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  • Title: Welcome to Backcountry Hunters and Anglers
    Descriptive info: .. Home.. Our Work,.. Our Values.. Our Purpose.. Backcountry Conservation.. Our Values.. What is Backcountry?.. A Hunt for Wild Lands.. Get Involved!.. Safeguarding Clean Water.. Responsible Off-Road Vehicle Use.. Free Access.. Our Video.. Our Legacy.. Our Legacy Slideshow.. Roosevelt on Wilderness.. Ted Trueblood on Wilderness.. A 1960 Letter for Wilderness.. Who We Are.. Staff.. Board of Directors.. Sponsors.. Become a Sponsor!.. Our Sponsors.. Contact Us.. Member Profile.. Member List.. BHA Annual 990 s.. Journal.. and Blog.. Backcountry Journal.. Backcountry Blog.. Current News.. State.. Chapters.. Alaska BHA.. California BHA.. California News.. California Board.. Colorado BHA.. About Us, What We Do.. CO News.. CO Issues.. Photo Gallery.. Habitat Watchmen.. CO Board.. CO Life Members.. Idaho BHA.. Idaho Board.. Idaho Issues.. Idaho News.. Blake Fischer s Video.. Idaho s Clearwater Slideshow.. Minnesota BHA.. Minnesota Board.. Minnesota Issues.. MN BHA Newsletter.. MN Links.. Stories.. Waterfowling Video.. Montana BHA.. Montana Board.. Montana Issues.. MT BHA News.. Rocky Mountain Front Slideshow.. Oregon BHA.. Oregon Board.. OR Issues.. OR BHA News.. Nevada BHA.. Nevada Issues.. New England.. New England Board.. New Mexico BHA.. NM Issues.. New Mexico News.. New Mexico Board.. Utah BHA.. Utah Issues.. Utah Board.. Utah News.. Utah BHA Newsletter.. Washington BHA.. WA Board.. WA News.. Wyoming BHA.. Wyoming Board.. WY News.. WY Issues.. Skills.. Stories.. Backpack Hunting.. Tools of the Trail.. Dress for Success.. To Build a Fire.. Wilderness Navigation.. Staying Found.. Elk Antler Collecting.. Great Tips.. Gallery.. Hunters.. Successful Hunts.. Fisherman.. Rocky Mountain Front.. Idaho s Clearwater.. 2012 Fishing Photo Contest.. 2012 Hunting Photo Contest.. Merchandise.. Hats, Jackets, Shirts.. Give Us a Gift.. Join Us.. Login to Renew.. Donate.. Help Our Cause.. Our Passion.. Hunting and fishing isn’t what we do –.. it’s who we are.. Backcountry Hunters Anglers celebrate the great American tradition of testing your personal boundaries amid the solitude of the wilds.. We understand the urgent need to speak up for those irreplaceable experiences if we want that kind of opportunity for future generations.. Protecting Habitat.. As students of nature, hunters know that adequate and healthy habitat is the foundation of healthy wildlife populations.. In the end, our freedom to hunt and fish depends on habitat.. Native wildlife has both intrinsic value and is often reflected in the health and quality of habitat itself.. Standing Up for Your Rights.. We are “boots on the ground” hunters and fisherman, standing up for quiet experiences in wild habitats, entirely removed from the disturbances of crowds and machines.. We enjoy the wonder and adventure of the pristine outdoors with our friends and families – and work to defend and expand quality opportunities for hunting and fishing.. Engaged Membership.. We help sportsmen around the country be effective, protective voices for the wild habitat essential to quality hunting and fishing opportunities.. Our membership is actively engaged, and our voices are trusted and respected.. Backcountry Guardians.. We combat threats to the wild, quiet habitat that support our traditional hunting and fishing opportunities and access.. We stand up to off-road vehicle abuse of public land and wildlife, as well as those who would abuse our habitat and water for commercial gain.. Our networks of on-the-ground volunteers help report abuse and comment on issues impacting our public lands.. Vigilant Advocates.. We constantly identify critical projects to improve access and habitat, applying our values, and developing beneficial relationships with private property owners, local agencies and community leaders.. Active Educators.. We educate and inform our membership, the public and decision-makers through our website and our publications and one-on-one communication.. Our quarterly magazine,.. Backcountry Journal.. is a forum for member stories, state activities, and the most pressing issues we face.. Watch Our Video.. We speak for traditional hunting and angling interests, the voice of sportsmen who love truly wild places: the home of a real backcountry experience.. Click to Watch on  ...   