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  • Title: B7 Baltic Islands
    Descriptive info: .. Home.. About B7.. B7 Political Committee.. B7 Board.. WG Environment.. WG People-to-People.. Links: Baltic Sea Actors.. B7 facilitator.. B7 Chairmanship.. 2012 Gotland.. 2011 Rügen.. 2010 Hiiumaa.. 2009 Öland.. 2008 Saaremaa.. 2007 Bornholm.. 2006 Åland.. 2005 Gotland.. 2004 Rügen.. 2003 Hiiumaa.. 2002 Öland.. 2001 Saaremaa.. 2000 Bornholm.. B7 Islands.. Bornholm.. Gotland.. Hiiumaa.. Rügen.. Saaremaa.. Öland.. Åland.. Projects.. Transplan Energy.. Baltic Master I II.. B7 Games.. Gotland.. Chairmanship.. 2012.. top 2.. top 3.. Join the B7 Annual Conference.. Hiiumaa LEADER LAG on study tour to Gotland.. This year, from 15-21 of September, Hiiumaa LEADER LAG took a study tour to Gotland, to one of the most interesting places of Sweden.. The aim was to learn about LEADER experience and see sucess projects in situ.. There were 23 members of the LAG, manager and bus driver (who is also the member of Hiiumaa LAG) in the team who went to a long journey that included altogether nine ferry crossings during seven days of the trip.. (see.. http://www.. kogu.. hiiumaa.. ee/?lang=english page=news.. for more articles and info from LAG Hiiumaa).. Young enthusiasts playing old music on Gotland.. LAG Hiiumaa Cooperation Network supported the early music ensemble of the Käina Music School at the Gotland Medieval Heritage Festival.. This culture exchange study trip took place from 3rd to 10th of August lasting four days full of music and old customs.. “We performed on 5th of August at the opening day of the Medieval Week in Visby, and on 8th of August at Dalhem Gammelgarna Railway Museum and at the medieval fairs” commented the music teacher Malle Mürgimäe.. “We are very satisfied with the trip that gave young musicians so many new experiences”.. (See LAG Hiiummaa Website:.. ee/?lang=english&page=news.. ).. Riho Rahuoja new Governor of Hiiumaa.. Riho Rahuoja.. is appointed the new Governor of Hiiumaa from 1 August 2012.. He was born in 1957 in Laekvere parish, Virumaa, in 1957, is married to Tiina and has two daughters, Kertu and Riinu.. He has previously worked as a teacher on Hiiumaa and from 1990-1999 he worked in Hiiumaa County Government as a Head of Department of Social Affairs and Health and as Deputy Governor.. Before becoming Governor he was Undersecretary at the Ministry of Social Affairs in Tallinn.. He takes over from Acting Governor Piret Sedrik, who returns to her position as Hiiu County Secretary.. Welcome to the B7!.. B7 at Forum Östersjön Almedal Week.. Entrance to Forum Östersjön at the old Vicarage in Valmingbo and inside the exhibition.. Read more.. Ulla signs agreement: CoR - Baltic Sea Organisations.. Ulla Pettersson signing the co-operation agreement between the Committee of the Regions (CoR) and B7, BSSSC, UBC, EuroRegion Baltic.. Lummen Project: Sailing to Bornholm.. Dear B7 friends,.. I am back from a fascinating trip to three of B7 islands: this time Åland, Bornholm and Gotland.. 2-3 days on each.. As always, our B7 islands were very different in how they open to the outsider.. Åland was very empty.. I hardly could find any living creature.. In my photography I concentrated on Mariehamn and its Sjökvarteret, including restoration of the sailing ship Hoppet.. I also tried to look at  ...   