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  • Title: www.altlondon.org - Plotting to take over City Hall since 2001
    Descriptive info: .. Homepage.. |.. Get Published.. Links.. Calendar.. Personalize.. Search.. CLASSIFIEDS SECTION : $15 for 30 words for 40 days.. Click Here.. User Functions.. Username.. :.. Password.. Don't have an account yet? Sign up as a.. New User.. Lost your.. password.. ?.. Stormin' Norm Aldridge, Stunning Birdhouse and The Famous (San Diego) Chicken®.. Ontario Ministry of the Environment Hot-Line.. (odours, spills, pesticides).. 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.. 519.. 873.. 5000.. New four-plex birdhouse at Labatt Park, designed and constructed by London's Master Birdhouse Builder.. Gordon A.. Harrison.. Another project of The Friends of Labatt Park.. PHOTO: Gord Harrison, June 6, 2013.. Stormin' Norm Aldridge (pictured above in 1998 at The Rumble at the Riverforks) has provided spiritual inspiration to Butch (the Beast) McLarty since Butch was knee-high to a grasshopper.. PHOTO: Herb (The Shooter) Walsh, May 31, 1998.. The Famous Chicken® checks in with Butchie-boy from Southern California.. In response to an e-mail I'd sent him earlier in the day, I received the following e-mailed response from.. Ted Giannoulas, aka The Famous Chicken®.. , on Tuesday, May 11, 2010.. Hi Butch,.. Thank you for your interest and consideration.. Yes, indeed, I did operate the scoreboard in right field at Labatt Park during the years 1965, 1966 & 1967 during my Empress School days.. It paid 25 cents a game and it was great fun, let alone free baseball from 325 feet away!.. My operation wasn't for each game because management hired on a first come, first serve, volunteer basis back then.. As such, kids would rush to the park on game nights and many times, management had to pick from many candidates.. Still, I recall they favored me several times because they said I hardly missed a pitch and was timely and accurate on the run postings.. Hope this info helps and thanks for your enthusiasm on the statue idea.. If it happens, the pigeons may continue to reek their hazard on me in spirit, just as they did during my Labatt years when they'd perch on the top ledge of the scoreboard!.. Best regards,.. Ted Giannoulas.. The Famous Chicken.. Fresh from The Baker's Oven.. STORIES.. 1 new Stories in the last 1 day.. COMMENTS.. last 2 days.. No new comments.. TRACKBACKS.. No new trackback comments.. LINKS.. last 2 weeks.. No recent new links.. Today's Featured Article.. Title:.. GREAT WHITE NORTH: The Ford brothers say 'bundle up and keep plenty of supplies on hand!'.. Author:.. Butch McLarty.. Dated:.. Thursday, November 14 2013 @ 12:01 AM EST.. Viewed:.. 732 times.. Civic Events in London, ON, from Mon.. Nov.. 11 to Fri.. 15.. Your Official Rob Ford Headquarters®.. Special meeting of Toronto City Council this Friday to strip Mayor Ford of more discretionary powers, CoT, Nov.. 13.. ROB FORD: New allegations of a hooker at city hall and the mayor driving drunk, NO, Nov.. 14.. ROB FORD: What a Mess! TS, Nov.. Former pro-Ford columnist rips Ford a new one, TS, Nov.. Just-released court documents sink Mayor Rob Ford deeper into the booze-and-drug snakepit.. BREAKING BREAKING NEWS: Just-released court documents not pretty for what's left of Mayor Ford's reputation, CBC, Nov.. 'Investigators say former staffer Chris Fickel told them he was driving in Ford's car when the mayor pulled over and drank a mickey of vodka along with Gatorade in about two minutes'.. BREAKING BREAKING NEWS: Just-released court documents about Mayor Ford's close buddy, Alessandro Lisi, S, Nov.. FORD'S MOTION TO BLAME EVERYONE ELSE: Mayor Ford wanted mandatory drug tests for entire Toronto city council, but motion ruled out of order, LFP, Nov.. BREAKING NEWS, NOV.. 13:.. Toronto Mayor Rob Ford has admitted during a city council meeting this morning that he has purchased illegal drugs within the past two years.. The admission came after a petition was presented to Toronto city council containing a overwhelming majority of council member names (30-13), requesting Mayor Ford take a leave of absence to solve his addiction problems.. A subsequent vote passed 37-5 asking Ford to take an immediate leave of absence and also refer his conduct to the City of Toronto's integrity commissioner.. "I dunno, I might have a coat hanger or something still hanging in my closet," but no more skeletons.. ~ Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, Nov.. 13, 2013.. GREAT WHITE NORTH.. HOGTOWN'S HASH BOYS: The Ford brothers say 'bundle up and keep plenty of supplies on hand!'.. 'What I like about AltLondon is it's not run by commie pinkos who ride bicycles.. ' ~.. Toronto Mayor Rob Ford.. read more.. (84 words).. 0 comments.. Post a comment.. VIDEO: TORONTO MAYOR ROB FORD GOES HAIRY BANANAS.. Monday, November 11 2013 @ 12:01 AM EST.. 1,326 times.. Crazy Mayor Rob Ford on the couch, M, Nov.. 11.. Rob Ford might take some time off to clear his head, TS, Nov.. 9.. If Rob goes away on a little vacation, a week or two weeks, returns, loses 50 to 60 pounds and stays on the straight and narrow, he can win the mayoralty race in 2014, Doug Ford said Friday during a radio interview on AM640.. Looks like Doug Ford left out the part about a brain transplant.. Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall,.. Humpty Dumpty had a great fall;.. All the king's horses and all the king's men.. Couldn't put Humpty together again.. GOOD NEWS TODAY, NOV.. 8!:.. Wortley Village in Old South London has won both the Grand Prize (Best Neighbourhood) and the People's Choice Award in Canada's Great Places (Online) Contest.. Story Here.. Excellent video about Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, particularly the addiction analysis during the last three minutes or so of the CNN video.. American addiction expert says Ford needs immediate medical attention, CNN, Nov.. 8.. Rob Ford needs immediate medical attention.. Consensus emerging on Toronto city council that Rob Ford has to go, CBC, Nov.. 'Cut Me Loose or Cut the Juice'.. Rob Ford reportedly taking today off (Nov.. 8) to clear his head.. INTERVENTION: The Iron Sheik wants to give Rob Ford a notoriously effective neck adjustment called the "Camel Clutch.. ".. Judge says man was severely beaten because he was a 'bother' to Mayor Rob Ford, TS, Nov.. TORONTO MAYOR ROB FORD GOES HAIRY BANANAS.. THE MURDER RANT: 'Cause I'm going to kill that f-cking guy, I'm telling you it's first-degree murder.. I'll rip his f-cking throat out, I'll poke his eyes out.. I'm a sick motherf-cker, dude' ~ Toronto Mayor Rob Ford.. On Wed.. 6, the.. Toronto Star.. obtained the video embedded below (.. they paid 5,000 for it.. ) and uploaded it to YouTube this morning (Nov.. 7).. It's believed the video was shot last August in a Ford supporter's home, according to.. reporter Keith Donovan.. It shows.. in an extreme state of agitation or inebriation (Ford has since admitted that he's "extremely, extremely inebriated" in the video).. WARNING:.. Contains foul language which may be very disturbing to some (but no one I know).. P.. S.. There's nothing wrong with this boyo.. He just needs to get into the ring wearing his.. Tarzan.. underwear.. I once felt the same way as Ford in the video, after someone drank my last stubby bottle of ice-cold Labatt's 50 and ate the last chicken leg in a bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken.. (36 words).. 7 comments.. Most Recent Post: 11/08 07:29AM by Butch McLarty.. Letter to the editor of The London Free Press regarding Guy Lombardo article.. Thursday, November 07 2013 @ 12:01 AM EST.. 1,774 times.. CONFLICT OF INTEREST: Why is Joe Fontana voting on the Arva-Middlesex Centre sewage issue? He lives in Arva, LCW, Nov.. 6.. Wiretap evidence could be released soon in Ford-Lisi investigations, TS, Nov.. 5.. Click on the above image to see/ hear a catchy Youtube video-tune about Rob Ford and crack cocaine.. Rob Ford's office hired hacker to find and destroy crack video, V, Nov.. THREE AMIGOS: Senators Duffy, Wallin and Brazeau take it in the neck, M, Nov.. Mayor Rob Ford finally admits to smoking crack cocaine, G M, Nov.. 5, 11:30 AM:.. Toronto.. Mayor Rob Ford.. has just admitted he smoked crack cocaine about a year ago during a 'drunken stupor' so he wants to see the video because he can't remember much about it.. Police wiretaps could be released later this week related to Projects Traveller and Brazen ~ the investigation of Rob Ford's driver and other co-horts in crime.. BREAKING HILARITY: Doug Ford wants the police chief to step down because his brother Mayor Rob Ford got caught smoking crack, CBC, Nov.. The truth about Rob Ford the so-called "cost-cutter," NP, Nov.. AUDIO: Late-night American TV-talk show hosts rip Rob Ford, SC, Nov.. NEW VIDEO RELEASE: The latest offering from Dale Henderson's moribund Dale TV, featuring Ward 10 Coun.. Paul Van Meerbergen at about 2:27 of the sleep-inducing video.. An absolute barn-burner guaranteed to shake the foundations of the television, video and motion-picture industries.. Called "stunning, mind-boggling and wild" by.. New York Times magazine!.. Pro baseball and Labatt Park scuttlebutt, LFP, Nov.. 4.. THOUGHT DU JOUR, NOV.. 4:.. Our politics are devolving into total debauchery when a proven liar, loutish drunk, boorish mayor gains popularity after his crack video resurfaces.. Not a good sign.. Remember these slippery turds in the next municipal election on Oct.. 27, 2014.. Don't vote for them.. Left to right: Joe Fontana, Dale Henderson, Paul Van Meerbergen, Sandy White, Bud Polhill, Steve Orser and Joe Swan.. This is the same gang that wants to sell London Hydro from under Londoners.. HYDRO IS NOT FOR SALE.. (Council vote, Oct.. 22, 2013).. Agree 8: Bill Armstrong (Ward 2), Joni Baechler (5), Nancy Branscombe (6), Matt Brown (7), Paul Hubert (8), Denise Brown (11), Harold Usher (12), Judy Bryant (13).. Disagree 7: Mayor Joe Fontana, Bud Polhill (Ward 1), Joe Swan (3), Stephen Orser (4), Dale Henderson (9), Paul Van Meerbergen (10), Sandy White (14).. More Rob Ford bombshells on the way, TS, Nov.. The Gong Show will continue (but don't tell the Yard Ape).. 