Meet to Form State Chapter.. In Arizona, Phoenix area BHA members escaped the heat this past weekend (6/29) for a meeting at Bass Pro Shops in Mesa, AZ.. In recognition of a growing need for a voice that better reflects Arizona Sportsmen’s passion for traditional backcountry hunting and fishing, a handful of passionate BHA members have embarked on a grassroots effort to form and build an Arizona BHA chapter.. As attendees put it “the discussions of this inaugural meeting have gone a long way towards establishing a BHA chapter in Arizona.. ” Members in attendance (pictured left to right) included: Rod Mondt, Thomas Hulen, Dan Patterson, Robert Martin, Jim Littlejohn, Michael Quinlan, and Ross McCollum.. A second meeting will be held in the Tucson area in July (Date TBD).. If you are interested in getting involved with BHA in Arizona,.. become an official BHA member today.. , or if you’re already a member, This email address is being protected from spambots.. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Idaho BHA goes to Washington DC to Fight for Habitat and Public Access Funding.. This week, Idaho BHA member Derek Farr (pictured) will be traveling to Washington DC to express support for the Land Water Conservation Fund (LWCF).. LWCF is a critical source of funding for providing public hunting and fishing access and protecting key fish and wildlife habitat.. Over the past five decades, over $210 million in LWCF funding has gone to benefit key public hunting and fishing areas in Idaho, such as Hell’s Canyon National Recreation Area (NRA), Middle Fork Clearwater National Wild and Scenic River and Sawtooth NRA.. Nationally, $900 million per year is made available for LWCF; however, the vast majority is diverted and used for other purposes.. Backcountry Hunters Anglers fully supports efforts to restore LWCF by dedicating the full $900 million to conservation and public land access as was originally intended when Congress created LWCF in 1965.. Because LWCF money comes from the sale of off-shore oil and gas leases, the program does not cost tax-payers a dime.. 2013 Backcountry Angling Photo Contest.. Backcountry Hunters Anglers understand the value of clean and wild angling waters.. To kick-off summer, BHA would like to share your most picturesque, memorable or entertaining images that capture the "backcountry angling experience.. ".. Submit your images.. to our 2nd annual "Backcountry Angling Photo Contest" and win great prizes from Filson.. To enter, upload your photos through our.. Facebook page.. along with a brief description of your image by August 1st.. If you are not on Facebook, This email address is being protected from spambots.. with a brief description.. Winners will be selected by a panel of BHA experts and by the number of votes that each photo receives.. All images entered will also be featured in.. BHA's Angling Image Gallery.. (a hunting contest will take place in the fall, angling-relevant images only please).. The winner will also be featured in forthcoming issue of the.. Check out submissions to the 2012 backcountry angling photo contest.. here.. More Articles.. Good News from ID BHA and the Clearwater Collaborative.. A Hunt for Wild Lands.. BHA Position Statement: Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Systems (UAVS) and Fair Chase Hunting.. BHA Members Get Their Hands Dirty to Improve Habitat.. Page 1 of 11.. Start.. Prev.. 9.. 10.. Next.. End.. Our Mission.. Backcountry Hunters Anglers.. seeks to ensure America's outdoor heritage of hunting and fishing in a natural setting, through education and work on behalf of wild public lands and waters.. Popular.. Backcountry Blog.. Backpack Hunting.. Tools of the Trail.. Wilderness Navigation.. Help us help you.. Bookmark This.. Follow Us.. Member Login.. Username.. Password.. Remember me.. Forgot login?.. Register.. Search.. Backcountry Hunters Anglers • PO Box 9257 • Missoula, MT 59807 • 406-370-4325.. Development by Joseph Digital.. Back to Top..

