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    Descriptive info: .. LINKS.. |.. Login.. Register.. Home.. About.. Resources.. Research.. Upcoming Events.. Contact.. Links.. Protecting Birds Providing Reliable Electricity.. Since the 1970s, the utility industry, wildlife resource agencies, conservation groups, and manufacturers of avian protection products have worked together to understand the causes of bird/power line electrocutions and collisions and to develop ways of preventing bird mortalities and associated power outages.. The Avian Power Line Interaction Committee (APLIC) leads the electric utility industry in protecting avian resources while enhancing reliable energy delivery.. NEWS ALERT!.. APLIC and USFWS Release Collision Manual Update.. On December 20, 2012, APLIC and the U.. S.. Fish and Wildlife Service released their updated state-of-the-art guidance document.. Reducing Avian Collisions with Power Lines: State of the Art in 2012.. This best-practices document, originally published in 1994, offers electric utilities and cooperatives, federal power administrations, wildlife agencies, and other stakeholders with specific guidance for reducing bird collisions with power lines based on the most current published science and technical information.. To view the press release,.. Click here.. To visit the USFWS website, visit.. http://www.. fws.. gov.. To download a sample of the 2012 collision manual, see.. Reducing_Avian_Collisions_2012watermarkLR.. pdf.. (.. Note:  ...   the same.. APPs are “living documents” that are continually evaluated and refined over time.. APP Guidelines were jointly released by APLIC and the U.. Fish and Wildlife Service in 2005.. These Guidelines offer resources for developing an APP.. Upcoming Events and Workshops.. APLIC hosts short courses on avian/power line interactions twice annually throughout the U.. Short courses include presentations regarding: regulations and permits; electrical systems; causes and prevention of bird electrocutions and collisions; nest management and protection; and Avian Protection Plans.. APLIC's.. Fall Workshop will be held in Cape May, NJ, September 23 - 24, 2013.. Reg.. Vendor.. Forms or.. REGISTER ONLINE NOW!.. The meeting will take place at the Grand Hotel of Cape May, 1045 Beach Avenue.. Guest rooms are available at the rate $97/night plus state and local taxes.. For reservations, dial 1800-257-8550 and ask for the APLIC rate.. APLIC Membership.. APLIC members include over 30 electric utilities in the United States and Canada as well as the Edison Electric Institute, National Rural Electrical Cooperative Association, Rural Utilities Service, and U.. Fish and Wildlife Service.. Members Login Here.. 2013 Avian Power Line Interaction Committee.. All rights reserved.. Powered By Luna..

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    Descriptive info: Not registered yet?.. Register Now!.. Email.. Password.. Forgot Password?.. Keep me logged in..

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    Descriptive info: Note:.. Registration is for APLIC member companies/organizations only.. Registration is a one-time only process in which you set up your account information and password.. Your registration will not be immediately activated.. It will trigger an email to the site administrators, who will verify that you are an active APLIC member and, if so, approve access.. Already a user?.. Login!..  ...   length, must contain at least one capital letter, and must contain at least one number or symbol.. Confirm Password.. Personal Information.. First Name.. Last Name.. Security Code.. What's this?.. The security code is used to prevent automated programming from completing the form.. It helps prevent spam.. Just type in the letters from the image as you read them.. Submit..

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  • Title: About APLIC
    Descriptive info: APLIC Accomplishments.. APLIC Members.. Join APLIC.. Morley Nelson Awards.. Current APLIC Leadership.. Chair:.. Sherry Liguori, PacifiCorp.. Vice-Chair:.. Mike Best, Pacific Gas Electric.. Immediate Past Chair:.. Peggy Jelen, Arizona Public Service.. Staffed and managed by:.. Rick Loughery (.. rloughery@eei.. org.. ), Edison Electric Institute.. APLIC Mission Statement.. We work in partnership with utilities, resources agencies and the public to:.. Develop and provide educational resources.. Identify and fund research.. Develop and provide cost-effective management options, and.. Serve as the focal point for avian interaction utility issues.. APLIC History Background.. APLIC was forme.. d in 1989 to address whooping crane collisions  ...   and nests.. APLIC was originally comprised of 10 utilities, Edison Electric Institute, U.. Fish and Wildlife Service, and National Audubon Society.. APLIC membership now includes 39 utilities, Edison Electric Institute, U.. Fish and Wildlife Service, Electric Power Research Institute, National Rural Electrical Cooperative Association, and Rural Utilities Service.. APLIC has developed guidance documents identifying causes and minimization methods for avian electrocutions and collisions, and released national Avian Protection Plan Guidelines in conjunction with the U.. APLIC hosts short courses and meetings each spring and fall throughout the U.. , and funds research related to avian/power line interactions and conservation..

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  • Title: Mission
    Descriptive info: Electrocutions.. Collisions.. Avian Protection Plans.. Bird Nests on Power Poles.. APLIC Working Groups.. Electricity 101.. Frequently Asked Questions.. Documents.. APLIC offers a variety of training resources and guidance documents that identify causes and minimization methods for bird electrocutions and collisions with power lines.. These resources include:.. Avian Protection  ...   on Power Lines.. document (.. Mitigating Bird Collisions with Power Lines.. document (To order a copy of the 1994 edition of this document, contact.. An updated edition of this document will be available in 2012.. ).. Short courses.. Traveling display kiosk.. Working Groups (.. Whooping Crane.. ,.. Sage-grouse..

