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  • Title: BCCNS Life Support Network - Gorlin Syndrome (NBCCS, BCNS) Patient Advocacy
    Descriptive info: .. Basal Cell Carcinoma Nevus Syndrome Life Support Network.. Advancing Awareness.. Finding a Cure.. BCCNS Life Support Network.. is dedicated to providing support services, counseling, and health care advice to children and adults who manifest the rare genetic disorder known as Basal Cell Carcinoma Nevus Syndrome (BCCNS).. This support includes.. Individual and group support and counseling designed to assist families in coping with BCCNS.. Opportunities to meet, communicate, and network with similarly situated children and their families at Network-sponsored events, including multimedia presentations and other means of communication.. Referrals to specialists and/or healthcare facilities most able to diagnose and effectively treat the disorders and diseases encompassed by BCCNS.. Education, resources and research about the genetic disorder known as BCCNS, and similar or allied disorders.. The Network strives to develop information about the medical conditions and difficulties experienced by those living with BCCNS.. This information can then be shared with clinics and health care providers who treat patients with BCCNS and other, similar disorders in order to foster a collaborative  ...   What is BCCNS?.. Also known as Gorlin Syndrome, Gorlin-Goltz Syndrome, Basal Cell Nevus Syndrome, or Nevoid Basal Cell Carcinoma Syndrome, BCCNS is a rare genetic disorder that affects all systems of the body and makes affected individuals more susceptible to various forms of cancer especially basal cell carcinoma, a form of skin cancer.. For more general information about the syndrome, visit.. our page about the syndrome.. You can also visit our.. sister site.. , which provides a more in-depth look at BCCNS.. Follow our.. Twitter feed.. -.. Check out our.. Facebook group.. Donate using Network for Good.. Home.. Donate.. Twitter Feed.. Facebook Group.. Site Map.. Contact Us.. Material 2010-now BCCNS Life Support Network, unless otherwise noted.. DISCLAIMER:.. The content on this site is for informational purposes only.. It is no substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.. Reliance on any information provided on the site is at your own risk.. Always seek the advice of a qualified health care provider with any questions you may have about your condition..

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  • Title: About Basal Cell Carcinoma Nevus Syndrome - BCCNS Life Support Network
    Descriptive info: About Basal Cell Carcinoma Nevus Syndrome.. Basal Cell Carcinoma Nevus Syndrome (BCCNS, also identified as nevoid basal cell carcinoma syndrome, Gorlin syndrome, and Gorlin-Goltz syndrome) results from a mutation of the.. PTCH-1.. (Patched) tumor-suppression gene, which affects the Hedgehog Signaling Pathway in the body's cells.. BCCNS is present at birth, but it is often diagnosed later in life.. It is a dominant genetic disorder, meaning that there is a 50-percent chance for children to inherit BCCNS from their parents.. Some cases are.. de novo.. occurrences, the result of a new mutation instead of an inherited one.. In addition to our convenient.. educational brochure.. , the Network has a wealth of.. educational media.. about BCCNS, its effects, and treatments.. Some general information about the more common symptoms is shared below (keep in mind that no one symptom hits every affected individual, and.. no one.. will develop all of the symptoms).. Basal Cell Carcinoma:.. The most common kind of skin cancer, and the most common symptom of BCCNS, basal cell carcinomas (BCCs) often form because of overexposure to sunlight.. These cancerous lesions often show up as shiny, pearly nodules but red patches, scars, and thickened skin are also common.. People with BCCNS can develop BCCs almost anywhere on the skin, although sun-exposed areas like the head and neck are the most common.. While they usually remain benign, BCCs are aggressive: they invade the surrounding tissue, which can cause serious disfigurement.. Because people with BCCNS can end up developing hundreds of BCCs over the course of their lives, sun safety is a must..  ...   the body, including the heart, stomach, ovaries, brain, intestines, muscles, and bone.. Children with the disorder should be monitored regularly for.. medulloblastoma.. , a rare malignant brain tumor that forms in early childhood.. It forms even earlier for BCCNS children (2 or 3 years old instead of 6 or 7).. Palmar/Plantar Pits:.. Small pits that form in the skin of the hands and feet.. These pits tend to be small (only a couple of millimeters across), but they become more visible after soaking the hands or feet in warm water for about 10 minutes.. Manual labor can also expose the pits as dirt and grease get trapped in them.. Facial Differences:.. BCCNS tends to affect the formation of the skull in predictable ways.. People affected by BCCNS sometimes have larger heads than usual (macrocephaly), a prominent forehead or jawline, wide-set eyes, glaring eyebrows, and other eye troubles (strabismus, nystagmus, coloboma, etc.. ) Some children with BCCNS are born with a cleft lip or palate.. Skeletal Troubles:.. BCCNS can also affect the proper growth of a person's skeleton.. Common difficulties include.. kyphosis.. and.. scoliosis.. (improper curve of the spine),.. pectus.. (a sunken or protruding chest),.. syndactyly.. or.. polydactyly.. (fused or extra digits), Sprengel deformity (mis-aligned shoulder blades), and short metacarpals (bones in the hands).. Our.. (link opens a new window) has more information on these symptoms, as well as other symptoms that BCCNS can cause.. Remember to talk to your doctor and other health care providers about any concerns or issues you might have a well-informed patient is a healthy one!..

