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  • Title: Buchanan County Department of Social Service
    Descriptive info: .. Buchanan County.. Department of Social Services.. 3174 Slate Creek Road.. Grundy.. ,.. Virginia.. 24614.. Phone:.. 276-935-8106.. Fax:.. 276-935-5412.. Administration.. Continuation of Operations Plan.. Mission Goals.. Board Minutes.. General Information.. VIEW Program.. Benefits Programs.. Service Programs.. Links.. Employee Handbook.. Virginia DSS.. In accordance with the Federal law and U.. S.. Department of Agriculture policy, this institution  ...   sex, age, religion, political beliefs, or disability.. To file a claim of discrimination, write USDA, Director, Office of.. Adjudication and Compliance.. 1400 Independence Avenue, S.. W.. , Washington, D.. C.. 20250 or call (800) 795-3272 (voice) or (202) 720-6382 (TTY).. USDA is an equal opportunity provider and employer.. Christopher L.. Austin.. ,.. Director.. Last updated: 11/26/2012..

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  • Title: Buchanan County Department of Social Services - Administration
    Descriptive info: ADMINISTRATION.. The Buchanan County Department of Social Services is one of 124 Local Departments of Social Services in.. The Department of Social Services is a locally administered, state-supervised system that provides assistance and services to those in need utilizing federal, state, and local funds.. Each county and city of the state must have a department of social services which is administered by a local board of social services.. Any combination of counties and cities may have one local board of social services.. The Buchanan County Department of Social Services has a staff of approximately 50 people that administer  ...   of over 25 million dollars.. Currently nearly 65% of the agency's annual expenditures are spent on medical related costs for indigent County citizens.. The Buchanan County Department of Social Services is administered by a seven member Board of Social Services appointed by the Buchanan County Board of Supervisors.. Title 63.. 1 of the Virginia Code as amended, outlines the powers, duties and responsibilities of local departments of social services.. The Buchanan County Department of Social Services Administrative Board meets the third(3rd) Tuesday of each month at 6:00 pm in the agency conference room.. Christopher L Austin.. , Director.. Home..

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  • Title: Buchanan County Department of So
    Descriptive info: Buchanan County.. Continuity of Operations (COOP) Plan.. November 16, 2012.. Page 1.. TABLE OF CONTENTS:.. Table of Contents.. Approvals.. List of Tables.. PRIVACY STATEMENT.. RECORD OF CHANGES.. PURPOSE.. APPLICABILITY AND SCOPE.. COOP.. TEAM.. Department Head or Director.. Department COOP Coordinator.. Department Reconstitution Manager.. Department Personnel.. CONCEPT OF OPERATIONS.. ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS.. SCENARIO 1: LOSS OF ACCESS TO A FACILITY.. Assumptions.. COOP Alert and Notification.. COOP Plan Implementation.. Phase I – Activation and Relocation.. Phase II – Alternate Facility Operations.. Phase III – Reconstitution.. SCENARIO 2: LOSS OF SERVICES DUE TO A REDUCTION IN.. WORKFORCE.. SCENARIO 3 : LOSS OF SERVICES DUE TO EQUIPMENT OR SYSTEM FAILURE.. COOP Plan Implementation.. Page 2.. ADDITIONAL CONTINGENCY CONSIDERATIONS.. ORDERS OF SUCCESSION.. DELEGATIONS OF AUTHORITY.. ALTERNATE FACILITY LOCATIONS.. COOP ADMINISTRATION AND SUPPORT.. Plan Development and Maintenance.. Department COOP Coordinator.. Training and Exercises.. APPENDICES.. Appendix A: PERSONNEL CONTACT LIST (RAPID RECALL LIST).. Appendix B: ALTERNATE MODES OF COMMUNICATION.. Appendix C: ORDERS OF SUCCESSION.. Appendix D: DELEGATIONS OF AUTHORITY.. Appendix E: VITAL RECORDS, SYSTEMS AND EQUIPMENT.. Appendix F: KEY CONTACTS.. Page 3.. APPROVALS.. This Continuity of Operations (COOP) Plan was prepared by the Buchanan County Department of Social Services to develop, implement and maintain a viable COOP capability.. This COOP plan complies with applicable internal department policy, local and state regulations, and supports recommendations provided in Federal Continuity Directive 1 (FCD 1).. This COOP plan has been distributed internally within the Buchanan County Department of Social Services and with external agencies that might be affected by its implementation.. Approved: ____________________________ Date ____________.. (Title).. LIST OF TABLES.. Table 1 - Level of Emergency and Decision Matrix.. Table 2 - Essential Functions.. Table 3 - Orders of Succession.. Table 4 - Delegations of Authority.. Page 4.. PRIVACY:.. Public disclosure of this document would have a reasonable likelihood of threatening public safety by exposing vulnerabilities.. It contains sensitive and confidential information that is not subject to FOIA under Virginia Code.. §.. 2.. 2-3705.. 2.. Accordingly, the Buchanan County Department of Social Services is withholding this plan from full public disclosure.. Refer any request for a copy of this document to the Social Services Director.. Submit recommended changes to this document to the Social Services Director.. Change Number.. Copy Number.. Date Entered.. Posted By.. Page 5.. PURPOSE OF DOCUMENT.. Mission Statement:.. People helping people triumph over poverty, abuse and neglect to shape strong futures for themselves, their families and communities.. Vision:.. A Commonwealth in which individuals and families have access to adequate, affordable, high-quality human/social services that enable them to be the best they can.. The mission is accomplished through state supervision and local administration of Social Service Programs.. The state’s role is primarily focused on the analysis, development, promulgation, and implementation of program policies and procedures in response to state and federal statutory and regulatory changes.. Additionally, VDSS is charged with the provision of technical assistance, training, and programmatic support in the maintenance of information systems necessary to issue benefits timely.. The role of the Local Department of Social Services to administer the programs and issue benefits in accordance to state policy and procedures, following state guidelines, with input from local governing bodies.. The purpose of the Buchanan County Department of Social Service’s COOP plan is to provide the framework for to restore essential functions in the event of an emergency that affects operations.. This document establishes the Buchanan County Department of Social Service’s COOP program procedures for addressing three types of disruptions:.. n.. Loss of access to a facility (as in a fire);.. Loss of services due to a reduced workforce (as in pandemic influenza); and.. Loss of services due to equipment or systems failure (as in information technology (IT) systems failure).. It also details procedures to implement actions to continue essential functions within the recovery time objectives established by the COOP Team to maintain essential functions for up to 30 days.. The Buchanan County Department of Social Services is committed to the safety and protection of its employees, operations and facilities.. This plan provides the department and its personnel a framework that is designed to minimize potential impact during an event.. Both the Virginia Department of Social Services and Buchanan County perform routine tests of their emergency/disaster plans to maintain the integrity of their daily operations.. One copy of this plan will be kept on site; one by the Buchanan County Director of Emergency Management; one by the Director, and on the DSS website.. This document applies to all personnel in the department and all locations where essential functions are conducted.. It also applies to the array of events and hazards that could threaten the department and its performance of essential functions.. Page 6.. The COOP plan does not apply to minor disruptions of service including temporary disruptions in IT systems or power outages and any other scenarios where essential functions can be readily restored in the primary facility.. This COOP plan was developed in concert with the Buchanan County Emergency Operations Plan.. This COOP plan has been distributed to senior leadership within the Buchanan County Department of Social Service.. Training has been provided to Buchanan County Department of Social Service’s personnel with identified responsibilities.. The COOP plan will be shared with local emergency response and management agencies, Buchanan County emergency management directors, emergency management planners and other interested parties, as appropriate.. COOP TEAM.. In the event of an incident that impedes routine operations, certain employees might be asked to relocate, take on additional or alternative functional responsibilities or take on other assigned duties as circumstances dictate.. This plan identifies specific pre-assigned positions and functions associated with activating and implementing the COOP plan.. It also details functional activities that might be assigned to department personnel by the COOP Team to support COOP plan implementation.. COOP Coordinator.. Implements the COOP plan;.. Provides policy direction, guidance and objectives during implementation of the COOP plan;.. Consults with and advises appropriate officials during implementation of the COOP plan; and.. Serves as the principal department representative to external parties and groups during implementation of the COOP plan.. Serves as the department’s COOP plan point of contact;.. Coordinates implementation of the COOP plan and initiates appropriate notifications inside and outside the department;.. Aids COOP Team efforts at the alternate location;.. Initiates recovery of the department as part of reconstitution;.. Identifies essential functions to be performed when any part of the department is relocated;.. Identifies those functions that can be deferred or temporarily terminated;.. Designates personnel to assist security officials in securing office equipment and files at department locations when implementing the COOP plan;.. Prepares site support plans to support the implementation of the COOP plan;.. Page 7.. Designates personnel responsible to assist the key personnel arriving at the alternate facility;.. Supports periodic coordination visits by department offices; and.. Coordinates appropriate lodging, food and other arrangements with the alternate facility location, if appropriate, for personnel who are not commuting and need to remain overnight near the