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  • Title: Our Work,
    Descriptive info: A land that is facing ceaseless development.. A people mired in obesity from their over-reliance upon technology and motorized equipment.. A quality of life—particularly the sporting life—that is rapidly careening downhill.. These are some of the basic tenants of our call to arms—for American and Canadian sportsmen and women to stand up for the wild country and wildlife that depend so much upon it.. Now, more than ever before, we need wild lands: places to rekindle the depths of the human soul.. Backcountry Hunters and Anglers is a non-partisan group of sportsmen and women who are standing up for wilderness and for the wildlife that depends upon it.. It has been twenty long years since President Ronald Reagan signed the last significant wilderness bill.. Today, with increased pressures of natural resource extraction, the gutting of the USFS roadless rule, and the rapid decline of the quality hunting and angling experience, Backcountry Hunters and Anglers is taking a leadership role to ask our elected leaders to step up for wild places.. It’s time for national conservation groups from all corners of the continent to set aside any differences in philosophy or politics.. It’s time to shake hands.. It’s time to get something done.. The continuation  ...   hard that it has forgotten the anvil of wilderness which gave value and significance to its labors.. The momentum of our blows is so unprecedented that the remaining remnant of wilderness will be pounded into road-dust long before we find out its values.. ” These prophetic words were written by Aldo Leopold in 1935.. The membership of Backcountry Hunters and Anglers values wildlands and wildlife.. We are driven to protect what little is left of our wildlands heritage before the value that Leopold wrote about is lost in the midst of our greed.. What can you do?.. Join us!.. As sportsmen, our power and influence to protect what we love lies in our numbers.. When we speak up to congress, land management agencies, and in land protection collaboratives, we stand with all our members behind us.. With your help, Backcountry Hunters Anglers will continue to grow as a force for protecting wild lands, big game, great fishing, and the kind of real backcountry experience we are determined to pass on to future generations.. Join Backcountry Hunters Anglers Today!.. "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world.. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.. ".. - Margaret Mead..

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  • Title: Our Purpose
    Descriptive info: Our Purpose and Objectives.. In the ever expanding and technological world in which we live, there is a need and a longing to return to the natural world and experience the wonders that wilderness provides.. We know full well that hunting and angling are inextricably linked to a healthy environment.. We believe that it is a privilege to experience the awesome power of nature and wildlife.. Therefore, it is our responsibility to recognize the importance of, and defend wild country, where human beings are only visitors.. In 1964, the U.. S.. Congress and President Lyndon Baines Johnson provided America the tool needed to keep our hectic lives in perspective: The Wilderness Preservation Act.. This law provides a glimpse of what the land was like prior to the founding, development and expansion of our great nation.. It also provides all living creatures clean air, clean water, and the habitat needed to sustain biodiversity.. Human beings are a part of this equation.. We can and will make a difference by promoting the sustainability of all life, and the ethics and traditions of angling and hunting, so that these activities can be enjoyed by future generations.. So, in the tradition of the great Republican President, Theodore Roosevelt, along with such noted historical figures as John James Audubon, John Muir, Bob Marshall, Judge John B.. Waldo, George Bird Grinnell, Aldo Leopold, Rachel Carson, Republican Representative John Saylor and Democratic Senator Frank Church, Backcountry Hunters and Anglers launches its conservation beginnings.. ORV Abuse:.. BHA works to protect  ...   opportunities, by educating decision-making agencies, legislative bodies, and local stakeholders.. Mining.. :.. We all use minerals in our daily life and mining is important.. However, if done irresponsibly, mining can leave lasting scars that pollute water and degrade habitat.. BHA will address mining projects that will impact fish and wildlife habitat, migration, breeding, and sportsmen's hunting and fishing opportunities, by educating decision making agencies, legislative bodies, and local stakeholders.. Education and Outreach.. : Part of BHA's mission is to educate people about safe, enjoyable and sustainable backcountry hunting and fishing.. In particular, we educate the next generation about this ancient tradition.. The Backcountry Journal, our quarterly publication available to all members, and our national gathering, the North American Rendezvous, are our main educational activities.. The Backcountry Journal is a 16-page glossy magazine with educational stories, hunting and fishing tales, project updates, and public land issues updates.. The Rendezvous is a weekend of camaraderie, hands-on seminars, speakers, banquet dinner and auction.. BHA also visits numerous sports shows around the country to visit face to face with local sportsmen about the issues they are facing and the work BHA is doing in that state.. Backcountry:.. BHA's members greatly value the remaining undeveloped, natural areas of our national forests and other public lands.. We work to maintain the backcountry values of solitude, silence, clean and free flowing rivers and habitat for large, wide-ranging wildlife.. We work to deploy a variety of legal and administrative tools to maintain those values, including the Wilderness Act, where appropriate..