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  • Title: About Us - BCCNS Life Support Network
    Descriptive info: About the BCCNS Life Support Network.. Basal Cell Carcinoma Nevus Syndrome (BCCNS) Life Support Network is the only organization in North America dedicated to supporting families with BCCNS.. Founded in Ohio in February of 2000, the Network now serves as an international resource for affected individuals, their families, the medical community, and the general public.. Our Mission.. The mission of the BCCNS Life Support Network is to.. Focus.. on the early diagnosis and treatment of children evidencing an initial onset of BCCNS;.. Develop.. information about the medical conditions and disorders experienced by those living with BCCNS;.. Share.. this information with clinics and healthcare providers treating BCCNS patients, and other similarly affected populations;.. Engage.. affected individuals and their families, caregivers, colleagues, and schools in creative learning opportunities to effect an optimum quality of life and attain maximum personal potentials through informed communication;.. Strengthen.. the capacity of patients and their families to manage their disease; and.. Establish.. and foster a network of medical professionals actively engaged  ...   heard, share stories and advice, and connect with others who are affected by BCCNS.. National and Regional Conferences.. : We sponsor various events and get-togethers that provide members with an opportunity to meet other affected people face-to-face.. The Quarterly Advocate.. : Our quarterly newsletter keeps Network members and supporters up to date on the Network's latest activities and accomplishments.. We welcome and encourage member submissions for publication.. Educational Media.. : The Network's collection of journal articles, helpful tip sheets, and PowerPoint presentations is available both online and on complimentary CDs.. We also have DVD copies of Bitter Inheritance - the BBC documentary about BCCNS patient Jim Costello.. The Sunshine Club.. : A Network service that sends greeting cards to members for birthdays, holidays, surgeries, and other occasions.. Medical Assistance.. : Interventions for proper care of individuals, facilitation of insurance appeals, and a.. physician referral.. directory searchable by state or specialty.. Many of the photos on our website were provided by Rick Guidotti of.. Positive Exposure..

