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  • Title: IAFN / RIFA
    Descriptive info: .. Home.. News.. About us.. Partners.. Board.. Secretariat.. Analog Forestry.. Programs.. Accreditation.. Capacity Building.. Demonstration Sites.. Resources.. Publications.. Presentations.. Database.. Gallery.. Events.. Contact Us.. Analog forestry is an ecological restoration tool to regenerate healthy, mature, and biodiverse ecosystems.. Photo: A.. Dickinson.. Analog forests are strong and resilient because of the diversity of life, diversity of products, and diversity of human communities that are found in them.. Photo: Both Ends.. Analog forestry focuses on connecting communities and nature and ensuring benefits for both.. Analog Forestry involves the restoration of land degraded by deforestation, forest degradation, or intensive agriculture.. Analog forestry practitioners benefit from accreditation systems to reach value-added markets globally and locally.. Photo: Rainforest Rescue International.. IAFN activities include capacity building,  ...   Click.. to see their profiles!.. Upcoming Events.. Nov.. 27.. Analog Forestry Workshop, Madre de Dios, Peru.. Recent Posts.. Impacts of deforestation of wetlands in the Cuyamel-Omoa National Park.. Posted On 1 November, 2013 ~.. 0 Comments.. Cuyamel-Omoa National Park is a protected area located in the northwest.. Natural Construction and Living from the Land.. Four years ago, I moved to Costa Rica with a desire.. Site development in Latin America and Africa.. Posted On 3 October, 2013 ~.. Every good idea starts somewhere.. IAFN's site development program proposes to.. Photo Galleries.. Language.. English.. Español.. Français.. IAFN-RIFA, Apartado 512.. San Pedro de Montes de Oca.. San Jose, Costa Rica 2050.. Tel: +506 2248-4500.. info@analogforestrynetwork.. org.. Subscribe to our newsletter.. Copyright 2013..

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  • Title: News | IAFN / RIFA
    Descriptive info: 1 November, 2013.. IAFN Partners.. Roger Flores.. Cuyamel-Omoa National Park is a protected area located in the northwest region of Honduras, in Omoa, Cortes, bordering other protected areas such as the Cusuco National Park and the Manabique Point Wildlife Refuge in Guatemala.. Agriculture.. Alvaro Salem.. Four years ago, I moved to Costa Rica with a desire to travel, have new experience, and open my mind to other cultures.. Having been born in the city of Buenos Aires, a megacity of.. 3 October, 2013.. Eduardo Aguilar-Espinoza.. IAFN's site development program proposes to sow the seeds of agricultural innovation by funding small analog forestry pilot sites in different corners of the world.. That's why, in mid-2013, the.. 17 September, 2013.. Eduardo Aguilar Espinoza.. Analog forestry: the restoration arm of Rich Forests.. May 2013 saw the formal presentation of the Rich Forests coalition to the world.. The coalition is made up of a seldom-seen group of actors, with private companies, investors and Dutch NGOs, all of whom.. Desiree Sicilia.. The new urban green.. Since the “Green Guerilla” movement began in New York in the 1970s, there has been a change in our conception of the urban landscape – beginning meekly in some  ...   It was 30 years ago that seeds began to sprout in what.. Capacity building.. Jose Alftredo Bautista.. Practicing Analog Forestry in the Caribbean.. From July 15-18, a course on Analog Forestry was organized by the institutions Environment and Development Action in the Dominican Republic (enda-dominicana) and the Universidad Católica Nordestana (UCNE), leaders of the governing body of the.. Roberto Vindas.. Analog Forestry as an alternative for rural development and environmental conservation.. The International Analog Forestry Network (IAFN) has established a series of demonstration sites around the world, including an important group in the Caribbean watershed of Costa Rica.. The demonstration site in Pacayitas, Turrialba, called Finca.. 9 September, 2013.. Dexter Dombro.. Sacred Seeds Botanical Garden.. If you had asked me 10 years ago whether I would ever create a botanical garden, I probably would have laughed at the idea.. How times have changed! I have always been passionate about medicinal.. Ian Penna.. New documentary about land restoration!.. The Ballarat Region Treegrowers (BRT) is turning to the medium of film to promote new visions for Australia’s rural landscapes through reforestation for land restoration.. BRT is making a substantial film to advance the idea.. -.. Archives.. November 2013.. October 2013.. September 2013..