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  • Title: Backcountry Conservation
    Descriptive info: Backcountry Conservation.. Our freedom to hunt and fish depends on habitat.. While many of us enjoy hunting and fishing in human altered environments such as farm fields or reservoirs, there is something special – even magical – about hunting deep in the backcountry or fishing on a remote river.. Wilderness hunting and fishing delivers a sense of freedom, challenge and solitude that is increasingly trampled by the twin pressures of growing population and increasing technology.. Many treasured fish and mammals – such as cutthroat trout, grizzly bear and bighorn sheep – thrive best in wilderness.. Many more flexible species, like elk and mule deer, benefit from wilderness.. From the Steens Mountain Wilderness in Oregon, the Frank Church-River of No Return Wilderness in Idaho to the Boundary Waters of Minnesota, our members treasure America s wilderness system and strive to add to it.. We take the advice of Theodore Roosevelt: "Preserve large tracts of wilderness.. for the exercise of the skill of the hunter, whether or not he is a man of means.. Further Reading:.. What is Backcountry?.. Wildlife.. Wilderness.. Fire.. MN BHA Opposes Motorized Weed Control in WMA's.. From: Greg L Munther, BHA Chairman, Montana Chapter.. and.. Bill Hallinan, President, Wild Divide Chapter of the Montana Wilderness Association.. To: Ms Lori Wood.. Helena District Ranger.. Helena National Forest.. 2880 Skyway Dr.. Helena, MT 59602.. Dear Ranger Wood:.. Recent experiences indicate the Helena Ranger District must give much more careful consideration of impacts stemming from poorly conceived functional contracts.. We are referencing the authorization and use of motorized vehicles on trails designated as non-motorized in the Elkhorns Wildlife Management Unit in an effort to spray weeds.. We are pleased to see the District working to prevent spread of noxious weeds.. However we question the necessity and wisdom of allowing contractors to drive off road vehicles on non-motorized trails and areas on the District.. Taking Action: BHA comments on public land use on Outdoor Trails Network.. Our Conservation Director, Holly Endersby, discuses BHA's role in bringing about constructive dialogue on issues surrounding public land use.. Click the Read  ...   priorities and guide management of this prime piece of big game habitat and fishery.. The Collaborative, along with the USFS were successful in submitting a Collaborative Forest Landscape Restoration Act proposal.. The proposal was selected as one of ten across the nation for funding.. The purpose of the $1 million in funding is to benefit habitat and a healthy forest conditions across a large landscape in the Clearwater National Forest.. Not only will this benefit land, water and native plants and animals, it will provide employment for Basin residents.. It is truly a win-win proposal.. Taking Action: The Clearwater Basin Collaborative (CBC) and a dynamic BHA couple.. Courtesy of Clearwater.. Basin Collaborative.. When I first started my job as E.. D.. with BHA, Board Member Holly Endersby and her husband, and charter member, Scott Stouder were pivotal in orienting me on the activities and potentials of BHA in Idaho.. It was amazing to hear about this large scale planning process they described, involving a wide variety of stakeholders, and spanning a very large area within the Clearwater River Basin.. This is big, wild country spanning two National Forests, the Nez Perce and the Clearwater.. This planning process, known as the CBC, is really a model effort where representatives from the local community are active participants in directing the area’s economic development and natural resource use and protection.. I have attended two of the CBC meetings watching Holly and Scott in action.. I have been very impressed with this group’s cooperation and effectiveness in working through potentially contentious issues.. I recently interviewed Holly on how she and Scott got involved in this unique project, and where she sees the connection for BHA.. Taking Action: BHA volunteers helps gain support for Colorado backcountry.. Big kudos to Paul Vetrees, the Pike National Forest for helping gain powerful support for habitat protections in the Colorado High Country.. Pike National Forest Representative Paul Vertrees helped convince Colorado's Fremont County Board of County Commissioners (2 Republicans and 1 Independent) to vote unanimously, 3-to-0, in favor of more wilderness designations in their county..