rig of kalleas Hoppet.. On the way back to Laitakari, Ihana will make a stop at B7 island Gotland.. (for the original article see.. ee/index.. php?mact=News,cntnt01,detail,0&cntnt01articleid=434&cntnt01returnid=83.. Hannes Maasel stops as Governor of Hiiumaa.. Hannes Maasel stops as Governor of Hiiumaa after 13 years in the hot seat.. He has been a keen supporter of B7 and has always ensured that Hiiumaa has delivered innovative and interesting Chairmanship programmes in both 2003 and 2010.. B7 wishes you all the best Hannes, and hope we can meet to discuss old times.. All the best for your future!.. Below is an article written for the March 2003, "B7 Facilitators Newsletter":.. "Hannes Maasels, born in 1951, is a teacher at heart and a tireless worker for his local community.. He and his wife Anu have two teenage daughters and live in the village of Nasva in Kaina Municipality in their house, “Kulmu”, (eyebrows) that he has spent 20 years improving and extending.. In their village all houses have names such as Silma -'Eye', Otsa- 'Forehead', Kõrva- 'Ear', Nina- 'Nose' etc.. from the facilitator - March 2012.. The facilitator has found his pen! After nearly 3 years he has resurrected his newsletter.. Some of you may well maintain that it would have been better if he had remained asleep.. In this issue of "from the facilitator", he has focused on:.. - the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region.. - Pan Baltic Organisations.. - Visit to Åland.. I must admit, he starts off on one topic and then uses his facilitator's licence to wander all overthe place.. Oh well at least he wrote something.. A copy can be downloaded here:.. 1203 from the facilitator (.. 58.. 35 kB.. More Articles.. INVOLVE: A project on Multi-Level Governance.. Gotland's Special Sheep Force.. B7 delegation greets the new Åland Government.. B7 Annual Conference 2011.. Good luck, Gotland - Thank you Rügen! B7 Annual Conference 2011.. Camilla Gunell new Premier on Åland.. B7 representatives at BSSSC Annual Conference in Szczecin.. Hiiumaa and Saaremaa LEADER groups visited Rügen on 6-11 of September.. B7 presentation at "RÜGANA" fair.. Elections in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern: New county district "Vorpommern-Rügen".. Stories of the Baltic Sea Islands.. B7 Day on Rügen, 8 July 2011.. B7 at the German Bundestag, 25 May 2011.. B7 invites to Fishery Conference in Sassnitz, Rügen.. B7 sends condolence letters to Japanese professors.. B7 Cooking Course - That´s how it tastes on the Baltic Sea Islands.. B7 submits contribution to Fifth Cohesion Report.. JANUARY 11 - Official Opening of Chairmanship year 2011.. Hiiumaa hands over to Rügen - New B7 Chairmanship.. Sweden Elections: Gotland breaks national trend.. Start.. Prev.. 1.. 2.. 3.. 4.. 5.. 6.. 7.. 8.. 9.. 10.. Next.. End.. Documents.. Gallery.. Contacts.. Calendar.. Upcoming events.. No events found.. B7 PEOPLE & PLACES.. B7 Baltic Islands.. Chairmanship 2012.. B7 President.. Åke Svennsson.. B7 Chair.. Ulla Pettersson.. B7 Secretariat.. Anne Ståhl-Mousa.. Annette Glover.. (picture from usa).. Key B7 Projects.. Link to.. Baltic Master II.. website.. Transplan.. Login Form.. Remember Me.. Forgot your password?.. Forgot your username?.. Bottom info.. This i a place for bottom information - only on frontpage, but that can be changed..