alternate facility location.. Forms a reconstitution team;.. Develops space allocation and facility requirements to support essential functions;.. Coordinates with the Buchanan County Emergency Operations Director and appropriate organizations to find suitable space if the primary facility is not available;.. Develops a time-phased plan, listing functions and projects in order of priority for resuming normal operations;.. Develops procedures, as necessary, for restructuring personnel; and.. Ensures the building is structurally safe and that it meets all Buchanan County Department of Social Services occupancy regulations.. Department.. Personnel.. Understanding their continuity roles and responsibilities within the department;.. Knowing and being committed to their duties in a continuity environment;.. Understanding and being willing to perform in continuity situations to ensure the department can continue its essential functions.. COOP Team:.. The COOP team will consist of the Director, the Administrative Office Manager, the Social Work Supervisors, the Benefit Programs Supervisors, and other employees, as appropriate and/or necessary.. To implement the COOP plan, the Buchanan County Department of Social Service COOP Team has developed a concept of operations, which describes the approach to implementing the COOP plan and how each COOP plan element is addressed.. Below is the Level of Emergency and Decision Matrix to guide the implementation of the COOP plan.. For additional information regarding Concept of Operations, including authority and references, policies and general organization, refer to the Buchanan County Emergency Operations Plan.. Page 8.. Table 1.. Level of Emergency and Decision Matrix.. Level of Emergency.. Category.. Impact on Local Government.. Decisions.. I.. Alert.. An actual or anticipated event might have an adverse impact of up to 12 hours on any portion of the local government but does not require any specific response beyond what is normally available.. Impacted department alerts appropriate personnel of situation and requests needed assistance.. No COOP plan implementation  ...   and necessary, the COOP Coordinator notifies the primary point of contact(s) for surrounding jurisdictions of the COOP plan implementation and any potential consequences and planned alternate actions that may be required until normal operations can be restored.. Implementation of the plan is based on three overarching phases of operation: activation and relocation; alternate facility operations; and reconstitution.. Within 12 hours, activated personnel assemble at the alternate facility location;.. COOP Coordinator, initiates activities to support the actions being taken by the department, including alert, notification and guidance to supportive personnel and the public (e.. , reduction in services or operational hours); and.. Page 14.. Supervisors and managers make contact with staff under their span of control via use of staff contact list.. The COOP Coordinator and team members are responsible for maintaining the lists in hardcopy off-site.. Activated personnel continue essential operations;.. The COOP Coordinator provides additional guidance, as required by the situation, to supportive personnel via the agency phone tree and through other available means;.. The COOP Team and Reconstitution Manager initiate efforts to return to normal operations; and.. Department personnel continue to provide essential functions;.. Department Director informs personnel that the threat of or actual event no longer exists, and provides instructions for resumption of normal operational hours and staffing.. Announcements are disseminated via established notification procedures;.. The department reports the status of reconstitution to the jurisdiction’s executive leadership and other key contacts (local jurisdictions, vendors and partners), as applicable.. SCENARIO 3: LOSS OF SERVICES DUE TO EQUIPMENT OR SYSTEM FAILURE.. Assumptions.. The department is vulnerable to a full range of hazards (man-made, natural and technological disasters);.. Loss of equipment or systems might occur during or outside of operating hours; and.. The plan includes interim processes for implementation, as necessary.. Page 15.. The Department Director determines the need and implements the COOP plan;.. The Department Director notifies the Department of Emergency Management, IT, Facilities and Utilities;.. The COOP Coordinator notifies the COOP Team, VDSS, and other Emergency Management Teams of implementation and provides initial directions (e.. ”); and.. The COOP Coordinator notifies facility or operations personnel of plan implementation.. The COOP Coordinator notifies Emergency Management Officials for the locality of plan implementation and coordinates any necessary press release or public messages (e.. , “Social Services is temporarily unavailable, give emergency contact information for abuse.. The COOP Coordinator or designee notifies all current active vendors, contractors, and suppliers of COOP plan implementation and provides direction on activities that need to be altered, suspended or enhanced as a result of circumstances resulting in COOP plan implementation; and.. The COOP Coordinator, initiates activities to support the actions being taken by the Department, including alert, notification and guidance to supportive personnel and the public; and.. Page 16.. Supervisors and managers make contact with personnel under their span of control via use of the personnel contact list.. The COOP Coordinator is responsible for maintaining the lists in hardcopy off-site.. The COOP Coordinator provides additional guidance, as required by the situation, to supportive personnel via the agency’s phone tree and through other available mean;.. The department conducts COOP Team meetings to receive updates, assess status and make decisions; and.. The COOP Team or Reconstitution Manager initiates efforts to return to normal operations.. Department Director informs personnel that the threat of or actual event no longer exists and provides instructions for resumption of normal operational hours.. Announcement to be disseminated via established notification procedures;.. ADDITIONAL CONTINGENCY CONSIDERATIONS FOR CLIENT SERVICES.. Benefit Issuance Capability.. In all aforementioned scenarios, benefit processing is a consideration of upmost importance.. As timely issuance of public assistance benefits is a federal mandate, VACIS and ADAPT are priority one applications and restoration of processing capability must be established at an alternate processing site within 72 hours as set forth in the DIT Contingency Plan.. In the event that DID cannot establish processing an issuance capability within 72 hours, the Division must be prepared to provide guidance to local agencies that will allow for contingent efforts, where there can be access to VITA computers and DSS-specific software applications.. The agency will utilize a VITA laptop, to take advantage of alternative locations.. In the event of a large-scale loss, the agency will establish an appropriate method to accept client applications and another DSS agency in which to process the applications.. Page 17.. In the event that automated support including the Virginia Client Information System VACIS/ADAPT is unavailable for an extended period of time because of equipment or system problems, local agencies must consult with VDSS officials to develop alternate methods for client needs.. For any of the above-mentioned situations, the Buchanan County Department of Social Services will consult with VDSS and the appropriate Western Regional Officials for guidance and dissemination of information.. ORDERS OF SUCCESSION.. Table 3.. Orders of Succession.. Key Position.. Successor 1.. Successor 2.. Successor 3.. Successor 4.. Administrative Office Manager.. Social Work Supervisor(s).. Benefit Programs Supervisor(s).. DELEGATIONS OF AUTHORITY.. Table 4.. Delegations of Authority.. Authority.. Position Holding Authority.. Triggering Conditions.. Incapacity or inability to reach worksite.. ALTERNATE FACILITY LOCATIONS.. Buchanan County Department of Social Services.. recognizes that normal operations may be disrupted and that there may be a need to perform essential functions at an alternate facility location.. Alternate facility locations will be determined at the time of an event and with the assistance of the locality Emergency Management Officials.. Possible locations include, but are not limited to: local schools, local governmental buildings, and Buchanan General Hospital.. Page 18.. The Agency Director is responsible for developing and maintaining this COOP plan; and.. This COOP plan is reviewed annually and updated in accordance with the schedule outlined in the Basic Plan.. Coordinates the COOP training, testing and exercise program;.. Maintains a current roster of department personnel designated as COOP Team members;.. Maintains current personnel emergency notification and relocation rosters;.. Prepares back-up copies or updates of vital records;.. Conducts periodic tests of the internal and external call list(s);.. Provides for the proper storage of back-up copies of vital records and other pre-positioned items;.. Maintains a current roster of designated site support staff;.. Requests an annual security risk assessment of the alternate facility location by security personnel to assist in ensuring COOP alternate facility location readiness;.. Conducts periodic coordination visits to the alternate facility location; and.. Participates in scheduled training, testing and exercises.. Review and understand the procedures for emergency evacuation of department locations; and.. Provide current contact information to supervisors.. Training.. and Exercises.. The Director is responsible for working with the COOP Team to arrange necessary COOP training, as needed.. It may be appropriate for employees who participate in Emergency Response activities to receive Incident Command System (ICS) and National Incident Management System (NIMS) training.. Page 19.. The appendices listed below are optional, if you insert the information into your plan, you do not need to include an appendix.. Appendix A: Personnel Contact List (Rapid Recall List).. Appendix B: Alternate Modes of Communication.. Appendix C: Orders of Succession.. Appendix D: Delegations of Authority.. Appendix E: Vital Records, Systems and Equipment.. Page 20.. APPENDIX A.. :.. PERSONNEL CONTACT LIST (RAPID RECALL LIST/AGENCY PHONE TREE).. This list is not published here, due to confidentiality concerns for employee personal information.. The COOP Team members will have this information and will be encouraged to keep this at their home, as well as at their office.. This information will be updated, as needed.. Page 21.. APPENDIX B.. :.. ALTERNATE MODES OF COMMUNICATION.. ·.. Primary communication will occur via telephone information provided by each employee and updated on a regular basis.. All employees will be given information and encouraged to sign up for the county’s Emergency Alert System, which is set up to provide information in mass during emergencies.. If phone systems are unavailable, due to the disaster, the locality’s Emergency Management Officials will be contacted to enact the Emergency Alert System.. Any available media outlets, such as local radio, television, print, and social media will be utilized for dissemination of information.. The “buddy” system may also be enlisted for those who cannot be reached, whereby another employee is designated to physically locate the staff member to relay information.. Page 22.. APPENDIX C: ORDERS OF SUCCESSION.. Page 23.. APPENDIX D: DELEGATIONS OF AUTHORITY.. Page 24.. APPENDIX E:.. VITAL RECORDS, SYSTEMS AND EQUIPMENT.. 