20 things worth knowing about hillbilly Rob Ford, NYM, Nov.. 2.. TORONTO MAYOR ROB FORD: The new poster-boy for Canadian Yahooism (yahoo ~ noun ~ def ~ a loud, rude or stupid person).. BOOZING LYING, APOLOGIZING MORE BOOZING LYING:.. In 2006, Ford, then a city councilor, was thrown out of a Maple Leafs hockey game for getting into drunken, expletive-laden arguments with fans (and also calling them "communists").. Asked about the incident by a reporter, Ford claimed he "wasn't even at the game.. " A few weeks later, he admitted that he was, in fact, at the game.. "I had one too many beers and I sincerely apologize," he said.. The pattern continues.. ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT: The truth is Rob Ford is stuck in a high-school mentality and has yet to graduate to adulthood.. A self-admitted liar and loutish drunk.. Report indicates Rob Ford was hammered at city hall on St.. Paddy's Day, 2012, CBC, Nov.. 1.. BREAKING NEWS:.. Toronto police have Rob Ford crack video, TS, Oct.. 31.. "Rob Ford is the best thing to happen to Toronto from a political perspective.. " ~ Andrew Lawton on am980, Oct.. 31, 2013.. Canada's most irrelevant radio.. Credible punditry at its finest.. London music hall of famer Ken Palmer dies after heart surgery, LFP, Oct.. 30.. The Dixie Flyers: Ken Palmer is the mandolin player second from the left.. Mayor Fontana's trial date to be set Nov.. 19th.. BREAKING NEWS, OCT.. 29, 12 NOON:.. Fontana's preliminary hearing at the Middlesex County Courthouse has wrapped up Day 2 after brief testimony by two government bureaucrat witnesses from Ottawa and the matter adjourned until November 19, 2013, at 9:30 am (assignment court) when a date will be set for pre-trial and trial.. Lawyer Gord Cudmore consents to trial for Fontana, LFP, Oct.. 29.. Swag-Bag Boy's still bobbing and weaving.. Orser says he wants the "Trojan Horse [garbage] bag tags taken off the table.. But Orser's the one who made the Trojan Horse motion to keep the sale of 49% of London Hydro on the table at the end of the last council meeting on Oct.. 22nd.. The motion was defeated 8-7 with the "Fontana Ate" crew comprising the seven votes.. How important is integrity in politics? Very.. THOUGHT DU JOUR, OCT.. 29:.. The recurring theme of London, Ontario's municipal election in 2014 will likely be "integrity.. " Guess who loses in that equation?.. Mayor Fontana's preliminary trial hearing scheduled for two days beginning Monday, Oct.. 28.. HEADACHES GALORE:.. London's Mayor Joe Fontana has had a rocky three year's as the city's chief magistrate.. Late last year he was charged with fraud, breach of trust and uttering a forged document related to a son's wedding at the Marconi Club in 2005, then the Canada Revenue Agency revoked the charitable status of a charity he's been involved with (decision upheld by the Federal Court of Canada) and most recently, Ontario's Ombudsman has found him and six council colleagues (dubbed the "Fontana Ate") in clear violation of 238 of the.. Municipal Act.. (opening meeting requirements).. Mayor Fontana says he will be seeking re-election in 2014, but AltLondon has its doubts.. He may file his nomination papers but he could also withdraw his nomination prior to the election on Oct.. Not only will raising campaign dough be a bigger problem than in 2006 but many Londoners have had enough of him even if he's somehow found not guilty at trial, a trial which is expected in the Spring at the earliest.. FOOD: In the last 10 months, the cost of a low-end loaf of sliced bread has increased from 1.. 99 to 2.. 29 or 10.. 8%.. Civic Events in London, ON, Mon.. Oct.. 28 to Fri.. LOCAL HISTORY.. The article on Guy Lombardo (.. Remember Me, A series on forgotten Canadian legends, A bright note.. , Oct.. 22), contains the following line:.. "One unique artefact ~ a speedboat, the.. Tempo VII.. that's a testament to Lombardo's love of racing ~ now sits in a city-owned storage facility, its public future uncertain at best.. This is incorrect.. Since last Spring, the Tempo VII has been on display at London's Jet Aircraft Museum adjacent to the airport.. The museum is open to visitors each Saturday from 9 am to 5 pm and by special appointment.. Additionally, the article's file photograph identified as Guy Lombardo is actually one of Guy's younger brothers (Lebert).. Further, the future of the Tempo VII is no longer uncertain since city council recognized the hydroplane's value as a significant heritage and cultural artefact three years ago and struck a task force to find the craft a permanent display home in London.. (40 words).. 3 comments.. Most Recent Post: 11/07 08:49AM by Butch McLarty.. Ombudsman's Report, In the Back Room, excerpt from pages 10-11.. Monday, October 28 2013 @ 12:01 AM EDT.. 798 times.. FOUND IN CLEAR VIOLATION OF SECTION 238 OF THE MUNICIPAL ACT ~ Mayor Joe Fontana, Bud Polhill, Joe Swantana®, Steve Orser, Dale Henderson, Paul Van Meerbergen and Sandy White.. 27:.. The reason the Fontana Ate pull crap like the pre-budget, back-room meeting at Bill T's and then feign outrage when they're caught is because they believe Londoners are too stupid to really notice, care or remember their names during the next election on Oct.. London, Ontario, desperately needs a strong council from December 2014 to December 2018.. OMBUDSMAN'S REPORT ~ IN THE BACK ROOM.. The entire report can be read HERE.. Ombudsman's Report, ".. In the Back Room.. ," excerpt from pages 10-11 (something the 'Fontana Ate' and LFP freelance columnist.. Herman Goodden.. need to read or re-read).. So, We Can t Talk to Each Other?.. 