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  • Title: Board of Trustees - BCCNS Life Support Network
    Descriptive info: BCCNS Life Support Network Board of Trustees.. Kristi Schmitt Burr.. Executive Director, Ohio.. Kristi Schmitt Burr has served as the Executive Director, as well as a member of the Board of Trustees, of the BCCNS Life Support Network for the past nine years.. Kristi was born in the Cleveland area and has spent much of her adult life in Geauga County.. She attended Grinnell University in Iowa and Kent State University in Ohio.. Kristi has two children: Hans, an attorney in Massachusetts, and Sarah, deceased.. She and her husband, Jeff, have been married for twenty years and enjoy farming and agriculture.. In addition to the BCCNS Life Support Network, Kristi has been involved with many other non-profit organizations and boards including the Genetic Alliance, WVIZ, WCPN, Ideastream, American Cleft Palate Craniofacial Association, Coalition of Skin Disease, National Organization of Rare Disorders, and the Commission on Dental Accreditation.. William D.. Ginn.. Secretary/Treasurer, Ohio.. Bill Ginn was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in 1923.. While enlisted in the US Army, he met an officer named Arlene, whom he married in 1945.. He and Arlene (now deceased) had four children (Anna, William, Randall, and David), and he now has ten grandchildren.. Bill attended Bates College and Yale Law School and is a retired partner of the Cleveland law firm of Thompson Hine LLP.. Bill has been on the BCCNS Life Support Network s Board of Trustees since helping to found it in February of 2000.. Bill is not affected with BCCNS, nor is anyone in his family; he became involved with the organization when approached by Kristi Burr, a long-time family friend.. Together with financial support from Kristi s parents, Wilbur and Eleanor Schmitt, Bill and Kristi incorporated the BCCNS Life Support Network.. Bill has attended all 7 annual retreats and hosted numerous regional functions at his home in Chesterland.. Along with BCCNS, Bill also serves on the boards of many other local organizations, including Vocational Guidance Services, Eliza Bryant Center, Chagrin River Land Conservancy, The Nature Conservancy, and Hopewell Inn.. Bill has a great love of nature and preserving land in Ohio; he was instrumental in expanding the Geauga Park District to include The West Woods, for which the drive entering the park bears his name.. Bryant Bradley.. President, Georgia.. Bryant Bradley has served as the President of the BCCNS Life Support Network for the past 6 years.. Born in New York to an Army Colonel, Bryant was an Army brat, moving around a lot and living in Alaska, California, Hawaii, Kansas, Tennessee, Texas, and Washington.. After graduating from college, she met her husband, Ren, while both were working at Milledgeville State Hospital in Georgia.. They were married in 1974 in Savannah, Georgia.. Five years later, their daughter, Nina, was born.. Both Ren (now deceased) and Nina have Gorlin Syndrome.. Bryant worked as a social worker for abused women and children; she retired in 1993 but has stayed active, writing grants for various agencies across Georgia and delivering food for the homeless and senior citizens 6 days a week.. In addition to being President for BCCNS LSN, Bryant also serves as Secretary for the Georgia Domestic Violence Shelter.. Maria Michalowski.. Pennsylvania.. After completing high school and a  ...   has been involved with this organization since finding the web site in February 2001.. Both Cindy and her adult daughter, Cara, have Gorlin Syndrome.. She has been a Board Member since 2003, chairing and planning the Annual Retreats in 2004 2005.. Cindy has been a registered nurse at Greater Community Hospital since June 1979, working in Intensive Care, ER, and supervising.. She has many certification/provider courses that she takes and renews on an ongoing basis.. In her spare time, Cindy enjoys playing pool and quilting.. Layna Taylor, J.. D.. Arizona.. Ms.. Taylor has been an Administrative Law Judge for the Industrial Commission of Arizona for many years, adjudicating workers compensation and OSHA cases.. She previously served in a similar capacity for the Arizona Department of Economic Security, and as a Deputy County Attorney for Pinal County, Arizona.. A native of Corvallis, Oregon, she has lived in the Phoenix area most of her life.. She is a 1975 graduate (B.. A.. ) of Arizona State University and a 1980 graduate of the ASU College of Law.. In addition to her service on the BCCNS Board of Trustees, she is an active member of the Volunteer Friends of KAET (PBS), having previously served three terms on its Board of Directors.. She received that organization s award for outstanding volunteer service in 2000.. She has also served on the Board of Directors for the Valley of the Sun Arabian Horse Association since 1987.. Tim Rillahan.. Ohio.. Tim retired last year after working in the grocery/retail field for over 44 years, 30 of which were in store management.. Tim received an honorable discharge from the United States Army in 1972.. Currently, he is President of the Maple Ridge Homeowner's Association.. He was previously president of the Santoli Place Homeowner's Club, serving from 1986 to 2005.. Tim has been married to his wife, Betty, for 38 years.. They have two sons, Tim and Andy, and a daughter-in-law, Heather.. Together they have worked on fundraisers for several organizations, including BCCNS Life Support Network, Relay for Life, the Cleveland Pops Orchestra, and Parkinson's Walk with Mary.. Ellen McCabe.. Ellen is a partner in Ernst Young s state and local tax practice.. She has over 20 years of broad tax experience in the industrial and governmental sectors.. She specializes in corporate income and franchise tax planning and spends most of her time working with large multi-state corporations.. Prior to joining Ernst Young, Ellen served as corporate tax manager responsible for oversight of state and local income tax compliance and all state and local income and franchise tax planning and audits.. Prior to joining OMNOVA She served as a State of Michigan auditor responsible for auditing companies to ensure compliance with the state's tax code.. Ellen holds a B.. B.. from Indiana University of Pennsylvania and a Masters in Taxation from Robert Morris College.. She is a C.. P.. and a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants.. Ellen resides in Chagrin Falls, OH with her husband, Brian, and their two children, Meghan and TJ, who are both avid soccer players.. Her hobbies include cooking and watching her kids sporting endeavors.. She volunteers regularly by helping out at her children s schools..