2 hours.. Buchanan Co Sheriff’s Department.. 276-935-2313.. Page 25.. APPENDIX D: Key Contacts.. KEY CONTACTS:.. Buchanan Co.. Administrator: Craig Horn 276-935-6596.. Emergency Srvs Director: Craig Horn 276-935-6596.. Grundy Town Manager:.. Roger Powers 276-935-2551.. Buchanan County Health Department:.. 276-935-4591.. VDSS Security Officer: Matt Teasdale 804-726-7915.. Western Regional Office: Tommy Casteel 276-676-2390.. VCCC (VITA Customer Care Center):.. vccc@vita.. virginia.. gov.. 1-866-637-8482.. Local Emergency Dispatch: 911.. Buchanan County Non-Emergency: NA.. 276-935-0885.. 276-935-6036.. LDSS Director: Christopher Austin.. 276-935-6801.. Page 26..

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    Descriptive info: AGENCY MISSION.. The Buchanan County Department of Social Services is dedicated to assisting its clients in working toward self-reliance.. BCDSS employs a dedicated and competent work force to carry out its mission.. AGENCY GOALS.. The BCDSS will seek to provide services which support and promote family stability and encourage parental responsibility.. The BCDSS will seek to provide services which support  ...   together with other community agencies to meet the needs of the residents of Buchanan County.. The BCDSS will strive to provide staff opportunities for professional development which enhance their abilities to serve clients working toward self-reliance.. The BCDSS will seek to provide a safe and modern work environment for both agency personnel and those members of the community utilizing the agency..

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  • Title: Available soon
    Descriptive info: Available soon..

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  • Title: Buchanan County Department of Social Services - Information
    Descriptive info: GENERAL INFORMATION.. The Buchanan County, Virginia, Department of Social Services administers a variety of medical, food, income maintenance and social service programs supported by federal.. state and local funds.. Consumers include those receiving public assistance as well as other individuals and families in need of services.. Eligibility criteria for most programs are based on universal access or household size, income and resources of  ...   p.. , Monday - Friday.. Services can be accessed through the receptionist who will refer requests to the program area designated.. Emergency services such as Child Protective or Adult Protective Services may be accessed after normal office hours by telephoning the Sheriffs office at 935-2313.. Child and Adult Protective Service complaints may also be made to a Richmond Virginia.. Hotline, telephone 1-800-552-7096.. Austin,..

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  • Title: Buchanan County Department of Social Services - VIEW Program
    Descriptive info: Virginia Initiative for Employment not Welfare (VIEW PROGRAM).. The Employment Services program changed October 1, 1997 with the implementation of WELFARE REFORM; the official name is the Virginia Independence Program (VIP).. The work component of welfare reform is called Virginia Initiative for Employment not Welfare, or VIEW.. The VIEW Program limits recipients of TANF (Temporary Assistance to Needy Families) benefits to twenty-four (24) month intervals of sequential participation and non-participation for a total of sixty (60) months, and requires that all able bodied recipients who do not meet an exemption participate in this program.. The basic premise of VIEW is that all public assistance recipients must work in exchange for their benefits.. It is the job of the VIEW case manager to do a complete assessment of the participant, do an activity plan which includes short-term and long-term goals, allow a 30-day job search period and if unsubsidized employment is not found, assign the participant to subsidized employment, on the job training or work experience.. Education and training are allowed in conjunction with work activity.. Many of these participants receive Day Care and Transportation services as part of their service plan.. When a TANF case is closed due to the client being employed the recipients may also receive Transitional Medicaid, Transitional Transportation and Transitional Daycare up  ...   the work force.. At the present time we have 151 active VIEW cases, 40 have entered full-time employment, 24 have entered part-time employment, and 34 are working for their benefits throughout the county in community work-sites.. There are a total of 427 TANF cases and we expect to have a total of 250 in the VIEW program.. Austin, Director Buchanan County Department of Social Services.. Brenda Jackson, Services Supervisor.. Angelia McClanahan.. -.. VIEW Coordinator.. You may contact us at (276) 935-8106.. There was a one million dollar grant awarded to Southwest Virginia involving eight coal field locations, the counties of Buchanan, Dickenson, Lee, Russell, Scott, Tazewell, Wise and the City of.. Norton.. This grant was awarded to.. Southwest Virginia.. due to the high unemployment rate, to better assist VIEW clients in becoming better prepared to enter the job market.. All VIEW clients will be required to undergo a uniform Full-Battery Assessment.. Also the money was directed toward developing a job marketing program, establishing a Neighborhood Technology Network site, establishing two (2) Training and Employment for Careers (TEC) Centers, expanding the existing transportation program (cars), to provide vehicle ownership for working TANF clients.. The Full Assessment was started February 1, 1999.. Work continues on the other areas of the planned programs.. Back to BCDSS Benefit Programs Page..

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  • Title: Buchanan County Department of Social Services - Benefit Programs
    Descriptive info: BENEFIT PROGRAMS.. The Buchanan County Department of Social Services administers the following benefit programs:.. Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF).. - Provides temporary financial assistance to families with children deprived of the support of one or both parents.. Temporary Assistance to Needy Families.. (TANF-UP.. ) provides temporary assistance to unemployed or underemployed families with children.. The TANF program is the cornerstone of Virginia's sweeping welfare reform initiative (VIEW) signed into law by Governor George Allen on March 20,1995.. The TANF program initiative has time-limited benefits, a strong work requirement and a social contract that sets out the responsibilities of and expectations for recipients of public assistance and the government.. VIEW began in Buchanan County in October, 1998.. For more information about the Virginia Initiative for Employment not Welfare (VIEW) - Click here.. Aid To Dependent Children - Foster Care (AFDC - FC).. - Financial aid is provided for children that are deemed to be eligible for AFDC prior to being removed from their home who are subsequently removed from their homes and placed in the custody of the Buchanan County Board of Social Services.. AFDC-FS does not relate to TANF requirements.. Emergency Assistance (EA).. - Provides short term, limited financial assistance to families with children when a fire or other natural disaster has destroyed those things necessary for taking care of the family.. Auxiliary Grants Program.. - Financial assistance is available for certain needy, aged, blind or disabled persons who reside in adult care residences or adult family care homes.. The money received, plus other income, is used by the person to pay for care provided by the home.. Individuals who get money  ...   Medical Assistance Services, which administers the program.. Medicaid makes direct payments to health care service providers for eligible individuals and families who are unable to pay for needed medical services.. Medicaid pays for a variety of medical services, including prescription drugs, doctor visits, nursing facility care and hospital care.. The Balanced Budget Act of 1977 created the State Children s Health Insurance Program to provide funds to states to enable them to initiate the provision of children health insurance to uninsured low income children.. FAMIS(Family Access to Medical Insurance Security Plan) covers uninsured low income children under age 19.. Refugee Resettlement Program.. - This federal program provides medical and cash assistance through the Department of Social Services to eligible refugees who settle in Buchanan County, Virginia.. Very few refugees have settled in Southwest Virginia.. Most refugees in the Commonwealth of Virginia reside in Tidewater and Northern Virginia.. Energy Assistance Program.. - Eligible low-income households receive federal assistance with their home heating bills.. Faulty or hazardous heating systems may also be repaired in households eligible for fuel assistance.. State and Local Hospitalization.. (SLH).. - State and Local Hospitalization provides direct payment to hospitals for eligible individuals who do not qualify for Medicaid and who are unable to pay for required medical services.. This program will pay for limited hospitalization, outpatient surgery and emergency room visits.. Inpatient and outpatient doctor visits are not covered.. Program Abuse and Fraud -.. If you are aware of anyone committing program abuse or fraud and wish to report it to the Fraud Investigator you may call Darlene Ashby at 276/935-8106 Ext 228.. You will not have to give your name..

