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  • Title: Brain Injury Alliance of South Dakota
    Descriptive info: .. BRAIN INJURY ALLIANCE OF SOUTH DAKOTA.. Who are we?.. We are a statewide organization of individuals, families and organizations who educate the public, advocate to improve the quality of life for people with brain injury and their families and support programs to help prevent brain injury.. We can help you  ...   meeting your needs and reaching your goals.. We also work to try to improve services and make them available to everyone with a with brain injury.. In addition we provide and support training on brain injury in South Dakota.. What can we do for you?.. Copyright 2013 - All Rights Reserved..

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  • Title: SupportGroups
    Descriptive info: Support Groups.. South Dakota is home to several brain injury support groups.. Groups are located in Sioux Falls, Rapid City and Aberdeen.. In addition, many local hospitals have stroke support groups.. Though all brain injury support groups differ slightly, they all share a common bond---brain injury.. Brain injury support groups are an important part of the healing process and help you feel that you are not alone in your struggles.. Brain injury affects more than 10 million people in the United States.. Aberdeen, South Dakota.. Contact Person / Facilitator: Ron Hoops (605) 395-6655 When: Meets 3rd Tuesday of every month from 7PM to 8:30PM.. Where: Rehabilitation Center at Avera St.. Luke's Hospital, 4th floor.. Brain Injury Support Group of the Black Hills.. The Brain Injury Support Group of the Black Hills meets on the second  ...   you can call (605) 718-8446.. Sioux Falls Area Brain Injury Support Group.. Contact Person / Facilitator: Karen Brokenleg (605) 275-8309, Deb Lichty (605) 322-5066, or Melissa Suter (605) 333-4571 When: Meets 2nd Saturday of every month, from September through May from 1PM to 2:45PM.. Where: The Center for Active Generations at 2300 W.. 46th Street , Sioux Falls, SD.. The support group provides an environment where persons with brain injury and their families can share accomplishments and struggles and find others who understand.. The group tries to have an educational speaker at least every 2-3 months.. A monthly newsletter is sent out to those on the mailing list.. If you would like to receive this newsletter or want more information, please contact Karen Brokenleg (605) 275-8309, or Deb Lichty (605) 322-5066, or Melissa Suter (605) 333-4571..

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  • Title: ResourcesAdvocacy
    Descriptive info: Resources Advocacy.. The Brain Injury Alliance of South Dakota works with public and private decision makers to help identify ways to make services more available to people with brain injury and their families.. We also provide information on the needs of people with brain injury to state and national leaders.. We also advocate for the needed services for people with brain injury and their families.. Below is a list of other resources:.. South Dakota Advocacy.. -.. protecting and advocating the rights of South Dakotans with disabilities through legal, administrative, and other remedies.. Brain Injury Association of America.. creating a better future through brain injury prevention, research, education and advocacy.. The Defense and  ...   clinical research initiatives and educational programs.. South Dakota Coalition of Citizens with Disabilities.. - advocating for the full inclusion of all people with disabilities into all aspects of society.. South Dakota Department of Human Services.. - to promote the highest level of independence for all individuals regardless of disability or disorder.. South Dakota Department of Social Services.. - To strengthen and support individuals and families by fostering independence and personal responsibility; protecting people; providing opportunities for individuals to achieve their full potential; and promoting healthy families and safe communities by ensuring quality, cost-effective and comprehensive services are provided in cooperation with our partners.. Click here for a Brain Injury Family Survival Guide Brochure!..