25.. To be clear, the.. Municipal Act, 2001.. ,.. does not create an absolute prohibition against members of council discussing city business outside chambers.. It is a healthy thing in a democracy for government officials to share information informally before making policy decisions.. I agree that to expect council members never to talk to one another outside of a public meeting is unrealistic and would have the effect of unnecessarily chilling speech.. 26.. What does threaten the heart of democracy is when a quorum of council or a standing committee improperly gathers outside of council chambers, to the exclusion of the public ear and eye.. The problem becomes especially acute as such gatherings progress along a continuum towards secrecy and seclusion, particularly on the eve of influential or controversial council votes.. 27.. When council members come together informally, there is an increased danger that they, intentionally or otherwise, may obtain information and enter into discussions that lay the groundwork to exercise their power and authority.. This type of conduct should be avoided, as it violates the open meeting provisions of the.. FOUND IN CLEAR VIOLATION OF SECTION 238 OF THE MUNICIPAL ACT.. ~ Mayor Joe Fontana, Bud Polhill, Joe Swantana®, Steve Orser, Dale Henderson, Paul Van Meerbergen and Sandy White.. The Official Theme Song for the Ombudsman's Report,.. ®.. (139 words).. Electioneering on the City of London's new Website.. Sunday, October 27 2013 @ 12:28 AM EDT.. 2,045 times.. The race for mayor is on, TMR, Oct.. 24.. City council should inspire Londoners not disgust them.. 25:.. Three years ago today, Londoners managed to elect the Worst.. Council Majority.. In Memory.. Next municipal election: Oct.. Londoners need to restore a sense of integrity to city hall in the next election.. The Fontana crew's lack of trustworthiness and competence continues to strangle this council.. Londoners deserve far better.. "If you want to test someone's character, give them some power.. " ~ Rumpelstiltskin.. Ode to Billy T's, LCW, Oct.. Ombudsman's Report = Mayor's Trial = Halloween!.. 24:.. After the release of the Ombudsman's Billy T's Final Report, what do we do for an encore? The mayor's preliminary trial starts next Monday, October 28th! Never a dull moment in Melonville!.. But don't despair! The Bay Street Toronto lawyers for the Fontana Ate say Londoners will be getting a special deal on the final bill: Only 10K per cheeseburger.. FONTANA ATE:.. Mayor Joe Fontana, Bud Polhill, Joe Swantana, Steve Orser, Dale Henderson, Paul Van Meerbergen and Sandy White (7).. THIS JUST IN, OCT.. 23:.. EXACTLY, BUD: Ward 1 Coun.. Bud Polhill says he and six cronies had to hire outside legal counsel because the illegal meeting problem happened off-site and didn't involve all 15 council members ~ just the idiots on council.. Last night at city council (Oct.. 22), the proposal to put a water fluoridation question on the ballot in 2014 was rejected, 11-4.. 'THREE STOOGES X 2 PLUS 1' BUSTED: E-mail and phone records obtained by Ombudsman's office during Billy T's investigation.. The Ombudsman says they scattered like insects when they heard a Free Press reporter was on the way to Billy T's last February.. Pretty much says it all.. 22, 10:30 AM:.. : Ontario's Ombudsman Andre Marin has found the Fontana crew in clear violation of the.. regarding their February 23, 2013, luncheon meeting at Billy T's Bar Grill on Highbury Avenue North in London.. FONTANA CREW: Fontana, Polhill, Swan, Orser, Henderson, Van Meerbergen and White (7).. In a nutshell, the Ombudsman determined the seven council screwballs at Bill T's on Feb.. 23, 2013, comprised a quorum of four standing committees of council and advanced council business on numerous issues but specifically on an agenda item of the Investment Economic Prosperity Committee.. The entire report can be found HERE.. Aboutown owes 140K in back taxes in London and Chatham, LFP, Oct.. 23.. Council pay and transparency, TMR, Oct.. 21.. Ombudsman rips the Fontana crew a new one, LFP, Oct.. 22.. It's clear the Ombudsman has Fontana and his flunkies figured out, LFP, Oct.. Guess whose ass is grass and Ombudsman André Marin a lawnmower?.. MEDIA ADVISORY.. Date: 2013-10-21.. Ontario Ombudsman André Marin (pictured left) will hold a news conference regarding his investigation and report on complaints about a closed meeting of City of London council members at Billy T's Bar and Grill in February 2013.. When: Tuesday, October 22, at 1 p.. m.. Where: Delta London Armouries Hotel (Springbank Room), 325 Dundas St.. , London, Ont.. Live webcast at 1 p.. and video thereafter at.. www.. ombudsman.. on.. ca.. Live tweets on Twitter: @Ont_Ombudsman (#OOLive).. Should this lost council be deciding the future of London Hydro? Several council members are just itching to sell Londoners  ...   