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  • Title: BAHID - British Association For Human Identification
    Descriptive info: .. HOME.. President's Intro.. About Us.. Contact Us.. Council.. Constitution.. CONFERENCE.. Details.. Programme.. Venue/Accomm.. April 2012.. Oct 2011.. April 2011.. 2009.. NEWS.. FORUM.. DIRECTORY.. Organisations.. Courses.. Journals.. BAFA.. FIAG.. BAHID:.. Links:.. British Association For Human Identification.. Thanks to all speakers, posters presenters and participants for an interesting BAHID Winter Meeting!.. Follow BAHID updates on Twitter:.. https://twitter.. com/#!/BritAssnHumanID.. The primary aim of the Association is to encourage productive interchange between various disciplines in human identification, promote the academic integration of individual subjects and through the medium of a collective body, pursue standards of excellence and innovative developments.. We provide a forum for discussion and promotion of subjects within the domain of human identification.. The membership includes (but is not limited) to professionals in the fields of forensic anthropology, forensic odontology, forensic archaeology, facial anthropology, forensic podiatry, forensic pathology, and disaster victim identification.. Members come from academia, law enforcement, private business, institutional  ...   form can be found in the menu on the right.. Information about membership.. Membership application form.. Enquiries:.. memsec@bahid.. org.. Username:.. Password:.. Remember login:.. Forgot your password?.. Posted news:.. (Depending on your membership status you may not see all items.. ).. 11/Jan - IACI conference.. 26/Nov - DVI News 25 November 2012.. 08/Nov - ICMP Job vacancies.. 16/Oct - Temporary research position working on fragmentary human bone.. 24/Sep - Student helpers for Autumn Conference.. 24/Sep - BAHID Autumn Conference.. 16/Jul - DVI News 16 July 2012.. 27/Jun - IAFR Annual Conference.. 21/Jun - Forensic Analysis Conference.. 14/May - DVI News 14 May 2012.. 24/Apr - DVI News 23 April 2012.. 20/Apr - Workshop: Improving Learner Experience in Forensic Science Higher Education and Practitioner Training.. 27/Mar - DVI News 26 March 2012.. 13/Mar - Student helpers.. 27/Feb - DVI News 27 February 2012.. Recent forum postings:.. 2008-2012 British Association for Human Identification..

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  • Title: BAHID - Forensic Human Identification
    Descriptive info: Home.. / Forensic Human Identification.. Forensic Human Identification.. In 2006, on its 5th anniversary, BAHID produced its first textbook edited by Tim Thompson and Sue Black entitled Forensic Human Identification An introduction.. All royalties from the sale of this text pass directly back to BAHID.. Forensic Human Identification: An Introduction examines the variety of biological indicators that are available to investigators and illustrates the basic principles of each discipline.. While DNA and fingerprints are clearly the favored methods of identification, they require a prior record and verifiable baseline for comparison.. When these tools cannot be used it is necessary to employ those biological factors with higher variation and lower  ...   the contributors explain how a multitude of factors taken into summative consideration can establish a probability for confirmation.. They discuss the difference between positive and probable identification and the use of exclusion to confirm identity.. Using three high profile case studies, the book addresses the context of human identification in today's society and illustrates the use of techniques described in the text.. Heavily referenced and using more than 120 charts, figures, photographs, and tables, Forensic Human Identification: An Introduction provides detailed introductory and extended information to newcomers and experts alike on the wide range of identification techniques in international practice.. The book is published by.. CRC Press.. Apply for membership..