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  • Title: Buchanan County Department of Social Services - Service Programs
    Descriptive info: SERVICE PROGRAMS.. Buchanan County Department of Social Services offers a variety of service programs to meet the needs of the county's citizens.. These services are designed to meet on-going or emergency needs and are provided to families and children as well as the elderly or disabled adults.. Some services are based on income or other financial considerations but many are available regardless of income.. Service programs include:.. Intake - Intake services are available to families or individuals who do not already have a caseworker at the agency and have a service need.. Many of these needs are of an emergency nature such as housing due to eviction, utility disconnect, or a medical need (such as medicine).. The intake worker assesses the family or individual's needs and identifies available community resources.. Some of these needs can be meet directly while others are handled through information and referral.. Protective Services - Protective services are provided to children (up to age 18), the elderly, and disabled adults (18 years of age or older and incapacitated or 60 years of age or older).. The goals of both Child and Adult Protective Services are:.. To protect children and vulnerable adults from abuse, neglect or exploitation.. To help keep families together and to support self-determination of adults.. To help families provide a safe and nurturing environment for their members.. The process of both Adult and Child Protective services is as follows:.. Intake - Receipt, screening and validation of complaint.. Initial risk assessment - Determining immediate risk to alleged victims.. Investigation - Who, what, when, where, how.. Assessment of needs - What services are needed by family.. Disposition - Did abuse or neglect as defined by policy and code occur.. Foster Care.. - Provides temporary substitute care for children who cannot be in their own homes.. The goal of foster care is to provide a permanent home for each child.. Reunification with the children's biological family is  ...   abuse or neglect.. These services include on-going case management, as well as information and referral to other community service agencies.. Intensive Family Services.. - Provides case management to families who have had a founded Child Protective Service Complaint or who have been determined to be at high risk of abuse or neglect.. This includes cases of spouse abuse when children are involved.. Aide Services.. - Aides are home-based, direct service providers, who work with families to help them learn the skills they need to provide a safe and nurturing environment for their children.. Aides attempt to empower families to meet their own needs, utilizing an adult learning model that focuses on areas such as foods and nutrition, home safety, child growth and development, budgeting and parenting skills.. Court Ordered Services.. - Services that are ordered by the juvenile or circuit court.. These services include home studies, supervised visits, home supervision, and mediation.. Adult Services.. - A wide variety of services are provided to elderly or disabled adults to help the adult remain in the least restrictive setting, and function as independently as possible.. These services include, companion, case management, and referrals to other community resources including guardians.. Assistance may also be provided for those who need assisted living (adult care residence or nursing homes) through completion of the Universal Assessment Instrument.. Employment Services.. - Employment Services are provided to recipients of TANF (Temporary Assistance to Needy Families).. This program is designed to help families obtain economic independence from the social service system.. Services include job readiness training, limited education and vocational training, and work experience.. The employment service program is being coordinated with benefit program staff into a self-sufficiency unit that will work together to support and enhance employment opportunities from the first moment an individual applies for assistance.. Volunteer Services.. - The agency utilizes volunteers and student interns to provide assistance to staff in various projects and casework activity..

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  • Title: Links to other Internet sites
    Descriptive info: Related Internet Sites.. Appalachia College of.. Pharmacy.. Buchanan County Public Library.. Buchanan County Public Schools.. Town of Grundy.. Southwest Virginia Community College.. Buchanan County Weather Forecast.. Buchanan General Hospital.. Virginia Mountaineer (Newspaper).. Clinch Valley Medical Center.. Appalachian School of Law.. Other Sites.. Virginia Relay(711).. 211 Call Center.. Virginia Employment Commission.. Online Social Security Application.. Virginia Rehabilitative Services.. White Pages Phone Directory.. Virginia Dept of Health.. White Pages Area Codes.. Virginia State Police.. Blue Ridge Online.. Virginia Dept of Motor Vehicles.. Google.. Search.. Virginia Government Agency List.. The Mountain Laurel..

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  • Title: Shared Leadership Team
    Descriptive info: At-Will Employment 3.. Disclosure 3.. HR Policy Record 4.. Grievance Information 5.. Holidays 6.. Paydays 6.. Leave Donation 6.. Inclement Weather 6.. Emergency Shelter Operations Plan 7.. Disaster Recovery Plan 8.. Work Schedule Contract 12.. Flextime Policy 13.. Optional Four-Day Workweek 14.. Work Schedule/Compensation Policy 16.. Retiree Insurance Premium Resolution 17.. Time Clock Guidelines 19.. Dress Code Policy 20.. Removal or Transfer of Case Records 20.. Agency Mail Procedure 20.. Building Care and Security 21.. Contingency Plan 22.. Smoking Policy 24.. Use of Telephones 24.. Travel 25.. Use of Agency Vehicles 27.. Request to Take Agency Vehicle Home 29.. Use of Agency Credit Card Agreement 30.. FOIA Charges 31.. Child Protective Services On-Call 32.. Blood borne Pathogens Policy 33.. Placing an Item on the Agenda 37.. Mileage Reimbursement for Board Members 38.. Organizational Chart 39.. Certification of receipt page 40.. AT WILL EMPLOYMENT.. Employees of the Buchanan County Department of Social Services are “at will” employees absent the existence of a written contract with a definite term.. The Human Resources Manual for Local Departments of Social Services does not create a contract between an employee and the Buchanan County Department of Social Services.. Neither the employee nor the Buchanan County Department of Social Services has entered into a contract of employment, express or implied.. Employees have no guarantee of employment for a particular term and may be terminated in accordance with policy.. Disclosure.. This employee handbook is a complete compilation of local policies.. Buchanan County DSS is a non-deviating agency and therefore follows the State Human Resources Manual with the exception of Holiday schedules.. Local policies not included in this manual are hereby obsolete and rescinded.. 3.. Human Resource Policy Record.. Date:.. May 21, 2012.. To:.. Employee Relations Manager.. From:.. Director: Christopher L.. Local DSS: Buchanan County.. Subject:.. Listed below is a summary of the personnel policies currently in effect in this local department of social services/welfare.. I am aware that any request for approval to follow local human resource policies must be submitted to the Division of Human Resources on a Local Policy Request Form.. Human Resource Policy.. Check if Following.. Local Policy.. Administrative Manual Policy.. Performance Evaluation.. X.. Standards of Conduct.. Leave Policy.. Holiday Schedule.. Inclement Weather Policy.. Classification/Compensation.. Affirmative Action Plan.. Grievance Procedure.. Probationary Period.. Layoff Policy.. _____________________________________________ May 21, 2012.. Signature of Director Date.. The information provided above is in agreement with our record of approved local policies and reflects the local department’s current use of policies in the Human Resources Manual for Local Departments of Social Services.. ___________________________________ ______________________.. Signature of Employee Relations Manager Date.. 4.. RESOLUTION OF THE ADMINISTRATIVE BOARD OF THE BUCHANAN COUNTY DEPARTMENT OF SOCIAL SERVICES.. WHEREAS, the Administrative Board primarily functions as a policy making board by establishing, reviewing, and revising policies of the agency; and.. WHEREAS, the Director is the administrator of the local agency and ensures that programs are operated as intended and is responsible for the performance of the local agency; and.. WHEREAS, the Director’s administrative duties include program and policy implementation, human resources planning, supervision and evaluation of staff, financial planning and securing and maintaining office space and office equipment; and.. WHEREAS, the Human Resources Manual for local Departments of Social Services, Chapter 7, Section II, provides employees of the agency with a grievance procedure to seek redress from any perceived unfair application of policy, discriminatory or illegal employment practices, disciplinary actions, and/or retaliation; and.. WHEREAS, the Administrative Board is a step or a part of the grievance process for an employee to address any perceived unfair application of policy, discriminatory or illegal employment practices, disciplinary actions, and/or retaliation; and.. WHEREAS, an employee of the agency should not immediately appear before the Administrative Board to request intervention regarding any perceived unfair application of policy, discrimination or illegal employment practices, disciplinary actions, and/or retaliation since the Human Resources Manual provides a detailed process to address those issues.. BE IT RESOLVED that the Administrative Board of the Buchanan County Department of Social Services supports the Director and his staff with the implementation of policy, human resource planning, supervision and evaluation of staff and encourages all employees and staff to follow and adhere to the procedures set forth in the Human Resources Manual with regard to any perceived unfair application of policy, discriminatory or illegal employment practices, disciplinary actions, and/or retaliation.. This Resolution shall take effect immediately.. This policy was Adopted this 9.. th.. day of July 2007.. It has been reviewed with no changes noted on June 19, 2012.. _____________________________ _______________________________.. Randall Deel, Chairman Christopher L.. Austin, Director.. 