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  • Title: About B7
    Descriptive info: What is the B7?.. What is the B7 Baltic Islands Network?.. The B7 is a co-operation of the 7 largest islands in the Baltic Sea from 5 different countries that began in 1989.. The Partners are:.. Bornholm (Denmark), Gotland (Sweden), Hiiumaa (Estonia), Rügen (Germany), Saaremaa (Estonia), Åland (autonomous region of Finland), Öland (Sweden).. The Vision for the B7 islands:.. The long-term vision for the islands can be explained quite simply as:.. · The islands find themselves with a richer, smarter and happier population.. · The islands are also more in control of their own destiny than in 1990.. The Mission of the B7:.. The B7 aims to use its strengths to promote the strategic goals of the islands.. The B7 islands believe that they can better serve the interests of the islanders and achieve more as a co-operation than alone.. Principles of membership:.. · Each member is a Baltic Sea island.. · Each island contributes to the co-operation based on population size.. · The B7 co-operation is a partnership of equals.. Organisation:.. These two  ...   bodies are supported by: the Annual Conference, Chairmanship and Secretariat, Workgroups, Focus Groups, Facilitator, Brussels Representation.. Annual Conference:.. is the focal point of the B7 year.. The Annual Conference is a forum with the purpose to convene all the members of the B7 once a year to review the past year and agree the plans for the coming year within the framework of a B7 Strategy.. The Annual Conference consists of, as a minimum, a Steering Committee meeting, Board Meeting and open plenary sessions for debate and discussion.. Previous B7 Chairmanships:.. In 2000 introduced a rotating chairmanship and secretariat which moves from island to island:.. 2010 Hiiumaa.. 2009 Öland.. 2008 Saaremaa.. 2007 Bornholm.. 2006 Åland.. 2005 Gotland.. 2004 Rügen.. 2003 Hiiumaa.. 2002 Öland.. 2001 Saaremaa.. 2000 Bornholm.. Island size and population (2007):.. BORNHOLM: Area: 587 km², Population: 43,000.. GOTLAND: Area: 3,140 km², Population: 57,300.. HIIUMAA: Area: 1019 km², Population: 10,000.. RÜGEN: Area: 976 km², Population: 70,260.. SAAREMAA: Area: 2,922 km², Population: 36,600.. ÖLAND: Area: 1,342 km², Population: 24,500.. ÅLAND ISLES: Area: 1,527 km², Population: 26,923..

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  • Title: B7 Political Committee
    Descriptive info: B7 Political Committee.. B7 STEERING COMMITTEE.. The B7 Steering Committee is the political body of the B7 and provides the framework and direction of the B7 Co-operation.. The Steering Committee:.. Consists of one politician from each of the member islands.. Meets at least twice per year as agreed in the annual programme.. The representative of the island holding the annual rotating chairmanship chairs meetings.. Members review and approve the B7 Strategy, policies, annual programme and annual budget of the B7.. Can delegate responsibilities to the B7 Board.. Members lobby for the islands in areas of common interest.. Ensure a civil servant at executive level is appointed from each island to participate as a member of the B7 Board.. Representation  ...   Winni.. Grosboell[@]brk.. dk.. Steen Colberg Jensen.. Deputy Mayor of Bornholm.. B7 Steering Committee.. tel: +45 3018 1957.. Steen.. Colberg.. Jensen[@]brk.. Åke Svensson.. County Mayor.. +46 70 795 0610.. Ake.. Svensson[@]gotland.. se.. Lena Celion.. +46 498 26 93 48.. lena.. celion[@]gotland.. Hiiumaa.. Riho Rahuoja.. Hiiu County Governor.. +372 46 36 040.. riho.. rahuoja[@]mv.. ee.. Rügen.. Uwe Ahlers.. President B7.. - Rügen Chairmanship 2004 & 2011.. Member Council Vorpommern-Rügen.. +49 38391 8271.. mobile:.. +49 171 640 1899.. uwe.. ahlers.. consult[@]gmx.. de.. Saaremaa.. Kaido Kaasik.. County Governor.. +372 45 20 500.. Kaido.. Kaasik[@]saare.. Ö.. land.. Tommy Eliasson.. President B7 Öland Chairmanship 2009.. Ölands Kommunalförbund.. tommy.. eliasson[@]morbylanga.. Åland.. Gun-Mari Lindholm.. Minster of Åland Government.. gun-mari.. lindholm[@]regeringen.. ax.. Camilla Gunell.. Premier Åland.. camilla.. gunell(at)regeringen..

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  • Title: B7 Board
    Descriptive info: B7 Board.. What are the responsibilities of the B7 BOARD?.. The B7 Board is the management body of the B7 and manages the work of the B7 within the framework of the B7 Strategy to ensure the effective operation of the B7.. The B7 Board:.. Consists of senior civil servants from each of the member islands.. Meets as agreed in the annual programme.. Manages – plans, leads, organises, monitors, controls, evaluates - the work of the B7 with the representatives from the other member islands.. Reports on the activities of the B7to the B7 Steering Committee on a quarterly basis, including an executive summary and statement of accounts.. Ensures representatives from their islands are appointed to work in the other  ...   B7.. Henrik Eybye Nielsen.. Chief Consultant.. Regional Development.. tel: +45 5692 1309.. This email address is being protected from spambots.. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. David Hunt.. (alternate).. Regional Municipality of Bornholm.. tel: +45 5692 1304.. mob: +45 2422 0251.. Ulla Pettersson.. Director International Affairs.. tel: +46 498 26 9940.. Aare-Villu Kattel.. Chief Planning Officer.. tel: +372 46 31 132.. Martina Schwinkendorf.. tel: +49 3838 813 292.. Jaan Leivategija.. Head of Development and Planning.. tel: +372 452 0505.. Öland.. Anders Nyholm.. CEO Öland Economic Development Office.. tel: +46 485 88 700.. Jörgen Samuelsson.. B7 Board (alternate).. Öland Economic Development Office.. tel: +46 485 88 704.. Emma Lundberg.. Adviser,.. European & External Affairs Unit.. tel: +358 18 25104.. emma.. lundberg[@]regeringen..