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  • Title: Member Testimonials - BCCNS Life Support Network
    Descriptive info: Member Stories and Testimonials.. These stories and testimonials were sent in by families of children affected by BCCNS.. The names and pictures of BCCNS Life Support Network affected family members have been submitted and used.. with permission and signed releases of the families, held on file with the organization.. All rights reserved.. Abby was born severely affected with cardiac and liver fibromas, short bowel syndrome, hypoxic brain injury, chronic lung disease, and autoimmune disorder.. Family #1.. I know a lot of people are waiting for this journal entry.. I'm going to be very vague about a lot of things because we still need to talk to certain specialists and see what they say, but it's been a pretty hard day again.. Topics came up today such as: do we try to internalize her shunt,.. knowing that she is at a high risk for infection.. and with the localization of her fibromas it may not work again? Or do we have them remove the shunt and try different drugs for the increased cranial pressure? If her heart stops, or if she gets an infection, what do we want to do (advance directives)? And the.. huge issue.. is that we will need around-the-clock care coverage for abby to get her home because it's too much work for us to do alone, even with some hours covered by nurses.. I still have to work to help maintain the roof over our heads, plus stay healthy and keep Abby's care/medication/equipment maintenance schedule straight! So, we need to either win the lottery or clone me.. and I don't know how the world would take that! Or the other option would be to keep her in the hospital and do day passes to bring her home or elsewhere for a couple of hours.. this one is a hard one for Chris and me to come to a happy medium on.. I know realistically it would be very hard for us to manage the majority of her care at home and maintain what we have.. because if I can't work we will not have a house to bring her home to.. But I don't want my baby girl to stay in the hospital any longer than what she has to.. Abby is the only one who will let us know.. Family #2.. In June, we were able to go to St.. Louis, Missouri for a conference and retreat of the BCCNS Life Support Network.. It helped us more than we can tell to be able to connect with other families that struggle with the same condition.. Stephen and the rest of us now know that we are not alone in this thing and that others understand what he is going through.. July 1, he had another jaw cyst cut out and did really well with that.. After several trips to both Cleveland and Buffalo, he is scheduled to have surgery on his eyelids to remove some cancers in January in Cleveland.. Multiple aggressive skin cancers, invasive jaw cysts, severe asthma, pediatric cardiac conditions.. Family #3.. Frankie was  ...   medical stuff again this year.. The worst two large cysts in his mouth wrapped around a total of seven teeth, and they are still trying to reduce the size of them to save some of the teeth.. The best is, after years of trying to get the doctors down here to give him the PDT treatment.. the group that we belong to [BCCNS Life Support Network] has made it happen, found a doctor to treat him, get the medication (which is very costly) free, and one member even paid to get us there [Cleveland, OH]! We stayed at another member's home.. Everyone in the group has been so helpful and giving, we were really blessed to find them.. Emilio is a 4th-generation affected family member who has had a medulloblastoma (pediatric brain tumor) at age 3, followed by thousands of skin cancers and aggressive jaw cysts.. Family #5.. We are so thankful that our friend found the support group for Gorlin syndrome in time, because having the wrong surgery could have cost him many things, and possibly his life.. One of the things the support group had pointed out to me is that Gorlins things [the various tumors] grow really fast, and the one cyst in his sinus area is very dangerous because the next place it would go is down the throat and to the brain.. the doctors there [at the medical center] had the same concerns.. However, the other surgeon (whom surgery was scheduled with for April 21) had said that it was located in an open space without bone for it to attach to, so he planned to just leave it there.. Our second opinion appointment was set up Monday, April 14, for Tuesday, April 15, and my initial conversation with [BCCNS Life Support Network] was Friday, April 11.. Had it been a week later, it would have been too late.. With the biopsy being consistent with Gorlin syndrome, we're lucky that he was taken care of by doctors with hands-on experience with this rare condition.. Additionally, the other surgeon was going to remove all of the cysts in his lower jaw, which would have cost him his jaw and many more teeth.. Hopefully, this decompression (with the drain lines) works at rebuilding his bone in his jaw.. Thankful for your intervention and with deep appreciation.. Family #6.. Thank you so very much for everything, the conference was great and we learned a lot.. It was so good to meet others with gorlins syd.. My doctor wants me to talk to others about gorlins syd.. My first meeting is June 1st.. Can you send me lots of information new and old so I can try to do a good job at this.. I would never be as good as you are at it Kristi.. He said he would set up more meetings in other hospitals too so we can tell more people about this.. Click.. here.. to see the original card.. Four immediate family members suffer from multiple BCCNS-related issues.. Three are children, ages 2 to 12..