5.. Holidays.. The Buchanan County Department of Social Services follows the county holiday schedule.. Paydays.. Paydays will be on the 15.. and on the last working day of the month.. In the event that the 15.. falls on Saturday or Sunday, payday will be issued on the previous work day.. Leave Donation.. The agency does permit annual leave donation from one employee to another in accordance with the HR manual.. Please see the Office Manager to request leave donation.. This form has been updated and approved by the Administrative Board of the Buchanan County Department of Social Services on June 19, 2012.. Signed:.. ______________________________ ____________________________________.. Inclement Weather.. Once a decision has been made to open on a delayed schedule or close the agency, the Director will contact supervisory staff who will, in turn, contact staff of their unit.. Every attempt will be made to come to a determination by 6:30 am.. 6.. Emergency Shelter Operations Plan.. April 19, 2013.. Phase I: Start-up.. Step I:.. The Director of Emergency Services or the Emergency Services Coordinator will declare an emergency.. They will determine which of the five emergency shelters will be opened.. The designated shelters are: Council High School, Twin Valley High School, Grundy High School, Hurley High School, and Riverview Elementary/Middle School.. Step II:.. The Director of Emergency Services or the Emergency Services Coordinator will contact DSS Staff:.. Sherina Justus (h) 566-4076 (c) 276-274-6493.. Chris Austin (h) 935-9144 (c) 276-202-1845.. Brenda Jackson (h) 498-3349 (c) 276-596-0055 (p) 1-800-288-2337 pager #6303.. Step III:.. The DSS Staff will contact American Red Cross local representative: Brenda Jackson and her start-up crew:.. Ruth Horn, Amanda Matney, Kim Burks, and Matthew Compton.. Step IV:.. Sherina Justus will contact supervisors and notify them that they are on stand-by.. Supervisors will, in turn contact their staff and put them on stand-by.. Note: all staff that does not have phone service or electricity is expected to call the Emergency Operations Center, located in the 911 Office at 935-8343 to gain information about the DSS Shelter(s).. It is the responsibility of all DSS employees to participate in Shelter Operations.. The staff will work 12-hour shifts.. Terrie Ratliff will maintain current employee contact list and provide to Shelter Managers and Supervisors.. A current copy is attached.. 7.. Disaster Recovery Plan.. Introduction:.. The Buchanan County Department of Social Services provides an array of mandated and optional financial assistance programs and social service programs for its community citizens.. The Department has aggressively pursued automation as one mechanism for addressing the need for increased efficiencies despite ever increasing caseloads and customer demands.. As the reliance on automated tools has increased, it becomes increasingly essential that operations be maintained during times when the automation equipment may not be usable.. The purpose of this disaster recovery plan is to detail the extent of operations, project the types of disasters the agency may encounter, establish policies for protecting hardware and software, to minimize loss, and to establish a plan of action in the event of a disaster.. This document represents a contingency plan to provide for continuation of essential services in the event of a disaster or other operational interruption.. Current Operations:.. The Buchanan County Department of Social Services currently utilizes a combination of personal computers, all of which are networked into our department’s internal local area network protected by a server-based firewall.. The department also has all the required data and telecommunications equipment necessary to access VACIS, OASIS, ADAPT, LASER, VEC, DMV, VMAP, and VACIS, VaCMS, VA Dept.. of Taxation, e-mail, and Internet through a wide area network maintained by the Commonwealth of Virginia.. Types of Disaster:.. Disasters can run the continuum from natural occurrences to an equipment failure.. For the purposes of this plan, an automation disaster is considered any action or occurrence that results in the loss or unavailability of automation equipment.. Disasters can vary in level of severity and can be classified as follows:.. Level 1: A level one disaster occurs with the loss of a single pc.. One machine down will not jeopardize the agency’s operation.. It does have a significant impact for the individual who is dependent on that machine to accomplish their work and it may have an adverse impact on customers served by this staff person.. Level 2: A level two disaster includes the loss of more than one pc.. This may occur as the result of environmental problems in a particular portion of the building, damage to a connecting hub on the network, a contained fire and subsequent smoke and water damage.. Level 3: A level three disaster occurs with the loss of the file server.. This would include hardware loss such as a hard disk crash or an electrical short in one of the boxes.. It also includes software disasters caused by viruses introduced to the system, destruction initiated by a hacker, intentional sabotage by a disgruntled employee or general systems failure.. 8.. Level 4: A level four disaster would include the loss of all automated support as a result of an extended electrical outage.. These are usually associated with severe weather conditions including severe winter storms, thunderstorms, hurricanes, and tornadoes.. Level 5: A level five disaster occurs with the loss of the use of the entire or substantial parts of the building.. This situation involves not only the loss of automated support and equipment, but also the loss of a base of operations.. This is commonly the result of substantial fire, water, wind, or structural damage.. Preventing Disasters:.. The most effective disaster recovery program is one that prevents the disaster from occurring in the first place.. While no plan can foresee every eventuality, prudence and caution can substantially increase system reliability and sustainability.. Prevention efforts for the department include maintaining physical security, software and hardware security, and routine back up of data files.. 1.. Physical security: Physical security is maintained for the building and for equipment.. All outside doors to the agency have locks or keypads requiring a key of a code to gain access to the agency.. Software and hardware security: The department has a designated security officer.. Each authorized user of the local area network and the wide area network are established in the user tables with individual logon identifier and passwords.. In addition, access to files is determined by clearances connected to the user id, which is established by management and the agency security officer.. Whenever a staff member terminates employment with the department, the security officer will immediately delete the terminated staff person’s user ids from the user tables so as to discontinue that person’s access to the system.. As required, each staff person must sign a computer security and user agreement to insure updated knowledge of the expectations and responsibilities attendant to the use of the department’s information technology system.. Details pertaining to the appropriate use of the information technology tools currently available and the penalties for failing to adhere to the policies that govern the use of those tools are delineated in the HR Manual.. Electrical power security: The department cannot control the availability of electrical power.. Actions, however, have been taken to minimize the damage from temporary electrical power outages and electrical power surges.. All pc are equipped with power surge strips.. The network file server is equipped with an Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) device.. This will provide emergency power for approximately one hour forty-five minutes to permit the saving of files currently open on the system and to affect an orderly shutdown.. Backing up files: Data on the server is backed up daily.. Back-ups on USB drives are collected daily so that data for the previous week could be reconstructed in the event of a disaster.. Payroll records are backed up each pay period.. 