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  • Title: Our Values
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  • Title: What is Backcountry?
    Descriptive info: By Ben Long.. Backcountry” is our first name.. It’s the natural resource our organization works to conserve.. So what does it mean? First, it’s obvious that the appeal of “backcountry” strikes a cord across North America and beyond.. BHA was born in Oregon, but now has members in over 40 states.. Our members come from all regions of the United States and several Canadian provinces.. Just about everywhere there are hunters and anglers, it seems, there are folks concerned about conserving the backcountry.. Minnesota.. Pennsylvania.. The South.. The Southwest.. California.. Idaho.. British Columbia.. Alaska.. It all, evidently, has backcountry well worth fighting for.. But what the heck are we talking about?.. In.. Home Ground; Language for an American Landscape.. , Elizabeth Cox writes “Backcountry, typically defined as ‘any remote or undeveloped area’ is in some regions called the backwoods, boondocks or hinterlands … backcountry life is now considered a uniquely American experience that began to define the values of the American character.. ” Backcountry, it seems to me, is relative.. A backcountry area in Pennsylvania may be small enough to bushwhack across in a day or two.. In Alaska, entire mountain ranges may be the backcountry, accessible only by boat or bush plane.. In Idaho or Montana, backcountry might be some thing in between: The Frank Church-River of No Return Wilderness Area is certainly backcountry, but so are those little hidden  ...   it may be wet or thick or it may be remote.. In the backcountry, you earn your kill by the sweat of the brow.. By its nature, the backcountry has no road-hunters and fair chase is the only option.. One does not have to be a super athlete to explore the backcountry, but the lazy best stay home.. Native fish and wildlife.. North Carolina brook trout and black bear.. Minnesota whitetails and northern pike.. Alaska caribou and grayling.. California blacktail deer and golden trout.. Desert bighorn and Gambel’s quail in Arizona.. Montana cutthroat trout and muley bucks.. There is place in backcountry for exotics like chuckar partridge in an arid canyon or rainbows planted in an alpine tarn, but hunting and angling in the backcountry means natives, dipping into the stream of evolution that dates back to creation.. There’s nothing wrong with hunting cornrow pheasants or casting for bass in a reservoir.. Many of us enjoy that, too.. But there is something special, magic and endangered about the backcountry experience.. Backcountry is a special part of life.. It’s a place that is threatened by the mere fact there are 8 billion of us hungry, materialistic, motorized Homo sapiens on Earth.. Backcountry has been around forever.. Backcountry Hunters and Anglers exists to make sure backcountry – and those who love it -- have a place in the future.. © 2007, by Ben Long..

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  • Title: A Hunt for Wild Lands
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  • Title: Get Involved!