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  • Title: Board | IAFN / RIFA
    Descriptive info: Grover Stock.. President.. Grover is a long time organic food forest farmer and educator.. He is a Soil Food Web Advisor, consulting with farmers and vintners to create and maintain the dynamic living cycles of healthy soils.. With the International Association of Analog Forestry, Grover evaluates and facilitates AF training methods and creates curriculum to bridge various disciplines in ecology to create sustainable economies in communities around the globe.. He is a Permaculture and Biodynamic instructor, and together with his partner, Joseph Brinkley, began the group Horns of Plenty to offer Biodynamic preparations, consulting and education in the US.. As of May 2013, Grover is the Chairman of the IAFN.. Maaike Hendriks.. Maaike joined Both ENDS Foundation in 1998, a Dutch NGO that works with civil society organizations in the Global South to challenge global economic systems to become sustainable by showing that realistic options for today’s mainstream activities exist and are viable.. Both ENDS’ goal is a fair and sustainable world in which human rights are respected and where nature and our natural resources are handled in such a way that they are accessible to all, now and in the future.. Maaike works with people and organizations that are fighting poverty and working on the protection and restoration of the environment.. One such activity is supporting and promoting restoration techniques like Analog Forestry and Non Timber Forest Product development.. Aaron Becker.. Specialist in Environment and Sustainable Livelihoods, Aaron Becker has 15 years of experience in programme design and management, focusing on the formation and advancement of multi-party, interdisciplinary projects, and on the development of municipal institutions and community-based organizations to address poverty through improved natural resource management, service delivery, and enterprise development.. Based in Vietnam since 2002, his work engaged local communities and indigenous groups in high biodiversity areas to develop co-management arrangements and benefit-sharing mechanisms between the government, the private sector, and communities.. Currently, he provides strategic support to the Asian Development Bank-Global Environment Facility as Natural Resources Management Specialist (long-term consultant).. Milo Bekins Faries.. Naturalized Costa Rican citizen, Milo has been a forest farmer for many years in Costa Rica working his Analog Forestry (AF) family farm.. The farm,  ...   management and sustainable agriculture.. Jean Arnold.. Jean Arnold lives and works in rural New Brunswick, Canada.. She has been the Executive Director of Falls Brook Centre and is currently the president of The Tree Project.. This position allows her to build on an impressive legacy of restoration through Analog Forestry techniques.. In recognition of her contributions to the environmental sector in Canada and abroad, Jean has been the recipient of a number of awards and sat on the boards of several prominent NGOs.. She is an accredited Organic Agriculture Inspector and an Analog Forestry Trainer.. Additionally, she grows a large organic garden every year to feed the many visitors, guests and extended family visiting her home.. She has 4 children and 3 grandchildren.. Ranil Senanayake.. Ranil holds a PhD in Systems Ecology at U.. C.. Davis.. He was a Senior Research Fellow at the University of Melbourne where he worked on the development of the Australian Land Care Strategy and taught Applied Forest Ecology at the Monash University at Melbourne.. He developed the concept of Analog Forestry that has attracted a global network of practitioners.. Ranil has served on the Biodiversity sub-committee (IFOAM), developed the certification system ‘Green Gold’ for responsible mining in Colombia and instituted the Association for Responsible Mining in Ecuador.. He has also developed standards for the Certification of Forest Garden Products (FGP), a system to evaluate Analog Forestry restoration and production projects.. He is currently working on a synthesis of herbal healing knowledge at his research station ‘Cayambe’ in Sri Lanka, while also conducting research on sustainable landscape management and lobbying to set values on photosynthetic biomass globally.. Kevin Vang.. Kevin is a Special Advisor to the World Society for the Protection of Animals, based in Bangkok, Thailand.. He previously served as Regional Director of that organization and brings to the board a highly diverse experience with government agencies as well as at the helm of international NGOs.. His work has mostly been centred in Australia, the Pacific, and Southeast Asia, though he has travelled and worked in a vast array of countries.. An avid birder, he has photographed birds around the world and maintains the website.. Bird Explorers..