9.. Recovery Operations.. The extent of recovery operations will be dependent on the severity of the disaster experienced.. The types of disasters have been classified into five levels and the response coincides with those levels.. Level 1: When a user experiences a failure with his/her pc, he is to immediately notify the security officer.. The security officer will attempt to repair the machine and put it back into operation.. If that is unsuccessful and the machine is going to be out of service for an extended period of time, the unit supervisor will look first within that unit and then to other units in the agency to identify any staff on leave whose pc can be utilized in the interim.. Level 2: If several pc’s fail at the same time, the security officer will be contacted immediately.. Response will be dictated by the assessment of the problem.. If the cause relates to state-installed equipment or a lack of state functionality, contact with the appropriate state technical group will be initiated.. If the cause relates to a contained fire or water damage to a section of the office space, replacement of affected pc and other office equipment will be secured as quickly as purchases and requisitions can be accomplished.. Utilization of pc’s unaffected by the problem will then be initiated following the same procedures noted in a Level 1 response.. Level 3: A level three disaster represents a significant disruption to the agency’s ability to perform a number of critical functions.. The loss of the file server would affect file saving capacities.. It does not directly impact the continuing ability to serve customers from a benefit or service delivery perspective.. If a software disaster occurs, the first response will be to reformat the hard disk and reload all files using the most recent back-up or software program.. If the problem is related to a suspected virus, technical assistance will be obtained from the VDSS Information Security Staff in isolating the virus, removing any affected files, and restoring from the last back-up determined to be virus-free.. Level 4: A level four disaster involves the extended loss of electrical power and severely reduces the agency’s options.. The first consideration will be a determination of the extent of the outage area and the estimated time of the outage.. When feasible, staff will manually process case material and hold it for keying when power is restored.. If the time interval is too great permit this option, case material needing keying will be batched and carried by a team of staff members to neighboring localities unaffected by the power outage.. Contact with the VDSS Technology Staff and those other localities to determine appropriate access times and procedures will be initiated.. Level 5: A level five disaster involves the loss of use of the entire building and all of its associated equipment.. As soon as practical, the Director, County Administrator, and management/technology staff will survey the building to determine what equipment and furnishings, files, etc.. are salvageable.. The Assistant Director of BCDSS will be tasked to work with the Administrative Board to locate temporary office space for all staff.. 10.. The first priority will be to establish a remote site capable of processing public assistance, Medicaid, and SNAP applications and issuances.. The use of manual paper processing of applications and functions will be carried out within 24-hours of the disaster.. Case material needing keying will be batched and carried by a team of staff members to neighboring localities to insure timely processing of time sensitive case data that affects benefits and services.. Contact with telecommunications and data communication providers will also be a top priority.. Replacement equipment will be secured from the VDSS and private vendors in order to set up a bank of pc’s and temporary office space so as to allow shared data entry and functional capabilities for staff.. Efforts to restore local connectivity with the state systems (ADAPT, OASIS, LASER, etc.. ) will be a priority function.. Re-establishment of supportive functions performed by the network file server will also be considered a priority function to be performed by a select group of staff.. Conclusion:.. Disaster situations by their very nature mean disruption and turmoil.. It shall be the function of all staff to take seriously their role in providing system security and data integrity.. All staff is committed to disaster prevention and to a speedy recovery from whatever disaster may befall the department.. In every case, the department will be committed to minimizing any adverse impact on our citizens and their benefits and services.. 11.. Work Schedule Contract.. Month/Quarter: __________________________________________.. I request permission to work the following altered work schedule:.. Work Begin Time: ________________________________________.. Work End Time: ________________________________________.. Lunch Time: ________________________________________.. Days worked (if applicable): _______________________________.. Day Off (if applicable): ____________________________________.. I understand that my schedule can be altered by my supervisor or the Director with no advance notice if my work performance is not satisfactory, I am needed for unit or agency coverage, if needed due to heavy caseloads or if I fail to honor the terms of this contract.. _______________________________ ______________________.. Employee Signature Date.. _______________________________ _______________________.. Supervisor Signature Date.. Director Signature Date.. 12.. Flextime Policy.. Flextime is not available to probationary employees.. Employees will be given the option of developing a customized work schedule that meets the needs of their clients and also takes into account their needs.. Schedules will be approved for a one-month.. or.. three-month period.. Employees may work any schedule within the defined workday and workweek with the supervisor’s or Director’s approval.. With the supervisor or Director’s approval, employees will be allowed the flexibility to make up time missed within the 40-hour workweek thus decreasing the necessity for taking leave.. Employees also have the flexibility to use time earned within the workweek thereby decreasing the amount of compensatory time accumulated and will have the option of taking one hour for lunch.. Updated, changed and approved by the Administrative Board on March 15, 2011.. _______________________________ _____________________________.. 13.. Optional Four-Day Workweek.. To be eligible to choose a four-day workweek, an employee must have at least 20-hours of sick leave available and must not be a probationary employee.. Each worker is responsible for educating their clients as to their availability, so that their responsibilities do not fall on other workers within their unit.. Work schedules may be adjusted by the agency in unusual situations.. Available work hours will be between 7:00 am and 6:30 pm weekdays.. Employees working a four-day schedule who are promoted will have their schedule re-evaluated at that time to accommodate training needs.. Service workers will develop an on-call schedule on the last Wednesday of each month, and workers who opt to work a four-day workweek will plan work days and the day they will be off based on their on-call schedule, with the intent they work on the days they are scheduled to be on call.. Participating staff shall present a work schedule contract to their supervisor by the 20.. of the month prior to the contract period.. There will be an “open enrollment” period for selecting individual work schedules.. Workers may choose the following seasonal work schedule periods to contract for a four day workweek:.. December, January, and February (winter).. March, April, and May (Spring).. June, July, and August (summer).. September, October, and November (Fall).. Workers may also have the option of choosing a four-day workweek for only one month within the work schedule period.. Each employee will sign an agreement stating the work days/hours selected and approved by his/her supervisor.. Employees who select a four-day work schedule and determine that it does not meet their needs are allowed to opt out.. No one may opt-in after the original agreements are signed until the next open enrollment period, unless first approved by the Director.. Work units must arrange coverage of times that the agency is open.. Wednesdays will be designated as paperwork days for employees who work a five day week.. Eligibility employees who work a four-day week will use the two hours they work each day that the agency is not open to customers as their paperwork hours and will  ...   use of a personal automobile requires pre-approval by the director.. Reimbursement for the use of a personal automobile by the director requires pre-approval by the Chairman or Vice-Chairman of the Administrative Board.. If an agency vehicle is not available or will require an extended time away from the agency, the reimbursement rate is equal to the current IRS rate; is approved for the convenience of the employee, the rate is $.. 246 cents per mile.. 25.. Business Telephone Calls, Telegrams, and Facsimiles.. If made for official business purposes and paid for by the traveler, the expense may be claimed on the travel reimbursement voucher.. A full explanation must be stated on the reimbursement voucher accompanied by supporting documentation.. Individuals using personally-owned cellular phones may be reimbursed for business calls when shown to be cost beneficial or necessary.. In this case, an itemized cell phone statement must be included and attached to the voucher.. In the event that free minutes are used for business calls, reimbursement is not permitted.. Disallowed Expenses.. Lost or stolen articles.. Alcoholic beverages.. Damage to personal vehicles, clothing, or other items.. Services to gain entry into a locked vehicle.. Movies charged to hotel bills.. All expenses related to the personal negligence of the traveler, such as fines.. Entertainment expenses.. Towing charges.. Expenses for children, spouses, and companions while on travel status.. The above list is not all-inclusive.. Travelers should use prudent judgment.. Expense Voucher.. The following information is required for expense reimbursement/VISA charges and must be submitted with the Expense Voucher within two (2) days after return to the agency after travel.. Name.. Dates/reasons for travel.. Time of departure and time of return.. Case number of client(s).. Hard-copy confirmations of expenses is online methods were used to procure services/purchases.. Itemized receipt for lodging/meal expenses.. Approval by supervisor/director and for director approval by Chairman of Board.. Each day expenses must be shown separately on the voucher.. By signing the travel reimbursement request, the employee is certifying the accuracy of all information and the legitimacy of the expense.. The signature of the employee’s supervisor certifies that the supervisor agrees that the travel was necessary and the requested reimbursement is proper.. For more detailed information as to travel policy, refer to the State Travel Policy.. 