relevant details which have emerged since the incident.. The police video showing a crowded Broughdale Avenue was shot.. 30 minutes after.. the cheerleading team had been ticketed at 11:15 am ~ according to Deputy-Police Chief Shea.. "But [cheer coach David] Tracey ~ who lived on Broughdale for 11 years ~ called it a 'normal Broughdale crowd' and said if there was an unmanageable crowd it must have gathered after the cheerleaders were ticketed ~ at 11:15 a.. "It wasn't like that when we were there," he said.. "They can twist it to make it sound like insanity and show videos that are like 'wow, look at the streets!' but it wasn't like that when we were there," he said (quote taken from.. ).. The video reveals Broughdale Avenue was blocked off at Richmond by.. several police vehicles.. , yet Deputy-Police Shea called it a "public access roadway.. ".. (240 words).. Most Recent Post: 10/02 08:45AM by Butch McLarty.. Online letter to the editor of The London Free Press: I support the Grand Theatre.. Monday, September 30 2013 @ 12:01 AM EDT.. 4,589 times.. UTRCA appealing Council's PenEquity decision to OMB, TMR, Sept.. Senior's penis amputated after Viagra overdose, LFP, Sept.. BILLY T'S: Fontana Crew of Seven needs more time, says lawyer (Londoners are paying for).. SEPT.. 20:.. The Fontana Crew of Seven who participated in the pre-budget lunch meeting at Billy T's Tap Grill last February has been given an extra week (until the end of the business day on Fri.. 27) to point out any perceived errors of fact in the Ombudsman's draft report ~ not perceived errors of interpretation.. The extra week was granted by the Ombudsman's office after the extension was requested by the gang's Toronto lawyer that Londoners are paying for.. Once this matter is wrapped up, the final report will be publicly released, likely before the end of September.. Aboutown's Airbus Express shuts down (airport permit yanked).. Aboutown's Airbus Express airport permit yanked for non-payment of fees, LFP, Sept.. 20.. Company president James Donnelly took to the radio Friday, saying he decided to shut down the service because of negative publicity of the company in the local media.. But the airport insists it revoked the permit after negotiations to pay the fees failed.. BREAKING NEWS, Sept.. Aboutown's Jim Donnelly has announced on.. 1290-CJBK-AM.. this morning the suspension of.. Aboutown's Airbus Express service.. until at least December 2013.. Donnelly says 25 employees will be laid off as a result and blames.. for this development.. SPIN: "It is with great regret we inform our loyal customers that due to an over-whelming borage [sic] of innuendo, inaccuracies and negative publicity by local media, we are suspending our AIRBUS operations effective immediately.. The Aboutown Charters department and the Northlink buses will continue to operate in SouthWestern Ontario as usual.. " ~ Aboutown.. Steve Garrison's Sept.. 20th interview with Aboutown's Jim Donnelly announcing the suspension of service for Aboutown's Airbus Express.. DEBATE: Western academic Andrew Sancton says Ombudsman is 'misinterpreting the law' in Billy T's case, LFP, Sept.. Andrew Sancton's statement that since City staff weren't present at Billy T's, there's no problem, has it completely backwards.. The fact that City staff (and the media, all members of council and the public) weren't notified/ weren't present at Billy T's is EXACTLY WHY there IS a potential problem.. I'm wondering if Mr.. Sancton isn't a grad of the.. Dale Henderson Graduate School of Municipal Governance.. Any sale of Jim Donnelly's/ Aboutown's real estate assets could be months away, LFP, Sept.. 19.. Fresh water for the horses and more whiskey for the cabmen!.. Jim Donnelly (pictured left), president of Aboutown Transportation Limited, suggested on 1290-CJBK-AM with Steve (Dr.. Love) Garrison this morning (Sept.. 18) that.. is trying to ruin him and his companies with its ongoing coverage of his financial difficulties.. "This has been blown out of proportion" says Donnelly.. Meanwhile back at the ranch, a whack of his drivers are reportedly owed money, as is Canada Revenue Agency.. If you missed the explosive interview with Aboutown's president Big Jim Donnelly this morning on 1290-CJBK-AM, here's the link to the podcast, HERE.. Historic Blackfriars Bridge to reopen for pedestrians; CJBK's heritage wizard Andy Noodleman blows a head gasket, LFP, Sept.. DEVELOPMENT CHARGES: Follow the money at city hall ~ and the bouncing basketball, TMR, Sept.. During the 2010 civic election campaign in London, businessman Vito Frijia donated the maximum amount of 750 to a variety of candidates.. The list included now mayor Joe Fontana, and councillors Bud Polhill in Ward 1, Joe Swan in Ward 3, Stephen Orser in Ward 4, Dale Henderson in Ward 9 and Sandy White in Ward 14.. Aboutown Transportation Limited put into receivership, LFP, Sept.. 17.. CABS IN LONDON:.. Blue and White (formerly Aboutown Taxi): 112; Yellow London Taxi: 110; U-Need-A Cab: 108; TOTAL: 330 taxicabs.. London, Ontario's Blackfriars Bridge.. Blackfriars Bridge.. is a City of London-owned, designated heritage property under Part IV of the.. Ontario Heritage Act.. (as of April 21, 1992).. In other words, it is protected by provincial statute with stiff penalties in place for contravening the.. Act.. It cannot be torn down or removed without removing the heritage designation which is a lengthy process, with public participation and public notification requirements.. Even then, any council decision to de-designate the bridge can be appealed to the.. Conservation Review Board of Ontario.. by any citizen or incorporated group of citizens.. Western Fair Attendance:.. 