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  • Title: Aachen Foundation Kathy Beys
    Descriptive info: .. 1:.. Aachen Foundation.. 2:.. Regional Projects.. 3:.. Contact.. Deutsch.. Downloads.. The Aachen Foundation is a private, politically independent and operative foundation committed to factor x resource productivity.. www.. nachhaltigkeit.. info.. The German.. Sustainability Lexicon.. on the internet.. Search and find the wide sustainability knowledge.. [More.. ].. factor-x.. Resource Productivity.. – a basic principle of sustainability.. A journalistic introduction to  ...   in the improvement of resource productivity of products and services.. CO2 Card.. combines resource and climate protection by means of tradable, personal emission rights.. A liberal approach in line with the market.. The new website is coming soon.. Aachen Foundation Kathy Beys Schmiedstr.. 3 Tel: +49 (0) 241 40929 0 Fax: +49 (0) 241 40929 20.. info.. at.. aachener-stiftung.. de.. Imprint..

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  • Title: Aachen Foundation Kathy Beys | Aachen Foundation
    Descriptive info: 1.. 1:.. Foundress.. 2:.. Goal.. 3:.. Board.. 4:.. Team.. 5:.. Job Vacancies.. 6:.. Grants.. The Foundation.. The Aachen Foundation was set up in 1988 by the entrepreneur Kathy Beys who died in 1995, at the age of 45.. The Foundation is a politically independent, private and operative non-profit organziation.. Our Mission.. To promote dematerialization in order to support the ability to sustain the Earth as a living system for the benefit of  ...   dematerialization - to increase our resource productivity for the benefit of all.. Our Work.. To communicate to different target groups the strategies, concepts, benefits and examples of an increased resource productivity and to find change agents to join us in promoting this.. Our long term Vision.. Well-being in a dematerialized economy.. Our Assets.. With an endowment of 13 million Euro the Foundation is among the largest German foundations delivering strategic concepts for sustainability..

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  • Title: Aachen Foundation Kathy Beys | Regional Projects
    Descriptive info: On the regional level, the foundation communicates with citizens, politicians and planners via workshops, fora, round tables and local events..

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  • Title: Aachen Foundation Kathy Beys | Contact
    Descriptive info: 3.. Contact Form.. D-52062 Aachen.. Schmiedstraße 3.. Tel.. +49-(0)241-40929-0.. Fax +49-(0)241-40929-20.. E-Mail:.. Stephan Baldin (Managing Board).. +49-(0)241-40929-19.. baldin.. Klaus Dosch (Project Management).. +49-(0)241-40929-10.. dosch.. Kathrin Sachsen (Project Work).. +49-(0)241-40929-12.. sachsen.. Daniela Schiffler (Administration, Project Work).. +49-(0)241-40929-11.. schiffler..

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  • Title: Aachen Foundation Kathy Beys | Sitemap
    Descriptive info: Sitemap.. Stephan Baldin.. Klaus Dosch.. Kathrin Sachsen.. Specials..

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  • Title: Aachen Foundation Kathy Beys
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  • Title: Aachen Foundation Kathy Beys | Specials | Downloads
    Descriptive info: Newsletter-Archiv.. Newsletter 01/2009.. [ 215 KB ].. Newsletter 02/2008.. [ 459 KB ].. Newsletter 01/2008.. [ 1.. 1 MB ].. Newsletter 01/2007.. [ 324 KB ].. Newsletter 01/2006.. [ 368 KB ].. Newsletter 02/2005.. [ 509 KB ].. Newsletter 01/2005.. [ 542 KB ].. 2012: Ökopass.. Ökopass 2006.. [ 3.. 2010: Parlamentarischer Abend.. Invitation flyer.. [ 107 KB ].. Presentation Stefan Bringezu.. 3 MB ].. Presentation Bernd Meyer.. [ 176 KB ].. Presentation Harry Lehmann.. [ 859 KB ].. 2009: Indeland.. Project Status indeland 2007.. [ 0.. 9 MB ].. Program Zukunftslabor 2007.. [ 496 KB ].. 2007: Parlamentarischer Abend.. Invitation: CO2 Card.. [ 550 KB ].. Presentation Klaus  ...   MB ].. Klaus Dosch.. [ 606 KB ].. Stefan Giljum.. [ 674 KB ].. Michael Kuhndt.. Harry Lehmann.. [ 678 KB ].. Dennis Meadows.. [ 166 KB ].. 2006: Faktor X Fact Sheets.. German Fact Sheets 1-10.. Global Dimension.. [ 217 KB ].. Security of Supply.. [ 628 KB ].. 2006: Factor X and the EU.. Factor X and the EU: 2.. Edition November 2006.. 2 MB ].. 2005: Aachener Forum.. Documentation 1st Forum.. [ 812 KB ].. Documentation 2nd Forum.. [ 2.. Documentation 3rd Forum.. Presentation Northrop.. [ 546 KB ].. Presentation Wackernagel.. 7 MB ].. 2004: Wohnen 50+.. Flyer "Wohnen 50+".. [ 266 KB ].. Guidelines "Wohnen 50+"..