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  • Title: Member Artwork - BCCNS Life Support Network
    Descriptive info: Member Artwork.. Network members sometimes share their artwork and writings with us.. We're more than happy to share these emotional expressions with you, too.. You can click the titles of the poems below to see a full-size image of the printed version.. My Dad is a Hero.. by Nina Bradley, dedicated to Ren Bradley.. My daddy he's a hero,.. he may not fly and he may not have X-ray vision,.. you see my daddy he fought in a war,.. but not a war with guns, and not a war with men.. He couldn't see his opponent,.. he fought this war blindly,.. the army he fought grew large.. It grew so large and was so full of power.. but my dad was not a coward.. he didn't run and he never surrendered his life.. they outnumbered him greatly, but still he fought.. He fought everyday.. until the day he was defeated.. but he didn't lose in my eyes.. He may have lost that battle.. he may be gone for now.. but I admire him more than ever.. because he fought until the end.. When no one thought he'd make it.. and the doctors said he would die.. my daddy he kept going strong, he held his head up high.. He enjoyed  ...   by Timothy and Kayla Pelman.. If I were a fish,.. I would wish that I would not become a dish,.. But I would rather roam free.. in the deep blue sea.. I could be a horse and go ney, ney, ney.. Or I could turn into a bird and fly away.. The dream for me is to be a manatee.. And maybe even have a family.. I would not want to be a turtle that is slow as molasses.. Because I am faster than the fastest.. Maybe a rabbit that goes hippity-hop.. Or the alligator that lives in the swamp.. The butterfly is the most beautiful of all.. But the giraffe is the one who is tall.. Sometimes I think about being a bear in the wild.. Or even an eagle that can see for a mile.. What about the king of the jungle.. Or the elephant that makes a rumble?.. I'd like to be a panther that is black as night.. Or be a flying squirrel who took this first flight.. I left out the canary that loves to sing.. Or Nala from.. The Lion King.. As you can see being an animal is a dream for me.. But I am happy for what God intends me to be..

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  • Title: Gorlin Kids' Page - BCCNS Life Support Network
    Descriptive info: Gorlin Kids' Page.. The BCCNS Life Support Network wants kids with BCCNS to know that they aren't alone in their struggle with this rare disorder.. One part of our efforts to help kids (and others) with BCCNS feel included and happy is.. the Sunshine Club.. Click the link to find out more and maybe spread a little sunshine yourself!.. Band-Aid Buddies.. The Band-Aid Buddy Club, founded by Network member Jennifer Werkmeister, provides affected children with teddy bears that they can take with them to surgeries and other hospital stays.. Here's how it started, in Jennifer's words:.. I was diagnosed with BCCNS at the age of fourteen, at which time I had to have a few different surgeries.. Before my very first surgery after being diagnosed, my mom gave me a bear to take with me to surgery.. When I came back to my room, my mom had band-aids on my bear where I had my bandages.. Every surgery after that, it was the same thing: my bear had band-aids where I did.. In 1999, when I had my last jaw cyst surgery, my mom wasn't there to put the band aids on.. The OR nurse asked me about my bear, and I shared my story with her.. She then took the wooden cross off of her necklace and attached it to my bear with sutures.. After surgery, I woke up briefly to see this nurse in my room, putting my bear under my arm.. When I finally woke up and was able to focus, the bear had two band aids across its mouth,  ...   not alone T-shirt for your Buddy.. We send Band Aid Buddies to children with BCCNS free of charge, but.. donations.. are always welcome.. Requests can be made.. through the office.. Camps for Kids.. Here's a list of summer camps that children affected by BCCNS may qualify for.. Follow the links for more information.. Camp Wonder.. - A summer camp for children with serious or fatal skin disease.. Run by the Children's Skin Disease Foundation.. Camp Discovery.. - A week-long camp for children with chronic skin conditions.. Sponsored by the American Academy of Dermatology.. Victory Junction.. - A camp based in North Carolina for children with serious illnesses or chronic medical conditions.. Hole in the Wall Gang Camp.. - Founded by Paul Newman, this summer camp and year-round center helps children with cancer, chronic illness, and other serious medical conditions.. Camp Trillium.. - Operated by the Trillium Childhood Cancer Support Centre in Canada, this summer camp has two Ontario sites and operates day camps in ten other cities.. Camp Simcha.. - A kosher overnight camp operated by the Chai Lifeline, located in New York state.. Scholarships.. College-age people affected by cancer may qualify for a scholarship from.. Cancer for College.. , a 501(c)(3) charity founded by a two-time cancer survivor.. Priority is given to residents of southern California, and giving in general is limited to residents of the United States attending school in the US or Puerto Rico.. Some local branches of the.. American Cancer Society.. also give out Youth Cancer Survivor scholarships.. You can use their ZIP-Code finder for more information on local events..