26.. Use of Agency Vehicles.. All employees, volunteers, and any contracted employee authorized to use an agency vehicle are subject to the following:.. provide a valid driver’s license and a report from the Department of Motor Vehicles as to a safe driving record.. follow all safe driving rules, regulations, and practices.. Each vehicle has a sign out sheet, along with a mileage sheet and a set of keys, which must be kept in the copy room.. Inspect any vehicle being driven for obvious defects and damages prior to use.. Any defects or damages found prior to use should be reported to the Office Manager.. All employees and volunteers will wear their seat belt during the operation of an agency vehicle.. All other passengers are also required to buckle seat belts in agency vehicles.. Children between the ages of birth to eight (8) years must ride and be buckled in a child safety seat or booster seat.. Employees and volunteers who do not follow these procedures and are involved in an accident where injuries to the employee, volunteer, or passengers occur, shall be subject to disciplinary action.. Employees and volunteers will remove trash that accumulates in a vehicle during the period of time that they use that particular vehicle.. If trash is found in the vehicle when it is being prepared to be used, it should be reported to the Office Manager.. Employees and volunteers will check all doors and tailgates when they have finished using a vehicle, making sure all doors and tailgates are locked and all windows are completely closed.. If an employee or volunteer has transported someone that has had an accident or been sick in the vehicle and they determine that the vehicle needs to be cleaned, they should contact the Office Manager.. no pets, except service animals are permitted in agency vehicles.. absolutely no smoking is permitted in any agency vehicle by anyone.. All agency vehicles shall be parked in the designated parking places.. If a space is not available in that area when the employee returns to the agency, the last worker or volunteer to use that vehicle will be responsible for returning it to the designated parking area at the end of the day.. Employees may purchase gasoline for agency vehicles at the Shell-mart in Vansant and charge it to the agency.. A copy of the bill shall be brought back to the agency by the person charging the gasoline.. It should be placed in the designated area in the copy room.. Employees traveling outside the county may purchase regular unleaded gasoline and charge it to the agency credit card.. Such purchases shall be documented on a travel voucher upon return to the agency.. Before returning a vehicle to the agency, employees and/or volunteers should ensure that the vehicle contains no less than 1/2 tank of gasoline.. If an employee or volunteer is involved in an accident, he/she should immediately contact the police, Office Manager and his/her supervisor or the Director from the scene of the accident, if possible.. 27.. If the vehicle cannot be moved, the employee or volunteer should follow the procedures recommended by the attending police officer.. Generally, when an accident or break down occurs out of town, a local towing company will tow the vehicle to its garage and the agency will make arrangements to have it towed back to Buchanan County for repairs.. In the case of an accident, all clients should be taken to the nearest emergency room for a check-up.. Should the client decline treatment, a written, signed statement must be obtained.. In no case can a minor waive being taken to an emergency room.. An employee, with prior permission of the Director, may take an agency vehicle home overnight for an out of town trip, provided it saves the agency and the employee time.. Employees in the Slate Creek and Hurley areas would stop by the agency to pick up an agency vehicle.. Other staff should take the vehicle home the evening before the trip.. A request form must be completed and approved by the Director or her designee before taking the vehicle; a copy must be kept in the vehicle until the vehicle is returned.. Updated, edited, and approved by the Administrative Board on June 19, 2012.. ______________________________________.. 28.. Request to Take Agency Vehicle Home.. Employee name: ________________________________________.. Date of request: _________________________________________.. Destination and purpose of travel: ___________________________________________.. _______________________________________________________________________.. Date(s) vehicle needed: ______________________________________.. I understand that the agency vehicle may be utilized for agency business only.. Employee: _________________________.. Supervisor, Assistant Director, or Director: ___________________________________.. A copy of this approval shall remain in the vehicle until it is returned to the agency.. Vehicle used: ___________________________.. Date returned to agency: __________________________.. 29.. Use of Agency Credit Card Agreement.. I agree to use agency credit cards solely for expenses related to Buchanan County Department of Social Services business.. I will return the card upon my return to the office.. I agree to submit detailed receipts and/or travel vouchers of all purchases made on agency credit cards to my supervisor within five days of my return to the agency.. I understand that failure to provide receipts in a timely manner (five days) will result in the need for me to accept financial responsibility for the purchases charged.. If this issue occurs more than twice in a calendar year, I will be cited under the Standards of Conduct and may include suspending my privileges of using the agency credit card.. Further, I understand it is my responsibility to return the card as soon as I am finished with it and that I may not pass it on to another worker.. In the event that I do so, I can be held responsible for charges made by that worker for which receipts are not furnished.. ________________________________________ Date: _________________________.. This form has been updated and approved by the Administrative Board of the Buchanan County Department of Social Services on February 21, 2012.. ___________________________________ ____________________________________.. 30.. WHEREAS, the Buchanan County Department of Social Services (“DSS”) has received numerous requests in recent weeks pursuant to the Virginia Freedom of Information Act (“FOIA”) or Virginia Code 2.. 2-3700.. t.. seq.. ;.. and,.. WHEREAS, responding to certain FOIA requests often requires a considerable amount of time and labor from certain employees of DSS; and,.. WHEREAS, Virginia Code 2.. 2-3704(F) provides that a public body may make reasonable charges not to exceed its actual costs incurred in assessing, duplicating, supplying, or searching for the requested records.. BE IT RESOLVED that the Administrative Board of the Buchanan County Department of Social Services hereby establishes the following charges for assessing, duplicating, supplying, or searching for requested records pursuant to any Freedom of Information Act request:.. Twenty-Five Cents (.. 25c) per page up to the first one hundred (100) pages and Fifteen Cents (.. 15c) per page thereafter; and.. Thirteen dollars and Fifty Cents ($13.. 50) per hour for labor associated with any request.. This resolution shall take effect immediately.. This policy was adopted this 12.. day of August, 2008.. 31.. Child Protective Services On-Call.. The Code of Virginia Section 63.. 2-1503 requires that local agencies provide Child Protective Services twenty-four hours per day, seven days per week.. The agency will maintain a roster of CPS Workers who are designated to respond to CPS referrals outside the agency’s normal working hours.. The CPS Supervisor is responsible for maintaining the roster and disseminating it to the State CPS Hotline, the local sheriff’s department, the payroll clerk, and the CPS Workers.. On-Call duty is defined as a CPS Worker being available and constantly accessible to receive and respond to complaints of child abuse and neglect on an emergency basis outside of normal working hours and outside the local agency.. The On-Call worker receiving the referral will assess the information provided in the referral to determine if the referral requires immediate response.. The CPS Worker may consult with the On-Call Supervisor to determine the need for immediate response.. If immediate response is warranted, the initial contact will occur at the home of the alleged victim, at the location where the alleged victim is: a local medical facility, the Sheriff’s Department, or other appropriate location.. The CPS On-Call worker may also receive referrals regarding children in Foster Care and adults who are elderly or disabled.. These referrals will be directed to the Foster Care and Adult Protective Services Supervisor or his/her designee.. The compensation for On-Call duty will be $10.. 00 per eight-hour shift.. The On-Call worker will also be compensated for or receive compensatory time for time spent in door-to-door field work.. CPS Workers who perform back up duty will be compensated by receiving one hour of compensatory time for each hour of door-to-door service.. Updated, edited, and approved by the Administrative Board on March 15, 2011.. 