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  • Title: BAHID - British Association For Human Identification
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  • Title: BAHID - A Message from the President
    Descriptive info: /.. / President's Intro.. A Message from the President.. (February 2012).. Welcome 2012 promises to be an exciting year for BAHID, as an organisation we continue to achieve growth in our membership numbers, we have a stable and effective Council and this is evidenced by the tremendous amount of hard work that has been undertaken to get our Conferenec Age estimation in the living off the ground.. This is the first time we have held our conference at the University of Nottingham but from the information I have the 13th -15th April 2012, promises to be a really exciting, interesting time at a great venue.. I am keen that we have a good selection of exhibitors to give as many attendees as possible an insight into the latest equipment, developments and publications available.. If you or your company would like to exhibit please contact me or any of our Council members.. Sponsorship, likewise,  ...   under our umbrella, this enables all parties to benefit, by way of an example, we have issued an invitation to the odontologists in BAFO to share some of our sessions and workshops, but also have some sessions and workshops of their own this gives both sides a more cost effective opportunity and more variety for their members who want to attend.. I am sure others could benefit from similar arrangements and as, like me, many of our membership belong to various other organisations please float the idea and see if we have common ground elsewhere.. 2012 will be a tough year for many organisations in the present economic climate so the more we can do to work together the better.. To each of you thank you for your continued support and may I wish you every success throughout the year as you work to realise your dreams, aspirations and funding challenges.. Warmest Regards.. Alan..

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  • Title: BAHID - About Us
    Descriptive info: / About Us.. There is an ever-increasing recognition of the value of human identification experts in the field of judicial investigations but the available expertise is widely spread across the country and cross-disciplinary informal interaction is sporadic.. In August of 2001 a small group of experts (led by Peter Vanezis the first President of the Association and Sue Black, the first Secretary) met to consider the desirability and feasibility of encouraging practitioners from the myriad of speciality subjects, to come together under one parental umbrella of Human Identification.. It was clear from that meeting that there was both the will and the need to consolidate the subject.. The inaugural meeting of the.. British Association for Human Identification.. was held on the.. 6th October 2001.. at the University of Glasgow.. The primary aim of the Association was to encourage productive interchange between various disciplines in human identification, promote the academic integration of individual subjects  ...   annual scientific conference and previous venues have included Glasgow, Bradford, London, Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Sheffield, Dublin, Holland and Guildford.. Most recently CIFA (Centre for International Forensic Assistance) has recognised BAHID as the means of communication with practitioners and trainees in Forensic Anthropology for the purposes of the national UK DVI response capability.. Currently BAHID has over 400 members and student members from 17 different disciplines.. Members come from academic, law enforcement, private business, institutional and legal backgrounds and rely on the Association to provide a forum for discussion and promotion of subjects within the domain of human identification.. Although this is the British Association there are members outside the UK from elsewhere in Europe, the US and Australia, and membership throughout the world is encouraged.. With the development and increased utilisation of many biometrics for human identification BAHID is currently attempting to further widen its membership and invites enrolment from all relevant biometric fields..

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  • Title: BAHID - Contact Us
    Descriptive info: / Contact Us.. Membership enquiries:.. General enquiries:.. info@bahid.. Technical enquiries and suggestions for content:.. webeditor@bahid.. Postal addres (though we prefer to be contacted by email!):.. 2 Market Square.. Stonehaven.. AB39 2BT..

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  • Title: BAHID - BAHID - Council
    Descriptive info: / Council.. Officers of the Association.. Hon.. President -.. Mr Alan Puxley.. Secretary -.. Mr Tom Black.. Treasurer -.. Mr Ray Evans.. Council Members.. Dr Jan Bikker.. (Membership Secretary ).. Ms Teri Blythe.. Mrs Kerry-Ann Milic.. Mr Pete Merrill.. Dr Xanthe Mallett.. Dr Leigh Evans.. Dr Rene Gapert.. Mr Gerard Kealy.. Ms Doris Eerhart.. Ms Lucina Hackman.. Mr Stefan Lee.. Ms Elizabeth Cross.. Dr Wolfram Meier-Augenstein.. TBA - Student Representative (isotope analysis)..