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  • Title: NewsEvents
    Descriptive info: News Events.. We are pleased to announce that.. Governor Dennis Daugaard signed SB 149.. ! The bill is designed to raise awareness of concussions in high school sports and prevent further injury.. (.. Click Here!.. ).. On October 17, 2011 Rapid City Common Council approved an ordinance change that will guarantee interviews for people who have a disability and are qualified for the position and certified as being disabled through South Dakota Vocational Rehabilitation.. This will particularly benefit anyone who has become disabled (such as from a brain injury or physical injury) and has an employment gap.. Click here to read the Rapid City Journal Article.. NFL Concussion Saga Moves Into Litigation -.. Click here to read the Rapid City Journal Article (10/20/11).. Ron Sasso, the Vice President of the Brain Injury Alliance of South Dakota, met with Governor Dennis Daugaard on November 2, 2011 along with representatives from other advocacy groups across South Dakota.. Ron was advocating for brain injury services in South Dakota.. Rep.. Gabrielle Giffords Speaks and Smiles 11 Months after being Shot (11/10/11).. Giffords Shows Progress but Still Struggles (11/15/11).. Western Resources for Disabled Independence Receives Grant for Building  ...   Winning than Winning (02/22/12).. We love Raven! School Rallies Behind Girl with Brain Cancer 02/22/12).. Aphasia: Film Chronicles Man's Recovery after Stroke (04/07/12).. Amateur Boxing May Cause Lasting Brain Damage (04/23/2012).. South Dakota Ranks Third Worst in the Country in Brain Injury Protection.. Policies (05/23/12).. Click.. here for PDF file.. of full report.. The Details of South Dakota's Brain Injury Protection Policies, Ranking South Dakota 48th out of the 50 states and Washington D.. C.. (05/23/12).. A Note About the Above Ratings:.. The previous year South Dakota implemented concussion guidelines (see article about SB 149).. Also, the South Dakota Trauma Registry is still in the process of getting hospitals registered for reporting.. As a result, the current statistics on brain injury incidence rate are under-reported.. On a positive note, both of these positive changes have happened under Governor Dennis Daugaard's administration.. Sturgis Man Dies After Mixed Martial Arts Fight (05/30/2012).. Hillary Clinton Sustains a Concussion (12/16/2012).. Baseball Player Who Suffered Numerous Concussions Dies of Apparent Suicide (12/24/2012).. Major League Baseball Exploring More Protection from Brain Injuries for Pitchers (02/16/13).. A Brain Injury Can Happen Anywhere, Anytime (03/02/13).. President Obama Announces New BRAIN Initiative (04/02/13)..

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  • Title: BrainInjuryServices
    Descriptive info: Brain Injury Services.. The Brain Injury Alliance of South Dakota continues to work on advocating for increased brain injury services in South Dakota during all periods of recovery.. Below is a list of brain injury rehabilitation programs currently in South Dakota:.. Community Transitions.. providing community re-entry services in Rapid City including counseling, cognitive therapy, community living training (including 24 hour care and ADL training), employment training  ...   for young men in Sioux Falls.. Sunrise Villa Avera.. - providing long term rehabilitative care for individuals who have experienced a traumatic brain injury.. For eligibility and contact information, please contact the Program Manager, Department of Social Services.. Phone: (605) 734-4500 ext.. 220, FAX: (605) 734-4505.. Or you can contact Becky McMannis, Administrator at:.. 129 Clay St.. Irene, SD 57037.. Phone: (605) 263-3318.. Fax: (605) 263-3334..

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  • Title: ContactUs
    Descriptive info: Contact Us.. The Brain Injury Alliance of South Dakota is here to help you! If you have any questions or need any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact any of our Board Members.. Their contact information is listed below.. Brain Injury Alliance of South Dakota Board.. Pictured (front row left to right), Mary Ohman, Mary Tommeraasen and Justine Ashokar; (back row) Lori Sletten, Mike Gilleland (former board member), Ron Sasso, and Karen Brokenleg.. The Brain Injury Alliance of South Dakota Board Members (two year terms)  ...   Ohman, Vice President - Elected in 2012.. # (605) 845-3743.. e-mail: maryohman@midco.. net.. Karen Brokenleg, Treasurer - Elected in 2012.. # (605) 339-0137.. e-mail: kebroken@msn.. Lori Sletten, Secretary - Elected in 2012.. # (605) 327-2138.. e-mail: slettenlambs@IW.. Teresa Bernie Fresquez - Elected in 2010.. # (605) 624-0236.. e-mail: tfresquez@msn.. Denise Johnson - Elected in 2011.. # (605) 759-1016.. e-mail: denise.. johnson@achievesd.. org.. Mary Tommeraasen - Elected in 2012.. # (605) 367-5260.. e-mail: Mary.. Tommeraasen@state.. sd.. us.. Ron Sasso - Elected in 2012.. # (605) 399-9532.. e-mail: ron.. sasso@yahoo..

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  • Title: Donate
    Descriptive info: DONATE.. We are a state-recognized nonprofit organization.. All donations will help us carry out our mission.. Donations can be mailed to the following address:.. JOIN US.. It only takes an e-mail message to become a member of Brain Injury Alliance of South Dakota and to help make a difference for people in South Dakota who  ...   from you, but it makes us a stronger and larger organization with a louder voice in South Dakota.. Please.. e-mail.. us.. with your name and mailing address.. and we will include you in our future mailings (only once or twice per year).. Brain Injury Alliance of South Dakota.. 4304 S.. Glenview Road.. Sioux Falls, SD 57103..

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