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  • Title: WG Environment
    Descriptive info: Louise Lyng Bojesen.. Biologist.. +45 6026 2059.. Louise.. Lyng.. Bojesen[@]brk.. Jonas Nilsson.. Environmental Strategist.. Dept.. of Regional Development.. Phone:.. +46 498 26 92 50.. Jonas.. Nilsson[@]gotland.. Anu Saue.. Estonian Ministry of Environment.. Hiiu County Environmental Departmant.. +372 46 36 835.. +372 53 444 764.. anu.. saue[@]hiiu.. envir.. Jan Trenkmann.. tel: +.. tel: +49 3838 813 295.. Jan.. Trenkmann[@]landkreis-ruegen.. Agne Peetersoo.. agne[@]saare.. Tel:.. +372 452 0518.. Mats Lindahl.. Environment Dept, Mörbylånga kommun.. tel: +46 485 470 60.. mats.. lindahl[@]morbylanga.. Mikael Wennström.. Water Biologist.. tel: +358 18 25 455.. mikael.. wennstrom[@]regeringen.. Bengt-Olof Grahn.. IslePact Project.. +46 498 269 379.. bengtolof.. grahn[@]gotland..

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  • Title: WG People-to-People
    Descriptive info: RÜGEN.. Martina Schwinkendorf.. Chair WG PtP.. +49 3838 813 292.. martina.. schwinkendorf[@]landkreis-ruegen.. SAAREMAA.. Inga Teär.. Head of unit Youth.. +372 45 20528.. Inga[@]saare.. HIIUMAA.. Ermo Mäeots.. Head Education Culture Department.. +372 46 36063.. ermo[@]mv.. GOTLAND.. Arne Grau-Amnér.. Head of unit Youth.. +46 498 269 681.. arne.. grau-amner[@]gotland.. BORNHOLM.. No member.. ÖLAND.. ÅLAND.. According to the.. CHARTER of the B7 ISLANDS NETWORK.. "Workgroups are the working bodies of the B7 and set up.. to help the B7 realise the objectives of their strategy;.. to develop the B7 network throughout the islands by acting as the link between the B7 and grass roots organisations, public institutions, societies, and associations etc of the islands.. The B7 Workgroups provide the contact network between the islands and carry out initiatives and projects of common interest to the islands.. ".. The People-to-People WG is a working group of B7 Baltic Islands Network.. Representatives from the seven Baltic Sea member islands regularly meet to contribute to a better understanding and to closer cooperation between the people in the Baltic Sea area.. We work  ...   people from leaving the islands, motivate them to come back and.. stay.. WG People-to-People: B7 20 years.. At the B7 Annual Conference on Öland, the Chair of People-to-People workgroup, Martina Schwinkendorf presented a brochure of the workgroups activities over the first 20 years.. On the left page 18 of the brochure shows pictures from the photo competition that WG PtP held in 2007.. Download: WG PtP: during 20 Years of B7.. her.. : (2 MB).. Contents:.. - A Short Workgroup History.. - Project Work.. - B7 Games.. - B7 Youth Art Culture Projects.. - B7 Youth Camps Conferences.. - B7 Days.. - B7 Contact Meetings.. - Other Projects.. - People for People.. PtP Activities during 20 Years of B7 Baltic Islands Network.. During the 20 years of the B7 Baltic Islands Network the People-to-People Workgroup has been organising several exchange projects, youth camps, sports and culture events for the people on the seven member islands.. Please read about.. PtP activities during 20 years of B7.. This brochure has been issued at this year's Annual Conference on Öland..