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  • Title: Aachen Foundation Kathy Beys | 2007: Sustainability Lexicon
    Descriptive info: Period.. since 2001.. Background.. What is sustainability? Who are the important actors? What about the role of policy? THE German Sustainability Lexicon is based on those questions and gives comprehensive answers.. Target group.. Interested broad public.. Description.. The first version is online since spring 2001.. During 4 years the lexicon has developed into an important instrument of research with 20.. 000 users and 100.. 000 hits per month.. The lexicon is mainly used during common office hours which indicates  ...   1st version 2001-2003).. Barbara Zeschmar-Lahl, BZL GmbH.. (conception and contents).. Osthus GmbH.. (technical implementation of the first version).. maixit GbR.. (technical implementation of the new version).. Rössle Trainer Design.. (graphical implementation of the new version).. Status.. The further development of the lexicon has been co-financed by the Weesbach Foundation.. The advanced version has been released in 2005.. For the first time, interested users have the possibility of interacting by writing articles, recommending updates or improving links.. website.. is constantly updated..

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  • Title: Aachen Foundation Kathy Beys | 2007: Factor X Website
    Descriptive info: Factor X Website.. since 2003.. To use resources more intelligently by a factor X resource productivity.. Not resource depletion is the crucial point.. We need to sustain the carrying capacity of the earth as a system: atmosphere, woods, oceans and soil.. A European consumes 75 tons of nature a year, water not included.. A Vietnamese consumes 2 tons a year.. China, India and South America are speeding up.. Thus the worldwide use of natural resources is increasing rapidly.. We are more and more intervening into the system.. Nobody knows when the ecological system will collapse.. The warning signals are obvious: climate  ...   one barrel of oil, one kilo of steel or paper.. Resource efficiency must be radically increased.. We call it factor X.. Resource productivity is no universal remedy, but a necessary part in each sustainability strategy.. Target Group.. General public and experts.. is a journalistic, controversial reflection of the discussion on resource use with regard to technical, economic and political aspects.. This website shows the most interesting actors, concepts and examples, the most important relationships and serious discussions.. (idea and contents).. Bert Beyers, science journalist.. (graphical implementation).. Webiteasy.. (technical implementation).. website.. 5.. 000 users and 20.. 000 hits per month, with increasing tendency..

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  • Title: Aachen Foundation Kathy Beys | 2008: R.I.O. Award 2008
    Descriptive info: since 2002.. What is the companies answer to the Factor X challenge? What about innovative products meeting the customers needs with only a fraction of the resources? Are there any smart service models, revolutionary ideas or regional resource concepts? Where are the innovative start-ups becoming the stars of tomorrow?.. The R.. Award presents such innovations.. awards the future!.. = Resource Input Optimised Economy (brand name for eco-restructuring).. Since 2002 the R.. innovation prize has been awarded 4 times.. In 2005 it  ...   the German-speaking parts of Europe, e.. g.. Germany, Austria and Switzerland.. Aachen Foundation.. (idea and concept, realization and supervision).. plenum gmbh.. (realization in Austria).. RIO Impuls.. (realization in Switzerland).. Jury Members from Germany, Austria, Switzerland.. The current.. announcement.. is running until end of April 2008.. Applications can be made at the foundation or one of the partner organisations.. The language of this competition is German.. The award ceremony will take place in November 2008.. Website.. award has its own website:.. rio-award..

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  • Title: Aachen Foundation Kathy Beys | 2008: CO2 Website
    Descriptive info: CO2 Website.. 2008.. Climate Change is a symptom of our unsustainable methods of production and ways of life.. Lacking system innovation and optimization cause increased, dangerous CO2 emissions.. Climatologists and systems scientists call for a change of the economy at least until the end of the next decade.. Otherwise future generations will have to bear unforeseeable results of global warming.. Individual tradable emission quota - CO2 cards - could be an effective political instrument which  ...   on the private sector could be a decisive step.. Decision makers, business administration, interested public.. Descripion.. The CO2 website presents background information on climate system, climate protection and climate policy, scenarios and emissions trade.. The concepts of individual tradable emission quota are explained.. Furthermore you wil find answers to 30 questions on CO2 emission quota, the advantages of a CO2 card and its international feedback.. Participants.. Aachen Foundatioan.. Büro g29.. (graphical realization).. maixit.. (technical realization).. co2card..

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  • Archived pages: 45