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  • Title: Secretariat | IAFN / RIFA
    Descriptive info: The day-to-day work of the IAFN consists of facilitating communication between.. partners.. around the world, sharing their.. stories and successes.. , coordinating international cooperation efforts between members, like the Rich Forest Initiative, and carrying out projects of interest to our partners and the general public.. This work is done by the IAFN secretariat from our office in San José, Costa Rica.. Who is the Secretariat?.. Eduardo Aguilar-Espinoza, IAFN Coordinator:.. Eduardo was born and raised in Costa Rica, and his formal education has been in biodiversity related areas, with biology studies in North America and an agroecology degree in Europe, coupled with work experience throughout Central America.. He discovered a passion for forests in the lushness of Costa Rica, as well as the need to appreciate and understand the interactions of humans with nature.. As a long-term environmentalist, he wishes to see forest dwellers living better, in healthy ecosystems, and that is how Analog Forestry became a perfect fit in trying to achieve this.. He likes this method because it goes beyond conservation, towards restoring and bringing back already degraded landscapes.. Adam Kabir Dickinson, Communication and Project Officer:.. Originally from Toronto, Canada, Kabir studied International Development and Environmental Science at the University of Toronto.. Forests have fascinated him from childhood, when he would spend summers in the countryside, learning about the land from his parents and grandparents.. This fascination was rediscovered while working in the south of India, and learning about the vast knowledge that villagers had about the plants growing around them.. Recently, he expanded this keen interest in forests and their inhabitants through internships with Falls Brook Centre and enda-dominicana, which began a still-ongoing journey into the world of Analog Forestry.. An avid traveller, Kabir loves to expand his horizons and learn about new places and people.. Jana Brauer, International Cooperant:.. Jana, currently doing her Masters in International Environmental Sciences in the University of Cologne, is volunteering on a one-year term with the IAFN.. After growing up in a village in the Northwest of Germany, close to the Dutch border, she studied Communication Design in Hamburg, but soon returned to her interest in natural sciences, and finished her Bachelors in Ecological Impact Assessment in Koblenz.. After gaining experiences in agroforestry in Rwanda and learning about permaculture in Israel, she took advantage of the volunteers program from the German Federal Ministry for  ...   AF sites.. Maya Irwin, Organizational Development Assistant:.. Hailing from Montreal, Canada, Maya is currently completing a 9-month internship as part of the Canadian International Development Agency’s International Youth Internship Program, 6 months of which will be at the Secretariat of the IAFN.. Though she holds a degree in International Development Studies from McGill University, environmental issues have always interested her and she is extremely grateful for the opportunity to learn more about this passion while satisfying her love of travel at the same time.. She will be completing several projects at the IAFN as the Organizational Development Assistant and hopes that her work here will contribute to the network during this important time of transition.. What is the Secretariat working on right now?.. The secretariat has a number of special projects that we coordinate in concert with our partners.. These ongoing projects contribute to the spreading of the Analog Forestry methodology, and in a wider sense to the revitalization of rural communities through alternative income-generating activities.. The secretariat has coordinated the publication of a number of.. publications.. related to the practice of Analog Forestry.. These include the Field Guide for Analog Forestry and the Practitioner’s Guide to Analog Forestry.. In addition, we have a wide array of material gathered over the years from our partners that we are working to make freely available to aid AF efforts worldwide.. Our.. certification.. projects involve the promotion of Forest Garden Products, a ‘beyond-organic’ certification whose members pledge to not only produce without harmful chemical inputs, but also to conserve and increase biodiversity in their operations.. We have also become closely involved with Participatory Guarantee Systems, which are efforts to make the certification process more democratic, enforced by the farmers themselves.. A key priority of the secretariat is to manage and share information between our members, and to make this information openly accessible.. To that end, we have been compiling a database of plants used by Analog Forestry practitioners and their use in AF systems in various bioregions.. This database is under construction and should be available by the end of 2013.. See here for a list of other useful.. databases.. The Secretariat also manages the regular communications that the IAFN sends to its members and the public, such as our regular bulletin, Analog Forests (read the latest issue here), and our.. Facebook.. page, among others..