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  • Title: Links: Baltic Sea Actors
    Descriptive info: Links: Actors in the Baltic Sea Region.. Actors in the Baltic Sea Region:.. Ars Baltica.. www.. ars-baltica.. net.. Baltic 7 Islands Network.. b7.. org.. Baltic 21.. baltic21.. Baltic Development Forum.. bdforum.. org/.. Baltic Environmental Forum.. bef.. lv.. Baltic Heritage Co-operation.. baltic-heritage.. Baltic Institute of Finland.. baltic.. Baltic Marine Environment Protection Commission (Helsinki Commission).. helcom.. fi.. Baltic Metropoles Network.. baltmet.. Baltic Ports Organisation.. bpoports.. com.. Baltic Region Healthy Cities Office.. marebalticum.. Baltic Sea 2020 Foundation.. balticsea2020.. Baltic Sea Action Group BSAG by Foundation for a Living Baltic Sea.. bsag.. Baltic Sea Forum.. baltic-sea-forum.. Baltic Sea Parliamentary Conference.. bspc.. Baltic Sea  ...   uadm.. uu.. Centrum Balticum.. centrumbalticum.. (in FI only).. Clean Baltic Sea project of John Nurminen Foundation.. cleanbalticsea.. Coalition Clean Baltic.. ccb.. Conference of Peripheral Maritime Regions Baltic Sea Commission.. balticseacommission.. Council of Baltic Sea States.. cbss.. Euroregion Baltic.. euroregionbaltic.. eu.. NEFCO Nordic Environment Finance Corporation.. nefco.. Nordic Council.. norden.. Northern Dimension Partnership in Public Health and Social Well-being.. ndphs.. Sustainable Coastal Zone Development in the Baltic Sea Region association.. conet21.. Union of the Baltic Cities.. ubc.. VASAB 2010.. vasab.. For EU Maritime Policy:.. http://ec.. europa.. eu/maritimeaffairs/publications_en.. html.. For European Neighbourhood and Partnership Instrument:.. eu/europeaid/where/neighbourhood/overview/how-does-enpi-work_en.. htm.. For the Northern Dimension:.. eu/external_relations/north_dim/index..

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  • Title: B7 facilitator
    Descriptive info: The facilitator.. The facilitator's job is to make things work.. To help the B7 achieve results.. I live on Bornholm and work at the Regional Development Unit of the Regional Municipality of Bornholm with external projects.. I work together with the Chairmanship and our partner organisations  ...   is to communicate some of what I do, what I experience and add a few articles that could be of interest.. keep smiling.. David Hunt.. e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots.. +45 2422 0251.. BSSSC newsletters for Dec & April.. Page 1 of 7..

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  • Title: B7 Chairmanship
    Descriptive info: 2012 Gotland Chairmanship.. Chairmanship Team.. ake.. svensson.. @gotland.. ulla.. pettersson.. lummelunda.. People-to-People.. grau-amner.. Environment.. jonas.. nilsson.. Annette.. Glover.. Board Meetings in 2011:.. E-meetings:.. Jan 17; Feb 7; Mar 6; Apr 10; May 8;.. Jun 12; Aug 7; Sep 11; Oct 31; Nov 6.. 26-28 March.. SC Board Brussels.. 29 Jun - 2 Jul.. at Alm.. edal Week.. SC, Board, Youth.. 6-7 Sept.. Board Meeting Stockholm.. 6-7 Dec.. Annual Conference.. Visby, Gotland.. Dear Gotland, we want one of  ...   Denmark politics on Bornholm.. 5 July.. IslePact Conference at Almedal Week.. 30 June:.. Baltic Sea Conference at Österso¨Forum, Southern Gotland.. 24-25 August.. B7 Games on Gotland.. 25 August.. B7 Day Stora Torget, Gotland - WG PtP profile the B7 islands during the re-opening of the Town Square after major reconstruction.. A delegation from the B7 islands visited Åland on the 25-26 Jan to meet the new Lantråd, Camilla Gunell and the Minister for international Affairs, Gun-Mari Lindholm..