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  • Title: BAHID - BAHID - Constitution
    Descriptive info: / Constitution.. The name of the Association shall be the British Association for Human Identification (abbreviated to BAHID).. The primary objective of the Association is to provide a forum for the discussion and promotion of subjects of a common interest to members (national and international) of all professions that operate within the domain of human identification.. Where agreed by the Council it encourages the development of standards that enhance the professional standing of any single or multiple interest groups within the Association.. Membership of the Association is open to all who can demonstrate a bona fide professional interest in the subject of human identification.. The Council retains the right to refuse membership if such interest cannot be legitimised in professional terms.. Applications for membership are administered by the Membership Secretary of the Association.. Membership operates on 2 fee levels full member and student member.. To qualify for student membership, applicants must demonstrate current registration on a relevant higher education course.. At least one scientific meeting will be held each year in conjunction with the Annual General Meeting (AGM) and additional meetings may be held as and when considered desirable or appropriate by the Council.. The Honorary Officers of the Society are full Council members and shall be President, Secretary and Treasurer duly elected by fellow Council members.. The tenure for office of President shall be for not more than two consecutive years, unless the Council and the Association in a general meeting request otherwise.. The post of Secretary should be held for a minimum of two consecutive years with no barrier for re-election.. The post of treasurer should be held for a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 4 consecutive years and re-election to the post may occur after a 2-year lapse from date of retirement.. The Council maintains the right to remove an Officer from post by a majority vote of Council where it is deemed to be in the best interests of the Association.. The Council may then place an interim Officer in post until the next AGM.. The affairs of the Association will be managed by a Council consisting of the Honorary Officers and at least 11, but no more than 20 Council members.. Eight members shall form a quorum which must include 2 Officers.. Membership to the Council, with the exception of the Officers, will normally be for a period of not less than three, and not more than 5 years.. Election to Council will be made only from full members of  ...   25 members of the Association.. The Secretary shall convene that meeting with no less than 7 days notice.. No other business shall be considered at that meeting.. The annual subscription of each member of the Association shall be as agreed by the Council.. Payment is due on confirmation of acceptance of membership and on each succeeding 1st January.. Any member joining after 30th June shall pay one half of the annual subscription for that year alone.. Any member whose subscription is one year in arrears may be terminated automatically but any such member may be re-instated by the Council on such terms as the Council may deem fit.. The Council retains the right to refuse re-instatement.. Expulsion of any member of the Association shall be at the discretion of the Council with right of appeal at the next Council meeting at which a 2/3 majority by ballot of Council shall be required for re-instatement.. At any special general meeting or AGM it is forbidden for members to in any way record or publicly report the proceedings without prior permission from the Council.. At the scientific meetings, it is not permitted for presentations to be recorded or published without prior permission from the author(s).. Membership of the Association may not be used as a professional qualification, nor may a member make any such inference.. No rule shall be made, altered or rescinded except by the Association in the AGM.. Proposals for amendments to the rules must be notified in writing (by at least 2 members) to the Secretary at least 6 weeks before the AGM.. Notification of any such proposal will be given in the notice convening the meeting.. The Association shall not be dissolved except at a special general meeting called for that purpose.. The motion for the dissolution must be agreed by at least two thirds of the members present and by at least half of the total membership.. In the event of dissolution, the funds and other properties of the Association, after payment of all proper debts and liabilities, shall not be distributed among the members of the Association, but shall be given or transferred to a charitable institution appointed by majority vote of those present at the special general meeting.. Council members serve a term of office no longer than 5 years without re-election unless they are absent from more than two consecutive meetings when they can be removed from Council by the majority vote of those Council members present at the next meeting..

