO, we can see hope and start to think about the future.. Before we got into this program, our means of life was.. very little so it was hard to eat 1 meal per day.. Now I can see bright future for myself and promise to myself and to the project that I will make a difference and wants to be a good citizen for my country.. Mariamawit and Temarr s Story.. Mariamawit and Temarr have been in their new home with their guardian since September.. The house which BTO has rented for them is very close to the office and has a small garden.. Here you can see their guardian and social worker in the main room.. Temarr has a room of his own and there is a large kitchen at the back.. Both children are now in an environment that will help them focus on their studies and we wish them all the best.. Berta s Story.. Berta is very cretive and loves to draw in his free time.. His sketch book is almost full now and he shows us his favourite drawing.. He thinks he would like to be an engineer or an architect but he is not sure just yet.. Help a child and their community overcome poverty.. For just $40 a month you can get a child off the streets, provide them with a secure home environment, regular meals, clean water and an education.. Frequently Asked Questions.. Where does my money go?.. The money you donate is used to (fund BTO programs in Ethiopia) the programs enables these young people to become successful, independent adults within their local Ethiopian communities by establishing a safe, stable home preferably with a member of their extended family in-keeping with traditional Ethiopian values.. Our  ...   be that you continue to be part of the BTO community for some time.. We have a long term commitment to the orphans of Ethiopia and we rely on generous donors to sustain our goals.. How is BTO different from other organisations?.. BTO is very different from other sponsorship organisations in that we focus on providing children with a secure, family home environment.. We aim to place the child within the home of a caring extended family or local community member.. This objective makes a huge difference to a child s life.. Research has shown that children living as part of a family unit have significantly higher psychological and social wellbeing than forms of child care.. In addition, BTO is non-religious and non-political.. We have no agenda other than helping children to realise their potential.. What do sponsors receive?.. To establish and maintain a connection as a sponsor, we like to keep our sponsors as involved as they would like to be.. We like to keep sponsors engaged with our work and their sponsored child s wellbeing.. As a sponsor you receive:.. a welcome kit with a sponsored child introduction containing photos and an overview of where your sponsored child lives.. a six monthly update on your sponsored child, their family and community.. Can I visit my sponsored child?.. We think visiting a sponsored child is a wonderful experience and we will help you arrange this.. Given logistical issues, any planned trips should be notified to us as early as possible so that we can ensure you get the most out of your trip.. At BTO we take child protection very seriously there is a process to go through before we can confirm a visit is allowed which includes police checks.. All visits are supervised by BTO staff in Ethiopia.. Can I choose the child that I want to sponsor?.. When you decide to sponsor you will be asked for your preference reference to age and gender.. If you are happy for us to select a child on your behalf we can locate a child with the greatest need.. What are my payment options?.. If you are an Australian resident (or have an Australian bank account), you are able to pay by direct debit or by credit card.. If you are not resident in Australia, your payment is processed through your credit card.. BTO S commitment to child protection.. BTO recognises that by the nature of our work, we are at risk of being targeted by those wanting to exploit or harm children.. BTO considers child abuse unacceptable in all circumstances and is committed to ensuring that all possible and necessary steps are taken to acknowledge the rights and protection of all children (a person under the age of 18 years) that we work with.. Therefore we have put in place clear policies, procedures and guidelines to ensure children are respected, protected, empowered and active in their own protection; and staff are confident, competent and well supported in meeting their protection responsibilities..

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  • Title: Gallery - Beyond The Orphanage
    Descriptive info: Gallery.. Article Index.. Street Children.. All Pages.. Page 1 of 3.. Prev -.. Next..

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