    Descriptive info: Ten Things YOU can do TODAY to help the Backcountry.. Join.. Backcountry Hunters Anglers or up your membership; recruit your hunting and fishing buddies or business sponsors to join or donate.. Attend the Backcountry Hunters Anglers.. North America Rendezvous.. Take a camera in the field and document abuse to public land and water; report lawbreakers and poachers to your local game warden (and get a.. reward.. !).. Speak out for backcountry values in blogs, chat-rooms, letters to  ...   district ranger or regional biologist.. “Adopt” a piece of ground in.. BHA’s Habitat Watch program.. Introduce yourself to your state.. chapter leaders.. in BHA.. Join our.. and post photos of your adventures.. Wear a BHA T-shirt, hat or display a bumper sticker.. to spread the word; distribute BHA brochures at trailheads, sporting goods stores or wherever backcountry enthusiasts gather.. Mentor young or new outdoors people on backcountry skills, values and ethics.. Get out and enjoy the backcountry!..

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  • Title: Safeguarding Clean Water
    Descriptive info: Safeguarding Clean Water.. From the headwaters to the ocean, free-flowing rivers support human health, prosperity and our way of life.. The salmon and steelhead runs of the Columbia River Basin are a classic example, feeding Native cultures for thousands of years and remaining valuable for anglers, tourist business and rural communities from Astoria, Oregon, to Stanley, Idaho.. These ageless fish runs are threatened by unbalanced uses of the rivers, particularly excessive hydropower exploitation.. We all use electricity, so we all share responsibility to not allow our demands for energy destroy priceless natural resources, such as salmon.. The tradition of catching wild, ocean-running fish on the big rivers of the Pacific Northwest is part of our social fabric that we must pass on to our children and grandchildren.. There is no substitute.. What BHA is Doing for Clean Water and Good Fishing.. BHA does as much to protect quality fishing as we do for hunting.. • We are walking point in Idaho's  ...   in peace and quiet.. • In Colorado, we are working to protect the high, undeveloped backcountry that are the.. sources of water.. for trout streams.. far downstream.. • In Yellowstone National Park, we have long advocated.. restoration and protection of native cutthroat trout fisheries.. , both in Yellowstone Lake and streams.. • Nationwide, we have.. offered rewards and watchdogged illegal motorized abuse of fisheries.. , from ATV traffic to illegal helicopter guiding.. We love to hunt and fish - and we know you do, too!.. Thanks to you, our "sportsmen's voice" is getting stronger everyday.. Support BHA - encourage a friend to join or.. donate online.. at www.. backcountryhunters.. org.. Taking Action: Alaska BHA opposes strip mine that would set a bad precedent.. The state of Alaska is considering setting a dangerous precedent by permitting what would be the largest coal strip mine in the state right through a salmon-bearing stream that flows into Cook Inlet about 45 miles west of Anchorage..

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  • Title: Responsible Off-Road Vehicle Use
    Descriptive info: ORV Responsibility.. All Americans have a right to enjoy our public lands and waters – but no small minority has a right to damage those public treasures or ruin the experience of others enjoying the Great Outdoors.. We agree with former Forest Service Chief Dale Bosworth when he said that unmanaged motorized recreation is one of the great threats to our National Forests.. Hunters and anglers are acutely aware of how the abuse of off-road vehicles scars the land, pollutes water, spreads weeds, frighten wildlife and destroys solitude.. Many of us can tell stories of stalks ruined, peace and quiet shattered and pack strings spooked by illegal off-road vehicles.. All wildlife needs security provided by habitat.. Excessive motorized access destroys habitat security, degrading opportunities and the experience of the majority of hunters and anglers.. We support reasonable rules – and swift enforcement – that stop motorized abuse of public lands.. The Need for More Visible OHV ID's.. In the video below, Oregon Backcountry Hunters & Anglers Co-Chair, Ed Putnam explains how illegal Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) use has impacted the land he hunts.. Ed explains the difficulty he's encountered when trying to report these violators, due to the fact that Oregon's OHV identifications are currently too small to be effectively identified.. Backcountry Hunters & Anglers supports consistent, visible identifications for all OHV's.. Report ILLEGAL OHV Use.. Reports from the Field: The Impacts of Illegal OHV Use on Hunting Fishing.. The following is a compilation of reports and