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  • Title: BAHID - Conference Autumn 2012
    Descriptive info: / CONFERENCE.. Conference Autumn 2012.. The second BAHID conference of 2012 will take place on Saturday 8th December at Chancellors Hotel and Conference Centre in Manchester.. On this occasion we have chosen to have a general conference on all matters relating to human identification to attract practitioners from a wide range of disciplines.. In particular we would like to encourage the presentation of dissertation research projects or case studies where the application of recent new techniques may aid or has assisted in successful resolution of the identification process.. Due to the success of the previous conferences, a similar format has been chosen for the upcoming mini-conference.. A welcome reception will be organised on Friday evening,  ...   organised for this meeting and the awarded CPD points may be used towards professional accreditation as a forensic anthropologist.. The conference is aimed at participants with an interest in human identification, including the police and associated investigative services, scenes of crime officers, legislators, policy makers, plus specialists and students from areas such as DNA profiling, stable isotope chemistry, latent prints, biometrics, forensic odontology, facial identification, podiatry, forensic anthropology and forensic archaeology.. Prices for the conference are:.. BAHID conference:.. Member.. £80.. Student member.. £50.. Non-member.. £95.. Non-member student.. £75.. BAFA:.. Meeting.. Free.. Presentation.. Workshop.. £20 per workshop.. Workshop (student).. £15 per workshop.. If you have any questions, please contact.. j.. bikker@dundee.. ac.. uk.. (BAHID Membership Secretary) or..

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  • Title: BAHID - Conference Programme
    Descriptive info: / Programme.. Conference Programme.. The final programme for Friday, Saturday and Sunday, including abstracts and venue details is now available for.. download.. (pdf, 950 kb).. N.. B.. :.. Workshop 2 has regrettably been CANCELLED at the last minute due to a serious family illness All those who have already paid will receive a full refund.. It is hoped that this workshop will be run at a subsequent conference.. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused..

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  • Title: BAHID - Conference Venue and Accommodation
    Descriptive info: / Venue/Accomm.. Conference Venue and Accommodation.. Venue:.. Chancellors Hotel and Conference Centre.. Chancellors Way.. Off Moseley Road.. Fallowfield.. Manchester.. M14 6ZT.. 24-hour switchboard 44 (0)161 907 7414.. Google map -.. http://tinyurl.. com/ck55m5x.. Accommodation at Chancellor s.. A number of pre-reserved rooms have been booked within the conference venue.. Discounted room rates are available for delegates.. To access these special rates, delegates must quote BAHID and.. Booking Reference 140869.. and reserve with their own debit or credit card.. Twin room availability is limited, so booking early is advisable.. Single room - £50/night (incl VAT and full English breakfast).. Double room (single occupancy) - £60/night (incl VAT and FEB).. Twin room (double occupancy) - £75/night per room (incl VAT and FEB).. To book a room, delegates need to telephone Chancellors directly on.. 0161 306 7578.. Monday - Friday between 9.. 00 a.. m.. and 5.. 00 p.. , or 0161 306 7414 (main reception) outside those times.. The number of pre-reserved rooms is limited so please book your room as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.. Directions:.. By Car.. Visit http://www.. chancellorshotel..  ...   on your left, opposite the Armitage Sports Centre.. By Train from the City.. Long distance trains arrive at Manchester Piccadilly Station.. Either take a taxi (approx.. 15 minutes) or take a five minute walk to Piccadilly Gardens Bus Station.. Short distance rail services depart from Manchester Oxford Road Station and Manchester Victoria Station.. Go here for the National Rail timetable:.. http://ojp.. nationalrail.. uk/service/planjourney/search.. By Plane from Manchester International Airport.. Manchester International Airport is approximately 5 miles from Chancellors (about 20 minutes by taxi).. If you wish to take the train from the airport there is a 24-hour service which runs 7 days a week, every 15 minutes during peak times and goes direct to Piccadilly Train Station.. From the station either take a taxi or take the short walk to Piccadilly Bus Station and catch one of the many buses that follow the route to Wilmslow Road, Fallowfield.. Other accomoodation.. Alternative hotels in the local area: h.. ttp://tinyurl.. com/bqprpjx.. (Note: the search result prices are for one night - please adjust the search criteria if fewer or more nights are required)..

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