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  • Title: Research
    Descriptive info: Research Projects.. Call for Proposals.. APLIC funds research projects that further the knowledge of avian/power line interactions, including causes and solutions to avian mortalities due to power line electrocutions and collisions.. Examples of applicable research topics include:.. assessment of electrocution and/or collision rates associated with distribution and/or transmission lines.. effectiveness  ...   mitigate problem bird nests on utility structres.. risk assessments to identify factors contributing to electrocution and collision mortality risks for different species.. evaluation of impacts of power line construction on bird species.. For funding request instructions and form,.. For a list of current and past APLIC-sponsored research projects, click here..

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  • Title: About
    Descriptive info: Calendar.. Past Workshops.. APLIC Short Courses/Workshops.. APLIC holds short courses in conjunction with its spring and fall meetings.. Short courses offer a one and a half day workshop on avian/power line issues, including:.. History and Background of Bird/Power Line Issues.. Regulations and Permits Relative to Bird/Power Line Issues.. "Electricity 101" - An Overview of Electrical Systems.. Biological Aspects of Avian Electrocutions and Collisions.. Power Line Design and Avian Safety.. Bird Nests on Utility Structures.. Avian Collisions with Power Lines - Causes and Minimization.. Minimizing  ...   of utility APPs.. APLIC short courses are instructed by APLIC member utilities and the U.. Workshop attendees are also welcome to attend the open APLIC business meeting, which is often held for a half day immediately following the short course.. Upcoming APLIC workshops APLIC's Fall 2013 Workshop will be held in.. Cape.. May, NJ, September 23 - 24.. REGISTER ONLINE NOW!.. For reservations, dial (800) 257-8550 and ask for the APLIC rate.. Form.. For more information on other upcoming events, see the events.. calendar..

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  • Title: Protection Plans
    Descriptive info: Order Products.. Interested in joining APLIC?.. Questions? Contact APLIC.. Contact APLIC.. Do you have further questions about APLIC? If so, please contact Rick Loughery (.. General Disclaimer.. The content of this site (.. www.. aplic.. ) is to be used for general information purposes only, and not as a substitute for in-person evaluation or specific professional and/or technical advice.. We attempt to ensure that the content on this site is current but we do not guarantee its accuracy.. APLIC makes no warranties or representations about this website or any of the site s content.. We exclude, to the maximum extent permitted by law, any liability which  ...   to you or anyone else for any loss suffered in connection with the use of this website or any of the content found on this site.. This includes, but is not limited to, the transmission of any computer virus.. The laws, regulations, standards, practices and other governing authorities or procedures that apply to your particular situation may differ depending on your location or the nature of the issue.. This web site is linked to other websites over which APLIC has no control.. We make no representations about the accuracy of information contained on those websites and we are not liable for the content on those websites..

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  • Title: White River Electric Association
    Descriptive info: LINKS.. U.. Information on U.. Fish and Wildlife Service.. Bird Fatality/Injury Reporting Program.. Links to APLIC member websites.. California Energy Commission.. International Migratory Bird Day..

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  • Title: Avian Protection Plans
    Descriptive info: What is an Avian Protection Plan?.. An Avian Protection Plan is a utility-specific program designed to reduce the operational and avian risks that result from avian interactions with electric utility facilities.. Although each utility s APP will be different, the overall goal of any APP should be to reduce avian mortality.. In 2005, APLIC and the U.. Fish and Wildlife Service jointly released.. Avian Protection Plan Guidelines.. The APP Guidelines provide a framework along with principles and examples to aid utilities in their development of an APP.. Although not all APP elements may be included in every APP because of the specific circumstances of a utility or geographical area, they represent an overview of elements that should be considered for inclusion in an APP.. An APP should be a living document that is evaluated and  ...   and procedures.. Permits.. , both federal and state, that may be required for nest management, carcass possession, etc.. Construction Design Standards.. for avian protection that meet or exceed APLIC recommendations.. Nest Management.. procedures for nests that may pose fire or safety risks, as well as methods for installing nest platforms.. Avian Reporting System.. to track bird mortalities, remedial actions, and nest management.. Risk Assessment Methodology.. to aid in the identification of avian mortality risk areas.. Mortality Reduction Measures.. that can be implement to minimize bird electrocution and collision risks.. Avian Enhancement Options.. to benefit bird populations or habitat.. Quality Control.. methods to monitor and improve APP effectiveness and efficiency.. Public Awareness.. efforts to educate the public about avian/power line issues and solutions.. Key Resources.. , both internal and external, that are integral to successful APP implementation..

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  • Title: APLIC Members
    Descriptive info: Links to member websites.. APLIC members include the Edison Electric Institute, the Electric Power Research Institute, the National Rural Cooperative Electrical Association, the Rural Utilities Service, the U.. Fish and Wildlife Service, and nearly 50 electric utility companies in the U.. and Canada.. 2013-APLIC Map - June.. (Click on link.. above.. to view map ).. Link to member websites..

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