32.. Blood borne Pathogens Policy.. Scope.. This policy applies to all employees who may be exposed to occupational injury/illness hazards associated with blood or other potentially infectious materials.. It has been determined that no employees of Buchanan County DSS are in a job category that places the employee at a risk of exposure to blood borne pathogens.. The custodian may possibly be required to contain a blood spill.. Service Workers who conduct urine screenings may notice some blood in a client’s urine.. There are no employees whose job requirements place them in contact with blood.. The Buchanan County DSS has chosen to offer all employees the Hepatitis B vaccine and access to a training video that provides information about blood borne pathogens.. Please see the HR Manager for additional details.. Purpose.. A formal loss control program will protect employees who may be exposed to infectious diseases during their regular work activities.. Definitions.. *Blood: human blood, human blood components, and products made from blood.. *Blood borne pathogen: pathogenic microorganisms that are present in human blood and can cause disease in humans.. These pathogens include, but are not limited to, Hepatitis B Virus (HBV) and Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV, AIDS).. *Contaminated: the presence or the reasonable anticipated presence of blood or other potentially infectious materials on an item or surface.. *Decontamination: the use of physical or chemical means to remove, inactivate, or destroy blood borne pathogens on a surface or allowing time to the point where they are no longer capable of transmitting infectious particles and the surface is rendered safe for handling, use, or disposal.. *Engineering controls: controls that isolate or remove the blood borne pathogens hazard from the workplace.. *Exposure incident: a specific eye, mouth, other mucous membranes, non-intact skin, or contact with blood or other potentially infectious materials that result from the performance of an employee’s duties.. 33.. *Hand washing facilities: a facility providing an adequate supply of running water, soap, and single-use towels or hot air drying machines.. *Occupational exposure: reasonable anticipated skin, eye, mucous membranes, or contact with blood or other potentially infectious materials that may result from the performance of any employee’s duties.. *Personal protective equipment: specialized clothing or equipment worn by an employee for protection against a hazard.. General work clothing is not considered sufficient personal protective equipment.. Plan.. The plan details procedures for the Buchanan County DSS for occupational exposure to blood borne pathogens.. The plan includes the following provisions:.. Exposure determination.. Schedule and implementation for compliance, Hepatitis B vaccinations, post-exposure evaluations and follow up, training of employees and record keeping.. Plans for exposure incidents.. V.. Work practice controls.. The BCDSS will provide clean and sanitary provisions for employees to engage in hand washing or other cleaning following exposure to blood borne products.. If equipment or other material is contaminated with blood or other potentially infectious materials it will either be decontaminated or safely disposed of immediately.. VI.. Personal protective equipment.. Each agency employee who is exposed to potentially hazardous blood borne products must be provided, but not limited to the following:.. *gloves, gowns, face shields, masks, and eye protection.. *other protection as needed or requested.. The employee’s supervisor will ensure that personal protective equipment is available, repaired, cleaned, and replaced as needed.. VII.. Hepatitis B Vaccinations/Post Exposure Evaluation and Follow-Up.. Every employee will be offered at no cost, a Hepatitis B vaccination.. If applicable, a booster vaccination will be provided at no cost.. If an employee of BCDSS declines the Hepatitis B vaccination he/she must sign the written waiver to the vaccination (see attachment).. If an exposure event occurs, the agency will provide a post-exposure evaluation by a local physician of the employee’s choice with appropriate follow-up.. 34.. VIII.. Medical records.. The agency will establish and maintain an accurate record for each employee with occupational exposure.. The record will minimally contain the following:.. Employee name and Social Security Number.. Hepatitis B Vaccination status, dates, and associated medical records.. Employee’s training records.. IX.. All staff has the opportunity to receive training via the video training series that is on file in the HR manager’s office.. This policy was established on July 29, 1996.. The policy was edited and updated on July 3, 2012.. 35.. Hepatitis B Vaccination Waiver.. I understand that due to my occupational exposure to blood or other potentially infectious materials, I may be at risk of acquiring Hepatitis B Virus (HBV) infection.. I have been given the opportunity to be vaccinated with Hepatitis B vaccine, at no charge to myself.. However, I decline Hepatitis B vaccination at this time.. I understand that by declining this vaccine, I continue to be at risk of acquiring Hepatitis B, a serious disease.. If in the future I continue to have occupational exposure to blood or other potentially infectious materials and I want to be vaccinated with Hepatitis B vaccine, I can receive the vaccination series at no charge to me.. ______________________________ _________________________.. Employee’s Signature.. Date.. Supervisor’s Signature.. 36.. RESOLUTION OF THE ADMINISTRATIVE BOARD OF THE BUCHANAN COUNTY DEPARTMENT OF SOCIAL SERVICES ESTABLISHING PROCEDURES FOR PLACING AN ITEM ON THE AGENDA.. WHEREAS, the Administrative Board (“Board”) of the Buchanan County Department of Social Services (“DSS”) frequently receives requests from individuals to be placed on the agenda of the regularly scheduled Board meetings; and.. WHEREAS, the Board desires to establish policies and procedures to place items on the agenda in order to conduct its meetings in an orderly and efficient manner.. BE IT RESOLVED that the Administrative Board of the Buchanan County Department of Social Services hereby establishes the following procedures for placing an item on the agenda, making a presentation, or speaking regarding an item on the agenda, as follows:.. Any member of the public or and Board member may request that any matter within the jurisdiction of the Board be placed on the agenda of a regular meeting.. The request must be in writing and be submitted to the Director with supporting documents and information, if any, at least one (1) week before the scheduled meeting date.. Items submitted less than one (1) week before the scheduled meeting date may be postponed to a later meeting in order to allow sufficient time for consideration and research of the issue.. The Chairman and Director shall decide whether a request is within the subject matter of the Board.. Items not within the subject matter jurisdiction of the Board may not be placed on the agenda.. In addition, the Chairman and Director shall determine if the item is merely a request for information or whether the issue is covered by an existing policy or administrative regulation before placing the item on the agenda.. The Chairman and Director shall decide whether an agenda item is appropriate for discussion in open or closed session, and whether the item should be an action item, informational item, or consent item.. In order to conduct business in an orderly and efficient manner, the Board requires that persons addressing the Board comply with the following procedures:.. The Chairman, at his or her discretion, shall establish the period of time in which the individual may address the Board.. The Chairman shall not permit any disturbance or willful interruption of Board meetings.. Persistent disruption by an individual or group shall be grounds for the Chairman to terminate the privilege of the individual or group to address the Board.. Any person wishing to be heard and placed properly on the agenda shall first be recognized by the Chairman and shall then proceed to comment within the timeframe permitted by the Chairman and on the subject matter placed on the agenda.. Without taking action, Board members or employees may briefly respond to statements made or questions posed by the person addressing the Board in their sole discretion.. The Board need not allow any member of the public to speak on any item that has already been considered.. Adopted in 2008 and reviewed with no changes being made on February 21, 2012.. _________________________ ______________________________.. 37.. Mileage Reimbursement for Board Members.. Effective March 15, 2011, all Buchanan County Department of Social Services Administrative Board members are entitled to mileage reimbursement at the current County rate for all activities related to the Board.. The Director will provide Expense Vouchers at all Board meetings.. This item was Approved by the Buchanan County DSS Administrative Board on March 15, 2011.. ___________________________________.. 38.. CITIZENS OF BUCHANAN COUNTY.. ADMINISTRATIVE BOARD.. Anita Stanley.. Lora Scott.. Connie Freeman.. Louella Ratliff.. Regina Street.. Lisa Ward.. Kimberly Burks.. Erica Stepp.. Elizabeth Vencill.. Bonnie Hackworth.. Custodial Staff.. Desiree Baker.. Karen Willis.. Matt Compton.. Rebecca Slone.. Angela Owens.. Shelia Sisk.. Amanda Matney.. Tim Lester.. Marlene Back.. Deena Hurley.. Merle Thornsbury.. Cynthia Elswick.. Sandi Foster.. Tina Fletcher.. Kimberly Crouse.. Foster Care Staff.. Lisa Smith.. Barbara Vandyke.. Celeste Barrett.. CPS Staff.. Angela Johnson.. Sheena Meadows.. Dreama Marshall.. Joan Stiltner.. Rebecca Vance.. Gwen Anderson.. Vacant.. Karen Brown.. Eligibility Staff.. View Coordinator.. Adult Serv Staff.. Clerical Staff.. Darlene Ashby.. Juanita Edwards.. Heather Boyd.. Ruth Horn.. Fraud Unit.. Sr Elig Wrkr.. Sr Social Wrkr.. Teresa Ratliff.. Kathy Deel.. Jeanette Conrad.. Brenda Jackson.. Cecil Stiltner.. Bob Coleman.. Office Manager.. Elig Supervisor.. Service Supervisor.. Computer Systems.. Sherina Justus.. Assistant Director.. Daycare Worker.. Chris Austin.. 39.. I certify that I am in receipt of a copy of the Buchanan County DSS Employee Handbook and that I have read and understand the policies contained herein.. _________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________.. Signature Date.. 40..

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