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  • Title: Analog Forestry | IAFN / RIFA
    Descriptive info: What is Analog Forestry?.. Analog Forestry is an approach to.. ecological restoration.. which uses natural forests as guides to create.. ecologically stable and socio-economically productive landscapes.. Analog Forestry is a complex and holistic form of silviculture, which minimizes external inputs, such as agrochemicals and fossil fuels, instead fostering ecological function for resilience and productivity.. Analog Forestry values not only ecological sustainability, but recognizes local rural communities social and economic needs, which can be met through the production of a diversity of useful and marketable goods and services, ranging from food to pharmaceuticals and fuel to fodder.. The.. Forest Garden Products.. certification standard has been developed to market products derived from Analog Forestry.. Three central concepts underlie the Analog Forestry approach:.. Mimicking natural forests.. Natural forests provide many fundamental ecosystem functions: protecting watersheds,  ...   analogous native species, to enhance natural forest functions and provide for human needs.. Ecological succession.. Analog Forestry works alongside ecological succession to eventually create stable tree-dominated ecosystems.. For example, Analog Forestry is often applied to the restoration of degraded agricultural land or pasture, beginning with early colonizer and sun-loving species, before progressing to a more mature forest structure, providing socio-economically valuable products throughout the process.. Landscape ecology.. In order to conserve biodiversity, landscape ecology must be taken in to consideration.. By looking at land use and bio-geographic patterns across a landscape, one can identify opportunities to enhance landscape connectivity or protect rivers with Analog Forestry, for instance through the creation of biological corridors or forest buffer areas.. For more information, see this introductory presentation, made for use in our.. capacity building.. activities..

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  • Title: Programs | IAFN / RIFA
    Descriptive info: As a group of organizations working toward the goals of ecological restoration and community development, IAFN partners are involved in a wide variety of activities.. Three main programs define our work in promoting the adoption of restoration practices that can help to restore the planet’s life support systems.. site development.. program.. helps to plant the  ...   as nuclei for the analog forestry method.. Through our.. training program.. , we train diverse groups around the world in ecological restoration through the analog forestry method.. Finally, for those who successfully produce goods using a forest system, our.. accreditation programs.. allow them to reach a value-added market.. To learn more, see the links below!..

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  • Title: Accreditation | IAFN / RIFA
    Descriptive info: Analog forestry seeks to create a production system that protects and increases biodiversity and ecosystem functions, while not relying on external, chemical inputs.. As such, analog forestry producers go.. above and beyond traditional organic standards.. To recognize the efforts of these farmers, IAFN has developed the.. Forest Garden Product (FGP).. certification for the international market.. Currently, FGP standards are inspected by.. Forest Garden Products Inspection Certification Pvt.. Ltd.. of Colombo, Sri Lanka.. The forest produces an immense variety of goods, and this is reflected in the array of products that have been certified under FGP.. Tea plantations in Sri Lanka, Vietnam and India, through their efforts to increase  ...   producers in the Brazilian Amazon, the.. Consorcio do Produtores Sateré Mawé.. in Amazonas, Brazil, use the certification to market guaraná, Brazil nuts, and a variety of other rainforest products.. While FGP accreditation is an asset in the international market, IAFN is also working towards national-level certifications through.. Participatory Guarantee Systems (PGS).. , where producers come together to reach agreements on which standards to follow and how to enforce them; based on the principles of analog forestry and the FGP standards.. By avoiding the pitfalls of onerous inspections that can be unmanageable for small farmers, PGS ensure that environmentally responsible production can be less expensive, more democratic, and more local..

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  • Title: Capacity Building | IAFN / RIFA
    Descriptive info: In line with IAFN’s mission of promoting the application of analog forestry techniques as a critical component of a new rural development paradigm, we manage an.. international capacity building program.. that focuses on the.. analog forestry methodology.. Nursery management exercise with participants from Cuba, Honduras, and Costa Rica.. Credit: Falls Brook Centre.. The core of our capacity building program is our analog forestry workshops, which range in length from 3-5 days.. It covers topics such as the principles of analog forestry, rapid ecological evaluation of degraded sites, and design of analog forest regeneration plans.. More information on these topics can be found in our.. training guides.. We are also developing a more wide-ranging curriculum  ...   we collaborate with a.. network of trainers.. across the world.. Many of these trainers are professional foresters, ecologists, or agronomists, and all of them have experience designing and implementing Analog Forestry projects.. Milo Bekins, former IAFN chair and analog forestry trainer.. Credit: A.. K.. Our trainings have been attended by.. NGO staff, forestry technicians, educators, researchers, and forest farmers from all walks of life in three continents.. Currently, the IAFN has 3 training centers through the collaborative work with partners in Costa Rica, Cameroon and Sri Lanka.. If you or your organization is interested in hosting or attending a training, please.. contact us.. To see the results of previous trainings, see our.. Galleries.. page..