2013 - 170,795.. 2012 - 194,262.. 2011 - 176,049.. 2010 - 178,110.. 2009 - 217,000.. 2008 - 187,142.. 2007 - 235,000.. Yesterday's Man wants to return to council.. BREAKING NEWS, SEPT.. 16:.. Former Ward 3 Cllr.. Bernie MacDonald (pictured left) reveals on 1290-CJBK-AM he'll be running in Ward 3 in 2014.. Mr.. MacDonald is cut from the same cloth as the current Fontana 8 members, based on past performance and council allegiances.. MacDonald "retired" in 2010 after serving 28 years on London city council.. Bernie MacDonald in 2010, on retiring from council:.. I remember when the mayor [Joe Fontana] was first elected.. We still had Bob Hope and Johnny Cash.. Now we have Joe Fontana and no hope and no cash.. At least Bernie got this one right.. Council members represented by a lawyer who attended Billy T's meeting received Ombudsman's report on Friday.. 16, 7:45 AM: (re Ombudsman's Billy T's investigative report):.. FROM TWITTER ~ Ontario Ombudsman @Ont_Ombudsman 6m.. @ButchyMcLarty Reports were delivered Friday.. Clrs represented by lawyers received report via their lawyer.. TRANSLATION:.. The seven who attended the February 2013 meeting at Billy T's have all seen the preliminary report by the ombudsman.. The remaining members of council who have signed the confidentiality undertaking are expected to receive the report sometime on Mon.. 16.. METRO News story about Orser and the Ombudsman's report, Sept.. Ombudsman slams London-based probe of Sudbury council, LFP, Sept.. Orser blames ombudsman for costs of the investigation Orser and his six council cronies caused.. ILLUSTRATION: Doug Rogers.. At about 9:50 pm on Sun.. 15,.. (depicted above) posted the following goofy comment at the bottom of the above.. London Free Press.. story:.. Din-Din Swag Boy says he picked up the tab for the 'Cheeseburger lunch' (we know the mayor wouldn't because he spends other people's money).. * * * * * * * * * *.. The Ombudsman needs to be held to Account when warranted !.. "LIGHT IS THE GREATEST DISINFECTANT" To quote Andre Marin Ontario Ombudsman.. 61.. 25 Cheeseburger lunch,less then one hour 7 members of Council and one non member (I know I paid the bill).. The Ombudsman, a 7 month investigation, with 2 of his teams SORT and OMLET, City of London staff time,costs for testimony of witness to be recorded twice in London,interviewing your 60 complaints by these teams ,your investigators and Lawyers on staff.. Un confirmed reports claim its cost the Ontario/London Taxpayers from 200,000 to 250,000 for 61.. 25 Cheeseburger lunch investigation by this Ombudsman's office.. OUT TO LUNCH:.. So, Orser's trying to blame the ombudsman for the costs of his investigation, when it was the ill-advised actions of Orser and his six council cronies who caused the investigation in the first place.. And I suppose if they'd paid, say, 200 for the lunch, it'd be more worthy of an investigation?.. More evidence indicating Orser is, well, out to lunch.. Billy T's backroom gang won't receive Ombudsman's report until Mon.. Members of London city council won't be receiving the Ombudsman's preliminary investigative report into the pre-budget meeting at Billy T's Tap Grill last February until Mon.. 16 when it will be dispatched to them from Toronto.. On Fri.. 13, members of council merely signed an undertaking to keep the preliminary report confidential until the Ombudsman releases the report later this month after receiving comments from council members.. Aboutown heading for receivership according to bank official, LFP, Sept.. "The recent transfer of taxi-cab licences from Aboutown Transportation to Blue White Taxi, and from James T.. Donnelly to his son, Jim, shouldn t affect the sale of assets since they re still listed as collateral on the bank loans, Mazur said.. Really? Does the Business Development Bank of Canada even know that neither Jim Donnelly nor Aboutown own many of the 112 cab plates recently transferred to Blue and White Taxi?.. The new cab brokerage is worth peanuts without the ownership of the plates.. Orser's still sending out the taxpayer-funded swag like there's no tomorrow.. FROM TWITTER, SEPT.. Sheryl Rooth @sherylwillwrite 2m Got another Stephen Orser Fridge Magnet today.. This makes three now.. All of which I have used ZERO times.. Campaign on your own dime.. Council faces a costly decision and the Fontana 8 are sure to bone Londoners (as usual), TMR, Sept.. 12.. Ombudsman's investigative report due out soon.. Ontario's Ombudsman André Marin (pictured left) has tweeted that his.. Closed Meeting Investigative Report.. regarding the pre-budget lunch gathering of seven members of London city council in a private back room at Billy T's Tap Grill in northeast London in February 2013 will be released in a week or so.. 9: Ontario Ombudsman ~ "On another note, tonight finishing up