stories from hunters, anglers and public land users about how illegal OHV use has impacted habitat and hunting and fishing opportunities.. If you have a story to share, please.. send it This email address is being protected from spambots.. Jerry Woodard, Utah:.. Jerry explains a time when:.. Some hunters on ATVs insisted they would haul his elk out for him if they could get their machines to the site.. Even though Jerry declined their offer, the persistent ATV riders spent much of the day trying to access the kill site.. In the meantime, Jerry boned out the small bull elk and packed the meat to his 4wd vehicle parked a couple miles away.. The route that the ATV hunters used to access Jerry's downed elk was discovered by other ATV riders.. By the time he returned the  ...   and fish habitat.. To ensure a future of habitat security, clean water and quiet recreational opportunities, OHV management must draw upon this large and growing body of research.. Note that this is only a partial list of research on the subject.. Literature Reviews of OHV Impacts on Hunting, Fishing and Habitat:.. ATV Impacts on the Landscape and Wildlife.. (2011).. A white paper by BHA which provides a synthesis of OHV-related articles in three sections focused on the effects of ATV use on: 1) soils, water quality and vegetation 2) wildlife (primarily elk) 3) the habitat and environment that wildlife depend upon.. Sportsmen Support Visible OHV Identification.. Have you ever had a hunting or fishing trip ruined by illegal OHV-use? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could identify the violator?.. In a Denver Post Opinion piece titled “.. Who was that masked man on the Four-Wheeler.. ”, Colorado BHA life member Bill Sustrich described having six elk hunts ruined by illegal OHV-use.. Bill.. argued that “from my conversations with other sportsmen, I know I am not alone — and we're getting fed up with it.. ” Turns out, Bill was right, he is not alone.. In a letter urging Colorado’s Congressional leadership.. to consider standardizing visible OHV identification, over 40 sportsmen organizations and businesses, and 85 unassociated individuals publicly supported a nationally standardized visible OHV identification.. Similar support was garnered by BHA in New Mexico, where approximately 1,000 individuals, many of whom are OHV-users, as well as 18 sportsmen and conservation organizations submitted letters to New Mexico’s decision makers.. BHA is also working to develop similar support among sportsmen in Neveda.. Sportsmen from across the country are sending a clear message to decision makers – visible OHV identification is a crucial, yet missing, component of responsible OHV management that is negatively impacting the integrity of our sporting heritage.. Taking Action: Montana BHA Works Against ORV Abuse; Encourages Responsible, Accountable ORV Use.. Backcountry Hunters and Anglers (BHA) is dedicated to protection and restoration of public lands from irresponsible off road vehicle abuse.. Our membership and leaders have worked at national, state and local levels to protect big wild country and its wildlife and fish habitats from pervasive and growing ORV-related abuses.. BHA has launched an ambitious, four part project aimed at making ORV users accountable..

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  • Title: Free Access
    Descriptive info: Insuring Free Access.. Destruction of wildlife habitat – coupled with loss of access to fish and wildlife — are twin threats to the future of hunting and fishing.. Backcountry Hunters and Anglers works for responsible access to public land and to correct the problems which lock out responsible hunters and anglers.. As poorly planned development surrounds public lands, roads and trails are blocked with “no trespassing” signs.. The abuse and overuse of off-highway vehicles is one of the problems leading to hunters being locked out of private land and leads to lost opportunities on public land.. A proven way to protect access on private land is through the establishment  ...   because hunters agree to hunt by foot, greatly increasing the support of landowners.. When wildlife habitat as it is paved, sold off or developed, we all lose access forever.. Excessive motorized traffic destroys wildlife habitat security.. When habitat security suffers, hunters lose.. Hike-in and horseback access generally has many advantages, including more and bigger bucks and bulls, longer hunting seasons, more liberal regulations and greater solitude.. Excessive motorized traffic destroys access by damaging habitat, driving away wildlife and eliminating the peace and quiet.. We support existing provisions in the Wilderness Act and Americans with Disabilities Act that provide for people of all levels of physical ability to enjoy the backcountry..

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