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  • Title: Demonstration Sites | IAFN / RIFA
    Descriptive info: Demonstration sites are one of the most important tools for spreading sustainable land restoration techniques such as analog forestry.. network of demonstration sites.. , local populations can observe how increasing biodiversity and regenerating forests can have a positive impact on the conservation of nature, quality of life, and economic well-being.. Zenón Urbano, on his farm in the Dominican Republic where he has practiced analog forestry since the early 1990s.. By collaborating with our partners to establish demonstration sites, we hope to engage communities who can then use this model to manage their natural resources more effectively and reach value-added markets.. Indeed, many demonstration sites also located on the farms of enterprising individuals who decided to engage in analog forestry on their own farms.. Now, years later, their homes serve as examples to their communities of the possibilities of diverse production and ecological  ...   has made it a priority to sow the seeds of restoration through the funding of innovative projects to create demonstration sites.. In 2013, the first round of small grants were allocated, with funding given to small community-based organizations to develop small Analog Forestry parcels that can be used as demonstration sites in the future.. We look forward to presenting the results from these projects soon!.. As we look to expand our efforts to bring ecological restoration and sustainable production to more communities across the world, it is important to plant more of these seeds that can serve as a locus for exchanging ideas, revitalizing rural communities, cooling the planet and learning together about how to restore our planet’s life support systems.. If you would like to be a part of or contribute to our site development initiatives, please do not hesitate to..

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  • Title: Publications | IAFN / RIFA
    Descriptive info: Analog Forestry Manuals.. Field Guide.. Guide to Analog Forestry.. Our most popular field manual, which explores the analog forestry approach from the initial analysis of forest structure and ecological evluation through mapping, design, and implementation.. Often used in our capacity building workshops.. Download.. Practitioner's Guide.. Practitioner's Guide to Analog Forestry.. is our most in-depth look at the analog forestry methodology.. Approaching the design and implementation process from a more technical standpoint, it also provides a detailed look into the philosophy and ethics of analog forestry.. Biodiversity Study Templates.. Having good baseline information and a protocol for collecting data in the future are imporant for any kind of ecological restoration project.. The Biodiversity Study Templates were designed to allow non-specialists to get a quick snapshot of the biodiversity on their land.. Articles.. Analog Forestry as a Viable Alternative - Senanayake.. Analog Forestry: An Alternative to "Clear and Simplify".. In a 2000 article for ILEIA magazine, Dr.. Senanayake goes over the analog forestry method and its purpose of bringing together biodiversity conservation and rural development.. Forest Gardens - Senanayake and Beehler.. Forest Gardens - Sustaining Rural Communities around the World through Holistic Agro-forestry.. In this article, Dr.. Senanayake  ...   agencies, but rather through a more localized, democratic method called Particpatory Guarantee Systems.. Risk Management and Analog Forestry - Becker and Goldman.. The Challenge of Risk Management within Analog Forestry Interventions.. In this edition of Sustainable Development International, authors Aaron Becker and Emily Goldman discuss the risks that face producers who prioritize ecosystem restoration and increasing biodiversity by practicing analog forestry, and how those risks can be minimized.. Research Publications.. Systematization of Analog Forestry - CATIE/RIABM.. Systematization of the Biodiversity Restoration and Community Development through Analog Forestry Project.. This document is an evaluation of the results obtained through the project "Biodiversity Restoration and Community Development through Analog Forestry.. " This monitoring effort charted the progress of analog forestry in sites located in Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, and Honduras, where analog forestry has been practiced since the 1980s.. Innovative Environments - Cheryl Ripley.. Innovative Environments: The Interplay of People, Politics, Resource Management, and Restoration.. This 2010 Master's thesis was completed by Cheryl Ripley, who tracked the progress of Analog Forestry as a concept and its adoption by people around the world.. It gives a profile of analog forestry as an alternative method of natural resource management..

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  • Title: Presentations | IAFN / RIFA
    Descriptive info: IAFN uses a variety of teaching methods in our.. In addition to our training manuals, which can be found in the.. publications.. section, we have also developed a number of powerpoint presentations for use with diverse audiences that explore key areas of analog forestry principles and practice.. A selection of these presentations is given below:.. Introduction to Analog Forestry: an outline of the concept of analog forestry and its key principles.. International Analog Forestry Network: goes over the activities of IAFN s partners and secretariat..

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