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  • Title: The Quarterly Advocate Newsletter - BCCNS Life Support Network
    Descriptive info: The Quarterly Advocate is the unofficial newsletter of the BCCNS Life Support Network.. Each issue contains updates on research and treatments for Basal Cell Carcinoma Nevus Syndrome.. Members are also kept current on the activities of the organization, such as the annual camp shown to the right.. Click the dates below to view the corresponding newsletter.. The Network welcomes member-submitted articles, pictures, cartoons, and stories! If you have something you want to share with the Network,.. send it in.. and we'll try to  ...   can get it.. for free.. 2010.. 2009.. 2008.. 2007.. Spring 2010.. Spring 2009.. Spring 2008.. Spring 2007.. Summer 2009.. Summer 2008.. Summer 2007.. Fall 2009.. Fall 2008.. Fall 2007.. Winter 2009.. Winter 2008.. January 2008.. 2006.. 2005.. 2004.. 2003.. Spring 2006.. Spring 2005.. Winter 2004.. Winter 2003.. Summer 2006.. Summer 2005.. Fall 2006.. Fall 2005.. Fall 2004.. Fall 2003.. Winter 2006.. Winter 2005.. 2002.. 2001.. 2000.. Spring 2002.. Spring 2001.. Summer 2002.. Summer 2000.. Fall 2001.. Fall 2000.. Winter 2002.. Feb 2002.. Winter 2000..

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  • Title: Patient Forum - BCCNS Life Support Network
    Descriptive info: Patient Forum.. Visit our.. Online Forum.. to see what our members are talking about.. While you re there, why not share some of your thoughts or concerns with us?.. Everyone is also welcome and encouraged to join our.. Sunday Night Chat.. , which starts every Sunday evening at 8:00 PM (Eastern Time) and generally lasts for about two hours.. BCCNS Forum Guidelines.. To help make the forum experince more useful and enjoyable for all members, please review the.. before posting..

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  • Title: Network Events - BCCNS Life Support Network
    Descriptive info: Events.. The Network has a variety of events, fundraising activities, and gatherings throughout the year.. From here, you can see past and present events that are of interest to patients with the syndrome, as well as their families, friends, and medical providers.. This includes meetings, fund raisers, upcoming research studies, and medical breakthroughs.. Some event documents are in PDF format - to get a free PDF reader,.. click here.. Date..  ...   15-19, 2010.. American Academy of Oral Maxillofacial Pathology.. Tucson, AZ.. June 30 - July 4, 2010.. Regional Meeting.. Bois Blanc Island, MI.. Past Events.. April 12-15, 2010.. Commission on Dental Accreditation.. UNC Site Visit.. Chapel Hill, NC.. March 13, 2010.. Annual Fund Raiser.. Willoughby Hills, OH.. December 5, 2009.. Jingle Bells for Basal Cells.. Bartlesville, OK.. September 26, 2009.. Wine Tasting.. Chesterland, OH.. Sept.. 18-19, 2009.. Chicago Meeting.. Chicago, IL..

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  • Title: Contact Us - BCCNS Life Support Network
    Descriptive info: Contact Information.. Feel free to get in touch with us if you have questions, comments, or concerns.. You can also send us a message if you want to get involved with the Network, to request a copy of our.. , to volunteer to help with an.. event.. or the.. Sunshine Club.. , or for most other reasons.. If you yourself have BCCNS, please take a moment to fill out our..  ...   Your private data will not be shared with anyone else, although we reserve the right to contact you or add you to our mailing list if you request it.. 14525 North Cheshire St.. PO Box 321.. Burton, OH 44021.. Driving Directions.. Phone:.. (440) 834-0011.. Toll-Free:.. (866) 834-1895.. Fax:.. (440) 834-0132.. E-mail:.. info@bccns.. org.. Office Hours:.. Monday-Friday:.. 8 A.. M.. to 3 P.. ET.. Saturday-Sunday:.. Closed.. Image courtesy of Google Maps..

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