Billy T's #LdnOnt #Openmtgs report.. Should b out in a week or so.. BACKROOM CLUB: Attending the controversial meeting were the usual suspects ~ Mayor Joe Fontana and six of his stooges: Namely, Cllrs.. Scores of Londoners subsequently filed complaints with the provincial ombudsman prompting the closed-meeting investigation, after the story was broken by freelance journalist.. Phil McLeod.. Ontario's watchdog report nearly complete, LFP, Sept.. 10.. Israel joins the rest of the world in banning water fluoridation, WB, Sept.. 10 (London, Ontario, hasn't held a ballot question regarding water fluoridation since 1966).. On July 29, 2013, the Supreme Court of Israel ruled that Israel must stop adding fluoride into public water supplies in one year, following a a decision on fluoride s potential toxicity to humans by the Israeli health minister.. Israel is not the odd man out.. Only 369 million of the world s 7 billion people drink water which is intentionally fluoridated.. In Canada, 44-per-cent of the population is forced to drink fluoridated tap water or 14.. 26 million out of 34.. 5 million.. LETTER TO THE EDITOR.. Online letter to the editor of The London Free Press: I support the Grand Theatre.. We were supporters of both Orchestra London and the Grand Theatre in years past then things changed, not because there was a difference in the quality of the presentations but the changes in us.. I had a brain tumour, an acoustic type on the left side of my head.. This caused deafness in that ear.. We still went to the Sunday pops.. In 1988 I developed two more brain tumours one being on the right ear.. This caused me total deafness.. I had gone deaf on a Sunday afternoon sitting in the Centennial Hall listening to Orchestra London.. I said to my husband that I could see them clapping but could not hear them.. This was at intermission.. We left.. Had a good cry in Victoria Park and went home.. Now the good part and maybe selfish on my part, but we did for a long time go to the Grand Theatre even though I was totally deaf.. What they did for me and others was to print out a copy of the play and I would read it a couple of times and could follow it on the stage.. (91 words).. PenEquity woodland issue: writer questions knothead Steve Orser's grasp of reality.. Sunday, September 08 2013 @ 12:01 AM EDT.. 4,052 times.. Six consecutive IBL championships for the Brantford Red Sox.. FINAL, SEPT.. 9:.. Brantford Red Sox 9, Barrie Baycats 7, in Brantford.. Brantford wins the 2013 IBL championship four games to three, winning their sixth consecutive IBL championship.. Brantford also won the 2013 IBL pennant.. 9 IBL Game Report HERE.. Are floodplain lands prone to flooding? Let's pay 200K to find out.. Bwahahahahahahahaha!.. THOUGHT DU JOUR, SEPT.. Steve Orser wants the City to pay nearly 200K to see if the London Hydro floodplain lands are prone to flooding.. Another indication the entire proposal to redevelop the London Hydro lands is ill-advised.. Here's the LFP article.. Hey, here's an idea: Why doesn't the City of London commission a 75K study to see if Orser's non-stop giveaway of taxpayer-funded swag is a ploy to help him get re-elected at our expense?.. Unpaid Aboutown drivers draw attention from city hall, LFP, Sept.. GAME 6: Brantford evens series at three games each.. Brantford 7, Barrie Baycats 4, in Barrie.. The IBL championship, best-of-seven-game series is now tied 3-3.. The next and final game is in Brantford on Mon.. 9 at 8 pm.. 8 IBL Game Report HERE.. Now, both teams have the champagne on ice.. Brantford Red Sox stay alive (again) with a 2-1, win over the Barrie Baycats in Brantford.. Barrie leads the best-of-seven-game championship series 3-2.. 5 IBL Game Report HERE.. Game 6 is Sun.. 8 at 7 pm in Barrie.. The Baycats have the champagne on ice.. CAB WARS 2013: Aboutown Taxi's losses have been Yellow London Taxi's gain.. ALTLONDON has learned "Blue and White Taxi" (Aboutown's successor taxi brokerage with the same phone number and same dispatch office) has 112 taxicabs as of Sept.. 4 ~ down considerably from the 165 taxicabs cited on.. Aboutown's website.. There's an associated fee to transfer cabs between taxi brokerages and according to City Manager Art Zuidema, the City of London collected.. 23,520.. in fees paid on Sept.. 4 to transfer 112 taxicabs from Aboutown to Blue and White Taxi.. But the big winner in the numbers game is.. (Yellow) London Taxi.. , which currently has 110 cabs after starting with just 12 cabs in October 2009.. It's believed.. U-Need-A Cab.. in London has about 118 cabs.. Watch for Yellow London Taxi to increase its fleet size even more in the days and weeks ahead.. Ontario Ministry of Labour investigating complaint(s) from Aboutown drivers, LFP, Sept.. On 1290-CJBK-AM this morning with Steve Garrison, Aboutown's Jim Donnelly tells Steve Garrison that he finds the LFP stories re: Aboutown "defamatory" and has sent the matter over to his lawyers.. Listen to Steve Garrison's interview with Aboutown's Jim Donnelly this morning.. HERE.. The former fugitive slave chapel at 275 Thames Street as it appeared in the 1920s.. OBSERVATION:.. On Mar.. 1, 2013, the.. Business Development Bank of Canada gives written notice of its intention to seek seizure of Aboutown's properties at 277 and 281 Thames Street.. Days later, Aboutown applies to demolish the buildings on both properties, along with the former fugitive slave chapel at 275 Thames Street.. 