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  • Title: 2012 Gotland
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  • Title: 2011 Rügen
    Descriptive info: 2011 Rügen Chairmanship.. B7 Board Chair.. People-to-People.. B7 Secretariat.. Uwe Ahlers.. Christoph Löwen.. Nadine Stüdemann.. +49 3838 813466.. +49 3838 813 295.. +49 3838 2030983.. consult.. @gmx.. christoph.. loewen.. @landkreis-ruegen.. de.. schwinkendorf.. jan.. trenkmann.. stuedemann.. @ruegen-tut-gut.. B7 Steering Committee Board Meetings in 2011:.. Jan 20.. Board Meeting (Web Conference).. Mar 29-31.. SC Board Meeting (Brussels).. May 23.. SC Board Meeting (Rügen).. Sep 27-28.. Board Meeting (Schwerin).. Nov 21-23.. SC Board Meeting (Rügen).. Events in 2011:.. JAN 11.. - Opening of Rügen Chairmanship / Press conference (Rügen).. MAR 02.. - PtP-Cooking Class “Perfect B7 Dinner” (Rügen).. MAR 05 - APR 10.. - Photo exhibition from Hiiumaa at the Rügen Gallery in Putbus.. MAR 29 – 31 -.. Visit at the EU-Information Office of M-V and other EU-institutions (Brussels).. MAY 19 - 20.. - General Assembly of CPMR Islands Commission (Saaremaa).. MAY 24.. - B7 Conference on “Traditional Coastal Fishery and EU-Fishery policies” (Rügen).. MAY 25 -.. Visit of the German Federal Foreign Ministry and the German "Bundestag" (Berlin).. MAY 29 – JUN 4 -.. B7 PtP Exhibition “Scene Change – Messages and Visions” (Rügen).. JUN 15 – 18.. - Almedal week (Bornholm).. JUL 03 – 10.. - Almedal week (Gotland).. JUL 08 – 10 -.. B7 Day (Rügen).. SEP 09 - 30.. - B7 PtP Exhibition of artists from Hiiumaa (Rügen).. SEP 09 – 11 -.. B7 Presentation at the “RÜGANA” fair (Rügen).. SEP 19 - 20.. - Visit of the „Landkreistag“ Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and the European Department of the State Chancellery (Schwerin).. OCT 05 – 07.. - Annual Conference of BSSSC (Sczcecin).. OCT 24 – 27.. - Baltic Development Forum Summit 2011 (Gdansk).. NOV 21 – 23.. - B7 Annual Conference (Rügen).. The Annual Conference of the B7 Rügen Chairmanship 2011 was held in Göhren on Rügen Island from 21-23 November  ...   innovation and social cohesion and voluntary work.. B7 presentation at RÜGANA fair.. From 9th to 11th September 2011 the "RÜGANA" fair was held in the town center of Bergen on Rügen.. Island.. The B7 team on Rügen informed about the latest events and projects in 2011, handed out brochures and information material from the seven Baltic Sea Islands and gave the guests a little taste of typical Gotland products.. Over 300 visitors participated in the B7 quiz and answered four questions about the Baltic Sea.. Guests from Hiiumaa Island visited the RÜGANA and also the B7 exhibition stand.. On the evening before the RÜGANA fair started, the Hiiumaa Art exhibition opened its doors for invited guests at the Bergen town museum.. 26 people from Hiiumaa and 14 from Saaremaa LEADER Action Groups (LAG) took a study trip to Rügen on.. the 6-11th of September.. The aim of the visit was to exchange experience, to get knowledge on local LEADER projects in Rügen and to meet people.. Of special interest were projects on local food and local product, energy and management of harbours.. Stories told from one person to another are the most ancient way to communicate and teach, forgotten nowadays because of multimedia and internet.. People-to-people meetings are also valuable as a method of learning.. From stories told by people actually living on the islands, audience can learn firsthand about the Baltic Sea and different areas of activities common for the islands.. For three days, from 4th to 6th of August 2011, storytellers from the Baltic Sea islands met in the framework of the European Culture Capital Tallinn 2011.. The storytelling events took place in Tallinn in the courtyard of the restaurant nAnO, in Hiiumaa in Suuresadama shipyard, and on Kärdla Cafés’ Day.. Read more here.. Page 1 of 3..

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