3:.. Brantford Red Sox stay alive with a 4-2, extra-innings' win over the Barrie Baycats in Barrie.. Barrie leads the best-of-seven-game championship series 3-1.. 3 IBL Game Report HERE.. Jim Donnelly's Aboutown faces lawsuit, tax bill, LFP, Sept.. The Aboutown group of companies, owner James T.. Donnelly (pictured left) and several numbered Ontario companies are being sued for 1.. 6 million in outstanding loans by the Business Development Bank of Canada.. Aboutown Transportation Inc.. also owed Revenue Canada 627,531 as of January, according to a document obtained by.. It's new but not improved.. MEDIA CONVERGENCE:.. Since BCE Inc.. (Bell) purchased Astral Media Inc.. for 3.. 2B last July, several longtime radio folks have been let go without cause at 1290-CJBK-AM and its local sister stations, including Ed Wilmott, John Biggs, Shannon Wise, Rick Sinclair, Sheryl Rooth and "Vickie the Ever-Friendly Receptionist.. " Not good news.. The staff complement at the Wellington Road South broadcaster was bare-bones as it was.. In.. article of Aug.. 28, 2013,.. PenEquity fight not over.. , Ward 4 Coun.. Steve Orser is quoted as saying, "It's very unfortunate we could end up losing 1,200 jobs and a 300-million development over what? Scrub brush.. The Environmental and Ecological Planning Advisory Committee (EEPAC) of the City of London is a volunteer group appointed by the City, and one of their many tasks is to review reports related to some of the developments proposed within the City.. Last winter, EEPAC was asked to review a Subject Lands Status Report (SLSR) for Patch 10102.. This SLSR was prepared by the consultant, AECOM Canada, Inc.. for their client PenEquity Realty Corporation and Goal Ventures, Inc.. This SLSR describes the existing conditions of Patch 10102 and provides an evaluation of it, in accordance with the City of London's Woodland Evaluation Guidelines.. These Guidelines contain 8 criteria that must be ranked as Low, Medium or High for the lands in question.. If a woodland scores High for just one out of the eight criteria it is deemed a Significant Woodland.. The evaluation of Patch 10102 resulted in not just one but FIVE HIGH SCORES, thus identifying it as a Significant Woodland.. (200 words).. 4 comments.. Most Recent Post: 09/05 06:32PM by Butch McLarty.. First | Previous |.. 7.. Next.. Last.. Community Events in London, Ontario, Canada.. Site Events.. Monday.. 09-Sep.. -.. Friday.. 20-Dec.. The Fulcrum of the Arts: Canadian Culture and Alma College, 1881-1939.. Tuesday.. 19-Nov.. Mayor Joe Fontana's assignment court appearance to set a trial date.. 22-Nov.. Mark Henning and Friends 6th Annual Food Bank Musical Fundraiser.. Guy Lombardo's Tempo VII Hydroplane.. Guy Lombardo's multiple-award-winning.. hydroplane, built in 1955 and powered by an Allison aircraft engine, has been owned by the City of London since 1983 when it was donated to the City by the late Colonel Tom Lawson.. It is currently on display at London's.. Jet Aircraft Museum.. along with the Miss Supertest III hydroplane, immediately northwest of the London International Airport.. It is open Saturdays from 9 am to 5 pm.. Contact London's heritage planner Don Menard (dmenardATlondon.. ca) if you or your organization are interested in displaying the Tempo VII in a public setting for a special short-term event.. LOMBARDO TRIVIA:.. London-born-and-raised bandleader Guy Lombardo (June 19, 1902- Nov.. 5, 1977) never travelled across the bridge named in his honour in London, Ontario, since the bridge never officially opened until Nov.. 16, 1978, more than a year after his death.. Guy Lombardo (1902-1977) with his younger sister, Rosemarie Lombardo (1925-2011) in the 1940s.. Guy and his brothers in the orchestra actually named their sister Rosemarie, who was born 23 years after Guy.. American Militarism (Food for Thought).. List of countries that have been bombed by the United States under the pretense of establishing democracy since the end of World War II:.. - China 1945-1946.. - Korea 1950-1953.. - China 1950-1953.. - Guatemala 1954.. - Indonesia 1958.. - Cuba 1959-1960.. - Guatemala 1960.. - Belgian Congo 1964.. - Guatemala 1964.. - Dominican Republic 1965-1966.. - Peru 1965.. - Laos 1964-1973.. - Vietnam 1961-1973.. - Cambodia 1969-1970.. - Guatemala 1967-1969.. - Lebanon 1982-1984.. - Grenada 1983-1984.. - Libya 1986.. - El Salvador 1981-1992.. - Nicaragua 1981-1990.. - Iran 1987-1988.. - Libya 1989.. - Panama 1989-1990.. - Iraq 1991.. - Kuwait 1991.. - Somalia 1992-1994.. - Bosnia 1995.. - Iran, 1998.. - Sudan, 1998.. - Afghanistan, 1998.. - Serbia 1999.. - Afghanistan, 2001 - Iraq in 2003.. - Libya 2011.. Now, do you still think "they" hate Americans because of their freedoms?.. Copyright 2013 www.. altlondon.. org.. All trademarks and copyrights on this page are owned by their respective owners.. Powered By.. GeekLog.. Created this page in 0.. 10 seconds..

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